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help, please join the FPFAQ listserver which he discusses below.  And
thanks to Dave for his many contributions to F&P!

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01-26 February 97  Sender:  cherk@vsmu.vinnica.ua
                   Subject: from Anatolij Cherkashchenko

02-26 February 97  Sender:  eagen.1@osu.edu
                   Subject: from Jeffrey S. Eagen (fwd)

03-26 February 97  Sender:  Klein@deanmoor.nl
                   Subject: from Jan Klein


01-26 February 97  Sender:  Michael Goldstein (MGoldstein@dlalaw.com)
                   Subject: Russia in World War One

02-26 February 97  Sender:  arodrigu@idecnet.com
                   Subject: comment about friends/cyrillic/cyrillic.html

03-26 February 97  Sender:  David Stickney (david@wvb.gomel.by)
                   Subject: Friends and Partners FAQ

04-26 February 97  Sender:  wdm19@idt.net
                   Subject: Locate a Friend

05-26 February 97  Sender:  American Bank USA (russia@aa.net)
                   Subject: World Public Electronic Library

06-26 February 97  Sender:  "Andrew John Conovaloff" (80965@ef.gc.maricopa.edu)
                   Subject: Will you carry gift to South Russia??

07-26 February 97  Sender:  "Alexis Perrier" (fra024t@gl40.fr.lucent.com)
                   Subject: Telecom Firms in Russia

08-26 February 97  Sender:  "Craig O'Manion" (signmark@mindspring.com)
                   Subject: Atlanta USA writing

09-26 February 97  Sender:  R Bivon (biver@essex.ac.uk)
                   Subject: Essex Russian Course

10-26 February 97  Sender:  ledept@maik.rssi.ru (Jennifer Sunseri)
                   Subject: INTERNSHIP IN MOSCOW

APPENDIX:        LISTSERV address & basic procedures


** 01 **********************************************************************

Sender:  cherk@vsmu.vinnica.ua
Subject: from Anatolij Cherkashchenko

Please send more informaition about possibility of rehabilitation
of the children injureds from Chernobyl.  I have two daughters,15 years
and 6 years.  Higher has the certificate injureds from Chernobyl.


** 02 **********************************************************************

Sender:  eagen.1@osu.edu
Subject: from Jeffrey S. Eagen (fwd)

I am a college student studying Russian language and literature.  I would
love to hear from anybody in Russia.  Pozhaluista, pishi mne.  Poka

** 03 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Klein@deanmoor.nl
Subject: from Jan Klein

I'm from holland, and visited Belarus several times.  But after Luchachenko
became total dictator I'm affraid to go there.  Who has an opinion, can I
still visit that country, or is it to dangerous?

I should like to recive mail from people who has noledge about the
situation in Belarus

By the way this site is very interesting.

Best wiches to all belarussians



Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.cini.utk.edu.

** 01 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Michael Goldstein (MGoldstein@dlalaw.com)
Subject: Russia in World War One

My son is doing a school project on the topic of Russia's role in WW I.  I
have found limited website information.  Any recommendations?

Email       mgoldstein@dlalaw.com

** 02 **********************************************************************

Sender:  arodrigu@idecnet.com  Antonio Rodriguez
Subject: comment about friends/cyrillic/cyrillic.html

Dear Sirs, I am looking for a Russian font type.  This is, like writing in
english but with some words looking like russian.  Just looking like.  Like
the R reversed, and so on.  If you could be so kind to tell me where can I
get this font I would be eternally grateful.  Thank you very much and sorry
for any incovenience I may cause you.  Best regards

** 03 **********************************************************************

Sender:  David Stickney (david@wvb.gomel.by)
Subject: Friends and Partners FAQ

Dear Friends,

FPFAQ is a list set up by Greg Cole to develop the Friends and Partners
FAQ. FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions, and is normally a file,
message or WWW site that you can get the answers a question that has been
asked before.

Having a FAQ is a sign of maturity for any Internet entity. As F&P reaches
3 Years of Faithful Service to an Ever Growing Public, it has become time
to create a FAQ.

How are FAQs Created?

A question is asked, and when it is answered, the answer is sent to the FAQ
Owner. The FAQ Owner faithfully adds every answer in it proper place, so
the next person can just download the latest version and get the answer to
a question without posting it. FAQs are Normally created by the public that
reads the particular list. That Means people like YOU..

Traditionaly, the Person Who Answers the Question, Gets His or Her Name put
in the FAQ as a submitter of  answer .

For Example,

Q:	Where can I find information about Investors in the FSU
A:  Submitted By Dr. Palms (russia@aa.net)

You can look at http://www.someplace.ru/   for a good list of resources, or
contact me, I'll send them to you by email.

Q:	How can I look at a WWW Page if I only Have Email?
A:	Submitted By Sergey Kozhemyakin (serge@wvb.gomel.by)

Send the an Email Message with the contents HELP to w3mail@elvis.ru

This is the best server I know, It Zips everything, and it it's in the FSU
so you don't have to pay any big overseas costs on the traffic.

..(end of example).

So, By Answering a Question, you can become someone's hero, or make new
contacts or just be a real nice person.

I dug through a year or so worth of F&P Digest, and came up with these
questions that were fairly frequently asked. Perhaps you can add your
questions,  or even better answer them

BUT IN ANY CASE, Sign up to the F&P FAQ list..

Send a message to (listproc@solar.cini.utk.edu)
with the body

SUBscribe FPFAQ firstname lastname

If someone would like to become the FAQ Owner, please write me with an
explanation of why you are worthy of such an honor... If you want to answer
a question of add a question of your own, subscribe to the list above and
get involved.

$ Friends and Partners FAQ V.01a
Archive-name: friends/friends-and-partners.faq

Friends and Parners Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: 31 Jan 1997

I. About Friends and Partners
II. Explanation of this FAQ
III. Sources of Information on Friends and Partners
  1. Must-Read Sources
  2. WWW Sites
  3. Friends and Partners Mailing Lists
  4. Internet Mailing Lists
  5. People who have mailing lists
  6. USENET/Netnews Groups
  7. Anonymous FTP-based Archive Sites
  8. LISTSERV-based Archive Sites
  9. Other Internet Services
  10. Other Useful Online Information
  11. Sources of Useful Information off the Internet
  12. Useful Free Software
  13. Books
  14. Periodicals
  15. Training Courses
  16. Conferences
  17. FSU Health
  18. FSU Education
  19. FSU Travel
  20. .....
  21. .....

IV. Funding and Financing
V. Frequently Asked Questions on Friends and Partners
What are all the countries of the FSU?
Where are  Any Restored Antique Belarus/FSU Tractor Photos?
What teaching oppourtunities in the FSU/USA are available
Are there any good travel resources on the FSU?
Where can I get Embassy Information?
How can I help do something in the FSU
Where can I order Russian Music or Videos?
What Resources are available for Ex Patriots (clubs/associations etc.)
What Specific News Sources are available onFSU countries?
What language resources are available?
Are there any good tours available?
What special interest trips to the FSU / US
Can I voluteer and go see the world with out having to join the Navy?
How can I send Russian Email?
How can I read Russian Web Pages?
Where can I buy a Russian Keyboard?
Where can I find Keyboard and Font Drivers?
Where can I buy good translation software?
What Word Processors work best, Embed fonts etc.
Are there any Youth Hostels?
How can I make Business Contacts?
How can I meet Forieng Guys/Girls?
Where can I find Keypals?
Where can I find NGOs?
How can I get a Job in the FSU / United States?
I have a Project, How can I fund it?
Where can I find statistics about... ..?
How can I send email to the City/Country of ......
Where can I get specialized dictionaries?
What is the best dictionary?
Are there any Internet based Dictionaries?
Are there any medical groups that can help sick Kids?
What are the Russian / American Holidays?
Are there anyways to save money on long distance calls?
I want to sell buy .... Can anyone put me in Contact?
Where can I get interpreture / translations  services?
Are there any pen pals for school children?
Where can I find info on the Russian / American space program?
Where can I find political information?
Where can I find information about Crime?
Does anyone have good FSU Recipies?
How do you make Borch?
Where can I find information on Agriculture in the FSU?
I have heard of special companies that deal with travel to the FSU, do you
have contacts?
Where can I find info on USAID Grants?
Does anyone know of Womens groups in the FSU?
Are there any Russian CD ROMS?
What is Fidonet and How can I send mail into the FSU with it?
How Can I help the Children of Chernobyl?
Are there any Russian business web sites?
Where can I find Economic Information?
Where can I study Russian?
What is RELCOM (Reliable Communications)
Are there any Insurance companies that offer pakages for Expats?
Where can I find information on what happened at Chernobyl?
Where can I find the political history of US-Russian Relations?
Are there any groups dealing with AIDS in the FSU?
What is the best way to send a package to the FSU?
Are there any projects to help the elderly?
How can I get in touch with relegious groups?
Are there any Martial Arts groups that work in the FSU and US?
What resources are available regarding Mass Media in the FSU?
Will my Computer work in the FSU?
What kind of Power Converter do I need when bringing Equipment to the FSU?
Are there any Short Wave radio stations in Russian?
If I send mail to the FSU, will it get opened and have everything stolen
from it?
Where can I find old Roubles?
Are there any FSU educational assocaitions?
Are there any Email to Paper mail services?
What Books about the FSU are online?
We want to adopt a child from the FSU, Can anyone help?
My grandparents immigrated from the FSU, How can I find my relatives?
I am traveling to .... can anyone give me information on the local area?
Are there any Western Companies that can distribute my product in the FSU?
Are there any gypsies on the Internet?
Does anyone know of an ISP in .......
I need legal assistance in the FSU,  can anyone help me?
How can I get a Visa to .....?
How Can I get a copy of Emily Dinnen's English and History projects?
Is there any information about the Soviet mentality?
Are there any volunteer social worker groups that go into the FSU?
Can you use Russian Fonts on America on Line, Compuserve?
Where can I find information about the KGB?
I am looking for a western market research company in the FSU, any
Does Alcholics Anonymous have any groups in the FSU?
I would like to Teach English in the FSU, are there any organizations that
arrange this?
Are there any American Football teams in the FSU?
Where can I find information on FSU ecology?

** 04 **********************************************************************

Sender:  wdm19@idt.net
Subject: Locate a Friend

Dear Friends@solar:

I am trying to locate a friend who (within last 2 years) accepted a call
to Russia.

His name is Reverend Mark Brown, wife Yolanda.  Last parrish in US was an
Episcopal Church in Darrien, Connecticut, USA.

Do you know of Mark and how I might email or contact him?
Thank you,

Bill McCollum
Houston, Texas, USA

** 05 **********************************************************************

Sender:  American Bank USA (russia@aa.net)
Subject: World Public Electronic Library

I want to inform you that we have established at the Ministry of Education
of the Russian federation a World Public Electronic Library of 1400 great
books in English (Russian being added) as well as the beginnings of a
Medical library.

Here is the url


** 06 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Andrew John Conovaloff" (80965@ef.gc.maricopa.edu)
Subject: Will you carry gift to South Russia??

Anyone going from U.S. to South Russia soon
and willing to hand-carry cash gift?

Need to get $200 to Stavropol',
better to Piatigorsk or Kislovodsk.

Contact me at ( 90865@ef.gc.maricopa.edu ),
Phoenix, Arizona.


** 07 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Alexis Perrier" (fra024t@gl40.fr.lucent.com)
Subject: Telecom Firms in Russia

Hello, I am a telecom engineer curently working in France and planning to
move to Russia soon (Going back to my roots....) I am looking for
telecom-related firms in Russia, foreign and russian in order to find a job
there Informations on various telecom projects going on at the moment or in
the near future will be also highly valuable Thank you for your help

Alexis Perrier

** 08 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Craig O'Manion" (signmark@mindspring.com)
Subject: Atlanta USA writing

Thanks for having your site on the net.....

I'm Craig O'Manion of Georgia in the USA.... I live here with my family and
I play in a rock band called frictional mission.

I'm very interested in writing to Russian cyber-folks who are interested in

Best of luck with what you have started... please feel free to post my
e.mail for someone to write to in Atlanta.. am interested in Siberia but all
of Russia is quite interesting for me as I am studying some russian.


Craig O'Manion
frictional mission

** 09 **********************************************************************

Sender:  R Bivon (biver@essex.ac.uk)
Subject: Essex Russian Course

Each year we run a three week Russian Language course at the University of
Essex, Colchester, England.  This year's dates are July 14th to August 1st.
We cater for all levels from absolute beginners to university level
students.  You can come for one, two or even better for the whole three
weeks.  Teaching is largely by native speaker, many of whom come from
Russia to teach on the Course.

Accommodation is provided on campus, and as we are less than an hour from
London by train you can combine a holiday in England with a Russian
language course.

You can find the details on our web page:
http://www.essex.ac.uk/CRS/erc97bro.htm.  Please get in touch if you have
any questions.

Dr Roy Bivon
Lecturer in Russian Language
Department of Language and Linguistics
University of Essex,
Wivenhoe Park,
Colchester CO3 4SQ
Phone  44 1206 872239
Fax 44 1206 503280
E-Mail biver@essex.ac.uk

Roy Bivon

** 10 **********************************************************************

Sender:  ledept@maik.rssi.ru (Jennifer Sunseri)

Dear Friends:

I would appreciate your posting the following for me. This is a wonderful
opportunity for graduate students, or recent graduates who wish to spend
some time in Moscow.

I welcome inquiries!

Jennifer Sunseri
Director, Editorial Services
MAIK Nauka


Edit English-language journals of the
Russian Academy of Sciences

Participate in one-year editing internship in Moscow, Russia: MAIK Nauka
offers a limited number of qualified individuals the opportunity to work as
Language Editors. Language editors are responsible for the clarity of the
language in journals of the Russian Academy of Sciences translated from
Russian into English by Russian scientists. Applicants must be native
speakers of English with a *minimum* of two years college-level
Russian-language study (or the equivalent). Editing experience and a
scientific background are pluses.  Language editors will receive:

*       Work permit and visa support from within Russia
*       Monthly hard currency salary + semi-annual bonus
*       Round-trip plane ticket (reimbursement after one year)

The internship is a year-long commitment, usually beginning and ending in
August. We also anticipate two or three openings in both June and October.
The work load is somewhere between part-time and full-time, and is dictated
by the editor's journal schedules. Application deadlines are March 30, May
1, and July 15 for June, August, and October positions. For more
information contact Jennifer Sunseri at  the following address:
(ledept@maik.rssi.ru.). If you  would like an application, please note in
your message what kind of computer (IBM or Macintosh) you use.

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