Digest for 97-12-01

Digest for December 01, 1997

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01-01 December 97  Sender:  martin@tillier.force9.net
                   Subject: GUESTBOOK entry from Martin

02-01 December 97  Sender:  WingNut8@aol.com
                   Subject: GUESTBOOK entry from Jennifer


01-01 December 97  Sender:  RPAINE@cc.colorado.edu
                   Subject: Russian articles on the web

02-01 December 97  Sender:  Center for Civil Society International
                   Subject: Please, help to find a person (fwd)

03-01 December 97  Sender:  Doug Eldred (Douglas.K.Eldred@cdc.com)
                   Subject: Russian Calendar?

04-01 December 97  Sender:  Ethel Dunn (edunn@well.com)
                   Subject: Marx and Engels in Russian

05-01 December 97  Sender:  "Serguei A. Oushakine" (oushakin@ssc.upenn.edu)
                   Subject: the Second International  School for Gender
                            Studies in Foros

06-01 December 97  Sender:  "Serguei A. Oushakine" (oushakin@ssc.upenn.edu)
                   Subject: CFA: The 3d Russian  Summer  School in Gender
                            and Women's Studies

07-01 December 97  Sender:  ian.maccormick@which.net
                   Subject: This site has relocated

08-01 December 97  Sender:  kevin@online.ru
                   Subject: comment about friends/travel/

09-01 December 97  Sender:  Raffi Aftandelian (brynza@glasnet.ru)
                   Subject: challenges with KOI8 font to Mac Russian
                            transfer and more

10-01 December 97  Sender:  Hugo127@aol.com
                   Subject: Hello!

11-01 December 97  Sender:  Jeroline@aol.com
                   Subject: Interested

12-01 December 97  Sender:  Converse@sesame.demon.co.uk (John Clews)
                   Subject: Transliteration standards

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Sender:  martin@tillier.force9.net
Subject: GUESTBOOK entry from Martin

We are considering accepting a posting to Moscow and would welcome any
insight - we have a three year old child and my wife is concerned about the
medical facilities as well as the, perhaps exaggerated tales of violence in
Moscow.  We would appreciate all comments, both positive and negative,
which would help us make a decision.

Thank you

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Sender:  WingNut8@aol.com
Subject: GUESTBOOK entry from Jennifer

ڷٗ!  I'm a 25 year old university
student...I'm very interested in Russia...and
I would like to correspond with people in Russia.
 ͜ ș ڞ ҙ  ȗ,
 ϯ Ԗ ӷ ڞ ҙ.
(I just started studying Russian in September).

PS: This site is Ԝӯ Ԛ!!!


Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

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Sender:  RPAINE@cc.colorado.edu
Subject: Russian articles on the web

You are welcome to read current articles in Russian in a section of
Friends and Partners web pages:
Hopefully you will find them interesting and informative.

PEACE and FRIENDSHIP are beautiful words in any language
Richard B. Paine
Home telephone number (719) 635-4879
(Work) FAX number: 719-389-6282
 Articles in Russian on WWWeb:

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Sender:  Center for Civil Society International (ccsi@u.washington.edu)
Subject: Please, help to find a person (fwd)

CCSI recently the message below.  If you can help him please reply to:


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "Alexander I. Bogomyakov" 

Temirsultanov Igor Yurinovich asks you for help in the search of his
relative living in the USA.

He has got the information that his grandfather  Temirsultanov Yunus (or
Unus) Temirsultanovich was  born approximately in 1910, a Chechen national,
missing during the Second World War.

He lives in the state New York. He has got a small car assembly plant with
the approximate number of employees 60 in the suburb of the city New York.
Temirsultanov Yunus Temirsultanovich is supposed to have inquired the
government of Chechen republic about the search of his relatives in Russia
in 1974 and approximately in 1993.

His grandson Temirsultanov Igor Yurinovich lives in Russia the city
Novosibirsk .He asks you to give any information you have. In the case you
have  no information he is interested in he asks you to give addresses of
organizations which can render assistance.

Temirsultanov  Igor Yurinovich is grateful beforehand.

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Sender:  Doug Eldred (Douglas.K.Eldred@cdc.com)
Subject: Russian Calendar?


Since apparently "Russian Life" will not have a 1998 calendar, I'm
looking for another source of for a Russian wall calendar.  Or perhaps to
change RL's mind so they DO have another calendar!


| Douglas K. Eldred                   | Mail:   Douglas.K.Eldred@cdc.com |
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| Arden Hills, MN  55126-6198  USA    | Voice:  (612) 415-4395           |
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|      It enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again.     |

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Sender:  Ethel Dunn (edunn@well.com)
Subject: Marx and Engels in Russian

We at Highgate Rd. Social Science Research Station, Berkeley, California,
are reorganizing our library and our priorities and have a 47-volume
edition IN RUSSIAN of Marx and Engels works, published in 1961. Can anyone
give it a home? Or does anyone want to buy it? We need money, but will give
it to any individual who will pre-pay the postage. Booksellers can make an
offer. Ethel Dunn

** 05 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Serguei A. Oushakine" (oushakin@ssc.upenn.edu)
Subject: the Second International  School for Gender Studies in Foros

 Kharkov Center for Gender Studies will organize the Second International
 School for Gender Studies in Foros (Crimea).  And I am looking now for
 American teachers who are able to give courses on women's issues in social
 sciences.  We can reimburse international and local transportation, living
 expensies and $1000 for one course.  Could you please advice somebody who
 is interested in going to Crimea to give lectures?

 Feel free to put this information on your list server?

 The summer school will be on June 1-22,1998 in the beautiful place!

 Irina Zherebkina
 respond to 
Serguei A. Oushakine
24o9 Lombard str.
Philadelphia, PA 19146

** 06 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Serguei A. Oushakine" (oushakin@ssc.upenn.edu)
Subject: CFA: The 3d Russian  Summer  School in Gender and Women's


Moscow Center of Gender Studies accepts applications for the 3d Russian
Summer  School in Gender and Women's Studies.

TIME:   The School will be held in the Rostov region, Russia, from June 29
until July 11, 1998.

Themes: During  the School the following problems will be discussed:

Session I:  Women's rights: a path from the international norms to the
Russian reality.

Session II: Women in Russian society: their  economic, political, and family

Session III: Representation of Russian woman in literature, history, arts,
and mass media.

Session IV: Gender studies as research and as an academic subject:
problems of methods and methodology.

The themes of papers and seminars proposed for the discussion should include
one of four problem cluster. Cross-cultural approach is welcome.

Terms and conditions: Applicants must be the US citizens or residents. By
June 1998, applicants must have completed two years of their graduate
program in an academic field close to the problems of gender/women's
studies. Applicants must also be proficient in Russian language.  The School
can guarantee full scholarship (a round-trip ticket to the place of
studying, accommodation, room and board).

The following documents must be submitted by February 15 to Moscow Center of
Gender Studies:

1. A brief statement (up to 2 pages) outlining main issues to be discussed
in the paper and/or panel (ONLY in Russian)
2.Resume (ONLY in Russian).
3. One letter of recommendation from supervisor. The letter must indicate
the supervisor's affiliation, position and business address.

Application will be screened after February 15, 1998; fellowships will be
awarded in March, 1998.

Application materials should be sent to:
Russia, 117218, Moscow,
Nakhimovsky pr-t, 32, ISEPP, MCGS.

Inquires about additional information or application procedure should be
directed to: summerschool@glasnet.ru.

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Sender:  ian.maccormick@which.net
Subject: This site has relocated

Music under Soviet rule


** 08 **********************************************************************

Sender:  kevin@online.ru
Subject: comment about friends/travel/

          Name: Kevin Penrose
 Email-address: kevin@online.ru
  Comment Type: comment

       Comment: I would like to suggest link from your travel section to The
                Fresh Guide to St Petersburg, very useful information at
                http://www.spb.sovam.com/fresh/ Loads of practical travel
                tips for Russia presented in a well written humorous guide
                book. Every major aspect of traveling in today's russia.
                Check it out if you get the chance.

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Sender:  Raffi Aftandelian (brynza@glasnet.ru)
Subject: challenges with KOI8 font to Mac Russian transfer and more

Dear Friends,

I have two questions.

1.  How can one make wordprocessing in Cyrillic fully compatible in Mac and
PC (KOI8 font)?  My friend uses a Mac with a Russian font that is non-KOI8.
Help would be appreciated!

2.  How can I transfer text written using a Russian font that is based on a
transliterated keyboard layout to a KOI8 font?  Are there any macros or
utilities for MS Word (for Win95) or the like?

raffi aftandelian
"The most severely disabled person
in the world
	Has an Intelligence
	And humanity
So precious that a society
of highly advanced robots
would travel billions
of Light Years through
And spend trillion of
In order to consult
	with her
For the briefest moment."
	--Neil Marcus, perfomance artist, Berkeley, 	  California, USA

Check out my website
  http://www.astro.ucla.edu/~chris/raffi/raffi.html --
very much a work-in-progress!

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Sender:  Hugo127@aol.com
Subject: Hello!

Be in Pushkin end of June 98 with the Worchester Chorus. Pushkin and
Mass. USA are sister cities. I have been taking up basic Russian.
Looking forward to seeing Russia.
                                                   Linda Mays
This is my Web site address

** 11 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Jeroline@aol.com
Subject: Interested

Kalamazoo-Pushkin Partnership - a group of 100+ adults and youth interested
in the exchange of culture with Pushkin, Russia

** 12 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Converse@sesame.demon.co.uk (John Clews)
Subject: Transliteration standards

Transliteration standards

I am the chair of the International Organization for Standardization
subcommittee responsible for transliteration (ISO/TC46/SC2:
Conversion of Written Languages). This met from 12-14 May 1997 at the
British Standards Institution in Chiswick, London, to review
international standards in this area - both already published and
under development.

It also has an email list (see below): at present Cyrillic and
Glaglolitc scripts have been under discussion.

I am interested in any participation that you or any of your
colleagues may be able to undertake, either in meetings or
electronically, given your own necessary involvment in the
multilingual use of computers.

Despite computing standards like ISO/IEC 10646 and Unicode, there
will always be a need for transliteration as long as people do not
have the same level of competence in all scripts besides the script
used in their mother-tongue, and may have a need to deal with these
languages, or when they have to deal with mechanical or computerised
equipment which does not provide all the scripts of characters that
they need.

The secretary (Evangelos Melagrakis from Greece) and I intend to make
transliteration and ISO/TC46/SC2 far more visible and far more
relevant to end users than it has been in the past. To enable this,
an electronic mailing list for ISO/TC46/SC2 (tc46sc2@elot.gr) and an
associated Web site (located at www.elot.gr/tc46sc2) has now been set
up by ELOT (the Greek national standards body). We hope this list
will attract researchers and scientists who can add useful
information which might assist in developing standards on the
Conversion of Written Languages.

Scope of transliteration work in ISO/TC46/SC2's working groups.

[WG1:] Transliteration of Cyrillic (work now combined with that of WG5)
[WG2:] Transliteration of Arabic (work now combined with that of WG11)
 WG3:  Transliteration of Hebrew
 WG4:  Transliteration of Korean
 WG5:  Transliteration of Greek, Armenian, Georgian and Cyrillic
 WG6:  Transliteration of Chinese
 WG7:  Transliteration of Japanese
 WG8:  Transliteration and computers
 WG9:  Transliteration of Thai
 WG10: Transliteration of Mongolian
 WG11: Transliteration of Perso-Arabic script
 WG12: Transliteration of Indic scripts


NB: if necessary, to avoid distortion, resize your viewer/printer if
the word "origins" in the above line is not at the end of a line, and
view or print with a fixed pitch font (Courier at 12 point or smaller
is suggested).

   Latin   Cyrillic                Devanagari - - - Tibetan
      \     /                   /  Gujarati
       \   / - Armenian        /   Bengali           _ Mongolian
        \ /                   /    Gurumukhi        /
       Greek - Georgian      /     Oriya        SOGDIAN    Chinese
         |                  /                   SCRIPT    /
         |                 /       Telugu                /
     PHOENICIAN         BRAHMI - - Kannada       SINITIC - Japanese
    /  SCRIPT  \        SCRIPT     Malayalam      SCRIPT \
   /     |      \          \       Tamil                  \
Hebrew   |      Arabic      \                              Korean
         |        \          \ - - Sinhala
         |                    \
         |          \          \ _ Burmese
         |                      \  Khmer
         |            \          \
      Ethiopic     Divehi         \ _ Thai
     (Ethiopia,   (Maldives)          Lao

  PHOENICIAN, BRAHMI, SOGDIAN and SINITIC scripts are no longer in
  use as such, but all other scripts listed above (used in 99% of the
  world's languages) can trace their ancestry back to these. The East
  Asian scripts listed above have a slightly more complex link:
  Chinese characters (hanzi in Chinese) still use similar shapes to
  the Sinitic characters used around 1200 BC.

  The Japanese and Korean scripts use Chinese characters (kanji in
  Japanese) together with their own phonetic script (kana in
  Japanese). Korean now often uses only the phonetic script (hangul)
  without using Chinese characters (hanja).

  Scripts not used at state level, and other historical scripts, are
  not shown above, except for the four scripts listed in capitals
  above, from which most other scripts are derived.

The tc46sc2@elot.gr list on transliteration

There are quite a few with an interest in transliteration in library
catalogues on the list, but there are other potential users of
transliteration too.

One major advantage of email is the ability to involve far more
people in the development of a common purpose than were involved
before, to get user feedback, and expert opinion from various
sources. There are now over 270 subscribers to tc46sc2@elot.gr, from
43 countries and territories, providing a global interest group in
this area, covering all the scripts shown above.

Subscribing to the mailing list for ISO/TC46/SC2

In order to join the list you should be actively involved in using
transliteration systems, or in developing transliteration systems,
and should be prepared to contribute to the list from time to time.

If you wish to join the list, send an email to


with this message in the body of the text:

        subscribe tc46sc2 your@email.address

(but with your real email address replacing the string

To find out further commands you can use, send the command "help" as
the text of an email either to tc46sc2-request@elot.gr or to:
majordomo@elot.gr To unsubscribe, send the command "unsubscribe"
instead, omitting the "quotes" marks in both cases. This will tell
you how to obtain copies of past messages etc., and other useful

Once you are subscribed, you can send messages to tc46sc2@elot.gr and
receive messages from other members of the list. Please reply where
possible to the list as a whole, so that all can benefit: using the
Group Reply function (pressing G on some email software) is the
simplest way to achieve this.

Other members will also be interested to see who else is joining the
list, so it is useful to send a brief introduction (say, one or two
short paragraphs) to tc46sc2@elot.gr at the outset, saying what
languages, scripts and other things you are involved in. That is the
most likely way to stimulate others to write on the subjects you are
interested in!

I look forward to seeing new participants on this list. Please feel
free to forward this to anyone else who may be interested in
transliteration standardisation issues, and to send any queries about
the list to me.

                             Yours sincerely

                     John Clews and Evangelos Melagrakis

(Chair & Secretary of ISO/TC46/SC2: Conversion of Written Languages)

J. Clews, SESAME, 8 Avenue Road, Harrogate, HG2 7PG, England
Email: Converse@sesame.demon.co.uk;   tel: +44 (0) 1423 888 432

E. Melagrakis, ELOT, 313 Acharnon Str., GR-111 45 Athens, Greece
Email: eem@elot.gr                           tel: +30 1 201 9890

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