Digest for November 12, 1998

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01-12 November 98  Sender:  jabconn.iAmerica.com
                   Subject: from Barbara Connaughton

02-12 November 98  Sender:  bboulton@wsb.datapro.net
                   Subject: from Bill Boulton

03-12 November 98  Sender:  CarryD@aol.com
                   Subject: from Carry Domarski

04-12 November 98  Sender:  homeharp@pacbell.net
                   Subject: from Jane Alstott

05-12 November 98  Sender:  eks41@hotmail.com
                   Subject: from Tanya

06-12 November 98  Sender:  bangela@snspa.ro
                   Subject: from Biletcaia Angela

07-12 November 98  Sender:  2582@dialup.mplik.ru
                   Subject: from Marina Revzina

08-12 November 98  Sender:  elleon@geocities.com
                   Subject: from Elena

09-12 November 98  Sender:  houptb@cfbisd.edu
                   Subject: from Billie Houpt


01-12 November 98  Sender:  "Mark & Sveta" (cbeta@ivnet.net)
                   Subject: INFO-RUSS: Russian food stores, etc

02-12 November 98  Sender:  Maria (citzinfo@irk.ru)
                   Subject: Looking for pen pals

03-12 November 98  Sender:  "Virginia Simmons" (vsimmons@access.k12.wv.us)
                   Subject: Thanksgiving in Prague

04-12 November 98  Sender:  "Russian-American Chamber of Commerce 
                                           (Wash.DC  USA)" (rusric@erols.com)

05-12 November 98  Sender:  Nick Burmako (nikbur@rocketmail.com)
                   Subject: from Belarus

06-12 November 98  Sender:  IREX Human Resources (hr@irex.org)
                   Subject: Internship

07-12 November 98  Sender:  Nick Burmako (nikbur@rocketmail.com)
                   Subject: from Belarus

08-12 November 98  Sender:  sassa (sassa@pent200.podol.khmelnitskiy.ua)
                   Subject: Hi

09-12 November 98  Sender:  gcole@solar.rtd.utk.edu
                   Subject: Fogarty International Research Collaboration
                                Award (FIRCA)

10-12 November 98  Sender:  Human Resources (hr@projectharmony.org)
                   Subject: Job: Project Harmony

11-12 November 98  Sender:  Charlotte Wager (charlotte@facets.org)
                   Subject: Job: Project Harmony

12-12 November 98  Sender:  Jeanhannon@aol.com
                   Subject: Bikash

13-12 November 98  Sender:  htw7792@rob.rz.htw-dresden.de
                   Subject: Russia

14-12 November 98  Sender:  Yanki Pursun (fyp@gmx.de)
                   Subject: employment in the Former USSR or anywhere in Europe

15-12 November 98  Sender:  "Anna S. Shemonaeva" (ic243ass@ic.dcn-asu.ru)
                   Subject: LOOKING FOR A STUDENT

16-12 November 98  Sender:  fang (fang@windoms.sitek.net)
                   Subject: Hello

17-12 November 98  Sender:  "Levan Urushadze" (levanu@hotmail.com)
                   Subject: Subscription

18-12 November 98  Sender:  chakhovs@ece.ucdavis.edu (Andrei G. Chakhovskoi)
                   Subject: INFO-RUSS: PhD and MS diploma evaluation

19-12 November 98  Sender:  "T. S. White" (tswrace@ibm.net)
                   Subject: Aid to Russia

20-12 November 98  Sender:  "Andrey Ozharovskii" (zarov@host.cis.lead.org)
                   Subject: Invitation to election observation in St.Petersburg

21-12 November 98  Sender:  "Serguei A. Oushakine" (oushakin@ssc.upenn.edu)
                   Subject: IREX Announces Judaica Library and Museum Outreac

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** 01 **********************************************************************

Sender:  jabconn.iAmerica.com
Subject: from Barbara Connaughton

I am a teacher in Mandeville, LA U.S.A. I have a student who came to the
U.S.from Russia about 2 years ago.  We are trying to do a comparison of the
schools in Russia with the elementary schools in Louisiana.  We would
appreciate andy information that you could send us about the grade schools
in Russia.  Thank you.

** 02 **********************************************************************

Sender:  bboulton@wsb.datapro.net
Subject: from Bill Boulton

I am writing on behalf of a young Russian woman who just married an
American and is living in the state of Washington.  She is searching for
resources in the form of books and computer programs which will help her
improve her English.  Any suggestions will be appreciated.

** 03 **********************************************************************

Sender:  CarryD@aol.com
Subject: from Carry Domarski

I am working on my family tree and searching for my ancestors.  My
grandfather was born in Malkavicz Russia and I am looking for anyone in
Russia that might be able to help me locate any family by the name of
Buczyni.  Also his first name was Prokop, can you also tell me what the
American equalivant to that name would be(just curious) Thanks for your

** 04 **********************************************************************

Sender:  homeharp@pacbell.net
Subject: from Jane Alstott

I found your page because I am looking for some Russian harp music--that
is, the printed music, so I can play it--which is difficult to find. It
must be only in Russia, and may only be available in a library. I am
looking for:

Fantasy on Tchaikovsky's Opera "The Queen of Spades" by V. Kikta
Polka-Mazurka by A. Gurilev (possible originally for piano?)
Harp Concerto by D. Finnko
Vocal Cycles and Antique Suites by U. Yevgrafov
Solo for Harp by S. Slonimsky

Any help with this would be much appreciated.


** 05 **********************************************************************

Sender:  eks41@hotmail.com
Subject: from Tanya

Hello!  I am 17-years old girl from Russia and I want to have
English-speaking pen-friends from all over the world.  I study in
university for the profession of sociologist.  I'll be glad to receive your

** 06 **********************************************************************

Sender:  bangela@snspa.ro
Subject: from Biletcaia Angela

My dear friends!  My name is Anjelica.,I'm from Ukraine.  I graduated the
University of Cernovtsy,also the postgraduated School of International
Relations .In the prezent time I'm studying the Low in Bucharest and also I
prepare my doctorand Ph.D deegre aboute globalization,liberazisation and
regionalisation of international (world) economic.  I 'd be glad to meet
friend all around the world and especially them,hwo are interested in my
profile.You can write me in Roumanian, Russian, Ucrainean,English.  I also
know German and french,but not very good I have two big problems: 1.  I
don't know very well english, french and german.I tried to learn those
languages by myself,but it's not easy.  I realize that I must speak with
others in English, but I have no one hwo could speak with me .I'm waiting
for your advise how to learn English faster..  2.The second problem is that
I will be glad to travell and to meet englishspeaking people,but I haven't
enough money for it.  Dear friends,I'm waiting for your help,for your
advise and I wiil be glad to write and to meet all of you.  With kind
respects , ANJELIKA

** 07 **********************************************************************

Sender:  2582@dialup.mplik.ru
Subject: from Marina Revzina

Hello, my name is Marina.  I'm from Russia and i'm interested in everybody
who wants to communicate, especially who speaks french or studies it.  I'm
a student of the University of foreign languages.  I'm 20 years old.  I'll
be happy to correspond with the foreigners.  Come on,write me now!!!  I'm
waiting all the time!!!

** 08 **********************************************************************

Sender:  elleon@geocities.com
Subject: from Elena

Is your surname Leonov, Leonoff or Leonova?  And do you have a home page?
I am curious to see how many of us there are out there.  So far I have
found "Leonovy" in Russia, USA, Canada, Australia, Israel and Argentina!
See the links at http://www.geocities.com/Athens/2533/leonov.html Esli
Vasha familia "Leonov" i Vy imeete domashniuiu stranichku, otkliknites'!

** 09 **********************************************************************

Sender:  houptb@cfbisd.edu
Subject: from Billie Houpt

Just looking for information concerning Houpt, Haupt, or Hauptmann family
heritage from Germany or possibly Russia.


Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

** 01 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Mark & Sveta" (cbeta@ivnet.net)
Subject: INFO-RUSS: Russian food stores, etc

This is INFO-RUSS broadcast (1200+ subscribers). Home page, information,
and archives: http://psi.ece.jhu.edu/~kaplan/IRUSS/inforuss.html
To post, or to subscribe/unsubscribe, mail to info-russ@smarty.ece.jhu.edu
INFO-RUSS assumes no responsibility for the information/views of its users.

Hello, my wife Svetlana, who is pregnant, is in great need of
Russian fish, and other Russian foods;
does anyone know of any stores in USA selling such products?

Thank You very much and warmest greetings of Autumn to all!!

** 02 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Maria (citzinfo@irk.ru)
Subject: Looking for pen pals

Dear Friends,
My name is Pavel and I live in Russia. I would like to have friends and
exchange letters with them. I am 24, an economist and study English. I
am fond of skiing, hiking, windserfing. I live in Irkutsk, not very far
from famous lake Baikal. I would be glad to host my friends here in
You can send letters to <citzinfo@irk.ru> For Pavel
Look forward to your letters.

** 03 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Virginia Simmons" (vsimmons@access.k12.wv.us)
Subject: Thanksgiving in Prague

The Russia & West Virginia Foundation is taking a group to Prague from
November 20 to November 28, 1998.  We still have a few openings if someone
would like to join us.  The cost in Prague is ONLY $900 and that includes
cultural tours, stay at the Don Giovanni Hotel, meals and good
companionship.  Our Russian friend Alexey will be with us on this trip.  If
you are interested, please e-mail immediately.

** 04 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Russian-American Chamber of Commerce (Wash.DC USA)" 

Dear Colleagues,

AMERICAN-RUSSIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE (Chicago, IL) jointly with David Young
Communication Group and Association of the Russian & American Chambers
hosts a VIP Russian delegation including over 20 leading Russian Vodka
producers, food importers and exporters.

We will  be holding a seminar (3:00 5:00 PM) and complimentary reception
(5:00 - 8:00 PM) - on November 17 1998 at the Ambassador West A Grand
Heritage Hotel (1300 N. State Parkway, Chicago, IL)

Guests will have a unique chance to taste a variety of the most famous
brands of Russian Vodka unknown in the US.  Please contact ARCC to reserve
a place.
Our Phone is (312)494-6562. Fax: (312) 467-0615, (312) 494-9840

For making a reservation via e-mail (imnexm@aol.com), please send us your


Questions? Please call to our Chicago office.


Cintia Bakel

** 05 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Nick Burmako (nikbur@rocketmail.com)
Subject: from Belarus

Hello my future friend,
My name is Evgeny (Zhenia). I am 11 y.o., I am in the
7th form. I study English for 7 years and German for
2 years. I live in Minsk,Belarus. I am fond of
mathemathics, chess and football.
I would like to correspond with a boy with the
similar interests who can speak and write english.


** 06 **********************************************************************

Sender:  IREX Human Resources (hr@irex.org)
Subject: Internship


IREX, a leader in international education and training seeks an intern for 
its Partnerships and Training Division.  The intern will assist program 
officers working on the various IREX programs, maintaining office database 
and files, drafting correspondence, and processing and tracking financial 
transactions.  This internship requires at least 20-30 hours of service per 
week, with a flexible schedule to allow for class attendance.  A minimum 
two-month commitment is expected with potential for extension.  Applicants 
should be familiar with the current political, social, and economic 
situation in the former USSR. Knowledge of Russian or a regional language 
is strongly preferred, but not required.  Writing and editing skills, 
knowledge of Microsoft Office, WWW and email programs, HTML language and 
database software are strongly desired.  Applicantís skills and initiative 
could lead to new projects of interest to them.  IREX is strongly committed 
to the professional development of its staff.  For more information on 
IREX, visit our web site at www.irex.org.  Submit cover letter and resume 
to: IREX, HR/PTD-Intern 1616 H Street, NW Washington, DC 20006 Fax: (202) 
628-8189 E-mail: hr@irex.org No phone calls please.  EOE

** 07 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Nick Burmako (nikbur@rocketmail.com)
Subject: from Belarus

My name is Yulia. I am 9 y.o.  I am from Minsk, the
capital of Belarus. I study english in school 4 years
already. I like swimming, playing dolls, playing
violin and piano. I would like to correspond with the
children of my age from all over the world.


** 08 **********************************************************************

Sender:  sassa (sassa@pent200.podol.khmelnitskiy.ua)
Subject: Hi

 Some of my friends(teenagers) would like to correspond(via email) with
Australian teenagers.
 So If you would like to have some friends from Ukraine, contact me!

BTW, if you know some sites where I could find penpals, please contact me!

Thanks in advance,


** 09 **********************************************************************

Sender:  gcole@solar.rtd.utk.edu
Subject: Fogarty International Research Collaboration Award (FIRCA)

Fogarty International Research Collaboration Award (FIRCA)

SPONSOR:  Fogarty International Center

SYNOPSIS: The Fogarty International Research Collaborative Award (FIRCA)
facilitates collaborative research between U.S. biomedical scientists supported
by the National Institutes of Health and investigators in the developing
world as well as in Central and Eastern Europe, and countries of the former
Soviet Union. The FIRCA will extend and enhance the research interests
of both increase the research capacity of the foreign scientist and 

DEADLINES:  1998-11-25 1999-03-25 1999-07-25

OBJECTIVES: The sponsor provides support to facilitate collaborative 
research across the continuum of basic, clinical and applied biomedical, 
behavioral and health sciences.  The opportunity to collaborate 
internationally provides a means of access to new information and 
perspectives; innovative concepts and methods; emerging research 
technologies; or unique populations and environments.  The main objective 
of the FIRCA program is to extend or enhance the NIH- supported research 
program of the U.S. Principal Investigator, while at the same time 
benefiting the scientific interests of the collaborating foreign scientist.  
For the purpose of this program, eligible countries include the following 
regions: Africa, Asia (except Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and 
Taiwan), Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America and the non-U.S. 
Caribbean, the Middle East, and the Pacific Ocean Islands (except Australia 
and New Zealand).

RESTRICTIONS: Applications may be submitted by U.S. non-profit 
organizations, public and private, such as universities, colleges, 
hospitals, laboratories, units of State and local governments, and eligble 
agencies of the Federal government.  Support for this program will be 
through the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Small Grants (R03).

MONETARY: (Note: For this program, the foreign collaborator must hold a 
position at a public or private nonprofit institution.  The sponsor will 
provide up to $20,000 per year for one to three years in direct costs.  
Funds may be used for equipment and supplies, and for travel expenses for 
the Principal Investigator and/or the foreign collaborator.)

CONTACT INFO: Kathleen Michels, Ph.D.; 31 Center Drive; Building 31; MSC
2220, Room B2C39; Bethesda, MD 20892-2220

Telephone:  301-496-1653; FAX:  301-402-0779; Email Address:  FIRCA@nih.gov

** 10 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Human Resources (hr@projectharmony.org)
Subject: Job: Project Harmony

Project Harmony
Seeks qualified professionals to fill the positions of

NIS Technology Programs Manager
NIS Technology Field Coordinators

Project Harmony, a not-for-profit professional and educational exchange
organization with offices in the US, Russia and Ukraine currently seeks
qualified professionals to fill the position of NIS Technology Programs
Manager and multiple NIS Technology Field Coordinator positions.  All
positions are based in the NIS, working out of Project Harmony field offices
in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Petrozavodsk and Irkutsk, Russia and Kyiv, Lviv
and Odessa, Ukraine.

Project Harmony has expanded its technology program work in recent years.
As a result, Project Harmony seeks new staff to assist in providing support
and services for a variety of programs, including, but not limited to:

* Internet School Linkage Program (funded by the Soros Open Society

* Community Connections Program: Recruiting and Hosting (funded by the
US Information Agency)

* Law Enforcement Exchange Programs (funded by the US State

* Domestic Violence Community Partnership Program (funded by the US
State Department)

* Baikal Women's Leadership Program (funded by the US Information

* Children's Rights Web Development Project (funded by the Eurasia

* School Linkages Program (funded by the US Information Agency)

* NIS Student placement programs in US

* Teacher exchange programs in Russia, Finland and Ireland

NIS Technology Programs Manager

This is a full-time position based jointly in Moscow, Russia and Kyiv,
Ukraine.  A one to three year commitment is sought.  The Programs Manager
will work closely with other Project Harmony program managers to coordinate
technology components and training for a wide variety of participants in the

Responsibilities include:

* Overall vision and responsibility for technology components of
Project Harmony programs in the NIS

* Development of Internet resources, end-user training curricula and
technology-focused alumni services for NIS program participants

* Work closely with US Technology Programs Director to create new
initiatives and enhance current programs through the targeted use of on-line
resources, the Internet and E-mail, as well as web site and electronic
resource development and application of other new information technologies
to the benefit of program participants and alumni

* Oversight and management of Field Coordinator staff

* Overall responsibility for technology program reporting and

* Assist with the expansion of the Project Harmony web sites (in
English, Russian and Ukrainian)

NIS Technology Field Coordinators

This is a full-time position based in a Project Harmony field office with
extensive travel throughout the regions. A one year commitment is sought.
The Field Coordinators will work closely with other Project Harmony field
staff and the Technology Programs Manager in implementing various projects
and new technology initiatives. Coordinators work very closely with program
participants and alumni from a wide range of professional backgrounds.

Responsibilities include:

* Work closely with the Technology Programs Manager to implement
NIS-based technology initiatives

* Work closely with program participants and alumni to assess
information technology needs

* Assist program participants and alumni to gain Internet and E-mail
access through public access centers, educational and/or low-cost access

* Provide technical support and services for program participants and
alumni in the regions

* Conduct end-user training on e-mail and Internet usage, web site
development and application of on-line resources to benefit or advance
professional goals and continuation of  US-NIS collaborative projects

* Collect follow-on information on program alumni for Project Harmony

* Assist with the expansion of the Project Harmony web sites (in
English, Russian and Ukrainian)

Qualifications for both Manager and Coordinators:

* Professional level Russian and/or Ukrainian language skills
(especially seeking Ukrainian speakers)

* At least one year living and/or working experience in the NIS

* Background in the information technology field; additional technical
background in system administration, TCP/IP, Unix, HTML and Java a plus

* Extensive experience with Internet use and development, in
particular for professional development and research

* Fiscal responsibility and experience with working with budgets

* Well organized, ability to manage multiple projects at once,
attention to detail, ability to work independently

* People-oriented, enthusiastic, a good negotiator, strong
intercultural communication skills, team player

Benefits include international travel expenses, health insurance, small
organization with ability for job growth and a friendly working environment.
Salaries commensurate with experience.  Project Harmony is an equal
opportunity employer.  Interested applicants should send cover letter,
resume and salary history to:

Human Resources - TPM/C
Project Harmony
6 Irasville Common
Waitsfield, Vermont 05673

Or e-mail to: hr@projectharmony.org  with subject line TPM/C.
No phone calls please.  For more information, please visit our web sites:
www.projectharmony.org 	and	www.friends-partners.org/~harmony

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** 11 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Charlotte Wager (charlotte@facets.org)
Subject: Job: Project Harmony

Dear Friend,

Thought you might be interested...

Facets Video has just published a new videography of SLAVIC AND HUNGARIAN 
films available on video.  It is the most complete collection of films from 
Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Hungary.  The 
catalog is FREE OF CHARGE...  Just call 1-800-331-6197, fax 773-929-5437 or 
e-mail sales@facets.org


** 12 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Jeanhannon@aol.com
Subject: Bikash

I am researching the name Bikash.  There are not many who have this name in 
the United States, and one family accounts for all the Bikash's in New 
England.  One of this family told me he thought the name was Russian.  
Could Bikash have been once a longer name?  Is it possibly connected with 
the Ashkenazi.  Any information would be very appreciated.

                                                            Jean Hannon

** 13 **********************************************************************

Sender:  htw7792@rob.rz.htw-dresden.de
Subject: Russia

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

my name is Dirk Schneider and I am an exchange-student at Sheffield
Hallam University, UK. In my unit "International Marketing" I am dealing
with a case study about business opportunities in Russia. In particular
it is about a company which wants to enter the Russian bicycle market.
That is why I am asking you to send me some information about this market.
  - Are there any Russian bicycle manufacturers?
  - Which problems are they facing?
  - Are there some foreign companies which entered this market?
  - How common is it to use a bicycle in Russia?
  - Which factors have an impact on Russian consumer behaviour?
I also want to ask you for some addresses of organizations or companies
which could give me useful information.
Please send the information to: htw7792@htw-dresden.de
I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you very much.

Dirk Schneider

** 14 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Yanki Pursun (fyp@gmx.de)
Subject: employment in the Former USSR or anywhere in Europe

>From: William K Hurley <tamilla@surfsouth.com>
>Date: Sun, 8 Nov 1998 22:26:16 -0500
>        Personnel Manager   I will be graduating from Valdosta State
>University in June of 1999, with a degree in Business Management. I am a
>citizen  of Azerbaijan, and I have been in the US for 4 yr. going to
>school. I speak  English, Russian and Spanish.    After graduation, I will
>be seeking employment  in the Former USSR or anywhere in Europe. If you
>interested, please contact me  by e-mail, I will send my resume.
>Respectfully,   Tamilla Kadymova tamilla@surfsouth.com

** 15 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Anna S. Shemonaeva" (ic243ass@ic.dcn-asu.ru)

Hello !
I'm Anna Shemonaeva, 21 y.o. I live in Barnaul city, Russia and in
summer 1999 I graduate from Altai State University, my major is finance.

I desire to contunue my education abroad (US, UK) in fashion design area.

I'm looking for a Russian-speaking student studying fashion in US or UK to 
exchange admission experience.


My e-address : ic243ass@ic.dcn-asu.ru


** 16 **********************************************************************

Sender:  fang (fang@windoms.sitek.net)
Subject: Hello

I'd like to have a pen-friends from USA, Australia and Europe.  I'm a 20
y. o.  male student. I live in Moscow.

** 17 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Levan Urushadze" (levanu@hotmail.com)
Subject: Subscription

Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia, October 11, 1998

Dear friends,

Independent, non-governmental, non-profit, public, monthly newspaper 
"Adamianis Uplebebi" ("Human Rights") was established in October,1995, in 
Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia.

The main aims of the newspaper are: 1) The defence of Human Rights and 
Basic Freedoms in Georgia and the Caucasus; 2) Educational and publishing 
activity in the field of Human Rights.  At the centre of attention is the 
state of the political prisoners (more than 100 politprisoners) and 
refugees (more than 300,000 refugees from Abkhazia and so called "South 
Ossetia") in Georgia, the questions of the Freedom of the Press and Speech.

"Adamianis Uplebebi" ("Human Rights") is the Member of the International 
Organizations: CIVICUS (USA) and IFRA (Germany) and the Affiliated 
Organization of the National Group of Georgia of the International Society 
for Human Rights (ISHR-IGFM).

In 1997 year the Editorial Staff of "Adamianis Uplebebi" received the Grant 
of the Westminster Foundation of Democracy (United Kingdom).

Fillow from above mentioned if you are interested with the state of Human 
Rights and Basic Freedoms in the Republic of Georgia and the Caucasian 
region we ask you, subscribe to English electronic variant of our newspaper 
for 1999 year.

The cost of the annual subscription: 100 USD for organizations and 50 USD 
for persons.

We ask you answer before December 1, 1998.

The subscription fee must be transfer before December 31, 1998, on the Bank 

In favour of: Dr. Levan Urushadze (for the subscription)
Account No: 67070226
United Georgian Bank, Georgia, Tbilisi
Swift Code: UGEBGE22XXX
Tbilisi Regional Branch
Operation Department
D.Uznadze Street 37
380002 Tbilisi
Republic of Georgia
Correspondent Bank: Citibank, New York, USA
C/a No: 36021436

Thank you in advance.

With respect,

Dr. Levan Z. Urushadze,
Editor-in-Chief of the Independent Newspaper
"Adamianis Uplebebi" ("Human Rights"), President
of the National Group of Georgia of ISHR-IGFM

Giorgi Tsabadze Street 3-32
Tbilisi 380012
Republic of Georgia.
Tel/Fax: (+995 32) 348651
E-mail: levanu@hotmail.com  /  adupl@mmc.net.ge
URL: http://www.freeyellow.com/members2/adupl/index.html

** 18 **********************************************************************

Sender:  chakhovs@ece.ucdavis.edu (Andrei G. Chakhovskoi)
Subject: INFO-RUSS: PhD and MS diploma evaluation

This is INFO-RUSS broadcast (1200+ subscribers). Home page, information,
and archives: http://psi.ece.jhu.edu/~kaplan/IRUSS/inforuss.html
To post, or to subscribe/unsubscribe, mail to info-russ@smarty.ece.jhu.edu
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Dear INFO-RUSS netters:

some time ago I posted a request for info regarding evaluation of M.S.
(diplom) and Ph.D. (kandidat nauk) degrees received in former Soviet Union.

The INFO-RUSS coordinator, Prof. Alex Kaplan, suggested to me to post a
brief summary for the list since this info may be interested for many

Here is a brief info:

I received a number of letters with advices how to find a proper agency
specializing in evaluation of foreign education records, including phones,
addresses and pricing. In many cases people included their recommendations
based on personal experience.

I would like to thank everybody for their replies.

I made a summary of these letters available as a text file (44+ Kbites) on 
my web site at the URL: http://www.ece.ucdavis.edu/~chakhovs/diploma.txt (I 
have erased all personal information such as last names, addresses and 
affiliations.  This information can not be released without respondent's 
permission) For those having difficulties accessing the Internet, I can 
send a text via e-mail.

If anybody will have any comments/updates - I will be more than happy to
include them in this file.

I would like to share a little bit of personal experience too:

I was able to receive a colorful Magister's (M.S.) certificate from the
Moscow Fiztech (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology). This is a very
nice  document in Russian and English which you can proudly display on the
wall of your office; it has a set of beautiful ancient Slavic characters
like lions, griffons, dragons and birds ("Ptitsa Gamaiyun?"). The
certificates are actually issued by VAK (Vysshaia Attestatsionnaia
Komissia). Apparently, the best way to obtain this certificate is if you
have a good friend or relative over in Moscow, who personally can apply for
such a document for you. The good thing is that you can actually request a
field of your specialization to be written according to American standards
(e.g.,. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science instead of
Thermodynamics of Gases and Fluids - ever tried to find an IT job with this
major?) The bad thing is that this certificate is not always recognized
here in US. Also, apparently the PhD certificates are not being issued as

I was able to evaluate my records successfully at ERES (Educational Records
Evaluation Service), 777 Campus Commons Road, ste. 200, Sacramento,
California 95825 - 8309, phone (916) 449-9570. There was even a
Russian-speaking lady there, her name was Anjelika.
They can evaluate the degree as well as the course listing. They deal only
with original documents, no photocopies are accepted.

Please feel free to e-mail me should you have any further questions.

Best regards,

Dr. Andrei G. Chakhovskoi
UC Davis

** 19 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "T. S. White" (tswrace@ibm.net)
Subject: Aid to Russia

The current economic crisis in Russia is developing predictable trends.  
The corporate businesses that went in early and established profitable 
franchises are now beginning to exit Russia.  They leave behind the 
population, they have exploited for profits, to suffer the ravages of 
economic deprivation and destitution.  This should not surprise anyone.  It 
is only the free market forces at work.

Several grass roots organizations are rushing into this void to establish 
direct aid to the impoverished Russian population.  While the initial 
amount of this aid pales by comparison to the billions squandered by the 
IMF and the Russian bureaucrats it is accomplishing what they are unable or 
unwilling to do.  These organizations are succeeding at providing direct 
aid to the populations that have such desperate needs.

Two of these organizations are the Russian American Circle in Santa Cruz , 
Ca., and "Russian Relief" in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The Russian American 
Circle is a California Non Profit Organization.  It began as civic club 
promoting cultural exchange and education between the growing Russian 
population in its area and the local residents.  The Russian American 
Circle is sending its second direct aid mission to Russia in early 
November.  Its first mission was accomplished just this last July.  Thus 
far the amounts are small and are tailored to the direct needs of targeted 
populations.  The success achieved is rooted in person to person contact 
with the recipients and direct supervision of aid distribution.  The 
Russian American Circle is actively seeking corporate and individual 
sponsors to help with the growing needs of the Russian population.

The second grass roots effort has just begun with the formation of the 
Nevada Non Profit Corporation "Russian Relief".  It is sponsored by several 
agencies that provide introductions to Russian women via the internet.  Its 
distribution network is still in the early stages of development.  None the 
less it is striving to do the best it can to lessen the suffering of 
Russian people that its members have direct contact with.

Anyone wishing to help support these efforts of grass roots aid to Russia 
may contact the organizations at:

	Russian American Circle
	Russian Orphans Aid Project
	133 Fairland Way
	Santa Cruz, Ca. 95065

	Russian Relief
	6130 West Tropicana #193
       Las Vegas, Nevada 89103

** 20 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Andrey Ozharovskii" (zarov@host.cis.lead.org)
Subject: Invitation to election observation in St.Petersburg

Dear friends,

I want to invite you to take part in a political seminar and election 
observation in St.  Petersburg, Russia in December 1998.

For details, please, visit the Web Site http://idc.cis.lead.org/

I hope to see you in December!!

Yours faithfully,
Andrey Ozharovskii,
IDC president.


International Discussion Club 	Election Observation Programme

Study trip to municipal elections in St. Petersburg, Russia,
December 2-7, 1998


IDC invites political leaders, active members of political parties and 
youth political organizations, students, people involved into political 
studies to take part in a of political seminar in St.  Petersburg, Russia 
and to join the team of official foreign observers at upcoming municipal 
elections there.


Elections to The Legislative Council (Zakonodatelnoye Sobranie) of the City 
of St.  Petersburg will take place on Sunday, December 6th 1998.  According 
to Russian legislation the election procedure is open for domestic and 
foreign observers.  IDC has a good experience in field of international 
election observation at all the general elections in Russia since 1993 and 
at number of local elections.  Now we offer a program which combines 3 days 
introduction political seminar and election observation on the voting day.  
The election observation will be done in a very special region of St.  
Petersburg - on the Kronshtadt Island, which is the main Navy Base of the 
Russian Baltic Fleet.  So, we will observe how the military men are voting.

Aims and purposes

… To introduce the participants into Russian Political life.
… To assist carrying out free and fair elections in Russia and to
prevent law violations during the elections.
… To take part in international election observation.


Everyone who is interested in election observation, has basic knowledge of 
political and electoral systems and some knowledge of Russia and Russian 
language can apply for participation.  We have already received 
applications from Sweden and Ukraine.

Technical details

Unfortunately we do not have a grant for this project.  All the 
participants should cover their expenses themselves and to pay an admission 
fee of $70.  The participants can apply to foundations in their countries 
on to their national Foreign ministries for the support.  The IDC will 
assist in getting the Russian visa, will provide accommodation and 
interpreting, if necessary.  The ground costs depends on duration of stay 
and on your requests.

Applications and further details:

International Discussion Club
e-mail: zarov@host.cis.lead.org

                                    Sincerely yours,

                                    Andrey Ozharovskii, president
                       of the International Discussion Club - Moscow

andrey@host.cis.lead.org    Kashirskoje shosse 88/26-112
idc_moscow@hotmail.com          115551 Moscow, Russia
http://idc.cis.lead.org/    NEW fax: +7-095-9563586 [for IDC]

** 21 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Serguei A. Oushakine" (oushakin@ssc.upenn.edu)
Subject: IREX Announces Judaica Library and Museum Outreac

------- Forwarded Message Follows -------
Date sent:      	Mon, 19 Oct 1998 16:46:44 -0400
From:           	amhvid@irex.org
To:             	irex-l@info.irex.org

IREX Announces Judaica Library and Museum Outreach Program

The International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX) has received funding 
from the Samuel H. Kress Foundation and the Lucius N. Littauer Foundation 
to administer the first of three phases of the Judaica Library and Museum 
Outreach Program.  This is a new IREX initiative that focuses on training 
library and museum managers from Poland and Ukraine in the development of 
public outreach and education activities for their institutions.  This 
three-tiered program will include assessments of selected Polish and 
Ukrainian centers, internships in the United States for specialists from 
Poland and Ukraine, and development of World Wide Web pages for the Polish 
and Ukrainian institutions.

Due to the near-annihilation of Central and Eastern Europe's Jewish 
communities during the Holocaust and the following period of religious and 
cultural suppression under the Communists, much of what now remains as 
testimony to the rich legacy of Judaism in this region is found only in 
libraries, archives, museums, and other institutions where materials were 
gathered and stored.  For the first time in over 50 years, these scholarly 
and cultural centers are opening their doors to collections that can 
provide new insights to historical eras, events, and individuals.  The 
Judaica Library and Museum Outreach Program will foster public awareness 
and appreciation of the extensive legacy of Eastern Europe's Jewish 
communities, and will help museums and libraries ensure their own 
sustainability by increasing community engagement.

The program will begin in early 1999 with consultation and evaluation 
visits by US experts to institutions in Warsaw and Kiev and one additional 
site in each country.  The US experts IREX selects for the program will 
have experience in organizing public programs for Jewish libraries and 
museums.  The visits will focus on assessing current outreach activities 
and making recommendations for the care and display of these invaluable 
collections.  At the conclusion of these visits, the US experts, Polish and 
Ukrainian participants, and other interested local specialists will meet to 
form a working group that will focus on developing a cooperative plan for 
the next two phases of the program.

US experts interested in participating in this program are invited to 
contact Beate Dafeldecker at bdafeldecker@irex.org.  

Anne Marie Hvid
Editor, Electronic Publishing
Communications Division

International Research & Exchanges Board
1616 H Street, NW
Washington, DC 20006
Tel: (202) 942-2171
Fax: (202) 628-8189
Web: www.irex.org

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