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01-03 January 97  Ecostan News


01-03 January 97  Sender:  aln@signal.biosci.ohio-state.edu
                  Subject: western businesses in FSU

02-03 January 97  Sender:  Gary Brown (garyb@metronet.com)
                  Subject: Wanting E-mail friends from Russia

03-03 January 97  Sender:  "Valerij I. Gerasimov" (valery@irga.vernet.lv)
                  Subject: Russian Public Information Center in Latvia

04-03 January 97  Sender:  Dave Wells (wellsd@elwha.evergreen.edu)
                  Subject: Contacts/Partnership wanted for website.

05-03 January 97  Sender:  "Ellen Kerszencwejg" (ellenk@eurasia.org)
                  Subject: Eurasia Foundation and Ukrainian community

06-03 January 97  Sender:  Claude Demers (microfo@intlaurentides.qc.ca)
                  Subject: Looking for old friends !

07-03 January 97  Sender:  ac737@lafn.org (Michael Segal)
                  Subject: USAID needs services, Macro policy Ukraine]

08-03 January 97  Sender:  Paul Goode (paul.goode@st-antonys.oxford.ac.uk)
                  Subject: internship resource guide

09-03 January 97  Sender:  Cheri C Grinyayev (wils0141@gold.tc.umn.edu)
                  Subject: FBIS

10-03 January 97  Sender:  Cheri C Grinyayev (wils0141@gold.tc.umn.edu)
                  Subject: Demise of FBIS

11-03 January 97  Sender:  Bohdan@TRYZUB.com (Bohdan Peter Rekshynskyj)
                  Subject: An Important Conference

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** 01 **********************************************************************

Sender:  aln@signal.biosci.ohio-state.edu
Subject: western businesses in FSU

Hi!  Does anybody know if there is somewhere (on the Web or published
anywhere) a directory of Western (North American or Western European)
businesses operating in Former Soviet Union countries.  Alex.

** 02 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Gary Brown (garyb@metronet.com)
Subject: Wanting E-mail friends from Russia


My name is Gary and i live in Dallas, Texas USA. I am looking to get to
know some people in or from Russia. U do not speak Russian so all E-amil
must be in english. Hope to hear from ya.


** 03 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Valerij I. Gerasimov" (valery@irga.vernet.lv)
Subject: Russian Public Information Center in Latvia

Dear Friends and Partners:

You are welcome to visit


RPIC is a wide project dedicated to the Russian life in Latvia and to
relationships between parts of the Russian Diaspora in different countries.
We plan to establish Russian public and cultural organizations, "electronic"
exhibitions and libraries, and so on.

Project is supported by:
The Center for International Networking Initiatives
The University of Tennessee and
VERSIA Ltd.(The oldest Internet provider in Latvia)

All kinds of cooperation will be greatly appreciated.
Please address your ideas and/or critics to Mr. Valerij I. Gerasimov

Best regards

Valerij I. Gerasimov,
Coordinator of project
Russian Public Information Center in Latvia

** 04 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Dave Wells (wellsd@elwha.evergreen.edu)
Subject: Contacts/Partnership wanted for website.

I am creating an 'unofficial' website on Pavlovsk Palace-Museum and Park
and I am looking for contact/partnership with a local school, lyceum or
college. My interest and emphasis is on museums-as-educational
institutions and in co-operative relationships between museums and
communities with the museum and it collections as resources. It is a new
approach to musuem education programmes, but it should be helpful in
teaching about history and social history as well as architecture,
applied art, conservation/restoration, landscape architecture/history and
so forth. Ideally, it would be nice to develop some sample materials or
useful programmes.

I have been writing on museums-as-educational institutions,
community/museum co-operative relationships (the New Museology
philosophy), ways in which museums can be supportive of cultures and act
as catalysts in public school programmes.

My other interests are in conservation/restoration and especially in work
done to repair damage from the 1941-1945 war; Russian culture; indigenous
cultures (Native American and Swedish Sami are foci); Neo-Classical
applied art; fine art photography and book arts.

Dave Wells
Olympia WA USA

** 05 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Ellen Kerszencwejg" (ellenk@eurasia.org)
Subject: Eurasia Foundation and Armenian American community

I am the Director of Development at the Eurasia Foundation.  This past
year, we began working within the Armenian American community to raise
Armenian funds to augment our funds for grants and loans in Armenia which
we administer through our office in Armenia.  We have been working with
Sona Hamalian, a well-regarded Armenian American and a talented fundraiser
and have witnessed extraordinary success within the community.  The
Armenian American community has embraced the Eurasia Foundation as an
important ally and partner in their quest to rebuild Armenia.  They are
particularly pleased with our operation because we provide an on-the-ground
grantmaking infrastructure that supports small business development and
democratic institution building.  We also monitor every grant and have had
a 100% success rate.

I would like to start similar work in the Ukrainian community and am
looking for some guidance.  I am interested in finding someone who is
familiar with the Ukrainian community and could help us reach prominent
Ukrainian Americans and Canadians.  I can't promise compensation at the
outset, but with demonstrated progress and success, we would be willing to
consider a contractual relationship at a later point.

Please contact me either directly at 202/234-7370 or through the above

** 06 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Claude Demers (microfo@intlaurentides.qc.ca)
Subject: Looking for old friends!

I have known many activists, members of the CPSU or the Komsomol, from the
time of the S.U., during trips I did from Moscow to Baku in between 1970
and 1987.  Some of them were teachers or interpreters at the Social Science
(party school) for foreigners In Moscow in 1978.

Whatever was their political opinion at the time as was mine, I am
wondering what those people are becoming today ?  What they think of the
changes which occured in Russia since then, what they make for their living
right now and how they adapt themselve in the new political reality in

Allthough I do have many first names, I have no second names.  So I'm
trying to get in contact with any person who use to be close to the
Komsomol or the CPSU leadership in Moscow at that time and who would be
willing to help me get in contact with some of these peoples.

This request has a strict personal purpose and any Information I will
get will be kept confidential as well as any information about the
persons helping me with these informations.

You should contact me by e-mail please.

Claude Demers


** 07 **********************************************************************

Sender:  ac737@lafn.org (Michael Segal)
Subject: USAID needs services, Macro policy Ukraine

For more information, contact your nearest USAID Outreach Office.

In Portland, OR Call Michael Segal at (503)-229-6734
In Long Beach, CA, Call Brian Huerta at (714)-975-1522
In Chicago, Ill, Call Aileen Furlong at (312)-467-0550
In Maine, Contact John Champagne at (207)-287-3190
In Washington, DC, Contact the Center for Trade and Investment Services at

or, on the World Wide Web

SOL USAID/KIEV RFA 97-01   DUE 020397

POC Contact Elinor B. Bachrach, Project Officer, USAID/Kiev, Tel: 380-44-
462-5678; Fax 380-44-462-5834 or Roy Pluckett, Agreement Officer,
USAID/Washington, Tel: 703-875-1907; Fax: 703-875-1243.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is seeking
applications from a U.S. institution (or consortium of institutions led by
a U.S. institution) for the purposes of (1) assisting the Government of
Ukraine (GOU) to improve its macroeconomic policy formulation and
implementation by providing policy advice and (2) extending policy support
to new and ongoing reform efforts of USAID and other U.S. Government and
international donor organizations involved with macroeconomic policy issues
and programs in Ukraine.  USAID reserves the right to fund, in whole or in
part, any or none of the applications submitted in response to this
announcement.  Applications will be evaluated and the selection based on
the application that is most advantageous to the Government, considering
technical and cost factors stated in the evaluation criteria of the Request
for Applications (RFA).  Further instructions regarding technical and cost
proposal will be in the RFA. The RFA, once issued, can be downloaded from
the Agency Gopher.  The Gopher is GOPHER.INFO.USAID.GOV. Select USAID
Procurement and Business Opportunities from the Gopher menu.  The RFA text
can be downloaded by the Anonymous Files Transfer Protocol (FTP).  The FTP
address is FTP.INFO.USAID.GOV. Logon on using the user identification of
anonymous and the password is your E-mail address.  Look under the
following directory for the RFA: pub/OP/RFA/1219701/1219701.rfa.  Receipt
of the amendment through INTERNET must be confirmed by written notification
to the contact person noted above.  It is the responsibility of the
recipient of this amendment to ensure that it has been received from
INTERNET in its entirety and USAID bears no responsibility for data error
resulting from transmission or conversion processes.  (I-355 SN014219)

American Embassy Kiev, Washington, D.C. 20521-5080

** 08 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Paul Goode (paul.goode@st-antonys.oxford.ac.uk)
Subject: internship resource guide


A few months back I asked for help in putting together a guide to
internship resources for students in Post-Soviet and East European studies.
After some delay, the guide is due to be online by the end of January.  It
will be located on the University of Oxford's Institute for Slavonic
Studies' WWW page (http://units.ox.ac.uk/departments/slavonic/).  It is
still uncertain whether a hard copy will be published.

There is no charge of any sort for being included in the guide.  I am
looking for help from all ranges of groups and individuals that can offer
internship(s) - paid or unpaid - to students.  While location in the FSU or
Eastern Europe is preferable, groups or individuals doing related work
outside the regions are also of interest.  I am looking for information on
university study abroad and exchange programs, as well.

In order to be included in the guide, I will need the following
information: organizational name, contact name, e-mail address.  Some
further information would be extremely useful, such as full physical and
mailing addresses, description of activities, type of internship(s)
available, application procedures and dates or deadlines.

If you volunteered to be listed as a contact earlier, please let me know if
your organization's or personal information needs to be updated.
Additionally, if you happen to know of anyone else who might be interested
in participating in the guide, please either let me know or forward this
message to them.

Thanks for your time.

Best regards,

Paul Goode
St. Antony's College
University of Oxford


** 09 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Cheri C Grinyayev (wils0141@gold.tc.umn.edu)
Subject: FBIS

Johnson's Russia List
2 January 1997

Date: Wed, 1 Jan 1997 18:36:39 -0500
)From: John Pike ((johnpike@fas.org)
Subject: FBIS
Could you distribute this to your list

Support FBIS

The Foreign Broadcast Information Service of the Central Intelligence
Agency exemplifies national intelligence at its best, informing both
senior policy makers and the nation as a whole with its daily
collection, translation, and publication of thousands of foreign media

Perversely, however, this unique and invaluable resource has been
singled out for significant budget cuts in the fiscal year 1998 budget.

We have initiated a new webpage


in an effort to preserve and strengthen FBIS and, more broadly, to
promote the interests of non-governmental consumers of intelligence
agency products. We invite you to participate by sharing your views
on this Federation of American Scientists Statement:

Since 1941, the Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) has
monitored, translated and published foreign broadcasts and press
reports from around the world, covering over 3500 publications in 55
foreign languages. This service has been of inestimable value to Executive
and Legislative Branch analysts and policy makers, and has been an
indispensable resource for scholars, journalists, and non-governmental

The importance of FBIS products for members of the public will only
increase as our post-cold war society interacts directly, across an
ever broader front, with the world FBIS covers.

Accordingly, we would urge that the FBIS operating budget be increased
rather than decreased. Indeed, at a time when the U.S. intelligence
community is groping for a vision of its future, the success of the
FBIS model suggests that the intelligence community ought to be giving
higher priority to serving society as a whole, with a significantly
expanded line of unclassified analytic products.

** 10 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Cheri C Grinyayev (wils0141@gold.tc.umn.edu)
Subject: Demise of FBIS

In light of the proposal to cease publication of FBIS reports, do you think
that these cuts will significantly hurt scholars and analysts around the world?
(Please see the report below). [Also, if anyone subscribes to the Johnson
List, a message appeared today which provided information as to how we
can show our support of FBIS.  I accidentally deleted my copy, but if
anyone else would like to post the message (or else forward a copy of the
digest), I would be eternally grateful.]

Cheri C. Grinyayev
Interim Moderator, FSU, Policy, Politics

OMRI Daily Digest I., No. 247, 31 December 1996

CIA TO SLASH MEDIA MONITORING? The Foreign Broadcast Information Service
(FBIS), a branch of the CIA, may cease publishing translations of daily
world media broadcasts, possibly including those from the former Soviet
Union and Eastern Europe, The Washington Times reported on 30 December.
CIA officials declined to discuss the budget cuts with the paper since
the agency's budget is classified, but congressional sources said FBIS's
overseas bureaus will probably be closed, meaning that FBIS would
continue to publish only untranslated reports. The Federation of
American Scientists is leading a protest against the proposed cuts,
which reportedly will save $18 million. The U.S. is estimated to spend
about $30 billion annually on all intelligence activities. -- Scott

** 11 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Bohdan@TRYZUB.com (Bohdan Peter Rekshynskyj)
Subject: Ukraine FAQ Plus: An Important Conference and The Ukrainian


The latest *preview* of the Ukrainian Weekly is now available on the
Ukraine FAQ Plus site!  This is an exclusive regular feature each week
containing timely and the most up to date information on Ukraine and the
Ukrainian Diaspora available on Internet.

The Ukrainian Weekly is the largest weekly newspaper (in English) extant in
the Western world covering Ukrainian issues both in Ukraine and in the
Ukrainian Diaspora.The preview is available on Internet at the address of
the Ukraine FAQ Plus Project.  You can obtain subscription information in
order to read the complete articles when you visit the web-site.  The
Ukrainian Weekly is funded by the Ukrainian National Association.  Their
website may be perused at http://www.tryzub.com/UNA/.

A MAJOR question - What is the Future of Science and Scientific Research in

Find out more - in the "Current Events" section of the FAQ!!!

We also have a new little section in the "About Ukraine" page where people
may request that their pages dealing (accurately) with Ukraine may be
enplaced!  Drop us an email at faq@tryzub.com

Please note that one may now browse the FAQ project using an advanced three
dimensional navigational tool.  Point your browser to
http://www.tryzub.com/ for information on how to download the plug-in for
your browser and the actual "mcf" image which is used for this.

The address of the Ukraine FAQ Plus Project is now:


Either click the button labelled "Current Events" by the Tryzub (Trident)
graphic or scroll down and click the "Current Events" section summary to
access this latest news.

As always, please feel free to email us at faq@tryzub.com with comments.We
always are looking for contributions as well.


Bohdan Peter Rekshynskyj


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