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#01-14 March 97 SNIP

#02-14 March 97 RBC Video Inc.


01-14 March 97  Sender:  robertr@cosmos.net.au
                Subject: from Robert R

02-14 March 97  Sender:  epmdbkl@hotmail.com
                Subject: from E.P. Lansford

03-14 March 97  Sender:  ddavidso@mustang.uwo.ca
                Subject: from dan

04-14 March 97  Sender:  nv98-08@park.se
                Subject: from Veronica Gidl–f

05-14 March 97  Sender:  E52296@aol.com
                Subject: from Steve


01-14 March 97  Sender:  SHANNON_RICHARDSON@yr.com
                Subject: listserv

02-14 March 97  Sender:  ebrown@rpfb.msk.ru.
                Subject: Sigs in Moscow?

03-14 March 97  Sender:  Timmy (timmy@epix.net)
                Subject: I just found out about you

04-14 March 97  Sender:  Jessica Leonard (jessica@cip.nsk.su)
                Subject: Seeking an organization that could help a
                         Russian child

05-14 March 97  Sender:  Ross Mackay (clamac@ozemail.com.au)
                Subject: Re: PEN PALS

06-14 March 97  Sender:  yuri@bsf.gomel.by (Yuri Voronezhtsev)
                Subject: Making Friends and Partners

07-14 March 97  Sender:  "Vlad D. Nebolsin" (vlad@matrix.ru)
                Subject: Dnevnik project

08-14 March 97  Sender:  dmangrum@msuvx2.memphis.edu
                Subject: comment about friends/home.html

09-14 March 97  Sender:  "Ralph Ortiz" (rabble@sprynet.com)
                Subject: comment about friends/home.html

10-14 March 97  Sender:  EXSIS013@pecom.com.ar (Akimenco Juan (Externo))
                Subject: Hello !!!

11-14 March 97  Sender:  Global Human Resource Services (consult@globalhr.com)
                Subject: To be listed on your site...

12-14 March 97  Sender:  robertp@magnus1.com
                Subject: Student Exchange - USA

13-14 March 97  Sender:  Asamindia@aol.com
                Subject: CITIZEN TO CITIZEN PROJECT

14-14 March 97  Sender:  Martin Ryle (RYLE@urvax.urich.edu)

15-14 March 97  Sender:  mac@MAINE.MAINE.EDU (Dennis McConnell,
                         Maine Business School)
                Subject: Profile: Smolensk Humanitarian University

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WHAT'S NEW . . .


SNIP is devoted to distribution of technical and business information for
building industry professionals targeting Russian construction and real
estate markets. They offer publications and services in the following areas:
National building codes of Russia; national standards for accessible design;
uniform drafting standards; design & construction law; and
business directories of companies in Russia.

Please see Economic Development & Real Estate Acquisition section from the
Commercial Services page or directly at URL:


*  RBC Video Inc.

"The Largest Russian Music Store in USA."

Please see the Russian/NIS Music Resources from the Art/Music/Literature
age or directly at UR:



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Sender:  robertr@cosmos.net.au
Subject: from Robert R

Hello!  I live in Australia,and would like to visit your City, but don't
know how to do it cheaply.

Many greetings,


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Sender:  epmdbkl@hotmail.com
Subject: from E.P. Lansford

I think we are on to something really big here The computer and the world
via the Internet may very well save this planet.  Something had to bring us
together.  now lets make the best of it greetings and best wishes to ALL.

** 03 **********************************************************************

Sender:  ddavidso@mustang.uwo.ca
Subject: from Dan

Hi everybody!  My name is Dan, I'm 30, and I'm at University of Western
Ontario.  What is university life like in Russia?  It's a general question,
but easy enough that i hope you take interest and reply!  Thanks, Dan.

** 04 **********************************************************************

Sender:  nv98-08@park.se
Subject: from Veronica Gidl–f

Hi, there.  I¥m a swedish girl, born may 1979.  (17 years old) I live in
the north of sweden, in a town which is called ÷rnsk–ldsvik.  I would like
some penfriends, all over the world.  If you are between 15-25 years old,
please write to me!!!!!!  See Ya!

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Sender:  E52296@aol.com
Subject: from Steve

I will leading a youth work project to St Petersburg in July 97.  We will
be working on an orphanage.  The Youth have worked and raised money for the
trip and are still working at fundding the trip.  We will also, spend
several days in Moscow site seeing.

I an looking for suggestions for sites to see in both cities.


P.S. Any information or suggestions that would help
     on our journey would be appreciated.


Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

** 01 **********************************************************************

Subject: listserv

Are you familiar with the FSU media listserv?  I would like to
subscribe, but don't know how.  I would appreciate any help you could
give.  Thanks

** 02 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Eric Brown  ebrown@rpfb.msk.ru.
Subject: Sigs in Moscow?

I am trying to track down Sigma Chi alumni in Moscow.  If there are any
Sigs out
there interested in getting together and meeting other local Sigs, please
me at ebrown@rpfb.msk.ru.


Eric Brown

** 03 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Timmy (timmy@epix.net)
Subject: i just found out about you

Dear sir or madam!

I just found out about you from my friend and I would like to talk to
someone from Russia.  I'm really interested in this connection because my
parents are Russians.

Thank you!


Tim Souslin

** 04 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Jessica Leonard (jessica@cip.nsk.su)
Subject: Seeking an organization that could help a Russian child

Dear List Members,

A woman came into our office recently who has a child with cerebral palsy.
She is a single mother who seeks assistance with treatment and therapy for
her child. Does anyone know of any American or international organizations
that could provide treatment for a Russian child in the US or another country?

Thanks for any information you can provide!

** 05 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Ross Mackay (clamac@ozemail.com.au)
Subject: Re: PEN PALS

Ross Mackay wrote:

Is there anyone out there between 13 and 17 years old that would like
to write to me now and again?!?  i'm a 15 year old girls from brisbane,
Australia and am currently preparing to organise a group for the 40 hour


** 06 **********************************************************************

Sender:  yuri@bsf.gomel.by (Yuri Voronezhtsev)
Subject: Making Friends and Partners

Greetings Friends,

I am the regional director of the Belarussian Soros Foundation in Gomel
Belarus.  I am very interested in finding friends and partners that would
like to participat in joint projects in the spheres of Culture, Ecology,
Education, Sociology, Politics and other aspects of a truly open society.

We often cooperate with a wide range of local and international
organizations in our wide range of programs, and I am hopeful that this
message will reach individuals interested in joint efforts.  Please feel
free to write me in Russian

Yuri Voronezhtsev (yuri@bsf.gomel.by)
The Soros Foundation, Gomel Bel
Wed, 12 Mar 97 13:10 +0200 EER

** 07 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Vlad D. Nebolsin" (vlad@matrix.ru)
Subject: Dnevnik project


I would like to submit a new Russian art project "Norvezhsky Lesnoy's
Dnevnik (Diary)", a web version of Glasnet teleconference nl.dnevnik.
This is a diary of several people, their emotions, feelings, dreams,
minds. Have a look!

The URL is http://www.glasnet.ru/~nebo/dnevnik

Only in Russian (win/koi/iso code pages)

Sincerely yours,

Vlad D. Nebolsin                | 53 Leningradsky Prospekt, Moscow, Russia
Matrix Technologies             | phone: +7 (095) 967-8152
E-mail: vlad@matrix.ru          | fax:   +7 (095) 967-8153
WWW:    http://www.matrix.ru

** 08 **********************************************************************

Sender:  dmangrum@msuvx2.memphis.edu  Daniel Mangrum
Subject: comment about friends/home.html

No comment really, I was just wondering if someone there might be able to
help me with a research project.  I'm doing a research project in
socio-linguistics about Russian words borrowed from english primarily in
the areas of slang and technology that have come about since Glasnost.  Any
help would be appreciated.  Thanks

** 09 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Ralph Ortiz" (rabble@sprynet.com)
Subject: comment about friends/home.html

To whom it may concern: My name is Tameka Winston and I need information on
your countries economy.  I am having trouble finding a "third world"
country that your country is trading with.  I need to know why you are
trading with this "third world" country.  Is it because of resources or a
product that the country has and you don't?  I also understand that
your country is now trying to transform to free economy but at the moment
you are a mixed economy.  I need information on your current economic
relationship with the United States.  The information that I have about
your country already is very limited.  I have news articles but no
pictures, graphs, or charts.  I'm trying to find information that will help
me along those lines.  I would really appreciate your help .  I am working
on a school project and you are my last resource.  If you can find
information that I am allowed to have please E-mail it to me at:
Rabble@Spry net.com as soon as possible.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Tameka Winston

** 10 **********************************************************************

Sender:  EXSIS013@pecom.com.ar (Akimenco Juan (Externo))
Subject: Hello !!!

Friends :
I´m Juan Akimenco, I´m from Argentina and I ´m looking for my Parent from

I was born here but my Ancestors born and lived there in Rusia(Ucrania), My
GrandFather went here 75 or 80 years ago, I would like to Know if there are
parent alife. I really apreciated  if  you  can help me to find them or tell
me what can I do.

Thank for All ..!!!

I  hope your answer

** 11 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Global Human Resource Services (consult@globalhr.com)
Subject: To be listed on your site...

We are an international human resources consulting firm. We help
companies who are expanding globally -- design their human resources
policy and relocate their employees and families worldwide. Please visit
our web page at http://www.globalhr.com

We would like to consider being listed on your site. Thank you.
Global  Human Resource Services, Limited
Post Office Box 353
Great Falls, VA 22066
(703)759-0684 fax
consult@globalhr.com e-mail

** 12 **********************************************************************

Sender:  robertp@magnus1.com
Subject: Student Exchange - USA

A Very Fond Hello!!

We have just said "good-bye" to our second exchange student from St.
Petersburg in 3 years, and we miss her already!

This year's exchange was between School #1 and John Carroll School in
Bel Air, Maryland, USA.  They are for 3 weeks, and are just TOO DARN
SHORT!  Our lovely Sasha was so much like our own 2 girls... quiet,
responsible, super smart, curious about everything, easy to talk to and
to like; could she be our own child if the matrices were shifted ever so

The previous exchange was with School #3, and our girl was Nadia.  She's
now in University studying to become a teacher, and she'll be GREAT.
Nadia was "adopted" by us in her 2nd week here, we loved her so much.
She is our "daughter #3."

I want to find a site that can give us www and e-mail addresses so we
can stay in touch with these girls.  We often talk on the phone with
Nadia, and will do so with Sasha, but if we can get an electronic link
etablished it will be such a blessing.

If you have an interest in helping me, e-mail reply and I will furnish
specific information on surnames and addresses, if you require it.

Thank you in advance,

Bob and Jackie Persson

** 13 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Asamindia@aol.com

To whom it may concern,

We are a group of Americans students at Bronx Science in New York CIty.  We
are studying America's relations with Czech Republic. We are specifically
working hard to answer the following questions:

What should be the foreign policy of U.S toward Russia as we enter the 21st

We are anxious to make contact with citizens ofRussia who are interested in
sharing ideas and answers to the above question. We hope that when citizens
of both countries share ideas with each other a better understanding of each
country's needs will be the result of your participation.
We would be honored to share our foreign policy ideas with you and to recieve
your ideas by way of a foreign policy survey that we can e- mail to you or
any one else who is interested.

Please e- mail us at the following address if you or any one you may know
would like to be part of our electronic foreign policy discussion.
E- mail Address: Asam India@aol.com

If you would like to, you may wish to E- mail our American Foreign Policy
Instruction Dr. Mel Maskin. Dr. Maskin will E- mail more details about our"
Citizen to- Citizen" Foreign Policy Project. Here is his e- mail address:

Anish Samuel and other members of the commitee.

P.S Please notify us when you recieve this e-mail even if you don't not want
to participate.

** 14 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Martin Ryle (RYLE@urvax.urich.edu)

(X-Post from "H-Russia")


from   http://www.usia.gov/education/usiairex.htm

Announcing The United States - Eurasia Internet Access and Training Program:

Building and Information Society in Armeina, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia,
Kazakstan, Kyrgyszstan, Modlova, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Uzbekistan

The U.S. - Eurasia Internet Access and Training Program (IATP) is a
$2,300,000 public-private sector project of the United States Information
Agency (USIA) Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, the International
Research & Exchanges Board (IREX), Carnegie Corporation of New York, U.S.
companies, and Internet service providers, universities, libraries and NGOs
in the New Independent States that promotes academic and professional
exchange in the information age.

The goal of the IATP in the New Independent States is to foster sustainable
access to, training in, and effective use of e-mail, Internet, and the World
Wide Web among alumni of USIA-sponsored academic exchange and training
programs, other scholars, faculty, and students in the social sciences and
humanities, NGOs, and regional leaders, and to assist NIS universities,
libraries, and NGOs to establish an online presence.

Access to e-mail, Internet, and the resources of the World Wide Web help
USIA exchange and training program alumni and other opinion leaders in the
NIS to keep current and connected in their fields, obtain academic and
professional resources, disseminate information about their universities and
NGOS, publish articles, and continue collaborative projects with U.S. and
NIS colleagues. In this way, the IATP supports the transition to civil
society, free markets, and democratic institutions in the NIS.

The IATP achieves these objectives by working closely with the U.S.
Information Service posts in the NIS to select and establish public access
Internet sites and public-publishing web sites at universities, libraries,
and NGOs and by providing communications assistance to other NIS
institutions. IATP communications assistance differs in each country and
region and is expressly designed to meet local needs.

IATP communications assistance includes supporting the development of
low-cost academic and non-commercial networks, maximizing use of existing
resources and computer equipment at IATP partner institutions, training NIS
Internet trainers, working cooperatively with other international and local
organizations engaged in Internet activities, and organizing seminars on
Internet resources in fields of interest to USIA program alumni.

The IATP also links NIS university departments, integrates Internet into the
classroom, distributes modems to NGOs, supports Russian and other local
language content development on the Web, and helps NIS universities,
libraries, and NGOs to establish, update, and hyperlink home pages.
Approximately 65 public access Internet sites will be established at NIS
universities, libraries and NGOs under the auspices of the IATP.
Approximately 480 other NIS institutions are expected to receive IATP
communications assistance.

American Internet fellows who coordinate the IATP in their assigned regions,
NIS Internet trainers, and IREX staff have established IATP public access
sites at universities and libraries in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk,
Irkutsk, Tomsk, Penza, Ekaterinburg, Rostov-na-Donu, Vladivostok, and
Khabarovsk in the Russian Federation; Kharkiv, Ukraine; and Almaty, Kazakstan.

IATP activities began in Uzbekistan in September 1996 and are scheduled to
begin in Kyrgyzstan and Belaurs in late fall 1996, and in Armenia,
Azerbaijan (subject to Freedom Support Act section 907 restrictions),
Georgia, and Moldova in spring 1997.

Alumni of USIA academic exchange and training programs in the NIS (including
the Fulbright Program, USIA Regional Scholar Exchange Program, Freedom
Support Act Fellowships in Contemporary Issues, Junior Faculty Development
Program, Edmund S. Muskie Fellowship Program, FSA Graduate Program,
Undergraduate Programs, Summer Institutes, University Affiliations,
International Visitor Programs) and other scholars and students are invited
to visit IATP public access sites--as individuals, in small groups with
colleagues or students, or as "alumni activities" arranged by the U.S.
organizations that administer USIA academic programs in the NIS. These
organizations include the American Collegiate Consortium (ACC), American
Council of Teachers of Russian (ACTR/ACCELS), International Institute of
Education (IIE), International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX), Kennan
Institute for Advanced Russian Studies, and the Open Society Institute/Soros

During academic year 1996-97, the IATP plans to sponsor several thematic
training sessions on Internet resources on topics such as American studies,
EFL, journalism, U.S. foreign policy, free market economics, and
environmental protection.

The U.S. - Eurasia Internet Access and Training Program is administered by
the International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX). IREX has been awarded a
$1,500,000 grant from the United States Information Agency to administer the
IATP through June 1998. The IATP is structured as a public-private sector
initiative which seeks U.S., NIS, and international cost-sharing to expand
the scope, impact, and long-term sustainability of the program. Private
sector support for the IATP--provided by IREX, the Carnegie Corporation of
New York, U.S. computer companies, U.S. software companies, O'Reilly and
Associate Publishers, NIS Internet service providers, international
organizations, and all NIS universities, libraries, and NGOs selected as
IATP partner institutions--is currently estimated at $800,000.

NIS universities, libraries, NGOs, and other non-commercial organizations
interested in establishing public access Internet sites are invited to
submit the attached IATP application to USIA or IREX in Washington, D.C. or
U.S. Information Service or IREX offices in the NIS for consideration.

U.S. and NIS private sector organizations interested in becoming IATP
corporate sponsors are invited to contact USIA or IREX for more information.
Contact in the United States:

Rhonda E. Boris
Program Manager, European Programs Branch
Academic Exchanges Division
U.S. Information Agency
Tel: 202/205-0525
Fax: 202/260-7985
Email: rboris@usia.gov
Web: http://www.usia.gov

Tony Byrne
Senior Program Officer
Communications Division
International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX)
Tel: 202/628-8188
Fax: 202/628-8189
Email: tbyrne@irex.org
Web: http://www.irex.org

** 16 **********************************************************************

Sender:  mac@MAINE.MAINE.EDU (Dennis McConnell, Maine Business School)
Subject: Profile: Smolensk Humanitarian University

I  have today received the attached profile of  the  Humanitarian
University in Smolensk, Russia. Perhaps some list members will be
interested in contacting either the Rector or Provost to  inquire
about opportunities for academic collaboration.

            Profile: Smolensk Humanitarian University

The  Smolensk  Humanitarian  University (SHU) is the  first  non-
state  higher educational  institution in Smolensk - old town  of
the western part of Russia, which is situated on the banks of the
river Dnieper, 400  km. west of Moscow.

The University was founded in the summer of 1993 by the  decision
of  the local  authorities  and  the  community   of   professors
and  scientists  of the town because of the   necessity  of   the
creation   of the  new  and mobile system of preparation  of  the
professionals in the spheres of law,  economy,  psychology,  lin-
guistics  and  management for Smolensk  region  and   the   whole
Russia.  After the foundation in the spring of 1994 SHU  obtained
the  license  of  the  State  Committee  of  Russian   Federation
on   Higher  Education.  SHU is  a  member of the Association  of
non-state higher educational  institutions  of  Russia, which  is
a  part of the Association of higher educational institutions  of

Smolensk Humanitarian University is the young higher  educational
institution, which has the goal to prepare highly-qualified  pro-
fessionals according to the modern standards: bachelors (4  years
of studies), specialists  (5  years  of  studies) and masters  (6
years of studies). The teaching process at SHU is oriented on the
high quality of education,  which  is  provided by the professors
of the University itself and of other higher educational institu-
tions  as well.  Together with the traditional methods of  educa-
tion  (lectures,  seminars,  lab and practical  works)  some  new
methods are practiced at SHU,  such  as written tests and  exams,
the system of rating, round tables, business games. Computers and
technical  devices  are  used  during  the  many classes at   the
SHU.   The  library  of the University has about  30,000  of  the
newest textbooks,  monographs and periodicals.

SHU has access to the Internet and is planning to give the oppor-
tunity for each student to use it.  A big part of the  curriculum
in all  departments  is  given  to  the  studies  of the  foreign
languages,  especially English.  Some of the most talented  stud-
ents take part in the scientific researches of the professors  of
the University.

The  SHU  provides opportunities  to  get  the   second    higher
education  for the  shorter  period  of  time  than   the   first
one  - organizing classes during the evenings and days  off   for
those students who must work while studying.

There are some student organizations at the SHU and the Students'
Council,  which organizes the main events of student life at  the


1. The Department of Law
     (Profession  after graduation - lawyer specialized in  Civil
2. The Department of Foreign Languages
     (Profession  after  graduation -   interpreter  of  English,
     German  and  French, with the additional  specialization  as
     guide and teacher of foreign languages)
3. The Department of Psychology
     (Profession  after graduation - psychologist specialized  in
     social psychology, children's psychology, or in teaching  of
4. The Department of Economy
     (Profession  after  graduation - economist,  specialized  in
     finances, taxes or banking)
5. The Department of Geography
     (Profession after graduation  - manager of tourism with  the
     additional specialization as teacher of geography).

The  Smolensk Humanitarian University is interested  in  contacts
with  foreign schools, and has various propositions for  coopera-
tion,  including: exchange of students and teachers, exchange  of
information  and  developments  related to  the  Internet,  joint
humanitarian, educational and scientific programs, joint programs
in the development of the Western region of Russia,  organization
of the American educational center and so on.

Interested academics and other university representatives  should
feel free to contact:

             Dr. Nikolai Evgenievich Majhar, Rector
                Smolensk Humanitarian University
                      ulitsa Bagrationa, 63
                         Smolensk 214030
                    Tel/Fax: (7-8122) 6-06-20
                   E-mail: nem@shu.smolensk.su

You  can also contact Dr. Kazakov, Provost of SHU, who is in  the
United  States  this academic year as visiting professor  at  the
Catholic University of America:

                       Dr. Mikhail Kazakov
                  Department of Greek and Latin
               The Catholic University of America
                   Washington DC  20064 U.S.A.
                       Tel: (202) 319-5216
                       Fax: (202) 319-5297
                     E-mail: kazakov@cua.edu

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