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01-26 May 97  Sender:  jrschepel@deanmoor.nl
              Subject: from Jack lepesch

02-26 May 97  Sender:  Pampushky@aol.com
              Subject: from Lori Orchow Haney

03-26 May 97  Sender:  rbstem@msn.com
              Subject: from Beth

04-26 May 97  Sender:  concord@fyi.net
              Subject: from Dr. John K. Smith


01-26 May 97  Sender:  Javier Quiroz (jquiroz@sparc.ciateq.conacyt.mx)
              Subject: Around the world

02-26 May 97  Sender:  jadi@ix.netcom.com
              Subject: First Names

03-26 May 97  Sender:  "Tatiana Ramos André" (tramos@lassale.g12.br)
              Subject: Greetings from Brazil

04-26 May 97  Sender:  Jean Nostrand (jeen@earthlink.net)
              Subject: Contacts in Volgograd, Russia

05-26 May 97  Sender:  Noel Price (moirprice@tenforward.com)
              Subject: greetings

06-26 May 97  Sender:  "Dmitry L. Mayzus" (officer@salus.zaporizhzhe.ua)
              Subject: assistance for discharged military officers

07-26 May 97  Sender:  sharokni@sepehr.ece.ut.ac.ir
              Subject: Just a Question!

08-26 May 97  Sender:  Suntime (techa@gte.net)
              Subject: looking for a translater

09-26 May 97  Sender:  mstul (m.stul@csu-e.csuohio.edu)
              Subject: Maybe You know about President Bill Clinton lifestyle?

10-26 May 97  Sender:  "Paul Smith" (alex1116@themall.net)
              Subject: Russian Chatting

11-26 May 97  Sender:  Chris Wadsworth (topper@irc.eli.net)
              Subject: Russian Fonts

12-26 May 97  Sender:  "Bruce R. Hegerberg" (boo@america.net)
              Subject: Russian Movies

13-26 May 97  Sender:  Claims_Adjuster (Claims_Adjuster@prodigy.net)
              Subject: Three Sisters; Crime and Punishment

14-26 May 97  Sender:  "Mark.D.Elliott."(mark.d.elliott@Dartmouth.EDU)
              Subject: Eastern Europe Exchange

15-26 May 97  Sender:  Roustem Safronov (sgilman@gis.net)
              Subject: Refugees

16-26 May 97  Sender:  Jeffery Berke (jberke@surfsouth.com)
              Subject: Repatriation in Russia

17-26 May 97  Sender:  Allen Robison (fierceless@hotmail.com)
              Subject: Russian Business Communication through Distance Learning

18-26 May 97  Sender:  "The Lipsen's" (thekremlin@hotmail.com)
              Subject: Health Care Tour to Russia

19-26 May 97  Sender:  denys gagnon (denys@saglac.qc.ca)
              Subject: pen-pal

20-26 May 97  Sender:  Tver InterContact Group (renyxa@redline.ru)
              Subject: Russian Language and Area Studies Program in Tver

APPENDIX:        LISTSERV address & basic procedures


** 01 **********************************************************************

Sender:  jrschepel@deanmoor.nl
Subject: from Jack lepesch

Hello out there,

 I would really like to have contact with all you people out there.  You can
write me about everything.  What I like most to hear are your opinions
about the thing you see and hear around you.  Please don't hesitate to
express your personal feelings.



** 02 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Pampushky@aol.com
Subject: from Lori Orchow Haney

Hello, I am looking for anyone form Moscow who can help me answer som
etrivia questions so that I can win a contest to Russia. Please email me if
you know a lot of historic information on Moscow. Also, any Ukrainians
please write...my family is from  town of Lipovets. Poka!!

** 03 **********************************************************************

Sender:  rbstem@msn.com
Subject: from Beth

I am leaving the end of June to go to Crimea, Ukraine to adopt.  What will
the weather be like?  I should be there about 3 weeks.  Any comments about
adopting in Ukraine?  I appreciate.  I live in Alabama.  Beth

** 04 **********************************************************************

Sender:  concord@fyi.net
Subject: from Dr. John K. Smith

Thanks for this great site!  I am a United Methodist Pastor who has been to
Russia three times in the last two years.  I work with kids in orphanages,
aged 13-16, in the Vladimir region (about 150 miles east of Moscow).  I'm
leading a team of 30 Americans to do a summer camp for the kids near Suzdal
from August 8-24, 1997.  Anyone interested in our work, or in the condition
of the 500,000 or so kids in orphanges across Russia, contact me.  Also, if
you have stories of your own experience working with or adopting Russian
kids, I'd like to hear about it.  What a great privilege to now be going to
a country that used to be considered "enemy territory."  What warm and
wonderful people I have found Russians to be.  I hope they feel the same
about (at least some of us) Americans.  God's blessing on all who read
this.  -Pastor John


Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

** 01 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Javier Quiroz (jquiroz@sparc.ciateq.conacyt.mx)
Subject: Around the world

Hi!. My name is Javier I'm student of México who likes to write and meet
people of all the world.

If you want to know anything about my country, or you just want to write to
someone about anything, please write to me!

** 02 **********************************************************************

Sender:  jadi@ix.netcom.com
Subject: First Names


Would you know of any way to obtain a listing of Russian first names with,
perhaps, their English equivalent, if any?  Much obliged if you know of


** 03 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Tatiana Ramos André" (tramos@lassale.g12.br)
Subject: Greetings from Brazil

Dear Friends,

I live in Amazon-Brazil, I would like to exchange postcard with people in
Russia , USA and all world for my collection, and make new friends too.  If
you know some web site of information service like this , or someone who
can communicate with me in English or Portuguese , I would appreciate
having their e-mail address if they not have any objections.  Or if you
only want to have a pel-pal in Brazil , write to me, OK?

Thanks in advance


** 04 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Jean Nostrand (jeen@earthlink.net)
Subject: Contacts in Volgograd, Russia

Hi, I have made seven trips to Russia.  Four of these trips were with
American 8th graders who lived with Russian families and went to school at
the Classical Gymnasium in Volgograd.  In turn, we hosted Russian children
and their teachers in New Jersey.  We were sponsored by Samantha Smith
Memorial Grants from USIA.  I would like to find some e-mail addresses in
Volgograd so that I could continue to keep in contact with the wonderful
people in this city.  My e-mail address is jeen@earthlink.net

Jean Nostrand

** 05 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Noel Price (moirprice@tenforward.com)
Subject: greetings

Dear Friends,

Greetings from the Northwest State of Washington .  I enjoyed surfing your
site after finding it quite by accident.  I am interested in things
Russian: art, music and culture and would like to correspond with anyone
interested in sailing/cr uising, accoustic music and compsition or most
anything else.  My current e-mail address is

moirprice@tenforward.com which I check every day.

Thank you,

Noel Price

** 06 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Dmitry L. Mayzus" (officer@salus.zaporizhzhe.ua)
Subject: assistance for discharged military officers

Dear Gentlemen,

As a former officer of armed forces of the Soviet Union and an employee at
one of the branches of Ukrainian Fund for Social Security of the Servicemen
I was assigned manager of the of the charity project of social adaptation
of officers, who are being discharged now due to reduction of Ukrainian
armed forces and armaments and abolition of nuclear weapons.  In 1994 we
came to an important decision to direct our efforts at what may really
improve life of people and climate in the society -- we began helping
discharged officers of Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine become self-employed, open
their own businesses and support them during the start-up period of their
work.  The EURASIA FOUNDATION, financed by the USAID, supported us with
1995-1996 grant No.  K95-0389 ($9,000.00) and with 1996-1997 grant No.
K96-0946 ($20,000.00).  About 230 officers of Zaporozhzhya received
non-returnable financial help.  We are very grateful for this support,
because we cannot work without it.

Let us tell you why our work is so necessary.  There are about 4500
officers in our city who were discharged from the armed forces at the age
below 43 years.  They are in good health, they can work with people and
reach their objectives.  All of them have very good military education
which is rarely claimed at civil enterprises.  I am sure that you will
agree: people who suffer from the political decision of reduction of armed
forces must get some help.  Unfortunately, the reduction is done at
difficult times for our country and our government cannot solve this
problem by itself.  Today, small business grows in Ukraine.  And it needs
clever men.  Unfortunately, usually former officers have no skills,
knowledge and partners to start a successful company, which places them in
a disadvantaged position.  That is why our aim is to help former officers
start entrepreneurial activity.  Within the framework of this project we
plan to help 200 our clients access the Internet free of charge to promote
their businesses.  Any help which you can give us will be good for our both
countries.  We believe that participation in disarmament and strengthening
the confidence between our countries is a good investment for a good
company.  Currently, the project needs a server, software and $4,500.00 for
organization of dedicated Internet line.  We will pledge ourselves to
informing you about the implementation of this project and to telling our
partners about your invaluable help.

Please, join us.  Yours sincerely, Project Director Victor Ostapenko

** 07 **********************************************************************

Sender:  sharokni@sepehr.ece.ut.ac.ir
Subject: Just a Question!

Dear Sir or Lady,

I live in Iran and I'd like to know if it's possible for me to find penpals
in your community.  Thanks, Bye.

** 08 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Suntime (techa@gte.net)
Subject: looking for a translater

Dear Sirs:

I am seeking a person who can translate English to Russian and vice versa.
I am also seeking  a person in Moscow who has dealings with the major
political  figures in Russia. I am interested in a business relationship with
these people.

Thank you.

Walter McGivney

** 09 **********************************************************************

Sender:  mstul (m.stul@csu-e.csuohio.edu)
Subject: Maybe You know about President Bill Clinton lifestyle?

Dear Friends,
Maybe You run with President or  play with Ihm golf and something else.
Please, write Ypur memory. It is very interesting. If I collect material,
maybe I write abot this thema Article.
Thank You in advance

** 10 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Paul Smith" (alex1116@themall.net)
Subject: Russian Chatting

What resources are available to chat with computer users in Russia? Like
St. Petersburg? Is anything available with mIrc?

How can I make internet contact with users in Russia?

Thank You

Paul Smith

** 11 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Chris Wadsworth (topper@irc.eli.net)
Subject: Russian Fonts


Where can I download Russian fonts so my Netscape browser can read



** 12 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Bruce R. Hegerberg" (boo@america.net)
Subject: Russian Movies

I was wondering if there were any internet sites hosting a newsgroup for
the discussion of Russian/Eastern European cinema?  I love going to the
movies and although I've only seen the few Russian films released here
in the U.S.  I am interested in learning more about the
directors/actors/and industry in general as I've really enjoyed the
films I have seen.

Kim Hegerberg

** 13 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Claims_Adjuster (Claims_Adjuster@prodigy.net)
Subject: Three Sisters; Crime and Punishment

Chekov's Three Sisters in original Russian can be found at

Part I, Chapter VII (the murder scene) of Dostoevski's Crime and
Punishment can be found at

** 14 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Mark.D.Elliott."(mark.d.elliott@Dartmouth.EDU)
Subject: Eastern Europe Exchange


I was given your internet address by Mark Storey of NISHEALTH to locate
possible funding sourses for a medocal exchange prigram in Eastern
Europe sponsored by the Worcester Institure for Student Exchange.
Recently I was asked to be one of the students representing the U.S. in
their program.  Through the W.I.S.E. program I would practice Primary
Care in Romania and Hungary.  Do you or does your organization have
funding opportunities or know of any program that offers such funding?
I am a student at Dartmouth Medical School.  Any information would be
greatly appreciated!

Sincerely Yours,
Mark Elliott
DMS '00

** 15 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Roustem Safronov (sgilman@gis.net)
Subject: Refugees

Dear Friends:

I am a Russian journalist currently living in the States and am working
on a project concerning refugees and forced migrants from the southern
conflict zones (including Chechnya) of the Former Soviet Union.  I would
like to speak with some individual refugees who relocated to Moscow,
other regions of Russia or the States to discuss their experiences and
difficulties in relocating and adapting. It's difficult for me to find
people since I'm living in Boston.  If any of you have contacts with
either individuals or organziations that can put me in touch with these
kinds of refugees, I'd appreciate you e-mailing me contact names and
numbers.  Thanks for your help.

Roustem Safronov

(617) 424-7701
(617) 42408292 (Fax)

** 16 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Jeffery Berke (jberke@surfsouth.com)
Subject: Repatriation in Russia

I am a graduate student working on my thesis, the topic of which is
"Repatriation in the Former Soviet Union." I am looking for any and all
materials that will help me with the background of the repatriation efforts
in Russia.  I will be in Syktyvkar, the Komi Republic, this Autumn and
would need to have all of my information together before I leave.  Any help
would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.  Jeffery Berke

** 17 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Allen Robison (fierceless@hotmail.com)
Subject: Russian Business Communication through Distance Learning

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am trying to find accredited programs in Russian Business
Communication by distance learning as the university which I am
attending does not offer the course.

Any information you can sent me would be greatly appreciated. I can be
reached at dsrober@comp.uark.edu

David S. Roberts

** 18 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "The Lipsen's" (thekremlin@hotmail.com)
Subject: Health Care Tour to Russia

Dear Friends

Iíd like to invite interested readers to accompany my husband and I on our 4th
health care tour to Russia. Weíll be visiting Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novgorod
and Pushkin from September 14 through September 25, 1997.

This trip is designed for nurses, therapists, administrators and other health
care professionals. It will provide an overview of health care in the new
Russia. Youíll have the opportunity to visit a hospital, a clinic, a medical
school, an orphanage and a public school. Youíll interact with your Russian
health care counterparts and have dinner with a Russian family. Youíll also
the opportunity, if you wish, to make a brief presentation at the Novgorod
Medical Institute.

Naturally, the tour will include many cultural and historic sites too. Weíll
visit the Hermitage and other museums, churches, Red Square, the Kremlin, the
circus and the theater. Activities for non-health care spouses will be

For further information or a brochure contact Deb Lipsen at
thekremlin@hotmail.com or see our web site at

Deb Lipsen

** 19 **********************************************************************

Sender:  denys gagnon (denys@saglac.qc.ca)
Subject: pen-pal (fwd)

I'm Cedrick Gagnon from Canada (QuÈbec).  I look for pen-pal from the
Soviets territories (Moscow if possible).  I talk and write French, English
but I learn the russian language now.  I wish found a soviet pen pal who
he/she is gonna write me in russian and cyrillic texts.

I wish write to a boy or girl, between 16 or 18 years old.

My personal profil:
age: 17 years old
sex: boy

adress: 1780, rue Fay
	JonquiËre (QuÈbec)
	G7S 2N9

E-Mail: denys@saglac.qc.ca

If you found him, or her, send me your answer soon, please...

Cedrick Gagnon

** 20 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Tver InterContact Group (renyxa@redline.ru)
Subject: Russian Language and Area Studies Program in Tver

Dear Colleagues,

I'd like to take this opportunity to let you know about a language and
area studies program that will be held in Tver, Russia, this summer.
Summer School participants will have the opportunity to improve their
Russian language skills while immersed in Russian life.

Please forward this message to those who may be interested.

Melinda Farris
Tver InterContact Group

Sponsoring Institutions:
* Institute of Russian Language and Culture
* Tver State University
* Tver InterContact Group
* Tver City Department of Education

Study Russian in Russia's Friendliest City!

June 23, 1997, will mark the opening of the Third Annual Summer School
of Russian Language and Area Studies in Tver. The program will feature
intensive training in the Russian language and associated area studies
complemented by an extensive program of excursions, a unique opportunity
to live with a hospitable Russian family, and the chance to get to know
Russian students at the Institute of International Communication.
Program participants will long remember their visit to the very heart of

In addition to the core classroom program, comprised of courses on
Russian language and communication, and lectures and seminars on
literature, philosophy, history and geography, the students will be able
to participate in creative workshops and studios, where they can study
Russian folk art, songs and traditional Russian folk dancing. In the
evenings, participants can gather in the Institute's lounge to practice
their newly-acquired language skills in conversations with their peers
and colleagues to the accompaniment of guitars and songs from around the
world. Weekends feature excursions to area museums and sightseeing trips
to Moscow, St. Petersburg and the ancient Russian provincial cities of
Sergiev Posad, Torzhok and Ostashkov.

The Summer School is held in Tver, an ancient city on the Volga River.
The city is located directly between Moscow (170 km from Tver) and St.
Petersburg (600 km from Tver). The numerous and convenient
transportation routes to Russia's southern and northern capitals make
Tver an ideal place to learn about the national culture, both of the
capitals and the provinces. Tver itself, with nearly 500,000 residents,
has everything necessary for an interesting and active vacation:
museums, galleries, theaters, concert halls, gyms and night clubs. The
bulk of the program's academic activities takes place at the Institute
of Russian Language and Culture, which is located in the city's
historical center on Tryokhsvyatskaya Street. In the summer, this
pedestrian street becomes the city's favorite place for relaxation,
strolling around the shops and meeting with friends. It is only a few
minutes' walk from Tryokhsvyatskaya Street to the historical city park,
located on the Volga's right bank. The source of this great Russian
river is found in the Tver region, Lake Seliger, a natural pearl of
European Russia.

The Summer School invites everyone: students and teachers, professionals
and amateurs, tourists and experts of all ages and interests to visit
Russia during her most beautiful season, to see with their own eyes her
rich culture, lovingly preserved in the Russian provinces. Do not make
the mistake of seeing Russia through a tour bus window; Russia can only
be understood by living it!  To everyone who chooses to come to Tver in
the summer of 1997 for the opportunity to study and vacation, the Summer
School promises education, entertainment and memories that will last a


The School opens its doors on June 23, and continues through September
8. Students can select from programs of various lengths, from 2-12
weeks. If a student would like to continue studying through the fall
semester, arrangements can generally be made for an extension.

The academic program includes Russian language courses and lectures and
seminars on related area studies. In order to receive the program
certificate, students are required to participate in all academic
activities. The students may select the excursions, creative workshops
and studios in which to participate, according to their individual

There are also many surprises in the form of unexpected and interesting
acquaintances and meetings which await the program's participants, each
of which may become the basis for new friendships and a better
understanding of Russia. The participants will also have ample free time
for relaxation and recreation.


The Short Program starting on June 23, and every 2 weeks thereafter,
* Russian language courses (32 hours)
* a cultural orientation program (8 hours)
* creative workshops (8 hours)
* cultural enrichment program

The Medium Program (3 to 6 weeks) starting on June 23, July 14 and 21,
and August 4 and 18, includes:
* Russian language courses (48-96 hours)
* area studies and humanities seminars (12-24 hours)
* creative workshops (12-24 hours)
* cultural enrichment program

The Full Program (7 to 11 weeks) starting on June 23 and July 21,
* Russian language courses (112-176 hours)
* area studies and humanities seminars (28-44 hours)
* creative workshop (28-44 hours)
* research work or internship (variable) - new program component,
students may prepare a research paper on a selected topic under the
guidance of a supervisor or participate in a work-study program in a
selected field
* cultural enrichment program


The program includes 3 basic components:

* Russian language courses (from beginning to advanced levels, 16 hours
per week, Monday through Thursday);

Core Practical Russian Course
- Basic Conversational Course (Survival Russian - elementary to
low-intermediate levels);
- General Russian Language Course (Intermediate to advanced levels).
- Elective Russian Language Classes

All of the Russian language courses are conducted in Russian by
experienced instructors. Each is not only an expert in teaching Russian
as a foreign language to students at different proficiency levels, but
is also a specialist in the theory and methods of teaching the Russian

The Russian language courses encompass all aspects of written and
conversational Russian. The advanced level courses allow students to
improve their skills of communication and pronunciation, to
stylistically enrich their Russian speech, and to improve their
understanding modern Russian. The students will have access to the
Institute's study aids, including newspaper and literary texts, video
and audio materials, dictionaries and other tools which are essential
for training in a foreign language.

* Seminars and lectures in area studies and humanities (Twice a week, 4
academic hours)
- Russian Literature
- Historical, Political and Philosophical Studies
- Linguistic and Translation Studies
- Creative workshops and studios


At the completion of the programs, the Academic Council of the
International Institute of Russian Language and Culture will award to
each participant an official certificate showing those courses
completed, with an indication of the total hours of study in each topic.
The certificate is certified by the Department of Education of Tver and
accredited by the Tver State University. The certification is supported
by the Tver City Council on Education.

US students can receive academic credit through Western Maryland
College. For more information please inquire at the Institute's
International Admissions Department.


* Students may choose to live in a carefully selected Russian family (a
separate room for one with all of the modern conveniences). This option
includes half board: breakfast and supper. Students are usually invited
to participate in all family activities. Students are requested to
complete a questionnaire on the application form, which aids in placing
the participants with compatible families.

* Or, at the applicant's request the Institute will procure a private
apartment as accommodation. This option does not include half board.

- The International Summer School of Russian Language and Area Studies
is a specialized annual program of the International Institute of
Russian Language and Culture, which is conducted with the financial
assistance of Tver InterContact Group and under the patronage and
partial funding of the Tver City Department of Education. This allows
the Summer School Administration to provide the academic program with
partial tuition waivers for all participants, as reflected in the prices
below. The only expenses to be covered by the students are: round trip
transportation to Russia and living expenses, registration and
administrative fees, room and board, and participation in the
cultural-enrichment programs and excursions.


Marina Oborina,
Academic Programs Director
International Institute of Russian Language and Culture
c/o Tver InterContact Group
P. O. Box 0565, Central Post Office
170000 Tver, Russia

Tel: +7.0822.425419 or .425439
Fax: +7.0822.426210
E-mail: inforuss@postman.ru or renyxa@redline.ru

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