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01-17 March 97  Sender:  iav@mail.nevalink.ru
                Subject: Nevalink

02-17 March 97  Sender:  robarch@usa.net
                Subject: from Rob Leonard

03-17 March 97  Sender:  weandyou@online.ru
                Subject: from Maya Chernikova & Boris Sedov

04-17 March 97  Sender:  kent@globalnet.co.uk
                Subject: from Ken Tomlinson

05-17 March 97  Sender:  irina@john.medcom.ru
                Subject: from Irina Katz


01-17 March 97  Sender:  "Paul E. Richardson" (paulrichardson@compuserve.com)
                Subject: Russian Jokes

02-17 March 97  Sender:  C»cile Coste : cecile_coste@nt.com
                Subject: Re: Azerbaijan visa (fwd)

03-17 March 97  Sender:  John Dockery (john@ora.com)
                Subject: New Book: Net Lessons: Web-based Projects for
                         Your Classroom

04-17 March 97  Sender:  Belmagnews@aol.com
                Subject: Belarusian/Russian FIRST NAMES

05-17 March 97  Sender:  Belmagnews@aol.com
                Subject: Sheila Puffer's info needed

06-17 March 97  Sender:  Belmagnews@aol.com
                Subject: Doing business with Russian Americans

07-17 March 97  Sender:  "The Lermans" (markl@netvision.net.il)
                Subject: Looking for a penpal and may be more...

08-17 March 97  Sender:  "Nickolay Kurtov" (kurtov@sbor.ru)
                Subject: Rollerbladers in America

09-17 March 97  Sender:  Raffi Aftandelian (fetacheese@igc.apc.org)
                Subject: assistance with job search

10-17 March 97  Sender:  David Stickney (david@wvb.gomel.by)
                Subject: Duchovnost Center

APPENDIX:        LISTSERV address & basic procedures


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Sender:  iav@mail.nevalink.ru

"We will be glad if you visit our homepage at

We hope, that in the future we become permanent partners"

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Sender:  robarch@usa.net
Subject: from Rob Leonard

This is a very good site indeed where people from all around our world can
communicate and find common ground.

I am an Architect at Anheuser-Busch in St. Louis, Missouri USA. As I am in
the Corporate Engineering design group I get to design for our breweries
world wide.

Corespondence is welcome.

Rob Leonard

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Sender:  weandyou@online.ru
Subject: from Maya Chernikova & Boris Sedov


We are from Voluntary Charity NGO "We & You"!  Our line is AIDS prevention
and assistance to infected in Russia!

Thanks for Your homepage.  As we are looking for grunts and sponsorship,
we've find many interesting.  Best regards!

Maya & Boris

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Sender:  kent@globalnet.co.uk
Subject: from Ken Tomlinson

Hello peoples who ever you are.  You are only seconds away through the PC
so give me an address to reply to.  I am in England and would love to
reply.  Be carefull out there!!

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Sender:  irina@john.medcom.ru
Subject: from Irina Katz

Hi, people all over the world!  It's great that there are such sites like
this where you can find friends.  I'm living in Ekaterinburg, Russia,
studying in the Urals University and I'm 17 years old.  I'd be happy to
correspond with you!  Wish you a lucky day!


Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

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Sender:  "Paul E. Richardson" (paulrichardson@compuserve.com)
Subject: Russian Jokes

Russian Jokes are Coming to RusLife Online!

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beginning of daylight savings time, etc.), the RusLife Online listserv will
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Sender:  C»cile Coste : cecile_coste@nt.com
Subject: Re: Azerbaijan visa (fwd)

My name is C»cile, I live in Paris and I have found your name on the Web
by looking for some information on Azerbaijan. Since I didn't manage to
find answers to my questions, I have thought that you could maybe help me

Here is my concern: I plan to make a long trip in Eastern Europe and Asia
(departure date: beginning of June) and I wanted to travel by train from
Moscou to Teheran through Azerbaijan.  Unfortunately, I have been told by
the azerbaijan Ambassy in Paris that I would require a visa to cross the
country even if I stay in the train....To get this visa I need an
invitation letter from someone living in Azerbaijan and the problem is I do
not know anyone there.  The remaining solution, maybe, would be to get this
invitation letter from a specific organization (I know that this is the
case in Russia; some International Youth Hostels for example can issue this
kind of paper if you contact them) but I am not sure this does exist in
Azerbaijan!  I was therefore wondering if you have heard about such an
organism or if you know another way of getting an invitation or else if you
know a web server on which I could find this kind of information ?

I know that this is a very particular question and probably not really
interesting for you (!) but please be so kindly as letting me know if you
have any piece of information.

Hope to read you soon and thank you for your time!

C»cile Coste : cecile_coste@nt.com

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Sender:  John Dockery (john@ora.com)
Subject: New Book: Net Lessons: Web-based Projects for Your Classroom

To:  Friends and Partners

I believe that the people reading your website or mailing list would
be interested in this new book for teachers using the Web.  O'Reilly &
Associates and Songline Studios has put three lesson plans online for
teachers to use.

Please help us spread the word.


John Dockery


On April 14, 1997 Songline Studios and O'Reilly and Associates, Inc.
will  release the book, Net Lessons: Web-based Projects for Your
Classroom, by Laura Parker Roerden, 1-56592-291-3, 300 pages (est.),
$24.95 (est.), Includes CD-ROM

Net Lessons helps teachers reap the benefits of the World Wide Web in
their classrooms by providing advice, experience, and project ideas of
veteran Web users and curriculum experts.  It includes scores of tried
and true curricular ideas for K-12,organized by subject area and
level, with tips for adapting lesson plans to different age groups,
classrooms with different resources, and environments such as home schooling.

We've put the following three sample lessons online.  They can be
found at:

The Genie in the Bottle

Students explore recessive and dominant gene traits through conducting
a national survey on characteristics.

Find Your True Home

Students explore the Web through researching various cities and towns
in which they might like to live.

World War II History Textbooks Project

Students research and compare how events of World War II are treated
in various countries school textbooks through linking with another
classroom from that country.

More information on this book can be found at

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Sender: Belmagnews@aol.com
Subject: Belarusian/Russian FIRST NAMES

Does anyone know of or have a list of Belarusian/Russian FIRST NAMES in
American/British English Spelling (AE preferred)?

I looked it up in a couple of Belarusian/Russian dictionaries, but could not
find one there.

Is it possible to fax it to me or e-mail it?

PLEASE, RESPOND OFF THE LIST and I'll provide you with my fax # in U.S.


Patrick Colebright

** 05 **********************************************************************

Sender: Belmagnews@aol.com
Subject: Sheila Puffer's info needed

Trying to contact Sheila Puffer, a professor in US who writes extensively on
Russian management.

Phone #, e-mail address would be appreciated.


** 06 **********************************************************************

Sender: Belmagnews@aol.com
Subject: Doing business with Russian Americans

Any ideas on how to target Russian Americans for business?

I know some phone cos (e.g. AT&T) have Russian marketing campaigns in US
directed at Russian immigrants to promote long distance and various plans.

How do they (and others) do it? What are the cultural peculiarities of the
Russian Americans? How do they perceive this sort of solicitation and what is
the response and result ratios?

Anything written about this in the biz and general press? Any first-hand

Any help is appreciated.

Patrick Colebright


** 07 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "The Lermans" (markl@netvision.net.il)
Subject: Looking for a penpal and may be more...


My name is Mark,25 and I live in Jerusalem,Israel.When I was a russian
citizen 6,5 years ago I lived in Kazan,Tatar Republic.So,I'm looking for a
penpal,someone intelligent but not dull,smart,but fun lover.I'm into
cars,dogs,travelling and active social life.Self employed,russian is mother
tongue. Will reply to all.

See ya!

** 08 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Nickolay Kurtov" (kurtov@sbor.ru)
Subject: Rollerbladers in America


I'd like to find several men or a man in America who's hobby is rollerblade
skating. Maybe even not hobby but lifestyle. I mean I want to find real
expert to exchange our knowledges.

Thank you for your time.
Nickolay, kurtov@sbor.ru

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Sender:  Raffi Aftandelian (fetacheese@igc.apc.org)
Subject: Assistance with job search

Hi Friends!

My name is Raffi Aftandelian. I am looking for nonprofit sector work in the
NIS using my skills in conflict resolution, facilitation, training, and
organizing in the nonprofit sector. My interest areas are civic
education/civil society-building, environment, intentional communities, and

I speak fluent Russian; graduated from UC-Berkeley in 1994 in Soviet Studies
and have worked in the nonprofit sector since then. Resume available on

Just to save you the keyboard strokes, I am aware of many of the
organizations out there from being on this and CCSI's list. If you think a
particular organization may be particularly interested in me let me know.

I am seeking the following:

*peer support- to work with others in the same situation so that we can help

*Answers to the following questions:

**How can one get *paid* work in the areas I am seeking to work in?
**What are different jobs Westerners can do to put beans on the table there
while they are busy volunteering with an organization?
**I have the perception that it is increasingly harder for a Westerner to
get a paid position working with nonprofits in the NIS as there is shift to
make NIS nonprofits self-sustaining and staffed by locals. Is this true?
**What suggestions do you have about *how* I should go about my job search?
Are there certain steps I should take first?

I look forward to hearing from you!

Raffi Aftandelian

Please reply off the list!!
Raffi Aftandelian
1045 65th St.
Oakland, CA 94608

San PabloCreek?, Shasta Bioregion, Turtle Island, Gaia

510-653-7973 h (and fax, if you arrange ahead of time)
510-251-4358 w
510-763-4109 work fax
fetacheese@igc.apc.org--home email
raffi@wid.org-- work email (only use in emergency; M-F 9-4 Pacific Time)

The above personal information is for personal use only and is NOT to be
disseminated without my prior authorization. I do NOT like to be solicited!!
		****Have you shifted a paradigm lately???****

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Sender:  David Stickney (david@wvb.gomel.by)
Subject: Duchovnost Center

Greetings Friends,

The Duchovnost Center is a Local NGO with 5 years of International
Experience. I have had the opportunity to work with them for the past 2.5
years. This project is submitted for proposal, consultation and joint

The Complete Project in Russian or English, including budget and
attachments is available on request. Sponsoring Organizations that require
special formatting or applications to be filled out are asked to send the
needed materials via mail (email) to the addresses listed below.

1.1 Information and Internet Development project

Gomel Area Backbone

Wide Area Networking for Gomel and the surrounding area.

The Duchovnost Center
14 Pushkina P.O. Box 346
Gomel Belarus 246050
Tel: (0232) 55-00-17
FAX: (0232) 55-06-23

(c) The Duchovnost Center Gomel Belarus 1997
Grant Amount Requested  $16.865 USD

1.1    cont.

Proposal information

This is a unsolicited development proposal made by the Duchovnost center
for the development of  informational infrastructures in Gomel Belarus. The
Duchovnost center is the leading networking organisation in Gomel. This
project aims to provide networking services for the creation of a Wide Area
Network  for public exploitation.

1.2 Organizational Status in Belarus

The Duchovnost Center is an independent Belarusian NGO with a Board of
Founders of Belarusian citizens, registered at the provincial level in
Gomel, Belarus.  The organisation was established with assistance from
international organisations such as Tear Fund UK, and World Vision
International, and requests assistance for its programs from the regional
and municipal authorities, the international organisations mentioned above
as well as other organisations such as the Soros Fund, the Tear Fund, World
Vision International, various embassies and foreign organisations.

The Gomel Regional Center of social and psychological assistance
"Duchovnost" "Duchovnost Center" was established as an indigenous
Belarussian organisation, Originally registered on July 19, 1993
(certificate # 252).  Re-registered on March, 10, 1995 by Department of
Justice of Gomel Regional Executive Council, certificate # 043 (See

2. Project Description and Procedure

2.0.1 Project History

The Duchovnost Center has been working on development of the Internet in
Belarus since May 1995. The Duchovnost Center negotiated the first discount
on telecommunications service for the creation of the Internet in Belarus.
The design planned by The Duchovnost Center for the installation of the
Internet in the Gomel Oblast was implemented by the Ministry of Education
and the Soros Foundations as the National Plan for 4 of 5 oblasts.   The
Duchovnost Center's technical specialists are active in the local community
in assisting the area with technical developments. The Duchovnost Center's
project for connecting Gomel to the Internet was approved and will begin
the spring of 1997.

2.1 Description of The Duchovnost Center's Work in Belarus,
The Duchovnost Center has focused on the promotion of health care,
environmental services, education and information management.  In providing
these services, the center has focused on direct service delivery -
activities that have a direct impact on the grassroots population in Gomel
city as well as rural contaminated areas of Gomel province.

The concepts of its work have been worked out more elaborately through a
social scientific study that was a collaboration between Gomel State
University (Department of Sociology), Cornell University of the US, and the
Duchovnost Center, and shows the activities that are envisioned by the
Center are key factors in building civic society within post-communist

The Duchovnost Center is recognised for its excellent work in Gomel city by
the Gomel City administration.  In Gomel city and province, the Center is
known for holding to international levels of program development (focusing
on development principles) and financial accountability.

2.2 Organisational Experience with Project Management and Networking.

The Duchovnost Center maintains the high level of internetworking required
for an local with partnerships with NGOs working in 103 countries with 60
national offices. The Duchovnost center has been producing HTML,
(http://solar.rtd.utk.edu/oldfriends/wvision/index.html and managing a ftp
site and listserver (w-vision@solar.rtd.utk.edu for 2 years. The
Duchovnost Center has installed 4 UNIX Internet servers / public networks
in the last 6 months .(http://www.ssc.ac.ru/index.html, Telnet
rno-a.ssc.ac.ru, UUCP wvb.gomel.by, UUCP GPI.gomel.by.) And has implemented
the wireless network planned for Gomel under real conditions in Russia
(Republic of North Osseita- Alana)

2.3 Goals of Project

The Goals of the project

To establish a Wide Area Network for Public Use which supports high level
networking protocols such as IPX, NETBEUI, TCP/IP Banyan Vines and others.

To make a gateway to the Internet on this Wide Area Network.

To create a public WWW server for use by the population of Gomel, Schools
and Institutes, NGOs and activist organisations.

To create a technical support group for the administration of the network
and teachers involved with training users.

To develop training methods for training students on use of E-mail, Telnet
FTP, World Wide Web.

To teach the HyperText Markup Language for WWW page creation to students
and educators.

To create a World Wide Web Site in the United States on the Friends and
Partners server representing Gomel and it's Population. This will be done
in co-operation between all parties that will contribute to the WWW Page.
One WebMaster will be selected to co-ordinate the WWW site, and to
integrate new WWW pages.

To create a public access site for people needing to use the Internet but
not having a connection, nor funds to purchase the needed equipment nor pay
the needed fees.

2.4 Access

All public organisations, regardless of their financial abilities shall
have access to GABrielle. This will allow organisations to use the local
network even if they could not afford the Internet. If an organisation can
buy the needed adapter, or get a grant for such, they will be able to use
the local resources

2.5 Current Situation Description

There will be a 64 Kilobyte feed to the Internet installed by the
Duchovnost Center in the spring of 1997.  As of the writing of this
proposal, almost all the needed hardware has been purchased and
configurations have been made.  The Duchovnost center will be running the
zone authoritative DNS, as well as security on the network.  The Duchovnost
Center will also install one computer in the Gomel State University's
campus for their exploitation.  Due to financial constraints the remaining
5 higher education centers will remain unconnected to the net until such a
time as a project such as this allows for their connection.

The Gomel Polytechnical Institute and Co-operative institutes are on the
outlying areas of the city.  This inhibits their connection to the network
by not allowing speeds much higher than 20-25 Kbps.  Other, more centrally
located organisations can connect at speeds of up to 64 Kbps, but the
expense for this will be $1000-$2500 depending on their location and the
amount of free or attainable physical wires in the surrounding telephone
network.  This makes the ability to connect VIA GAB very attractive to most
organisations facing a similar decision.

The proposed network allows for an organisation to connect to the Gomel
Area Backbone at speeds of 2 Mbit /sec for a cost of about $1300 in
equipment.  This technology is upgradable to 4 Mbit should the cost of the
needed hardware become feasible.  The cost of this technology based on a
Mbit cost comparison is very attractive.  For example to connect the
Polytechnical Institute with Fiber Optics would cost well over $15,000.
Here the cost is about $1300.00.

Due to It's close proximity to the GAB gateway, ((2km) The Duchovnost
Center can use special modems designed to work on short distances at speeds
of up to 115Kbps.  This ensures the ability to double the speed to the
speed of the Internet gateway without needing to install additional lines
or to multiplex the feed.

Most institutes have their own telephone substations and can provide dial
up services in their area of town.

Surprisingly in educational and other institutions, there is a fair
presence of computers.  Many NGOs hospitals have at least fundamental
computers which could serve as tools of connectivity.  In a telephone
survey conducted by The Duchovnost Center in December 1995, more than 230
computers were identified in schools, hospitals and non-profit
organisations more than 450 suitable computers are located in centers of
higher learning.

The Duchovnost Center has 14 computers which will become the Network
Operations Center, 2 Servers and 12 public access workstations.  Training
on networking will take place in a special classroom adjacent to The
Duchovnost Centers office located in the center of Gomel.  The Location of
the office is very important in this matter, as the antenna for the Gomel
Area Backbone must be placed on the highest structure in the city for
maximum coverage and efficiency.  The Duchovnost Centers office is located
125 meters from the Television Tower where the antenna can be mounted 198
meters above the ground.  At 2.4-2.483 Ghz @ 500mW this should provide
coverage of about 40 KM, at 50mW about 15 KM. (See attachment)

Currently, the cost of connecting an organization to the Internet in Gomel
via leased line with a speed of 14-25Kbps is approximately the same as
buying the needed equipment to connect to the Gomel Area Backbone at 2
mbits.  The Card and Antenna cost about $1300 for installation, to use a
leased line, there is a $500-1000 cost of istallation, 2 modems at a cost
of $300-800 each, as well as a year fee for this line.  ISDN leased lines
are $1000 to Install, and count Kilobyte traffic at about $30 a MB.

2.6  Project steps

Upon receiving a grant, The Duchovnost Center will:

1      Appoint Network Installation Task Managers,
Any organisation connecting to the network shall provide their technical
representative. This person will be given a task list to complete for the
respective site. Training and assistance will be provided by technical
specialists from The Duchovnost Center

2      Determine Project Budget
With the confirmation of a grant and The Duchovnost Center match, other
donors will be approached with the opportunity of expanding the current
plan to include other entities, such as elementary schools and NGOs in the
local community. Confirm any changes with project sponsors.

3      Survey Personnel Resources
All co-operating organisations will survey and document employee resources
to determine the current level and to identify needed talents in the Gomel
Community. This will also serve as an indicator of development.

4      Survey Existing  Resources
All co-operating organisations will survey and document existing hardware
and software resources and there state of connectivity. This will provide
vital information regarding possible configurations, as well as serve as an
indicator of connectivity development in  Gabrielle

5      Hold Kick Off Meeting
Upon completion of items 1-4 a meeting will be held in the association to
brief all entities of the current situation and plan of action. All
interested parties are to be invited and it will mark the start of the

6.      Order equipment
The specified equipment will be ordered and delivered upon receipt. As this
equipment is warehoused in the FSU, there will be little delay.

6.5    Define System Requirements and Internetwork Architecture
A minimum set of standards will be set for organisations wishing to

7      Study Location constraints
All facilities have been surveyed, any additions will be surveyed for other
opportunities such as cable based Ethernet connection to an existing
network will be evaluated.

8      Generate Task Lists
Begin actual work regarding network installation.

9      Determine Network Management Strategy
 The current management strategy calls for the creation of a helpdesk, and
online remote management by experienced system operators. The Technical
representative of every institute shall join to form the technical task
force for GABrielle. Additions and alterations to this plan shall be
handled at this point.

10     Review reliability factors
Network reliability shall be a factor due to the lack of experience of new
founded site operators. This  has been addressed by the creation of a help
desk with online-remote management ability and by addressing inexperience
with training. Needs will be assessed and addressed. 2 Network administr
ators  will be on call 24 hours and will be able to open the network
operations center within 15 minutes of a call to handle a problem.

11     Develop testing procedures
A set series of steps will be defined regarding errors, failures and other
issues. This will based upon the available resources at any given time and
for predetermined incidents.

12     Survey security requirements
The association will evaluate known security issues, in the online regime
and in the internetworking environment.

13     Cut-over Contingency Plans
Cut-over Contingency Plans shall be in place to insure network completion.
They include:
* Redistribution of provided equipment in case of non-participation by any
* The creation of a fund which will be able to pay for expenses incurred by
the operation of the network.

14     Make modifications to buildings
Any needed modifications to building will be made, including installation
of alarm systems, power supply upgrades, telephone line installations.

15     Obtain Internet Addresses
A block of IP addresses will be acquired for the network. A C class network
will be enough to route packets for  200 networks. New networks will be
added to the routing tables of The Duchovnost Centers networks. Other
networks layered along with TCP/IP (IPX, NETBEUI) need no registration and
can be added with simple local configurations.

15.5     Install and test WAN software, Bridge configuration
Bridge has drivers for a wide range of operating systems, The Duchovnost
Center has a licensed copy of Windows NT 3.51 that will act as the bridge.

16     Establish physical layer connections of the network.
Begin connecting networks using the WAN

17     Install and test internetwork nodes

18     Train network managers and inform users
Real-time training on the Wide Area Network with experienced instructors
will begin. during this process, training materials and systems procedures
will be translated and developed. The existence of the GABrielle in Gomel
will be made known to the public.

19     Install and test applications
User interface applications such as WINSOCK, etc. will be installed and

20     Complete acceptance testing
Verification of complete network operation from workstations will be

21     Publish action items
A task list will be created for final network operations, training
materials will be developed on the network configuration.

22     Finalise troubleshooting procedures
Shifts, call handling, staffing incident documentation issues  for the
network operation will be finalised.

23     Finalise helpdesk procedures
Shifts, call handling, staffing incident documentation issues  for the User
helpdesk will be finalised. This will be based upon the Microsoft help desk

24     Train Network Users
Classroom based training will begin for network users.

25     Complete Internetwork Documentation
Final details will be combined into a WWW page, and placed on the server.

26     Transition to Network operation
Gabrielle running under normal operating conditions.

2.7  Who will use the network and how will they apply for use.

All Private, non-profit, educational, budgeted organisations may apply for
membership in Gabrielle. Commercial organisations may apply based on the
position of the networks sponsor, but will not be considered for routing to
the Internet as the Internet gateway is to a non-profit network. If another
gateway were added to commercial provider, routing for commercial
organisations might be considered based upon the positions and terms
provided by the networks sponsors.

3.0 Project Success Indicators

* The installation of WAN Bridge and Gateway to the Internet
* The training of 100 new Internet users
* The Creation of a WWW server in Gomel
* The Creation of a Computer Class
* The connection of 3 or more higher education organisations to the
*  Creation of a WWW page in the US
* The creation of a wide area network based upon the resources off the
Internet (i.e.: Administrative or community based network, using local
* The addition of 5 new servers in 1 year based on the GAB
* Creation of a technical support group which understands the operation of
the network.

4.1  Reporting

The Duchovnost Center is familiar with international and national
accounting practices regarding project management. A written report and
monthly expense report will be provided, or as otherwise requested by the

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