Digest for April 15, 1998

Dear friends,

We would like to point you to Andrey Sebrant's "Moscow Life" page at:


Andrey's gift to all of us, a regular collection of stories about
day-to-day life in and around Moscow, has just entered its fourth year!
His latest story was posted recently and is entitled "El Nino winter in
Moscow".  It can be found at:


We hope you will visit and thank Andrey for his many years of contributions
to F&P and to the Internet community (asebrant@glasnet.ru).

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01-15 April 98  Sender:  gregor@daks.e-burg.ru
                Subject: from Gregory Kolmogorov

02-15 April 98  Sender:  eros32@hotmail.com
                Subject: from Darryl E. Mays

03-15 April 98  Sender:  wgavitt@aol.com
                Subject: from William Gavitt

04-15 April 98  Sender:  boginvas@chat.ru
                Subject: from Boginskiy Vasya

05-15 April 98  Sender:  nomisd@globalnet.co.uk
                Subject: from david marks

06-15 April 98  Sender:  eckenber@cherokee.nsuok.edu
                Subject: from John eckenberger

07-15 April 98  Sender:  bill.gallinger@sympatico.ca
                Subject: from William R. Gallinger


01-15 April 98  Sender:  "Andrew V. Shipilov" (andrew@andyfu.crimea.ua)
                Subject: Undergraduate student from Ukraine

02-15 April 98  Sender:  Cordell_Hull@twlakes.net
                Subject: Cordell Hull Museum in Byrdstown TN

03-15 April 98  Sender:  Dr Laura B Lengel (lengell@vptech.demon.co.uk)
                Subject: Book on Culture and Technology in the New Europe

04-15 April 98  Sender:  "Laura Mitchell" (lamtep@xes.com)
                Subject: Sponsorships

05-15 April 98  Sender:  "Shelly Olvitt" (Shells2u@net-link)
                Subject: Privyet!

06-15 April 98  Sender:  Alex Lara (a123l@yahoo.com)
                Subject: International Positions, Washington, DC

07-15 April 98  Sender:  "Bruce Etling" (betling@irex.org)
                Subject: IREX JOB ANNOUNCEMENT

08-15 April 98  Sender:  Irina Shestakova (ivshesta@maxwell.syr.edu)
                Subject: American Universities

09-15 April 98  Sender:  mashas@comcon-2.com (Masha Stavtseva)
                Subject: scolarship search

10-15 April 98  Sender:  techtrans@tti-corp.com (TechTrans International)
                Subject: INFO-RUSS: Seeking highly qualified

11-15 April 98  Sender:  "Adushkin" (adushkin@sgap.saratov.su)
                Subject: request from Russia

12-15 April 98  Sender:  DAR    RJT (DARRJT@aol.com)
                Subject: russian cooking

13-15 April 98  Sender:  Elena (elleon@c031.aone.net.au)
                Subject: suggestion for F&P women's links page

14-15 April 98  Sender:  "Kull, George" (GKull@MAIL.co.washoe.nv.us)
                Subject: IMMAGRATION

15-15 April 98  Sender:  "Hanhela Anssi" (Toyra.Hanhela@mail.suomi.net)
                Subject: BOREYART

16-15 April 98  Sender:  Jamjayy (Jamjayy@aol.com)
                Subject: information

17-15 April 98  Sender:  "nikst" (nikst@glasnet.ru)
                Subject: RUSSIAN RADIO

18-15 April 98  Sender:  Ococ416 (Ococ416@aol.com)
                Subject: Translation

19-15 April 98  Sender:  ireland@island.net.au
                Subject: Vladivostok

20-15 April 98  Sender:  Fred Lee Lockwood (FREDLOCK@erols.com)
                Subject: Vladimir Dovgan

21-15 April 98  Sender:  "Renee Stillings" (renees@ibm.net)
                Subject: Summer study opportunities

APPENDIX:        LISTSERV address & basic procedures



** 01 **********************************************************************

Sender:  gregor@daks.e-burg.ru
Subject: from Gregory Kolmogorov

Hello, friends!

My name is Gregory.  I'm eleven.  I live in Ekaterinburg, Russia and learn
English and German at school.  Now I'm looking for pen-friends speaking
English.  I'll be happy to answer your letters in English or Russian.

Best regards, Gregory.

** 02 **********************************************************************

Sender:  eros32@hotmail.com
Subject: from Darryl E. Mays

Hello there!  My name is Darryl E. Mays from San Francisco, California,
and, I really, really love this site of yours!  Please keep me updated
about this web site!  Please visit my personal homepage at:
http://members.wbs.net/homepages/e/r/o/eros32.html Please also, sign my
guestbook in my homepage!  Thank you very much!

                      -Darryl E. Mays

** 03 **********************************************************************

Sender:  wgavitt@aol.com
Subject: from William Gavitt

Greetings from Riverside, CA. Just browsing as a result of a new section in
our Pacific Bell phone book that listed your nice Friends and Partners web
site.  I will be back.  If somewone can tell me how to reach contacts in
Konsomolsk-Na-Amure, I would be grateful Thank you, Bill Gavitt

** 04 **********************************************************************

Sender:  boginvas@chat.ru
Subject: from Boginskiy Vasya

I am from russia!
if you want to have good friend write to me!

** 05 **********************************************************************

Sender:  nomisd@globalnet.co.uk
Subject: from david marks

Hi, this page is really great reading - congratulations to the originators.

I worked in Moscow for six months a few years ago and had a great time.  I
worked at the Russian state bank, SBER Bank as a computer consultant.

I visit Moscow occasionally in an attempt to set up a small business in
exporting matrioshka doolls to the UK. If you live in Moscow and would like
to join in this small enterprise, E-mail me.

E-mail me if you live in Moscow, whatever!  Good luck Moscow!

** 06 **********************************************************************

Sender:  eckenber@cherokee.nsuok.edu
Subject: from John eckenberger

I teach at Northeastern State University, Tahlequah Okla.  in the social
Work department.  We have a memo of intent to do faculty and student
exchange intent with Kaluga Ped.  Univ school of So.Wk and will be doing
1st exchange 5-98 and would like to hear from other similar progs.  Thanks
for this neat website.

** 07 **********************************************************************

Hi everyone in Russia.  I am from Nepean (part of Ottawa), Ontario in
Canada.  I have been communicating with a young woman named Tatyana who
lives in Chelyabinsk Russia.  It is very expensive for her to communicate
with me because she must pay for translation and e-mail privledges.  I
would like to learn more about life in Chelyabinsk, can anyone help me?


Hi everybody on both sides of the sea.  If you know of a software package
that will do English/Russian translation and operate in a windows 95 or
MS-Dos environ,ent (IBM - platform) could you please let me know about it.

Thanks, Bill


Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

** 01 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Andrew V. Shipilov" (andrew@andyfu.crimea.ua)
Subject: Undergraduate student from Ukraine

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have a student who is currently studying in the US on a high school
program of
one of the exchange organizations. He is willing to continue his
education for four years to obtain a Bachelor'a degree in Business in one
of the American Universities.

Do you know of any programs in 2 or 4 year colleges he might be still able
to apply ? He is looking for a school where the amount of
tuition + room and board does not exceed 9000-9500 USD per year.

He will turn 17,5 in September, but still wants to continue his studies.

Please reply at your earliest convenience.


Andrew V. Shipilov

Andrew V. Shipilov         *yfu@andyfu.crimea.ua*         Chief Financial
YFU  Ukraine              http ://www.xist.com/YFU             Officer

           Please send all attached files to shipilov@hotmail.com

** 02 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Cordell_Hull@twlakes.net
Subject: Cordell Hull Museum in Byrdstown TN

I work with the Cordell Hull Museum in Byrdstown TN. Hull was awarded the
Nobel Peace Prize for his work in founding the United Nations.  He visited
Moscow in 1943 and met with Stalin and Malentov preparatory to founding the
U. N. We are interested in finding archival films, photos, etc.  of that
visit in Moscow if anyone can offer suggestions.

** 03 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Dr Laura B Lengel (lengell@vptech.demon.co.uk)
Subject: Book on Culture and Technology in the New Europe

Dear Friends and Partners group,

I am writing to submit an announcement about a forthcoming book about
culture and technology in Post-Communist nations.  It can also be found at:

Can you post the announcement on your site?  Also, do you know of relevant
listservs about the Internet and new technologies in the region which you
would suggest I join?

Thanks very much, Laura Lengel


Culture and Technology in the New Europe:
Civic Discourse in Transformation in Post-Communist Nations
in the New Ablex Publishing Co. Series
"Civic Discourse for the Third Millennium"

Essays are solicited for Culture and Technology in the New Europe: Civic
Discourse in Transformation in Post-Communist Nations.  This book will
examine how post-socialist East Central and South-Eastern Europeans access
new communication technologies, the role of computer mediated communication
(CMC) and the Internet, and culturally-specific discourses that emerge
through and about new technology in East Central and South-Eastern Europe.

The book will be distinguished by a diverse exploration of cybernetic civic
discourse, including for example, how CMC connects East Central and
South-Eastern Europe to the world, how digital media art articulates new
cultural and creative freedoms once forbidden by the Soviet regime, and how
development of technologies in the 'West' may be leaving behind the
economically disenfranchised 'East.'  The book will also explore the
communication gaps between 'East' and 'West' as well as between specific
ethnicities and regions within the 'New Europe.'  As the series addresses
communication in the Third Millennium all chapters should have a futuristic
focus.  Chapter essays should utilize civic discourse/communication as the
base (cybernetic civic discourse intersected with either interpersonal,
intercultural, ethnocultural, multicultural, international, multinational,
development, organizational, media or global civic

Deadline for submission of one-page (250 word) abstract, preferably by
e-mail:  May 15, 1998
Deadline for submission of essays:  September 15, 1998

Essay Submission Details:
The best 20 blind-reviewed essays will be included in Culture and
Technology in the New Europe.  Each submitted work (18 double spaced
manuscript pages plus references) should have an accompany sheet with the
title of the essay, name of the individual author(s), institutional
affiliation, 40 word abstract, 40 word biographical statement of each
author, and key terms selected by the author(s) for inclusion in a subject
index.  Each author should include a vita.  The concept of civic
discourse/communication needs to be integrated in each chapter.  The latest
APA style for citations and references is required.  Both 3 hard copies and
1 disk are required.

About the Editor and Series Editor:
The editor, Fulbright Scholar Dr Laura Lengel, has research experience in
Central, Eastern and Western Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, and
the Americas. She researches and lectures in international and intercultural
communication, culture and technology, and research methodologies. The
Series Editor of "Civic Discourse in the Third Millennium" is Dr Michael
Prosser, Kern Professor of Communications of Rochester Institute of
Technology and author/editor of eight books on international and
intercultural communication.

Abstracts and inquiries should be sent to:
Laura Lengel, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Communications
The American International University in London
1 St. Albans Grove
London W8 5PN      ENGLAND
Phone: 011-44-171-603-3292
e-mail:   lengell@vptech.demon.co.uk

Daniel Fedak, II

** 04 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Laura Mitchell" (lamtep@xes.com)
Subject: Sponsorships

The Russian National Baseball Team was invited to play at the 1998 World
Cup Baseball Tournament in Italy from July 21-August 2. They need sponsors
to cover the cost of the trip. If anyone is interested in sponsoring the
team please contact me. Thank-you.

** 05 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Shelly Olvitt" (Shells2u@net-link)
Subject: Privyet!

Hello.  I am looking for russian pen and email pals.  I am a 30 y/o female
living in Michigan USA. I had the opportunity to travel to Russia in the
summer of 1996.  I have some knowledge of the Russian language.  I am
always looking for opportunities to use it.  I look forward to getting


** 06 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Alex Lara (a123l@yahoo.com)
Subject: International Positions, Washington, DC

I'm looking to establish contacts with Russian language speakers to
offer them a position at an International Organization in Washington,
DC, inmediately.
The person needs to have a legal inmigration status to work in the US
(Work permit or Permanent Residence or US citizenship); have 1 year of
administrative or office experience mininum; and bilingual Russian/
English or any other language; need to demonstrate the ability to
communicate in the  English language.

Please let me know where can I contact a Russsian Organization or any
other source. Any phone number will be also very helpful.
All positions are at the administrative level.

Thank you

Alex Lara
Washington, DC

** 07 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Bruce Etling" (betling@irex.org)


The Partnerships and Training Division (PTD) of the International Research
& Exchanges Board (IREX) in Washington DC currently seeks a Russian
Federation Representative to direct its Moscow Office and manage a series
of US-Russian partnership projects funded by the US Agency for
International Development (USAID).  This will include, but not be limited
to, directing two USAID/Moscow-funded partnerships programs in
collaboration with IREX/Washington.

The primary responsibilities for this position will include:

1. Supervisory and quality control oversight of the work in Russia of the
partnership projects;

2. Assuming responsibility for programmatic, administrative, and financial
aspects of all PTD operations in Russia in collaboration with
IREX/Washington. Supervising a staff of eight Russian national employees.

3. Ensuring timeliness and accuracy of reporting on the projects' progress
to the IREX/Washington DC office and USAID/Moscow;

4. Performing site visits as necessary;

5. Representing the partnership projects vis-a-vis the USAID Moscow Mission;

Requirements for the position include: US citizenship; excellent
interpersonal and intercultural skills, strong experience in the
non-governmental sector, command of both written and spoken Russian; two to
three years of experience working with USAID or other US government-funded

This position will be open in early June. Interested candidates should send
resume and salary history by fax to (095) 203-43-11 in Russia or (202)
628-9818 in the US or by e-mail  to  stewart@part.irex.ru .  More
information about these respective projects may be found on the IREX
Webpage at  http://www.irex.org .

The current responsibilities partnership initiatives include:

1. The Partnerships for Civil Society and Economic Development
(PCSED) project in Novgorod-the-Great is part of the US State
Department Partnerships for Freedom/Regional Investment Initiative
which is aimed at improving the investment climate in Novgorod. As
part of this initiative, IREX supports seven partnership projects
between US and Russian organizations in the fields of civil
society and economic development. Project support will include
overseeing the work of the Moscow and Novgorod-based IREX Program
Officers in their daily management and reporting to USAID/Moscow on
the partnerships' progress. The Project is expected to close out in
December 1998.

2.  Sustaining Partnerships into the Next Century (SPAN) project
supports existing partnerships between US and Russian organizations
in the fields of business development, finance, tax reform, rule of
law, energy, environment, and health. It is expected that 25 grants
will be funded under this project by August 1998. The PTD Director
will be expected to oversee the grant monitoring in coordination with
the IREX/SPAN Project Manager. This project will continue through
September 2000.

3. The Institutional Partnerships Project in Russia, funded by
USAID/Washington, supports the ongoing activities for 16 three-year
partnerships between American institutions and their Russian counterparts
in the fields of NGO, business and infrastructure development, health care,
and agriculture. Primary support for this project will include overseeing
the final stages of follow-up grants provided to targeted Russian
partnership representatives for staff and institutional development. The
project is expected to close out in August 1998.

** 08 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Irina Shestakova (ivshesta@maxwell.syr.edu)
Subject: American Universities

Someone asked about American Universities. I think the best way to access
them is by the Internet. At the following URL you can get information on
about every university. Hope this helps.


Irina Shestakova
Syracuse University

** 09 **********************************************************************

Sender:  mashas@comcon-2.com (Masha Stavtseva)
Subject: scolarship search

Dear Sir (Madam)!

I recently went through Friends & Partners Database to search for a
scolarship.  Unfortunately I failed, due to my wrong interpretation of how
to use this site obviously.  Please, help me in searching or at least point
out some key directions to look for my subject.

I look for a scolarship or any other grant regarding marketing research. I
myself work as marketing researcher in one of the biggest Russian marketing
research companies. Basically, I would like to obtain some professional
experience and/or education in the mentioned area. Any related companies or
institutions would do the best.

Thank you very much for your help,

my e-mail: mashas@comcon-2.com

Best regards,

Maria Stavtseva

** 10 **********************************************************************

Sender:  techtrans@tti-corp.com (TechTrans International)
Subject: INFO-RUSS: Seeking highly qualified translator/interpreters

TechTrans International, Inc., a prime contractor for the National
Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), is currently seeking
candidates of exceptional skill and qualification to work as
Russian/English translator/interpreters in support of the
joint US-Russian space program.

Please direct responses to 'careers@tti-corp.com'

** 11 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Adushkin" (adushkin@sgap.saratov.su)
Subject: request from Russia

My name is Stanislav Djavrunov. I'm from Russia. I want to know about any
programs where I can participate, taking my age into consideration. I study
in The Saratov law academy on the 1-st course. So,please, send me the
information about them(and if possible an application forms as well). If
it's impossible, where should I go?  I'm 17 years old (date of birth:
November,25 1980). Most of all I want to know about deadlines of the
programs that you can offer this year.

My location:
Street: 4-th Tchernishevsky proyezd, d.4   19apt
City: Saratov
Zip-code: 410076
Country: Russia
e-mail: denis@sgap.saratov.su

** 12 **********************************************************************

Sender:  DAR    RJT (DARRJT@aol.com)
Subject: russian cooking

I need to know if you know anything about Russian Cooking.   I am doing a
project on it andd i don't have alot information.

                    Please write bake if you can tell me anything.

** 13 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Elena (elleon@c031.aone.net.au)
Subject: suggestion for F&P women's links page

hi there F&P

try the OWL site (Open Women's Line)

the server's slow and it's not always easy to connect, but the content is
well worth it.  Feminist website, bilingual - Russian and English.  A
highlight here is the online version of "Woman Plus" - a Russian feminist
magazine - the articles are presented in both languages.

best wishes, keep up your great work!

Elena Leonoff
Russian Feminism Resources

** 14 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Kull, George" (GKull@MAIL.co.washoe.nv.us)


** 15 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Hanhela Anssi" (Toyra.Hanhela@mail.suomi.net)


                       "FLOWERS AND ICE CREAM"

                     OPENING 5.5.1998   5 P.M.

                         BOREY ART GALLERY
             Russia 191104 St. Petersburg Liteiny pr.58

 Tel. (812) 273-3693, 275-8418. Fax. (812) 272-8098,311-8630

                                      hanhela anssi-visual artist
Sihtikuja 1 D 47
90520 Oulu
p.08-344 222


** 16 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Jamjayy (Jamjayy@aol.com)
Subject: information

Trying to find some information on the city of "Ulyanovsk" and can not find
same on the internet. Could you please tell me if you might know where I can
get some info on this city in Russia. Thanks (jamjayy@aol.com) USA

** 17 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "nikst" (nikst@glasnet.ru)


In Russian

In English

RUSSIAN RADIO - The first Russian national radio station, embodying new
principles of broadcasting and utilizing its air only for musical
productions in Russian.

Broadcasting began August 2, 1995.

This is Russian Radio:

One of the largest networks of commercial music stations in Russia. Every
day we are heard in over 50 cities across Russia and the Ukraine with a
potential daily audience of over 45 million listeners *.

This is the highest rating of all FM radio networks over the last eighteen
months. Clearly, Russian Radio is run by professionals. Better broadcast
quality, better DJs; better music; the most interesting, fun, top-rated
programming; the efficient delivery of the most current information, and
the most effective advertising.

Music for the soul. And that's the complete truth. People growing up in
Russia, regardless of their state of mind, can tune in to songs in their
mother tongue. This is due in no small measure to the immediate success of
Russian Radio.

The best produced radio advertising of any station. Professional sound
engineers, talented musicians and copywriters, working in studios employing
the latest technology, create music and fiture advertisement, truely
remaining in listener's mind. These audio spots not only appear as integral
parts of well organized and efficient advertising campaigns, but as well as
many music hits, they become equally popular among the audiences.

The Founder of the national Gold Grammaphone Award.

Radio that's the most fun.

We have hundreds of both Russian and foreign advertisers. Once they entrust
their advertising to the professionals at Russian Radio, they return again
and again...and, from then on, we're friends.

Trust in us! Listen to us!

* The growth in the age group 16 and over, living in cities with
populations of 100,000 or more. (according to current demographic research

** 18 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Ococ416 (Ococ416@aol.com)
Subject: Translation

Dear ________,
I looked at your Partners Russian Alphabet page, and I was wondering if you
could translate my name into Russian. Example: John = Ivan, etc.
If you could get back to me ASAP I would be grateful. Thanks, ococ416@aol.com

** 19 **********************************************************************

Sender:  ireland@island.net.au
Subject: Vladivostok

We are seeking Business Agents in Vladivostok to purchase or market
Australian UHT Milk, Wines, Fruit Juices,Rice etc. We have world
markets for Peat and Peat processing to emnter into Joint Venture.
A O'Domhnaill
Marketing IOnternational A'asia Eireann Ltd
102 Campbell Drive
Wahroonga NSW
Australia 2076
Fax +61 2 9487 7878

** 20 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Fred Lee Lockwood (FREDLOCK@erols.com)
Subject: Vladimir Dovgan

Can anyone help me locate Vladimir Dovgan's e-mail address. He is a
businessman in Moscow.

Thank you very much.

Fred Lee Lockwood

** 21 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Renee Stillings" (renees@ibm.net)
Subject: Summer study opportunities

The School of Russian and Asian Studies (SRAS) would like to announce
summer study opportunties for 1998. This year we will host programs in
Moscow, Irkutsk, Blagoveschensk, Khabarovsk, and Vladivostok. For more
information on these and other (group and individual) study opportunities
throughout the year, contact SRAS.

The School of Russian and Asian Studies
PO Box 382385, Cambridge, MA 02238

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