Digest for August 10, 1998

Digest for August 10, 1998

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01-10 August 98  Sender:  cheerleader1083@yahoo.com
                 Subject: from Amy

02-10 August 98  Sender:  gregory320@hotmail.com
                 Subject: from Sean

03-10 August 98  Sender:  jsassor@hotmail.com
                 Subject: from jean sassor

04-10 August 98  Sender:  maryann.moran@snet.net
                 Subject: from Mary Ann

05-10 August 98  Sender:  rottwitt.jan@get2net.dk
                 Subject: from Jan Rottwitt

06-10 August 98  Sender:  solid@ftcenter
                 Subject: from Anna


01-10 August 98  Sender:  Tamara Kieffer (irex@irex.org)
                 Subject: IREX International Coop/Intern

02-10 August 98  Sender:  Mary Mayer (meadow@dircon.co.uk)
                 Subject: Dyslexia / Russian children

03-10 August 98  Sender:  "Waterwalls Waterwalls" (waterwalls@mailexcite.com)
                 Subject: WATERWALLS Russian NYC-based band

04-10 August 98  Sender:  "284th BSB S3 NCOIC, SFC B. Seliger"
                 Subject: Boy Scouts

05-10 August 98  Sender:  Bob Broedel (broedel@ray.met.fsu.edu)
                 Subject: RUSSIAN PINS/BADGES

06-10 August 98  Sender:  "Serge Melle" (Serge.Melle.smelle@nt.com)
                 Subject: Request for Information

07-10 August 98  Sender:  "Longstar" (longstar@blrg.tds.net)
                 Subject: Need a little help, please

08-10 August 98  Sender:  "Jason Lamont" (webbug@hotmail.com)
                 Subject: Privet

09-10 August 98  Sender:  michael stone (miketaddy@mindspring.com)
                 Subject: e-mail from programmer @kira.belgorod.mmtel.ru

10-10 August 98  Sender:  "Nick Smith" (skol@mail.wplus.net)
                 Subject: Hi

11-10 August 98  Sender:  povfc@compuserve.com
                 Subject: Russian studies

12-10 August 98  Sender:  regent@idt.net
                 Subject: equity trading job

13-10 August 98  Sender:  "Serguei A Oushakine" (G96Ous72@STUDENT.CEU.HU)
                 Subject: PR Professional for USAID Market Education Project

14-10 August 98  Sender:  "Serguei A Oushakine" (G96Ous72@STUDENT.CEU.HU)
                 Subject: United Nations Employment Opportunities

15-10 August 98  Sender:  Smiley142@aol.com
                 Subject: writing Russian using non-cyrillic fonts

16-10 August 98  Sender:  "Applied Information Technologies, Inc."
                 Subject: International phone calling

17-10 August 98  Sender:  NetLearn Languages (Enquiries@nll.co.uk)

APPENDIX:        LISTSERV address & basic procedures



** 01 **********************************************************************

Sender:  cheerleader1083@yahoo.com
Subject: from Amy

Hello!  This past spring I was envolved in awesome project, an exchange
student program with the Russian town of Puschino.  It is so cool to have
"been there done that" and then be sitting at my house, in America, seeing
it on my computer.  Technology is amazing isn't it???  In January, 10
Russian students and two teachers from Puschino came and spent three weeks
with us, living in our homes, eating our food, expierencing our culture.
It was so cool to watch them and their reactions to everything.  I'll never
forget, we walked out of the airport and she saw all the cars and she was
like so many pretty cars!  It was really fun getting to know them and
making memeories, they'll be with me forever.  Then in March, the ten that
had hosted them went over there and we stayed in their homes, ate their
food, definately expierenced their culture.  I will never forget any of it.
I can be anywhere and all of a sudden just "be back", walking with Veronica
and you know, just being there.  Moscow is such a pretty city, we were
there at the beginning and end of our trip.  I loved it, every minute of it
and I can't wait to go back.  If you ever have a chance to go to Russia,
Puschino is the town!

Talk to ya later,

P.S. If anyone there reads this, please write to me, I'd love to hear
anything about it!

** 02 **********************************************************************

Sender:  gregory320@hotmail.com
Subject: from Sean

I am 27 yrs old, working for the military, currently living in Greece and
have met a lot of nice Russian people here and have been trying to learn to
speak russian.  Through my efforts to learn more of the Russian language
on-line, I found this site.  I think it is a great idea and will give
people a better way to learn about another country than through books.  It
is a more interactive way to learn about a people and culture.  Hopefully,
I will be able to make some new friends and learn the language at the same
time.  I don't get a chance to check my e-mail very often, so please be
patient if I don't respond very quickly.

** 03 **********************************************************************

Sender:  jsassor@hotmail.com
Subject: from jean sassor

Hi!  I'm trying to connect with anyone in Volgograd
that has e-mail. I lived there from 1992-1995.

** 04 **********************************************************************

Sender:  maryann.moran@snet.net
Subject: from Mary Ann

This is a really neat site.  I am looking for lost relatives
in Ukraine/Russia.  Anyone with information on the following
names please contact me:


Connections in:  Odessa, Vladivostok, Fedorovka

I am from Connecticut, USA


** 05 **********************************************************************

Sender:  rottwitt.jan@get2net.dk
Subject: from Jan Rottwitt

I think this is an big idea and wish you all luck with this work!  I have
always been interested in Russia, as well as USA. Would like to know more
about Russia and Ukraine and other former parts of the SU - and I also
would like to find someone to exhange stamps with.  My interests are also
computers, I have a colection of more than 400 old ones, among these very
old IBM machines - but I would like to know something about Russian
computers - mean: computers built in Russia and SU areas (former East
Germany).  Hope someone would like to respond, and wish you all the very

** 06 **********************************************************************

Sender:  solid@ftcenter
Subject: from Anna

Hello!My name is Anna.  I start to stady English.  Help me, please!  About
me: I am 20 year olsd.  I am a student.  I live in Moscow.  Bye...


Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

** 01 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Tamara Kieffer (irex@irex.org)
Subject: IREX International Coop/Intern


IREX, a leader in international education and training seeks a cooperative
education student or intern to act as administrative assistant to NIS
Exchanges Division Chief.  Duties will include assisting with
administrative management of the division.  Requirements: knowledge of and
interest in the former Soviet region; strong computer skills (MS Word,
Excel, PowerPoint, Internet); knowledge of NIS language preferred; and
minimum four month commitment.  A monthly stipend will be provided and the
candidate may be considered for a regular staff position at the close of
the coop/internship.  The position is full-time, however, there may be some
flexibility in scheduling in order to allow candidate to attend classes.
For more information on IREX, visit our website at www.irex.org.  Send
resume and cover letter to: IREX, HR/JW/Coop, 1616 H. St., NW, Washington,
DC 20006, FAX: 202-628-8189, E-mail: www.irex@irex.org.  No Phone Calls.

** 02 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Mary Mayer (meadow@dircon.co.uk)
Subject: Dyslexia / Russian children

 Can anyone tell me if there is a problem that we call "Dyslexia" for
Russian children.  Has anyone done any work on this? Do they identify slow
readers and what form of remedial treatment do they undertake.  If any
Russian teachers are able to respond to this query I would be delighted to
hear from them. I know Russian but my computer can only read on the net and
not in Eurora and it not write it (it's dyslexic poor thing) so I am afraid
any replies in Russian will have to be in transliteration. With thanks Mary.

** 03 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Waterwalls Waterwalls" (waterwalls@mailexcite.com)
Subject: WATERWALLS Russian NYC-based band

my name is Igor and I'm with WATERWALLS,
a russian NYC based band that that's going to
 be coming out to Chicago for a show with
legendary Moscow band Krematory at Park West
on September 18TH and NYC on 20th.  If anybody is
interested in helping us arrange an on-campus
show at your university or a gig in your area that would be great!
We are availabale for any kind of rock&roll
activity. If you are intrested we'll be glad
 to send you our promotional material(CD's, tapes
posters, photos)
Our web-site
(audio files, bio , photos and more)
P.S we'll be playing with Boris Grebenshikov in NYC on August 14

Free web-based email, Forever, From anywhere!

** 04 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "284th BSB S3 NCOIC, SFC B. Seliger"
Subject: Boy Scouts

Dear Sirs:

I am in the United States Boy Scouts, I am a Life Scout working on my Eagle
Scout.  In order to make it to this level I must do a service project.  The
project I have selected is to collect old and / or unwanted clothes for an
orphanage in Russia.

I have already started this project and have collected several pounds of
clothes.  All I need now is an address to send them.  Can you help?  Do you
know if the Red Cross can help with the mailing.  I really hope to collect
a bunch and I am looking for the most cost effective way to send them.

Any help would be appreciated.

Kenny Seliger

My Dad's e-mail is BLCSeliger@aol.com   or Bseliger@hotmail.com

My Address is

Kenny Seliger
CMR  452  BOX  381
APO  AE  09045
( We are in Germany)

** 05 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Bob Broedel (broedel@ray.met.fsu.edu)

Russian Pins.

The inexpensive kind that Russian children collected and traded during
the Soviet period are the kind I am interested in purchasing.

Some commemorate cities, organizations, their space program, hobbies,
anniversaries, holidays, famous people, peace, etc.

I am not particularly interested in military badges or the others
that people had to earn.

If you have any of these available for sale please send me a listing
with prices.

Sincerely, Bob Broedel

=======================               ==========================
Bob Broedel, Engineer                 =    Strike Out ALS !    =
Meteorology / 404 Love Building       = (Lou Gehrig's Disease) =
FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY              = List Owner:            =
Tallahassee, Florida 32306-4520  USA  = ALS INTEREST GROUP     =
TEL: 850-644-6840 (work, answering machine), 850-576-4906 (home)
FAX: 850-644-9642 ATTN:BROEDEL      E-mail: bro@huey.met.fsu.edu
TELEX (AT&T EasyLink): 5106014520 (TALLY-KRAS FL)
24 hour active radio-telephone (hand-held cellular) 850-556-4286

** 06 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Serge Melle" (Serge.Melle.smelle@nt.com)
Subject: Request for Information


My name is Serge Melle from Montreal, Quebec.  I am sending this message
in the hope that it will be distributed and someone will be able to help

I am looking for a bronze bust of Iouri Gagarine.  Please formward this
message to anyone whom you think may be able to help me obtain this

I can be contacted by e-mail at the following address: smelle@nortel.com

Thank you,

Serge Melle

** 07 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Longstar" (longstar@blrg.tds.net)
Subject: Need a little help, please

I am compiling information about the "Eastern European Mindse in and
around Revolutions."  I would appreciate any leads on how I might find
the most current writings.  Specifically I am interested in how the
"mindset" might play into the various countries' efforts to create more
bridges between universities and the private sector, particularly
through what we known in the U.S. as university departments of
continuing education.

Thank you for your help.

Sarah Anne Shope, Instructor
Kennsaw State University Continuing Education

** 08 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Jason Lamont" (webbug@hotmail.com)
Subject: Privet

Privet.  Menya zavoot Bug.  Kak dela?  I am looking for any help or
suggestions someone can give.  I met a Russian girl in Japan that I am
trying to get to come to America.  I am trying to get a hold of a girl I
know if Volgograd.  Is there any way I can expain to her where to go in
a letter so that she can find a public access computer to log on to and
email me?  In america we have internet cafe's where people can borrow
computer time.  Is this tozhe in Russia?  Also, I am trying to plan a
trip out to Volgograd very soon, but I can't locate a cheap hotel that
can provide me the "invitation" that I need for my visa.  Is there
anybody there that could point me in the right direction??

Bolshoy Spaseeba,

** 09 **********************************************************************

Sender:  michael stone (miketaddy@mindspring.com)
Subject: e-mail from programmer @kira.belgorod.mmtel.ru

i'm trying to contact nick mozzak at this e-mail,but it was returned. I
will send the mail to you, and hopefully, you can forward it.

** 10 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Nick Smith" (skol@mail.wplus.net)
Subject: Hi

Me call Nikolay
I have firm on sale of computers.
Unfortunately I do not own the English language (I use electronic
By the interpreter)
To me 32 years.
If someone wants To work in joint business I shall be glad.
Write me by mail skol@mail.wplus.net or on
To telephone (812) 567-7931

** 11 **********************************************************************

Sender:  povfc@compuserve.com
Subject: Russian studies

          Name: Mitchell Rosenbaum
 Email-address: povfc@compuserve.com

 I am trying to put together a list of universities, colleges, and other
 places of study that offer Russian studies of any kind.  (language,
 history, etc..)  Can you point me in the right direction?  -Thanks

** 12 **********************************************************************

Sender:  regent@idt.net
Subject: equity trading job

Our New York based day-trading company is looking for college graduates
to trade equities on NASDAQ and New York stock exchange.
For more information please call Dmitry
at 718 779 0579 or
send e-mail at regent@idt.com

** 13 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Serguei A Oushakine" (G96Ous72@STUDENT.CEU.HU)
Subject: PR Professional for USAID Market Education Project

I have today received an employment-related request from a   col-
league at the Education Development Center (EDC) in Newton,   MA.
He  is organizing a proposal to be submitted to the  U.S.  Agency
for  International Development (USAID) mission in Kiev,  Ukraine.
The  funding  program is entitled "Public  Education  Program  in
Ukraine." EDC is seeking an American PR professional to serve  as
Chief of Party if EDC is awarded the contract. Perhaps some  list
members  will have a direct interest in the program, or  know  of
interested/qualified  colleagues.  Below  I  have  forwarded  the
essence  of the note I received. Please direct your inquiries  to
the contact noted in the announcement.
  PR Professional for USAID Market Education Project in Ukraine
As  you know, USAID/Ukraine is planning to follow up its   Market
Reform  Education Project with a smaller scale "Public  Education
Program  in  Ukraine" that is intended to  provide  guidance  and
training  to Ukrainian organizations in  public  awareness/public
relations/social  marketing/use  of media in  fields  related  to
business and private ownership of property.

I  was  wondering  if you might know of a  talented  American  PR
person, preferably with Eastern European experience, who might be
interested in working on this project. This person would be based
in  Kiev for up to three years and would have responsibility  for
directing  and managing the project with a modest staff, most  of
whom  would already be in place. (up to 19 people  FTE).   Salary
would  be  based on experience, with a maximum of  $118,400  plus
benefits and housing.  U.S. citizenship or permanent resident, or
citizen  of Ukraine.  NOTE:  Deadline for consideration  is  this
coming Monday, August 3.

All good wishes,

                            Ed Allan
                  Education Development Center
                        55 Chapel Street
                     Newton,  MA 02458-1060
                Tel: (617) 618-2619 (direct line)
                  Tel: (617) 969-7100 ext. 2619
                       Fax: (617) 332-6405
                     E-mail: EdAllan@edc.org
                    Web: http://www.edc.org/

Serguei A Oushakine
Program on Gender & Culture
Central European University
Nador u.9, Budapest
1051-H, Hungary

** 14 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Serguei A Oushakine" (G96Ous72@STUDENT.CEU.HU)
Subject: United Nations Employment Opportunities

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 09:42:07 EDT
From: "Dennis McConnell, Maine Business School" <Mac@Maine.edu>

             United Nations Employment Opportunities
The  25  July issue of The Economist presents an  employment  an-
nouncement which may be of interest to some members of our list.

The  United Nations (UN) has announced that it is seeking  quali-
fied individuals from Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova,  Slovenia,
Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Individuals from other countries are
also sought, but the countries I have identified are  represented
on our CEEMAN-L list.

Below  I have presented an abbreviated version of  the  announce-
ment. More complete information is available on the UN website:

The address: http://www.un.org/Depts/OHRM/examin/exam.htm

I  have  confirmed the address. Please note that  such  addresses
tend to be case sensitive.

Since  you now know everything that I know about  the  opportuni-
ties, please direct inquiries to the United Nations.
The  United Nations is seeking highly qualified  individuals  for
employment  at United Nations offices. For this purpose,  a  com-
petitive  examination  will be held in 1999  for  recruitment  of
junior  professionals  (P-1/P-2) in  the  following  occupational

* Administration
* Economics
* Electronic Data Processing
* Environment/Science & Technology
* Finance
* Legal Affairs
* Library
* Political Affairs
* Public Information
* Social Affairs
* Statistics

Candidates  for  the 1999 P-1/P-2 level  competitive  examination
must not be older than 32 on 31 December 1999 and hold at least a
first  level university degree in a relevant field.  English  and
French are the two working languages of the Secretariat.  Fluency
in one is required.  A good knowledge of the other is desirable.

To receive full consideration, applications should be  postmarked
or  received by 21 September 1998.  Applications should  be  sent

                   Examinations & Test Section
                          Room S-2590 A
                         United Nations
                       New York, NY 10017
                       Fax: 1-212-963-3683

Application  forms  are available at UN regional offices  or  the
above address.

All relevant information on the upcoming 1999 competitive  exami-
nation as well as the 1999 application form are also available at
the UN website (noted above).

Serguei A Oushakine
Program on Gender & Culture
Central European University
Nador u.9, Budapest
1051-H, Hungary

** 15 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Smiley142@aol.com
Subject: writing Russian using non-cyrillic fonts

          Name: Wallace Edwards
 Email-address: Smiley142@aol.com

 to speak russian using non- cyrillic fonts do you type it phonetically 
 (sevodnya pogoda horosho) or do you need special software or just a 
 diagram of the Cyrillic keyboard?

** 16 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Applied Information Technologies, Inc." (callback@erols.com)
Subject: International phone calling

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** 17 **********************************************************************

Sender:  NetLearn Languages (Enquiries@nll.co.uk)


with <http://www.nll.co.uk > NetLearn Languages 

It is now possible to receive language tuition via the Internet from a
teacher using a PC or Mac. This allows people to learn quickly and
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We teach a wide range of languages (including English as a foreign/second
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takes place in small groups or on a one-to-one basis and is done live
on-line with our native-speaker teachers, who are all highly qualified and

We use video, sound (including full, two-way speech), textand a
"whiteboard" facility, as well as a wide range of teaching materials,
making this as close to real classroom teaching as possible.

It is an extremely effective, convenient and
flexible method for improving language skills.

As well as language for General Purposes, we offer a number of other
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Language for Business
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..and many more

Additional benefits & services:

Courses & lessons are designed specifically for each individual or group,
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In-person teaching available anywhere in the world, whether or not in
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Regular assessment and reporting of progress.
Strategic planning of a company's language training implementation.
"Hand holding" service, on line or in person, for people visiting a foreign
country for business or other purposes.

Visit our website ( http://www.nll.co.uk ) for further information and, if 
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Mark Haverstock  Mark@nll.co.uk
Managing Director
NetLearn Languages Ltd

Address: Roman House, 9/10 College Terrace, London, E3 5AN, UK
Tel: +44(0)181 981 1333 -- Fax: +44(0)181 981 7333

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