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Digest for January 28, 1998

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01-28 January 98  Sender:  denisesj@mindspring.com
                  Subject: from Denise Spivey-Johnston

02-28 January 98  Sender:  TanyaUSA@aol.com
                  Subject: from Tatiana

03-28 January 98  Sender:  lotal@hotmail.com
                  Subject: from Alex

04-28 January 98  Sender:  pumaihcc@hotmail.com
                  Subject: from Irina Polikarpova

05-28 January 98  Sender:  seafarer@actor.ru
                  Subject: from Evgeny Zaytsev

06-28 January 98  Sender:  Shrager@mediaone.com
                  Subject: from Alexis Klimenko

07-28 January 98  Sender:  scher005@mc.duke.edu
                  Subject: from Rich Scher

08-28 January 98  Sender:  windexgiri@aol.com
                  Subject: from Julie

09-28 January 98  Sender:  natural@bendnet.com
                  Subject: from Mark Miller

10-28 January 98  Sender:  richey@magicnet.net
                  Subject: from Richard White

11-28 January 98  Sender:  TreacleNme@aol.com
                  Subject: from Patrick L Smiley

12-28 January 98  Sender:  x97_fmo@e.kth.se
                  Subject: from Fabio

13-28 January 98  Sender:  sshatalov@worldbank.org
                  Subject: from Sergei Shatalov

14-28 January 98  Sender:  User563295@aol.com
                  Subject: from Buddy Clemmons


01-28 January 98  Sender:  AD OMERTAL &  ASSOCIATES (omertal@usa.net)
                  Subject: Russian Internet Radio from Montreal! Try it!

02-28 January 98  Sender:  Chris Kedzie (C.KEDZIE@fordfound.org)
                  Subject: FW: Request

03-28 January 98  Sender:  "Denise Cormaney" (dcormane@irex.org)
                  Subject: (Fwd) Re: Host Opportunities for US Institutions

04-28 January 98  Sender:  Ethel Dunn (edunn@well.com)
                  Subject: Books about Russian social sciences

05-28 January 98  Sender:  "frank jude" (frankjude@lineone.net)
                  Subject: Tyutchev in English

06-28 January 98  Sender:  LAURA PEARSON (LAURLIE@worldnet.att.net)
                  Subject: Donations to the Russian orpahnages

07-28 January 98  Sender:  DrWill7334 (DrWill7334@aol.com)
                  Subject: hello

08-28 January 98  Sender:  "gary clark" (garyclark@hotmail.com)
                  Subject: THE MILLENNIUM PEACE PROJECT

09-28 January 98  Sender:  "Serguei A. Oushakine" (G96ous72@sirius.ceu.hu)
                  Subject: Directory of Gender Studies in Eastern
                           Europe and former Soviet

10-28 January 98  Sender:  margaret@tbsc.tomsk.ru
                  Subject: Fw: Beekeeping

11-28 January 98  Sender:  "T. S. White" (tswrace@ibm.net)
                  Subject: Tourist product marketing.

12-28 January 98  Sender:  "Gregory Blake" (blake@fof.kiev.ua)
                  Subject: Job of a translator

13-28 January 98  Sender:  Tom Allen (tominmt@montana.com)
                  Subject: sponsor

14-28 January 98  Sender:  Mats-Olov Olsson (Mats-Olov.Olsson@cerum.umu.se)
                  Subject: Distance Education in Moscow (management

15-28 January 98  Sender:  mvs3@po.CWRU.Edu (Maxim V. Soloviev)
                  Subject: New RSL Com tariffs (Russia $.60, Ukraine $.57/

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Sender:  denisesj@mindspring.com
Subject: from Denise Spivey-Johnston

My husband and I adopted a little deaf boy from the Berezovsky Orphanage
for the deaf children in the Krasnoyarsk region.  We're interested in
finding out more about Krasnoyarsk region and Russian culture.  Please
respond with any information you might have about Berezovsky or Krasnoyarsk
or Russia that we could teach him.  We look forward to hearing from you.
Many Thanks.  (I regret that I did not take the picture of my son's

** 02 **********************************************************************

Sender:  TanyaUSA@aol.com
Subject: from Tatiana

I live in Arlington, VA. I tryed to make "kvashennuyu kapustu" and it did
not come out too well.  Is anybody could teach me how to make it.  If
somebody has a recipe, i'll appriciate it.  I miss Russian food sometimes.

** 03 **********************************************************************

Sender:  lotal@hotmail.com
Subject: from Alex

I'm a 37 single male, living in Chelyabinsk, which is 2,000km East of
Moscow.  I hardly may be a devoted pen pal, but you may stay free at my
place for several days if you happen to be here.  I'm in a small business
of my own, dealing in computer hardware trade.  Other my intersts are music
playing and adventure travel.  My English is fluent.

** 04 **********************************************************************

Sender:  pumaihcc@hotmail.com
Subject: from Irina Polikarpova

    HI !!
 My name is Irina. I'm from MOSCOW,RUSSIA but now
 I'm living in U.S.A. I'm going to visit Moscow in
 spring '98 so if someone wants to go with me I
 would like to shoo you my town.

** 05 **********************************************************************

Sender:  seafarer@actor.ru
Subject: from Evgeny Zaytsev

Hi!  I am from St.Peterburg !  I am 15 yars old !  I want to find friennds
all over the world !  Write my pls!  Good bay!

** 06 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Shrager@mediaone.com
Subject: from Alexis Klimenko

Hello, I am browsing on internet for my english class project.  This
project is to trace my geological tree and collect any kind of information
about my ancestry.  My mother's relatives live in Russia V'atka region,
city of Kirov; my dad's family is from Ukraine, Zaporizie.  Please, if
anyone is willing to help me I would really appreciate it.  If you are not
willing to help me, write me anyway.  Thanks

** 07 **********************************************************************

Sender:  scher005@mc.duke.edu
Subject: from Rich Scher

I just came across your site.  So far it's been a great visit.  I am
involved with a group of physicians in the US and Ivanovo, Russia.
Hopefully, this site will be a useful resource for us.  Anyone interested
in finding out about our activities just let me know.



** 08 **********************************************************************

Sender:  windexgiri@aol.com
Subject: from Julie

Privet Everyone!  I just wanted to say hi and that this is a really cool
webpage!  If anyone wants to correspond with an American 16 year old, just
write me back, I love Russian hockey players, and just Russian guys in
general!  Oh, I have started a webpage on Russian hockey, its not done yet,
but check it out: http://www.geocities.com/Colosseum/Sideline/9115 Spasiba!

** 09 **********************************************************************

Sender:  natural@bendnet.com
Subject: from Mark Miller

I live in central Oregon and have operated a natural resources/forestry
consulting firm for over 20 years.  I am interested in working in the
Russian far east in the forestry or natural resources sectors.  My russian
language ability is rudimentary but improving through studying with a
russian tutor here.  Anyone with information on possible employment in the
far east in forestry please let me know.  I would also be interested in
hosting a russian forester here.

** 10 **********************************************************************

Sender:  richey@magicnet.net
Subject: from Richard White

Mnogo lyet tomy nazad Ya bill stydyentom vashovo yazeka (Army Lang.
School) I like Nevsky Prospect in St.  Petersburg the city of Novgorod and
the Island of Valaam.  In fact I wanted to live in Novgorod, a very plesant
city.  I want to send email in cyrillic without sucess.  I am an ex New
Yorker but I have lived in Florida many years.(I worked for Disney) Would
like to hear from Russians!  Spasebo e do skorovo ot Richarda.

** 11 **********************************************************************

Sender:  TreacleNme@aol.com
Subject: from Patrick L Smiley

This is a fabulous website!!  The more I investigate, the more I enjoy
spending time here!!  Please keep up the good work.

If there are any Russian language tutorials affiliated with you, please let
me know, as my Russian is getting a bit rusty.


** 12 **********************************************************************

Sender:  x97_fmo@e.kth.se
Subject: from Fabio

I'm an italian guy 22 year old.  I'm studying computer engineering in
Sweden where I have known many russian friends.  Now all of them have left
but I have had a really good impression of Russians.  Therefore I would
like to e-mail with some Russians.  We could use english or, later,
russians.  Bye

** 13 **********************************************************************

Sender: sshatalov@worldbank.org
Subject: from Sergei Shatalov

I wish to compliment the creators of this page - this is a truly great
project.  I particularly cheriish your collection of Russian poetry.  It
would be very valuable if you do a "mirror" - post some American poetry in
your site.  Visitors from Russia will appreciate it.

** 14 **********************************************************************

Sender: User563295@aol.com
Subject: from Buddy Clemmons

Zdravstvuete moi tovareschche.  Ya Amerikanski grazhdanen s Russkaya jena.
Ya ochen rad dlya eto mestopolojeniye na Internet.  Ya nadeyous vi
prodaljat eta horoshaya rabota.  Vsyevo horoshyevo.  Buddy Clemmons


Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

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Sender:  AD OMERTAL &  ASSOCIATES (omertal@usa.net)
Subject: Russian Internet Radio from Montreal! Try it!

 From January 5, 1998 there is a Russian Internet Radio in Montreal,
Quebec, CANADA called RUSSIAN ALLIANCE - a voice of a constellation of
Russian journalists, computer specialists and Russian intelligentsia
residing in Montreal, Quebec, Canada!
       You may visit us at:

   Alexei Drozdovskii

** 02 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Chris Kedzie (C.KEDZIE@fordfound.org)
Subject: FW: Request

From: Avaz Hassanov [SMTP:avaz@tcms.hayat.baku.az]
Sent: Saturday, January 24, 1998 5:34 PM

Dear Freinds!

My name is Mehriban Mamedova Co-director of Research Center
"Youth and Democracy".

Recently I began working in the field of youth rights.  In Azerbaijan as
well as in other countries of the former USSR this is a very serious
problem abecuse people are poorly informed about their rights.  Today I am
working on a project, that involves the creation of a Rescourse center for
Youth organizations.

To do this I am needed in:
1. Literature, materials about international norms and laws regarding the
rights of youth.
2. Information about various groups working on similar issues and about
publications on these issues.
3. Information about the youth activites,
4. Information about the funds, reserach institutes, international youth
organizations, international expenses.

I will be very grateful for any of your responses to my questions.

Yours Sincerely,
Mehriban Mamedova

Research Center "Youth and Democracy"  (RCYD) is a non-governmental,
non-political, non-profit research organization, which was created
in January 1997 and is located in Baku, Azerbaijan Republic.

     The aims of the Centre are:
     - to monitor the situation of youth, refugees and IDPs,
migration, women, children  problems in Azerbaijan,
     - to carry out sociological researches on youth, migration,
women, issues,
     - to develop the proposals for development of the legal
system, concerning youth;
     - to learn international experiences, concerning youth work,
persons, migration issues,
     - to organize conferences, seminars, courses fo young people,
women and refugees activites;
     - to publish the newspapers, magazines, newsletter, books, posters,
concerning youth, refugees IDPs and women's  problems.

The Research Center "Youth and Democracy" collected the wide information
about youth organizations, existing in Azerbaijan  and prepared the
"information booklet about youth organizations".  It has written
several articles, related to the state youth policy. It organizes
training courses for young leaders by the Center.

Workers of the Center keep contacts with all youth organizations
in Azerbaijan.  The participated in  the  "Democracy development"
programm organized by USAID and AED;  at the courses organized by
OSCE in Baku, at the training courses on the subject of human rights
and leadership in Warsaw organized by Helsinki Foundation;  Summerschool
organized HCA in Georgia, at the conferences organized by
youth organizations of Ukraine,  Georgia,  Russia.  The staff
of the center took active part at the  UN  conference  on the
problems of forced migration in CIS and consults to Open Society
Institute (USA), INLIA Foundation  (Holland) on forcible migration in

Center published  the bulletin "Youth activates news"
("Youth and Democracy"). In June 1997 with Human Rights Center of
Azerbaijan and AI Azerbaijan a special bulletins "Refugees  and
Displaced Persons in Azerbaijan" was published and there is a plan
to publish the Directory for refugees.

        Address: 3-11, 28 May Street, Baku-370014, Azerbaijan
                Telehpone: (99412) 938148, 987555, 958066
                        Fax: (99412) 987555
     E-mail: avaz@tcms.hayat.baku.az,    avaz@hca.baku.az

** 03 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Denise Cormaney" (dcormane@irex.org)
Subject: (Fwd) Re: Host Opportunities for US Institutions



DESCRIPTION:  Three or six-month research grants to specialists with
advanced degrees, pre-doctoral and post-doctoral scholars from the
NIS (emphasis will be on junior faculty) for research at institutions
and organizations in the United States.  *Funding for these programs
is provided by the United States Information Agency*

Freedom Support Act Fellowships in Contemporary Issues:
-Sustainable Growth and Development of NIS Economies in Transition
-Democratization, Human Rights and Rule of Law
-Political, Military, Security and Public Policy Issues
-Strengthening Civil Society
-Communications Revolution and Access to Information

Regional Scholar Exchange Program:
25 fields in the social sciences and humanities, with focus on the
twentieth century.  Most NIS participants will be junior faculty and
those at the early stages of their career.

-Housing, stipend, medical insurance, and research allowance.
-Round-trip transportation to and from placement city in the United

Interested institutions should:
-Be located in the United States
-Provide a research advisor willing to meet with the fellow and guide
his/her research
-Provide access to computer, e-mail, the Internet, available
libraries and archives, and, where possible, office space.

*US institutions wishing to host fellows may obtain the host
application form directly from the IREX website at
http://www/irex/org/grants/intl/hostops.htm.  Deadline for
Contemproary Issues host applications is February 2, 1998.  Deadline
for Regional Scholar Exchange Program host applications is April 2,

For more information about these programs, please contact Program
Officers Denise Cormaney (dcormane@irex.org) or Kristine Kassekert
(kkasseke@irex.org) at 202-628-8188

** 04 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Ethel Dunn (edunn@well.com)
Subject: Books about Russian social sciences

Highgate Road Social Science Research Station (32 Highgate Rd., Berkeley,
California 94707) still has about 300 books in Russian on religion,
sociology, demography, Central Asia, Moldova, Ukraine, Belorussia published
in the 1960s-1980s. We are selling them in order to raise money for
cultural preservation and research projects. We'll send a copy of the
13-page list to whoever sends an e-mail or postal address.
Ethel Dunn

** 05 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "frank jude" (frankjude@lineone.net)
Subject: Tyutchev in English

Apologies for writing in English!  I have still not got the hang of
converting to Cyrillic, being quite new to the net.  I am about to publish
my book of the complete surviving lyrics of Tyutchev in English, with
endnotes and introduction.  As far as I know, this will be a 'first'.  I am
a freelance teacher and literary translator and have already made contact
with various people in Russia and a Russian academic now teaching in
Minneapolis (Anatoly Liberman), who is also a literary translator.  If
anyone's interested, I shall happily email a handful of my translations for
discussion.  All the best!  Frank Jude (England)

** 06 **********************************************************************

Sender:  LAURA PEARSON (LAURLIE@worldnet.att.net)
Subject: Donations to the Russian orpahnages

We have bags full of new and like new stuffed animals that we would like
to donate to the orphanages.  In the past we have donated books, pens
and paper and would like to know if you would be interested in these
stuffed animals.  Our previous contact was Sean McGivern but can't seem
to get in touch with him.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Laura Pearson

** 07 **********************************************************************

Sender:  DrWill7334 (DrWill7334@aol.com)
Subject: hello

I am looking for information regarding  Alexander Puskin.....can you tell me
where i vcan find some biographical information....especially a photograph of

** 08 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "gary clark" (garyclark@hotmail.com)

                                                              2000 A.D.

          Attend carefully to beautiful things of the Earth & accept the
vast powers of your mind.  Experience surges of energy & vitality by
releasing feelings  within to float in heartswells of emotion & by
allowing  your thoughts to glide toward  truth that lives beyond sense.
For you, then, curious signs in everday life will arouse a renewed
passion for the flow of creation:  the dazzling drama that is the
wondrous sense of things, an of the enduring magic of being alive.
          When you regather qualities of the wondering child, you will
daydream in the mystery of presences, with living facets of imagination,
where a grander vision of things could break through at any moment,
lighting shadows of quiet spaces.
          Focus on what is around you, what is within you, right where
you are, mindful of dwelling on the Earth, at home with yourself,
realizing that circumstances you find yourself in are lessons offered to
you.  Being truly  human means developing a sense of the ultimate in
daily questions & life-long quests.  Choose to live life beyond routine,
gaining wisdom from experience.
         Cherish deeply meanings & values of things all-ready around
you, becoming aware of them & their right to be here, sensing that what
appears all-the-time is the miraculous in disguise.  Reveal the essence
of your life through your thoughts & actions, beholding wonders of the
Earth, displaying your greater heart by respecting others & sensing your
true purpose.

Gary Clark

Get Your Private, Free Email at http://www.hotmail.com

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Sender:  "Serguei A. Oushakine" (G96ous72@sirius.ceu.hu)
Subject: Directory of Gender Studies in Eastern Europe and former Soviet

Dear Friends and Partners,

As some of you probably know The Soros Foundation in New York has
recently  set up the "Regional Women's Program" (RWP) whose aim is to
bring together researchers and activists from Central and Eastern
Europe and the former Soviet Union.  Together with  another Soros's
project - The Program on Gender and Culture at Central European
University (Budapest) - RWP is about to begin preparation of
"Directory of Gender Studies in Eastern Europe and former Soviet
Union". The aim of the Directory is to include as many scientists,
researchers, educators as well as the centers, institutions, and
universities with which they are accociated, as possible.

It is understood that "gender studies"  here is to mean an academic
program (a course, a series of courses, a degree program, a series of
seminars or workshops, etc.) conducted in a private or state-funded
educational or research institution.  Courses, programs, and
workshops organized by independent centers and NGOs certainly fit
this description, too.

If you want your institution to be included into this Directory -
please fill out the form below and send it to me (the postal and
electronic address are in the end of this message).

All the best,

Serguei A. Oushakine


Program on Gender and Culture at Central European University and
Regional Women's Program are preparing for publication _ Directory of
Gender studies in Eastern Europe and former Soviet Union_

The aim of the directory is to cover as many academic, educational,
and research  centers involved into gender studies, as possible.
After the publication the Directory will be distributed among the
institutions of higher education in the region, NGOs, and the Soros
network. On-line version of the  Directory will be available as well.

The Directory will include the following information about gender
programs and research in the region:

I. Information about the program:

1.1.Title of the program;
1.2. Duration of the program;
1.3. The program's  audience.
1.4. Affiliation of the program.

II. Contact person (or persons).

2.1. Name
2.2. Position and/or academic title.
2.3. Research interests (optional).

III. Address  (personal or/and official):

3.1. Name/institution, Street
3.2. City
3.3. Country, postal code.
3.4. Fax
3.5. Phone
3.6. E-mail

For example:

1.1.Course "Sociology of gender"
1.2. Duration of the course -  36 academic hours.
1.3. Main audience - the students of the Department of Sociology. The
course has been taught for two years (since 1996/97 academic year).
1.4. The course is taught every semester at Kharkov  State
University, Department of Sociology..

2.1.Kravchuk Olga,
2.2.Kandidat of science,  docent of Kharkov State University,
director of the Gender center.
2.3. Main interests: gender stereotypes in mass media; changing
gender roles; gender identity crisis..

III. Address:

3.1.Kravchuk Olga, Michalevich st. 46, apt.56
3.2. Kharkov.
3.3.110068, Ukraine.
3.4 Fax - none
3.5.Phone - none,
3.6 e-mail: olga@abc.kharkov.ua

Business address:
3.1. Gender center, Department of Sociology, Popchuk st. 57, room 35.
3.2. Kharkov,
3.3. 110068, Ukraine.
3.4  Fax: (code) - (number)
3.5. Phone: (code)- (number)
3.6. e-mail: ________________

It would certainly help if you decide to include a more detailed
information about the program(s) in gender studies (e.g, the
description of the course, its content, and bibliography) so that the
directory would be more specific.

We do understand that it might  take some time and effort to provide
us with this information, but we think that the benefits of  this
cooperation are ostensible. And we would certainly appreciate any
information you would  be willing to share with us. Besides, the
access to the information network, The Regional Women's Program is
now preparing  the first Regional women's conference in Belgrade
(tentatively, September-October, 1998). Based on the information
collected a certain number of small grants and fellowships to
conduct research in gender studies will be distributed.

Please, feel  free to distribute this message among your friends so
that the directory would be as comprehensive as possible.
If you have any questions and/or comments, I could be contacted at
the  address indicated below or via this e-mail..

Good luck to you.


Serguei A Oushakine
Program on Gender & Culture
Central European University
Nador u.9, Budapest
1051-H, Hungary

Fax  36-1-327-3001

e-mail: g96ous72@student.ceu.hu

** 10 **********************************************************************

Sender: margaret@tbsc.tomsk.ru
Subject: Fw: Beekeeping

Margaret Nicely 
 Friends and partners Digest 

Dear Friends, I'm looking for beekeepers, E-mail addresses of state or
regional associations or hobby groups in the U.S. I'm an American living
and working in Tomsk, Siberia.  One organization I work with is the Tomsk
Business Support Center(TBSC).  Originally started in 1994 by USAID, as
part of a technical assistance network to help in the development of small
businesses in Russia, when US funding was completed, TBSC registered as a
non-profit corporation and continues its work with some city, oblast, and
foundation funding.

In early Dec., a young man came to our offices looking for help in writing
a business plan and finding venture capital to develop a small apiary.

Here is his story: Sergey Zsheshinsky is 28 years old, born in Kirgizstan,
educated as an engineer at the Tomsk Institute of Automatic Control Systems
and Radioelectronics, graduated 1992.  He has completed his military
obligations(1994-1996) and currently teaches shop part time at School #40
in Tomsk.  He is married and has a 6 year old daughter.  His wife and
daughter live in the village of Zirianskoe 2 hours by bus north of Tomsk.
Sergey goes home weekends, holidays and summers.  Since 1992 (except for
his army years) he has worked summers in an apiary near his village.  In
1997 he enrolled in the external program of the Riazan Institute of
Beekeeping and continues his studies.  He also began to formulate his plan
of becoming an independent beekeeper.  He has developed a realistic
business plan.

Our research indicates that the market is here and his pricing projections

The problem?  The Russian banking system has not yet become responsive to
the needs of small entrepreneurs and intermediary lending programs are non
existent in this part of Russia (TBSC is working on that).

Teachers are poorly and intermittently paid, last year teachers in Tomsk
waited 5 months, March-July, for payment of salaries; so savings are not an
option.  We are looking for individuals or organizations who are interested
in participating directly in the dramatic changes taking place in Russia.
Sergey speaks some English and is committed to providing progress reports
and would love to have U.S. beekeepers come visit.  There are several
options for individual investment 1) a direct loan with a 15% return over 5
yrs 2) a tax deductible contribution to TBSC aimed at starting a beekeepers
revolving loan fund with Sergey as the first borrower 3) a combination of
the above.  Sergey's business plan indicates that he can become a self
sufficient businessman with an initial investment of $6000 to be repaid at
15% over 5 years.  As with any small business, especially agriculturally
based, there are risks and collecting loans in Russia is never a sure

Sergey seems to be a sincere, hard working young man with excellent
personal references.  My late husband was a beekeeper and I remember help
he received from experienced beekeepers when he started, so I'm hoping to
hear from some of you.  I'll be happy to provide a detailed business plan
and further information to anyone who's interested.

Margaret Nicely E-mail: margaret@tbsc.tomsk.ru

** 11 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "T. S. White" (tswrace@ibm.net)
Subject: Tourist product marketing.


I am an American businessman doing new business development in St.
Petersburg, Russia.  I am seeking channels of distribution for an
exciting consumer level product aimed at tourists from around the world.
The product is currently not sold in Russia altough it can be found in
almost any tourist destination anywhere in the world.  It offers
enterprising Russian marketers an opportunity to capitalise on an
untapped market.

If you have conections with tourist shop owners, kiosk owners, wholesale
distributors, or other distribution channels for tourist goods in St.
Petersburg please contact me.

E-mail:  tswrace@ibm.net

	Thank you,
	T. S. White

** 12 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Gregory Blake" (blake@fof.kiev.ua)
Subject: Job of a translator

                 Hello, friends around the world!

I am Ukrainian living in Kiev interested in a work of a translator
(Russian/English/Ukrainian). I have two years+ of experience in translating
(technical, humanitarian, medical,law).
      I am 22 years old, male, education in law and arts.

      Looking forward to fulfill your translating needs,

      Sergey Yastremskiy.

252010, Kiev, Ukraine
27, Moskovskaya Str. Apt.#6
Tel.: (044) 290-11-69

Last time I started a sery of quotations from remarkable men: Marcus Aurelius,
Goethe, Epictetus, Plato, Budda and many others. Today the second quotation is:

" The present moment is the point of escape from our three-dimensional prison
of space and time.
        For in this PRESENT MOMENT,
        one can put oneself in contact
        with a place outside time,
        and with a help of eternity,
        where all possibilities in their fullness
        are already waiting.

We must squeeze all its contents out of each moment."

                        Rodney Collin "The Theory of Conscious Harmony".

** 13 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Tom Allen (tominmt@montana.com)
Subject: sponsor

I don't know anyone in Russia however I will need a tourist visa.  How
do I get a sponsor? Thanks.

** 14 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Mats-Olov Olsson (Mats-Olov.Olsson@cerum.umu.se)
Subject: Distance Education in Moscow (management accounting)


On 6 March 1998, the Department of Business Studies at Uppsala
University is starting a new course in management accounting in
Moscow. The course is mainly intended for the Russian personnel
in western companies located in Russia.

Teachers from the Department of Business Studies at Uppsala
University will lecture in Moscow on three occasions between
March and May, once on each part of the course. (The lectures
are translated into Russian.) Participants will be offered the
opportunity to go through an examination by Uppsala University.
Everyone who has passed the examination will be given a certificate
issued by Uppsala University.

The course is entirely based on a material in Russian developed
by teachers at the Department of Business Studies. The material
has been translated and published by DidaktEkon AB, a small
publishing company in Uppsala.

During the last 3-4 years similar courses have been given by
Uppsala University for more than 1,100 Russian students,
managers and military officers leaving the Russian armed

For further information about the course, please contact
Ulf Olsson, tel. +46 18 4711368, fax +46 18 555386 or
via email .

A presentation of the extensive course material used in
the course may be found at URL: http://www.didaktekon.se

-- Mats-Olov Olsson
 Mats-Olov Olsson                        Telephone: +46 (0)90 166034
 Centre for Regional Science (CERUM)       Telefax: +46 (0)90 165121
 Umea University                Email: Mats-Olov.Olsson@cerum.umu.se
 S-901 87 UMEA, Sweden
Address as of April 1997:

 International Institute for | Email: olsson@iiasa.ac.at
  Applied  Systems Analysis  | Phone: +43  2236 807 346
  A-2361 Laxenburg, Austria  |   Fax: +43  2236 71313

** 15 **********************************************************************

Sender:  mvs3@po.CWRU.Edu (Maxim V. Soloviev)
Subject: New RSL Com tariffs (Russia $.60, Ukraine $.57/min)

Dear Sir / Madam:

RSL Com USA (former CYBERLINK, Inc.) now available most of
the states as a 1+ service. Interstate rate is $.10/min,
flat rate, without any surcharges.          ^^^^^^^^^^^

In ALL states it is available as "add-on" service.
Add-on service means:
 - no need to change telephone company;
 - no additional charges;
 - calling card with the same rates

                        ADD-ON Service          1+ Service
        Russia -        $.68 / min;             $.60 / min;
        Ukraine -       $.65 / min;             $.57 / min;
        Belarus -       $.74 / min;             $.59 / min;
        Azerbaijan -    $.59 / min;             $.59 / min;
        Lithuania -     $.62 / min;             $.58 / min;
        Latvia -        $.49 / min;             $.48 / min;
        Estonia -       $.46 / min;             $.42 / min;
        Australia -     $.28 / min;             $.21 / min;
        Denmark -       $.27 / min;             $.24 / min;
        France -        $.33 / min;             $.21 / min;
        Hungary -       $.42 / min;             $.34 / min;
        Israel -        $.75 / min;             $.55 / min;
        Poland -        $.51 / min;             $.45 / min;
        Romania -       $.65 / min;             $.59 / min;
        Sweden -        $.22 / min;             $.16 / min...

Super-low rates apply 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
Best of all, there are NO HIDDEN CHARGES: no access fees,
per-call fees, monthly fees, sign-up fees, peak-period
surcharges, etc.

Calling Card is the major advantage of RSL Com. The same
rates and absolutely no surcharges.

Please inquire  s-media@usa.net  or  (888) 231-2857

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