Digest for July 06, 1998

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01-06 July 98  Sender:  beachballer@hotmail.com
               Subject: from Ulla

02-06 July 98  Sender:  evondra@usaor.net
               Subject: from Eric

03-06 July 98  Sender:  sekretar@Law.tu-chel.ac.ru
               Subject: from Vasiljeva Galina

04-06 July 98  Sender:  royo@ozemail.com.au
               Subject: from Roy

05-06 July 98  Sender:  dvanderven@hotmail.com
               Subject: from David van der Ven


01-06 July 98  Sender:  MJProds@aol.com
               Subject: Help finding someone in russia

02-06 July 98  Sender:  "Paul Richardson" (paul@rispubs.com)
               Subject: Russian Life

03-06 July 98  Sender:  gcole@solar.rtd.utk.edu
               Subject: IREX--Individual Advanced Research
Opportunities--Central and Eastern Europe, Eurasia, and Mongolia

04-06 July 98  Sender:  Kate Pickering (pickerng@i2k.com)
               Subject: Seeking grant for research project in St. Petersburg

05-06 July 98  Sender:  YANKI PURSUN (puersuen@stud.uni-frankfurt.de)
               Subject: Anastasia Belova fron St. Peterburg

06-06 July 98  Sender:  Brian Custer (scooby@jps.net)
               Subject: Debate Team Research-Russia

07-06 July 98  Sender:  "Bruce Etling" (betling@irex.org)
               Subject: SPAN Round III RFP: Part One

08-06 July 98  Sender:  "Center for Communications, Health, and the
               Subject: The Global Health and Environmental Bulletin

09-06 July 98  Sender:  "F F" (freedom_fire@hotmail.com)
               Subject: Pen Pals

10-06 July 98  Sender:  Judy Nettles (sgchumr@hargray.com)
               Subject: Russian Software

11-06 July 98  Sender:  mozak@lycosmail.com
               Subject: Welcome, friends! Family Roots.

12-06 July 98  Sender:  Samsonoff Vittorio (samson@nosu.ru)
               Subject: Information

13-06 July 98  Sender:  Boyd Crow (mr_cat@dnai.com)
               Subject: Info ? Bicycle Tour Silk Road Central Asia Republics

14-06 July 98  Sender:  Center for Civil Society International
               Subject: Job: USIS Moscow

15-06 July 98  Sender:  George (gz@firstnethou.com)
               Subject: E-mail to Russia?

16-06 July 98  Sender:  "J. Marlow Schmauder" (mschmauder@irex.org)
               Subject: IREX seeks Russian Federation Partnerships

17-06 July 98  Sender:  KathrynW@checkind.com
               Subject: St  Petersburg International Hostel

18-06 July 98  Sender:  "chcloux" (chcloux@vtx.ch)
               Subject: Mail

19-06 July 98  Sender:  LVerv45200@aol.com
               Subject: Traslation

20-06 July 98  Sender:  PROCUREMENT SERVICE (agr@skyinet.net)
               Subject: Administrative division of Russia

21-06 July 98  Sender:  "steven gomes" (venmes@hotmail.com)
               Subject: Hi This is Steven from Dubai

APPENDIX:        LISTSERV address & basic procedures



** 01 **********************************************************************

Sender:  beachballer@hotmail.com
Subject: from Ulla

Helloo Everybody!!!
  I'm 15 years old Finnish girl. I'd like to know just you!!
 I like to play volleyball, to sport and just hanging around
 with my friends. Then I also have some weird hobbiies,
 but I'm not gonna tell about them just to anyone!!! Anyway,
 please write me as soon as you can!!! I'm waiting your mail
with big interest.. This message won't get older...

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Sender:  evondra@usaor.net
Subject: from Eric

Hi everyone!  I am 37 and live in Pennsylvania, USA. I studied Soviet
history in college, but unfortunately have forgotten nearly everything.  I
am interested in hearing from anyone in Russia, other countries in CIS (or
elsewhere) who is interested in amateur astronomy (telescopes, night sky
stargazing, etc.)-- NOT Astrology (nyet, nyet, nyet!).  I will have to
write in English.  I have just started learning some Russian, but it will
be a while before I can even put meaningful sentences together.  You don't
need to be an expert--I'd just like to compare notes and get to know people
with same interests from far away.  My heritage is Czech, but I can't speak
that either.  Shameful, isn't it?  Eric

** 03 **********************************************************************

Sender:  sekretar@Law.tu-chel.ac.ru
Subject: from Vasiljeva Galina

I`m 41.I live in Chelyabinsk.  I have a great desire to visit USA, but I
have no money.  I want to learn English Language, but I have no practice.
I want to have a pen-friend in USA. Is it a problem?  Please, write me!

** 04 **********************************************************************

Sender:  royo@ozemail.com.au
Subject: from Roy

I will help you with your English, if you will help me with my
Russian. I am 73 years old, live in Australia, and was born in London.
Please communicate.

** 05 **********************************************************************

Sender:  dvanderven@hotmail.com
Subject: from David van der Ven

The F&P pages are really awesome.  I think it is a great way of bringing
both countries together.  I am currently an exchange student in the US but
returning soon to my home country Germany.  The 11 months I spent here in
New York were great.

By the way: If you are interested in the international cooperation in space
you should visit my homepage under



Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

** 01 **********************************************************************

Sender:  MJProds@aol.com
Subject: Help finding someone in russia

Hello my name is John Mooring. My inlaws have adopted a little girl from Tula.

She now has the desire to get intouch with her brother still there. can
someone give us a hand??

 He is located in  keraevsk, his name is alexi  datlov

We have an address.  We need a phone number.  Please let us know if you can
help.  I can have my sister-in-law write the address in Russian if that will
help. Thank-You!

** 02 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Paul Richardson" (paul@rispubs.com)
Subject: Russian Life

Attention Russophiles the world over:

The coming issue of Russian Life will have an incredible line up of

* The 170th birthday of Lev Tolstoy, with some amazing pictures of
Yasnaya Polyana
* The strange musical journey of Boris Grebenshchikov
* Moscow's Youth Olympics
* Burying the Romanovs
* 30th anniversary of the invasion of Prague -- some new revelations
worthy of John LeCarre
* How not to make Ptichy moloko
* Literary allusions (Survival Russian)
and of course much more in our regular departments!

Subscribe now and be entered in our fall drawing for a FREE round
trip flight to Russia on Lufthansa!

Just hop over to our site, fill in the form and you're off. Or
send an email to  ( sales@rispubs.com ) Send no money! We'll bill you.

And get this! We have reduced our international subscription rates
effective immediately. Subscribe in the US for just $29, and anywhere
else in the world for just $34! (major credit cards accepted, of


Paul Richardson
Russian Life
89 Main St., Ste 2, Montpelier, VT 05602
ph. 802-223-4955 * fax 802-223-6105
To subscribe: sales@rispubs.com

** 03 **********************************************************************

Sender:  gcole@solar.rtd.utk.edu
Subject: IREX--Individual Advanced Research Opportunities--Central and
Eastern Europe, Eurasia, and Mongolia

IREX--Individual Advanced Research Opportunities--Central and Eastern
Europe, Eurasia, and Mongolia

SPONSOR: International Research & Exchanges Board

SYNOPSIS: The sponsor provides research placement and access for pre- and
post-doctoral scholars at institutions in all countries in Central and
Eastern Europe, Eurasia, and Mongolia for periods of one to three months or
three to twelve months.  Applications are accepted in all disciplines, with
emphasis on the humanities and social sciences.

DEADLINES:  1998-11-01

OBJECTIVES: The sponsor supports research placement and access for pre- and
post-doctoral scholars at institutions in all countries in Central and
Eastern Europe, Eurasia, and Mongolia, including: Albania, Bosnia
Hercegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Federal
Republic of Yugoslavia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland,
Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia,
Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russian Federation, Tajikistan,
Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.  Applications are accepted in all
disciplines, with emphasis on the humanities and social sciences.

RESTRICTIONS: Eligible applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent
residents with a command of the language sufficient for research in the
host country.  Applicants are required to have a full-time affiliation with
a college or university and to be faculty members or doctoral candidates
who will have completed all requirements for the Ph.D. except the
dissertation by the time of participation.  Independent scholars or
recipients of professional degrees (M.L.S., M.F.A., etc.)  may also
qualify.  Grants are awarded for periods of one to three months or three to
twelve months.  Grant provisions may vary slightly by country but generally
include round-trip airfare and visa fees; dollar stipend (graduate students
receive a monthly allowance; salaried participants receive a stipend in
lieu of salary based on their academic salary); stipend for host country
room and board; local research allowance; excess baggage allowance; and
support for accompanying family.  Applicants who need additional language
preparation may request that a portion of the research period be spent in
on-site language study.  Applicants in modern foreign language and area
studies are encouraged to apply simultaneously for Department of Education
Fulbright-Hays grants.

MONETARY: Grants awarded for 1998-1999 are: Central and Eastern Europe-24,
Eurasia-30, and Asia-2.

CONTACT INFO: 1616 H Street, N.W.; Washington, DC 20006

Telephone:  202-628-8188; FAX:  202-628-8189; Email Address:  irex@irex.org

** 04 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Kate Pickering (pickerng@i2k.com)
Subject: Seeking grant for research project in St. Petersburg

Hi all -

I am a recent graduate of the University of Chicago with a BA in Russian
Civilization, and I'm planning to spend the next year in St. Petersburg,
Russia on an independent research project, preparatory to a Ph.D.
program in Imperial Russian History.

The purpose of my project is to research the early years of the
Alexander Palace in Tsarskoe Selo (near St. Petersburg) in conjunction
with the efforts of the Alexander Palace Association. The APA is a
Russian-American effort to restore the Alexander Palace to its
pre-Soviet condition and to then adapt the building for use as a
world-class museum offering extensive research centers and educational
resources. The restoration itself is currently funded in part by the
World Monuments Fund, but this grant does not cover the scholarly
background work required to make the restoration as historically
accurate as possible.

Thus far, I have had great difficulty matching my little project with
grant-making organizations. However, the project is exciting enough and
my budget small enough (I am seeking approx. $3000 for a nine-month
archival project) that I think there must be a source of funding out
there somewhere! I have tried some of the basic large foundations, and
also confirmed that there are still no post-BA Fulbrights to Russia, and
that my dear old alma mater makes me ineligible for a Watson. Does
anyone know of any other funding possibilities?

Thanks muchly!

Kate Pickering

Resume: http://snafu.mit.edu/people/kate/resume.html
BA essay on the upbringing of Catherine the Great's grandsons:

** 05 **********************************************************************

Sender:  YANKI PURSUN (puersuen@stud.uni-frankfurt.de)
Subject: Anastasia Belova fron St. Peterburg


My grandmo is looking for her girlfriend.

She, Anastasia (Nastiya) Belova was born 1925 and came 1942 to Bashkiria
from St. Peterburg. She lived until the summer of 1944 in our village
with her two mothers and her daughter. She worked in the kolhoz. Our
village is Bacik, also known as Bazikova and Burunovka.

How to find her? Who can help?

Thanks and bye,

** 06 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Brian Custer (scooby@jps.net)
Subject: Debate Team Research-Russia

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Brian Custer and I am a Senior at Valencia High School in
Valencia, California. I am a member of the Valencia Debate Team and this
years topic relates to American foreign policy as it relates to The Russian
Federation. I am writing today to request any information that could start
me and my teammates on the road to a well informed case in this years
tournaments. Numbers and citeable facts are especially important. I thank
you for your time and your help.

Brian Custer
VHS Class of '98
19914 Terri Dr.
Santa Clarita, CA  91351-4818
(805) 298-7223

** 07 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Bruce Etling" (betling@irex.org)
Subject: SPAN Round III RFP: Part One

My apologies to those of you receiving multiple copies
of this RFP.

The full text of this RFP is split into two different e-mail messages.  If
you are in Russia and would like more information on the SPAN program,
please contact Mrs.  Natasha Savicheva at " natalya@part.irex.ru ".  If you
are in the US and would like more information, contact Mr.  Eugene
Shekhtman at " eshekhtman@irex.org ".  This RFP can also be found on the SPAN
homepage  http://www.irex.org/span .

Begin Part One

International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX)
United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
Announce Round III of a Grants Competition

Sustaining Partnerships into the Next Century (SPAN)

Date Issued:    June 29, 1998
Closing Date:   August 28, 1998
Closing Time:   6 PM (Moscow time)
This announcement can also be found at http://www.irex.org/span
Subject:                Request for Proposals

I.  Summary

IREX and USAID are pleased to announce Round III of a grants competition in
support of strengthening existing partnerships between US and Russian
organizations as part of the Sustaining Partnerships into the Next Century
(SPAN) program.

In this competition, three rounds of funding are planned during the
30-month project; two have already been completed.

Under Round III, applicants may request up to $140,000 in USAID funding for
projects at least six months and no more than 21 months long.  Due to the
highly competitive nature of this RFP, and in order to increase the number
of grants, preference will be given to those applications that request less
than the maximum funding amounts.  For Round III, special consideration
will be given to proposals under $100,000.  In order to ensure that there
is a strong commitment to partnership activities and to increase the
likelihood of sustainability, successful applicants must provide a minimum
in matching contributions of 25% of USAID funding.  However, applicants are
strongly urged to offer well-documented match commitments up to 50% and
beyond.  Additional consideration will be given to applicants that do so.

A total number of 25 grants are expected to be awarded throughout the SPAN
project, approximately five of which will be awarded under the final Round
III competition.

The deadline for Round III submissions is 6 PM (Moscow time) August 28,
1998.  Please note that proposals will be accepted at the IREX/SPAN office
in Moscow only.  Proposals that are submitted late or are incomplete may
not be considered in the review process.  Successful applicants will be
expected to begin their projects in November 1998, and all projects must be
completed by July 31, 2000.


The United States Information Agency (USIA) announced a request for
proposals in November 1997 intended exclusively for university and college
partnerships throughout the NIS-the NIS College and University Partnership
Program-in the following academic fields: law, business/economics,
education, public administration/public policy, and

In order to effectively distribute assistance funding and avoid duplication
of your efforts, we ask that American universities and colleges interested
in partnerships in the above fields apply for funding under the USIA

The full request for proposals (RFP) is printed in the Federal Register
dated November 20, 1997.  The RFP can also be downloaded from the following
URL: http://www.usia.gov/education/rfps/menu.htm.  Any questions regarding
the NISCUPP program should be directed to:

USIA Program Officer Jonathan Cebra:
Phone: (202) 619-4126
Fax: (202) 401-1433
E-mail: jcebra@usia.gov

Russian and American University partnerships interested in other fields,
and all other relevant partnerships, should apply to the SPAN program
administered by IREX and USAID. USIA and USAID missions will jointly review
proposals from universities and colleges.  We hope this clarification will
help as you apply for these programs.

II.  SPAN Goals

The goal of the SPAN project is to support, deepen, and expand partnerships
between US and Russian organizations and institutions within key strategic
sectors of the USAID program in Russia.  The eight target sectors are:
Civil Society, Rule of Law, Tax Reform, Finance, Business Development,
Energy, Environment, and Health.  Applicants must clearly state in their
proposals the target sector(s) under which they are applying for SPAN

The SPAN program will fund small, targeted, and innovative activities that
can best contribute to the achievement of one or more of the following
USAID/Russia Strategic Objectives:

+ Tax system reformed to correspond to a de-centralized market
+ Accelerated development and growth of private enterprises;
+ A robust and market-supportive financial sector;
+ Increased, better-informed citizens' participation in political and
        economic decision making;
+ Legal system that better supports democratic processes and market
+ Improved effectiveness of selected social benefits and
        services; and
+ Increased capacity to deal with environmental
        pollution as a threat to public health.

Since the SPAN objective is not unilateral technical assistance to Russia,
but support for mutually beneficial and existing relations between US and
Russian organizations, the partners must present a joint project which
would lead to the strengthening of existing cooperative activities in order
to be eligible for funding.  The proposal must demonstrate how these
activities will benefit both the US and the Russian organizations.

III.  Eligibility

US and Russian institutions and organizations, which can demonstrate that
they have a successful existing partnership in the target sectors specified
above, whether previously funded by USAID, other donors, or local
resources, are encouraged to apply.  It is important to note that prior
USAID funding is not a prerequisite for applying.  Project funds may not be
used for profit making activities or commercial gain.  Government
employees, including healthcare administrators and hospital personnel, are
not eligible to receive salaries under SPAN.

Only one organization may serve as the actual grant recipient on behalf of
the partnership.  The grant may be awarded to either the Russian or the US
partner, and partners should identify on the cover page of their proposals
who the grant recipient will be by designating that partner as the Lead

Representatives from each selected partnership will be required to take
part in an IREX-sponsored conference in Russia within two months following
funding approval.  These representatives will include the project director
and financial officer from the lead partner and the project director from
each supporting partnership institution.  IREX will cover travel and
conference participation costs, and therefore these should not be included
in the cost proposal.

IV. Proposal Outline and Selection Criteria

Applicants should submit separate program and cost proposals in English and
Russian.  The program proposal is restricted to a cover sheet, a two (2)
page Executive Summary, and twelve (12) pages of text, excluding
attachments.  Cost proposals may vary in length and are not counted towards
the total number of allowable submission pages.  Attachments are limited to
a total of fifteen (15) pages, not counting personnel resumes or
organizational charters.

The proposal will be reviewed by an IREX technical review panel and by
USAID, using the point system indicated in the proposal outline below.  The
total number of possible points for the program and cost proposals is 150.
Proposals that are submitted late or are incomplete may not be considered
in the review process.

Proposal Outline

A.  Cover Sheet

+ Name and contact information (address, telephone, fax number, and e-mail,
plus name and title of primary contact person) for all expected partnership
institutions, including specific department/division, as appropriate.
Applicants must also provide bank account coordinates for transferring or
wiring project funds.  Please refer to the sample cover sheet available on
the SPAN Web Page at http://irex.org/span.

+ USAID and IREX insist that all program and cost proposals be developed
jointly by the US and Russian partners.  The following statement, in
English and Russian, must be included on all proposal cover sheets:

The attached program and cost proposals were jointly developed and have
been closely reviewed by the staff of [name of Russian and US 
institutions].  As signatories for these institutions we are in full
agreement on all aspects of these proposals, including the proposed
activities, outcomes, timeline, and budget as described herein.

The legal administrator of each of the partner organizations listed in the
proposal must sign this statement.  No proposal will be reviewed without
this accompanying statement.  IREX staff may be in contact with all project
finalists to verify that both partners have indeed played an equal role in
developing program and cost proposals.

 B.  Program Proposal

 1.  Executive Summary

 2.  Partnership Track Record and Institutional Capability (15 points)

+ Provide a brief description of the partnership institutions to be
involved in this project and their existing relationship with one another.
This should be supported by documentation providing proof of the legal
registration status of all institutions, included as an attachment to the
proposal.  This documentation will not count towards the attachment limit
of 15 pages, and only one copy is required.

+Describe what mechanisms exist in your current relationship that
contribute to equality and transparency in management.  Include information
on which modes of communication (phone, fax, Internet) your partnership
currently employs and how often.

 3.  Goal and Objectives (15 points)

+ Describe the overall goal of your project and key project objectives that
will help reach that goal.  Discuss how the project relates to USAID's
Strategic Objectives described under Section II of this RFP.

+Describe how this project builds on previous work done by your
partnership.  + Discuss how this project will complement other similar
projects working in your sector, without duplicating past or present

 4.  Proposed Activities (15 points)

+ Describe the proposed activities and discuss how they will help
meet your goal and objectives.

+ Discuss any possible constraints you anticipate in completing these

 5.  Plans for Sustainability (15 points)

+ Discuss how the activities mentioned under this project will contribute
to your partnership's sustainability.  When major elements-like the opening
of a new center or other activities that will require substantial
post-grant financing-are proposed, a solid and persuasive business plan
must be provided as an attachment to the proposal.  The business plan will
not count towards the attachment limit of 15 pages.

+ Discuss how this project will permit your institutional partnership to be
sustained into the next century.

+Where local or federal US or Russian government support for activities is
expected, partners should request and attach to their proposal a letter of
support from the relevant agency.

 6.  Self-Evaluation (10 points)

+ Describe how you will evaluate the success of your project based on your
goals and objectives and how you will demonstrate visible results with
relation to USAID's Strategic Objectives.

+ State the expectedresults and benefits of your proposed project to both
the US and Russian partners, and describe how you will document them.

IREX also plans to carry out an evaluation of each partnership's progress
during the early stages of each project.  Evaluation of projects less than
one year in duration will begin at the projects' mid-way point.

 7.  Personnel Qualifications (5 points)

+ Describe how the overall project will be managed.  Include details on the
qualifications of the key individuals responsible for managing the program
and indicate the amount of time each will devote to the project.  At least
one staff member on both the Russian and the American sides of the
partnership should be bilingual and have experience working in and with
both cultures.

+ Attach resumes (no more than three pages each) for project principals and
consultants as appropriate.  The resumes will not count towards the
attachment limit of 15 pages.

 8.  Work Plan (25 points)

+ All projects must submit with their proposals a monthly activity work
plan for implementation of the project.  The work plan as a whole must
demonstrate how the partnership will achieve the proposed goal and
objectives by the end of the grant period.  Please include timing for all
travel, training, and other activities.


(NOTE:  PART TWO will be posted in next digest)

** 08 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Center for Communications, Health, and the Environment"
Subject: The Global Health and Environmental Bulletin

Dear Colleague,

As you are aware, the Center for Communications, Health and the Environment
(CECHE) currently produces two electronic bulletins, The Global Health
Promotion Bulletin and the Environmental Cooperation Bulletin.  In response
to readers' comments and increasing demand for more information, we have
decided to combine the two into one and call it "The Global Health and
Environmental Bulletin".

We invite you to submit information regarding new developments,  current
events, activities, or projects related to health and environmental issues
that you would like to have included in the July issue.  As with each of the
previous bulletins, we will not be publishing articles or reports in their
entirety, rather summarizing them in order to  include as many as possible.
Although we cannot assure that all submissions will be included due to space
constraints, we encourage you to send what you feel is relevant to the
topics of health and the environment.  This information will be disseminated
globally in order to reach as many people as possible.  Please email us your
reports/information at  ceche@igc.org , or fax us at (202)-965-5996 by
Monday, July 6th, in order to expedite the release of the next issue.

We are also asking that you send email addresses of colleagues whom you feel
would benefit from receiving this bulletin.  We would be happy to add them
to our mailing list.

Thank you for your time.  We look forward to your contributions.

Stephanie Adrian
Program Officer
Center for Communications, Health and the Environment
3333 K Street, NW Suite 110
Washington, D.C. 20007
Phone: (202) 965-5990

** 09 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "F F" (freedom_fire@hotmail.com)
Subject: Pen Pals

Hi, My name is Juliet.  I want to be friends with everyone.  If you
don't live in the U.S.A, then please write me.  I want to hear from
anyone outside of the U.S.A.  I am 22 and a college student.  I want to
be either keypals or penpals.  Please email
me...freedom_fire@hotmail.com Thanks. =8-)

** 10 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Judy Nettles (sgchumr@hargray.com)
Subject: Russian Software

Hello. My name is Beth Palmer and I will be taking Elementary Russian in
the fall. I was wondering if you could recommend software that would
assist me in my learning. Thanks for your time,


** 11 **********************************************************************

Sender:  mozak@lycosmail.com
Subject: Welcome, friends! Family Roots.

Hello from Belgorod (Central Russia).  Everyboby, who want to know more
about Russia, its History, traditions and establish connection (or business
connections) with Russia, please, visit our site
http://www.geocities.com/Eureka/Concourse/8659/.  And one more thing.  For
a long time I'm seeking for my far relatives.  The name of my grandfather
was Nickolay Petrovich Mozak (Mazak, Matsak).  In the beginning of the
century he lived in the Ukraine near Poltava.  He was killed during the
World War II in December 1941.  But, just after 1917 his 6 brothers and the
main part of relatives removed to Canada and USA. The last name may be
changed in some ways, such as Mozak, Motsak, Mazak, Matsak, Mazuk, Matsuk.
Maybe, someboby will be able to help me.  Thank you, and all friends are
welcome!  Nick Mozak.  e-mail: mozak@lycosmail.com

** 12 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Samsonoff Vittorio (samson@nosu.ru)
Subject: Information

An original and actual program of lectures worked out by a talented and
sophisticated researcher of Literature, teacher- lecturer- Dr. Popova
Elena on ìSpiritual Values of Russian Literature of 19th- 20th
Centuryîis offered for foreign students who study Russian Literature.
Non- traditional value approach proposed by the author has a philosophic
orientation and will allow students get the notion of HIGHER VALUES of
Russian culture, Russian people and modern Russia.
Through the creative work of great Russian poets and writers (Pushkin,
Gogol, Dostoevsky etc.) the author makes an attempt to reveal the
mystery of Russian Soul, realize Russian Idea.
Approximate quantity of lectures- 50-60.
The lectures will be presented in Russian with the synchronic
interpretation in English.
Assistant interpreter- a daughter of Dr. Elena Popova Miss Vlada Popova-
a highly experienced specialist.
If any institution of higher education is interested in these course of
lectures, please, come in contact with Victor Samsonov -
coordinator of International Department  ( North Ossetian State
University, Vladikavkaz, Russia) via e-mail samson@nosu.ru or

** 13 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Boyd Crow (mr_cat@dnai.com)
Subject: Info ? Bicycle Tour Silk Road Central Asia Republics

To Whom It May Concern:

I am planning a long distance bicycle tour on the Silk Road from Shanghai
to Istanbul.  I hope to include your country as part of this tour.  If I
get official permission the tour will take about 5 or 6 weeks in the summer
through the countries of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and

>From Kashgar, China I hope to enter the Kyrgyzstan border through the
Torugart Pass and ride through Tajikistan on the most direct route to
Uzbekistan, then ride through Samarkand and Buchara cross the border into
Turkmenistan, then ride through Mary, Ashghabat then cross the border into

I am seeking visa support or sponsorship by invitation from some individual
or organization as is required by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your
country.  I am also seeking travel advice, homes to stay in or safe
campgrounds in areas where there are no hotels nearby.  I am also seeking
information on altitudes, distances, what roads are the safest to take & if
it is recommended that I take a train or bus in regions that may be

If you can offer any help or suggestions in this regard, please feel free
to write back to me, Joseph A. Cimo email- mr_cat@dnai.com or write to me

Joseph A. Cimo
POBox 863
Fairfax, CA
Thank You for your interest

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Sender:  Center for Civil Society International (ccsi@u.washington.edu)
Subject: Job: USIS Moscow

 The United States Information Service in Moscow is seeking a new Director
 for the Moscow American Center.  The Moscow American Center is a
 cooperative venture between USIS and the Russian State Library for Foreign
 Literature.  It consists of a circulating book collection, reference
 works, periodicals, an extensive CD-ROM collection, Internet and on-line
 databases, and an educational information center.  The Center's primary
 task is providing information to Russian audiences, whether in person, by
 fax, telephone or E-mail.  It also serves as a venue for academic and
 cultural programs.

 The Director reports to USIS Moscow, but is also responsible for running
 the day-to-day relationship between the Center and the Library.  A sound
 management background, preferably within a Russian organization or with a
 Russian partner, is essential.  The Director supervises a large staff of
 Russian librarians. Candidates should show personnel management
 experience.  Some bookkeeping is also required.  Computer skills, in
 giving presentations and using the Internet and on-line reference
 services, are highly desirable.  Library experience is a plus.
 Applicants must have experience living and working in Russia and posses
 strong Russian language skills.  Resumes may be sent to Robert Hilton at

 USIS Moscow, fax (7-095) 255-9766.

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Sender:  George (gz@firstnethou.com)
Subject: E-mail to Russia?

I am having some problems.  Maybe you can help.  I use Eudora to
e-mail.  I have a friend in Russia, to whom I would like to e-mail.  I
type in the KOI8 encoding.  I am from Texas and have lived in Russia for
two years.  I've tried sending e-mail in KOI8, CP1251, and ISO866.  They
are receiving garbage.  But when my friend in Russia sends me e-mail, it
is KOI8, so I can read it.  She is using DOS Navigator.  I thought DOS
used ISO866.  I've correspond with others in Russian with no problems
both in Russia (Sochi) and in the US.  Any ideas.
        Also, I'm typing this using Netscapes Composer.  It would not
let me
type in KOI8 format.  Only in CP1251.  I changed the font in Netscape to
KOI8 and the encoding to KOI8.  Any ideas.  I always use Eudora.  Look
forward to hearing from you.
George gz@firstnethou.com

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Sender:  "J. Marlow Schmauder" (mschmauder@irex.org)
Subject: IREX seeks Russian Federation Partnerships Representative

The Partnerships and Training Division (PTD) of the International Research
& Exchanges Board (IREX) currently seeks a Russian Federation
Representative to direct its Moscow partnerships office and manage a series
of US-Russian partnership projects funded by the US Agency for
International Development (USAID).  This will include, but not be limited
to, directing two USAID/Moscow-funded partnerships programs in
collaboration with IREX/Washington.

The primary responsibilities for this position will include:

1.  Supervisory and quality control oversight of the work in Russia of the
partnership projects;

2.  Assuming responsibility for programmatic, administrative, and financial
aspects of all PTD partnerships operations in Russia in cooperation with
PTD/Washington.  Supervising a staff of eight Russian national employees.

3.  Ensuring timeliness and accuracy of reporting on the projects' progress
to the IREX/Washington DC office and USAID/Moscow;

4.  Performing site visits as necessary; and

5.  Representing the partnership projects vis-a-vis the USAID Moscow

Requirements for the position include: US citizenship; excellent
interpersonal and intercultural skills, strong experience in the
non-governmental sector, command of both written and spoken Russian; two to
three years of experience working with USAID or other US government-funded

This position will be open in late July.  Interested candidates should send
resume and salary history by fax to (095) 203-43-11 or by e-mail to
 stewart@part.irex.ru  in Russia; or (202) 628-9818 in the US or
 mschmauder@irex.org .  More information about these respective projects
may be found on the IREX Webpage at  http://www.irex.org .

The current responsibilities partnership initiatives include the following:

1.  The Partnerships for Civil Society and Economic Development (PCSED) in
Novgorod-the-Great is part of US State Department Partnerships for
Freedom/Regional Investment Initiative, which is aimed at inproving the
investment climate in Novgorod.  As part of this initiative, IREX supports
seven partnership projects between US and Russian organizations in the
fields of NGO and business development and health.  Project support will
include overseeing the work of the Moscow and Novgorod-based IREX Program
Officers in their daily management and reporting to USAID/Moscow on the
partnerships' progress.

2.  Sustaining Partnerships Across the Next Century (SPAN) project supports
existing partnerships between US and Russian organizations in the fields of
business development, finance, tax reform, rule of law, energy,
environment, and health.  It is expected that 25 grants will be funded
under this project by August 1998.  The PTD Director will be expected to
oversee the grant monitoring in coordination with the IREX/SPAN Project
Manager.  This project will continue through September 2000.

3.  The Institutional Partnerships Project in Russia, funded by
USAID/Washington, supports the ongoing activities for 16 three-year
partnerships between American institutions and their Russian counterparts
in the fields of NGO, business and infrastructure development, health care,
and agriculture.  Primary support for this project will include overseeing
the final stages of follow-up grants provided to targeted Russian
partnership representatives for staff and institutional development.  The
project is expected to close out in August 1998.

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Sender:  KathrynW@checkind.com
Subject: St  Petersburg International Hostel

Privyet Hi.  I was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about the St
Petersburg International Hostel?  I'm travelling to St P later this year.
I'm hoping to stop there but I just wondered what the hostel was like...?
I'm an inexperienced traveller - so I'm quite nervous....  I've already
read their official web page...

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Sender:  "chcloux" (chcloux@vtx.ch)
Subject: Mail

Hi everybody,

I'd like to switch over to the mail application Eudora but I'm not sure
whether it is possible to read both Latin1 and Cyrillic with it. Could
anyone give me information as soon as possible please (for I have a 30-day
demonstration version for the time being)?

And  about mail, if any of you wants to write about languages, music,
linguistics, literature,  different cultures, etc. and is not afraid or
whatsoever of having a blind penfriend, you're welcome to write.


"I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not
sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant."
("Je sais que tu crois que tu comprends ce que tu penses que j'ai dit, mais
je ne suis pas sšr que tu te rendes compte que ce que tu as entendu n'est
pas ce que je voulais dire.")
("Ich weiss, du glaubst du verstehtst das, was du denkst ich gesagt habe.
Ich bin aber nicht sicher, dass du begreifst, dass du nicht geh–rt hast
das, was ich meinte.")
("So che tu credi che capisci ciÚ che pensi che io abbia detto, ma non sono
sicuro che tu ti renda conto che ciÚ che hai sentito non Ë quello che ho
voluto dire.")
("Ya znayu, chto ti verish' v pravil'nost' svoego ponimaniya togo, chto ti
dumaesh', ya skazal. No ya ne uveren, chto ti ponimaesh', chto to, chto ti
uslishal, i est' to, chto ya imel vvidu." [Daniil])

** 19 **********************************************************************

Sender:  LVerv45200@aol.com
Subject: Traslation

Is it possible to write a letter in English and have it rewritten into
Russian???  I would like to write to my Aunt in the Ukranian but  can't write
in Russian.

** 20 **********************************************************************

Sender:  PROCUREMENT SERVICE (agr@skyinet.net)
Subject: Administrative division of Russia

I am trying to identify the composition of Russia's administrative
division, namely it's:

21 republics, 1 autonomous region, 10 autonomous areas, 6 territories
and 49 regions.

Is this information available on any web-site? I hope you may be able to
guide me.

Thank you.

Lupe Romulo

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Sender:  "steven gomes" (venmes@hotmail.com)
Subject: Hi This is Steven from Dubai

This is Steven residing in the United Arab Emirates, I am a Business
Man and would like to meet friends from Russia for business and social
contact also from other countries please write to foll email:

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