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01-20 February 98  Sender:  ddkline@ix.netcom.com
                   Subject: from Slayer

02-20 February 98  Sender:  hinv-cz-M@mbox.digsys.bg
                   Subject: from Ana Peneva

03-20 February 98  Sender:  irina@avan.net
                   Subject: from Irina Kostina

04-20 February 98  Sender:  Paargieb@wxs.nl
                   Subject: from Robert Paardekooper

05-20 February 98  Sender:  verena.riyaningsih@mailcity.com
                   Subject: from verena etty riyaningsih


01-20 February 98  Sender:  Steve Streeter (sstreet@netfxcorp.com)
                   Subject: Planning trip to St. Petersburg

02-20 February 98  Sender:  bhof@ix.netcom.com
                   Subject: comment about /friends/home.html

03-20 February 98  Sender:  "Chris Kedzie" (kedzie@glasnet.ru)
                   Subject: Moscow ecological conversion company

04-20 February 98  Sender:  "Dova H. Wilson" (dova@useic.ru)
                   Subject: Recruit Russian students!

05-20 February 98  Sender:  "Fleming, Susan" (woodruff@mail2.nai.net)
                   Subject: Health information

06-20 February 98  Sender:  "Laura Leder" (llederra@careerrsourcesmn.co)
                   Subject: seeking Russian/East European Programmers

07-20 February 98  Sender:  Tallinn in Your Pocket (tiyp@infonet.ee)
                   Subject: More travel resources!

08-20 February 98  Sender:  "gary clark" (garyclark@hotmail.com)
                   Subject: First Poem

09-20 February 98  Sender:  Gary Nixon (gnixon@quiknet.com)
                   Subject: Ukraine (Czortkow) Land Ownership Records

10-20 February 98  Sender:  Gregory Pearson (greg@rol.org)
                   Subject: USIA Fellowship Announcement
                            (x-posted from JUSTLINKS)

11-20 February 98  Sender:  "Kate Polzin" (kpolzin@irex.org)
                   Subject: US/NIS Curriculum Development Exchange Program

12-20 February 98  Sender:  "nikst" (nikst@glasnet.ru)
                   Subject: RUSSIA: Language & Literature

13-20 February 98  Sender:  "nikst" (nikst@glasnet.ru)
                   Subject: Subject: eXile website

14-20 February 98  Sender:  "nikst" (nikst@glasnet.ru)
                   Subject: Russia - US Cooperation

15-20 February 98  Sender:  "Serguei A. Oushakine" (G96ous72@sirius.ceu.hu)
                   Subject: Support for scientists from Central and
                            Eastern Europe

16-20 February 98  Sender:  "Serguei A. Oushakine" (G96ous72@sirius.ceu.hu)
                   Subject: Be a Part of History in the Making . . . .

17-20 February 98  Sender:  "Sharyl Corrado" (Sharyl.M.Corrado@wheaton.edu)
                   Subject: source of information on religion in Russia

18-20 February 98  Sender:  Maria (citzinfo@irk.ru)
                   Subject: To those wmo may comcern

19-20 February 98  Sender:  "nikst" (nikst@glasnet.ru)
                   Subject: New book about A.Solzhenitsyn

20-20 February 98  Sender:  mvs3@po.CWRU.Edu (Maxim V. Soloviev)
                   Subject: Call Russia $.60/min, Belarus $.59, Ukraine $.57!

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WHAT'S NEW . . .


** 01 **********************************************************************

Sender:  ddkline@ix.netcom.com
Subject: from Slayer

Hello. Privet.
How are you? Kak dela?

I am 14 years of age, and I like talking to people.  I am studying the
Russian language, and all goes well.  I would appreciate if somebody wrote
back so that I would have some one to talk to.  That's all for now.

Goodbye! Dah-svee-danya!

** 02 **********************************************************************

Sender:  hinv-cz-M@mbox.digsys.bg
Subject: from Ana Peneva

I am 23 years old female from Bulgaria.
I would like to thank you for creating this wonderful site!
I`d like to have friends from all the world. I can speak English,
Italian,German and Russian .Awaiting your reply!

** 03 **********************************************************************

Sender:  irina@avan.net
Subject: from Irina Kostina

This site is great! Congratulations.

I see many people use it to look for friends,so I'm trying the same.  My
name is Irina and I've been living in Colombia, South America, for nine
years.  I come from Zaporozhie, Ucraine.  May be someone from this city is
reading this message, please, let me know.  I speak Russian, English and

** 04 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Paargieb@wxs.nl
Subject: from Robert Paardekooper

Hallo , everybody but special the once in Russia.

I am an 52 year old Tourleader and live in the Netherlands during the
winter stop what is from November till April.  In the other monts I am
traveling with groups from all over the world mostly in the former Eastern
countries BUT BUT. I am already coming in Russia and al the other formal
russian states since 25 years and I like the country very much I have an
lot of real good friends all over there I just was doing some homework on
Internet when I find this beautifull side .

Go on with this and we give you in the whole former U.S.S.R. and of course
also in the States

          TULIPS from Amsterdam

All the best and feel free to ask me for info and or other

Email adress : Paargieb@wxs.nl

** 05 **********************************************************************

Sender:  verena.riyaningsih@mailcity.com
Subject: from verena etty riyaningsih

Hi, I'm Verena, from Indonesia.  I'm very glad to find out this site.  I'm
22 years old and a student of English Department of Sanata Dharma
University,Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

I'm in the last semester of my study.  Now I'm working on my thesis to get
"SARJANA" degree (a degree for university graduate).  In my thesis, I'll
analyze one of Charlotte

Bronte's works (British author, around 19th century), entitled Jane Eyre.
So if one of you have any iformation or references about the author, would
you like to contact me.

Besides, I would like to have friends from around the world.  Those who are
interested can contact me on my e-mail address.  Thanks a lot and hope I
can read from any one of you soon.



Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

** 01 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Steve Streeter (sstreet@netfxcorp.com)
Subject: Planning trip to St. Petersburg

Hello friends....

I am from the Chicago area and have a trip planned to St. Petersburg
from May 7 - 18. I would love to know any tips, since this will my my
first visit and I travel alone. I also want to surprise my friend with
knowledge of St. Pete - any pointers or things to do during that time
that is very interesting??
Have they destroyed every trace of Lennin??? Is it true that there are
more English speaking people in St. Pete? What are some fun inexpensive
things to do there??

All the best,


Steve Streeter

My new number: (815) 962-2293

932 S. Gregory St.
Rockford, IL 61104


** 02 **********************************************************************

Sender:  bhof@ix.netcom.com
Subject: West Michigan/St. Petersburg Exchange

Friends and Partners ia a wonderful resource.  As President of the West
Michigan/St.  Petersburg Russia International Exchange Council (I know the
name is long!)  which was incorporated as a 501-(c)(3) in 1993, we will
finally learn what many "like" organizations are doing.  WMSPRIEC most
recently planned and coordinated a Center for Citizens Initiative
Productivity Enhancement Program for Russian Furniture Manufacturers.  The
program received an excellent evaluation.  WMSPRIEC's past programs
include: Bank Exchanges; Faculty Exchanges; Business Programs; and a
Cultural Exchange Program.  Our focus is to assist economic development,
through programs in education, business and culture which benefit
institutions and individuals in both regions.  We hope to encourage better
international understanding.  We are looking forward to developing
collaborations with "like" organizations in areas of program development,
etc.  We hope to establish a web site in the near future, and would
appreciate any advice which might help.

Best regards,
Barbara Van't Hof

** 03 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Chris Kedzie" (kedzie@glasnet.ru)
Subject: Moscow ecological conversion company

The following is from a Moscow ecological conversion company looking for
partners, foreign and domestic.  Note the contact information below:

International Laboratory of Ecological Conversion

Company information

Year of establishment:              1994
Type of ownership:                   Private
Main activities:                 Social, ecological and medical programmes
Telephone/fax number:              +7 (095) 336-65-79

Company management:     President
                        Sergey V. Galkin,Ph.D.

                        Galina D. Azarenkova, Ph.D.

Legal address:          Staraya Tyaga , Mozshaisk district, Moscow

                        region,143260 Russia

E-mail address:         iulia@glasnet.ru

Companies activities

Company INOCH  fulfil the following activities:

scientific research, organising scientific programmes, scientific
consulting, scientific examination.

Together with the leading scientific experts from highest research Russian
institutions, such as Russian Academy of Science, Moscow State University
and others, company develops and implements scientific programmes.

Working on social programmes that bring a real changes in people's life
(such as help to children or pregnant woman), company's management
co-operates with local specialists and local authorities, engage them in
projects and teach them.

Geographical locations of projects the company was involved in may be
described in the following table:

Region    Country
Moscow Region    Russia
Lake Baykal    Russia
Lake Issik-Kul    Kirgizstan
Pamir mountains    Tadzhikistan
Tan-Shan mountains    Kirgizstan
Altay mountains    Russia
Volga river, Oka river, Moscow River, Don River, Enisey River    Russia
Dnepr River, Pripyat River    Ukrain
city Chernobyl (Chernobyl Energy Station)    Ukrain
Black sea    Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria
Azov sea    Russia

Currently the company is involved in programmes for social, ecological and
medical support and adoption of Moscow Region woman.

Company's management is welcoming any co-operation with Russian and Western

                                    President S. Galkin

** 04 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Dova H. Wilson" (dova@useic.ru)
Subject: Recruit Russian students!

Dear subscribers to Friends and Partners listserv:

Due to your interest in the region, I would like to inform you of an
international recruitment opportunity in Moscow, Russia, April 10-11,
1998. University representatives will have the chance to meet and
recruit the best and brightest Russian students to increase diversity
at their institution. At the current moment our registration deadline
has passed, but we have a maximum of  9 registration spots left open.
Thus, to maximize the experience for students attending the fair, we
are extending the deadline until all spots are filled.

I have pasted below all information and a registration form, which
are  also available on our webpage,  http://www.useic.ru.

Please contact me directly with any questions.

Sincerely, Dova Wilson


Sponsored by the United States Information Agency

Administered by: International Research & Exchanges Board

This is your opportunity to recruit Russian students for your institution.
Come to our fair April 10-11, 1998!

As the Institute of International Education's 1995-96 edition of OPEN DOORS
reported, 5,589 Russian students were studying in the US, a 15% increase
from the previous year.  This compares to a world-wide increase of only
0.3%, and only 4% from Europe as a whole.

Our center currently receives over 40,000 inquiries yearly from students
interested in US study.  The 1997 fair was considered a great success with
attendance of approximately 1500 students visiting the exhibition hall and
lectures about the US system of education.  Students visited our fair from
79 Moscow and 29 non-Moscow higher educational institutions, as well as 41
Moscow high schools.  The numbers of undergraduate and graduate students
were fairly equal.  Students were most interested in the following areas of
study; humanitarian 27%, technical/scientific 30%, business 23%, medicine

 Our fair is the only one of its' kind currently operating yearly in

"Thank you for all your hard work in putting the fair together.  We were
very pleased with the results of our first-time participation and hope to
be there again next year.  Please give your thanks to the staff as well."_
-- Dr.  Gary Wishniewsky, Coordinator MBA Program, California State
University, Hayward & Institute of Business and Economics

_"Excellent organization, excellent interpreters.  Thanks for a job well
done."_ -

 - Judy Hardinge, Vice President, International English Institute

Participating educational institutions/organizations in 1996 and/or 1997:

American Language Academy (ALA)
Boston University
Brown University (alumni club)
California State University, Hayward
Cleveland State University
Concordia International University, Estonia
Dartmouth College (alumni club)
Eastern Illinois University
Educational Testing Service (ETS)
Emory College
English First
Hawaii Pacific University
International English Institute
Marist College
Star Travel
State University of New York State College
Thunderbird MBA Program
Towson State University
Troy State University
Truman College
University of California
University of Maine Law School
University of Memphis, TN
University of Southern Carolina
University of Southern Maine
World Learning
Yale University (alumni club)

We sincerely hope you will join us this year, and beat the competition for
Russian student recruitment.  We encourage you to return your attached
registration form as soon as possible, before the February 15 preferred
deadline.  Once again, if you have any questions feel free to contact
either of us.


Rebecca Bell
Program Officer

Dova Wilson
Educational Advisor



Ulitsa Nikolo-Yamskaya, Dom 1, 3rd floor, Russian Library of Foreign
Literature, Moscow, Russia 109189; Central Moscow: metro stations
Taganskaya or Kitai-Gorod; Central entrance; Phone: 7-095-234-0142/45/46
Fax: 7-095-956-3262 Internal telephone: 340

Please note: fair location same as the Education Information center in a
renovated portion of the Russian Library of Foreign literature, plus an
additional Exhibition hall.


April 10, 1998 (Friday):
8:30-9:30 AM Participant sign-in, table set-up
and light refreshments 9:45 AM Press conference
10:00 AM Door opening ceremony with US Embassy
representative 10-5:30 PM: All-day participation
in fair; booth at Exhibition Hall; lunch

April 11, 1998 (Saturday):
9:30-10:00 AM: Light breakfast
10:00-5:00 PM: All-day participation in fair;
booth at Exhibition Hall; lunch provided.


MAXIUM THREE representatives, including translators (see registration form
for fees) Limited space available in exhibition halls, guaranteed for 30
institutions Exhibition table, chairs, and bulletin boards provided
(tables: 4x1.5ft; or half of 8x3.5ft.; boards: either 8x6 ft.  wall, or
freestanding board 6x3ft.)  Early registrants get first choice of table
location (two halls) and size Translators are available for a modest fee
(these are students) Outreach to local institutions can be arranged on
non-fair days with 2 weeks notice; modest fee Participant makes own
travel,visa,and accomodation arrangements


Materials can be brought with the representative or sent ahead of time If
you wish to send ahead of time, we recommend APO mail, which comes to us
through the Embassy and requires only US postage (Educational Advisor,
American Embassy USIS, APO AE 09721); Please allow two-three months for
delivery Materials can be sent express mail to the actual fair location
address (see above);

Please note: we are not responsible for dealings with Russian customs

Registration Form Instructions: IREX Moscow Fair: April 10-11, 1998

Registration Deadline: February 15, 1998

Send by E-mail, fax, or mail to DC or Moscow office.

IREX, 1616 H. Street, Washington, DC 20006 Att: Rebecca Bell, Program
Officer Telephone: (202) 628-8188; Fax: (202) 628-8189 ; E-mail:
rbell@irex.org  http://www.irex.org

Education Information Center, Ul.  Nikolo-Yamskaya, dom 1, VGBIL, Moscow,
Russia 109189 Att: Dova Wilson, Educational Advisor Telephone: 7(095)
234-0142/45/46; Fax: 7(095) 956-3262 E-mail: dova@useic.ru /
natasha@useic.ru http://www.useic.ru (registration information available
online as well!)

APO address for fair materials (allow 2-3 months for delivery); requires
only US postage   Educational Advisor, American Embassy, USIS APO AE 09721

Send payment to DC office only

Payment accepted by US check or money wire.

Make checks payable to: International Research and Exchanges Board

Send money wires to: Citibank, Washington, DC 20036 ask for account

Registration fees: $400-$500 based on the number of representatives
attending the event ($400 = 1 representative, $450=2 representatives, $500=
3 representatives) Program Descriptions: 100-word description of your
institution/program will be included in the fair program (Please provide
with your registration information).  Translators: Screened student
translators available for the cost of an additional representative; this
includes lunch for the translator(s) Outreach: Visits to Moscow
Institutions can be arranged with advance notice for $50 a visit.  Please
indicate on a separate sheet your preferences (type of institution, age,
nature of outreach, etc.)

Preferred Registration Deadline: February 15,

April 10-11, 1998

Name of Educational Institution/Organization:

Representative #1

___________________________________Fax:      E-Mail:
  Preferred method of communication: (please
check)  ____ E-mail  ___FAX  ____Mail

Representative #2

Telephone:        Fax:
Preferred method of communication: (please check)
E-mail: ____  Fax: ___ Mail

Representative #3

Telephone:     Fax
Preferred method of communication: (please check)
E-mail ____   FAX ____  Mail __

Other contact: For example, university
administrator overseeing recruitment plans, but
not actual representative. Name:      Title:

Telephone:     Fax:
Preferred method of communication: (please check)
E-mail ___  FAX ____   Mail

Number of Translator(s) requested  (charge as
additional representative) _______
Translator/personal escort non-fair days: $50 a
day @ _____ days = $ ________ Arranged visits to
local academic institutions: $50 a visit @___
visits= $_______

Total registration fee, including additional
services: ________

Payment enclosed
Check will be sent by separate cover to DC
Money wire will be sent to DC account
Official invoice needed before payment can be

Enclose Questions for Moscow staff to respond to
on a separate sheet. Don_t forget to include your
100-word description of your institution/program!

Dova H. Wilson, Educational Advisor
Education Information Center
e-mail: dova@useic.ru
Education Information Center:

Phone: (095) 234-0145/46
E-mail: eic@useic.ru
WWW: http://www.useic.ru

Dova H. Wilson, Educational Advisor
Education Information Center
e-mail: dova@useic.ru
Education Information Center:

Phone: (095) 234-0145/46
E-mail: eic@useic.ru
WWW: http://www.useic.ru

** 05 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Fleming, Susan" (woodruff@mail2.nai.net)
Subject: Health information

I am looking to correspond with someone in the St Petersburg Russia
area to do some research on the health care systems in that region.
Anyone out there that can help me?

** 06 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Laura Leder" (Lleder@careerresourcesmn.com)
Subject: seeking Russian/East European Programmers

A Minnesota based company whose mission is to promote international
understanding and exchange of ideas, cultures, business ethics and
practices through US corporations that sponsor on site work fellowships is
currently seeking degreed Russian and Eastern European Computer Software
Programmers with 3-5 years experience in Visual Basic, C++, Java, Delphi,
DOS, and Object Oriented Design experience.  Fluency in English is a
must. Offering in return: Salary $45-50,000, legal sponsorship, airfare, and
excellent company benefits.  Please send resume to our FAX (612) 522-8465
or Email: Lleder@careerresourcesmn.com

If you have any further questions please don't hestitate to contact Laura
Leder at: Career Resources, 4000 Olson Memeorial Hwy Suite 120, Golden
Valley, MN 55422 USA

Thank you for your time!

** 07 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Tallinn in Your Pocket (tiyp@infonet.ee)
Subject: More travel resources!


I've found your website both useful and interesting. I wanted to let you
know about another resource that may be of interest to your readers who
are combining a trip to Russia with a trip to the Baltics, Belarus or

In Your Pocket city guides are A-5 (pocket-sized) city guides that cost
about $1 locally, but are also available, in full, on the Web! We cover
Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Kaliningrad and Minsk.

The address is www.inyourpocket.com. Please feel free to contact me with

Best regards,
Tricia Cornell
Tallinn in Your Pocket
Vana-Viru 4
EE0001 Tallinn

** 08 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "gary clark" (garyclark@hotmail.com)
Subject: First Poem


Discover things thru engaging energy,
aware of new meanings,
more alive, as if
opening motions to purer light.

Behold the world
free from the familiar,
with flights of fantasy,
to the ultimate in daily life.

Gary Clark

** 09 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Gary Nixon (gnixon@quiknet.com)
Subject: Ukraine (Czortkow) Land Ownership Records

Hello to all!

I am trying to find out if there are any records still existing of land
owners in the Czortkow area from before the war (1939 and before).

If they do exist, who, or what agency, might have them?

Also, was there widespread telephone service in that area in 1939? Maybe
the person I am looking for would be listed in a telephone directory of
the time. Do the local libraries have those?

Any help you can offer will be appreciated.

Thank you!

Gary Nixon

** 10 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Gregory Pearson (greg@rol.org)
Subject: USIA Fellowship Announcement



The United States Information Agency (USIA) in Washington, DC is seeking
applications from U.S. citizens with Romanian language skills for a
one-year fellowship in Chisinau, Moldova to coordinate the U.S. -
Moldova Internet Access and Training Program under the auspices of the
United States Information Service (USIS) in Chisinau.

The mission of the Internet Access and Training Program in Moldova is to
provide sustainable access to and training in the use of e-mail, Internet,
and the World Wide Web for hundreds of alumni of USIA-sponsored academic
exchange and training programs (i.e., Fulbright, Muskie, Freedom Support
Act fellowships for scholars, university students, high school students,
and practitioners, Community Connections, International Visitors Program)
and other specialists from government, NGOs, the private sector, and
academia who are helping to consolidate the transition to democracy, free
markets and civil society in Moldova.

The Coordinator of the US-Moldovan Internet Access and Training Program
will be awarded a one-year fellowship to:

1) Work with Moldovan institutions to expand low-cost, high speed
academic or non-commercial networks
2) Establish Internet training sites at Moldovan partner institutions
selected by USIS Chisinau
3) Recruit, train, and supervise a small project team (i.e., systems
administrator, Internet trainer, Web master, etc. ) to work in
partnership with the coordinator
4) Train staff of Moldovan institutions and end-users  (i.e., legal
professionals, government officials, librarians, university professors,
students, journalists, NGOs etc.) to use the Internet to obtain and
disseminate useful information in their professional or academic fields
5) Assist Moldovan institutions to establish their own on-line presence,
including Web sites, electronic publications, and listservs in Romanian
and English and build their internal capacity to manage the Internet
sites and networks
6) Organize and conduct seminars, workshops, courses about the Internet
and information age

Fellowship provisions include round-trip airfare from the U.S. to
Moldova, monthly stipend for housing and living expenses, health
insurance through USIA's Accident and Sickness Program for Exchanges
(ASPE), and a small allowance for training materials.

The most competitive applicants will have a mix of the following

Broad computer and Internet skills with background in HTML, Web site
design and development, electronic publishing;
Experience in Internet training or teaching;
Knowledge of high quality Web sites and other electronic resources in
diverse fields including law, business, government, international
affairs, public administration, journalism, American studies, library
science, environmental protection;
Romanian language ability and NIS/CEE area studies background (BA or
Previous experience working, studying, or living in Moldova or other
countries in the region;
Proven managerial/organizational skills, strong written and oral
presentation skills,  and ability to work with diverse audiences;
Knowledge of USIA-sponsored academic exchange programs and Moldova


A letter of interest describing your skills, abilities, and motivation,
resume, and writing sample should be e-mailed to rboris@usia.gov or faxed
to 202/260-7985 attention: Rhonda E. Boris, Project Manager, Internet
Access and Training Program with the NIS, Office of Academic Programs,
European Programs Branch (E/AEE), United States Information Agency,
Washington, DC. Telephone: 202/205-0525.

USIA will begin to review applications immediately upon receipt and
contact promising applicants for initial telephone interviews.

ANNOUNCEMENT POSTED:  February 12, 1998
APPLICATION CLOSING DATE: March 6, 1998 or until Fellowship is awarded.


Summary of commands (to be sent to listserv@rol.org):

SUBSCRIBE JUSTLINKS [or JOIN JUSTLINKS] - to get added to the list
UNSUBSCRIBE JUSTLINKS [or LEAVE JUSTLINKS] - to be removed from the list
HELP JUSTLINKS - to get a help file
LIST JUSTLINKS - to get a list of current subscribers
DIGEST JUSTLINKS - to receive a digest for all daily postings, instead
of getting messages one by one

** 11 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Kate Polzin" (kpolzin@irex.org)
Subject: US/NIS Curriculum Development Exchange Program


The International Research & Exchanges Board is currently accepting
applications for the United States Information Agency Curriculum
Development Exchange Program (CDEP).  CDEP is a two-way exchange designed
to foster democratization and educational reform in the New Independent
States (NIS) through the provision of four-month consultations and
curricula development programs to educators and advanced graduate students
in the humanities and social sciences from the United States or Armenia,
Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, the Russian
Federation, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

CDEP participants are affiliated with host universities in the United
States or the NIS, and participate in graduate seminars concerning
methodology and content of their specific fields of study, consult with
department faculty on course design and teaching materials, and lead part
of graduate or undergraduate courses to advance their own teaching skills.

Opportunities for US Educators and Advanced Graduate Students:
Eligible candidates are US citizens affiliated with a college or
university as a faculty member or doctoral candidate; able to
function successfully in Russian or other NIS language; experienced in
designing and revising curricula in their academic discipline; and
able to participate during fall 1998.  Grant provisions include
round-trip travel to NIS host institution, supplemental medical
insurance, pre-arranged housing, living stipend and limited allowance
for teaching materials. A limited number of grants are available for
short-term consulting trips (please inquire regarding eligibility).

Opportunities for US Host Institutions
NIS educators and advanced graduate students have already
been selected through an open competition for the Curriculum
Development Exchange Program.  Accredited colleges and universities
are invited to apply to host these participants for one semester
during fall 1998.  NIS participants' travel and living expenses are
paid; participants also receive medical insurance and allowances for
professional development activities and teaching materials.  Host
institutions are required to allow participants to observe graduate
level pedagogy or field specific courses, appoint an appropriate
faculty member as a mentor, and provide training in and access to
email and the Internet.

The deadline for US participant and host applications is February 27,
1998.  Application materials, guidelines, and award criteria are
available via the IREX website at http://www.irex.org/grants/cdep/.
For further information regarding the Curriculum Development Exchange
Program, please contact IREX at (202) 628-8188 or irex@irex.org.

** 12 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "nikst" (nikst@glasnet.ru)
Subject: RUSSIA: Language & Literature

RUSSIA: Language & Literature


Language Resources
On-Line Literary Magazines and Libraries
Poets and Writers

** 13 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "nikst" (nikst@glasnet.ru)
Subject: Subject: eXile website

From: "mark" exile.taibbi@matrix.ru
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998

Dear David,

If possible, I'd like to make an annoucement on your list. The eXile
website is up, so there is now longer any reason to read our actual
physical newspaper. JRL readers who are interested should look us up at:


The site is still under construction, but it's very cool, interesting to
read, in color, and free-- we had to do something to be different from the
Moscow Times.

Thanks again and I'll be in touch,
Matt Taibbi


Matt Taibbi - Editor-in-Chief of the weekly "eXile" -
Moscow "newspaper for ex-pats".
Very critical and even radical, it sometime gives
very interesting, original views on modern life in
Russia. - NikSt

** 14 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "nikst" (nikst@glasnet.ru)
Subject: Russia - US Cooperation

Cold War melts at Russia's nuclear nerve center
By Jonathan Wright

SERGIEV POSAD, Russia, Feb 14 (Reuters) - The polygraph team from the U.S.
state of Maryland at work in the Russian town of Sergei Posad reflects how
much has changed since the Cold War's end.

At a facility run by the 12th (Nuclear Weapons) Main Directorate of the
Russian Ministry of Defense -- once a place Western spies could only dream
of entering -- the American experts train Russian officers to weed out
dubious characters when recruiting staff to handle their nuclear warheads.

The polygraph operators on their delicate mission to this ancient town near
Moscow are only the tip of the iceberg in a project costing the United
States about $400 million a year.

The object: to make the world a safer place by helping the Russian armed
forces dismantle safely thousands of weapons and protect the rest of them
from accident, theft or sabotage.

The hardware transferred to the Russians includes 150 reinforced
supercontainers for holding warheads in transit, 115 special rail wagons
for carrying them, 4,020 ``armored blankets'' to protect nuclear weapons
from small arms fire and a national computerized inventory system to track
nuclear stocks.

The Russians have installed American-made sensors at their missile sites
and have received a gift of 30 miles (50 km) of ``Quick Fix'' security
fencing for their sensitive compounds.

``More than 10,000 operations have been performed in dismantling nuclear
weapons and no emergency situations have arisen, thanks to this
cooperation,'' Russian Defense Minister Igor Sergeyev said on Friday,
endorsing a program which pushes post-Cold War detente to the limit.

``Eight years ago I was training to kill these folks and now I'm trying to
work with them.  It's good for the world,'' said U.S. Army Sergeant John
Newcomb, a Russian-speaker trained in military intelligence and now a part
of the liaison team.

``I'm doing my tiny little part here getting the nuclear threat down to a
manageable level.  It's the most challenging job I've had in 20 years of
service,'' he added.

The program began in 1992 when Russians began to move their nuclear weapons
back to the heartland from breakaway republics of the Soviet Union --
Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

The confusion of those times is a thing of the past and the program
concentrates now on long-term improvements in security at the sites where
Russia stores its nuclear weaponry.

The next big project is to build a Security and Assessment Training Center
at Sergiev Posad.  The U.S. company Bechtel has a contract for the work in
partnership with the Russian firm Eleron for the security design.

``They tell us the kind of things that would help, like keeping good
control of the guard forces,'' said Navy Commander Michael Demeo, a
Pentagon expert on arms control assistance.

``But in general they feel they've got good control of their weapons
program ..  We've asked them point blank (if anything has been stolen) and
they've said no.  They think that's an absurd question,'' the commander

Demeo and others dismissed reports of stolen ``nuclear suitcases,''
portable nuclear devices which criminals or saboteurs could use to blow up
the world or demand vast sums in blackmail.

They said the nuclear weapons directorate, known by its Russian acronym the
12th GUMO, was staffed by professionals who follow rules surprisingly like
those of the U.S. military.

``They have good guys out there and they are well protected.  We all want
to avoid tampering, we all want to have the highest quality team,'' said
one of the American experts at Sergiev Posad.

But how do the Russians, psychological losers in the Cold War, feel about
Americans snooping around their missile silos?

In fact, these Americans never see the Russian warheads and are wary of
appearing to tell their counterparts what to do.

``We don't walk in and say they have a problem and we're going to fix it.
Because that wouldn't work,'' said the expert.

``If we push too hard or we don't package it right you see them get their
dander up but this is a pretty mature dialogue.  I don't run into a lot of
resentment or old think,'' he added.

``It's a hard adjustment for them,'' said Sergeant Newcomb.  ``How would
you feel if someone came to your house and told you what color curtains to
hang?  We work around it, do all we can to build a sense of trust, and it's
working well.''

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Sender:  "Serguei A. Oushakine" (G96ous72@sirius.ceu.hu)
Subject: Support for scientists from Central and Eastern Europe

From: Michele.GENOVESE@DG12.cec.be

The forms must be filled in only BY THE ORGANISERS OF THE INITIATIVE and
forwarded to us at least three months before the event starts.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your interest in our activities.

Please note that this measure is specifically directed to promoting the
mobility of CCE/NIS scientists who wish to participate in seminars,
conferences, colloquiums and workshops on subjects covered As demand for
subvention is high, only a limited prop

( O.J. of the E.C.  C 51 of 21 2 1997 )

Support for scientists from Central and Eastern Europe and the newly
independent States of the former Soviet Union to take part in seminars,
conferences, colloquiums and workshops

Directorate General XII ( Science, Research and Development) and, more
especially, the unit in Directorate B (International Cooperation)
responsible for relations with the Central and Eastern EuropeaApplications
together with a scientific description o

Mr Genovese
DG XII B2 - SDME 1/143
200 rue de la Loi
B 1049 Brussels
fax: +32 2 296 33 08
E mail: Michele.Genovese@dg12.cec.be

This form must be filled in and forwarded to the Commission by the
organisers of the initiative at least three months before the event is due
to start




Start Date

End Date

Name of organisation

Status (private company, government organisation, university,
charitable foundation, etc.)

Name of contact person

Telephone               Fax             E-mail

Postal address

Explain the opportunities and benefits that could justify the granting of a

List the names and countries of all visiting scientists for whom a
subvention is requested(You must also fill in a separate participant
details information form for each person listed)

>From the European Commission

>From other EU Institutions

Officials from Member States, Regions, etc.

(please specify)

FINANCING - express all amounts in ECU

Registration fees

Subvention here requested
(for travel and subsistence of CCE/NIS scientists)

Support from other Commission programmes
(please specify)

Other sponsors and sources of income
(please specify)


EXPENSES - express all amounts in ECU

Administration/organisation expenses
(please specify)

Technical expenses - meeting rooms, equipment, translation, etc.

(please specify)

Total expenses for invited scientists from non-CCE/NIS countries

Total expenses for invited scientists from CCE/NIS countries


(accommodation and meals)


DATE                    NAME                    SIGNATURE

An individual copy of this form must be completed for each CCE/NIS
participant for whom a subvention is requested.



(Prof., Dr, etc.)

University or research institute

Subvention requested for this participant - ECU

Title and brief abstract of paper to be presented
(if no paper, please justify subvention request for this participant)

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Sender:  "Serguei A. Oushakine" (G96ous72@sirius.ceu.hu)
Subject: Be a Part of History in the Making . . . .

Please forward to potential candidates.  To apply, please contact
CEELI at 1-800-98CEELI, (202) 662-1754 or mstephenson@abaceeli.org.


The Central and East European Law Initiative (CEELI), a public service
project of the American Bar Association, is currently seeking
experienced attorneys for the following positions:

Six to twelve months (April 1998)
.    Organize workshops and develop training programs concerning gender
related employment issues (sexual harassment and discrimination)
.    Provide guidance in the development of women's bar associations in
Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other cities
.    Organize and participate in workshops concerning violence against
women (domestic violence, sexual assault, and trafficking for the
purpose of prostitution)

Six to twelve months beginning in:
Albania  (March 1999), Bulgaria (April 1998 and June 1998) , Georgia
(May 1998), Hungary (June 1998), Lithuania (December 1998), Russia
(June 1998), and Ukraine (As soon as possible).
.    Coordinate criminal law related activities in the host country
.    Organize interactive training workshops for prosecutors, judges, and
defense attorneys on topics such as the drafting and implementation of
modern criminal justice legislation, supervision of investigations,
individual rights, and jury trial procedures.

One year (July 1998)
.    Help the Kazakh Parliament develop a legislative drafting center
.    Organize interactive training workshop on topics such as legislative
drafting skills, creating an independent judiciary, revising
administrative procedures, and developing judicial training programs.

One year beginning in Albania (June 1998), Bulgaria (September 1998),
and Croatia (June 1998).
.    Coordinate commercial law related activities in the host country
.    Organizing interactive training workshops on topics such as
international business joint ventures, bankruptcy, and intellectual
property; and

One year beginning in: Armenia (June 1998), Belarus (June 1998),
Kazakhstan (As soon as possible), Kyrgyzstan (August 1998), Georgia
(August 1998), Macedonia (July 1998), Moldova (May 1998), Romania
(July 1998), Russia (March 1998), Serbia (May 1998), Ukraine
(September 1998), and Uzbekistan (June 1998)
.    Coordinate CEELI rule of law related activities in the host country
.    Organize interactive training workshop on topics such as creating an
independent judiciary, drafting ethics codes, revising administrative
procedures, and developing judicial training programs; and
.    Manage legal reform programs focusing on continuing legal education,
law practice management, and bar development.

Albania for three months (As soon as possible), Romania for one month
(Spring 1998), Bulgaria for one month (Spring 1998), Ukraine three
months (Fall 1998)
.    In Albania, work with the Albanian Women's Bar Association to
develop a women's legal aid clinic.
.    In Romania, help two to three law schools outside of Bucharest
develop the classroom curriculum and course materials and lay the
groundwork for clinical externship programs or live client clinics.
.    In Bulgaria, assist the University of Sofia Law Faculty in
establishing a live client clinic.
.    In Kyiv, and Donetsk, Ukraine, help to establish live client clinic
administration, develop classroom curriculum, and train local
professors in practical techniques for teaching lawyering skills.

All CEELI participants receive a generous benefits package which
covers travel, housing, general living, and business expenses.

CEELI considers attorneys with a minimum of three years of legal
experience or fluency on a language of the region, high level of
energy and initiative, and strong interpersonal skills.  International
experience is preferred.

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Sender:  "Sharyl Corrado" (Sharyl.M.Corrado@wheaton.edu)
Subject: source of information on religion in Russia

Dear Friends,

Below you will find a table of contents for the latest edition of the
"East-West Church & Ministry Report", as well as a sample article,
"The New Russian Law on Religion: What Is the Fallout for
Evangelicals?" and the Resource Section.  I trust that you will find
this material informative, and that you will consider subscribing to
the "Report".

A one-year e-mail subscription to the "East-West Church & Ministry Report"
costs only $20.00.   One-year print subscription rates for the "East-West
Church and Ministry Report" are $42.75 U.S., $47.75 Canada, and $52.75
International.  The e-mail edition is available at no extra charge to
print subscribers.

To subscribe, please send a check to the Insitute for East-West
Christian Studies at the address below.  Credit card subscriptions
are accepted by phone (630/752-5917), fax (630/752-5916) or e-mail
(melliott@wheaton.edu).  Please include subscriber's name, complete
address, e-mail address, credit card number and expiration date, and
type of subscription (print only, print with gratis e-mail, or e-mail

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.  We look forward
to hearing from you soon.


Mark Elliott
Professor of History and Director
Insitute for East-West Christian Studies
Wheaton College
Wheaton, IL 60187
tel:  630/752-5917
fax:  630/752-5916


East-West Church & Ministry Report
Volume 5, Number 4 * Winter 1997
Covering the Former Soviet Union and East Central Europe

[additional information available by contacting address above]

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Sender:  Maria (citzinfo@irk.ru)
Subject: To those wmo may comcern

To those who may concern:

The BAIKALLAND - an illustrated magazine brings a diverse view of
econmoic, cultural and social life of Irkutsk and the Baikal region to
its domestic and foreign readers- the major protagonists of our magazine
are businesspeople- industralists and enterpreneurs- the people  who
gave a new gist and impetus to these days.

Large investment opportunities, along with an intensive Siberian
identity and unique nature create an attractive image of this part of
the world for a reader.

The magazine is a 48-64 pages quarterly with the print run of 8,000
copies. The publication is in Russian and English. The magazine is
distributed  at the shows presenting Irkutsk and Irkutsk region abroad,
at international fairs in Russia, at Tranaero airlines.
We could provide from two to four pages for a company wanting  to be
promoted in East Siberia and advertise its production in Russia.

We are open to all negotiations.

Our e-mail is: citzinfo@irk.ru

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Sender:  "nikst" (nikst@glasnet.ru)
Subject: New book about A.Solzhenitsyn

The Economist

                    February 14, 1998, U.S. EditionREVIEW

Solzhenitsyn's Russia. Fact in fiction

Little, Brown; 608 pages; L 22.50. St Martin's; $ 29.95

"NO OTHER writer of the 20th century has had such an influence on history,"
says D.M.Thomas in a prologue to this compelling biography.  It is a big
claim but Mr Thomas presents a robust case for it.  Yet, though
overwhelmingly sympathetic, he also depicts the warts of this most
problematical of Russian authors in more painful detail than previous

Alexander Solzhenitsyn's has been an extraordinary life--one of astonishing
elation and triumph amid the horror and sordidness of the Soviet era.
Though his family was struck by the usual catastrophes accompanying the
revolution, the destruction of the kulaks and the purges, he remained a
convinced Leninist until a casual joke about Joseph Stalin near the end of
the second world war (in which he fought bravely) hurled him into the gulag
for eight years, to be followed by "internal exile in perpetuity".

Having survived the camps, he then survived cancer in the wasteland of
Kazakhstan, where he had been dispatched to exile.  Freed in 1956, he then
rose to stardom in Khrushchev's thaw with the publication of his
mini-masterpiece, "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich", a brilliantly
crafted tale of good andevil in the camps, only to be thrown back into
persecution and ignominy after Khrushchev's fall.

After secretly arranging publication abroad for two fine autobiographical
novels, "The First Circle" and "Cancer Ward", he embarked on his
magisterial study of the labour camps, "The Gulag Archipelago", it is
probably the most authoritative, detailed and devastating indictment of the
Soviet system of repression ever published.

But since his expulsion from Russia in 1974, Mr Solzhenitsyn's creative
life has been more ambiguous and less titanic.  And in the past four years,
since he fulfilled his promise to return to Russia, he has dropped almost
out of sight.

Mr Thomas generously--and rightly--acknowledges a vast debt to an earlier
biography of Mr Solzhenitsyn by Michael Scammell, who took ten years to
chronicle the writer's life in a huge tome published in 1984.  What has he
added?  And does the relative failure of Mr Solzhenitsyn's later life
invalidate the history-moulding claim?  The answer is: a fair bit; and no.

For a start, as befits a fine novelist himself, Mr Thomas offers a more
rounded portrayal of Solzhenitsyn the man and a more measured and telling
assessment of Solzhenitsyn the artist.  His subject emerges as a remarkable
but flawed individual and as a less than consistently creative writer.

Most striking is Mr Solzhenitsyn's unerring capacity to make enemies out of
friends--as a result, largely, of subordinating his entire life, and the
lives of virtually all with whom he came into contact, to his consuming
obsession to fulfil his God-given task of exposing the evils of communism.
This seems to have led him to divide almost everybody into friends and
foes, and to draw rigid lines between good and evil in virtually all
matters, commercial as well as moral.  In his battle against tyranny, he
has been quite a tyrant.  Not surprisingly, this makes him exceptionally
hard to live with, though his tough but magnificent wife and loving band of
sons seem to have coped admirably.  As for Solzhenitsyn the artist, Mr
Thomas makes well the point that the Russian's most powerful creations are
drawn closely from his own life; and that when his own life perforce became
serene, his creative juices flowed much less freely.  As for Solzhenitsyn
the politician, who has riled western intellectuals almost as much as the
old Soviet politburo, Mr Thomas is particularly good at explaining, and
sometimes mitigating, the occasional crudities of expression that have made
the writer so widely misunderstood.  Mr Solzhenitsyn is an old-fashioned,
God-fearing romantic: anti-industrial, anti-materialist,
anti-Enlightenment, and against what he sees as the deadening excesses of
rationalism.  In the sense that Marxism was a western product, he is often
anti-western too: in other words, he is a thorough Slavophile.  But the
notion that he is some kind of Russian supremacist is false.  Nor is he
anti-Semitic--in a whole chapter, Mr Thomas delicately and thoroughly
examines this much-mooted charge, and persuasively refutes it.

His latter-day impact on Russia has, despite predictions to the contrary,
been minimal.  He does not love the new regime or the new society.  Since
his expulsion at a time when Soviet power seemed secure, the prophet has
had scant influence, either abroad or back home.  Does the quietness of the
past two decades belittle his earlier achievement--to have taken on the
entire weight of the Soviet state and conquered it by truth and pen?  Not
in the least.

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Sender:  mvs3@po.CWRU.Edu (Maxim V. Soloviev)
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