Digest for April 03, 1998

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01-03 April 98  Sender:  Publisher@adcom.net
                Subject: from Carl Shedd

02-03 April 98  Sender:  tpelecky@bayou.uh.edu
                Subject: from Ted Pelecky

03-03 April 98  Sender:  isencuk@bellsouth.net
                Subject: from Igor Senchuk

04-03 April 98  Sender:  louscrub@aol.com
                Subject: from Louie


01-03 April 98  Sender:  Valeri Nanobashvili (vn@access.sanet.ge)
                Subject: Georgian NGO seeking partners in EU

02-03 April 98  Sender:  Erin Lynch (Erin.Lynch@jhu.edu)
                Subject: Hold the Date!  Partnering for Results
                         Institute Announcement

03-03 April 98  Sender:  kgrill@aaas.org (KGRILL)
                Subject: SCIENTIST: Funding for Coginitive Science Projects

04-03 April 98  Sender:  Victoria Meadows (vmeadows@cep.yale.edu)
                Subject: Posting

05-03 April 98  Sender:  Barbara Grabski (barbara.grabski@ruhr-uni-bochum.de)
                Subject: information about moscow's population

06-03 April 98  Sender:  John Schoeberlein (schoeber@fas.harvard.edu)
                Subject: ANNOUNCING THE ( Central Asian Studies World
                         Wide ) WEBSITE

07-03 April 98  Sender:  Leilani Benson (lben2915@stu.oru.edu)
                Subject: Posting messages

08-03 April 98  Sender:  "Serguei A. Oushakine" (G96ous72@sirius.ceu.hu)
                Subject: The First Summer School for Younger Scholars
                         in St. Petersburg

09-03 April 98  Sender:  Autumn Buss (bamp@norcov.com)
                Subject: Moscow Institute of Architecture

10-03 April 98  Sender:  "Doug Kohout" (DSKOHOUT@imail.nsac.ns.ca)
                Subject: Re: katya

11-03 April 98  Sender:  "nikst" (nikst@glasnet.ru)
                Subject: RUSSIA: Moscow Theatre Server

12-03 April 98  Sender:  "nikst" (nikst@glasnet.ru)
                Subject: New book of Alexei MITROFANOV in Internet

13-03 April 98  Sender:  "Daf" (daf@meirionnydd.force9.co.uk)
                Subject: Re:souvenirs and relics

14-03 April 98  Sender:  Douglas Homer (contact@usa-intl.com)
                Subject: ChildArt 2000 Festival & Program

15-03 April 98  Sender:  "Hanhela Anssi" (Toyra.Hanhela@mail.suomi.net)
                Subject: BOREYART

16-03 April 98  Sender:  "Wheeler, Joseph" (JWhee@opic.gov)
                Subject: peace corps mission to armenia

17-03 April 98  Sender:  Palms and Company (russia@aa.net)
                Subject: Re: What's new on "Palms Portal To Russia"
                         this week ( 28 March 1998)

APPENDIX:        LISTSERV address & basic procedures


WHAT'S NEW . . .


** 01 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Publisher@adcom.net
Subject: from Carl Shedd

I was in Moscow in December 1979.  The hospitality by regular citizens was
wonderful, and I have many photos I enjoy.  One of the best was Red Square
at night with the Kremlin and the beautiful red star shing out overhead.

The New York Times reported today that Russia is in search of a "national
idea."  Believable slogans are hard to create, but for anyones interest I
enclose the following:

Out of war, peace;
Out of destruction, rebirth;
Out of suffering, redemption;
Out of brotherhood, freedom;
Out of determination, prosperity.

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Sender:  tpelecky@bayou.uh.edu
Subject: from Ted Pelecky

I have just recently been introduced to this site, I am currently a MBA
student at the University of Houston.  I traveled to Moscow and St.
Petersburg last summer and I loved my stay in Russia.  This site is a great
idea, I have made Russian friends over the internet before, but hopefully
this page will make finding new Russian friends easier.  I hope to hear
from everyone soon.

** 03 **********************************************************************

Sender:  isencuk@bellsouth.net
Subject: from Igor Senchuk

Looking for somebody who has internet in Donesk or any other city .Ishu u
kogo est' internet v doneske ili v oblasty pishite pop adressu

** 04 **********************************************************************

Sender:  louscrub@aol.com
Subject: from Louie

Privet iz Ameriki!

Hello to all!  Hola y que tal!  I am Louie and I am in search of russian
friends.  I know a little russian and would love to correspond with anyone
interested.  I'm waiting to hear from you!



Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

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Sender:  Valeri Nanobashvili (vn@access.sanet.ge)
Subject: Georgian NGO seeking partners in EU

Humanitarian Georgian NGO, Association of Disabled Persons (The Union of
God-Children of the Whole Georgia) is seeking Western European (EU)
organization for partnership relations in order to receive 200,000.00
ECU grant from TACIS program in Tbilisi, Georgia. Please send replies
ASAP to  vn@access.sanet.ge .
Valeri Nanobashvili

** 02 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Erin Lynch (Erin.Lynch@jhu.edu)
Subject: Hold the Date!  Partnering for Results Institute Announcement

Johns Hopkins University, Center for Civil Society Studies will be offering
a four-day Institute, "Partnering for Results," June 22 - 26, 1998.  This
international four-day institute is designed to enhance the skills of
nonprofit managers and along with their partners from the government and
business sectors to work together to solve complex social problems.  The
Institute will help participants understand when partnering is appropriate,
who appropriate partners are, what mechanisms for partnering are most
effective, and how results can be measured and credit shared.  For more
information please contact:

Carol Dugan
Johns Hopkins University, Center for Civil Society Studies
Phone:  410-516-5389
Fax:      410-516-8233
E.Mail:  dugan@jhu.edu

Or visit our website:  http://www.jhu.edu/~ips/Programs/ThirdSectorProject/

Erin B. Lynch
Johns Hopkins Institute for Policy Studies
Third Sector Project
Wyman Building,  Room 529
3400 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD  21218

Phone:  (410) 516-7182          Fax: (410) 516-8233

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Sender:  kgrill@aaas.org (KGRILL)
Subject: SCIENTIST: Funding for Coginitive Science Projects


 *Eastern European Cognitive Neuroscience and Cognitive Science Program*

 Since 1993, The James S. McDonnell Foundation has provided special,
 short-term support for collaborative research projects in cognitive
 neuroscience or cognitive science proposed by researchers in Eastern
 Europe (EE), Central Europe (CE) or the Commonwealth of Independent
 States (CIS) and their North American or Western European colleagues.

 In 1998, the Foundation will award up to $500,000 in support of
 collaborative research of this nature.

 The Foundation will review proposals requesting support for research
 in cognitive neuroscience and cognitive science carried out in EE, CE
 and/or CIS laboratories in collaboration with colleagues at Western
 European or North American institutions. The primary goal of this
 program is to support the development of cognitive neuroscience and
 the cognitive sciences in former Soviet bloc countries. Therefore,
 the highest priority will be given to projects where the funds are
 expended in the EE, CE or CIS institution to develop and sustain the
 activity of independent investigators or research teams. Support may
 also be requested for exchange visits between collaborators,
 including brief training periods extending no more than a few months.
 Proposals primarily requesting postdoctoral stipends or other salary
 support to permit an EE, CE or CIS scientist to work for an extended
 period of time in a North American or Western European laboratory
 will not be considered.


 A North American or Western European institution, certified as a
 tax-exempt, non-profit by the United States Internal Revenue Service
 MUST serve as the sponsor of the application and submit the grant to
 the Foundation on behalf of the EE, CE and/or CIS institution. The
 grant will be made to, and administered by, the North American or
 Western European institution.


 The Foundation will reimburse sponsoring institutions for indirect
 costs at a rate of 10% of direct costs.

 Applications may request up to three years of support. The total
 request should not exceed the funding guideline in the McDonnell-Pew
 Program for Cognitive Neuroscience of up to $150,000 over three
 years, including indirect costs (10% of direct costs). The Foundation
 anticipates that most project budgets should be significantly less
 $150,000 due to the lower costs of research in CE, EE and CIS
 laboratories compared with Western institutions. The Foundation
 reserves the right to renegotiate budgets with applicants.


 Applicants should submit one (1) copy of the information requested
 below. The application information may be submitted via hard (paper)
 copy, disc (IBM-compatible Microsoft Word, or convertible ASCII
 file), or Email.

 1) A completed cover sheet (sample below). Disc or Email submissions
 must provide all the information requested by the cover sheet on the
 first page of the application;

 2) A brief narrative describing the proposed research not to exceed
 3000 words. Please describe the anticipated benefits of the
 collaboration, emphasizing how the scientific expertise of the EE, CE
 or CIS collaborators will contribute to the overall success of the
 project. The proposal must include a plan for obtaining continued
 research funding beyond the period of McDonnell Foundation support.

 3) A brief, itemized budget and budget justification that includes
 direct and indirect costs (indirect costs may not exceed 10% of total
 direct costs);

 4) Short form curricula vitae for the principle collaborators;

 5) An authorized document indicating clearance for the use of human
 and animal subjects;

 6) An endorsement letter from the officer of the sponsoring
 institution who will be responsible for administering the grant.

 For Email or disc submissions, items 5 and 6 may be submitted
 separately, but must arrive by the specified deadline.

 No other documents should be appended to the application; any
 information not specifically requested by the guidelines will be


 Applications must be received in the Foundation office on or before
 the close of business (5:00 p.m. CDT) August 4, 1998. Awards will be
 announced at the end of October 1998.


 A list of projects funded by this program in 1997 and general
 information about the McDonnell Foundation is available on our web
 site: www.jsmf.org

 Susan M. Fitzpatrick, Ph.D.
 James S. McDonnell Foundation
 1034 South Brentwood Blvd., Suite 1850 St. Louis, Missouri 63117
 Email: susan@jsmf.org

 The Foundation encourages you to use email or the Internet when
 possible. If you do not have access to Email or the Internet, please
 call 314/721-1532 for information.


 The James S. McDonnell Foundation

 Eastern European Cognitive Neuroscience and Cognitive Science Program


 Expected Start Date

 Project Title


 Mailing Address




 Mailing Address




 Sponsoring Institution

 Administration Contact (Name and Title)

 Mailing Address



 Administration Approval


** 04 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Victoria Meadows (vmeadows@cep.yale.edu)
Subject: Posting

Hi, could you please post the following job announcements on the Friends
and Partners listserv?  Thanks so much!

Best regards,

Victoria Meadows

                            Civic Education Project

                        Country Director

                     Deputy Country Director

The Civic Education Project is a private, international, non-profit
organization that supports higher education reform in societies engaged
in political and economic transition. CEP works to develop the capacity
of faculty and students in Central/Eastern Europe and the former Soviet
Union to teach and carry out research in the social sciences, law and
humanities. Currently CEP has 142 Fellows teaching in 18 countries.

CEP is accepting applications for the following positions:

     Country Director Baltics, based in Latvia, Lithuania or

     Country Director Central Asia, based in Almaty,

     Deputy Country Director Central Asia, based in
Tashkent, Uzbekistan

     Deputy Country Directors (2) Russia, 1 based in Moscow
and 1 based in  Siberia

     Deputy Country Director Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova,
based in Kyiv, Ukraine

The Country Director will lead and administer the CEP Program in the
Country by contracting with universities, managing finances, and
overseeing the work of the CEP Fellows.

The Deputy Country Director will assist the Country Director in
administration of the CEP Program.

Requirements: An advanced degree in the social sciences or humanities; at
least one year of experience working in the former Soviet Union; strong
communication skills; English fluency, and working knowledge of the local
language or Russian. Successful candidates should be resourceful,
good-natured, hard working and committed to the goals of this project.

The appointments start June 15, 1998. Application deadline is May 1,

Send cover letter and current resume or cv to:

Katalin Miklos


Nador u 9

1051 Budapest


Email: kmiklos@cep.yale.edu or kmiklos@osi.hu

Fax: (36-1) 327-3221

Tel: (36-1) 327-3342



                                Civic Education Project

                              Project Director

The Civic Education Project (CEP), which places Western lecturers and
Eastern scholars at universities in Central and Eastern Europe and the
former Soviet Union, is seeking a Project Director, to be based in the
organization's New Haven office and adminster exchange programs with the
former Soviet Union.

The Project Director will report to the President, who is based in
Budapest. He/she should have an advanced degree, experience managing
academic exchange programs, knowledge of Russian language and the
republics of the former Soviet

Union and familiarity with U.S. academic institutions and systems. Some
domestic and international travel is involved.

Resumes should be sent before April 30, 1998, to the attention of Diane
Hoffman at:

Civic Education Project

P.O. Box 205445

New Haven, CT 06520-5445


For more information on CEP, please see our web page at


                          Civic Education Project

                              Vice President

The Civic Education Project (CEP), which places Western lecturers and
Eastern scholars at universities in Central and Eastern Europe and the
former Soviet Union, is seeking a Vice President, to be based in the
organization's New Haven office. Next year, CEP will have approximately
200 lecturers in 20 countries. The New Haven office recruits the
lecturers, provides administrative support, maintains contact with the
academic community, conducts special projects and raises funds. The Vice
President will oversee the 15-person New Haven office.

CEP is a collegial operation, with little hierarchy, and counts on all
its staff to make innovative contributions to its work. Its principal
offices are in New Haven, Connecticut, and Budapest, Hungary, with 11
country directors located abroad. The Vice President will report to the
President, who is based in Budapest. He/she should have an advanced
degree, minimum 5 years management experience, excellent interpersonal
skills, international experience and commitment to the goals of higher
education and voluntary work. Some domestic and international travel is

Resumes should be sent before April 30, 1998, to the attention of Diane
Hoffman at:

Civic Education Project

P.O. Box 205445

New Haven, CT 06520-5445


For more information about CEP, please see our web page at


Victoria Meadows                  vmeadows@cep.yale.edu

Civic Education Project            cep@cep.yale.edu

P.O. Box 5445 Yale Station       http://www.cep.yale.edu

New Haven, CT  06520             ftp://www.cep.yale.edu

** 05 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Barbara Grabski (barbara.grabski@ruhr-uni-bochum.de)
Subject: information about moscow's population


I'm a student from Germany and I'm trying to write about the demographic
structure of Moscow and how it has changed during the last about ten
years. For this purpose, I need statistics about population density, the
allocation of social classes and so on. I am not sure whether I am
addressing the right persons, but if you can help me in any way, I would
be very grateful.
Yours sincerely,
Barbara Grabski

** 06 **********************************************************************

Sender:  John Schoeberlein (schoeber@fas.harvard.edu)
Subject: ANNOUNCING THE  Central Asian Studies World Wide  WEBSITE

ANNOUNCING THE  Central Asian Studies World Wide  WEBSITE

  ***  Visit  Central Asian Studies World Wide  at  ***

Central Asian Studies World Wide is a central source for information
relevant to the study of Central Asia:  Central Asian studies research and
training institutions, publications, conferences, contacts, and much more.

Central Asian Studies World Wide is a work in progress, and I would like
to invite the broad participation of those interested in Central Asia.  If
you see a way that it can be improved, please put in your bit to help
improve it, by providing missing information or giving feedback.
Meanwhile, those visiting it now will find that in some of its dimensions,
it is now more a set of outlines than filled images, and we ask your
patience and assistance to make it more complete.

The point of Central Asian Studies World Wide is to help integrate a
field of study which has traditionally been divided into scholarly enclaves
located in particular countries or focused on particular parts of the broad
region.  Because the region has historically been partitioned between
empires, often scholarly work has been done in a way that put its at
margins of the traditional "core" domains of area studies, such as Middle
Eastern studies, (former-)Soviet studies, and East Asian studies.

Central Asian Studies World Wide turns the main focus on Central Asia
itself, while helping us to draw on the extensive relevant resources
available in diverse fields and various countries.  Taking advantage of the
flexibility and communicative capacity of the Internet, Central Asian Studies World Wide allows scholars and students to draw on -- and build on
-- rich information resources in ways not otherwise possible.

For Central Asian Studies World Wide, we conceive of "Central Asia" very
broadly.  The contemporary states and territories include, from west to
east: the Caucasus and Caspian Basin lands of Azerbaijan, Georgia, and
Armenia; Daghestan, Chechnya and the Northern Caucasus generally; the
Turkic and Muslim regions of the Volga Basin and Southern Russia, the
northern parts of Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India; the "core" Central
Asian states of Turkmenistan, Kazakstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and
Kirghizstan; Xinjiang/Eastern Turkistan and other western regions of China
with large Muslim and Turkic population, Tibet, and Inner Mongolia; and
Southern Siberia extending to Mongolia.

At its current stage of development, Central Asian Studies World Wide
already provides a kind of resource that scarcely exists in any field of
study.  But we will also be relying on the support of the Central Asian
studies community to continue improving it.  In the coming weeks and
months, I will write again requesting specific kinds of information
contributions -- only you know best the resources that are available in
your particular field and part of the world and thus we are dependent on
you.  We want as far as possible to overcome the biases of coverage which
come from our own particular perspectives and connections.  All
constructive feedback is welcome.

I would particularly like to hear from those who see this as a worthy
endeavor and who have something to share towards it.  If we can form a sort
of "editorial board" which serves to ensure breadth and depth of regional
and disciplinary coverage, I believe this will be decisive in making the
project as successful as possible.  Please send your ideas and questions to:

At the moment, we are engaged in two projects which are closely connected
with Central Asian Studies World Wide:

1) Producing a revised edition of the Guide to Scholars of Central Asia,
which will soon be available on-line with coverage of an estimated 1,500
scholars world wide (compared to ca. 1,000 in the first, 1995 edition).
The on-line edition will allow electronic searching by areas of interest,
institutional affiliation, country, etc.  Please submit your information,
if you haven't already, via the web page:
or request a questionnaire via e-mail:

2) Compiling a Guide to Scholarly Resources for the Study of Central Asia,
which will be published later this year with in-depth world wide coverage
of archives, research institutions, reference materials, and much more.
See the web page (with forms for submitting information) at:

You can find information about these and other projects at the Central 
Asian Studies World Wide Website on the Internet at 
( http://www.fas.harvard.edu/~casww/ ).  If you don't have World Wide Web 
access, don't hesitate to write to us for more information, at: 

I would be grateful if you would take a minute to look at Central Asian 
Studies World Wide, and particularly to visit the =Guide to Scholarly 
Resources= page.  As you look here, it is likely you will find information 
that is useful for you.  Please also try to help us fill any current gaps.

Thank you and I look forward to your feedback and your assistance!

John Schoeberlein
Dr. John S. Schoeberlein \ Director
Forum for Central Asian Studies \ Harvard University
1737 Cambridge Street \ Cambridge, MA 02138 \ USA
tel.: (617) 495-4338  fax: (617) 495-8319
Central Asia Forum Website: http://www.fas.harvard.edu/~centasia/
 Central Asian Studies World Wide: http://www.fas.harvard.edu/~casww/

** 07 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Leilani Benson (lben2915@stu.oru.edu)
Subject: Posting messages

I was unable to successfully post a message after I registered on-line.
I am seeking U.S. based companies represented in Ekaterinburg and am
wondering if there is anyone who may have this information.

Thank you.

** 08 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Serguei A. Oushakine" (G96ous72@sirius.ceu.hu)
Subject: The First Summer School for Younger Scholars in St. Petersburg

on 29 June - 12 July 1998
The First Summer School for Younger Scholars

Possible problem fields:
- Philosophy of History in Russia in the Age of Enlightenment
- Historio-sophy and Historio-phobia
- Aims and Tasks of History
- History and  Natural History
- Russia: Historical Time and Historical Space
- The Beginning of Russian History: the Time by the European Calendar
- Genealogy as a Methodology of History
- The Epoch of Historical Fundamentalism
- History as a Literature Genre
- The Golden Age of Russia: History and Utopia
- A look from Outside: Russia and Rossica

The working languages of the school are Russian and English.

The school of younger scholars includes a theoretical workshop of
the participants, lectures of leading specialists in the history of
ideas, individual work in St.Petersburg libraries and archives. The
school proceedings will be published in the special issue of
The Philosophical Age almanac.

Applicants must be younger scholars or teachers not more than 35 years
old (to the end of 1998) from Russia or other countries, who have
Ph. D. degree or its equivalent or are just working to get it.

To apply one must submit not later than 10 April 1998:
- A short request to participate
- A complete Curriculum Vitae
- A text of report relevant to the school topic (about 3 500 words)

All texts should be submitted in English or Russian by E-mail
in ASCII format or as an attached WinWord file. Applications sent by
ordinary mail will be accepted as an exception.

Applicants go through the selection carried out by the Centre and
are informed of the final decision.

All the participants get a free accommodation in an university hostel,
an access to personal computer and E-mail.

Russian Participants' travel expenses are paid (an Aeroflot economy
class return ticket or a railway second-class return ticket, for
the optimal route, not more than $400 total).

E-mail: art@hb.ras.spb.su

Address: P. O. Box 264, B-358
         St.Petersburg 194358 Russia

Summer School Director
Prof. Dr. Tatiana V. Artemieva

Chief of the Project
Dr. Michael I. Mikeshin


is an interdisciplinary centre for advanced studies and fellowship
in the history of ideas. It was founded in 1997 by the St. Petersburg
Institute for History of Science and Technology and the St. Petersburg
Institute for Human Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences
in collaboration with the St. Petersburg State University and supported
by the Federal Program INTEGRATION.


** 09 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Autumn Buss (bamp@norcov.com)
Subject: Moscow Institute of Architecture


I am trying to locate the mailing address, fax number, and/or email
address of the Moscow Institute of Architecture (or Architectural
Institute).  Can you help?

Thank you very much,

Autumn Buss
Berkeley, CA

** 10 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Doug Kohout" (DSKOHOUT@imail.nsac.ns.ca)
Subject: Re: katya


> This message is for anyone who may be living in or near Minsk in
> Belerus. I am looking for a girl that I met in New Glasgow, Nova
> Scotia, Canada. She is from Minsk and was a translator for the
> children of chernobyl in the summer of 1996. Her first name is Katya
> and I think her last name is Grichin. I am not sure if this is the
> correct spelling. We corresponded by mail for a while but I have
> since moved and am unable to contact her. If anyone has heard from
> katya or knows where she may be, the information would be greatly
> appreciated.
> Dskohout@imail.nsac.ns.ca
> Nova Scotia Agricultural College
> Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada

** 11 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "nikst" (nikst@glasnet.ru)
Subject: RUSSIA: Moscow Theatre Server

Moscow Theatre Server

In Russian

Russian encodings:

In English


Welcome to Moscow Theatre Server! This is the only one place in Internet,
dedicated completely to the Moscow theatre life. The server is mostly in
Russian language, but some parts of it are bilingual. This page will help
you to find some English-oriented pages.


On the pages of the Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre you can find an exlusive
information on a great event - 100 years of the historical meeting of
Konstantin Stanislavsky and Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko at Slavyansky
Bazaar restaurant, Moscow - the first step of founding the MHAT.


Official pages of Moscow theatres:

  Moscow Art Theatre named after A.Chekhov
The Moscow Art Theatre was founded by the outstanding figures of Russian
world culture K. S. Stanislavsky and V. I. Nemirovich-Danchenko. The
inauguration took place October 14(26) 1898. The main body of the company
consisted of the students of the Musical Drama School at the Moscow
Philharmonic Society where V.I.Nemirovich-Danchenko taught acting classes
well as of the participants of amateur performances of the Art and
Literature Society headed by K. S. Stanislavsky...


  Moscow Theatre of Young Spectators (Moskovsky Theater Yunogo Zritelya)
The Moscow Theatre of Young Spectators, one of the oldest Moscow theatres
began its history in 1918. Everything has been changed in a moment, the May
day of 1987, while the premiere of "The Dog's Heart" by M. Bulgakov was
held - the performance, directed by Genrietta Yanovskaya , the new artistic
director of the theatre. It has become the Manifest of the theatre, the
flash of light in the new period of our History...

  "Piotr Fomenko Workshop" Theatre
One of the younges however most popular Moscow theatres, created with the
group of former students of Russian Academy of Theatre Art directing
department. Its actors are almost 9 years together and achieved world-wide


Created by Art. Lebedev, Igor Ovchinnikov
WebDesign Studio
E-mail: pochta@theatre.ru

** 12 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "nikst" (nikst@glasnet.ru)
Subject: New book of Alexei MITROFANOV in Internet


Here are addresses of the FULL Russian and English versions of
the new book of Alexei MITROFANOV (young and influental FA
minister in the "Shadow Cabinet" of the [V.V.Zhirinovsky] LDPR).
Besides, Table of Contents and Foreword will help readers of JRL
to grasp the main ideas of the author.

The main aspects of the geopolitical situation in the world are
interpreted in the book. The author, Member and Chairman of the
Committee on Geopolitics of the State Duma, provides an overview
of a great number of facts the analysis of which allows to make
most interesting generalisations.

The citation:

*** Russian idea and solution to "the Russian question" has two inseparable
*** components complementing one another - internal and external. Russia
*** for the outside world and Russia for its own people - that is the
*** subject of the book.

The book is intended for politicians and political scientists. It might
be fascinating reading for the general reader interested in the theory and
practice of geopolitics.




Russian version


ZIP version




Chapter 1. Geopolitics of the plane
Chapter 2. On the beaten path: Yalta-Potsdam
Chapter 3. Stalin's logic
Chapter 4. The crash of Potsdam. The beginning
Chapter 5. The crash of Potsdam. Mittelshpil
Chapter 6. The crash of Potsdam. The end of the game
Chapter 7. The crash of Potsdam. Summing up
Chapter 8. The crash of Potsdam
Chapter 9. New ways and old chains of geopolitical development
Chapter 10. The Russian question in the geopolitical dimension
Chapter 11. On the other problems
Chapter 12. Nuclear counter-blow
Chapter 13. Russia's nuclear dilemma
Chapter 14. "And he went out, not knowing whither he went"  or the new
time's stylistics
Chapter 15. State and power as a game
Chapter 16. The inner aspect of the game
Chapter 17. The outer aspect of the game
Chapter 18. The meaning and sense of the new ideology
Chapter 19. How could we achieve success with our neighbours?
Chapter 20. The USA and Great Britain
Chapter 21. "The Near Abroad" and Baltia
Chapter 22. Belorussia and Ukraine
Chapter 23. The phenomenon of Lukashenko
Chapter 24. NATO, OSCE and other international organisations
Chapter 25. New ways for international co-operation
Chapter 26. What is to be done?
Chapter 27. Germany and the "Eastern question"
Chapter 28. The Oriental direction: Russia and Japan
Chapter 29. The Korean question
Chapter 30. Russia and China
Chapter 31. Co-operation with Taiwan
Chapter 32. The new reality of the West-East Axis: the Berlin-Moscow-Tokyo
Chapter 33. Russia and India. Russia-China-India's Bloc
Chapter 34. The South line: the  antagonism between Farsiland and Turkland
Chapter 35. A little more about the South line: The Caucasus and Chechnya
Chapter  36. Africa, America and Antarctica
Chapter 37. Libya and Iraq
Chapter 38. Several notes on reasonableness of egoism and virtuality
Chapter 39. On the global virtuality
Chapter 40. The world of Internet is a key to victory!
Chapter 41. The simplicity of philisophy
Conclusion. Russian national egoism
Appendix. The world-to-be in the XXIth century


Russian idea and solution to "the Russian question" has two inseparable
components complementing one another - internal and external. Russia for
the outside world and Russia for its own people that is the subject of
the book.
Russia has always been the corner-stone in the world politics. This
circumstance has had an active impact on the internal situation in this
country as well. Fermentation of ideas in Russia has been witnessed at
all the turning points  in world history. The Russian society and the
powers that be then turned out to be in the role of epigones of these
ideas and followed blindly  in the wake of the extraneous "world idea".
The inferior position in the sphere of ideology deprived the powers  that
be and the people of the necessary activity and the means to preserve the
genuine Russian statehood. That is why this country was drawn
unthinkingly into endless conflicts with its neighbours on geopolitical
This damaged the country's prestige and power.
Russian history implacably testifies in favour of finding the leading
principle of  Russia's state-national structure. Evidently it is such an
imperative which could combine both aspects of the state-national life of
this country: external and internal. In previous epochs of our history we
didn't manage to work out a similar integrating basis for Russian
Bifurcation of the idea gave rise to plurality of interpretations and led
to weakness of national ideology of such a kind.
Complication of social life, difficulties in national and global
management, assessment of informative and misinformative flows,
convergence of ideas and ideologies necessarily push national collectives
into searching for a reliable compass for orientation in modern
geopolitical situation.
Russia wishes to find a reliable pilot - Russian National Egoism
That imperative of conduct which developed countries gained at the dawn
of industrial revolution we are discovering now and now we are taking it
on. This is the thing that will allow national ideology to gain the
unbreakable integrity of national idea external and internal aspects.

The materials laid out in the book are based on the results of my
activity as a deputy of The State Duma and as Chairman of The Committee
on Geopolitics during  the last four years. They are the fruits of
meditations and thoughts on the events taken place in the world over the
last decade. I am  most grateful to numerous organisations and people who
participated in The Committee's work and in discussing topics vital for
Russia's future . Among those organisations there are state departments
and scientific research institutes and also social organisations and
their representatives.

My greatest thanks go to Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovsky whose ideas being
in advance of the time have been  my main inspirers. V.Zhirinovsky is the
most mysterious and powerful figure of Russian politics. He has already
played his part as the first post-Soviet public politician. He is still
to do many important and intriguing things for this country and the

I also wish to express my profound gratitude to my colleagues and friends
K. Zhukov, A.Arkhipov, S.Zharikov, A.Ivanov, A.Ignatyev who organised
fruitful discussions within the framework of our Committee's seminar "The
Russian idea: nation and state" for their help in the book preparation.
thanks to A.Zheltukhin for invaluable contribution into preparation of
this book. I am also grateful to V.A.Antonov, The Candidate of History
Science for his help in scientific editing of the manuscript.

                                      Alexei Valentinovich Mitrofanov
                                                Nikolino Pole June 1997

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Sender:  "Daf" (daf@meirionnydd.force9.co.uk)
Subject: Re:souvenirs and relics

 Donald and Larisa Kakretz wrote
>  We literally search the world over for collectibles from the
> former Soviet Union.  Our most popular items are Orders and Medals, many
> which are made of precious metals such as Gold, Silver, and Platinum.
> these are not all Military Awards.  The Soviet Union was one of the few
> countries to give High Awards and Medals to their civilian population.
> fact there is a whole series of Gold and Silver Orders and Medals given
> exclusively to mothers.  Please take a moment to check out these
> and highly collectible relics of a bygone era.  Happy Collecting.

I felt I couldn't let this pass without comment. I really do hope [vain
hope I fear] that this 'world wide' search is not in the ex-Soviet Union.
Surely in those countries there must be an awful lot of people to whom
these are very recent souvenirs [in a quite different sense]  of family
members, many of whom died in the war ar are now dead but not forgotten. It
leaves a nasty taste to see these things promoted as 'most popular items '
, not to mention the obvious point that pensioners are one of the poorest
sections of Russian society now and no doubt many would sell these things
for much less than their value just to buy essentials.
Daf  [web page- www.meirionnydd.force9.co.uk]

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Sender:  Douglas Homer (contact@usa-intl.com)
Subject: ChildArt 2000 Festival & Program

The International Child Art Foundation (ICAF) announces ChildArt 2000,
an international child art competition taking place now in nearly 150
countries.  The theme for this year is "My World in the Year 2000."
As part of ICAF's Millennium Program, ChildArt 2000 fosters artistic
potential in children and encourages the advancement of arts education
in schools internationally.  For more information contact:  Lori
Broglio, Director of Programs, 1350 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 905,
Washington, DC, 20036, (202) 530-1000 phone, (202) 530-1080 fax,

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Sender:  "Hanhela Anssi" (Toyra.Hanhela@mail.suomi.net)

                                         "FLOWERS AND ICE CREAM"

                               OPENING 5.5.1998   5 P.M..

                                      BOREY ART GALLERY
                              Russia 191104 St. Petersburg Liteiny pr.
                       Tel. (812) 273-3693, 275-8418. Fax. (812)

                                      hanhela anssi-visual artist
Sihtikuja 1 D 47
90520 Oulu
p.08-344 222



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Sender:  "Wheeler, Joseph" (JWhee@opic.gov)
Subject: peace corps mission to armenia

I am a Russian-speaking 21-year-old American living in Washington, DC.  I'm
planning to leave for Armenia in late May to teach English with the Peace
Corps for two years.  I am interested in hearing from anyone currently
living in Armenia or who has been to Armenia.  (advice, interesting stories,
things to do or not to do, problems with ethnic strife across the borders,
things to bring, literature to read before going, how commonly used is
Russian language, how difficult is Armenian)
Joseph Wheeler

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Sender:  Palms and Company (russia@aa.net)
Subject: Re: What's new on "Palms Portal To Russia" this week ( 28 March 1998)

All products imported into Russia from United States - Europe and Asia

     Ϋ ΉΧ‘χ‰‘Š‰Υ Š ‘‘ŠΓΉή€ŠΥŠ ­¦χ‰Γ‘‘Š‹ΥŠ,
     S uvajheniem i nailuchshimi pozhelaniyami,

Dr. Pyotr Joannevich van de Waal-Palms
President, Palms & Company, Inc., Investment Bankers (1934-1997)
The United States of America
Tel: 1 425 - 828-6774 Fax 1 425 827-5528
E-mail: russia@aa.net
WWW home page: http://members.aa.net/~russia/palloby.html
"Understanding Russian Banking"

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