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01-12 February 97  Sender:  pca@hotmail.com
                   Subject: address of gorbachev foundation

02-12 February 97  Sender:  BARUBAR@aol.com
                   Subject: news of the far east of russia

03-12 February 97  Sender:  TomWanless@aol.com
                   Subject: Xankandi

04-12 February 97  Sender:  Mark (m.bassett@virgin.net)
                   Subject: xankandi

05-12 February 97  Sender:  hyeincha@terminus.intermind.net
                   Subject: Stolichnaya Vodka

06-12 February 97  Sender:  kotorov@bgnet1.bgsu.edu
                   Subject: Daghestan State University

07-12 February 97  Sender:  emueller@bruderhof.com
                   Subject: translation of letters from Russia

08-12 February 97  Sender:  mwright@Traveller.COM (Mike Wright)
                   Subject: Russia!

09-12 February 97  Sender:  "Daniel" (daniel.dargis@tr.cgocable.ca)
                   Subject: from Canada

10-12 February 97  Sender:  marcus@nwol.com
                   Subject: comments

11-12 February 97  Sender:  Peter Priest (priest@nextwork.rose-hulman.edu)
                   Subject: Enrolling in a Russian VUZ

12-12 February 97  Sender:  "Dr. Pyotr Johannevich van de Waal-Palms,
                            American_Bank, USA" (palbank@eskimo.com)
                   Subject: Request for help to find translation software
                            into Russian

13-12 February 97  Sender:  Belmagnews@aol.com
                   Subject: BELARUS MAGIC NEWS

14-12 February 97  Sender:  "Jonathan Snydal" (jon@glasnet.ru)
                   Subject: NEW EURASIA FOUNDATION WEB PAGE!

15-12 February 97  Sender:  David Chaika (chaika@ix.netcom.com)
                   Subject: March Conference on the Effects of Market Refor=
                            on Health Care

16-12 February 97  Sender:  mac@MAINE.maine.edu
                            (Dennis McConnell, Maine Business School)
                   Subject: Moscow Position with Project HOPE

APPENDIX:        LISTSERV address & basic procedures


Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

** 01 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  pca@hotmail.com
Subject: address of gorbachev foundation

pca@hotmail.com thank you

** 02 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  BARUBAR@aol.com
Subject: news of the far east of russia

I am very intrested in the area of spassk, russian far east..is they anyway
to get news of things happening there? advise please..

** 03 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  TomWanless@aol.com
Subject: Xankandi

Could you tell me the alternative name for Xankandi? I would be most
appreciative, and I can't find it on your pages. Thanks very much!

Tom Wanless

** 04 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  Mark (m.bassett@virgin.net)
Subject: xankandi

Would you happen to know the alternative name for the city of Xankandi in

Thanks in advance

** 05 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  hyeincha@terminus.intermind.net Jeri Dermanelian
Subject: Stolichnaya Vodka

I think this is great......  I am trying to find some informtaion and maybe
you cans assist.  I hope.  I have been trying to find the mailing address
for a company in Russia that produces Stolichnaya Vodka.  I also have been
trying to obtain the name of the C.E.O.  Is is possible to find this type
of information through your sit?  Any assistance would be greatly
appreciated.  Jeri Dermanelian Las Vegas, NV

** 06 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  kotorov@bgnet1.bgsu.edu
Subject: Daghestan State University

I need help, and thought that audem is the right place to ask for it.  We
recieved an application from a student from Daghestan State University.
Her name is Sardarove, and she is recomended by the vice rector Gasanov.
However none of the addresses or phone or e-mails works.  We have been
trying for a month, we got even the university computer services involved,
but for some reason we could not get through.  The Daghestan university is
a new member of the aliance, and I personaly met with their representatives
in Prague.  We have some funding available and it will be a pity not have
her here because we cannot get in touch and she cannot complete her

Please forward my message to Diane K. and anybody else who may have a
contact with Daghestan University.  We are so puzzled about it, And time is
pressing us.  Please help us as you can.  I know audem is visited by a lot
of russion people, and may be we can e-mail to someone who can call the
university in Daghestan from Russia.  Thank you very much Rado.

** 07 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  emueller@bruderhof.com
Subject: translation of letters from Russia

Dear Friends and Partners far and near!

First of all let me say a special Thank You to the following
listmembers: Igor Dybal, Julia Podkolzina, Mark Beyrau, George Berkin
and Scott Becker for faithfully translating many letters we are
receiving from Russia! We are looking for volunteers again!

A little bit about my background: I am 29 years old and grew up in East
Germany. Six years ago I joined the Bruderhof, a Christian community.
We live and work together on eight communities, each numbering about
200 to 350 people, in England and the US. (If anyone is interested to
hear more about our communal life, please drop me a note.) We also run
a publishing house where we publish a wide variety of books on a
practical Christian life in English, German--and recently in Russian.
(If anybody is interested in a free catalog, let me know.) Through our
books we came into contact with many people in Russia, Belarus and the
Ukraine, who are seeking for a purpose in life. We--and our
volunteers--are not keeping up with translating all these letters into
English in order to be able to answer them. So here is my request: If
anybody would enjoy translating some letters for us from Russian into
English, please let me know!

Bolshoe spasibo! Looking forward to hear from you,


Eckhard Mueller=09=09=09=09Tel. (412) 329-1100
The Plough Publishing House=09=09Fax (412) 329-0914
Spring Valley Bruderhof=09=09=09E-mail: EMueller@bruderhof.com
Farmington, PA 15437, USA=09=09Website: http://www.bruderhof.org

** 08 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  mwright@Traveller.COM (Mike Wright)
Subject: Russia!

A while back, probably a month ago, my school, Hazel Green Middle (north of
Huntsville, AL) chose a few people to visit our Hazel Green high school
across the street.  We met in the high school computer lab.  We had the
privilege of talking to some Russians on a video-cam-internet thingy.  They
could see us, and we could see them live.  It was way cool.  How are space
projects and programs going in Russia?  I heard about the Russian station
'Mier' in the news.  I feel that astronomy and space bring U.S.A and Russia
together in a big way.

In regards,
Jon Wright

** 09 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  "Daniel" (daniel.dargis@tr.cgocable.ca)
Subject: from Canada


My name is Daniel Dargis.... president of a construction company in Canada.
I would like to know if you can help me to kind friends who have internet
in KHABAROVSK far east of Russia.

I have tried to search for Khabarovsk but I can't find anything

Thank you

My email is:


** 10 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  marcus@nwol.com
Subject: comments

Happy to have met you.  Have looked for days for a site like this one.  I
love your page.  I am looking for one person in Russia that needs a full or
part time job, preferably an english speaking grad student or retired
military officer that likes to occasionally travel and knows a little about
small airplanes in Russia.  Will appreciate getting in touch with person.
Thanks Marcus

** 11 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  Peter Priest (priest@nextwork.rose-hulman.edu)
Subject: Enrolling in a Russian VUZ

Can anybody give me information about how I can enroll my
Russian-born step-daughter Ira in a Moscow VUZ?

Ira came to the US three years ago during ihe middle of her ninth grade.
She has an American green card and a internal and international Russian
passport.  She has not given up her Russian citizenship and has not
registered at the Russian embassy that she is a permanent resident.  She is
going to graduate from a US high school in June (and, it looks like, with
high grades).  Her mother thinks that Ira cannot enter a Vuz unless she
goes back and takes ninth, tenth, and eleventh grade classes and passes the
necessary exams.  Is that really true?  She will be eighteen this month and
does not want to be in classes with ``children.''  What are the rules for
people like this?  Are there any other ways to directly enroll in some VUZ
in Moscow?  Right now she is interested in business or law.  Is it easier
to enroll in a platnyi VUZ? How about through blat?  Any concrete
information or suggestions on whom to contact will be greatly appreciated.
E-mail to priest@rose-hulman.edu can be in KOI-8.  If you prefer, you may
call me collect during the days.  817-877-8280 or leave a message on my
machine and I will return your call.  Thank you Peter Priest

** 12 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  "Dr. Pyotr Johannevich van de Waal-Palms, American_Bank, USA"
Subject: Request for help to find translation software into Russian

I Want to buy English to Russian translation software

I Need the best software that exists to accurately translate 700 books
(140,000 pages, 5 gigabytes) from English to Russian within 12 months.  The
Software should have a large RAM based system which can provide syntax
transposition for conjugations in 6 person language and in 6 tenses with
masculine, feminine and neuter word endings.  Software which requires
supplemental manual (human) proof-reading and monitoring by multi-lingual
qualified speakers for complete accuracy may be acceptible.  Contact
(russia@aa.net) with details and prices.  If you know of such software
please refer us to the supplier or refer the supplier to us.  Many Thanks.
Dr.  Pyotr Joannevich 1(206) 828-6774 Fax 1 (206) 827-5528 In USA for
Russian Speakers call: Dr.  Belal Siddique 1 (513) 683-2509 , In Russia for
Russian speakers: Tate Ulsaker Tel: 7 (812) 164-8926 2nd tel: 7 (812)
278-9264 Secretary, Tanya E-mail: tate@dbspb.spb.su.

** 13 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  Belmagnews@aol.com


Announcing BELARUS MAGIC NEWS, a free private e-mailing list (_not_ a_
LISTSERV_) maintained for those interested
in_detailed_and_extensive_information_ about Belarus. Information distribut=
is intended for not-for-profit use.

This list is intended to go alongside with other Former Soviet Union and
Eastern Europe related lists and groups that provide general information
about that region. MAGIC NEWS disseminates _more_in-depth,_ and_ specific_
information, news wires, commentaries, and briefs on political, economic,
Human Rights situation, or any other issues in Belarus, which can be of
interest to its members. The list provides timely and up-to-date coverage o=
events in Belarus.

This information comes mostly from western and Russian news sources. Most o=
them cannot be found otherwise or available only through tedious search on
the NET or in mass media. Members of the list _share_ information with each
other as on any other list for _personal_non-commercial_ use_.

BELARUS MAGIC NEWS is a_medium_volume_list_ (1 bulletin a day) and broadcas=
may have _considerable_size_ (up to 30 kB_each_) due to its detailed nature=
No discussions take place on it, since it _only_ distributes_ information.

If you are interested to be placed on this list, please, write
_directly_to_me_  at (belmagnews@aol.com)  and I will be happy to subscribe

In your request, please, briefly specify your professional/business
affiliation (if any) and why you have an interest in this service. If you d=
not do it, I will have to contact you individually for this and it may dela=
your subscription.

Also, feel free to forward this announcement  to anyone who may be


Patrick Colebright



** 14 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  "Jonathan Snydal" (jon@glasnet.ru)

Dear Friends and Partners,

The Moscow Office of the Eurasia Foundation announces the opening of its
own  World Wide Web (WWW) page!


This all new web page is in Russian (you can pick up the fonts at the
website) and contains information about the following items:

*  a new regional small grants competition in support of civic intiatives
   projects to enhance the safety of the citizen and society
*  application guidelines and procedures for applying for grants
*  detailed descriptions of the Moscow office's priorities and criteria for
   awarding grants
*  a comprehensive list of grants awarded with links to websites
*  on-line resources (WWW sites, public access sites) financed by the
   Eurasia Foundation
*  job opportunities
*  and much more

The Eurasia Foundation is a privately-managed grantmaking organization
established in 1993 with a major grant from the US Agency for International
Development.  The Foundation fulfils a broad mandate to support programs
that build democratic and free market institutions in twelve of the New
Independent States (NIS) of the former Soviet Union.  The Moscow Office
makes grants in Central, Northern, and Northwestern Russia and Western

** 15 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  David Chaika (chaika@ix.netcom.com)
Subject: March Conference on the Effects of Market Reforms on Health Care

Please post:


After reciprocal visits between staff and clinicans of the University of
North Carolina Schools of Medicine and Public Health and the Saratov
Medical University, the two institutions have embarked on a plan for joint
cooperation in training and research.

An important event to grow from this joint work is the convening of a joint
conference on the Impact of Health Reforms on Professionals and
Institutions which will be held in Chapel Hill at the Carolina Inn, March
25-27.  A delegation of 12 from the Saratov Medical Univesity will be
joined by up to 20 observers from throughout the Russian Federation for a
discussion of how market based reforms are changing health care delivery.

We seek your help in advertising this conference.

For further information, please contact:
Tom Ricketts, Deputy Director
Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research
Suite 300, 725 Airport Road CB 7590
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7590
fax 919-966-5764


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Saratov Medical University

Joint Conference on
The Effects of Market Reforms on Health Care

March 25-27, 1997

Carolina Inn, Chapel Hill, NC 27514

contact: Tom Ricketts, 919-966-5541 (Tom_Ricketts@unc.edu)

You are invited to attend the Joint UNC-Saratov Medical University
Conference on the Effects of Market Reforms on Health Care.  This
conference is intended to further develop ties between health and
medical professionals in the Russian Federation and the United States.
The conference will cover issues of professionalization and the changes
in professions, the assessment of quality and quality assurance, the
role of generalists and specialists in new systems, and the problems of
financing in an era of change.

The conference Registration fee is $150 ($75 for Chapel Hill Sister
Cities members).  This is made possible by the generous support of the
University of North Carolina Schools of Medicine and Public Health.  The
fee includes dinner on the evening of the 25th, lunch and dinner on the
26th and lunch on the 27th and conference materials. For those wishing
to reserve a room at the Carolina Inn, there is a block of rooms being
held for the conference.  Please contact the Carolina Inn directly at
1-800-962-8519 and identify yourself as a member of the "Impact of
Health Reforms on Professionals" group.  Room rates range from $99 to
$114 depending upon the room configuration.  The rates do not include
taxes of 6% sales tax and 5% room tax.

To register please fill out the form below and mail it to the address on
the form. Please make checks payable to the "North Carolina Health
Council" for the registration fee.

UNC -- Saratov Conference
Cecil G. Sheps Center
for Health Services Research
725 Airport Road CB 7590
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7590
(919)-966-5541 fax 919-966-5764

Name:                                             Degree(s):

e-mail :
Professional Interest Area:

I will be registering at the Carolina Inn:  yes no (circle one)
I will be attending the following sessions 25th, eve_______, 26th, day
________, 26th, eve. ____27th a.m. ______.

A preliminary program will be mailed in February. Additional materials
will be sent upon receipt of registration fee.  Please make checks out
to the "North Carolina Health Council" for the registration fee of



    This draft is certainly not finalized but gives a flavor of the
    content and the level of guests and speakers. There are still
    people to be added and I may not know them yet.  Hopefully this
    announcement may help draw in other suggestions or volunteeers
    for presentations, yes, I am still entertaining proposals.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Saratov Medical University
Joint Conference on
The Effects of Market Reforms
on Health Care
March 25-27, 1997
The Carolina Inn, Chapel Hill, NC.

Contact: Tom Ricketts (919)-966-5541 (tom_ricketts@unc.edu)

Program Prospectus.  The topics and speakers are not finalized,
this program is being circulated as a prospectus

Tuesday, March 25
Reception for Russian Guests
Dinner (Welcome from the Chancellor, Vice Provost, and Deans of
the UNC-CH Health Sciences Schools and the UNC Hospitals)
Keynote Speaker James A. Rice, Ph.D. (invited)
The New Social Compact and Reform in the Russian Federation

Wednesday, March 26
7:30-8:30 Special orientation session for persons not familiar
with reforms in Russia of the United States

In Russian: Recent Reforms in the US Medical System.  The New
Market for Health Care

In English: The Reform of Health Care in the Russian Federation

9:00-10:15 Plenary Session Family Medicine in the US and Russia
Gerald Torgerst (Iowa-invited), Igor A. Zakharov, Director,
Center for Medico-Economic Studies, Saratov Medical University

Panel response: Elizabeth Swanson (invited); Don Pathman, UNC;
Others TBN

10:30-Noon Working Sessions/Invited Papers
   A.Cost Finding and Cost Allocation in the U.S. and Russia:
     Igor A. Novokreshchenov=EBThe role of resources supply in
     improving health care quality=EBNancy Schanz, UNC Hospitals

   B.How Can Russian and American Clinicians Collaborate
     Effectively? Valery V. Bakutkin - Organization of
     specialized care in Russia (ophthalmology)-Response from UNC

   C.Evaluating Reform and the Market. The Russian Longitudinal
     Survey and Community Assessment (Barry Popkin, Elena
     Glinskaya, Zahoori Namvar, Carolina Population Center, UNC-CH)

Noon - 1:00 Lunch

1:00-2:30 Plenary Session: Care for Low-Income People in the New
     Market.  Barbara Matula, Director, North Carolina Medicaid
     Program (confirmed). Natalia G. Astafieva. The role of the
     patient in providing health care in Russia.
     Panel Response:

2:45-3:3 0Working Sessions/Invited Papers
   A.The Measurement of Quality in the US and Russia:
     Elena A. Zakharova Automated system for determining the
     quality of outpatient health care.  UNC Response

   B.Dentistry and Stomatology, US and Russia

   C.The building of a Profession in Russia-The view from the US.
     Potential panel: Julie Brown, Edward Burger, Kate Schecter

3:45-5:00 The Role of Public Health and Medical Schools in an Era of
     Michel Ibrahim,MD, MPH, Dean UNC-CH School of Public Health
     (confirmed)  Stuart Bondurant, MD, Dean, UNC-CH Medical School
     (confirmed) V. Kiriuchuk, MD. Rector, Saratov Medical University

5:30-6:45 Reception

7:00 Dinner

The Challenges to the Healing Professions in the US and Russia.
Speakers TBN.

Thursday, March 27

8:30-9:45 Plenary Session: The Organization and Administration of
     Hospitals in Russia Igor Zakharov, Center for
     Medical-Economic Studies and the Training of Health

     Kerry Kilpatrick, Chair, Health Policy and Administration, UNC-CH
     School of Public Health Administrators for the New Systems. How
     Can We Train Them?

10:00-11:45 Working Sessions/Invited Papers
   A.Medico-Legal Issues for Russia and the U.S.
     Igor A. Zakharov  Typology of Reforms in Russia

   B.Integrating Public health and Private Medicine
     Paul Halverson, Dr. P.H.
     Irina G. Novokreshchenova - Trends in access to health care
     and planning for networks of curative and prophylactic
     institutions in Russia and the Saratov Region

Noon Closing Luncheon: Speaker: The Quality Challenge in
Alliances. Arnold Kaluzny, Ph.D., Professor, Dept. HPAA, UNC-CH
School of Public Health (confirmed)

** 16 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  mac@MAINE.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell, Maine Business School)
Subject: Moscow Position with Project HOPE

                Moscow Position with Project HOPE
   Program Coordinator for  Substance Abuse Prevention Project
                       in Russian Schools

Project  HOPE,  a non-profit international health  and  education
foundation,  is  about to begin a  school-based  substance  abuse
prevention program in the Moscow, Russia area.

The  program  will initially focus on the creation of  an  appro-
priate curriculum to be used to teach substance abuse  prevention
in schools in Russia.  HOPE is seeking a Program Coordinator  for
this program, to be based in Moscow.

The ideal candidate will have an advanced degree in health promo-
tion  or  health education, experience  in  international  health
education  and health program coordination, international  living
experience, knowledge of substance abuse issues, and  proficiency
in the Russian language.

Interested candidates should send their resume to:

                     Cindy Marino, Recruiter
                          Project HOPE
                             Rt. 255
                    Millwood, Virginia, 22646
                        Tel: 800-544-4673
                        Fax: 540-837-1813
                  E-mail: cmarino@projhope.org

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