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01-22 February 97  Sender:  boa@rak.erl.e-burg.su
                   Subject: from olga

02-22 February 97  Sender:  shamir@idt.net
                   Subject: from kay

03-22 February 97  Sender:  Radco@theMall.net
                   Subject: from Allan Radman

04-22 February 97  Sender:  sward@mtholyoke.edu
                   Subject: from Sandy Ward

05-22 February 97  Sender:  rwc@pc.jaring.my
                   Subject: from Richard Childress

06-22 February 97  Sender:  marcus@nwol.com
                   Subject: from marcus

07-22 February 97  Sender:  Livadhia@aol.com
                   Subject: from J.Patrick


01-22 February 97  Sender:  "Paul E. Richardson"
                   Subject: RusLife Online

02-22 February 97  Sender:  Jyothi Kanics (Jyothi@aiha.com)
                   Subject: Russian Women's Health Resources On-Line

03-22 February 97  Sender:  "Kelly Robbins" (krobbins@nas.edu)
                   Subject: New Grants Program

04-22 February 97  Sender:  Reference Desk (library@inreach.com)
                   Subject: How to say "Get Well Soon" in Russian

05-22 February 97  Sender:  Daniel Kleinfeld (djk32@columbia.edu)
                   Subject: Argumenti i fakti

06-22 February 97  Sender:  lc49@cornell.edu
                   Subject: CEE grants and funding opportunities

07-22 February 97  Sender:  Jackie Wilson (jwilson@iswt.com)
                   Subject: russia media

08-22 February 97  Sender:  Corinna May Kahl
                   Subject: help needed!

09-22 February 97  Sender:  "Dr. Pyotr Johannevich van de Waal-Palms,
                            American_Bank, USA"  (palbank@eskimo.com)
                   Subject: Computers in Use

10-22 February 97  Sender:  Carl-Gustav Hiltveit (hiltveic@stolaf.edu)
                   Subject: College project

11-22 February 97  Sender:  uucp@irnet.ru
                   Subject: from irkutsk

12-22 February 97  Sender:  David Stickney (david@wvb.gomel.by)
                   Subject: The Enemy Gets Closer to Our Borders.

13-22 February 97  Sender:  Bohdan@TRYZUB.com (Bohdan Peter Rekshynskyj)
                   Subject: The Ukrainian Weekly Preview (plus TOC!)

14-22 February 97  Sender:  "Dr. Pyotr Johannevich van de Waal-Palms,
                            American_Bank, USA"  (palbank@eskimo.com)
                   Subject: Russia seeks new Vision

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Sender:  boa@rak.erl.e-burg.su
Subject: from olga

Hello.  I congratulate you with In the Day Saint Valentayn.  I wish
happiness and success.  Wish to self all, that want.  Let everything will
be executed.  Good Bay.  Olga.

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Sender:  shamir@idt.net
Subject: from kay

US visas and Gren cards. Guaranted!

Vizy i Green Card v USA. Garantirovano!

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Sender:  Radco@theMall.net
Subject: from Allan Radman

Need dark letters to see the text with a yellow background.  Otherwise it's
too difficult.

My wife and I went to Pskov region, including the city of Pskov and Pechory
to adopt 2 kids.  If anyone wants info regarding our Russian experience or
info on US citizens adopting in Russia or copies of the hundreds of photos
we took there from the Pskov Kremlin to the Moscow Kremlin, send us an
e-mail.  We are especially interested in sharing the Russian adoption
experience since we probably hit nearly every snag while in Russia.

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Sender:  sward@mtholyoke.edu
Subject: from Sandy Ward

I'm glad to discover this website.  I'll link it to a webpage of good
resources for Russian Studies, so that our students and faculty will find
it.  I'm a reference librarian who studied Russian (and traveled to Moscow
and Leningrad in 1971).  More recently I have been working on a project to
help the libraries in Tbilisi, Georgia, recover from hardships of the
1990's.  If anyone knows of sources of funding to help us ship books and
journals to Georgia, please let me know.  We've collected quite a pile of

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Sender:  rwc@pc.jaring.my
Subject: from Richard Childress

I am an American electrical power engineer working for a US, international,
construction company.  I specialize in high voltage substations.  I am
presently working in Malaysia on a 500kV transmission backbone for their
electric system.

I would be interested in corresponding with some Russian electrical
engineers.  I am curious about the state of the Russian electric system.
It would be interesting to learn about what equipment and systems are
presently in use in Russia as well as what is planned for the future.  I
may even be able to help.

I speak horrible Russian and would love to practice my skills.  Contact me
at: childressr@bv.com

** 06 **********************************************************************

Sender:  marcus@nwol.com
Subject: from marcus

Enjoyed reading all the submissions. I like the background color; I am 70
yr old and can see it OK. I am looking for an older retired Russian
aviation officer that speaks fair english for interesting employment in
Russia. This position could amount to several years work with good pay for
the proper person in Russia. marcus@nwol.com

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Sender:  Livadhia@aol.com
Subject: from J.Patrick

Greetings from Memphis,Tennessee,USA !  I visited Moscow recently and had a
wonderful time.  I hope to see more of Russia in the future.  Hopefully I
will visit Pyatigorsk next year.  I would like to corespond with animal
lovers from Russia.  I noticed that most everyone in Moscow cared for a cat
or dog.I am involved in animal welfare.  Best wishes to all.


Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.cini.utk.edu.

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Sender:  "Paul E. Richardson" (paulrichardson@compuserve.com)
Subject: RusLife Online

The new, fourth edition of RusLife Online is out! Lyosha's comments on the
new crackdown on foreign drivers is particularly interesting... and

RusLife is the irregular electronic mailing list published by the
publishers of Russian Life magazine. RusLife is intended as a collection of
facts, opinions, postings, and tips related to travel and doing business in
Russia. It is largely "what we do not have space for in Russian Life."

JUST THE FACTS...: Interesting new facts and data on Russia.
LETTER:  Our special correspondent, Lyosha, offers thoughts from the road
TIPS: Tips on travel and business
NEW AND NOTABLE: New stuff related to Russia.

Subscribing to RusLife is easy. Simply compose and email message from the
email account where you want to receive RusLife. The message should be
addressed to:


In the body of the message, you should enter only the following message:

subscribe ruslife YOUR NAME



(To see back issues of RusLife, go to:


then to the Russian Life page and look for the OnLine icon...)

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Sender:  Jyothi Kanics (Jyothi@aiha.com)
Subject: Russian Women's Health Resources On-Line


This is the most recent update for the American International Health
Alliance's on-line Women's Health Resources web page which can be
found at:


This week, we have three important additions to let you know about:

1 Breast Cancer Self-Exam from the National Cancer Institute.  This guide
has been translated into Russian by AIHA and is available with accompanying
step-by-step images and English text as well.

2 What You Need to Know about Breast Cancer also from the National Cancer
Institute and translated into Russian by AIHA.Availabe on-line with images.

3 English Language List of Family Planning Education Materials Published by
Johns Hopkins (PCS) in Russian and Central Asian Languages.

Note: Russian documents on the AIHA web site are published in cyrillic code
page 1251 fonts.  Please contact me if you have any difficulty viewing
these pages.

Please pass this email on to others who will find this information valuable
and feel free to contact me at: jkanics@igc.org with questions and
suggestions !

Best wishes,

Jyothi Kanics


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Sender:  "Kelly Robbins" (krobbins@nas.edu)
Subject: New Grants Program

National Research Council Twinning Program 1997-1999
with Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania

Application Deadline: May 16, 1997

The Office for Central Europe and Eurasia of the National Research Council
operating arm of the National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of
Engineering, and Institute of Medicine, is accepting proposals for
collaborative research programs which link individual U.S. scientists with
their counterparts in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.  As funding for the
Twinning Program is provided by the National Science Foundation,only
proposals in fields normally supported by NSF will be considered.  No
proposals involving agricultural production; drug testing or development;
research on the diagnosis, etiology or treatment of physicalor mental
diseases or disorders; or the use of animal models of human diseases or
conditions will be considered.  Proposals should have the strong support of
the scientists' home institutions and should lead to significant
publications and long-term sustained linkages.

The grants awarded under this round of the Twinning Program will begin in
September 1997 and run through December 1999. Subject to the
availability of funding, support will be provided for travel and living
expenses for research visits by American grantees and junior scientists
from the same institution to the countries listed above and for visits by
their foreign counterparts to the U.S. Applicants may also request
modest funding for scientific supplies, telecommunications fees, and
publication costs.  Grants will generally be in the $12-15,000 range.

For application instructions and other details, please see our website at
http://www2.nas.edu/oia/22da.html or contact us by e-mail at

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Sender:  Reference Desk (library@inreach.com)
Subject: How to say "Get Well Soon" in Russian

Patron needs to send a card to a Russian friend in hospital. Wants to
write "Get Well Soon" or its equivalant..HELP..
Behjat Kerdegari
Reference Librarian

** 05 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Daniel Kleinfeld (djk32@columbia.edu)
Subject: Argumenti i fakti

Does anyone know if there's a way to get a subscription to the Russian
newpaper Argumenti I Fakti in New York?  I live in NYC, and though I
haven't really made the Brighton rounds, I haven't seen A&F, and it was
my favorite paper in Russia.  Please e-mail me at djk32@columbia.edu

** 06 **********************************************************************

Sender:  lc49@cornell.edu
Subject: CEE grants and funding opportunities

Dear sirs,

I am very interested to receive the available information for grants
and funding opportunities for and physicians health realted career
professionals  from Central and  Eastern Europe (CEE region).
Particularly i'm interested in training programs and biomadical
research opportunities.
I would appreciate very much if you could send me as soon as possible
the internet address of that site.

Thank you very much for your help
Ledia Canaj.

** 07 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Jackie Wilson (jwilson@iswt.com)
Subject: russia media

My name is Jackie Wilson and I am a student at the University of
Tennessee in the U.S.

I am a journalism major and next week, Feb. 25, I am making a
presentation about Russia and the role the media plays there.
I have looked all over the net and really can't find a clear answer
addressing the media.

Can you give me any insight as what the media role (including
newspapers, television and radio) is in Russia. And can you answer the
question, "Does the government interfere in the news coverage?" or is
there freedom of the press in Russia?

Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to hearing from
Jackie Wilson

** 08 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Corinna May Kahl (Corinna.M.Kahl@rz.ruhr-uni-bochum.de)
Subject: help needed!

Dear Sirs,

I really liked your homepage on the internet. As for myself, I'm a
student of Russian and American language, literature and culture in
Germany and just in the process of writing my final thesis.

Afterwards, it is my wish to work for organizations in Russia
(Especially St. Petersburg) or the US (I have a Green Card).

Have you any idea how I could find a job that matches my hopes?

I speak english and russian fluently, my mother tongue is german, and I
have knowledge of french and spanish, too. I'm firm on the computer,
have worked in the export department of an international parcel service,
as an interpreter for russian and english at several business fairs in
germany and russia.....

Your help is very much appreciated! Thank you a lot!

Best regards,

Corinna Kahl


** 09 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Dr. Pyotr Johannevich van de Waal-Palms, American_Bank, USA"
Subject: Computers in Use

Alexander Smolyar (alexs@webwrx.com)
Subject: demographics question
Great job! I've perused the site thoroughly, but, was unable to find a
bit of statistics I was looking for, namely -- number of computers in use
in Russia.  Best regards, Alexander Smolyar (alexs@webwrx.com)

My previous estimate of 1 million computers should be qualified to
indicate "modem connected computers". Here is further insight into these

Vist computer manufactureed 250,000 computers in Russia in 1996 and will
probably produce 350,000 personal computers in 1997, maintaining its 20
percent to 25 percent share of a Russian market now buying over 1 million
computers a year. Vist has 65 centers in over 60 cities and 200
distributors. Durng the past two years it has signed agreements
with Intel, Microsoft, IBM, Seagate of America, Mitsumi of Japan and
Samsung of South Korea.

     S uvajheniem i nailuchshimi pozhelaniyami,

Dr. Pyotr Joannevich van de Waal-palms
President, Palms & Company, Inc., Investment Bankers
United States of America
WWW home page:  http://ww.aa.net/~russia

** 10 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Carl-Gustav Hiltveit (hiltveic@stolaf.edu)
Subject: College project

Dear Members of this list,

My name is Carl Hiltveit and I am a first year student at St.Olaf College
in Northfield, Minnesota. This semester I am doing a course in Russian
Economy and I have come up with several questions regarding the same.
Firstly, I don't understand what the term "Perestroika" means. I looked
it up in the reference rooms in the library and could not exactly find
out what it meant. I would appreciate if you could be of some help to me
regarding this! I also have some more questions below.

1.I am supposed to compare and contrast the basic economic systems of
Russia pre and post Perestoika, using the USSR for the pre Perestoika.
Then I am to compare the current state(1994-96) of the Russian economy,
including data on unemployment, economic growth, inflation, standard of
living,etc. to that of the pre-Perestroika economy.  And have the reforms
produced the desired results?

2.What are some of the approaches that Russia is taking to raise the
standard of living today?

3.In the next 10-20 years what type of economic system would promote the
best economic development?  Will it shift towards the economic systems of
for example the U.S. or to a more socialistic such as France?

I am looking forward to your reply and I once again appreciate your help.

							Carl Hiltveit

** 11 **********************************************************************

Sender:  uucp@irnet.ru
Subject: from irkutsk

Dear Listserve/mailing list people,
Could you please post this message to your subscribers?If not,
could you please respond and tell us where we can post this to the
approprate audience?

Dear Sir and Ladies,
A boy of nine years old was crippled in case of road-transport
accident.The doctors saved his life.But the backbone remained damaged.
Complications began: the left arm and leg are paralyzed.The disease will
progress in 1 or 2 months.According to the doctors' evaluations, paralysis
of spleen and heart will come in 7-8 months up to the full breakdown of
organs--it will lead to death.
Doctors in Russia don't do such kind of operations.Such operations
are don in Canada, in Ottawa.
Our family hasn't enough money.We need money for going to do
operation with a full rehabilitation.The sum is $46,000 dollars USA.
Parents appeal to everybody, who can help us, to enumerate any sum
of money.Such sum you can enumarate.
Be merciful, charitable.God will help you.We'll pray for you.
Always with respect for you.Thank you very much.
Igor Vasilyewich Chesakov
Feb. 14, 1997

Savings Bank of Russian Federation
Account NR 890-0057-610
with Bank of New York, NY, USA

Irkutsk Office, Irkutsk
Account NR 1800081

Branch 92 Kirovskoye
Account NR 180008100092

Name: Chesakov Igor Vasilyewich
Account NR 1807000010068

** 12 **********************************************************************

Sender:  David Stickney (david@wvb.gomel.by)
Subject: The Enemy Gets Closer to Our Borders.

One local News paper conducted a survey of 350 people, How scientific this
is questionable, but none the less the results printed in the "Army Day"
issue are rather interesting.

Comments, Letters to the Editor and the like direct to

DJAM, 20th FEB 97

Is our army powerful?

Yes				72%
No				12%
Difficult to say 		5%

Your feelings for the Armed Forces
Respect			65%
Don't respect		6%
None				22%

Your feeling towards service
Proud to have served	87%
Negative			4%
Don't Know			7%

Is "Alternative service" needed?
Yes				%19
No				%54
Don't Know			%21

Your feelings about a "Contract" Army
Positive			%89
Negative			%7
Don't Know			%4

Are any people close to you serving in the Army?
Yes				53%
No				22%
Don't Know			21%

Should Women Serve?
Mandatory			37%
What Next?			44%
Home is Enough		25%

Does our country have enemies?
Yes				18%
No				75%
Don't Know			6%

Where are the More?
To the left			53%
To the Right		36%
I never saw them		8%

What do feel about NATO expansion on the EAST?
Welcome			11%
Afraid			27%
Against			62%

Should we join NATO?
Yes				3%
No				97%
Do you agree with the statement that NATO has turned into a Peaceful
Yes				8%
No				86%
Hard to say			2%

** 13 **********************************************************************

Sender:Bohdan@TRYZUB.com (Bohdan Peter Rekshynskyj)
Subject: Ukraine FAQ Plus: The Ukrainian Weekly Preview (plus TOC!)


The latest *preview* of the Ukrainian Weekly is now available
on the Ukraine FAQ Plus site!This is an exclusive regular
feature each week containing timely and the most up to date
information on Ukraine and the Ukrainian Diaspora available
on Internet.

A new feature - the Table of Contents (TOC) for the issue is now available!

The Ukrainian Weekly is the largest weekly newspaper (in English) extant in
the Western world covering Ukrainian issues both in Ukraine and in the
Ukrainian Diaspora.  The preview is available on Internet at the address of
the Ukraine FAQ Plus Project.You can obtain subscription information in
order to read the complete articles when you visit the web-site.The
Ukrainian Weekly is funded by the Ukrainian National Association and your
subscriptions.Their website may be perused at http://www.tryzub.com/UNA/.

We also have a new little section in the "About Ukraine" page where people
may request that their pages dealing (accurately) with Ukraine may be
enplaced!Drop us an email at faq@tryzub.com

Please note that one may now browse the FAQ project using an advanced three
dimensional navigational tool.Point your browser to http://www.tryzub.com/
for information on how to download the plug-in for your browser and the
actual "mcf" image which is used for this.

TryzubSite is one of the quickest growing and most visited sites for
matters Ukrainian on Internet.  Located at http://www.tryzub.com/, it is
currently host to several organizations.  For information and to report
problems such as these, e-mail should always be sent to the attention of
the sitežs webmaster to the address: WebMaster@TRYZUB.com.  Contacting the
webmaster is the best way to guarantee that any problems are resolved in
the most efficient manner.

The address of the Ukraine FAQ Plus Project is now:


Either click the button labelled "Current Events" by the Tryzub (Trident)
graphic or scroll down and click the "Current Events" section summary to
access this latest news.

As always, please feel free to email us at faq@tryzub.com with comments.
We always are looking for contributions as well.


Bohdan Peter Rekshynskyj

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Sender:  "Dr. Pyotr Johannevich van de Waal-Palms, American_Bank, USA"
Subject: Russia seeks new Vision

St. Petersburg Times
January 26-February 2, 1997
Russia Asks: Who Are We? Where are We Going?
By Viktoria Mitlyng

MOSCOW - Wanted: A Russian national idea.

Permit me to suggest that the national idea of the population of Russia
and that of the United States are one and the same. The identity of both
our countries and our mutual ideology is indeed expressed through our
peoples by concern for "his well-being and that of his family." The
underlying root foundation of this concern is the inherent value of the
individual as a member of that family.

Patriotism and citizenship are the expression of love of country that is
fostered by the unified action of both our nation's of families, in
support of their shared values of law, peace, order and justice which are
the manure in which families grow in strength both from within as well as
in relationships with each other as a society.

The response of the majority of 1,519 to Nezavisimaya Gazeta, that "the
value of human life, personal dignity, equality of all citizens [including
the government] before the law, and sanctity of private property" is most
important, is shared by all American families

As important as it is to "BE", Americans and Russians alike have always
stood for something. That shared something has been the ideal of social
justice. It is from this individual commitment to justice that national
unity and a national idea receives its sanction and strength and blessing.
The source of the greatness of our two nations has always been the
strength of its people. History has shown that when united, our combined
strength, as Nail Bikkenin of the Russian Academy of Sciences stated it,
"has provided a sense of our great worth and special fate - like building
heaven on earth."

Now, our fate has become to rely on each other for the final attainment of
what both nations have "worked themselves to death for". Our popular
visions seem more than ever a reflection of the mutual aspirations of our
peoples. As peoples, our vision of this is far ahead of our institutions
and bureaucracies. In the present daily collaboration of both our peoples,
within both our borders, we witness this harmony of intention. There can
be no doubt we are on the same road and we may all be proud of it.

It is in this spirit that all our families toil, accepting money as a just
reward for our labor and a tool with which to provide for personal and
family wellbeing. We both believe there is enough for everyone. We both
believe that scarcity is unacceptable, to be erased by community effort.
We both believe that man has a higher calling than to eke out a meager
existence and that the dignity of our countries is determined by the
dignity of our citizens.

On behalf of America's families I offer Russian families this added
thought.Governments are not run by anyone. They are our servants,
authorized by us, and staffed by loyal citizens. Both our countries of
families shall receive the kind of governments we permit. Greatness lies
in the heart. We families are our countries and responsible.

Russia remains the largest country on this planet and the greatest
potential force for good. There is no other nation on earth more capable
and qualified to come to the rescue of this planet and the problems it
faces. The families of both our nations do not need to be controlled.
Rather we need to create. Neither one of our governments can solve
problems for us. We must do it for each other, together. Let's have a

 S uvajheniem i nailuchshimi pozhelaniyami,

Dr. Pyotr Joannevich van de Waal-palms
President, Palms & Company, Inc., Investment Bankers
United States of America
WWW home page:http://ww.aa.net/~russia

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