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01-07 July 97  Sender:  madmonk@hawaiian.net
               Subject: from Bill

02-07 July 97  Sender:  h9551254@miraculix.wu-wien.ac.at
               Subject: from ╠argit Mueller

03-07 July 97  Sender:  vfrid38@aol.com
               Subject: from Vladlen Fridman

04-07 July 97  Sender:  scottss@wa.net
               Subject: from Scott Schwieger


01-07 July 97  Sender:  "Francesco Gentile" (Melissa_home@msn.com)
               Subject: translation

02-07 July 97  Sender:  dwilson2@webtv.net (Diane Wilson)
               Subject: u.s. peace corp in your country

03-07 July 97  Sender:  PROSPECT MIRA (prospect@super.win.or.jp)
               Subject: greeting   from   Japan

04-07 July 97  Sender:  john m swedberg (jswedberg@lr.net)
               Subject: KOI8, WIN, ALT etc.

05-07 July 97  Sender:  JoeMal@aol.com
               Subject: Kaluga

06-07 July 97  Sender:  Ed Genochio (ehlg2@hermes.cam.ac.uk)
               Subject: Visa support

07-07 July 97  Sender:  Harris Sussman (hsussman@earthlink.net)
               Subject: help

08-07 July 97  Sender:  BSheleg@aol.com
               Subject: Partners in Russia

09-07 July 97  Sender:  JumpyM@aol.com
               Subject: enquiry

10-07 July 97  Sender:  Lupe & Girls (lupe@comlynx.com)
               Subject: Elementary Schools

11-07 July 97  Sender:  Lupe & Girls (lupe@comlynx.com)
               Subject: Moscow Move

12-07 July 97  Sender:  "TV Asahi" (tv-asahi@jais.co.uk)
               Subject: greeting

13-07 July 97  Sender:  Project Harmony (pharmony@madriver.com)
               Subject: School bus

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** 01 **********************************************************************

Sender:  madmonk@hawaiian.net
Subject: from Bill

I live on the island of Kaua'i in the state of hawaii, and am interested in
being cyber-pen pals with almost anyone.  I am a born-again Christian, 52
years old.

** 02 **********************************************************************

Sender:  h9551254@miraculix.wu-wien.ac.at
Subject: from ╠argit Mueller


My name is Margit and I'm a student of business in Vienna.  Today I read
this page the first time - super!  My e-mail-box is empty that's why I
would be very happy to get messages from you!

** 03 **********************************************************************

Sender:  vfrid38@aol.com
Subject: from Vladlen Fridman


I am an inventor from Russia, living in New York the last 3 years.  Working
in domestic conditions I have developed and patented my last invention

Please be sure to visit my website


With my patented method it is now possible to achieve maximum results from
merely mixing cement, sand, water and admixtures.

- roof tile of different colors same as clay roof tile
- the lightweight concrete blocks
- the incredibly fine architectural details and pieces of art
- protection against fire and corrosion in steel structures

and much more...
I am looking for a company to continue my researches and to implant these

** 04 **********************************************************************

Sender:  scottss@wa.net
Subject: from Scott Schwieger


When I was studying Russian in school, we had to memorize a young person's
rhyme called "Moi Dodir'"

If anyone is willing to send me a copy of this very cute recitation in
Russian, I would be most grateful.

Kogda ya izuchal russkiy yazik, nam nado zapomnirovat' detskiy rasskaz"Moi

Yesli kto-nibud' mozhet poluchat' mnye copiyu etovo cohin priyatniy
rasskaz, ya bi bil ochin rad.  Spacibo.




Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

** 01 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Francesco Gentile" (Melissa_home@msn.com)
Subject: translation

Can you tell me how to write: "Happy Birthday Dimitry", in russian.
Thanks for your help.

** 02 **********************************************************************

Sender:  dwilson2@webtv.net (Diane Wilson)
Subject: u.s. peace corp in your country

i would like to know your feelings about the u.s. peace corp in your
country or about americans in general.  hope to hear your reply
soon....any information or feedback would be of great interest to me.
thank you, very much

** 03 **********************************************************************

Sender:  PROSPECT MIRA (prospect@super.win.or.jp)
Subject: greeting   from   Japan

this  is  Makoto  KIMURA,  dirctor of small company that import CDs of
Russian(ex-USSR) musicians to Japan.

I'm glad to find your Page.  It's really nice  and useful!

Esli  Vam  ne  protiv,  khotelos'  by  sdelat'  LINK  drug  druga.
Posmotrite  na  nashu  stranitsu  :

Vam   uspekhov!

     Makoto  K.

** 04 **********************************************************************

Sender:  john m swedberg (jswedberg@lr.net)
Subject: KOI8, WIN, ALT etc.

Dear Friends/Partners.....I've had my computer now for 7 or 8 months,
have visited every Russian-oriented web site I can find, but I still
have not found any information on how to translate KOI8, WIN, ALT and
all the heiroglyphics I find on the various pages.  It's always so nice
to find a transliteration, even though everyone seems to have their own
system.  And occasionally there's some honest-to-God Cyrillic, like on
Chertovy Kulichki.  How do I decode these things.  Pomogite mnye,
pozhaluyste.     jms

** 05 **********************************************************************

Sender:  JoeMal@aol.com
Subject: Kaluga

In 1995 a group of us went to Russia to participate in the Kaluga Men's Folk
Music Festival.  As the director of the Nittany Knights Barbershop Chorus I
was pleased to find that the Russian people were very warm and open once you
passed the "barrier".  To us, that was accomplished through music.  We
visited St. Petersburg,  Moscow and Kaluga.  Actually, part of the group
continued on to Magnitagorsk.  Do you have any information or contacts in
Kaluga or Magnitagorsk - any "online" contacts?  Thanks for your help - this
is my first visit to your Website.  Looks like fun.

Joe Malafarina


** 06 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Ed Genochio (ehlg2@hermes.cam.ac.uk)
Subject: Visa support


I am hope to visit some of the NISs of Central Asia this summer.  I am
particularly interested in environmental issues and hope to visit the
Aral Sea.

As an independent traveller, I need to have a Russian citizen or
organisation to support my visa application.

I wonder whether you would be able to help me with this.

Thank you very much in advance,

Edward Genochio
University of Cambridge

** 07 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Harris Sussman (hsussman@earthlink.net)
Subject: help

I'm going to Moscow and St. Petersburg in ten days and would like some
contacts.  I've been invited to give seminars on new approaches to
organization management.  I would like to meet people who are interested
in humanistic development, what in the U.S. and U.K. is called socially
responsible business.  I've been to St. Petersburg several times, helping
train people who want to be organization consultants.  Do you know any
journalists who would be interested?

Many thanks.
Harris Sussman
Cambridge, Mass.

** 08 **********************************************************************

Sender:  BSheleg@aol.com
Subject: Partners in Russia

My husband and I have a company called Kalinka Russian collectibles. We are
looking to connect with a few Russian Artists and woodcarvers to give us a
source of hand made Russian Art and crafts, and also help some emerging
artists have an outlet and promoter  here in the US. We like the nesting
dolls, and the wooden orniments of village people also wooden hand painted
eggs. However we are open to any ideas. Can you help us get in touch with
some people that we could work with. Maureen Sheleg   BSheleg@aol.com
phone 407-773-7514  fax 407-773-2370
11426 s. Tropical Tr
s. Merritt Island FL

** 09 **********************************************************************

Sender:  JumpyM@aol.com
Subject: inquiry

My name is Marc Herman. I am an American reporter researching a story on
drug use among young Russians in Russia. I will be travelling to Moscow in
the fall to research the story. Prior to departing, however, I am attempting
to get a preliminary sense of the issue -- the scope of drug use, the
differences between the problem in Russia and in the US, and changes in the
nature of the problem as the social situation changes in Russia. Though
obviously your site is devoted to what appear to be happily more positive
issues, it was nevertheless recommended to me by several people as a
excellent resource for cultural information on Russia. So I am contacting you
to to see if there are any sources of information on this topic you might
recommend, or if you yourselves perhaps have any insight into the issue.

Thank you for your attention. I look forward to hearing from you at your
earliest convenience.


Marc Herman

** 10 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Lupe & Girls (lupe@comlynx.com)
Subject: Elementary Schools

Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help.  We will be moving to Moscow
in July/Aug and I have 2 children (8 and 6) who we would like to go to
school in Moscow.  I understand the British/Embassy schools are very
expensive.  Could someone help w/ the names/phone/info of private Russian
schools.  Does anyone know if they accept children that DO NOT speak
Russian?  Do they have some sort of ESL program?  Any help would be
appreciated.  please respond to: lupe@comlynx.com Thank you.  L.Lopatinsky

** 11 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Lupe & Girls (lupe@comlynx.com)
Subject: Moscow Move

I have just a few more questions if anyone
can help.  We are going to Moscow for a year.

  1. Are there any consumer goods we should consider
     bringing in bulk that are hard to find over there.
     Pampers, coffee, toothpaste????

  2. Is the water safe to drink in Moscow? Is there any way
     of obtaining organic/natural foods?  especially milk.

  3. How should we go about finding an apartment in Moscow?
     Any recommended agencies? English-speaking areas of Moscow
     that we could search for?

  4. Is there any illness or health problem in Moscow that
     we should vaccinate the children against or be aware of?

  5. We hear everything is very expensive should we bring our
     own kitechen equipment, pillows, sheets, etc. or is can we
     just get those over there? How furnished is a "furnished apt."?

Any comments or suggestions to prepare us for this trip
would be appreciated.
Please respond to:   lupe@comlynx.com
Thank you very much!

** 12 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "TV Asahi" (tv-asahi@jais.co.uk)
Subject: greeting

Dobyrii dyen!!

Ya ne zunayu eto nerebod na-ruusukii nupaba. Miniya zabut YASUYO, moi
prepadabateri b Moskbe nazibaet meniya ACR. Ya ne zunayu nochemy.

Anyway, let me introduce myself.
I have been learning Russian for five years and last year I was in
University of glasgow to do Diploma in Russian. Now I am working for a
Japanese TV Channel and I will start Ph.D. from September regarding the
Russian military affairs.

I am based in London and I am interested in that if you have
Japanese-Russian friends and partners home pages.

Yasuyo Fujimoto

** 13 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Project Harmony (pharmony@madriver.com)
Subject: School bus

Sender: Danut Manastireanu (danut@mail.cccis.ro)

Dear friends,

Richard Wurmbrand School in Iasi, Romania is interested in the acquisition
of a small school bus (18-25 places). Our school is places in a remote part
of the city and we need to take our kids home by bus, for safety reasons.

The best thing for us would be to find such a vehicle (it does not have to
be new, but still in decent working conditions) in one of the American
military bases in Germany, since we will not have to ship the vehicle, but
only drive it home. This will also reduce significantly the total cost.

If you have any suggestion, please contact us.

Be blessed,

Danut Manastireanu
Member of the Board of Trustees
Str. Columnei  Nr. 18
Bl. K6  Ap. 4
Email danut@mail.cccis.ro
Web page http://private.fuller.edu/~ematei/

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