Digest for April 21, 1998

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01-21 April 98  Sender:  concord@fyi.net
                Subject: from Pastor John K. Smith

02-21 April 98  Sender:  chatelaa@wharton.upenn.edu
                Subject: from Adele A. Chatelain

03-21 April 98  Sender:  doma-becker@t-online.de
                Subject: from Manfred Becker

04-21 April 98  Sender:  arkamy@hotmail.com
                Subject: from Amy

05-21 April 98  Sender:  ggaulke@nutecnet.com.br
                Subject: from Guenther Gaulke

06-21 April 98  Sender:  ivan.ru@altavista.net
                Subject: from Ivan

07-21 April 98  Sender:  russia_citylink@yahoo.com
                Subject: from Message from Alexander Krivenyshev

08-21 April 98  Sender:  ufs12878@zeus.sjsu.edu
                Subject: from Faina

09-21 April 98  Sender:  http://www.oldrussia.com
                Subject: from Mikhail


01-21 April 98  Sender:  Center for Civil Society International
                Subject: The Russian Non-Profit Sector: 1997

02-21 April 98  Sender:  "Galina A. Andrianova" (galina@eschool.chg.ru)
                Subject: My virtual home

03-21 April 98  Sender:  Victor Samsonoff (samson@nosu.ru)
                Subject: Message to friends

04-21 April 98  Sender:  emargile@solar.cini.utk.edu (Ellee C. Margileth)
                Subject: Re: Cordell Hull Museum in Byrdstown TN

05-21 April 98  Sender:  emargile@solar.cini.utk.edu (Ellee C. Margileth)
                Subject: Re: Information (Ulyanovsk - Simbirsk)

06-21 April 98  Sender:  "Francesco Deved'" (grisha@MIT.EDU)
                Subject: Sova bien - Filin good!

07-21 April 98  Sender:  "Makiko Sakiyama" (makikom@ba.mbn.or.jp)
                Subject: Seeking Russian friends

08-21 April 98  Sender:  martin@raft.org
                Subject: Project Whitewater Russia/USA

09-21 April 98  Sender:  "Ramtin - Sohrabian" (ramtin@APADANA.COM)
                Subject: I want to have penfriend !

10-21 April 98  Sender:  "gary clark" (garyclark@hotmail.com)
                Subject: E A R T H  D A Y

11-21 April 98  Sender:  Glen Cochennet (fuman@usa.net)
                Subject: e-mail pals

12-21 April 98  Sender:  Ilya Shlyakhter (ilya_shl@MIT.EDU)
                Subject: information about Russian books on tape

13-21 April 98  Sender:  LEGOMSKY Kathryn (LEGOMSKY@iom.int)
                Subject: IOM releases new report

14-21 April 98  Sender:  vesan@bser.msk.ru
                Subject: Russian Insurance

15-21 April 98  Sender:  rusric@erols.com
                Subject: RUSSIAN GEMS

16-21 April 98  Sender:  Tim McDowell (tjm@micronet.net)
                Subject: Immigration!

17-21 April 98  Sender:  "Valerij Sologubenko" (val_47@hotmail.com)
                Subject: about  my  home  page

18-21 April 98  Sender:  "Terry L. Freitag" (TFre@aol.com)
                Subject: Terry L. Freitag

19-21 April 98  Sender:  Bohdan Peter Rekshynskyj (Bohdan@TRYZUB.com)
                Subject: Ukrainian Weekly Preview April 12th, 1998

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WHAT'S NEW . . .


** 01 **********************************************************************

Sender:  concord@fyi.net
Subject: from Pastor John K. Smith

I have been enjoying this great site for almost two years!  Its great to
see the increasing relationship between Americans and Russians.  I've been
to Russia (from Pittsburgh, USA) five times in the past three years.  If
anyone is interested in work with orphanages in the Vladimir area (about
150 miles east of Moscow) contact me.  We don't do adoptions.  We do work
to meet the spiritual, emotional, educational, and medical needs to the
kids who are in the 18 orphanages of the Vladimir region.  What precious
kids!  Nearly 10% of them will commit suicide after hitting the streets
(Russian government statistic).

** 02 **********************************************************************

Sender:  chatelaa@wharton.upenn.edu
Subject: from Adele A. Chatelain

I have a passion for all things Russian, particularly poetry and ballet.
My favorite period of history is the turn of the 19th-20th Century.  I am
so happy to find this site!

I hope to visit St. Petersburg someday.

** 03 **********************************************************************

Sender:  doma-becker@t-online.de
Subject: from Manfred Becker

It is very interesting to see, how many people in the world have a good
feeling to international friendship, specially to Russia.  I know and like
the eastsibirian City of Irkutsk very much.  On this time I`m working as a
manager of a social project by the European Union between Pforzheim,
Germany and Irkutsk.  The subject is to create "foster families" instead
giving children in children-homes.  In these days we have 3 russian people
as guests here.  In august, 98 I`m travelling once more to Irkutsk.  If
anybody is interested to be in contact with me to develop social friendship
with Russia, send me your e-mail; I`m a social worker and 53 years old;
speaking very little russian, but german.  Cheers, Manfred

** 04 **********************************************************************

Sender:  arkamy@hotmail.com
Subject: from Amy

Hello!  Hope everyone is doing well...I am looking for anyone from
Kyrgyzstan (Kyrges Republic) because I am going there in June with the
Peace Corps.  I am especially interested in finding out about daily
life,living conditions and food.  Please write me at my e-mail address and
I will get right back with you...Thank you!!!

** 05 **********************************************************************

Sender:  ggaulke@nutecnet.com.br
Subject: from Guenther Gaulke

Dear Friends & Partners!  I look for interchange of correspondence (letters
or mails) with Eastern European for friendship and knowledge.  I write in
German, Portuguese, Spanish and English and wish to study the Russian
language.  I am a Brazilian man, 46 years old, married and I like to read
and write much letters.  Best wishes from Brazil, Guenther Gaulke
( ggaulke@nutecnet.com.br )

** 06 **********************************************************************

Sender:  ivan.ru@altavista.net
Subject: from Ivan

Hello from Russia!
Privet iz Moskvy!

I would like to present our new super-interesting web site devoted to
russian history.  It is called "The Unknown Pages of Russian History"

Here you can find a lot of rare books on history of Russia in XIX and XX
senturies.  All of these books were hidden for russian readers during the
Soviet period of Russian history.

So, visit our web site:

** 07 **********************************************************************

Sender:  russia_citylink@yahoo.com
Subject: from Message from Alexander Krivenyshev

Students from Chita region of Russia (Eastern Siberia) would like to 
correspond with people around the World.

If you are interested in Russia, its traditions and ways, if you would like 
to know more about this country, write to us!

Learn more about the Siberian part of Russia where cultures from Europe and 
Asia are living together.

Here is our
Web site with addresses: 

** 08 **********************************************************************

Sender:  ufs12878@zeus.sjsu.edu
Subject: from Faina

I want to find my ex-classmates from Bendery, Moldova---10th School.

** 09 **********************************************************************

Sender:  http://www.oldrussia.com
Subject: from Mikhail

We are glad to introduce you new web site http://www.oldrussia.com

Here you'll find charming lacquer boxes, unforgettable matryoshkas, icons
as old as the 17th century, hand carved wooden toys from Bogorodskoe
village, painted eggs, trays and more!!!

Welcome and enjoy !!!



Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

** 01 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Center for Civil Society International (ccsi@u.washington.edu)
Subject: The Russian Non-Profit Sector: 1997

Announcing a new publication from Center for Civil Society International
and Agency for Social Information:

           The Russian Non-Profit Sector: 1997

"The Russian Non-Profit Sector: 1997" captures the dynamic growth
and effectiveness of the non-profit sector in  Russia, which
comprises tens of thousands of civic groups.  In only six or seven
years a tradition of private charity has been renewed in Russiaů
assisting youth, the disabled, the homeless, and others in need, or
conducting  public advocacy on issues related to the environment,
women, AIDS, etc.  In some cases groups have engaged in capital
improvements as in Nizhnii Novgorod where the Rostropovich Fund
completed construction of a hospital in 1997.  One of the most
interesting observations to emerge from this publication is the
degree to which the Russian non-profit sector has begun to resemble
older civil societies in Western Europe and North America.

"The Russian Non-Profit Sector: 1997" is a compilation of stories
from the weekly bulletin published by the Agency for Social
Information in Moscow.  ASI issues weekly news bulletins about third
sector activities in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other large Russian
cities.  For the past year Center for Civil Society International in
Seattle has selected and translated four or five news briefs from
each bulletin and posted them to the Internet.  This publication is
a collection of all the excerpts translated during 1997.  It
contains hundreds of vignettes of non-profit work in Russia,
including a soup kitchen in St. Petersburg, the Army of Charity in
the Urals, and a seminar organized by the Russian Believers Aid
Foundation to discuss how the clergy can more effectively serve
prisoners in Russian jails.  The publication includes a full
organizational index.

105 pp., indexes,  8.5" X 11", spiral bound
$ 16.00

To order:

Send a check for $20 ($16 plus $4 postage, for international
shipping contact CCSI) to:

        Center for Civil Society International
        2929 NE Blakeley Street
        Seattle, WA  98105

To order by credit card call CCSI at: (206) 523-4755
or e-mail at: ccsi@u.washington.edu

CCSI's Web site: www.friends-partners.org/~ccsi/

** 02 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Galina A. Andrianova" (galina@eschool.chg.ru)
Subject: My virtual home

20-30 April, 1998.

In what house do you want to live in the future?
Would you like to have a virtual home?!

Russian Center of Distant Education "Eidos" http://www.eidos.techno.ru invites
students of different ages and nations to take part in a project on developing
their own virtual home to live in.

William H.Gates, the composer of computer future of the mankind, constructed a
remarkable house for himself. Each visitor is given an electronic badge, which
sends signals to computer system of the house; when you enter a room, the
lights are on; there are huge screens on the walls showing beautiful pictures
and photos. The computer system remembers all your preferences, and when you
pass through the rooms you are accompanied with the video chosen by you or your
favorite music.

The main idea of the project:

Home is a projection of a person who lives in it. Your virtual home is a
realization of your purposes in the future life full of computer technologies.
Think of your future virtual home, which you can create for yourself and your
family, and design it using computer.

Draw the basic ideas and elements of your virtual home. Try simultaneously to
write down and sketch arising images. You can also include multimedia means
(sound, animation, video) in the project of your virtual home.

Participation in the project:
The students of three age groups can be participants in the project: 5-9 y.o.,
10-13 y.o. and 14-16 y.o. The project can be carried out either individually
or under the direction of the teacher-coordinator.
To participate in the project it is necessary to send the application (the form
is applied below) and the project to the address:
andreykh@school.unicon.msk.su no later than 30 April 1998.

Best projects will published on our Web-server and people from Russia and other
countries of the former Soviet Union will be able to see your view of the
virtual home. You will win the world glory! You can also compare your projects
with those of Russian students which will soon appear on Center "Eidos" server.

Criteria of project estimation:
1. Original, non-standard ideas of virtual home and forms of their realization.
2. Skill to apply computer means to express contents of the story in the
non-standard form.
3. Quality of the project illustrations.

Requirements to the contents and registration of the work:
1. The story is original in its contents and form and is not similar to those
described by writers or shown on TV;
2. The story comprises ideas of people and computer communications in the
3. The main participant of the story is its author.

The project is carried out in one of the two variants:
1. In hypertext (html (htm)), photo (jpg) and pictures (gif). The files with
illustrations, sound, animation or video must not exceed 70 Kb for one
separately. The text and pictures are sent in (zip, arj) as appendix to the
2. Completely in text; pictures are made either with the help of marks and
symbols available on the keyboard of the computer or in gif.

1. Name and surname of the participant.
2. A boy or a girl.
1. Date of birth.
2. Grade, school, city, country.
3. E-mail, telephone and post address of the participant.
4. Name, surname, E-mail, telephone and post address of the or local
coordinator (teacher,

The Coordinator of the Project:
Galina Andrianova, galina@eschool.chg.ru
Center of Distant Education "Eidos":  http://www.eidos.techno.ru

** 03 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Victor Samsonoff (samson@nosu.ru)
Subject: Message to friends

Hello! This is a great site that serves as a great opportunity for
everyone to find partners. Thanks for giving a chance to share info with
the whole world.

I work at the International Department of North Ossetian State
University ( Vladikavkaz, Russia) and my field is promoting links
between my university and our partners. For the first time in my life I
use this site for my work. The Faculty of Physics of  North Ossetian
State University seeks partners(universities, colleges, textile
companies) abroad who wish to accept a small group of students of the
department of Technology of Textile Products for a short period of time
for sharing experiance in this field. We are particularly interested in
the usage of computers in the process of clothing construction.Please,
if you have any ideas e- mail samson@nosu.ru or send a fax 7 8672 74 31
91 or phone directly to Kutscherenko Irina Wassilievna
Tel: +7 867 2 33 67 64 ( unfortunately she does not speak English but
her German is great). Thankx in advance.

** 04 **********************************************************************

Sender:  emargile@solar.cini.utk.edu (Ellee C. Margileth)
Subject: Re: Cordell Hull Museum in Byrdstown TN

You might want to try the International Historic Films, Inc.  site
(http://www.ihffilm.com/) which can be found in the Culture - Russian/NIS
film section of F&P
(http://www.friends-partners.org/friends/culture/film.html).  They have an
extremely large amount of historical soviet films available.  Also, why
don't you put a message on the one of the F&P Bulletin Boards too!

Hope this helps!


>Sender:  Cordell_Hull@twlakes.net
>Subject: Cordell Hull Museum in Byrdstown TN
>I work with the Cordell Hull Museum in Byrdstown TN. Hull was awarded the
>Nobel Peace Prize for his work in founding the United Nations.  He visited
>Moscow in 1943 and met with Stalin and Malentov preparatory to founding the
>U. N. We are interested in finding archival films, photos, etc.  of that
>visit in Moscow if anyone can offer suggestions.

Ellee C. Margileth :  emargile@solar.cini.utk.edu
Center For International Networking Initiatives
University of Tennessee,  2000 Lake Avenue,  Knoxville, TN  37996
Phone: 423-974-8121 (or 974-7277)
Fax: 423-974-8022

** 05 **********************************************************************

Sender:  emargile@solar.cini.utk.edu (Ellee C. Margileth)
Subject: Re: Information (Ulyanovsk - Simbirsk)

There is one reference to Ulyanovsk in F&P's Communities in Russia  (with
more to come).  It is for Simbirsk which is now known as Ulyanovsk.  Also,
try the search engine, Metacrawler.  It is personally my favorite and
combines the results from the most popular search engines.   I came up with
lots of resources when I tried it!


>Sender:  Jamjayy (Jamjayy@aol.com)
>Subject: information
>Trying to find some information on the city of "Ulyanovsk" and can not find
>same on the internet. Could you please tell me if you might know where I can
>get some info on this city in Russia. Thanks (jamjayy@aol.com) USA

** 06 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Francesco Deved'" (grisha@MIT.EDU)
Subject: Sova bien - Filin good!


Those of you who live around Boston area, and are interested in
organizing (or just participating in the activities of) a soon-to-come
Boston "Chto? Gde? Kogda?" club, email to grisha@mit.edu.

Hope to see you at the opening soon,

** 07 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Makiko Sakiyama" (makikom@ba.mbn.or.jp)
Subject: Seeking Russian friends

I wonder if I can say something like this on this net, because I'm Japanese.
However, it's very good opportunity to seek Russian friends, so I'll send
this e-mail, sorry.
I'm a 23-year-old female Japanese.
I have been seeking Russian who kindly correspond with me.
I have been interested in Russia and it's culture, and hane been studying
Russian for 3 years. I can speak Russian "ni munoga", though.
I'm going to travel to Russia this summer and I'd like to know things about
I like UKrock, another kind of music, movies.
Thank you.

Please send me your e-mail or snail mail !!

Makiko Sakiyama
E-mail: makikom@ba.mbn.or.jp
Usuki 1-27-30
Kagoshima city
Kagoshima 8900073 Japan

** 08 **********************************************************************

Sender:  martin@raft.org
Subject: Project Whitewater Russia/USA

Is there some possible interest on our international goodwill project,
Project Whitewater Russia/USA, multi-national teams coming to the CIS
states to run rivers together.  For detailed project information, please
check out our RAFTWEB website at http://www.raft.org We also originated
from efforts at Sun Microsystems....  Can we crosslink an figure out some
other potential cooperative partnerships?  thanks, martin

** 09 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Ramtin - Sohrabian" (ramtin@APADANA.COM)
Subject: I want to have penfriend !

Hi everybody,

My name is Ramtin, I'm 21 years old guy form Asia. I'm studying
manufacturing Eng. in university and working in the field of computer
graphic too.
I really become so happy if I can have an e-mail from any of you .
I'm looking forward to reading from you in the near future.

Best Regards

** 10 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "gary clark" (garyclark@hotmail.com)
Subject: E A R T H  D A Y

                                                 E A R T H    D A Y

                                                    April 22, 1998

          Each day the Earth nurtures us & spins endless flows of
abundance & wonder, offering its beauty & variety of life-forms.  In
extraordinary moments  we might sense ourselves dwelling on the Earth
within the vastness of time & space.  But the Earth also overwhelms us,
leaving us perplexed by the vast powers of nature beyond human
          We have the intelligence & intuitive powers to dwell
profoundly in the waves of Earth-Energy flowing all around us, all
through us.  By deeply appreciating the Earth, we can  arouse a renewed
passion for the enduring magic of being alive, a sincere respect for all
other forms of life, & a sense of awe for the flow of creation in a
Universe forever composing.
          The Earth is sheltered by the perfect closeness of the distant
Sun, floating in an ocean of stars.  We have the ability realize that we
are privileged to be here at all, participants in the dazzling drama
that is the Earth.  We are given this gift of life; our best response is
          We have the potential to seek Peace, flowing with the greater
cycles of nature & life, feeling the interwoven qualities of Earth &
mind.  The hidden poet within us can hear in the nightwind a forgotten
song or feel in a stone the pulse of an ancient day.  More than ever,
this is the time for us to sense the Earth as an Ancient Treasure, a
source & resource of life beyond belief.  It is up to us to create
visions of the Earth that promote Peace, that will encourage & enhance
life, that will preserve the quality of the vast, shimmering, sunlit
oceans & protect the plant & animal forms from unreasonable destruction.
We are response-able, we are the Keepers of this Treasure--Earth, alive
for more than 4 billion years, surging with living patterns of
energy--the planet of miracles!

Gary Clark, Suncoast Arts, P O Box 3031, Clearwater Beach, FL 33767 USA

** 11 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Glen Cochennet (fuman@usa.net)
Subject: e-mail pals

Hello all,

If anyone from Russia would enjoy having an e-mail pal in the U.S., please
feel free to write me in English.  I am a twenty eight year old male
college student who also works in broadcasting.  I'm also an amateur
musician in my spare time.

Best wishes to everyone,
Glen Cochennet

** 12 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Ilya Shlyakhter (ilya_shl@MIT.EDU)
Subject: information about Russian books on tape

This may be of interest to some people here:

I've compiled some information on where to find Russian books
on tape and put it on the web:


The information on the page is summarized below:

1. 603-542-6273: 400+ tapes read by actor V. Enutina
2. 415-327-5590: Palo Alto bookstore which has tapes (will mail them)
3. 800-852-3133: Talking Book Library (for blind/handicapped)
4. 800-531-1037: St Petersburg Publishing House (mostly children's tapes)
5. http://www.amazon.com has a few titles e.g.
Solzhenicyn, also
>Poetry of Pasternak in Russian and English (1 Cassette)
>    Boris Pasternak / Audio Cassette / Published 1978
>    Our Price: $12.95 (Special Order)
>Yevgeny Yevtushenko Babii Yar and Other Poems Read in Russian by the
>Author and in English by Alan Bates (Cdl 51153)
>    Yevgeny Yevtshenko / Published 1966

** 13 **********************************************************************

Sender:  LEGOMSKY Kathryn (LEGOMSKY@iom.int)
Subject: IOM releases new report

International Organization for Migration

Deported Peoples of the Former Soviet Union: The Case of the

Following the break-up of the Soviet Union several of the new states
found themselves responsible for dealing with migration problems which
had largely been ignored during Soviet times. One of the most complex
of these was how to resolve the problems of the formerly deported
peoples. As a result of the mass deportations that occurred in the
former USSR in the late 1930s and 1940s, eight entire nations were
forcibly removed to eastern and central Siberia and the Central Asian

This study published by the International Organization for Migration
considers the case of one of these formerly deported peoples - the
Meskhetians. Unlike other formerly deported peoples, only a few
hundred Meskhetians, out of an estimated population of 300,000
persons, have managed to return to their original homeland- Georgia.

During their many years in exile the Meskhetians campaigned actively
to be given the right to return to Georgia. At the end of 1996, the
Georgian Government expressed, through a Presidential Decree, its
intention to develop a programme to facilitate the repatriation of a
small number of Meskhetians. In view of this policy development, IOM
felt that it would be timely to prepare a short study on the
Meskhetians, in order to have the benefit of updated information on
this population and a better informed view of the likely policy and
programming implications.

This study is based on interviews which were conducted with government
officials, Ngos, and representatives of foreign governments and
inter-governmental agencies in Georgia and Azerbaijan in June 1997.
The study traces the history of what happened to the Meskhetians,
presents a profile of their legal status and living conditions in the
CIS, and discusses the implications of Georgia•s new policy proposals,
before suggesting a number of recommendations.

The study concludes that the Georgian Government has taken a
significant step forward in outlining a modest programme to promote
the repatriation of the Meskhetians. However, substantial work remains
to be done in order to translate this programme into action and lay
the foundation for a longer-term policy. That foundation should
include a more fully articulated policy, enacted legislative bases,
and detailed operational assistance components. The report concludes
that to proceed with even a modest return programme without such a
foundation may compound the difficulties of the population the
programme is meant to assist.

Copies of the report are available at 10 USD from Ms. Virginia Rault
at IOM Headquarters in Geneva (Tel: 41-22-717-9474, Fax:
41-22-798-6150, e-mail: rault@iom.int)

** 14 **********************************************************************

Sender:  vesan@bser.msk.ru
Subject: Russian Insurance

Dear Sirs!  We are pleased to submit to you Russian Insurance, a pilot
issue of our new monthly review, which covers in English the news of the
everchanging insurance market of Russia.  The review is based mainly on
materials of Russian press, generating, by our opinion, the interest of
foreign professionals.  The review will cover legal issues of insurance
market regulation, news on leading Russian insurance companies, nuances of
insurance market development in different regions of Russia.  We hope our
new review will help all interested counterparts to better understand the
realities of modern Russian insurance market and will facilitate closer
business cooperation between Russian and world (re-)insurers.  Materials
given under various headings make it easy to search: - Today's information.
News, reports, announcements.  - Legislation and taxes.  Laws, decrees,
precedents.  - Market situation.  Facts, figures, tendencies.  - Market
participants.  Insurers, reinsurers, brokers.  - Insurance deals.
Contacts, contracts, agreements.  - Insured accidents.  Claims, losses,
damages.  - Professional structures.  Bodies, guilds, associations.  -
Industry leaders.  Who is who in insurance?  http://www.allinsurance.ru/
review/index.htm Andrey Veselkov Editor-in-Chief E-mail: vesan@bser.msk.su
tel.: (7-095) 232-3384/83 fax: (7-095) 956-2828

** 15 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Rus-Amer Chamber (Washington, DC)" (rusric@erols.com)


After conducting an extensive geological search in Pamirs, Russian company
"Pamirsamotsvety", has discovered over 200 spots with considerable deposits
of high quality gems and precious stones.  At this point, all preliminary
works needed for preparing these spots for mining is completed and all gems
are ready to be taken out and sold.  Most of the spots with deposits are
located in the area with the size of about 80 square kilometers.

The list of available gems includes 24 rare and high quality types of gems
with potential demand on the world market.

Representatives of the Russian company authorized for conduction business
negotiations will be in Washington, DC, starting from April 20th 1998 and
till April 24th 1998.

Please contact RACC for scheduling a private meeting with members of the
Russian delegation in order to receive additional information about this
promising project.


Karl Cherepanya
Director Business Development

Precious Stones and Gems Available from Several New Mines of the East the
Pamirs Mountains

#        Gems           #       Gems

1       Ruby            13      Diopside
2       Scapolite       14      Sphene
3       Topaz           15      Danburite
4       Tourmaline      16      Cornelian
5       Cordierite      17      Jasper
6       Epidote 18      Barytes
7       Moonstone       19      Lepidolite Drysen
8       Garnet  20      Chalcedony
9       Goethite        21      Onyx
10      Amazonite       22      Amethyst
11      Quartz          23      Ophite
12      Kyanite 24      Morion

** 16 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Tim McDowell (tjm@micronet.net)
Subject: Immigration!

Thanks for your site. It is very helpful.
My fiance is coming here next month from Moscow.
She was wondering what the immigration requirements are for
vaccinations inorder enter the US.  Is there a site you know where I
could look at the medical needs of immigrants to the US?

Thank you so much!

Tim McDowell
Thought for the Day:

If a man speaks in the forest and there is no woman to hear him, is he
still wrong?

** 17 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Valerij Sologubenko" (val_47@hotmail.com)
Subject: about  my  home  page

                To all,
friends, I have my home page, wellcome:


                Privetstvuyu vseh druzey i partnerov na moey stranice.
Ona poka prosta, ne obessud'te. Zdorov'ya i uspehov vsem.

** 18 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Terry L. Freitag" (TFre@aol.com)
Subject: Terry L. Freitag


Dear Friends,

I am wondering how to post an opportunity for someone to room and board
at my in-laws flat in Moscow. They both work as professors, and can
communicate in several languages, and have a centrally located flat.
Currently, I am registered with you, but I am unsure about what to do
next in relation to this.

Terry L. Freitag

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Sender:  Bohdan Peter Rekshynskyj (Bohdan@TRYZUB.com)
Subject: TryzubSite: The Ukrainian Weekly Preview April 12th, 1998


   The latest *PREVIEW* of the Ukrainian Weekly is now available!
This is an exclusive regular feature each week containing timely and
the most up to date information on Ukraine and the Ukrainian Diaspora
available on Internet.   Go directly to http://www.TRYZUB.com and
click on the "Current Events" section located in the upper right quadrant
of the web page on top.

   The Ukrainian Weekly is the largest weekly newspaper (in English)
extant in the Western world covering Ukrainian issues both in Ukraine
and in the Ukrainian Diaspora.   The complete articles are available to
subscribers only.  Subscription information is available
when you visit the web-site.  The Ukrainian Weekly is funded by
the Ukrainian National Association and your subscriptions.  Their website
may be perused at http://www.tryzub.com/UNA/.

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TryzubSite, established in 1994, is one of the oldest and quickest growing
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report any
problems e-mail should always be sent to the attention of the site's
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to the Ukraine FAQ Plus project should be directed to: FAQ@TRYZUB.com
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as well.


               Bohdan Peter Rekshynskyj


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