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WHAT'S NEW . . .

#01-16 December 96 Jill Dybka's Anna Akhmatova Page


01-16 December 96  Sender:  MISHA KRIVINIOUK (mvk5@aber.ac.uk)
                   Subject: looking for contact with Russian people in the UK

02-16 December 96  Sender:  Chris Kedzie (kedzie@glas.apc.org)
                   Subject: Books for Children

03-16 December 96  Sender:  "Paul E. Richardson" (71740.1473@CompuServe.COM)
                   Subject: RusLife Online

04-16 December 96  Sender:  "Don R." (odat@ccnet.com)
                   Subject: How to use Cyrillic on a web site

05-16 December 96  Sender:  Kapellmeister  (kap@physik.uni-ulm.de) 
                   Subject: INFO-RUSS: looking for Tatar connection in New York
                            (x-post INFO-RUSS)

06-16 December 96  Sender:  "Straight, Earl"  (STRAIGHTE@mhs3.MHS.MCS.K12.WV.US)
                   Subject: Spring Break Trip to Russia

07-16 December 96  Sender:  Eco (eco@interaccess.com
                   Subject: Maxwell St. (fwd)

08-16 December 96  Sender:  mvs3@po.CWRU.Edu (Maxim V. Soloviev)
                   Subject: Just to remind about best phone rates to ex-USSR

09-16 December 96  Sender:  Brad Moore (PRCBAM@langate.gsu.edu)
                   Subject: Seeking economic & Public admin specialists w/ advanced

10-16 December 96  Sender:  emueller@bruderhof.com
                   Subject: "I TELL YOU A MYSTERY"

11-16 December 96  Sender:  mac@MAINE.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell - Maine Business School)
                   Subject: Ukraine Land Privatization Project

12-16 December 96  Sender:  mac@MAINE.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell - Maine Business School)
                   Subject: CEEMAN-L Internet List: An Invitation

13-16 December 96  Sender:  mac@MAINE.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell - Maine Business School)
                   Subject: CEP On-Line Partners Program

14-16 December 96  Sender:  mac@MAINE.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell - Maine Business School)
                   Subject: Search for Russian Political Web Sites

15-16 December 96  Sender:  mac@MAINE.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell - Maine Business School)
                   Subject: Ukraine - Program Administrator

16-16 December 96  Sender:  Bohdan@TRYZUB.com (Bohdan Peter Rekshynskyj)
                   Subject: Ukraine FAQ Plus: Ukrainian Weekly Preview December 8th now

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WHAT'S NEW . . .

*  Anna Andreevna Akhmatova (1889-1966)

   Jill Dybka, a UT Knoxville graduate student in information sciences, has 
   created an impressive Internet resource on the Russian poet Anna Akhmatova.   
   "Anna Andreevna Akhmatova used poetry to give voice to the struggles and 
   deepest yearnings of the Russian people, for whom she remains the 
   greatest of literary heroines.  She has lately come to symbolize for the 
   world even beyond Russia the power of art to survive and transcend the 
   terrors of our century."  -- Judith Hemschemeyer, A Stranger to Heaven 
   and Earth

   Please see Jill's page at the Poetry and Proverbs section from the Art/Music/
   Literature page or directly at URL:


Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

** 01 **********************************************************************

Sender:  MISHA KRIVINIOUK (mvk5@aber.ac.uk)
Subject: looking for contact with Russian people in the UK

Hi there, my name is Misha, I'm Russian from Yekaterinburg, 26 y/o. I
have lived in the UK since 1992 and would like to meet/correspond with
Russians, that live here too!
please e-mail me on  mvk5@aber.ac.uk
or visit my homepage on http://www.aber.ac.uk/~mvk5/

** 02 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Chris Kedzie (kedzie@glas.apc.org)
Subject: Books for Children

Hey Friends and Family,

Send an e-mail and help a sick child receive a gift this year.

______________________________ Forward Header_____________________________

Houghton Mifflin Publishing Corporation will donate one book to a 
children's hospital for every 25 e-mails they receive.  Please e-mail them 

I hope you can spare the seconds . . . and let your friends and 
colleagues know.  So far Houghton Mifflin has only received 3,400 messages.  
Last year they reached 23,000.



Christopher R. Kedzie              tel: (095)935-7051
Program Officer                    fax: (095)935-7052
Ford Foundation           email: kedzie@fordfound.org
Moscow Office,  Tversyaka 16/2, Moscow 103009, Russia   

** 03 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Paul E. Richardson" (71740.1473@CompuServe.COM)
Subject: RusLife Online

Join Russian Life OnLine!

An irregular electronic journal of Russian culture, history, business and travel
Now open!

RusLife OnLine is the FREE, electronic mailing list published by the publishers
of Russian Life magazine. 

RusLife is an electronic mailing list of  news briefs, features, factoids,
travel and business tips and more, all of interest to individuals and
organizations interested in and engaged in Russia. It is best described as "what
does not get into Russian Life, the printed version," either because of space
limitations, time considerations, format, etc. The tone tends to the offbeat and
hopefully interesting.


JUST THE FACTS...: Interesting new facts and data on Russia.
LETTER FROM LYOSHA:  Our special correspondent reports from the front.
TIPS: Tips on travel and business
NEW AND NOTABLE: New stuff related to Russia.


This is a moderated listserv. You can subscribe and unsubscribe whenever you

If you hurry and subscribe now, you'l catch a re-send of the first installment
of RusLife.

The second is just days away!

Subscribing to RusLife is easy. Simply compose and email message from the email 
account where you want to receive RusLife. The message should be addressed to:


In the body of the message, you should enter only the following message:

subscribe ruslife YOUR NAME 

That's it! 

We hope you'll join us!

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Sender:  "Don R." (odat@ccnet.com)
Subject: How to use Cyrillic on a web site

I maintain a web site for the Al-Anon/Alateen program of recovery for the 
friends and families of alcoholics. It is currently available in 6 languages. 
I very much wish to make it available in Russian, also.

Is there anyone on Friends & Partners who is able and willing to provide me 
with instructions on how to have Russian language text appear in a web site?

Thanks in advance for any help you may provide.

A very grateful member of the worldwide fellowship of Al-Anon.

Don R.

If your life has been affected by someone else's drinking, Al-Anon can help.

** 05 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Kapellmeister  (kap@physik.uni-ulm.de) 
Subject: INFO-RUSS: looking for Tatar connection in New York
         (x-post INFO-RUSS)

This is INFO-RUSS broadcast (1200+ subscribers). Home page, information,
and archives: http://psi.ece.jhu.edu/~kaplan/IRUSS/inforuss.html
Presently, INFO-RUSS is in semi-dormant mode until Febr.'97.
INFO-RUSS assumes no responsibility for the information
supplied by its users or/and for their views.

Dear Folks,

This is sort of urgent; a friend of mine asked for it.  A family from 
Moscow (two ladies and a kid) arriving in two weeks in New York, US, as new 
emigres (they won the Green card lottery), are looking for any connection 
to Tatar community in NY or simply any Tatar family in the area.  They 
would appreciate any information.

Please reply directly to the address (kap@physik.uni-ulm.de.

Best Wishes,
A. Kapellmeister

** 06 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Straight, Earl"  (STRAIGHTE@mhs3.MHS.MCS.K12.WV.US)
Subject: Spring Break Trip to Russia

Come experience the social, educational, and cultural world of the Russian 
people.  Several teachers at Morgantown High School in Morgantown, West 
Virginia have put together a trip to Russia for March 20-29.

The program will begin in Moscow where the group will do the
traditional sightseeing tours (Red Square, Kremlin, Lenin's Tomb, and
much more) as well as spend two days at a local school. There is also
a side trip to Sergiev Posad. The group will continue the tour with
an overnight train to St. Petersburg. Sightseeing in St. Petersburg
will include the Hermitage, Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Issac's
Cathedral, battleship Aurora, and much more. There will also be
another day trip to Petrovorets.
The cost of the trip is only $1,895. This includes everything but
your passport. Air transportation will be with USAir and Lufthansa.
Departure will be on March 20 from Pittsburgh with a direct flight to
Frankfort and then on to Moscow.
Anyone wanting additional information should contact Earl
Straight or Dr. Jacob Seitz at Morgantown High School (304) 291-9260.
Reservations need to be in by the second week of January.

    Earl N. Straight, Jr.
    Journalism Department Chairperson
    Morgantown High School
    109 Wilson Avenue
    Morgantown, WV  26505
    (304) 291-9260 (school)
    (3040 296-3142 (home)

** 07 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Eco (eco@interaccess.com
Subject: Maxwell St. (fwd)

Hi Friends in Russia.  Did you know that Russian/Jewish immigrants played an
important part in creating Rock and Roll at Maxwell Street in Chicago. 

When my grandparents migrated to the U.S from Russia at the turn of the
centrury, they came to Maxwell Street in Chicago -- a big market area. We
are trying to save parts of the old Maxwell Street area as a historic
preservation district to honor Russian, Jewish, African-American, and
Hispanic immigrants since the area was an important port-of-entry for all
three groups. We are getting support for this from Hillel houses, American
Jewish Archive, Center for the Study of Southern Culture, Delta Blues
Museum, and many other places all over the world. 

We invite you to visit our web site
(http://www.openair.org/maxwell/preserve.html to learn about us. 

We would appreciate it if you would send a letter of concern to Chancellor
Broski and send us a copy (mar@interaccess.com. Also, send copies of the
message below to your friends and colleagues. Messages from Russia will have
big impact. Thanks. 

- Professor Steve Balkin, Roosevelt University

Please help prevent a world famous Chicago Russian/Jewish and Blues landmark
district from being turned into dust. Maxwell Street was an important
welcome mat during the Great Migration from the Southern U.S..  Electrified
Blues got created there which later turned into Rock and Roll. 

Send a message of concern saying you want a Maxwell Street Historic
Preservation District incorporated into The University of Illinois's plans
for commercial redevelopment of the Maxwell Street area. 

SEND TO: Chancellor David Broski, University of Illinois at Chicago, 601 S.
Morgan, Chicago, IL 60607 (David.C.Broski@uic.edu (Phone: 312-413-3350;
Fax: 312-413-3393) 

For more information see (http://www.openair.org/maxwell/preserve.html. 

** 08 **********************************************************************

Sender:  mvs3@po.CWRU.Edu (Maxim V. Soloviev)
Subject: Just to remind about best phone rates to ex-USSR

Dear Friends & Partners,

I want to inform you that CYBERLINK DECREASED THE RATES on December 01.

You know CYBERLINK -- the  American telecommunications company with the
lowest international calling FLAT (24 hours a day!) rates.

Now:    Russia -        $.68 / min;
        Ukraine -       $.65 / min;
        Belarus -       $.74 / min;
        Azerbaijan -    $.59 / min;
        Lithuania -     $.62 / min;
        Latvia -        $.49 / min;
        Estonia -       $.46 / min;
        Australia -     $.28 / min;
        Denmark -       $.27 / min;
        France -        $.33 / min;
        Hungary -       $.42 / min;
        Poland -        $.51 / min;
        Romania -       $.65 / min;
        Singapore -     $.32 / min;
        Sweeden -       $.22 / min...

ADVANTAGES: ^^^^^^^^^^^ Super-low rates apply 24 hours a day, 7 days a 
week, billing increments is in 6 seconds instead of whole minutes.  Best of 
all, there are NO HIDDEN CHARGES: no access fees, per-call fees, monthly 
fees, sign-up fees, peak-period surcharges, etc.

Calling Card is the major advantage of Cyberlink.  The same rates and 
absolutely no surcharges.

Note: CYBERLINK is an add-on service and you DO NOT CHANGE your current 
long-distance company.  Everything will remain the same; you will only need 
to follow a special procedure to make your international calls (dial 800 

Please inquire  mvs3@po.cwru.edu  or  216 231-2857.

** 09 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Brad Moore (PRCBAM@langate.gsu.edu)
Subject: Seeking economic & Public admin specialists w/ advanced

Economic and Public Administration Specialists

Georgia State University's School of Policy Studies is seeking motivated 
candidates for positions in its International Program Division.  Currently, 
we are identifying professionals at several levels who can support the 
School's various technical assistance and training programs based in Russia 
and the NIS. These are consultancy positions.

Ideal candidates will have strong experience in the areas of public 
finance, budget and tax policy, government debt management and 
macroeconomics.  Prior overseas work experience is desirable.  The ability 
to work under deadline in challenging conditions is a must.

Experience Requirements:

Project Associates: Candidates will possess a graduate degree in Economics 
or Public Administration, and superior quantitative analytical ability.  
Qualified candidates will have at least 5 years practical experience 
working for a public sector or private sector organization in the areas of 
economic forecasting, fiscal policy analysis, or government debt 
management, and work experience in the NIS. Cadidates who are ABD will have 
worked 3 years after terminating their studies, and have work experience in 
the NIS. Some positions will require Russian language fluency.

Senior Project Associate: Ph.D. Economics or Public Administration.  
Candidates will have specialized knowledge of fiscal policy, 
macroeconomics, government treasury management or budgetary policy and 
practices.  Ideal candidates will have several years work experience in 
government and experience advising and training foreign government finance 
officials.  Candidates must demonstrate a strong research background, 
communications skills and superior quantitative analysis capabilities in 
economics or public finance.  Russian language ability is a plus.

All positions require travel to the NIS for periods of two weeks or longer.  
Several positions will require long-term assignment in Russia for of one or 
more years.

Qualified candidates should submit their resume with salary history to:

Brad Moore
Program Manager
International Programs
Georgia State University School of Policy Studies
35 Broad Street, Suite 600
Atlanta, GA 30303
fax (404) 651-3996


Please state clearly language proficiency

Thank you

Brad Moore

** 10 **********************************************************************

Sender:  emueller@bruderhof.com

Dear Friends,

Still looking for a christmas present for someone?

See the annoucement below about a new book from our publishing house 
which came off the press last week! I am sure this book could mean a 
lot to you and your friends.


I wish a friend had put this beautiful book in my hands when my husband died.
                                                 Madeleine L'Engle
Life, Death, and Eternity

by J. Christoph Arnold
Foreword by Madeleine L'Engle

Drawing on stories of people he has known and counseled as pastor, 
relative, or friend, Arnold shows how suffering can be given meaning, 
and despair overcome. He offers the assurance that even today, in our 
culture of isolation and death, there is such a thing as hope.

J . I. Packer, Regent College 
Arnold's book shares golden wisdom
on facing death in faith, hope, and
love. The true meaning of death with
dignity is here writ large.

Benedict Groeschel, C.F.R. Archdiocese of New York 
Engaging and challenging. I found
myself saying "yes" chapter after
chapter. A witness to the power of

Jonathan Kozol, author, Amazing Grace 
I Tell You A Mystery is a beautiful book of surpassing dignity and 
tenderness. It speaks to the most universal of all fears and does so 
through wise and gentle narrative. I hope it will be widely read, not 
only by those who call themselves religious. Although written with 
great simplicity of style, it is nonetheless a work of moral mystery 
and elegance...a small treasure, unpretentious and transcendent.

Dr. Paul Brand, M.D. author, Pain: the Gift Nobody Wants 
I have read many books about dying, but I Tell You A Mystery is now the 
one that
I would give to a person approaching death or to someone facing bereavement. 
)From start to finish it shines with hope! I want a copy beside my bed when my 
time comes.

Price $12.00 (NY and CT residents please add sales tax.) plus $ 3.00 
shipping and handling
176pp, softback, 5.5"x 8.5", ISBN 0-87486-083-0, 74 photographs

To order, click reply to this message. We accept Visa or MasterCard.

Eckhard Mueller                         Tel. (412) 329-1100
The Plough Publishing House             Fax (412) 329-0914
Spring Valley Bruderhof                 E-mail: EMueller@bruderhof.com
Farmington, PA 15437, USA               Website: http://www.bruderhof.org

** 11 **********************************************************************

Sender:  mac@MAINE.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell - Maine Business School)
Subject: Ukraine Land Privatization Project

                     Deputy Project Manager
               Ukraine Land Privatisation Project
The  7  December issue of The Economist  presented  the  attached
announcement,  which  may be of interest to some members  of  the
list. Please forward to interested/qualified colleagues. For more
information, please contact the IFC representative identified  at
the end of the announcement. I am presenting the announcement  as
it appeared in The Economist.
The  Know  How  Fund  (KNF),  Britain's  programme  of  bilateral
technical  assistance  to the countries of  Central  and  Eastern
Europe,  and  the  International  Finance  Corporate  (IFC),  the
private  sector  investment  arm of the  World  Bank  Group,  ore
working in partnerships with the Government of Ukraine to  imple-
ment  a  project to privatise state and  collectives  farms.  The
project is currently seeking candidates for two Kyiv-based  posi-
tions,  a  Legal Manager (not included in this  posting),  and  a
Deputy Project Manager.

The Deputy Project Manager will manage the development and imple-
mentation of training programs for Government officials and  farm
commissions on the farm r e organization model piloted in Donetsk
Oblast.  The position is also responsible for producing and  dis-
tributing a manual documenting the reorganization model.

Applicants  ideally will have previous experience in some of  the
following areas: land issues, privatisation, training, and manual

Both  positions require candidates who work according  to  plans,
achieve deadlines, possess excellent judgment, and are willing to
travel  frequently throughout the country. Fluency  in  Ukrainian
and/or Russian is essential.

Please send a concise CV and cover letter to:

                          Jeanne Segal
         International Finance Corporation - Room K-3183
                       1818 H Street, N.W.
                      Washington, DC 20433
                       Fax: 1-202-522-2964
                   Email: jsegal@worldbank.org

British nationals are encouraged to apply

** 12 **********************************************************************

Sender:  mac@MAINE.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell - Maine Business School)
Subject: CEEMAN-L Internet List: An Invitation

              CEEMAN-L Internet List: An Invitation
Greetings to list members from the Maine Business School. I  have
often posted announcements to this list (and several others), and
thank  you for your past patience and courtesy. I am now  in  the
process of simplifying my "internet life" by focusing more on the
CEEMAN-L list I manage for the Central and East European  Manage-
ment Development Association. Happy to report that I have retired
from  UMaine,  and  hope  to  spend  as  much  time  as  possible
skiing/sailing,  depending  on the season. When in my  office,  I
will continue to post items - primarily to the CEEMAN-L list.

Attached to this note is a brief outline of CEEMAN-L purposes and
objectives,  a  list which shows the number of  members  in  each
country,  and instructions indicating how you can  review  recent
CEEMAN-L postings if you have access to NetNews. The target audi-
ence  of  CEEMAN-L  is noted in the  attached  outline.  However,
anyone  interested in the CEE/NIS region is welcome to  join  the
list.  If you know of colleagues who might be interested  in  the
list, I would be happy to add them to CEEMAN-L.
* Dr. Dennis McConnell                   * TEL: +1.207.581.1988 *
* Eastern European Enterprise Network    * FAX: +1.207.581.1956 *
* Maine Business School                  * TLX:  62955628       *
* University of Maine                    ************************
* Orono, Maine 04469-5723 U.S.A.         * MAC@MAINE.MAINE.EDU  *
                     CEEMAN-L Internet List
CEEMAN-L is an internet discussion list sponsored by the  Central
and  East European Management Development  Association  (CEEMAN),
located  in Slovenia. The CEEMAN-L list currently has  about  390
members  in 32 countries.  A significant majority of members  are
representatives  of  business schools/economics programs  in  the
CEE/NIS  regions (Baltics, Central/Eastern Europe, Central  Asia,
and  Russia) and the U.S. The list also includes  representatives
in  the CEE/NIS regions from organizations such as  the  Interna-
tional Research and Exchanges Board (IREX) and the Soros  Founda-
tion,  NGOs in both the U.S. and the CEE/NIS regions,  and  Peace
Corps volunteers in the CEE/NIS regions.

The  primary  purpose of CEEMAN-L is to  provide  information  to
academics in CEE/NIS business schools/economic programs who  have
been  isolated from information sources for many years. The  list
serves  more as a bulletin board than as a  traditional  internet
discussion  list. The list is "moderated" - which means that  all
messages  to members of the list are first  screened by the  list
manager  -  a feature which protects the e-mail budgets  of  list
members  who  must  pay fees to receive e-mail  at  some  CEE/NIS

As  the list manager, I monitor a large number of internet  lists
to  learn of new publications and information resources,  confer-
ences, publishing and consulting opportunities, funding  programs
and  academic exchange programs. Any information that would  seem
to be of interest to CEE/NIS members is posted to CEEMAN-L.  Some
of  the  information  may be useful and/or  interesting  to  list
members in other regions. But the primary purpose is to serve the
information needs of CEE/NIS list members.

The  secondary  purpose of CEEMAN-L is to link  CEE/NIS  business
schools/economics programs with similar programs in the U.S.  and
other regions. At the moment, we have well over 100 U.S. academic
sites on the list. Exactly how that linkage function will operate
in the coming months is not entirely clear at the moment.  Howev-
er, as the list expands, my hope is that individual list  members
will  initially identify interesting academic links  through  the
list,  and  subsequently  cooperate/communicate  directly  rather
through the list.

Representatives  of  business schools/economics programs  in  the
CEE/NIS  regions  can be added to the list by sending  a  message
directly to my e-mail address (mac@maine.maine.edu). It would  be
helpful if the message included full name, e-mail address, insti-
tutional affiliation, postal address, and academic interests.
*  CEEMAN-L MAILING LIST       DECEMBER 5, 1996                 *
*  Country        Subscribers
*  -------        -----------
*  Albania                2
*  Australia              1
*  Austria                3
*  Azerbaijan             1
*  Belgium                2
*  Bulgaria              15
*  Canada                17
*  Croatia                9
*  Czech Republic         9
*  Estonia                7
*  Finland                1
*  Great Britain         11
*  Hungary               14
*  Kazakhstan             1
*  Latvia                 1
*  Lithuania              4
*  Moldova                5
*  Netherlands            1
*  New Zealand            1
*  Pakistan               1
*  Poland                 8
*  Romania               19
*  Russia                15
*  Slovakia               7
*  Slovenia               9
*  Soviet Union          32
*  Sweden                 2
*  Taiwan                 1
*  Turkey                 1
*  Ukraine                6
*  USA                  180
             CEEMAN-L Postings on Netnews Newsgroup
Most  of  the  items posted to CEEMAN-L are also  posted  on  the
UMaine  newsgroup  "maine.international-funding" on  the  Netnews
system. On occasion, I also post items to the newsgroup that I do
not  post to CEEMAN-L. Thus, if you have been recently  added  to
the  CEEMAN-L list, you can review the postings for the  past  30

For  members  of  the list who have access to  Netnews  on  their
system,  you can access Netnews, then use the search function  to
locate  the newsgroup by name. Then follow the  function-key  in-
structions on your system to open the newsgroup, scan the list of
announcement  titles,  open files, and save (download)  files  to
your computer.

** 13 **********************************************************************

Sender:  mac@MAINE.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell - Maine Business School)
Subject: CEP On-Line Partners Program

I  have recently received information about the new  CEP  On-Line
Partners  Program,  and have attached the  announcement  to  this
note. It is my understanding that Partners will be matched  after
the  forthcoming holidays. Interested list members  can  complete
the  attached  information form and e-mail it to Ron Kim  at  the
address  provided  in  the announcement. List  members  with  web
capability may want to visit the CEP website.
                  CEP On-Line Partners Program
The true strength of the Internet is not in its ability to deliv-
er infinite amounts of information to a passive audience; rather,
it lies in its potential to create real communities where  people
actively correspond with people to achieve a concrete  objective.

The  On-Line Partners Program (OPP) represents an effort  to  tap
into this potential of the Internet by promoting academic  links,
expanding  educational  resources, and  facilitating  cooperation
between  scholars  and students in  Central/Eastern  Europe  with
their counterparts in North America and Western Europe.

Due  to  a communist system that stifled open discussion  in  the
social  sciences  as well as generally poor  economic  conditions
that  have  left universities in the region with  few  resources,
many  Central/East European professors and students are  deprived
of the rich scholarly network they need to rebuild their  depart-
ments, and that their Western counterparts take for granted. Many
do  not have access to the latest literature in their fields  and
few  have been able to establish lasting contact with others  who
share similar research and teaching interests. At the same  time,
they  offer many ideas and insights that have yet to  enter  into
the discussions of a wider academic community.

In response, the OPP offers a cost-effective and more sustainable
means  of  addressing the isolation experienced  by  universities
from Slovakia to Kazakstan, thereby assisting them integrate into
the  global academic community. The increased availability of  e-
mail  throughout the region has given us the opportunity to  link
Westerners with their Eastern colleagues in order to share ideas,
advice,  and  information in both directions. The focus  of  this
program  is,  therefore, to encourage and  develop  strong  long-
distance relationships that focus on real academic questions.

The  On-Line  Partners  Program is designed  with  the  following
interconnected goals:

* Facilitating  matches between Eastern and Western scholars  and
  students, thereby helping to establish a vital, living  network
  that furthers the development of social science scholarship and
* Creating a database of participating scholars and students that
  will include research and teaching interests.
* Offering new content across social science disciplines.
* Serving as an information clearinghouse.
* Offering responsive and helpful coordination.

CEP is now recruiting Western partners for scholars and  graduate
students  at Russian regional universities in Yaroslavl,  Novosi-
birsk,  and  Vladivostok  where The Open  Society  Institute  has
provided  free Internet access to the local academic  communities
through  its  recently  opened University  Internet  Centers  (29
additional centers are scheduled to open over the next 5 years).

CEP is also recruiting partners who will assist the most  promis-
ing students and colleagues of current CEP Visiting Lecturers  in
15  countries  in Central/Eastern Europe. In particular,  we  are
searching for volunteers willing to provide guidance on  specific
research  and teaching topics or serve as academic  advisors  for

In  order  to respond to the needs of its on-line  partners,  CEP
will  also  be expanding its World Wide Web homepage  to  include
such  academic materials as syllabi, research  articles,  library
resources,  grant information, and more. It will also attempt  to
initiate  new programs that reflect the future needs of its  par-
ticipants. Examples might include publishing new research, incor-
porating  the Internet into seminars, organizing virtual  student
conferences, and launching distance education initiatives.

It  is  difficult  to anticipate the exact  time  commitment  the
program  will  require of its participants. For  some,  it  might
entail  answering an occasional question about  grant-writing  or
editing  an essay. For others, it might involve more  substantive
inquiries on teaching or research methodology. Some partners will
find  themselves busier than others -- much will depend on  indi-
vidual  interests and schedules. Ultimately, the time you  devote
can be very flexible but please keep in mind that even one hour a
week can represent a significant contribution.

As  an  on-line partner, you will be matched  eventually  with  a
scholar or student in Central/Eastern Europe or the Former Soviet
Union  who  shares  your academic interests or is  need  of  your
assistance. Otherwise, your e-mail address will remain  confiden-
tial.  From time to time we will send out updates or  information
you may find helpful as a partner.

If you would like to participate in the program, please  complete
the following form and return to Ron Kim.
                      ON-LINE PARTNERS FORM




University or Institute:

E-mail address:

Major academic field(s):

Any previous experience living/working overseas?

In which country(ies):

Current research interests:

Current teaching interests:

Approximate number of hours per week you are willing to volunteer
as a partner:


Ronald Kim:  rkim@cep.yale.edu
Civic Education Project
CEP Homepage:  http://www.cep.yale.edu

** 14 **********************************************************************

Sender:  mac@MAINE.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell - Maine Business School)
Subject: Search for Russian Political Web Sites

             Search for Russian Political Web Sites
While  reviewing  the December issue of Business  Central  Europe
(BCE),  I  noted  a new (to me, anyway) feature -  a  listing  of
country-specific web sites. The December issue identifies Hungar-
ian web sites.

Members of this list may be interested to know that the  February
1997  issue of BCE will focus on Russian political web sites.  If
any list members know of useful sites, they are asked to send the
information to James Arnold (100337.1153@compuserve.com).

It would seem that if anyone knows of useful sites in the region,
it will be members of the Friends list.

** 15 **********************************************************************

Sender:  mac@MAINE.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell - Maine Business School)
Subject: Ukraine - Program Administrator

Perhaps some list members know of qualified colleagues who  might
be  interested  in the attached position announcement.  For  more
information  about  the position, or  about  Eurasia  Foundation,
please contact the e-mail address provided in the announcement.
                 Program Administrator - Ukraine
           Economics Education and Research Consortium
The Economics Education and Research Consortium, a group of major
donor organizations created to promote high-quality education and
research in Russia and Ukraine, seeks a Program Administrator  in
its Ukraine Office.

The  Program  Administrator will be  involved  in  administrative
management of the office, oversee academic programs according  to
the directions of the Program Director, coordinate with local and
visiting  faculty,  interact with University  staff,  manage  the
program  budget, prepare annual and quarterly financial  reports,
and procure teaching material/supplies.

Minimum Requirements: BA degree in Business Administration,
Economics, or Public  Administration,  fluency in written and
spoken  English, fluency  in Ukrainian and/or Russian, and
experience  in  program and/or business management in the NIS.

Interested  candidates should address inquiries and  applications
by fax, or email to:

                         Mr. Jeff Mosser
                     The Eurasia Foundation
                 1527 New Hampshire Avenue, N.W.
                      Washington DC  20036
                       Fax: (202) 234-7377
                   Email: jmosser@eurasia.org

Deadline: December 21, 1996           No phone inquiries, please.

** 16 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Bohdan@TRYZUB.com (Bohdan Peter Rekshynskyj)
Subject: Ukraine FAQ Plus: Ukrainian Weekly Preview December 8th now


   The latest preview of the Ukrainian Weekly is now available
on the Ukraine FAQ Plus site!  This is an exclusive regular
feature each week.  The Ukrainian Weekly is the largest
weekly newspaper (in English) extant in the Western
world covering Ukrainian issues both in Ukraine and in the
Ukrainian Diaspora.   The preview is available on Internet at the
address of the Ukraine FAQ Plus Project.  You can obtain
subscription information in order to read the complete articles
when you visit the web-site.

   Please note that one may now browse the FAQ project using
an advanced three dimensional navigational tool.  Point your
browser to http://www.tryzub.com/ for information on how
to download the plug-in for your browser and the actual "mcf"
image which is used for this.

The address of the Ukraine FAQ Plus Project is now:


Either click the button labelled "Current Events" by the
Tryzub (Trident) graphic or scroll down and click the
"Current Events" section summary to access this latest

As always, please feel free to email us at faq@tryzub.com
with comments.   We always are looking for contributions
as well.


                 Bohdan Peter Rekshynskyj

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