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01-24 February 97  Sender:  Jazzy.2.U@AOL.COM
                   Subject: from Polly Starnes

02-24 February 97  Sender:  fjhaff@worldaccess.nl
                   Subject: from annet  haffmans

03-24 February 97  Sender:  ididymus@fia.net
                   Subject: from Tom


01-24 February 97  Sender:  kings (maris@linux.cs.dpu.lv)
                   Subject: need help

02-24 February 97  Sender:  FES717@aol.com
                   Subject: "Russian Office" Software

03-24 February 97  Sender:  "Paul E. Richardson"
                   Subject: Correction to RusLife posting

04-24 February 97  Sender:  David Stickney (david@wvb.gomel.by)
                   Subject: tax rates of countries.

05-24 February 97  Sender:  "Jane Belenky" (jbelenky@irex.org)
                   Subject: Internet Fellowship Opportunities with IREX

06-24 February 97  Sender:  "YANKI PU'RSU'N"
                   Subject: I need aircraft pictures

07-24 February 97  Sender:  "Andrey Ozharovskii" (zarov@host.cis.lead.org)
                   Subject: Reports from Tula by-elections available.

08-24 February 97  Sender:  Jim Clayton (jimcski@laplaza.org)
                   Subject: Russian connection

09-24 February 97  Sender:  Paul Goode (paul.goode@st-antonys.oxford.ac.uk)
                   Subject: Oxford PSEES Internship Resources Guide

10-24 February 97  Sender:  mac@MAINE.MAINE.EDU (Dennis McConnell)
                   Subject: Summer Russian Language Courses -
                            University of Michigan

11-24 February 97  Sender:  Thomas Burola (tburola@alf.tel.hr)
                   Subject: United Nations Jobs Newsletter

12-24 February 97  Sender:  "Funding Opportunity System"
                   Subject: USIA Partners in Education Program

13-24 February 97  Sender:  "Funding Opportunity System"
                   Subject: Special American Business Internship
                            Training Program

14-24 February 97  Sender:  mac@MAINE.MAINE.EDU (Dennis McConnell)
                   Subject: WDI Program for Senior Managers from
                            Transitional Economies

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** 01 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Jazzy.2.U@AOL.COM
Subject: from Polly Starnes

I am planning a visit to Russia...  Arrive in Moscow April 24 & Depart back
to the U.S.  May 9.  I am meeting a Peace Corps friend & we are looking for
Pensions or private home to stay in while there.  If you can help, have
suggestions, etc.  please e-mail me...I am so excited & happy to have this
special opportunity...  I look forward to all suggestions.

** 02 **********************************************************************

Sender:  fjhaff@worldaccess.nl
Subject: from annet  haffmans

I like to get in touch with all people in the world that are called like
me: HAFFMANS. I live in Utrecht,the Netherlands and my family originally
comes from the province of Limburg.It would be nice to receive email from
other Haffmans'es!Annet Haffmans

** 03 **********************************************************************

Sender:  ididymus@fia.net
Subject: from Tom

I would like to communicate with anyone in central Russia who comes from a
typical middle class background living in a city of less than 500,000

I would like to know what you truly think of Americans and what you think
we think of Russians.  I would like to know your likes and dislikes and
what your hobbies are, you know, things you like to do.  I would also be
curious to know what you do for a living, and how you cope with life's
daily ups and downs.  In general, I would like to get to know you and I
would like you to get to know me.  If everything goes as I plan we may get
to know each other and thereby understand each other more correctly and you
never know, we might just have something in common like trying to survive
in a sometimes very crazy world.

P.S.  I am also very eager to learn Russian to provide me another means by
which I may better understand the Russian people by being able to read
Russian peridicals published over the network by such organizations as
Russian Story.  This organization makes avalible via the net, various
Russian news publications, FOR A PRICE, Ha!  Ha!  Ha!  For as you know, we
Americans are a very capitalist society!!  Which ain't all bad...

Thanks for your reply and I would like to wish any and all of you who reads
this, the very best and may the Lord bless you in every way!!!!!

Once again, Best Regards,



Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.cini.utk.edu.

** 01 **********************************************************************

Sender:  kings (maris@linux.cs.dpu.lv)
Subject: need help


My name is Maris. I need information about Disneyland in Florida, USA.
I'd like to know the area it covers.

My e-mail address is maris@linux.cs.dpu.lv


** 02 **********************************************************************

Sender:  FES717@aol.com
Subject: "Russian Office" Software

I would like to correspond with anyone who has and uses the software: Russian
Office. I need help in a few areas. Thanking you in advance. Margaret Poole;
e-mail address: fes717@aol.com

** 03 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Paul E. Richardson" (paulrichardson@compuserve.com)
Subject: Correction to RusLife posting

Our recent posting about RusLife Online, and where to look for back issues,
contained an incorrect url address. The correct url to look at back issues


Then go to the Russian Life page, then click on the "online" icon.

Lyosha awaits...

** 04 **********************************************************************

Sender:  David Stickney (david@wvb.gomel.by)
Subject: tax rates of countries

I am wondering if any has info on the tax rates of countries

I visited the Local Tax Inspector, as I am going to open a business here.

Belarussian Business is taxed at 88% of profits, that is before many expenses

If anyone has any references, please let me know.


** 05 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Jane Belenky" (jbelenky@irex.org)
Subject: Internet Fellowship Opportunities with IREX


The International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX) is pleased to announce
a call for applications from U.S. citizens who are interested in applying
for year-long fellowships in the New Independent S tates to promote
Internet access and training at universities, libraries, and NGOs through
the U.S. - Eurasia Internet Access and Training Program (IATP).

The IATP is a U.S.- NIS public private sector partnership which promotes
academic and professional exchange by providing sustainable access to and
training in e-mail, Internet, and the World Wide Web for alumni of U.S.
government-sponsored exchange and training programs and their colleagues in
the NIS. These programs include the Fulbright Program, Regional Scholar
Exchange Program, Edmund S. Muskie Fellowship Program, and FREEDOM Support
Act programs for university faculty, practitioners, research scholars,
graduate students, undergraduates, and teachers.

The Internet Access and Training Program (IATP) is sponsored by the United
States Information Agency with funds allocated by the Congress of the
United States.  The program is administered through a grant awarded to

USIA, IREX, the Carnegie Corporation of New York, and other U.S. and NIS
public and private sector organizations, launched the IATP in December

In 1996, the IATP established public access Internet sites at more than 25
universities and libraries in the Russian Federation, Kazakstan,
Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan, provided training and communications
assistance to over 100 non-commerical organizations, and brought thousands
of users on-line.  Examples of recent IATP accomplishments include free and
unlimited access to e-mail for alumni of USIA-sponsored programs at public
access Internet sites, creation of home pages at universities in Russia and
Kazakstan, and support for online publications in Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan.

In 1997, the IATP will begin to establish public access Internet sites and
provide training to academic and non-commercial users in Armenia,
Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, and Southern Russia .

APPLICATION DEADLINES: The deadline for receipt of applications for
Internet fellowships is March 15, 1997 for Azerbaijan, Belarus, and Georgia
and April 15, 1997 for Armenia, Moldova, and Russia.

IREX will begin to review applications immediately upon receipt and
contact promising applicants for preliminary telephone interviews.

Internet fellowships begin in spring and summer 1997.

HOW TO APPLY: Inquiries or letter of interest with resume and two
recommendations should be sent to:

Jane Belenky Smith
Program Officer
Fax: 202- 628-8189
E-mail: jbelenky@irex.org


Bruce McClelland
Director, Internet Access and Training Program
Fax: 7-095-203-59-66
E-mail: bmcclell@irex.ru

Program Goals and Objectvives and Responsibilities of Internet

The Internet Access and Training Program has five interrelated goals
and objectives in the NIS.  All Internet fellows  1)  Facilitate the
development of low-cost academic and non-commercial networks,
including FreeNets, in order to promote educational and professional
exchange; 2)  Establish public access Internet sites and
open-publishing Web sites at NIS universities, libraries, and NGOs;
3)  Train Internet trainers and users (i.e., students, teachers,
librarians, university professors, scholars, researchers, NGOs,
etc.) in the technical and educational applications and potential of
the Internet (i.e, academic research, curriculum development,
electronic publishing, distance learning); 4)  Assist NIS
institutions to establish their own on-line presence, including Web
sites, electronic publications, and listservs in Russian, other
local languages, and English; 5)  Support seminars and conferences
about the Internet and information revolution for alumni of
USIA-sponsored academic exchange programs and their colleagues.

Program Operations:

Internet fellows, fluent in Russian and/or another language of the NIS,
coordinate the Internet Access and Training Program in each country with
guidance from the IATP director based at IREX Moscow a nd IREX Washington
program staff.  Internet fellows, along with NIS Internet trainers, work
closely with the United States Information Service (USIS) posts, IREX, and
USIA to prioritize program goals and objectives and manage the program
budget and resouces in each country or region.  In this way, the IATP
addresses the specific needs and interests of diverse local communities,
including students, teachers, and scholars in the social sciences and
humanities.  IATP activities are evaluated according to established
benchmarks and are fine tuned through surveys and focus groups of users and
train ers.  Selection of Partner Institutions:

Universities, libraries, and NGOs in the NIS that are interested in
establishing IATP public access sites, public publishing Web sites, or
receiving other IATP training and assistance are selected th rough open
competitions.  All NIS institutions selected to participate in the program
are required to contribute computer equipment, staff, training facilities,
and other resources to the effort, pub licize the IATP within their
institutions, support free and open access to information resources, and
operate and sustain the public access Internet site following IATP
training.  In each country, In ternet fellows, trainers, and IREX staff
strive to maximize IATP resources and avoid duplication of efforts by
working collaboratively with other organizations engaged in expanding
Internet access fo r academic and non-commercial users.

Internet Fellowship Provisions: Round-trip international travel to the
fellowship site Program orientation and training in Washington, DC and/or
Moscow Monthly living stipend/housing allowance Health insurance Emergency
medical evacuation insurance Federal educational loan deferment

Fellowship Qualifications:

Broad computer skills, including training experience, strong Internet
background and HTML. Experience with electronic publishing, curriculum
development, and distance learning a plus.  Strong Russian language ability
and area studies background (B.A. or above); knowledge of other languages
of the NIS helpful.  Significant experience working, studying, or living in
the NIS. Proven managerial/organizational talent, strong written and oral
presentation skills, experience managing program budgets, and ability to
work with diverse communities.  Knowledge of USIA-sponsored academic
exchange programs with the NIS helpful Ability to make a one-year
commitment as an Internet fellow

For additional information please contact: Jane Belenky Smith
IREX/Washington, or Bruce McClelland IREX/Moscow at the addresses listed

** 06 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "YANKI PU'RSU'N" (puersuen@stud.uni-frankfurt.d400.de)
Subject: I need aircraft pictures

I am still working on my homepage and need some aircraft pictures. I would
appreciate any help. Please contact me if you have anything.

Armenian Airlines R3 Tupolev 134
Armenian Arax Y5 / RXR logo and Tupolev 154
Azeri AZAL Tupolev 134 and Yak 40
Azeri GJ logo and Tupolev 134
Azeri Imair IK / ITX Tupolev 154 and Ilyushin 76

Bashkirian Airlines V9 / BTC Antonov 24 and Tupolev 134
Air Crimea MY/OR logo Antonov 24, Tupolev 134, Tupolev 154 and Yak40
Tatar BG logo and Yak40
Tatar Airlines TL logo and Antonov 24 and Yak42 KZN
Ukrainian Aerosweet VV / AEW logo
Ukrainian Lviv L7 logo and Yak42

Kazak AVZ Aeroservice logo and Tupolev 154
Kazak Airlines K4 Antonov 24, Tupolev 134, Tupolev 154, Yak40 and Yak42
Kazak Turkestan Airlines UF logo and Ilyushin 86
Kyrgyz Airlines K2 Yak40
Turkmen Airlines T5 / AKH Antonov 24,  B733 and Yak42 ASB/BAK

Russian East Line P7 logo and Tupolev 134, Tupolev 154
Russian Domodedovo Airlines E3 Ilyushin 62 and 86
Russian St. Petersburg Airlines PL Tupolev 154
Russian Donavia D9 / DNV logo and Tupolev 134 and Yak42
Samara Airlines E5 logo and Tupolev 134

Best regards
Yanki Pursun


** 07 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Andrey Ozharovskii" (zarov@host.cis.lead.org)
Subject: Reports from Tula by-elections available.

Dear friends,

By-election to the State Duma took place in Tula on February 9,
1997. A group of international observers from the International
Discussion Club (IDC) has attended the election.

I am pleased to announce, that some information resources about Tula
by-election are available at IDC Web Site:
There you can find: general information about Tula, the election
results, images of electoral documents, candidates' posters, pictures
from Tula streets.

IDC, a Russian NGO, carries out a lot of other projects: summer
language courses, support for visitors of Russia (accommodation,
visa, etc.), youth seminars, environmental activity.

Visit our Web Site to know more about us!

Sincerely yours,

Andrey Ozharovskii, President
of the International Discussion Club - Moscow

e-mail: zarov@host.cis.lead.org                 Kashirskoje shosse 88/26-112
http://www.cis.lead.org/zarov/idc.html            115551 Moscow
fax: +7-095-2002265 [attn. of IDC]                           Russia

** 08 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Jim Clayton (jimcski@laplaza.org)
Subject: Russian connection

I wish to communicate with certain people in Russia, Latvia and The
Ukraine.  At the present time I have no idea as to whether these people
have an e-mail address or access to e-mail.  I am looking for search
engines or places I can go to inquire about these people.  My server
(laplaza.org) has broadcast facilities to all users of the local network.
I suspect that each city or area in Russia has similar facilities.

I am hoping that you could provide me with way to continue my search.
Perhaps I could send you the names of these people and you could find out
for me if they are listed in any of the Russian networks.

Thank you very much for your assistance.

** 09 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Paul Goode (paul.goode@st-antonys.oxford.ac.uk)
Subject: Oxford PSEES Internship Resources Guide

The Oxford Post-Soviet and East European Studies Internship Resources Guide
is now online!  The Guide represents the collective efforts of concerned
individuals and organizations who have provided information and contacts
over the last few months.  The result is the first ever consolidated list of
contacts for people interested in locating an internship with an
organization that is located in, or does work related to, the former Soviet
Union and East Europe.  Contacts are categorized by country and by field of
interest. There is a large section concerning study abroad/exchange
opportunities, as well.  The Guide is located at the URL:


Please note that you will need a frames-capable browser to view the site (a
non-frames version is in the works).  The Guide is not for sale, and there
are no plans at present to produce a hard copy of the Guide.  Since the
Oxford server often is overloaded, please try to access the Guide after 5 pm

Note that there is always room for another entry!  If your organization or
institution would like to host an intern, please contact the Guide's
administrator (paul.goode@st-antonys.oxford.ac.uk) with contact details.  We
are also looking to expand the study abroad/exchange opportunities section.
Inclusion in the Guide is free of charge, and does not require any formal
partnership agreement.

If you have any comments or suggestions, or know of any other organizations
that would be willing to host an intern, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Paul Goode
 Paul Goode, St. Antony's College, Oxford OX2 6JF, England
 email --) paul.goode@st-antonys.oxford.ac.uk
 fax --) +44 1865 554465
 home page --) http://users.ox.ac.uk/~sant0168/index.html
 PSEES Internships Guide --) http://users.ox.ac.uk/~sant0168/guide/frames.htm

** 10 **********************************************************************

Sender:  mac@MAINE.MAINE.EDU (Dennis McConnell, Maine Business School)
Subject: Summer Russian Language Courses - University of Michigan

                    Russian Language Courses
                 1997 Summer Language Institute
                     University of Michigan

The  1997 University of Michigan Summer Language Institute  (SLI)
will  offer intensive courses in FIRST- through FOURTH-year  Rus-
sian  during the Summer Half-Term (June 26-August 19).  The  lan-
guage courses are directed and taught by faculty from the Depart-
ment of Slavic Languages and Literatures.  Administrative support
is provided by the International Institute.

Teaching at SLI is proficiency-oriented and aims to develop  four
basic  skills:  speaking, reading, writing, and aural  comprehen-
sion.  Each course is designed to teach language within a cultur-
al and social context, so that students deepen their knowledge of
the relevant country as they develop language skills.  Enthusias-
tic  class  participation  is expected;  placement  tests  during
orientation  and oral proficiency interviews at the end  of  each
course are highly encouraged.

All  courses will be supplemented by an extra-curricular  program
of lectures, films, language tables, excursions to local cultural
centers, and an orientation on the use of research facilities  at
the University of Michigan.

SLI  also  offers  courses in Business  Arabic,  Dutch,  Egyptian
Arabic,  French,  German, Hindi, Italian, Sanskrit,  Spanish  and
Tamil  during  the Spring (May 5-June 24) and  Summer  (as  noted
above)  Half-terms.   These  language courses  are  directed  and
taught  by  faculty from the Departments of Asian  Languages  and
Cultures, Germanic Languages and Literatures, Near East  Studies,
and Romance Languages and Literatures.

For  more  information and an application, please  contact  Marga
Miller, SLI Coordinator at:

                   E-mail: mkmiller@umich.edu
                       Tel: (313) 764-8571
                       Fax: (313) 763-4765

** 11 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Thomas Burola (tburola@alf.tel.hr)
Subject: United Nations Jobs Newsletter

The UN Jobs Newsletter goes online!

Since 1994 Thomas F.  Burola & Associates, has published the United Nations
Job's Newsletter a had copy of a bi-weekly, simple, straight forward
newsletter that specializes in providing international job information for
professionals and students who desire employment within the United Nations
System and related International Organisations, i.e.., Asian Development
Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, World Bank, OSCE,
ODA, SIDA, DANIDA, USAID, NGO's, PVO's and Private Sector Consulting
companies with recent contract awards.  The newsletter covers positions for
all professional levels and skills used in the United Nations System in 164
different countries.

)From now on the newsletter will be only available online.

Although the UN is undergoing tremendous changes in the following years, this
Family of International Organizations is still the largest single employer
of international people in the world.

For more infromation


or contact

Thomas F. Burola
6477 Telephone Rd., Suite 7R,
Ventura, CA 93003

** 12 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Funding Opportunity System" (funding@oars.utk.edu)
Subject: USIA Partners in Education Program

USIA Partners in Education Program

SPONSOR:  United States Information Agency

SYNOPSIS: The United States Information Agency announces an open competition
for an assistance award program to develop a six-week professional internship
program for approximately 90 secondary school educators in the social sciences
and secondary school administrators, with language proficiency, from Russia
and Ukraine, in a 60 to 40 ratio respectively. We envision that some of
the hosting U.S. school administrators will visit the schools of their
Russian and Ukrainian participants under the grant to strengthen the

This initiative is intended to provide participants with opportunities to
learn about secondary level curriculum development and teaching
methodologies in the U.S.

DEADLINES:  1997-03-14

OBJECTIVES: The program will add a secondary school teacher component to
the Agency's academic programming in Russia and Ukraine, and will build
upon USIA's previous linkages in the NIS, such as "Community Connections"
and youth exchange. While in the U.S., the teachers and administrators
will have the opportunity to pursue curriculum development in their own
field of interest and learn new teaching methodologies and approaches through
five-week internships in U.S. high schools. The internship duration for
the administrators may be less than five weeks, subject to individuals'
availability. The proposed program will span three academic semesters,
starting in the fall of 1997. The contracted organization will be expected
to recruit in Russia and Ukraine.

RESTRICTIONS: U.S. educational and other not-for-profit organizations with
a minimum of four years experience.

MONETARY: Not to exceed $850,000.

CONTACT INFO: Ilo-Mai Harding; 301 Fourth Street, SW; Room 349; Washington,
DC 20547

Telephone:  202-619-4556; FAX:  202-401-1433; Email Address: iharding@usia.gov

** 13 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Funding Opportunity System" (funding@oars.utk.edu)
Subject: Special American Business Internship Training Program

Special American Business Internship Training Program

SPONSOR:  Department of Commerce

SYNOPSIS: The Commerce Department is inviting cooperative agreement
applications for internship projects to train business executives and
scientists from the newly independent states (NIS) of the former Soviet
Union to assist the NIS's transition to a market economy.

DEADLINES:  1997-03-31

OBJECTIVES: Internships are three to six months long. Participants may
be from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Moldova,
Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine or Uzbekistan. Projects must
provide participants with hands-on, nonacademic, executive training designed
to maximize their exposure to management or commercially oriented scientific

RESTRICTIONS: Any nonprofit or for-profit U.S. corporation, association,
organization or other public or private entity, except units of the federal
government. Applicant organizations must operate in medical equipment,
supplies, pharmaceuticals and healthcare management or one or morre of
the following business sectors: agribusiness, defense conversion, energy,
environment, financial services, housing, product standards and quality
control, telecommunications or transportation.

MONETARY: $1 million. DOC will provide funds to offset expenses incurred
in hosting visitors for three to six-month training programs.

CONTACT INFO: Liesel Duhon; 14th and Constitution Avenue, NW; Hubert C.
Humphrey Building; Room 3319; Washington, DC 20230

Telephone:  202-482-0073; FAX:  202-482-2443

** 14 **********************************************************************

Sender:  mac@MAINE.MAINE.EDU (Dennis McConnell, Maine Business School)
Subject: WDI Program for Senior Managers from Transitional Economies

I have recently received information about the General Management Program
at the William Davidson Institute, University of Michigan Business School.
As you read the information about program objectives and registration
information, most list members willrecognized thatthe program is for
practicing Senior Managers, not academics.  However, my hope in posting
this note is that list members will bring this program to the attention of
interested corporate managers in their region.  In the past, managers from
the Balkans, China, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Slovakia,
Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Vietnam have participated in the Program.

Members not familiar with the activities of the William Davidson Institute
should find a visit to the Institute website every interesting.The site
also provides more complete information about the General Management
Program.  Please note that the web-site will not be available until 3
March.  In the meantime, please direct your questions to the contact
identified in the announcement.

General Management Program
A Course for Senior Managers from Transitional Economies
The William Davidson Institute
University of Michigan Business School
July27 - August 8, 1997

The General Management Program (GMP) is divided into six core
modules.Course content is based on widelyacceptedprinciples and focuses on
real situations faced by the participants in their own business
environments.  In addition to classroom lectures, managers participate in
group work activities designed to enhance their critical thinking, decision
making, and teamwork skills and have the opportunity to visit
state-of-the-art operations and meet with U.S. business managers.  At the
end of each module, participants can expect to be knowledgeable of the
following concepts:

Who Should Attend

The General Management Program (GMP) is anintensive, two-week experience
that is designed for senior managers from firms located in transitional
economies.  The program is geared to individuals with an interest in
general management concepts that apply to more than one functional area of
their firm.  Participants come from a wide variety of organizations and
countries and typically are responsible for establishing policy at
corporate or divisional levels.

The manager should be familiar with basic business functions and be ready
to adopt new perspectives on each of these functions.  Many of the cases
and examples used in the classroom are based on the Institute's experiences
with companies operating in Central/Eastern Europe, Russia and the N.I.S.,
China and Vietnam.  The courses combine both theory and practice.
Instruction is in English and all participants are expected to have
sufficient fluency in the language to contribute to classd iscussion and
group work.

----------------------------------------------------------------- *
To address critical issues facing companies in transitional economies
To provide participants with core business management skills and improve their
executive skills * To enhance managers' understanding of the background
and tools necessary to effectively manage the variety of situations faced by
businesses operating under market conditions * T oprovide participants with
course materials, reading and reference tools that can be used later in
their daily operations * To introduce participants to U.S.
business practices through guest speakers and site visits
The William Davidson Institute

The William Davidson Institute was founded in 1992 as a non-profit
educational institute located at the University of Michigan Business
School.  It is dedicated to understanding and promoting the transformation
of planned economies into market-oriented economies.  The Institute offers
companies the opportunity to participate in business assistance and
training programs both in Ann Arbor and abroad, that provide international
manager swith therequisite background and skills to operate effectively ina
free-market system.

Through the Institute's interactive programs, managers develop an improved
understanding of the individual competencies, business organizations, and
institutional structures necessary for companies to compete successfully in
the global marketplace.  The Institute gains by furthering its
understanding of the issues faced by companies in transitional economies,
and makes these learnings widely accessible through cases and publications.

Registration Information

The program fee is $7,800 which includes tuition, instructional materials,
living accommodations, breakfasts, lunches and coffee breaks.  The
application should be received by April 1, 1997.  Fee is payable upon
registration.  Cancellations are accepted, without charge, if written
notification is received by th eDavidson Institute at least45 days prior to
the program start date.  Cancellations received after that time will be
charged 50 percent of the total program fee.

For More Information please contact:

Ms. Keven Burchfield, Program Manager,
General Management Program
William Davidson Institute
Tel: (313) 763-5020
Fax: (313) 763-5850
E-mail: burchk@umich.edu
Web: http://www.wdi.bus.umich.edu

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