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01-22 March 98  Sender:  timvale@mailexcite.com
                Subject: from timvale

02-22 March 98  Sender:  timvale@mailexcite.com
                Subject: from Tim Vale

03-22 March 98  Sender:  ussr@clarityconnect.com
                Subject: from Donald and Larisa Kakretz

04-22 March 98  Sender:  msinak@stlnet.com
                Subject: from Michael

05-22 March 98  Sender:  bvs@injersey.com
                Subject: from Igor

06-22 March 98  Sender:  7371-ccphys.nsu.ru
                Subject: from Anton Adamansky

07-22 March 98  Sender:  cianca@int0828.it
                Subject: from antonio

08-22 March 98  Sender:  user.50865209@mailexcite.com
                Subject: from Michael

09-22 March 98  Sender:  val_47@hotmail.com
                Subject: from Valerij  SOLOGUBENKO


01-22 March 98  Sender:  matofska@bway.net
                Subject: documentary for BBC Television

02-22 March 98  Sender:  aacm (aac@cityline.ru)
                Subject: Privet from Russia!

03-22 March 98  Sender:  "Sonja Franeta" (sonja@webbnet.com)
                Subject: Travel to the Russian Far East

04-22 March 98  Sender:  John Carlson (John_Carlson@ccmail.wiu.edu)
                Subject: Irkutsk agriculture

05-22 March 98  Sender:  "Richard J. McConnell" (richm@hevanet.com)
                Subject: Any Russian People in Portland Needing Help
                         With English??

06-22 March 98  Sender:  "gary clark" (garyclark@hotmail.com)
                Subject: BELIEVING IN CHILDREN

07-22 March 98  Sender:  kgrill@aaas.org (KGRILL)
                Subject: SCIENTIST: SATW - Branco Weiss Scholarships

08-22 March 98  Sender:  Hario Brahmiarso (wr-hario@semarang.wasantara.net.id)
                Subject: Lokking for a penpal.

09-22 March 98  Sender:  "odak" (odak@hurriyet.com.tr)
                Subject: taraz

10-22 March 98  Sender:  "Michael D. Corbin" (mirhouse@sky.net)
                Subject: Investing in the Russian Securities Markets

11-22 March 98  Sender:  NELSON SANTIAGO REIS (eagle@fisepe.pe.gov.br)
                Subject: (no subject)

12-22 March 98  Sender:  "nikst" (nikst@glasnet.ru)
                Subject: Moscow State University

13-22 March 98  Sender:  Bohdan Peter Rekshynskyj (Bohdan@TRYZUB.com)
                Subject: The Ukrainian Weekly Preview March 22nd, 1998

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Sender:  timvale@mailexcite.com
Subject: from timvale


My name is Tim and I'm from the Isle Of Wight,U.K.
I spent a year in H.K.in 1986 and travelled to China many times,
mostly to Chengdu then on to Lhasa and Katmandu. I have since lived
and worked in St.Petersburg, Russia from '89 -'94 where I made many friends.
I travelled to Kirgizia back in '92 to the Lake Issikul,recommend it to
anyone travelling through to China,to make a stop over. I would like to hear
from anyone living in China, Russia or Europe,especially if you have a passion
for travelling to unusual places. I am now based in Budapest, Hungary., and I
have a few  web pages of what I have been up to at....


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Sender:  timvale@mailexcite.com
Subject: from Tim Vale

I almost forgot to thank F&P for having created a brilliant place where
people like me can read about other such people who have an intrest in the
Former Soviet Union and it's peoples.  There is no longer an "Iron Curtain"
but there is a curtain which separates the majority, the "Dollar Curtain"
from the majority in the West, but thanks to technology and access to the
internet and such organisations as F&P, those boundaries can also be
crossed.  Although I havn't been in Russia since '95; I still part of me
still there in St.Petersburg....

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Sender:  ussr@clarityconnect.com
Subject: from Donald and Larisa Kakretz

Hello Friends & Partners,

I would like to invite you to visit a new section here on Friends &
Partners, Unique
Soviet Souvenirs and Relics.  We are located under Historical and
Military Memorabilia in the Commerce/Business section of Friends &
Partners.  We literally search the world over for collectibles from the
former Soviet Union.  Our most popular items are Orders and Medals, many of
which are made of precious metals such as Gold, Silver, and Platinum.  And,
these are not all Military Awards.  The Soviet Union was one of the few
countries to give High Awards and Medals to their civilian population.  In
fact there is a whole series of Gold and Silver Orders and Medals given
exclusively to mothers.  Please take a moment to check out these beautiful
and highly collectible relics of a bygone era.  Happy Collecting.

Best Wishes,

Donald and Larisa Kakretz

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Sender:  msinak@stlnet.com
Subject: from Michael

I finally found it!  This is the page I've been looking for!  I have done
quite a bit of web searching for information on Russia and the former
Soviet Union.  I have never found a site as well done as this one.  Keep up
the good work.  I am a 35 year old American with a wife and 3 children.  My
great grandparents are from Russia and I am very interested in learning
more about what life for might have been like had they not come to the
United States.  I would very much like to travel to Russia someday.  Thanks
again and keep up the good work!  I especially like the "Travel
Experiences" section.

** 05 **********************************************************************

Sender:  bvs@injersey.com
Subject: from Igor

I am looking for Sasha(Alexandra) Petrova who used to be a student of
Faculty of Journalizm of MGU from 1991 to 1996.  If anybody knows where is
she now, may be she changed her family name, please email me.  many thanks
in advance.  Igor

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Sender:  7371-ccphys.nsu.ru
Subject: from Anton Adamansky

hi i'm 18 and i hope to meet a good friends.
About me at page :http://i-connect.ru/~antony

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Sender:  cianca@int0828.it
Subject: from antonio

hello there.  antonio is with you now.  i am looking for friends from all
the world.  wite to me or visit my home page at:
http://basys.uni.net/antonio ciao from italy.

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Sender:  user.50865209@mailexcite.com
Subject: from Michael

Hi!  My name is Michael and i'm from Israel.  I'd like to have friens from
Russia.Especially from Moscow.  I can talk about whatever you want to so if
anyone interested write to my email.

** 09 **********************************************************************

Sender:  val_47@hotmail.com
Subject: from Valerij  SOLOGUBENKO

I search Michael SHVARTCMAN, born in Moldova, former USSR. help, please.
my phone +49-89-6091659.

Vsem, kto vosmozhno snaet: is Kishineva: Michaila Shvartcmana, Nauma
Chernyaka ( L.A.-?), Vladimira Groismana ( Israel, USA- ?)  proshu
soobshit' mne ili peredat' im moy email i phone.  Zaranee spasibo, Valerij
Sologubenko, do 1989- Kishinev, 89- 09.01.91--SPB, Norway, Germany.

Munich, Germany.


Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

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Sender:  matofska@bway.net
Subject: documentary for BBC Television

          Name: Benita Matofska
 Email-address: matofska@bway.net

I am developing a documentary for BBC Television about children in New
York.  The idea is to interview a group of ten children aged ten.  I am
trying to get an idea of a day in the life of a Russian child living in
Brighton Beach.  Any ideas, suggestions of anyone who may be able to help
me.  At this stage I am trying to get a sense of the lifestyle of a Russian
child living in that area.  The intention is that all children included
will represent their communities of at least a part of a community.  If you
have any ideas I would be grateful.
Thanks, Benita

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Sender:  aacm (aac@cityline.ru)
Subject: Privet from Russia!

My name is Ludmila . I'm 49 y.o. I want to have friends around the
world.I have a lot of interests in different areas and would like to
discuss a lot of things with you.
My email address aacm@glasnet.ru

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Sender:  "Sonja Franeta" (sonja@webbnet.com)
Subject: Travel to the Russian Far East

I will be travelling from California to Japan in July. I want to make a
trip to Russia from Japan. Does anyone know about that route. Taking the
ferry? Are there any inexpensive plane fares, etc. I also would love soem
contacts. I have taken the trip from Khabarovsk to Novosibirsk before but
it was about 5 years ago. I speak Russian fluently. Looking forward to my

** 04 **********************************************************************

Sender:  John Carlson (John_Carlson@ccmail.wiu.edu)
Subject: Irkutsk agriculture

hi!  I'm trying to locate an agricultural university/academy in
Irkutsk.  Can you give me any help with this?  My e-mail is

Thank you -- John CArlson

** 05 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Richard J. McConnell" (richm@hevanet.com)
Subject: Any Russian People in Portland Needing Help With English )?

I live in Portland, Oregon, USA., and have been trying to find some Russian
people to exchange English lessons for help with Russian.  I have tried
several local organizations assisting incoming Russians, but have not been
able to make any contacts.

If anyone has connections to someone here in Portland who might like some
English tutoring, please have them contact Richard, at richm@hevanet.com.

Thank you.

Richard McConnell
Portland, Oregon

** 06 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "gary clark" (garyclark@hotmail.com)

Good Morning ALL!

It's Wednesday at 10:45 & I am here in Florida missing my family &
friends, so thought I would zip along a sample of what I'm working on.
Would love to hear your response(s).  Feel free to share with anyone
else you think might be interested.  More forthcoming & available.

Here are a few thoughts (still under revision) from different chapters
in my new book, BELIEVING IN CHILDREN:

**************From Chapter 1, Keepers of the Earth-Dream

            If we view children as keepers of the Earth-Dream, life
changes for us.  We feel differently about our role in the world.  We do
not downplay children; instead, we cherish them & encourage them to
share their unique qualities:  to wonder, feel, imagine, see daily
miracles.  Our role:  to help children evolve.

***************From Chapter 3, Extra-Ordinary Beings in our Midst

           Things are revealed through a deeper nature for children, as
though they are in touch with the core of Human-Nature, emerging from a
silent bond with the complex life-forces of the Earth.  They behold
common things & feel awe where we stand closed-off.  Their minds are
fertile with vast powers of  imagination;  startled by a night sky, they
stand in reverence without trying.  They are interwoven with the Earth,
living proof that being alive IS hallowed.

**************From Chapter 4, A Sense of Wonder

           Children embody humility in the presence of Earth.  Night
skies are vast, tumultuous:  luminous with pinpoints of angelic glow.
Shadows are living things.  It's as though children breathe the rarefied
ether of other realms, of dimensions of life that engulf us without our
knowing.  The impossible is dreamable.  the dream appears real; and,
therefore, IS.  The line between imagination & reality has never been
thinner.  In fire, flame-images dance in dreamlike rhythms.  In a stone,
ancient days are still alive.

**************From Chapter 7, The Right to Dream

          We must allow children to keep their days & nights charged
with energy & enthusiasm. There are times when we intrude, make life
strange & difficult with adult demands, forcing children right out of
their worlds, into ours, canceling all beyond OUR awareness.  We must
help children gather their findings, see connections, praising them all
along for their content & spirit of inquiry:  what they have found is
what we have overlooked.

*************From Chapter 5, Children of the Information Age

           We want children to know OUR information.  We want to inFORM
them.  But, too much information deFORMS, so we must teach them how to
discern, set priorities, understand circumstances, real-IZE context.  If
we don't, they will not sort & balance the information that streams to
them across their lives.

************From Chapter 11, Inter-Action as Momentum for Growth

           Do we tell children their own knowledge is valuable?  Do we
take the time to really see the world as they see it?  We praise them
for good grades, but what aobut their own SENSE of things?  Do we praise
them for verbal links, visual perceptions, imaginative grasps?  What
about the knowledge they have of life, THEIR insights, their own weaves
toward patterns of meaning?

*************From Chapter 12, The Roller Coaster of Adult Life

           What children see & hear of our world does not make sense to
them.  There are showers of questions.  Life is NOT always fair.  There
IS pain & suffering.  The bad guy does sometimes get away.  The needy
don't win the lottery.  Daily life is laced with a psycho-logic that
escapes our detection:  with lies, half-truths, assumptions & beliefs
handed down, passed on.  Children offer us other forms of being alive,
of dwelling on the Earth open to mystery & magic, entrances to truth.

           Well, that's it for now.  Hope you like that sort of
thinking.  Obviously I do.  It's what I believe in the most!  Many of
these thoughts were first presented in "seed form" in my book, COMPUTERS
& YOUNG MINDS:  Educating Children for Life (Datamost, Inc., 1984) & in
related articles published in INSTRUCTOR, ELECTRONIC EDUCATION, THE
COMPUTER TEACHER, & PRISM INTERNATIONAL.  A more recent version appered
in "Dare to Be Childlike" (Joyful Child Journal, 1995).

           I hope to hear from you when time allows you to share your
space!  Thank you for being a part of my life!!!!!!

            Good cheer,



** 07 **********************************************************************

Sender:  kgrill@aaas.org (KGRILL)
Subject: SCIENTIST: SATW - Branco Weiss Scholarships

         ***The Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences (SATW) ***
                 Fund SATW - Branco Weiss SCHOLARSHIPS

 The Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences (SATW) Fund SATW-Branco
 Weiss scholarships are awarded to dynamic and qualified engineers or
 graduates of applied natural sciences from the CIS or from
 Switzerland for an eight month industrial placement in Switzerland or
 vice versa.  Selection of applicants in January/February and the
 negotiation of placements are undertaken by the SATW. Selection
 criteria are based on the training, background, interests and skills
 of the candidates.

 *Conditions for Candidates*

 Not more than 35 years of age, with a degree or diploma in
 engineering or applied natural sciences and two years practical
 experience in successful projects. Willing to demonstrate
 initiative and full project engagement.

 *The Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences*

 SATW is an umbrella organization representing specialist associations
 connected with engineering sciences. Its functions include:
 Furthering international relations, issuing statements and responding
  to inquiries, promoting research, consulting governmental
 organizations, organizing the exchange of junior engineers,
 orienting the public about scientific-technical problems, organizing
 interdisciplinary discussions, providing early research diagnosis,
 promoting ethics in technology, etc.

 For more information contact Dr. D. R. Barberis with the information
 provided above, or visit the web site (http://www.fund-bw.org).
 Information on the scholarship is available in Russian, English,
 French, German and Italian. An on-line application form is available.

 *Contact Information*

 Fund SATW-Branco Weiss
 Dr. Dario R. Barberis
 P. O. B.
 Selnaustrasse 16
 CH-8039 Zurich

 Phone: + 41 1 283 16 11      (1)
 Fax-1: + 41 1 283 16 19
 Fax-2: + 41 1 283 16 21
 Fax-3: + 41 1 283 16 31

 (1) From CIS replace the '+' by '8-10'

 E-mail:   barberis@fund-bw.org
 E-mail:   scholarships@fund-bw.org
 Web site: http://www.fund-bw.org

** 08 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Hario Brahmiarso (wr-hario@semarang.wasantara.net.id)
Subject: Lokking for a penpal.


My name is Hario Brahmiarso, you can call me Hario, I came from Indonesia,
I'm 20, now I'm studying electrical engineering on the advanced level and I
attend to improving my English. I also like to learn more a bout Japan,
Russia, Australia language and culture. I also looking for a penpal from all
aver the world. We could talk about everything, so please if you have some
spare time, E-mail me.

** 09 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "odak" (odak@hurriyet.com.tr)
Subject: taraz


I am an archaeologist and journalist working in a weekly news magazine,
in Turkey.
In January, I  saw a news at AA (anatolian news agency). But it
was an incomplete story so that I couldn't satisfy and reach to the base of
it. It was about the excavations in the city of Taraz, in the south of
Kazakhstan, made by the Kazakh archaeologists.
The story was telling about a recently found mini oil refinery dating to
the 7-9 th  centuries. And also saying that the chief of the excavation
team was Darken Baytov. The story was not including the name of the
institute, or the name of the
university and anything...
If you know anything about the story or the address of Mr. Darken Baytov (I
don't know even if he is archaeologist or what) I will be very pleased. I
am waiting to hear from you as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance.

Melda Bagdatli

PC: The story was taken place in new weekly news magazine "21. Wek" (I
don't know if this spelling is correct or not but it means  21. Century). I
didn't  see this magazine and couldn't reach and contact with them...

address: Melda Bagdatl╝
                Hurriyet Medya Towers (8. kat)
                Gunesli, Istanbul
 tel: 00 90 (212) 677 08 29
 fax: 00 90 (212) 677 06 18 - 677 06 99
 other e-mails: mbagdat@hotmail.com

** 10 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Michael D. Corbin" (mirhouse@sky.net)
Subject: Investing in the Russian Securities Markets

>From the book,
Understanding Russian Banking
Russian Banking System, Securities Markets, and Money Settlements
(ISBN: 0-9645464-2-6)

Unit 7. Securities Markets in Russia


Nevertheless, it is important to understand the semantic meaning of what we
are saying to each other, so our interpretation and conclusions remain
consistent and compatible.  This unit contributes to that objective by
presenting the thought process behind the development of Russia's
securities markets and the terminology employed in describing financial
functions.  To the careful reader it makes clear that the functions which
are described, are identical to their economies and that only the
designations vary according to local custom.  Our objectives and methods
remain uniform.  In our own way we are all talking about the same thing.
There is nothing to correct.  There is only something to grasp and
understand.  ..  In that sense, this book will be an eye-opener for
international investment bankers as they visit with Russian bankers on
these pages.  If it servers this function, it should shorten the length of
negotiating time for all parties.

For more information, please visit:

Please feel free to forward this message to interested parties.

Michael D. Corbin
Mir House International, Inc.

** 11 **********************************************************************

Sender:  NELSON SANTIAGO REIS (eagle@fisepe.pe.gov.br)
Subject: (no subject)

I'd like to access the "L'Hermitage Museum". Could you send me the
address (URL)?

** 12 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "nikst" (nikst@glasnet.ru)
Subject: Moscow State University

MISC>Moscow State University


Official pages
General information
MSU web
Address book
Scientific projects
Russian Servers
With any suggestions or questions, please, feel free to contact

Lomonosov Moscow State University

Lomonosov Moscow State University, founded in 1755 by the great
Russian scientist Michael Lomonosov, has a long-standing tradition of
academic excellence. Today it is considered to be one of the most important
scientific and educational centers in Russia. At present there are more
than 8600 professors, lecturers and research associates working at MSU.
Among them are 125 academicians (including several Nobel Prize winners).
More than 26 thousand undergraduate students study at Moscow State
University, and about 5 thousand are working on their Ph.D. projects. The
number of foreign students and postgraduates among them is about two
thousand and their number increases every year.

Moscow University has more than 100 laboratories, computer center,
botanical gardens, Museum of Anthropology, Museum of Zoology, Museum of
Soil Science, Museum of Rare Books and a number of specialized research and
teaching centers (biotechnological, laser, ecological and others).

The University campus located in one of the most beautiful regions of
Moscow has all necessary facilities: lecture halls, laboratories, a science
park, libraries (free of charge), dining halls, canteens, hostels,
dormitories, a movie theater, conference hall post office, polyclinics,
sports facilities and various shops.

Moscow University has a solid tradition of preparing students for advanced
degrees and successful careers.

In the rating-list of Europe's leading quality educational institutions
(Gourman Report, National Education Standards, USA) Moscow State University
occupies the second place.

At present Moscow University consists of 20 faculties, offering B.A./B.Sc.;
M.A/M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs in science and humanities.


´Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics ´Faculty of Cybernetics and Computer
Science ´Faculty of Physics ´Chemical Faculty ´Biological Faculty ´Faculty
of Soil Science ´Geological Faculty ´Geographical Faculty ´Faculty of Basic


´Historical Faculty ´Philological Faculty ´Philosophical Faculty
´Sociological Faculty ´Psychological Faculty ´Faculty of Economics ´Faculty
of Law ´Faculty of Journalism ´Faculty of Foreign Languages ´Institute of
Asian and African Studies (comprises 3 faculties -
´History, ´Philology and ´Socio-Economics)
´Center for International Education

Being the governing body of Moscow State University, the Supreme Academic
Council includes Rector, Vice-Rectors, Deans of faculties and Directors of
institutes, elective representatives of Academic Councils of all faculties
and institutes of MSU, as well as representatives of Student Council. In
accordance with University Charter it has powers to resolve strategic
matters of the University's functioning. The Supreme Academic Council
elects Rector of Moscow State University. The Supreme Academic Council is
supposed to consider and solve the most important questions of educational
and research activities, international relations, it works out the budget,
grants academic degrees, plans social and economic development of the

International Relations

Moscow University is a member of the International Association of
Universities, the Conference of Rectors of European Universities and other
international organizations. It has direct agreements on cooperation with
more than 150 scientific centers, universities and unions in Europe, USA,
Canada, Japan, South Korea, China, Latin America, Africa.


Moscow State University welcomes applications from foreign students,
provided that they are high school or college graduates. Good knowledge of
Russian language is required for all types of studies, and a student can be
admitted to one of MSU's faculties only after he/she passes examination in
Russian language.

In case a foreign student does not possess sufficient knowledge of Russian,
he/she will be admitted to the Center for International Education of Moscow
State University for a preparatory course of Russian language and other
subjects necessary for his future specialization.

Basic Information For Applicants

Academic year at Moscow State University is divided in 2 semesters. It
begins on September the 1st and continues for 10 months. Vacations - from
July the 1st till August the 31st.

Application forms are available at International Education Department of
Moscow State University not later than September the 1st every year.

Postgraduate Studies

All faculties of Moscow State University accept graduates, holding
M.A./M.Sc degrees for working on Ph.D. projects. Six semesters are normally
required for preparation of Ph.D. thesis.


Citizens of Russian Federation pay no tuition fee. Tuition fees for foreign
students vary from US $ 2000 to US $4500 per academic year depending on
faculty and specialization. Those working on Ph.D. projects pay US $ 2500 -
US $ 6000 per academic year as tuition fee.

Accommodation and Living Expenses

Moscow State University provides student accommodations of several
types. Every foreign student has a choice between single rooms in the Main
Building of the University (min - US $ 40 and max - US $ 120 per month) and
two-three persons' rooms in two other hostels, situated not very far from
the campus (US $ 350 - US $ 100 per year).

Some students prefer to rent apartments in Moscow. Monthly rent for a one
room apartment is about US $ 150.

There are more than 20 restaurants, cafeterias and canteens on the campus.

Living expenses at present are estimated at US $ 100 - 150 per month.


The University has at its disposal more than 6 hundred buildings including
scientific research centers in the Crimea and on the White Sea. The Main
Building and the University campus are situated near Universitet metro
station. Some faculties are located in downtown, right opposite to the
Kremlin (Okhotny Ryad metro station).


The University library was first opened in 1756 and now contains more than
8 million volumes, 2 million of them in foreign languages. Each faculty has
its own library, which provides textbooks for the students.

Sports and Cultural Activities

Students and professors of MSU have the opportunity to participate in
various kinds of sports in the MSU Sports Club. Sports facilities of the
University include 12 gymnasiums, 2 swimming pools, stadiums, a baseball
diamond, tennis courts and other sports grounds.

MSU is proud of its cultural traditions. The first Russian university
theater was founded here in the beginning of the 19th century, along with a
theatrical school. Moscow University has long been famous both for its
choir and its symphony orchestra.


For further information please contact:

The Head of International Education Department
Moscow State University
Moscow, 119899

Tel.:    +7 (095)-939-3510

Tel/Fax: +7 (095)-939-4220

Fax:     +7 (095)-938-0165

Email:   admission@rector.msu.ru

Moscow State University has official agents in the following countries:

USA, Canada:   The School of Russian and Asian Studies

               Tel.:  800-557-8774

               Email: alinga@world.std.com

Switzerland:   Petroconsultants

               Mr. Igor Vysotskii

               Tel.: +4122-721-1864

               Fax:  +4122-721-1919

The list of our agents is subject to changes. University can change, add
new agents to the present list.
BTW: MSU is my "alma mater" (nst)

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Sender:  Bohdan Peter Rekshynskyj (Bohdan@TRYZUB.com)
Subject: TryzubSite: The Ukrainian Weekly Preview March 22nd, 1998, is now


   The latest *PREVIEW* of the Ukrainian Weekly is now available!
This is an exclusive regular feature each week containing timely and
the most up to date information on Ukraine and the Ukrainian Diaspora
available on Internet.   Go directly to http://www.TRYZUB.com and
click on the "Current Events" section located in the upper right quadrant
of the web page on top.

   The Ukrainian Weekly is the largest weekly newspaper (in English)
extant in the Western world covering Ukrainian issues both in Ukraine
and in the Ukrainian Diaspora.   The complete articles are available to
subscribers only.  Subscription information is available
when you visit the web-site.  The Ukrainian Weekly is funded by
the Ukrainian National Association and your subscriptions.  Their website
may be perused at http://www.tryzub.com/UNA/.

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problems e-mail should always be sent to the attention of the site's
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               Bohdan Peter Rekshynskyj


----------------------- END FRIENDS March 22, 1998 -------------------------


FRIENDS is a free service started by friends in Russia and the United
States. This Listserv is one element of that service.

To subscribe to FRIENDS (if someone has passed you a copy of this
announcement), just send an email message to:


consisting of *one line* of the following format:

SUBSCRIBE FRIENDS firstname lastname

and substitute your first and last names for 'firstname lastname'

To unsubscribe from FRIENDS, send the message UNSUBSCRIBE FRIENDS to:

To post a message to FRIENDS, send it to: friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

To visit the FRIENDS WWW server, use the following URLs if you have
a World Wide Web browser:  http://www.friends-partners.org/friends/

If you don't have a WWW browser, just telnet to solar.rtd.utk.edu
and enter 'friends' (in lower case and without the quotes) at the
login prompt.

or those who need it, the IP address of our computers are

Please address any comments, questions, or suggestions to your

  Natasha Bulashova, natasha@alice.ibpm.serpukhov.su
  Greg Cole, gcole@solar.rtd.utk.edu