Digest for September 29, 1998

Digest for September 29, 1998

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01-29 September 98  Sender:  andreyzh@hotmail.com
                    Subject: from Andrey Zhukov

02-29 September 98  Sender:  ulo@uipe-ras.scgis.ru
                    Subject: from Beresneva - Ulomova Nina Vladimirovna

03-29 September 98  Sender:  Sirena@is.lt
                    Subject: from Ana

04-29 September 98  Sender:  su2spy@aol.com
                    Subject: from Donald A. Bowman

05-29 September 98  Sender:  ganeo@aol.com
                    Subject: from ganeo

06-29 September 98  Sender:  kengibbs@midmo.net
                    Subject: from ken gibbs

07-29 September 98  Sender:  mamaloe@xs4all.nl
                    Subject: from vandendorpe

08-29 September 98  Sender:  rreeves@utk.edu
                    Subject: from Rebecca Joye Reeves


01-29 September 98  Sender:  kgrill@aaas.org (KGRILL)
                    Subject: SCIENTIST: NSF-NATO Fellowship Opportunity

02-29 September 98  Sender:  IREX Human Resources (hr@irex.org)
                    Subject: Overseas Job Opportunity

03-29 September 98  Sender:  "Elizabeth Story" (estory1@hotmail.com)
                    Subject: message to post

04-29 September 98  Sender:  grakhmat (grakhmat@svsu.edu)
                    Subject: search for sponsorship

05-29 September 98  Sender:  kgrill@aaas.org (KGRILL)
                    Subject: SCIENTIST: Research Fellowship:  Information

06-29 September 98  Sender:  Ben Burns (bburns@clandjop.com)
                    Subject: Humanitarian aid Orphanage

07-29 September 98  Sender:  TFGADV@aol.com
                    Subject: Lost in America...

08-29 September 98  Sender:  anneshaw@mail.utexas.edu (Anne Shaw)
                    Subject: Lost in America...

09-29 September 98  Sender:  FSAFLEX Alumni Office (fsaalumni@glasnet.ru)
                    Subject: INTERNSHIP opportunity at ACTR/ACCELS-Moscow

10-29 September 98  Sender:  "Virginia Simmons" (vsimmons@access.k12.wv.us)
                    Subject: TRIP TO PRAGUE

11-29 September 98  Sender:  bdejong@usd.edu
                    Subject: Russian Criminal Law

12-29 September 98  Sender:  murka@cs.umd.edu (Tatiana Shpeisman)
                    Subject: INFO-RUSS: Temporary insuarance for visitors

13-29 September 98  Sender:  "Natasha Livshits" (liv@mail.wplus.net)
                    Subject: quiries re educational programs

14-29 September 98  Sender:  "IEWCS" (Sharyl.M.Corrado@wheaton.edu)
                    Subject: Request for information

15-29 September 98  Sender:  undermytow@msn.com
                    Subject: The Malochite Box

16-29 September 98  Sender:  stamps (stamps@netsy.com)
                    Subject: Philately

17-29 September 98  Sender:  Aliev Anvar (anvar@khj.td.silk.org)
                    Subject: Please.

18-29 September 98  Sender:  plast (plast@roller.ukma.kiev.ua)
                    Subject: Kyiv Walking Tours

20-29 September 98  Sender:  Fund for Democracy and Development
                    Subject: JOB OPPORTUNITY

21-29 September 98  Sender:  factory@infotel.kg
                    Subject: First electronic magazine in Kyrgyzstan

22-29 September 98  Sender:  footers@webtv.net
                    Subject: stall russia

23-29 September 98  Sender:  Jacob Malkin (malkin-j@internet-zahav.net)
                    Subject: INFO-RUSS: Reentry permit

25-29 September 98  Sender:  JLES4GIRLS@AOL.COM
                    Subject: looking for pen pal

APPENDIX:        LISTSERV address & basic procedures



** 01 **********************************************************************

Sender:  andreyzh@hotmail.com
Subject: from Andrey Zhukov

Hello or Privet, everybody!

How are you doing so far?  What is going on in Russia now?  What is your
opinion - how long it would go on?

Because of our crisis, I am afraid that when I go to Moscow I could not
find an appropriate job there.  I got a Master's Degree in International
Development Policy from Duke University.


My last news: I am writing from Germany now!  I am participating here in
one public adminisration/policy project that started 2 years ago between
cities of Irkutsk and Pforzheim being financed by European Union (TACIS).

Now it is in its final stage - Evaluation Report, which we will prepare and
translate first into English, and then I will translate into Russian.

Additionally, I am going to visit the headquarters of EU in Brussels to
know what project(s) TACIS has in Lake Baikal region, and how they are
going on.  My official places to visit are also Holland and FRANCE.

I personally also want to go (if I have time and money) to London to
European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, and United Nations Project
Office in Geneva.

Here, as always and everywhere I use only my hotmail account.

Just in case, my phone number in my "apartamentas" is +49 (7231) 391-495

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Sincerely Yours,
Andrey Zhukov

** 02 **********************************************************************

Sender:  ulo@uipe-ras.scgis.ru
Subject: from Beresneva - Ulomova Nina Vladimirovna

Moscow State Aviation Institute Students 1954-1955

Former Students of Moscow State Aviation Institute
of Aviation Automatic Machinery // Instrument-Making Department

I am Beresneva Nina Vladimirovna from Tashkent, entering MAI at 1954.
I will very happy to get any answer from my youth's friends:

Aleksandr Kulikov from Sverdlovsk (Ekaterinburg),
entering MAI 1955 at Instrument-Making Department;

Svetlana Evstifeeva from Moscow,
entering MAI 1954 at Instrument-Making Department,
lived in Tushino;

Alla Ignatenko from Rostov-na-Donu,
entering MAI 1954 at Electrical Equipment Department.

I will be very happy to get any answer from any friends with I studied.

Waiting for you,
Nina Beresneva

** 03 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Sirena@is.lt
Subject: from Ana

Hello, My name is Ana.I am Russian living in Lithuania.  I would like to
communikate with somebody from USA. I will go there in 2-3 month.  Can
correspond in English, Russian, Germany, Lithuanian.

** 04 **********************************************************************

Sender:  su2spy@aol.com
Subject: from Donald A. Bowman

Hello and Privet,

I am hoping to meet several people of various age groups in russia from
St.Peteresbur to Vladivostok alonr the trans-siberian railway route.  My
cities of interest are St.Petersburg, Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk,
Irkustsk and Vladivostok.  Basic interest are of travel, economy, and
general life style.  I have been to Novosibirsk 3 times and will return for
the 4th time in november.  I speak only english with a couple russian
words.  I hope to meet more russians on each of my trips.  I will be
spending at least one week each year in russia.  I wish to learn more of
russia from each of mya new e-mail russian friends.

sincerely Don Bowman      dasvedonya paka!

** 05 **********************************************************************

Sender:  ganeo@aol.com
Subject: from ganeo

hello all,

My name is Jim and is live in Wisconsin.

I would like to correspond with someone from Russia.  I enjoy politics,
current events, and Russian literature.  Hope to hear from you.


** 06 **********************************************************************

Sender:  kengibbs@midmo.net
Subject: from ken gibbs

I'm looking for Sergey Toropov.  He came to the USA
back in 1988 on a program we called "Soviets Meet
Middle America".  Others in the group of four were
Youssoup Youssouvaliev, Gennady Strekalon
and Galina Pronina.
  I met all these fine folks when they came to Florida
for a short four or five days.
  I know Sergey was a computer buff and just thought
he might be on the WWW??
  My new address is in Lake of Ozarks in Missouri

** 07 **********************************************************************

Sender:  mamaloe@xs4all.nl
Subject: from vandendorpe

Hello everybody!

My name is Anna Kovtoun.  I am a 24 year old journalist from Moscow.
Currently I live in Amsterdam where I work as a city guide for Russians.  I
would like to meet more Russian people living in Holland/Amsterdam.  Also
I'm looking for another job.  Hope to hear from someone.  Greetings, Anna.

** 08 **********************************************************************

Sender:  rreeves@utk.edu
Subject: from Rebecca Joye Reeves

I am a student at the University of Tennessee and I work at the "Friends
and Partners" webpage office (actualy it is called the Center for
International Networking Initiatives).  I am interested in learning more
about other cultures.  I am considering majoring in Language and World
Business, but need some input.  If anyone has majored in this type of
field, please inform me of what you are doing now and your job search.  I
love to send and recieve e-mail, so if you write, expect a response!!


Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

** 01 **********************************************************************

Sender:  kgrill@aaas.org (KGRILL)
Subject: SCIENTIST: NSF-NATO Fellowship Opportunity

    ***Special Fellowship Opportunities for Visiting Scientists***
                     from NATO Partner Countries

 Scientists from NATO Partner Countries (Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan,
 Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary,
 Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland,
 Romania, Russian Federation, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Tajikistan,
 the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and
 Uzbekistan) wishing to conduct research at U. S. institutions may
 apply for Special Fellowship Opportunities through a host U. S.

 The primary goal of these fellowships is to promote the progress of
 science and closer collaboration between scientists, mathematicians,
 and engineers of NATO Partner Countries and scientists and engineers
 in the United States.

 NSF-NATO Visiting Scientist Fellowships are administered by the
 National Science Foundation, an agency of the United States
 Government, at the request of the U. S. Department of State.
 Applications to support a Visiting Scientist from NATO Partner
 Countries may be subject to security review by the United States
 Committee on Exchanges (COMEX) according to government policy. This
 review may be necessary before the State Department will issue a
 visa. The U. S. host scientific advisor is responsible for obtaining
 research permits and import/export documents, where applicable.
 Approximately 20 awards will be offered for research in the United

 Visiting Scientists must be working in their home country or in
 another NATO Partner Country at the time of application.


 The following criteria will determine overall eligibility for
 consideration in the NSF-NATO Visiting Scientist Fellowships

 1) Applicant (Visiting Scientist) Eligibility

 Citizens from NATO Partner Countries are eligible to be sponsored for
 an NSF-NATO Visiting Scientist Fellowship. In addition, eligible
 applicants must have been awarded a doctoral degree (Ph.D. or
 equivalent) on or after October 1, 1994 but normally not later than
 October 1, 1999.

 Former recipients of NSF-NATO Visiting Scientist Fellowships are not
 eligible for the program.

 2) Host Site Eligibility

 A Visiting Scientist must identify a specific U. S. scientific
 advisor holding a full-time position at a U. S. institution to serve
 as his/her sponsor. The U.S. scientific advisor will be the Principal
 Investigator (PI) on the fellowship application. The PI will be
 responsible for assuring the completeness of the application
 material. Visiting Scientists may conduct research at U. S.
 universities, scientific research laboratories, or government

 3) Tenure Limitations

 A Fellow will have a full-time tenure of 12 months. The fellowship
 must begin on or after June 1, 1999 but normally not later than
 October 1, 1999. If unforeseen circumstances delay completion of the
 doctoral degree requirement or the expected start of tenure, a
 request for a delay of the start date will be considered. An awardee
 who declines a fellowship because he/she is unable to begin tenure by
 the specified time period, may re-apply to the program as long as
 he/she remains eligible. This declination will not prejudice any
 subsequent application.


 Fellowships for Visiting Scientists are made to U. S. institutions
 and not to individuals. The host institution will be responsible for
 the disbursement of all funds associated with a fellowship award. The
 stipend is $2,750 per month for 12 months for the Fellow. Fellows are
 also provided with dependency allowances of $200 per month for a
 dependent spouse and for each of not more than two dependent children
 for 12 months. The level of funding of NSF-NATO stipends for Fellows
 will be determined based on the Fellow's status at the time of
 application. Fellows are entitled to the full stipend and special
 research allowance provided by the fellowship. OVERHEAD EXPENSES TO

 A travel allowance will normally be offered to aid in defraying
 travel costs from the Visiting Scientist's place of residence in the
 Partner Country, at the time of application, to the U.S. host
 institution to begin tenure and later to return. The total round trip
 travel allowance will be as follows: $3,000 for the Fellow; $3,000
 for an accompanying spouse; and $1,200 each for up to two
 accompanying dependent children.

 The Visiting Scientist is also provided with a special allowance of
 $1,200 ($100 for each month of tenure) to aid in defraying costs of
 research and special travel such as short visits to other
 laboratories or scientific meetings. This is to be expendable at the
 Fellow's discretion in accordance with host institution's
 disbursement policies.


 The NSF-NATO Visiting Scientist Initiative is a multidisciplinary
 activity managed by the NSF Directorate for Education and Human
 Resources. An acknowledgment card will be sent to the scientific
 advisor (PI) in the U. S. when the Foundation has recorded receipt of
 the application in its electronic system of records.

 The review criteria for the application include:

 - Visiting Scientist's Professional Competence in science and
 engineering, including achievements to date, particularly as attested
 by academic records and the Sponsor Statement.

 - Visiting Scientist's Potential for Continued Professional Growth,
 as demonstrated in the proposed plan of research from the standpoint
 of its appropriateness to the background and professional goals of
 the Visiting Scientist and its feasibility within the time
 constraints imposed
 by tenure.

 -Visiting Scientist's Potential for Furthering International
 Collaboration in Science, including the factors that influenced the
 applicant's selection of host institution and scientific
 advisor/mentor and the likelihood that the proposed plan of research
 might result in the establishment of a professional, working
 relationship between the host scientist and the Visiting Scientist.

 Consideration will be given to the English language proficiency of
 the Visiting Scientist.

 The U. S. host institution must demonstrate that adequate
 accommodations and resources will be made available to the visiting

 Selection of Visiting Scientist awardees will be made by the National
 Science Foundation. Principal Investigators at host institutions as
 well as all applicants will be notified by letter in March 1999 of
 the disposition of their fellowships. Applicants will receive
 verbatim copies of reviewers' comments without the name and
 affiliation of the reviewer.

 The selection of awardees will be primarily based on the Visiting
 Scientist's ability and potential for professional growth.
 Applications will be reviewed by multidisciplinary panels of
 scientists and engineers and may include consideration of factors
 related to science and engineering infrastructure, such as
 disciplinary, institutional and geographical distribution.


 The NSF-NATO Visiting Scientist application consists of five COMPLETE
 SETS of the application materials (signed original plus four copies)
 and one copy of Supplementary Nominee Information (NSF Form 1225A -
 which MUST be returned), completed by the scientific advisor for the
 Visiting Scientist. The host institution is responsible for assuring
 the completeness of application materials. However, it is the
 Visiting Scientist's responsibility to provide all the appropriate
 sections to be included in the application. Please staple each
 complete application set separately. Type all forms. Type styles
 should be no smaller than 10 point font size. Margins may not be
 smaller than 2.5 cm except where margins are established on forms.
 Failure to comply with application procedures may make an application
 administratively ineligible, eliminating it from merit review.

 Application forms may be found on their website at:


 With Internet access and a supported World Wide Web browser,
 applications may be submitted electronically using the NSF FastLane
 Postdoctoral Research Fellowship process.

 Referees of applicants who use FastLane can submit a Reference Report
 Form using FastLane. Security is provided to ensure that both
 applications and references can be seen only by authorized persons.
 The Visiting Scientist must begin the application and give the
 scientific advisor the access PIN. The scientific advisor accesses
 the Sponsoring Scientist Statement using the access PIN. Both the
 Visiting Scientist and the scientific advisor have access to all the
 application forms. However, as is the case of hard copy submissions,
 the scientific advisor submits the application on behalf of the
  Visiting Scientist. The  Visiting Scientist component of the NSF
 Postdoctoral Research Fellowship process is on the NSF FastLane Home
 Page, which is located at the following URL:

 To access the NSF FastLane Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Programs
 process and instructions on its use, click on the appropriate icon on
 the FastLane Home Page. Additional questions may be directed to Ms.
 Beverly Sherman at (703) 306-1145, ext. 4615 (email:felapp@nsf.gov).

 A COMPLETE application must be submitted via FastLane or in hard copy
 by the published deadline. Electronic and hard copies of applications
 cannot be combined for submission.

 Notice: You can submit your application electronically in its
 entirety ONLY IF you, your scientific advisor, and your referees have
 the appropriate software (e.g. Adobe Acrobat 3.0 or Ghostscript 5.10)
 to create PDF files. Otherwise, you must submit your application in
 hard copy. Application forms for hard copy submission may be obtained
 from the printed Guidelines (NSF 98-149), by printing them off the
 World Wide Web, or as a byproduct of FastLane. In the latter case,
 application forms can be filled out using FastLane procedures, and
 then printed for hard copy submission. Faxed submissions are not


 Each set of NSF-NATO Visiting Scientist application materials should
 be submitted in stapled sets corresponding to the numeric order
 listed below:

 1. Cover Sheet for Proposal to the National Science Foundation (NSF
 Form 1207 (7/95))

 This form must be completed by the scientific advisor at the U. S.
 institution that is submitting the application on behalf of the
 Visiting Scientist with FULLY signed certifications. In the first box
 on the upper left-hand corner of the cover page entitled For
 Consideration by NSF Organization Unit(s), type "DGE/EHR/NSF-NATO

 2. NSF-NATO Postdoctoral Fellow Cover Sheet (NSF Form 294 (10/95),
 2-sided form provided)

 In addition to the NSF Form 1207, the NSF Form 294 (10/95) MUST BE
 COMPLETED. The first side of the NSF-NATO Cover Sheet must be
 completed in accordance with the instructions on the reverse side of
 the form. NOTE: Current address is the address where the Visiting
 Scientist resides in the NATO Partner Country; Permanent U. S.
 address should be the host university address.

 3. Abstract of Doctoral Dissertation (Limit: 1 Page)

 The host institution's name, the Visiting Scientist's name and the
 heading "Abstract of Doctoral Dissertation" should appear at the top
 of this page followed by a brief description of the doctoral

 4. Abstract of Proposed Plan of Research (Limit: 150 words)

 The host institution's name, the Visiting Scientist's name, title of
 research, and the heading "Abstract of Proposed Plan of Research "
 should appear at the top of this page followed by a brief description
 of not more than 150 words.

 5. Proposed Plan of Research (Limit: 2 Pages)

 The host institution's name, the Visiting Scientist's name, title of
 research, and the heading "Proposed Plan of Research" should appear
 at the top of each page. The plan should be a relatively
 non-technical statement understandable by non-specialist experts.
 This statement should BRIEFLY include the Visiting Scientist's 1)
 educational objectives and 2) long-range professional goals. The plan
 should describe in detail the activities expected to be undertaken
 during tenure by the Visiting Scientist and the appropriateness of
 the institution selected. Finally, indicate what plans have been made
 to date for the projected tenure period (e.g. comments on previous
 contacts with host advisor/institution.)

 6. Curriculum Vitae (Limit: 3 Pages)

 The host institution's name, the Visiting Scientist's name and the
 heading "Curriculum Vitae" should appear at the top of each page.
 This curriculum vitae MUST include (but is not limited to) the
 following sections in the following order:

 a. Education. This section should list the applicant's educational
 background beginning with undergraduate and including postdoctoral
 training under the following columns:  Institution and Location;
 Degree; Year Conferred; Field of Study.

 b. Academic Honors. This section should include fellowships,
 scholarships, teaching assistantships, mentoring activities, and
 other relevant positions held or awards received with dates and
 locations in reverse chronological order.

 c. Foreign Languages. This section should indicate the proficiency of
 the Visiting Scientist in English.

 d. Employment and Experience. This section should begin with the
 Visiting Scientist's current position. Relevant professional history
 should be provided in reverse chronological order.

 e. Research Accomplishments. This section should list any research
 previously pursued, giving the title and reference of any published
 works. List the titles of any unpublished work in process. The PI
 will determine the appropriateness of all journal publications. Other
 accomplishments may include, but are not limited to, patent and
 software credits, papers presented at seminars, workshops, national
 or international meetings, etc.

 f. Other Accomplishments. This section is optional and may include
 relevant information about the Visiting Scientist that the PI wishes
 to provide to the reviewers.

 7. Certification of Completion of the Ph.D. Degree (NSF Form 1405
 (8-97) provided)

 Provide proof of Ph.D. completion by submitting an OFFICIAL, SIGNED
 Certification of Completion of the Ph.D. degree with four copies. The
 signed certification should be attached to the ORIGINAL Application.
 If the applicant has not received the Ph.D. by the deadline date, the
 signed certification is to be submitted as soon as completion has

 8. Sponsor Statement from U. S. Host Institution

 A statement of support from the U. S. host scientific advisor (PI) is
 required. Verification of resources being made available to the
 Visiting Scientist (e.g., housing, supplementary travel, equipment,
 and facilities to be provided by the host institution) should be
 included in this statement. The scientific advisor should also
 indicate why the Visiting Scientist would benefit from such a
 research opportunity and what contribution this scientist would make.
 Any host institution financial commitment of support to the Visiting
 Scientist should also be described.

 The sponsor statement should be prepared in lieu of references, but
 should address the same issues that reference writers would. The
 scientific advisor should seek input from whatever sources it deems
 appropriate, and may attach to this statement any external references
 it chooses.


 If references are included, referees should comment on the Visiting
 Scientist's ability to carry out a research project, his/her
 creativity, originality, ability to work with others in a laboratory
 setting, adaptability to new environments, self reliance and
 independence. Up to four references may be included if the scientific
 advisor wishes to add to the information with the Sponsor Statement
 from the U.S. host institution.


 All application submissions must be postmarked or sent electronically
 by November 16, 1998. All sets of materials, forms and reference
 letters should be submitted as a single unit in a large envelope and

 NSF-NATO Postdoctoral Fellowships
 National Science Foundation
 4201 Wilson Blvd., Suite 907N
 Arlington, VA 22230


 General inquiries regarding this activity, excluding requests for
 copies of this or other NSF publications, may be addressed to

 NSF-NATO Postdoctoral Fellowships
 Suite 907N
 4201Wilson Blvd.
 Arlington, VA 22230.

 The telephone number is (703) 306-1696 and the fax number is (703)

 The NSF-NATO Home Page URL address is

 Requests for information via email may be addressed to

 Copies of this or any other NSF publication, may be obtained from the
 NSF Publications Clearinghouse. The NSF-NATO announcement number is:
 NSF 98-149. For descriptions and telephone numbers for NSF activities
 request a copy of the annual Guide to Programs (NSF 97-150) from the,
 NSF Publications Clearinghouse, P.O. Box 218, Jessup, MD
 20794-0218, telephone number (301) 947-2722.

** 02 **********************************************************************

Sender:  IREX Human Resources (hr@irex.org)
Subject: Overseas Job Opportunity


Educational Advising Consultants

The International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX), a leading nonprofit
organization in international education and training, seeks educational
advising consultants interested in assignments in the New Independent States,
Russia, and Central and Eastern Europe.

Qualified applicants must have experience in American higher education and
international education fields (e.g. university admissions or administration,
TESOL, international programs).  Candidates must be well organized,
professional, skilled at handling multiple tasks, and possess excellent
intercultural and interpersonal skills. Ability to travel, international
experience and local language ability are required. Send resume and salary
history to:

1616 H Street, NW
Washington, DC 20006
Fax:  (202) 628-8189
E-mail:  hr@irex.org
No Phone Calls Please.  EOE

** 03 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Elizabeth Story" (estory1@hotmail.com)
Subject: message to post

Message subject: Russian Orphanages

I study at a university in London and groups of students make trips to
Moscow several times a year. We are interested in bringing
supplies/materials when we travel there to any orphanages who might be
in need. Does anyone have any names and addresses of orphanages
(preferably in the Moscow Region, but any would be appreciated) that we
might contact?

Thank you,

Get Your Private, Free Email at http://www.hotmail.com

** 04 **********************************************************************

Sender:  grakhmat (grakhmat@svsu.edu)
Subject: search for sponsorship

Hi, everybody,who paid attention to my message.My name is Guzel.Now I
study at SVSU ,state Michigan.I am looking for friends here in the
states and also for some advice or assistance.I am 21. I am from
Bashkortostan.In Russia I was majoring in English and World
Literature.When I was planning to come to the USA the situation in
Russia was stable and I had support from my parents so now they can't
help me .So now I am looking either for some sponsorship or some
sholarship.I had hard time coming here so I'd like to stay here at least
for one year or more.I am a senior student and I had excellent marks in
all the subjects in Russia.So may be someone knows something about it
and can give me advice. I will be glad to any assistance and
friendship.If someone needs a friend I will be glad to hear from her/or
him too.Bye.Thank you beforehand for any assistance.   Guzel.

** 05 **********************************************************************

Sender:  kgrill@aaas.org (KGRILL)
Subject: SCIENTIST: Research Fellowship:  Information Technology

        ***Regional Scholars Exchange Program for 1999-2000***

            Funding Opportunity for Scholars from the NIS

 ACTR/ACCELS, in conjunction with the United States Information
 Service, announces the opening of its competition for the Regional
 Scholars Exchange Program (RSEP), for the academic year 1999-2000.
 This USIA-funded program will provide fellowships for 117 scholars
 from the NIS, who are seeking to pursue 4- and 6-month research
 projects at universities and research institutions throughout the
 United States. The RSEP program is being managed by ACTR in
 conjunction with the Kennan Institute and NCEEER
 (the National Council for Eurasian and East European Research).

 97 of the 117 Fellows who are chosen will be placed at universities
 across the country, for four-month terms.  These placements will be
 designated by ACTR, and will be selected on the basis of
 compatibility between the host institution's strengths and the
 individual Fellow's research goals.  Each RSEP Fellow will also be
 paired with a local mentor - a faculty member or researcher whose
 work is closely related to the visitor's own research agenda, and who
 will be expected to work closely with their guest while he or she is
 on campus.

 An additional 20 Fellows will be granted six-month terms at the
 Kennan Institute in Washington, DC. These 20 Kennan Fellows must be
 in residency at the Kennan Institute in Washington, DC,.  Kennan RSEP
 Fellows will not be provided with individual mentors, but will be
 expected to participate in the larger community of Kennan scholars.
 Applicants may designate Kennan as their host institution of choice
 on their application forms; however, ACTR and the Kennan Institute
 reserve the right to assign final placements.

 All participants in the RSEP program will be encouraged to take part
 in professional activities, including conferences and colloquia, and
 to give presentations on topics of personal and professional
 interest, as such opportunities arise.


 Please note: all Fellows are required to return to their home country
 for a two-year term of residency immediately following completion of
 their RSEP appointment; no exceptions will be allowed.

 Activities available to RSEP alumni include a Listserv group for
 discussion of issues related to the Fellows' professional
 development; an alumni journal (print and on-line) for the
 publication of research and alumni works; and a variety of local and
 NIS-wide conferences and symposia.


 The Regional Scholars program is open to scholars from the republics
 of the NIS, who either possess or are working towards their country's
 equivalent of the kandidatskaya degree.  Successful applicants must
 be between the ages of 25 and 55, and must be able to demonstrate
 both a need to pursue their research in the U.S., and thorough
 proficiency in the English language.


 Projects eligible for funding under this program are limited to the
 following disciplines:

 American Studies, Business Administration, City Planning and Urban
 Studies, Civic Education, Conflict Resolution, Criminal Justice,
 Demography, Economics, Education, Ethics and Philosophy, Foreign
 Policy and International Relations, Government, History, Industrial
 Labor Relations, *Information Technology*, Journalism, Law, Library
 Science, Management and Marketing, Political Science, Public
 Administration, Social Work, Sociology, and Women's Studies


 Further information is available in the RSEP Application packet,
 which can be requested by contacting ACTR.  Within the U.S., please
 address all requests for information or materials to:

 James Reische
 RSEP Program Manager
 1776 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 700 Washington, DC 20036

 Tel: (202) 833-7522
 Email: reische@actr.org

 Information and materials can also be obtained from Regional
 ACTR/ACCELS offices in each country of the NIS.  Contact information
 for these offices is available from ACTR's web site, <www.actr.org>,
 or can be requested by e-mail from RSEP Program Manager James
 Reische, <reische@actr.org>.

** 06 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Ben Burns (bburns@clandjop.com)
Subject: Humanitarian aid Orphanage

I am writing to ask some questions and ask for opinions about starting a
Humanitarian aid orphanage in Russia or Eastern Europe.  Does anyone
know which country or area has the worst conditions of their orphanages
and where this aid would be most needed.  I also am wondering if
American run orphanages are even legal in any of these countries. I am
posting here
because I know most who will read care about Russia and it's people. I
just was wondering if anyone could help with some information.



** 07 **********************************************************************

Sender:  TFGADV@aol.com
Subject: Lost in America...

Do you also help with "simple" problems...like locating a florist that can
deliver an arrangement to someone in Barnaul, Siberia? I've almost given up

Can you help?

Patrick Michael
Las Vegas, Nevada

** 08 **********************************************************************

Sender:  anneshaw@mail.utexas.edu (Anne Shaw)
Subject: Lost in America...

Dear Friends and Partners,

My fifth graders are embarking on a unit of study about the Animal Kingdom;
within this unit they are studying the taxonomy of animals within each
continent, and within each continent, each biome (grassland, desert, tundra,

They would like to enhance this project through some collaboration with
students at one or more schools on each continent.

How can I get in touch with a class, or classes, with whom my class may
connect via e-mail, and if possible, teleconferencing, as well as through
the exchange of student products (possibly a videotape or CD rom created by
the class which they may exchange between coucntries)?

I look forward to your reply.

Anne Shaw
Highland Park Elementary
Austin,  Texas

** 09 **********************************************************************

Sender:  FSAFLEX Alumni Office (fsaalumni@glasnet.ru)
Subject: INTERNSHIP opportunity at ACTR/ACCELS-Moscow

DATE: September 24, 1998

Title: Editorial and Program Assistant
Responsible to: FSAFLEX Alumni Coordinator, ACTR/ACCELS Moscow

ACTR/ACCELS administers the USIA-sponsored Freedom Support Act Future
Leaders Exchange (FSAFLEX), a program for high school students.
Participants of the program live in American host families and study in
U.S. high schools for one academic year.  The FSAFLEX Alumni Office works
with these students when they return to their home countries.  As the
program is in its fifth year, over 5,000 alumni have returned to the NIS.
 The alumni office is looking for assistance in supporting this dynamic

Job Summary

An assistant is needed to help edit the monthly reports to USIA about
alumni activities and successes; to help edit the alumni newsletter The
Bradley Herald; to maintain correspondence with 21 ACTR/ACCELS field
offices; and to assist in planning and implementing activities for the
alumni in Moscow.  The position offers a chance to improve writing and
editing skills, to learn various computer programs, and to work with
energetic young people from all over the NIS.  Travel is not required,
but may occasionally be an option for a volunteer who is interested.
While Russian language knowledge is not required, it is helpful, and the
alumni office is a great place brush up on conversational skills.

We are looking for a native English speaker with strong writing and
editing skills and the ability to work independently.  Previous
experience working with high school and/or college students is desirable.
 The intern must be based in Moscow.

While preference will be given to an intern who can make a commitment for
one year, we will also consider candidates who will be in Moscow for an
entire semester.  FSAFLEX Alumni Office hours are 9:30-6:00,
Monday-Friday; the intern's time can be scheduled flexibly within that
time period for a total of 12-18 hours per week.

Compensation for this position is US $150 per month.  If the intern is a
student who can receive credit for work in Moscow, we will be happy to
fill out any necessary documents.  We promise a job with real
responsibility, a chance to improve Russian skills and work with great
young Russians, and a well-written letter of recommendation for an intern
who works hard.

Please send resumes and cover letters to:

Makiko Kitago
FSAFLEX Alumni Coordinator
117049 Moscow
Leninsky pr-t, d.2, k.503
(095) 230-4582, 956-7812 (fax), <fsaalumni@glasnet.ru>

** 10 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Virginia Simmons" (vsimmons@access.k12.wv.us)

Join the Russia & West Virginia Foundation for an exciting and afforable
Thanksgiving in Prague. Czech Republic.  Leave the United States on
November 20, 1998 and return November 28, 1998.  Visit castles, glass
factories,enjoy river cruises and a special tour of the city.  Travel with
American and Russian friends.  Cost of only $1800 includes airfare (from
Charleston, WV), DON GIOVANNI hotel, three meals a day and tours and
cultural activities.  Contact Dr. Virginia Simmons, President of Foundation
(304)558-0160 for additional information.

** 11 **********************************************************************

Sender:  bdejong@usd.edu
Subject: Russian Criminal Law

I am an American prosecuting attorney interested in making e-mail
contacts with Russian attorneys, police and judicial officials.  I lived
in Russia recently for two years, so I can speak and write functional
Russian.  I am also able to receive e-mail in Russian and English.

Reply to:

Brent De Jong

** 12 **********************************************************************

Sender:  murka@cs.umd.edu (Tatiana Shpeisman)
Subject: INFO-RUSS: Temporary insuarance for visitors

This is INFO-RUSS broadcast (1200+ subscribers). Home page, information,
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My parents are going to visit me in US for 1 month.
I would like to buy a medical insuarance for them
in case in emergency. Does anybody know who sells it
(hopefully cheap)?
Thanks a lot

Tatiana Shpeisman

** 13 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Natasha Livshits" (liv@mail.wplus.net)
Subject: quiries re educational programs

Dear Sirs,

I learn your e-mail address in St. Petersburg department of American
educational center.

I am a Russian lawyer, a postgraduate student of St. Petersburg State
University, civil law department, and a member of SPb city bar association
as well.
I am looking into opportunities to continue my education/research abroad,
preferably in US or UK, in particular, to gather the data to complete my
thesis, which I lack in this country.

I would appriciate if you kindly give me the information on
grants/scolarships, if available, for Russian law students or scientists.I
am particularly interested in commercial law and corporate law. The latter
relates to the subject of my thesis.

In case you are not aware of any such grants/scolarships, nor  you are
involved into any educational/traning programs with financing provided,
could you please guide me where else I could obtain this information.

Thank you in advance for your attention,


Natalie Livshits
attorney at law

** 14 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "IEWCS" (Sharyl.M.Corrado@wheaton.edu)
Subject: Request for information

September 1998

Dear Friends of East Central Europe and the Former Soviet Union,

We were pleased and proud when the _East-West Church & Ministry Report_
received its second Award of Merit in the newsletter category from the
Evangelical Press Association for 1997.  We were also extremely pleased to
find that 97% of survey respondents find the _Report_ to meet or even
exceed expectations, and 93% plan to renew their subscriptions.

In order to maintain the quality of the _Report_ , however, WE NEED YOUR
HELP. Please inform us of any NEWS OR UPCOMING EVENTS that you feel would
be of interest to our readers.  (Events for the calendar must be received
well in advance.)  While we cannot guarantee that they will be included, we
will do our best to include those we feel would be of interest to our

Secondly, we are including more and more internet resources in the
_East-West Church & Ministry Report_.  Ninety-four percent of survey
respondents have access to the internet, with 75 percent using the computer
ten or more hours per week.  In the interest of facilitating networking and
partnership, we hope to include in an upcoming issue lists of HOMEPAGES OF
Soviet Union and East Central Europe.  Please let us know if you feel your
organization, or other organizations you know, should be considered for
that list.

Thank you again for your assistance in making the _East-West Church &
Ministry Report_ the valuable resource it is.

Finally, if you are not a currect subscriber, or your subscription has
expired, we encourage you to consider subscribing at our NEW LOWER
MULTI-YEAR RATES! (Subscription information below)


Sharyl Corrado Assistant Editor

P.S. For those of you unfamiliar with the _Report_, I am sending in a
separate e-mail the table of contents from our most recent issue, as well
as sample articles.

To subscribe, please contact the Institute for East-West Christian Studies
at the address below.  (Checks should be made payable to Wheaton College.)
Credit card subscriptions are accepted by phone (630-752-5917), fax
(630-752-5916) or e-mail (iewcs@wheaton.edu).  Please include subscriber's
name, complete address, e-mail address, credit card number and expirati

PRINT SUBSCRIPTION RATES: One-year: $44.95 U.S. and Canada/$54.95
International Two-year: $80.90 U.S. and Canada/$98.90 International (10%
savings) Three year: $$107.85 U.S. and Canada/$131.85 International ****
The e-mail edition is available GRATIS to print subscribers ****

E-MAIL SUBSCRIPTION RATES: One-year: $19.95 Two year: $35.90 (10% savings)
Three-year: $47.85 (20% savings)

Ask about our discount rates are available for bulk subscriptions!

If you feel you have received this message in error, please let me know,
and I will remove your name from the list.

Sharyl Corrado Institute for
East-West Christian Studies Wheaton College Wheaton, IL 60198 USA tel:
630/752-5917; fax: 630-752-5916 http://www.wheaton.edu/bgc/iewcs

** 15 **********************************************************************

Sender:  undermytow@msn.com
Subject: The Malochite Box

          Name: Yelizaveta Kitaynik-Sattler
 Email-address: undermytow@msn.com

 Hi, I was hoping that you can help me out.  I am looking for images from
 older Russian books teling the story of The Phoenix, (Jar Pteetza).  The
 other book I am looking for is called "The Malochite Box" (sp), in
 Russian, "Moloheetovaya Shkatoolka".  It is a large collection of
 fairytales, is.  Pandora's Box etc.  The front and back covers look like
 carved malochite and each illustration is protected by a thin transparent
 sheet of paper.  My parents bought this book for me in Tbilisi, Georgia in
 1979 right before we came to the United States, but this book was stolen
 from us at customs.  I would like to hear if you have any suggestions for
 me as to where to look for these things.  Thanks, Lisa

** 16 **********************************************************************

Sender:  stamps (stamps@netsy.com)
Subject: Philately

Hello Friends,
              I'm an advanced philatelist from Ukraina and would like
              to swap unused stamps. Please, write for details or
              visit my Web site.

Best regards,
 Simon Milkus
Visit at my Web site: http://www.angelfire.com/biz/Ukrainian/index.html
(you can find an Ukrainian Stamp Catalogue here)

** 17 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Aliev Anvar (anvar@khj.td.silk.org)
Subject: Please.

              HELLO              HELLO                 HELLO

 My name is Anvar. My surname is Aliev.
I'm 17 years old.
I study in school-gymnasium N31, and I also know English,Deutch,Tajik and
 Russian languages.
  I should like find some penfriends in
                  and in Russia.
Please, who would like to make contact with me, write me.

              I look forward to your message.


** 18 **********************************************************************

Sender:  plast (plast@roller.ukma.kiev.ua)
Subject: Kyiv Walking Tours

  This Project was founded in May 1998 by the Ukrainian Scouts-plastuns
especialy for participants of Business Forum of European Bank for
Reconstruction and Development.
 From that time many tourists and businessmen visited our city and
benefited from our assistance.
 2 main branches of the project.
  -Up to 2 hours walking tour including historic centre of our city:
Golden Gate, St Sophia Cathedral, Myhailivska Square, Desiatynna
Church, Andriyivsky Uzviz and Podil.
  -It is also possible to take a Saturday tour to:
      -Kyevo-Pecherska Lavra
      -Kyiv`s Museums
    -Translation services
    -Inquiry services (Transport system, Post offices, Banks, Stores,
Pubs and Restaurants and so on)

We would be glad to hear from you.

Best regards.
Ukrainian Scouts.

** 19 **********************************************************************

** 20 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Fund for Democracy and Development (ffdd@erols.com)

Please post the following job announcement in your next issue, digest, or

"The Fund for Democracy and Development, a small, non-profit organization
whose mission is to support the transitional economies of the former Soviet
Union, seeks an entry-level accountant/office manager for its Washington,
DC headquarters.  Responsibilities include bookkeeping, answering phones,
and general office administration.  We seek a person who is reliable,
flexible and who pays close attention to detail.  Please send resume with
cover letter stating salary requirements in confidence to Project Director,
1101 15th Street NW, Suite 1004, Washington, DC 20005 USA.  No phone calls

** 21 **********************************************************************

Sender:  factory@infotel.kg
Subject: First electronic magazine in Kyrgyzstan

Dear colleagues,

Editorial Board of the first electronic Kyrgyz magazine POLYSPHERE invites
you to cooperation.

POLYSPHERE is the first in Kyrgyzstan on-line scientific and educational
magazine published quarterly by International Research & Exchange Board(IREX)
Alumni Association-Kyrgyzstan. The purpose of the magazine is to contribute
to formation of democracy and open society in Kyrgyzstan, and promote Kyrgyz
science and culture to enter worldwide informational space. The magazine
focuses on major problems of social development and environment, spiritual,
cultural and historical issues of all nations of Kyrgyzstan.  We encourage
you to submit academic and innovative, objective and argumentative,
pluralistic and discussive, informative and rich in content manuscripts which
have not been published  elsewhere. All accepted for publication manuscripts
will be available on-line through Kyrgyz IREX Alumni Website :
Publication is contingent upon the recommendation of two peer reviewers.
Language of the magazine is Russian with extended English abstracts. The first
issue of the magazine will be available on-line in November 1998.

Manuscript preparation policy and guidelines:
Submitted manuscript should be in conformity with the profile of the magazine,
be signed with author(s) and include name of organization(s), position(s),
address(es), fax/phone number(s), e-mail addresses of author(s).
Responsibility for authenticity of facts, citations, names and other
information as well as publication of  classified information is placed on

Manuscripts submitted in printed form must be typed one and half spaced on
one side paper. Address for submission : Room 204, 257 Tynystanova Str.,
Ministry of Education,Science & Culture Bldg., Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Manuscripts submitted on 3-1/2 inch disk in IBM format should be preferably in
Microsoft Word for Windows.

Manuscripts submitted through E-mail should be sent to the following address :

Editorial Board
Chinara Omurkulova
Nurlan Djenchuraev
Kubat Moldobaev

Room 204, 257 Tynystanova Str., Ministry of Education,
Science & Culture Bldg., Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Tel/Fax: 996 3312 228434

** 22 **********************************************************************

Sender:  footers@webtv.net
Subject: stall russia

looking for persons that spoke german that lived in stall in the volga
river area with the name of gies fries salwasser winters weber
thanks  mel


** 23 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Jacob Malkin (malkin-j@internet-zahav.net)
Subject: INFO-RUSS: Reentry permit

This is INFO-RUSS broadcast (1200+ subscribers). Home page, information,
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Dear friends!
I am a green card holder and I've just got
reentry permits for all my family
(it's valid for 2 years). I want to spend a year
in Moscow without visiting USA.
Does somebody know for sure if I won't have
troubles entering USA in a year?
(I heard an opinion that I am entitled to
only half-a -year absence)
Please, reply to me personally
Thank you in advance

Jacob Malkin
Phone/fax: 972-8-8642197
Mobile: 972-52-659987
E-mail: malkin-j@internet-zahav.net
E-mail: malkin@usa.net

** 24 **********************************************************************

** 25 **********************************************************************

Subject: looking for pen pal

          Name: JACKIE EDWARDS
 Email-address: JLES4GIRLS@AOL.COM


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