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01-09 March 98  Sender:  ALBERTWJ@KBHR.COM
                Subject: from WJA

02-09 March 98  Sender:  bstewart@cybertron.com
                Subject: from Barbara

03-09 March 98  Sender:  grtrlove@aol.com
                Subject: from Bob

04-09 March 98  Sender:  rspinar@hotmail.com
                Subject: from Richard

05-09 March 98  Sender:  andorra@sochi.ru
                Subject: from Anzhelika

06-09 March 98  Sender:  tet@perm.raid.ru
                Subject: from Sergey


01-09 March 98  Sender:  Judy Antipin Hartheimer (jhart@cynet.net)
                Subject: re: video project

02-09 March 98  Sender:  Steve Streeter (sstreet@netfxcorp.com)
                Subject: More St. Petersburg Help

03-09 March 98  Sender:  "UNYNLEVI" (nlevine@afs.org)
                Subject: Exchange Programs

04-09 March 98  Sender:  "Benjamin Sher"  (sher07@bellsouth.net )

05-09 March 98  Sender:  gcole@solar.rtd.utk.edu
                Subject: $25,000 Award for Best Virtual Education Project
                         Recognizing Outstanding Online Education

06-09 March 98  Sender:  Paul Mohlman (mohlmanp@earthlink.net)
                Subject: satellites

07-09 March 98  Sender:  "gary clark" (garyclark@hotmail.com)
                Subject: SEEKERS

08-09 March 98  Sender:  "Jeff Spears" (speco@eagnet.com)
                Subject: Advertising

09-09 March 98  Sender:  Vovka16@aol.com
                Subject: Russian hockey

10-09 March 98  Sender:  "Galina A. Andrianova" (galina@eschool.chg.ru)
                Subject: Olymp-98

11-09 March 98  Sender:  "nikst" (nikst@glasnet.ru)
                Subject: All Regions of Russia by Pictures

12-09 March 98  Sender:  puji laksono (depe_laksono@hotmail.com)
                Subject: Looking for a friends

13-09 March 98  Sender:  "Andrey Ozharovskii" (zarov@host.cis.lead.org)
                Subject: Political Seminar and Election Observation in Moscow

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** 01 **********************************************************************

Subject: from WJA

I am a 28 year old American female.  I am interested in learning about
Russia as I plan to visit sometime in the next few years.  I would like a
Russian penpal (St.  Petersburg or Moscow areas)to help me get acquainted
with Russia so my trip will not be so scary.  I do not speak any Russian,
but would like to learn some.

** 02 **********************************************************************

Sender:  bstewart@cybertron.com
Subject: from Barbara

I began my Russian in the military at the Presidio of Monterey.  I was
there in 91 and 92.  Sadly I have let my language slip.  I am anxious to
regain my skills.  I would dearly love to have a penpal that can help me
relearn and practice.  You can e-mail me.

** 04 **********************************************************************

Sender:  grtrlove@aol.com
Subject: from Bob


I am very interested in learning Russian.  If you live in Virginia,USA and
can help me, I would really appreciate it!  If you know of sites other then
Travlang (I am using it) that has Russian language helps..please email.
Thanks to the many of you who have emailed me and the ongoing email penpal
conversations we have had.  Have a great day in Russia.  Remember, HE WHO



** 05 **********************************************************************

Sender:  rspinar@hotmail.com
Subject: from Richard

ËŚ┬╠Ş ×ËĽË»╦╚!!...just rusified my computer and your pages were great for
testing thanks.

** 06 **********************************************************************

Sender:  andorra@sochi.ru
Subject: from Anzhelika

Hello!  Menja zovut Anzhela.  Mne 24 goda.  Prozhivaju v gorode Sochi.
Hochu perepisivatsja s drugom,podruzhkoj.  Zhdu pisem.  Moj E-Mail:

** 06 **********************************************************************

Sender:  tet@perm.raid.ru
Subject: from Sergey

Privet iz Permi!  Eto pochti Sibir-r-r...  i zdes vse esche holodno.  Mne
28, uvlekayus literaturoy, avangardnoy mistikoy.  Sam pishu koe-chto.  Budu
rad znakomstvu!


Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

** 01 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Judy Antipin Hartheimer (jhart@cynet.net)
Subject: re: video project

Hello list members,
I am a journalist from Philadelphia,  Pennsylvania, on the east coast of
the United States, and I am also of Russian ancestry. For the past two
years I have been using the Internet to find living relatives in the
former Soviet Union. All contact with any family members was cut off
many years ago - grandparents on both sides (they all died many years
ago)  emigrated to the United States before the Russian Revolution.  I
have had some success in this search, and now have expanded this
personal project to include other Russian and American citizens who may
have family in those respective countries they have never met and have
no or little knowledge of.

This summer I expect to visit Russia at the invitation of a Moscow
resident who shares my family name (we probably will never track down
our exact connection, but we have been corresponding by email for a
year, and consider ourselves part of the same family). I originally  had
thought that I would write a book or major article on this project, but
have now decided to do a video also. I am applying to several funding
sources for grant funds to help with expenses.

During this trip I and my companion (also a video project participant)
will stay in Moscow for several days with our host, who will then travel
with us to the Irkutsk region of Siberia, near where it is said our
family name on my father's side originated. We expect to be in Russia
for at least three weeks. We would like to contact Russian residents who
may be in the situation of having family members  who emigrated to the
United States many years ago who would be willing to be interviewed and

This video documentary will examine the possibilities of reconnecting
family ties that have been too long severed by decades of geographic
separation and ideological  differences.

We feel this is an important project, and would welcome suggestions
from the Partners Project  and list members on how to pursue it. Also
any suggestions for funding sources outside the mainstream foundation
loop would be appreciated.

Judy Antipin Hartheimer

** 02 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Steve Streeter (sstreet@netfxcorp.com)
Subject: More St. Petersburg Help

Hello Friends....

I am trying to locate some good resturants in St. Petersburg. Does
anyone have some that they esspecially like and can tell me a bit about?
Also - what might I expect to pay in dollars for a nice resturant??

In particular, I am taking out a family (3) - and I want to find a nice
place --- but with out breaking the bank!

Any ideas????

Thanks one and all!!!

Steve Streeter

PS: My Russian lessons have begun......whew! Really tough...but
beautiful language!
Any tips on good "crash course" methods???????


** 03 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "UNYNLEVI" (nlevine@afs.org)
Subject: Exchange Programs


     I tried to send this message to someone who posted a note on the
     Friends site last week, but it was returned to me for wrong address.
     Perhaps he'll see it here.


Date:    2/26/98 12:00 PM

     Dear Eugene,

     I saw your note on Friends and Partners site. I work for AFS
     Intercultural Programs, a student exchange program for high school age
     students. We have been running exchange programs for 50 years with
     over 50 countries.

     If you know someone in Latvia who is interested in coming to the US,
     they should contact AFS Latvia in Riga. The address is:
     c/o Ministry of Education, Culture and Science
     2 Valnu Street, LV 1098

     The phone is: 225-370  within Riga
     city code for Riga is 7, the code for Latvia is 371

     We also send US students to Latvia and other East European countries.
     If you know a US student who is interested or if you just want more
     information, you can call 1-800-AFS-INFO.

     You can look at our web page at www.afs.org

     Best Regards,
     Nancy Levine
     AFS Intercultural Programs
     198 Madison Ave.
     New York NY 10016

______________________________ Forward Header _____________________________
Date:    2/26/98 11:45 AM

     Subject: from EUGENE

     I have enjoyed this site but wish it were a bit quicker in the chat
     I am an American living in Virginia and had the fine opportunity to
     Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia last summer.  It was a
     experience and I keep in contact with a couple of friends I made in
     Latvia.  Does anyone have information on how teenage students could
     come to
     the U.S. from Latvia on the student exchange program and what steps to
     take.  Thank you and for all of you in Eastern Europe, I send you my
     and offer my friendship.  Just send a friendly hello and I will
     Eugene from Virginia..........
     ** 09

** 04 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Benjamin Sher"  (sher07@bellsouth.net )

Dear colleagues:

I have been authorized by the Chief Internet Engineer of Radio Free
Euorope/Radio Liberty to announce to our list the happy news that
RFE/RL is now officially broadcasting its Russian Service AROUND THE
CLOCK, 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK. You'll find their address at:


To listen to the live broadcast, click on PRIAMOI EFIR (bottom
right). To see a listing and description of the programs, click on the
appropriate blue boxes to the left.

Once again, let me remind you that to listen to Radio Svoboda you need
to download the FREE RealPlayer 5.0 from


Look carefully on RealPlayer's home page (top left, last time I
looked), for the box announcing the FREE RealPlayer, which is both a
video and audio player and is in most respects identical with
RealPlayerPlus, which is NOT free, but which they allow you to
download it on a so-called "free" trial basis which expires at the end
of 30 days.

If this sounds confusing, please don't blame the messenger. I am
trying to help you avoid the pitfalls of Madison Avenue, a situation
common on the Web, where software manufacturers offer something for
free but naturally try to seduce you into buying something that you
may NOT need. In most of these cases, the free version is more than
sufficient for normal use. This is the case with RealPlayer.

I emphasize once again: REALPLAYER IS FREE and there is NO NEED to buy
ANYTHING! So, be sure to distinguish the real Free RealPlayer from the
so-called "free" RealPlayerPlus and download the FREE player by
following RealPlayer's own instructions.



Benjamin Sher
Russian Literary Translator
Email: sher07@bellsouth.net

** 05 **********************************************************************

Sender:  gcole@solar.rtd.utk.edu
Subject: $25,000 Award for Best Virtual Education Project
                 Recognizing Outstanding Online Education

Award for Best Virtual Education Project $25,000 Award Recognizing
Outstanding Online Education

SPONSOR:  Virtual Education Foundation

SYNOPSIS: Computer technology today holds two great promises for education.
First, the personal computer itself offers a platform for rich interactive
learning experiences. In addition to multimedia for the presentation of
new concepts and information, the computer can be employed to run simulations,
to analyze and manipulate data, to administer diagnostic assessments and
to create alternative forms for the expression of ideas. The second great
promise of computer technology is for the delivery of learning experiences
to any location at any time via the Internet. Not only is it possible to
access rich multimedia over the network, but robust communication tools
now make possible significant human interaction among learners and between
learners and their teachers. Together these two dimensions of computer
technology open new worlds of possibility for the creation of innovative
learning experiences that transcend traditional models of instruction.

DEADLINES:  1998-04-24

OBJECTIVES: The Paul G. Allen outstanding online course award recognizes
creativity in the use of computer technology to provide rich educational
content and experience in a distributed environment. Computers are a powerful
tool. But they are only a tool that empowers. Actual education comes from
the creative use of such a tool for sound educational purposes. Since it
is teachers who pursue those purposes, and it is typically courses that
embody a teacher's educational vision, the outstanding course award will
be made to the teacher or instructional team responsible for the winning
course. The award will support further development of online education
through the purchase of equipment, training, creative services, and the

RESTRICTIONS: To be eligible for consideration, a course must meet the
following criteria: 1) the course must be developed and offered by an
degree-granting educational institution; non-profit status of the institution
is not required; 2) the course must have been offered at least once and
must have been substantial completed by at least 15 students by the time
the entry is submitted. The purpose of this requirement is to exclude courses
that are still just prototypes or in the planning stages. It is expected
however, that any course offered more than once will be modified with
offerings; 3) an eligible course need not be offered for academic credit,
but must offer sufficient content and learning activity as to qualify as
a legitimate academic course according to the conventional understanding
of that term. This means, among other things, that there must be some type
of formal assessment of students' learning, whether or not the course is
graded in the traditional fashion; 4) an eligible course may be in any
subject or discipline; 5) the course must be a distance learning course,
delivered online, that can be satisfactorily completed without classroom
attendance. However, the requirement of a proctored examination shall not
affect eligibility; 6) delivery of course content by means other than computer
network (using video tape, textbook, or CD-ROM, for example) is permissible,
so long as the network environment remains the principle environment for
teaching and learning. While the course may, in regular practice, be delivered
via a network other than the Internet, it must be accessible via the Internet
for purposes of assessment by the judging panel. This and the preceding
requirement are expressly intended to exclude from consideration any material
that is intended primarily as an online supplement to a regular classroom
course, as well as traditional distance learning courses which rely on
technologies which are not computer-based (such as television or correspondence
by regular mail); 7) the fact that a course was developed with external
financial support or under a contract to an external agency or client shall
not affect eligibility; and 8) final determinations of eligibility shall
be at the sole discretion of the foundation.


COMMENTS: All entries will be judged by a panel of professional educators,
selected by the foundation, who are experienced in distance learning and
in the use of online environments. Judging will evaluate how well each
entry the standards of good practice described below. The allowable points
indicated are intended as a guideline to the relative importance of each
criterion. In addition to an overall winner, the judges may award honorable
mentions to courses which feature specific elements worthy of widespread
recognition. Enter the contest by submitting a brief written statement
containing the information listed below. The statement should be suffcient
to establish that the course meets all the eligibility critera. Submit
your entry by email to virtualed@paulallen.com. Include the words "course
award" in the subject of your message. If attaching a seaparate document,
use rich text format (.rtf) only: name of course, name of the institution
hosting the course, name, professional title, email address, and telephone
number of the developer(s) of the course, a brief description of the
goals of the course. Who is the course for and what are they supposed to
get from it? A brief description of the format and structure of the course.
What instructional activities does the course involve and how are those
activities completed by students? A brief description of the assessment
criteria used to evaluate the course and a summary of any assessment data
collected to date. A URL address where course materials can be accessed.
If password access is required, please supply a password to be used by
the judges. If online samples of student work or activity are available
(for example, discussion archives), please provide these. Please do not
provide access to grades or other student records.

CONTACT INFO: 110 110th Avenue, NW; Suite 550; Bellevue, WA 98004

Email Address:  virtualed@paulallen.com

Source of Information: Foundation Program Announcement; ;

** 06 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Paul Mohlman (mohlmanp@earthlink.net)
Subject: satellites

I was asking if you may know any WWW sites that are about Russian
satellites and technology.


** 07 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "gary clark" (garyclark@hotmail.com)
Subject: SEEKERS


seekers ease into the flow
of their own evolution
riding roughwaters of life,
spilling to backwash pools,
kicking free of the undertow,
sensing all-ways
the source of the current

they seek wider angles
of dwelling on Earth
revealing patterns of growth,
horizons of change,
chosing wisdom freely
with strength & patience


** 08 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Jeff Spears" (speco@eagnet.com)
Subject: Advertising

jeff spears speco@eagnet.com

I am wishing to locate auto and truck trader as well as newspapers to
advertise for a Russian trading partner as well as a chat line to discuss
business opportunities in the Moscow St.  Pete regions.  Can you help?

Thank You

J/ Spears

** 09 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Vovka16@aol.com
Subject: Russian hockey

I am very interested in some information on older Russian hockey teams for the
Soviet Red Army team and the National team, also Sokol Kiev.  I would like
some rosters of the players that have made it into the NHL here in the US now.
I loved the information available here.  There is much to look at.  I don't
really know where to begin.  Amazing amount of work done here, thanks!

** 10 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Galina A. Andrianova" (galina@eschool.chg.ru)
Subject: Olymp-98


                       INTERNATIONAL HEURISTIC OLYMPIAD - 98

 ()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()() (???) ()()()()()()()()()()()()()

Dear local coordinator!
Dear participants of Olympiad!

Your application form for participation in the 2-nd International Distant
Heuristic Olympiad has been received and registered.  You are sent now
Olympiad tasks and the terms of their performance.  After completing the
tasks the answers should be sent to the Olympiad organizing committee:
andreykh@school.unicon.msk.su.  The students works are sent to the
organizing committee on the day of their completing no later than 12.00
p.m. on local time in the form given below.

1. The Olympiad tasks will be carried out in three age groups:
   10 March - senior group: the students of 9-11 grade (14-16 years old),
   11 March - average group: the students of 5-8 grade (10-14 years old),
   12 March - younger group: the students of 1-4 grade (6-9 years old).

2.  There are 5 Olympiad tasks - nominations.  The participants can fulfil
any amount of them.  The best works will be defined in every nomination
separately, but the winners of the Olympiad will be the students taking the
greatest amount of scores in all the nominations.

3.  It is recommended to carry out the Olympiad tasks during 2 hours (for
the senior group - 3 hours) with breaks to rest.  The local coordinator
according to the conditions determines the beginning and ending of the
local performance.

4.  The answers to the tasks - nominations are typed in Russian or English
languages.  You write only the number and name of the nomination.

5.  The works of the Olympiad participants can be carried out in one of the
two variants: a) Completely in a textual format; images are carried out
with the help of symbols available on the keyboard of the computer or in
the formats jpeg, gif; b) In a format html (htm); images in formats jpeg or
gif.  Variant b) is more preferable to possible subsequent exposition of
the works on the Center "EIDOS" Web-server.

7.  The works of every age group are sent by the local coordinator in one
separate letter, in the subject of which he(she) writes the age group,
city, and school, for example: " 1-4 Cincinnati, Nativity Grade School ".
You can send several letters containing works of children, in this case the
letters are numbered, for example: " 9-11 Odessa, School 57 - letter 1 ".
The letters are sent no later than 12.00 p.m. on local time in a day of
completing the tasks according to the above-mentioned schedule.

(is filled by each participant of the Olympiad separately):

- Name and Surname of the Student.
- Age Group (senior, average or younger).
- Grade, School, City, Country.
- Contact E-mail for reception the results of the Olympiad.

The answers to the tasks - nominations:
_ (Answer)

_ (Answer)

Before starting the Olympiad it is desirable to remind to the participants,
that the tasks do not have the certain answers, the students need to
develop their own versions, judgement and research instead of recollecting
the already known information.  The less widespread among the participants
is an idea of the answer, the more chances he(she) has to win.  However,
the answer should be argued and logically deduced from the idea.  The main
criteria of estimation of student's works are non-typical answers, creative
efficiency, and depth of world-view.


                                    Don't be afraid of crazy ideas!
                                    Remember you are a genius!

1.  PRESENTATION. Make a short story - presentation about yourself in the
hypertext form with the cross links, which would provide the following
trajectories (directions) of its perusal - technical, cultural and natural
- mathematical (see a note below).

2.  RESEARCH. Offer available for you method of the research of the air as
a world element and apply it.  The results of the research write as a text.
The illustrations are also possible.

3.  SYMBOL. Invent a symbol of time with the help of computer graphic.  The
task is carried out in a format txt (with the help of symbols of the
keyboard), jpeg or gif.

4.  LOGIC. Make the periodic table (periodic law) of geometrical elements.
Formulate and write down specific characters (signs) fixed by you as a
basis of your periodic table.  The table is carried out in a format doc or

5.  FUTURE. Formulate the main goals of your distant education (via E-mail,
WWW etc.)  for the coming year and make the developed plan on their
achievement: the goals, directions of work on their achievement, conditions
of their achievement, perspective terms of achievement of the planned

The note: task 1 is carried out in HTML-editor, the name of each file of
hypertext begins with a surname of the author and a serial number of a
file, for example, "Brown-1.html" or "Petrov-2.htm".  WE WISH YOU GOOD

*************************************** *******************************

P.S.1.  The Olympiad tasks for average and younger groups will be sent on a
day previous to that in the schedule.

P.S.2.  The request to the local coordinators - at the end of Olympiad days
will you please answer the following questions and send them to the
organizing committee by a separate letter:

1.  What was the most successful in this Olympiad?

2.  What nominations (tasks) have caused the greatest interest of the
participants and teachers?

3.  What general educational problems were solved with the help of the

4.  What were the basic difficulties in conducting the Olympiad: a)
organizational, b) technical, c) concerning the heuristic contents of

5.  Can you give your offers on organization of the following distant


*************************************** *******************************

The coordinator of Distant Heuristic Olympiad -
Andrey V.Khutorskoy
E-mail: andreykh@school.unicon.msk.su;
http: // www.eidos.techno.ru/

** 11 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "nikst" (nikst@glasnet.ru)
Subject: All Regions of Russia by Pictures

All Regions of Russia by Pictures


A Russia Phototrack

Russia: Administrative Divisions. (309K)

Questions ???
Add/Update URL Interactive Guestbook

Pictures from Northern Asia.

This collection is often updated, come later and see the changes. If you
ever get lost, feel free to use the navigation panel on the bottom.

´Moscow: featuring Trinity-Sergius Monastery.
´Petersburg, Karelia and the North-West of Russia
´Central Russia
´South of Russia.
´The Urals
´Far East of Russia
´Illustrated History

´First time in English: A Calendar of Wisdom, Daily Thoughts Written and
Selected by Leo Tolstoy (translated by Peter Sekirin).
´Dictionaries, Maps, Flags and other Information.
´Awards to selected pages of Russia Phototrack.
´RusPhoto's Pavilion in the Internet 1996 World Exposition archive.
´The link for Web crawlers and other softbots.

Weather forecast

1.WEATHER in RUSSIA: the 4-day forecast of weather in ANY region of Russia.
The forecast reliability varies from 94% for first day to 85% for 4th day.
That site is a joint project of Hydro-meteorological Center of Russia and
Space Monitoring Information Support laboratory (Space Research Institute,
Russian Academy of Sciences). Send your questions/requests to:

2.NBC News Intellicast provides 4 days forecast of weather in Moscow, in
St.Petersburg and in Irkutsk. 3.Here are weather forecasts for Europe:
extended range and one day (24 hours)forecasts maintained by WXP server of
the Purdue University (West Lafayette, IN, USA).

** 12 **********************************************************************

Sender:  puji laksono (depe_laksono@hotmail.com)
Subject: Looking for a friends

Hi there, my full name is Hario Brahmiarso, you can call me Hario.
I'm from semarang (Indonesia), I'm 19th years old, and i'm study at
Politeknik Diponegoro University at the second degree, and the third
semester. And also i'm terrible in english, so i'm very sorry if i wrote
this letter uncorectly. I'm lokking for a friends out there. And for
anyone read this letter, would you kindly write for me. Greting for all
of you there from Indonesia.

Hario  (wr-hario@semarang.wasantara.net.id )

** 13 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Andrey Ozharovskii" (zarov@host.cis.lead.org)
Subject: Political Seminar and Election Observation in Moscow

        The International Discussion Club - Moscow
                         presents a project
Monitoring of Duma by-elections in Moscow, Russia, April 1998

             1. Introduction.

Young Russian democracy needs a support. Free and fair election is one
of the main instruments of democracy. The Russian Federation has fixed
 in the electoral legislation openness of the election procedure for
domestic and foreign observers. Among about one thousand of
international observers at the Presidential elections in Summer 1996
and there was a dozen of observers, invited by the IDC.

By-elections to the Duma (Federal Parliament) and in Moscow district
Orechovo on April 12, 1998.  The IDC invites political leaders,
active members of political parties and youth political
organizations, people involved into political studies to take part in
a seminar devoted to the political life in Moscow and to join the
team of official foreign observers.

            2. Goals.

* To introduce the participants into Russian political life. To allow
them make contacts with representatives of different political forces,
governmental institutions, NGOs, etc.

* To assist carrying out free and fair elections, to stimulate
activity of domestic election observers and to prevent law violations
during the elections.

            3. What is offering.

We want to carry out a 4 days introduction seminar before the voting
day to inform the participants about the current election legislation
and the observers rights, to introduce them into local political
situation. The appropriate accreditation by the Central Election
Commission of Russia will be received for each participant. IDC will
provide technical support - visa, accommodation and program, but,
unfortunately, we are not able we are not able to pay for it or to
give any financial support.

           4. Programme.

It is known, that campaign activity is chaotic and unpredictable.
That's why we cannot publish a fixed programme now. The following
events will be included in the programme.
* attending press conferences with the candidates;
* visiting rallies;
* discussions and meetings with political leaders,
scientists, journalists;
* meeting with members of electoral commissions, polling stations
* inspection the voting and ballot counting at polling stations.

The participants are free to carry out their own activity and
projects (like polls, surveys, investigations).

                       5. Timetable.

We offer a 5 days programme. The events in Moscow will start 3 days
before the election day, on April  9th. At the election day (April
12th) all the participants are expected to be at polling stations
watching the voting and ballot counting. Participants will leave on
April 13th, after discussion of the results and exchange of
experience. Participants can come earlier and leave later in
accordance with their wishes.

                     6. Who Can Apply.

Everyone is interested in the Russian political life and is
experienced in Russian culture and language is welcome. We are going
to attract as many participants as we can. Please, tell your friends
about our programme. We are especially interested in attracting those
foreigners who are going to Russia soon by themselves or who are
already in Russia.

                      7. Technical details.

Unfortunately we did not succeed in getting a grant for this project.
All the participants should cover their expenses themselves and to pay
an admission fee of $75. The participants can apply to foundations in
their countries on to their national Foreign ministries for the
support. The IDC will provide the visa support, the participants have
to apply to a Consulate for the visa themselves. The IDC will provide
accommodation and interpreting, if necessary. The ground cost depends
on duration of stay and on your requests. Support in Moscow and
St.Petersburg (accommodation, transfers, train tickets) is also

                       8. How to apply.

To make an application and for further information, please contact the
IDC by e-mail: zarov@host.cis.lead.org. More information about the
IDC and on this project is available through Internet:
http://idc.cis.lead.org/observer/ There you can find information
about IDC election observation in 1993, 95 and 96 in Russia,
schedules of the pre-election seminars, reports, impressions of the

We are going to send observers to the parliamentary elections in
Ukraine on March 29, 1998. Join the IDC observers group!

----------------------- END FRIENDS March 09, 1998 -------------------------


FRIENDS is a free service started by friends in Russia and the United
States. This Listserv is one element of that service.

To subscribe to FRIENDS (if someone has passed you a copy of this
announcement), just send an email message to:


consisting of *one line* of the following format:

SUBSCRIBE FRIENDS firstname lastname

and substitute your first and last names for 'firstname lastname'

To unsubscribe from FRIENDS, send the message UNSUBSCRIBE FRIENDS to:

To post a message to FRIENDS, send it to: friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

To visit the FRIENDS WWW server, use the following URLs if you have
a World Wide Web browser:  http://www.friends-partners.org/friends/

If you don't have a WWW browser, just telnet to solar.rtd.utk.edu
and enter 'friends' (in lower case and without the quotes) at the
login prompt.

or those who need it, the IP address of our computers are

Please address any comments, questions, or suggestions to your

  Natasha Bulashova, natasha@alice.ibpm.serpukhov.su
  Greg Cole, gcole@solar.rtd.utk.edu