Digest for 97-02-10

Dear Friends,

We want to dedicate this issue of the digest to two very special members of 
our Friends and Partners team.  Sasha Ovchinnikov and Sveta Sandler have 
worked with us in our center in Knoxville for over a year - and so many of 
the changes and improvements to F&P during this time are directly 
attributable to their hard work and their dedication to this project and 
this community.  They are both moving on to new and challenging jobs - 
Sveta to a graduate assistantship within our University, Sasha to a new job 
with an international software/language development company based in 
Knoxville.  Both departures represent a very sad and difficult loss for us 
- but we are happy that their skills, personalities and hard work have 
given them such good opportunities.

The many contributions of Sasha and Sveta to F&P are simply too numerous to 
list here - but please know that if you ever read our pages in the Russian 
language, you can thank Sveta for so many of the excellent translations - 
and if you ever use chat servers, the "coffee house", the various databases 
or other interactive services on F&P, you can thank Sasha for all she has 
done "behind the scenes" to make everything work (and to keep it working).  
Additionally, they have contributed much of the content for F&P, have 
assisted with much of the correspondence, and have provided for the 
stability and maintenance of our U.S. server.

"Thank you" just doesn't say enough for what they have meant to F&P and to 
us personally.  We hope that many of you might take a few moments to 
express your gratitude and to wish them luck.  They will always have 
accounts on F&P at the following addresses:

   Sasha Ovchinnikov - sasha@solar.rtd.utk.edu
   Sveta Sandler     - sveta@solar.rtd.utk.edu
We will always consider Sasha and Sveta as very special members of the F&P 
community - and of our "family" here in Knoxville - and we hope they will 
continue to contribute to this project as they are able.

As sad as Sasha and Sveta's departure is for us, it is also a wake-up call 
as we wrestle with the sustainability of this project we so strongly 
believe in.  We continue grateful to the University of Tennessee and to the 
Pushchino Institute of Biochemistry and Physiology of Microorganisms for 
all the support they have provided to F&P over its 3 years of service.  
Increasingly, however, we recogize that to continue and to expand this good 
work, we must locate the financial means of doing so.  We will welcome and 
so appreciate your ideas on how we might do this.

Thanks once again to our friends, Sasha and Sveta.  We will not say
goodbye -- as we are looking forward to many years of continued friendship
and work together.  But we will certainly miss seeing and working with you
each day. 

  -- Greg, Natasha, Angie, Anita, Alberto, Dima, Evgeny, Sonya, Tanya 
     (and about 2,000 of your "friends and partners")

                          Table of Contents

WHAT'S NEW . . .

01-10 February 97  New Coffee House

02-10 February 97  New Telecommunications Service

03-10 February 97  Bryansk provincial paper on the Web


01-10 February 97  Sender:  toddabr@rmtaero.bfg.com 
                   Subject: from Todd

02-10 February 97  Sender:  alex@webtrans.com 
                   Subject: from Alejandro

03-10 February 97  Sender:  bobnsue@gulftel.com
                   Subject: from Robert H. Goodwell

04-10 February 97  Sender:  jcabotx@aol.com 
                   Subject: from John Cabot

05-10 February 97  Sender:  timvic@compuserve.com 
                   Subject: from Tim Vickers

06-10 February 97  Sender:  tddelgado@stic.net 
                   Subject: from Cheryl Boone

07-10 February 97  Sender:  Luis F. Tavera (tavera@cs.uiuc.edu)
                   Subject: from Josep Terradellas

08-10 February 97  Sender:  thefergs@brainy1.ie-eg.com 
                   Subject: from Leigh


01-10 February 97  Sender:  sky@ix.netcom.com (Michelle Pacheco) 
                   Subject: Elementary school Russian materials

02-10 February 97  Sender:  shebeko (shebeko@poboxes.com)
                   Subject: looking for BORIS ZNAMENSKI

03-10 February 97  Sender:  sarah lyng (sal5@ukc.ac.uk)
                   Subject: friends

04-10 February 97  Sender:  emueller@bruderhof.com
                   Subject: Romanian translation

05-10 February 97  Sender:  "Alexander L. Levinsky" (lev@btime.bryansk.ru)
                   Subject: Russian provincial paper on the Web

06-10 February 97  Sender:  Bill Fick (bill@samovar.ru)
                   Subject: Internet in Russia

07-10 February 97  Sender:  David C Hall (dave-hall@mycenae.demon.co.uk)
                   Subject: Help wanted on Samarkand opera 
08-10 February 97  Sender:  chatan@idi.org.il
                   Subject: Looking for a job

09-10 February 97  Sender:  Alexander Gruntsev (grampo@aie.msk.su)
                   Subject: Russian language press review with lots of graphics

10-10 February 97  Sender:  Susan Pelton (spelton@irex.ru)

11-10 February 97  Sender:  Flp3@aol.com
                   Subject: Alcoholim Counselors/Trainers wanted for 
                            Ukraine project

12-10 February 97  Sender:  The Editors of Luckman Interactive 
                   Subject: 5 star award for Friends and Partners

APPENDIX:        LISTSERV address & basic procedures

WHAT'S NEW . . .

*  New Friends and Partners Coffee House

   Sasha recently built a new coffee house for Friends and Partners 
   available at URL:
   This 'bulletin board system' represents a big improvement over our 
   previous version.  The HyperNews software on which it is constructed is 
   very powerful and easy to use.  If anyone would like to "host" a room in 
   the Coffee House, please let us know!
*  New Telecommunications Service

   Thanks to Sonya Slutskaya, Friends and Partners now has a completely new 
   Telecommunications section available at URL:
   This section represents a complete update of the old material with 
   current information - and a much improved organization also.
   We want to take this opportunity to welcome Sonya to our F&P team.  She 
   is in Knoxville for several more weeks on a Council for International 
   Exchange of Scholars program and will be working with us in several 
   other areas of F&P.  Sonya's email address on F&P is:  

*  Bryansk provincial paper on the Web

   Please see Alex Levinsky's message (#05) below for more information on 
   the very nice Bryansk newspaper which is now mirrored on Friends and 
   Partners.  In addition to the newspaper (available in the Russian 
   language), there is much information about Bryansk - including pictures, 
   maps, etc.  
   Please visit from the News page or directly at URL:


** 01 **********************************************************************

Sender:  toddabr@rmtaero.bfg.com 
Subject: from Todd

Hello!  I'm studying Russian language and culture (as part of my MBA) at 
the University of St.  Thomas in St.  Paul, Minnesota.  I'm an engineer 
working in the Aerospace / Airline industry.  I'd love to hear from anyone 
living in Russia.  Great website guys!

** 02 **********************************************************************

Sender:  alex@webtrans.com 
Subject: from Alejandro

Nice site, just moved from Mexico and suddenly ran into the pages!  
Comforting.  Glad Russia and the US have changed.  I am an Art Dealer ( 
Architect too ).If you are interested, artworks of Rodolfo Nieto, Rufino 
Tamayo, Diego Rivera, Juan Soriano and others are in my hands.

Culture will always be universal!

Drop any notes if you wish.

** 03 **********************************************************************

Sender:  bobnsue@gulftel.com
Subject: from Robert H. Goodwell 

I am a retired manager from G.M. with a backround in the electrical field.
Would like to do share my backround with people in need.

** 04 **********************************************************************

Sender:  jcabotx@aol.com 
Subject: from John Cabot

I have a young friend (very bright 9 year old in San Francisco, California)
who would like to find a Russian Pen Pal age 7 to 15 who speaks english.
Contact me  at e-mail  jcabotx@aol.com

** 05 **********************************************************************

Sender:  timvic@compuserve.com 
Subject: from Tim Vickers

This seems to be a valuable resource, I was directed from the Lions Club 
listings and hope that other Lions clubs will find useful ways to use this 

** 06 **********************************************************************

Sender:  tddelgado@stic.net 
Subject: from Cheryl Boone

I'm a middle-aged woman, former Russian major, born in the U.S.  East but 
now Texan-by-marriage, looking for anyone (any country, in Russian or 
English) who would like to discuss Russian literature, especially Anna 
Akhmatova, Osip Mandelstam, Mikhail Bulgakov, or newer post-Soviet writers 
(that would need to be someone who knows more about new writers than I 
do).  The most recent collections of Russian writing I have are Victor 
Erofeyev's Penguin Book of New Russian Writing (1995) and Helen Goscilo's 
Lives in Transit-Recent Russian Women's Writing(1995).

I'm always looking for text and discussion of stories and poetry that I 
don't yet know.

Anyone out there who was in the Russian program at Indiana U.  in the late 
60's or early 70's?  Thanks, Cheryl in Texas

(PS--I can't read the digest on yellow background, either...had to change 
my colors, which is something of a pain.  Is change possible, Greg & 

** 07 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Luis F. Tavera (tavera@cs.uiuc.edu)
Subject: greetings from Barcelona, Catalonia

Hola, aqui va una posible traduccion. No estoy seguro a que se refiere
exactamente cuando dice falsos topics. No estoy seguro si topics sea

(Thanks to Alberto Rodriguez (alberto@solar.rtd.utk.edu) for the 

This is a greetings message from Barcelona, Catalonia. A small
millennial country of the Mediterranean basin. I hope our Russian
friends will find the road to liberty and prosperity, and I hope they
won't let themselves get carried away by the false ideas of
western Europe. 

May they keep being able to "distinguish between the grain and the

I hope I'll be able to visit one day this fantastic country of Russia.

** 08 **********************************************************************

Sender:  thefergs@brainy1.ie-eg.com 
Subject: from Leigh

It's great to read everyone's comments.  What a wonderful idea.  I got a BA
in "Soviet" studies when it wasn't so acceptable to do so.  This is great!

Anyway, we come full circle and now I am looking for information on the
potential for developing business ties with Russia and all other states
formerly in the CCCP.  I am specifically interested in development
potential in the energy and natural resources area (read oil and gas).
Please contact me at the above email address.

Do Skorova!


Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

** 01 **********************************************************************

Sender:  sky@ix.netcom.com (Michelle Pacheco) 
Subject: Elementary school Russian materials

I am a new elementary school teacher in New York City.  We are starting
to get off the ground a pilot program in the Russian language and
culture for grades K-3.  We have been having a difficult time finding
"fun" activities and materials suitable for children aged 5-8.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
Michelle Pacheco
e-mail:  sky@ix.netcom.com

** 02 **********************************************************************

Sender:  shebeko (shebeko@poboxes.com)
Subject: looking for BORIS ZNAMENSKI

Hello Friends,

I am looking for a BORIS ZNAMENSKI formerly deputy chief (Number 2) 
Ministry Foreign Affairs of the SOVIET Republic of Georgia.  This was at 
the time of the USSRs demise and the beginning of Georgia's time of 

Last I heard was that he had joined the Russian MFA in Moscow and may have 
been posted to the Middle East.  He is was a talented linguist, a good 
drinker, a fine teller of jokes and a "OK" Georgian.  No other physical 
description is required.

I have very important news for him.



** 03 **********************************************************************

Sender:  sarah lyng (sal5@ukc.ac.uk)
Subject: friends

Hi.  I have also only recently found this web site and am utterly thrilled.  
I lived in Voronezh for 2 years and have also lived in Moscow.  I love 
Russia very much and would love to extend my thoughts and make more friends 
I am also very interested in Art, Music and Photography.  If anyone would 
like to drop me a line.  I would be most pleased.  Sara

** 04 **********************************************************************

Sender:  emueller@bruderhof.com
Subject: Romanian translation

Dear Friends,

Yesterday I received an Email message from a friend in Moldova, but 
unfortunately it is written in Moldovian (Romanian). Is there somebody 
who knows Romanian and would be able to translate it for me into 
English (or German)? It would be a great help for us.

Boshoe spasibo! Eckhard

Eckhard Mueller				Tel. (412) 329-1100
The Plough Publishing House		Fax (412) 329-0914
Spring Valley Bruderhof			E-mail: EMueller@bruderhof.com
Farmington, PA 15437, USA		Website: http://www.bruderhof.org

"OBSTACLES are things a person sees when he takes his eyes off the 

** 05 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Alexander L. Levinsky" (lev@btime.bryansk.ru)
Subject: Russian provincial paper on the Web

Since Nov.,1996, a home page of a Russian provincial newspaper The Bryansk 
Time (Bryanskoye Vremya) weekly (www.btime.bryansk.ru) could be read on 
Internet.  A month later, courtesy Greg Cole a mirror site was founded on 
Friends & Partners server 
(www.friends-partners.org/partners/bryansk/index.html).  On the site one can 
find the latest provincial news (in Russian) and general information about 
the Bryansk region (in English) with lots of pictures of the places of 
sightseeing.  Notes and opinions are welcomed.

Alexander L. Levinsky,
Deputy Editor,
The BT weekly

** 06 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Bill Fick (bill@samovar.ru)
Subject: Internet in Russia

Dear friends and colleagues,

A new section of our website at http://www.samovar.ru/news.htm contains an
ever-growing collection of links to articles and other resources related to
development of the Internet in Russia, including an archive of my weekly
"Webwatch" column in The Moscow Times.  To date, "Webwatch" topics have
ranged from consumer-oriented comparisons of Moscow Internet Providers to
humorous descriptions of expatriate holidays on the Net.

I hope you will enjoy it.

Bill Fick
Samovar Internet Consulting, LLC

** 07 **********************************************************************

Sender:  David C Hall (dave-hall@mycenae.demon.co.uk)
Subject: Help wanted on Samarkand opera (fwd)

Prof Kaplan suggested I try to enlist your help, through "Friends and
Partners" mail-list, in trying to find out about a possible opera
performance in Samarkand, Uzbekistan?

I have been told that there is to be a performance in the city  on 27
September 1997 of the opera TAMERLANO (Tamburlaine) composed by G F Handel
but my informant has no further detail and cannot be certain of the
accuracy of this. However, as the city has links with Tamburlaine, it is
not beyond the bounds of possibility.

I am trying to find out if there is any truth in the suggestion, and if
there is, I would like to find out more: language of performance (although
composed in England in 1724 the original language is Italian), exact venue,
names of principal soloists, the orchestra, chorus and conductor.

My interest arises because I run an internet information service on the
worldwide web devoted to forthcoming performances of Handel music. It is
called Hear Handel and can be found at


If you could forward this request to "Friends and Partners" I hould be most


David Hall

D C Hall
79 Mycenae Rd, London SE3 7SE, UK
Tel (+44) (0)181 858 4154 fax (+44) (0)181 853 4840
Hear Handel http://www.mycenae.demon.co.uk/HrHandel/HHWelcome.html

** 08 **********************************************************************

Sender:  chatan@idi.org.il
Subject: Looking for a job

This letter is especially addressed to those who subscribe to this list who
reside in Israel. I emigrated to Israel 1 1/2 years ago from the United
States. I have a Ph.D in political science with a speciality in the former
Soviet Union, and I am fluent in Russian. At present, I live in Jerusalem.
in the past 1 1/2 years, I have not been able to find a full-time job in my
speciality. The best that I have been able to find was a part-time job as an
abstractor of English-language political science articles at the Israel
Democracy Institute, a think tank that does research on improving Israel's
political system. I have been looking for somebody to take me on as a
researcher or a post-doctoral fellow to to research in one of the three
following areas: 1) Israel's relationship with the UN; 2) the impact of the
Russian aliya on Israeli politics; or 3) comparative Central Asian foreign
policies. However, I have not had any takers. If any subscriber to this list
knows of where I can go, please let me know. If anybody is familiar with
sources or research grants or support outside of Israel to which I am
eligible to apply, please let me know.

** 09 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Alexander Gruntsev (grampo@aie.msk.su)
Subject: Russian language press review with lots of graphics

Dear Friends,

   I want to introduce daily updated Russian News Digest/Press Review
with lots of photos and graphs (in Russian Language):


   It also has direct links to current issues of famous Russian
newspapers in full image and some special Press Rover search
quiries that illustrate materials.

   Full image collection of newspapers include:

            Argumenty i Facty
            supplements to AiF:   AiF Int'l Digest (best stories)
                                  Zhizn' i Koshelek
                                  Ya Molodoy
            Pravda - 5
            Vechernij Klub
            and a number of other.

Warmest regards,

Alexander Gruntsev
Russian Story, Inc.

Russian Periodicals Online

** 10 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Susan Pelton (spelton@irex.ru)


International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX)
1616 H Street, NW   
Washington, DC 20006 
Telephone: (202) 628-8188   Fax: (202) 628-8189   e-mail: irex@irex.org
Web:  http://www.irex.org

ul. Volkhonka, str 5
119842 Moscow, Russian Federation
Telephone: (095) 203-96-96, 203-98-89    Fax: (095) 203-59-66    email:
Web: http://www.irex.org

The International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX) offers opportunities for
support of librarians, archivists, and information specialists pursuing
projects relating to Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia.*  This program
has been designed to support information professionals who wish to undertake 
collaborative activities that increase access and improve working conditions
for American scholars who are undertaking research in libraries, archives or
on other information resources in the region.

SUGGESTED FORMATS: projects to assess the current state of exchange 
relations and/or international acquisition in a particular geographic area 
or with particular libraries, publishing houses, and other establishments 
of importance to maintaining and building collections of interest to 
American scholars; production of directories, research guides, and other 
finding aids for collections, libraries, and/or archives in the region (For 
projects involving guides and directories, provide a detailed description 
of format and indices, including sample entries.  Indicate how the proposed 
guide differs from existing directories.); collaborative work and joint 
projects, including conferences and workshops (with particular weight given 
to initiatives that result in publications and other forms of public 
dissemination and have an impact beyond one or several institutions); and 
other initiatives that are designed to increase access and improve working 
conditions in libraries, archives, and other information resources in the 
region.  Only discrete, targeted activities that will produce results 
within the life span of the project itself will be funded; IREX will not 
provide support for individual portions of ongoing multi-stage and/or 
multi-year projects.

Applications must be received at any IREX office/representation by the
deadline date to qualify. (Please see IREX web sites for complete list of
IREX offices.) IREX-supported activity may not begin before July 1, 1997.

APPLICATION: Applications may be submitted by an American Project Organizer
or by a Project Organizer who is a citizen of an eligible country.
Non-American Project Organizers must work closely with one or more American
Project Organizers in preparing this application and carrying out the
project. An American Project Organizer or his/her home institution must
serve as the fiscal agent for any awards, and will be responsible for
detailed narrative and financial reporting to IREX.

*Eligible countries are Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus,
Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia,
Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova,
Poland, Romania, the Russian Federation, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tajikistan,
Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.		

PROVISIONS:  Grants will normally not exceed $10,000. Expenses normally
covered include:
 - travel (US flag carriers must be used for all transoceanic air travel); 
 - per diem (of up to $100/day to cover meals and accommodations); and 
 - publication costs and/or other expenses associated with presenting
results to librarians, archivists, scholarly peers, and the general public.

Applicants are strongly urged to obtain in-kind and supplemental support,
particularly from the host and collaborating institutions, and ESPECIALLY
support or honoraria are unlikely to receive funding. Applicants affiliated
with US federal institutions should consult IREX prior to submitting an

SELECTION CRITERIA: The IREX Selection Committee for this program will
designate approximately 10 awards from a highly competitive pool of
applicants. The Selection Committee strives to support projects that: 1)will
have a visible impact on increasing access and improving working conditions
for scholars in the region; 2) address one of more of the underrepresented
countries/regions within Central and Eastern 
Europe and Eurasia; 3) include a feasible, detailed, and well-defined plan
for undertaking the project; 4) provide an indication of language skills
adequate for the participants to successfully complete the activity; 5)
result in publications and other forms of public dissemination; 6) affect a
broad range of institutions, libraries, archivists, and scholars; and 7)
include a reasonable line-item budget with thorough justification.

NOTIFICATION: Applicants will be notified of award decisions by June 1997.
IREX-funded project activity may not begin before July 1, 1997.  All
IREX-funded project activities must be completed by August 31, 1999.

This competition is funded by the Russian, Eurasian, and East European
Research Program (Title VIII), as administered by the Department of State.

** 11 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Flp3@aol.com
Subject: Alcoholim Counselors/Trainers wanted for Ukraine project

Subj:	Alcoholism treatment and training opportunity in Ukraine

First Light Partners - "Zarya", a US nonprofit organization is looking for a
couple of individuals or couples to be involved in a very exciting project.

Throughout Ukraine, nearly 100% of the people seeking relief from the ravages
of mistreated and untreated alcoholism show up at the doors of existing
treatment centers.  Sadly, archaic ideas and a lack of 12-step based
self-help treatment methods means that virtually none of the tens of
thousands who seek treatment each year can ever hope to recover. To be an
alcoholic in Ukraine today is to die. Today, professionals and the country
itself stand at a turning point.  The motivation is there and the
infrastructure is in place, yet they lack the basic resources and information
that could change the situation forever.  

In cooperation with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Academy of Sciences
and others,  we have designed a modern, relevant training program and
accompanying treatment model.  We are about to implement a series a intensive
hands-on training programs for health care professionals working to confront
the disease of alcoholism.  The change is systemic--the project finite--the
results permanent.

The first of these programs will begin in June of 1997, and will last
approximately four months.  We are looking for a couple of well qualified
people who can convey the essentials of our well-designed, culturally
applicable training and treatment model.  They will be instructing
approximately 20 dedicated and very well educated health care professionals
whose lives are dedicated to treating the disease of alcoholism.

Our "volunteers" will receive airfare, visas (they need to secure a
passport), housing, and a stipend for food and pleasure.  They need not speak
Russian or Ukrainian but it might be a plus if they are otherwise the best
available.  We would prefer that they be in recovery personally for several
very good reasons, not the least of which is we must continuously make an
effort to humanize the disease and to provide some "living" proof  as it
were.   Volunteers will receive one week of specific training about our model
and Ukraine.  It is essential that they understand the nature of the project,
and the vital importance of consistency in our training approach and model.

Interested men and women can contact me; Ted Hicks, by writing to First Light
Partners, 2680 McMillan Street, Eugene, OR 97405.  Our phone number is
(541)341-6447.  We would like those who are interested to send along a one or
two page letter explaining why they want to make this contribution, and a
short resume.  

** 12 **********************************************************************

Sender:  The Editors of Luckman Interactive (editors@luckman.com)
Subject: award for Friends and Partners

Congratulations! It's not every day that stars fall out of the sky.
In fact, that kind of thing is bound to hurt someone. Nonetheless, we're
dropping a few stars on your site for its excellence. Of the more than
250,000 Web sites that we've checked out, our editors believe that your
site* should be publicly recognized as a Five-Star winner.

In acknowledgement of your efforts, we have attached Luckman
Interactive's Five-Star logo. This mark of excellence is something that we
only bestow upon the finest sites on the Web. Put it on your site as a
shining reward for your hard work. In addition to your Five-Star award,
your site will be featured in the new edition of our book and interactive
CD-ROM -- Luckman Interactive's "World Wide Web Yellow Pages." If you'd
like, you can drop a link back to our home page

Our regularly updated guide to the Web was awarded another kind of
Five-Star rating, from "PC Computing" (December, 1996). The magazine picked
our product as one of only six Internet tools to receive its highest award.
Currently, both our CD-ROM (distributed by TechData and Ingram) and our
book versions (published by Barnes & Noble) have hit the bestseller lists.

Again, congratulations.


The Editors of Luckman Interactive
Luckman Interactive, Inc.

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