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01-20 November 95  Sender:  "Warren E. Clark" (ag-pr@AGPR.COM)
                   Subject: Any Restored Antique Belarus/FSU Tractor Photos?

02-20 November 95  Sender:  kedzie@rand.org (Chris Kedzie)
                   Subject: Academic Winter in Russia

03-20 November 95  Sender:  Athol Yates (ayates@lingua.cltr.uq.oz.au)
                   Subject: Russian Guidebook Testers

04-20 November 95  Sender:  David Zlotchenko (zlotchen@solar.rtd.utk.edu)
                   Subject: elections results (Georgia)

05-20 November 95  Sender:  bohdan@tryzub.com (Bohdan Peter Rekshynskyj)
                   Subject: UKRAINE FAQ PLUS Presents: Encyclopedia of Ukrai=
                            Presentation at Shevchenko

06-20 November 95  Sender: (uucp@wvb.gomel.by)
                   Subject: Sernovodsk and Grozni - Update

07-20 November 95  Sender:  Kit Strange (Kstrange@worldres.demon.co.uk)
                   Subject: Sustainable Waste - WRF on the world-wide web

08-20 November 95  Sender:  72163.645@compuserve.com
                   Subject: Digest for 95-11-14

09-20 November 95  Sender:  "MIKE GREGORY (SS)" (MIKEG@action-lane.com)
                   Subject: new post

10-20 November 95  Sender:  bohdan@tryzub.com (Bohdan Peter Rekshynskyj)
                   Subject: UKRAINE FAQ PLUS Presents: Ukrainian Weekly Prev=
                            November 19, 1995 now ONLINE!

11-20 November 95  Sender:  Tony Byrne - IREX (tbyrne@info.irex.org)
                   Subject: New on IREX Web

12-20 November 95  Sender:  hyland@glas.apc.org (Patrick Hyland)
                   Subject: Moscow Esxpat Entrepreneurs Business Association

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Sender:  "Warren E. Clark" (ag-pr@AGPR.COM)
Subject: Any Restored Antique Belarus/FSU Tractor Photos?

A good friend of mine publishes an antique tractor calendar. For the '96
Olympics in Atlanta, GA,  he's putting together a calendar with antiques
from around the world. He would like to include a photo of a restored
antique tractor from the former Soviet Union.

If you're able to supply such a photo, please drop me a note, or give me a
call as soon as possible. Thanks.
Best wishes...

Warren E. Clark, President
Clark Consulting International, Inc.
14N921 Lac Du Beatrice
West Dundee, IL 60118-3115
Tel: 708-836-5100, Fax: 708-836-5140, E-mail: ag-pr@agpr.com
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Sender:  kedzie@rand.org (Chris Kedzie)
Subject: Academic Winter in Russia

=46rom: marina@ic.redline.ru (Marina Oborina)
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 1995 23:00:19 +0300 (MSK)

Russian Winter: Vacation and Free Academic Program

January 2 - February 26, 1996

Winter Opportunities for Students of Russian

The Institute for International Communication and the International
Institute of Russian Language and  Culture, under the auspices of the
Tver InterContact Group, an independent educational and  consulting
company, announce the opening of enrollment for the first annual
Winter School in Tver.

Modeled on the 1995 Summer School, our most successful program ever,
the Winter School offers an  opportunity for intensive study of Russian
language and Area Studies in the heart of Central Russia  during Russia's
most romantic season -- Winter. As in the Summer School, over 150
Russian students  and up to 60 International students from the U.S.,
Canada, the E.C., Scandinavia, and Japan, are  expected to attend.  They
will spend two-to-eight weeks interacting with their peers, studying Russian=
and enjoying the culture of Russia's friendliest town -- Tver, capital of th=
Tver Region between Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The Russian winter offers attractions uniquely its own -- deep white snow,
sunny skies, and the fantastic vistas of the mighty Volga river covered with
ice thick enough to walk upon. Many Russian traditions  are connected
with the winter-time. In fact, our most popular holidays are celebrated in
the winter: Rozhdestvo (Russian Orthodox Christmas), Svyatki, "Stariy"
Novy God (the "Old" New Year), Kreschenye and Maslenitza. Welcome!

We invite students, professors, teachers, business people and tourists of an=
age and trade, who are  attracted to the active exploration of a national
Culture, Language, and People, rather than dreary sightseeing tours trapped
behind a tour bus window, caught in the vise of a package tour schedule.

The Winter School begins on the 2nd of January and embraces almost all of
the traditional Russian winter holidays: Russian Christmas (the 7th of
January), Russian Old New Year (the eve of January 14th).  Participants
may enroll for from 2 to 8 weeks, and may select from several programs of
study and ways of spending their free time outside of program events. We
offer the following programs:

Short Program (2 weeks) -- beginning on the 2nd of January and beginning
anew each 2 week  period thereafter, throughout the Term (on the 14th of Jan=
the 28th of Jan., and the 13th of Feb.)

Medium Program (3 to 6 weeks) -- beginning on the 2nd and 29th of January.

=46ull Program (7 to 8 weeks) -- beginning on the 2nd of January and continu=
until the 18th  or 25th of February.

Students of all ages and abilities are invited to apply.  Our instructors
tailor each program curriculum to the unique abilities, needs, and
interests of the participants.

All programs include weekend tours within Tver, to local artists' workshops,
area monasteries,  churches, and museums, and special excursions to nearby
cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Due to generous financial support from the Tver Regional Board of
Education and the City Council of  Tver, all tuition and educational materia=
costs have been waived for the Winter School '96.  Students will pay only fo=
room, board, excursions, and a small administrative fee.

=46or more information, contact:

Dr. Marina Oborina
Academic Programs Coordinator
International Institute of Russian Language and Culture
P.O. Box 0565
Central Post Office
Tver 170000, Russia

Email:  marina@ic.redline.ru
Phone: +7.0822.425419, .425439
=46ax:     +7.501.9021765

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Sender:  Athol Yates (ayates@lingua.cltr.uq.oz.au)
Subject: Russian Guidebook Testers

Russian Guidebook Testers Wanted
If you are travelling to any Russian, Belorussian or
Ukrainian city or have recently visited any (with the
exception of Moscow and St Petersburg), and are interested
in checking the chapter on my upcoming guidebook,
Russia by Rail, I would be delighted to hear from you.
I will supply you with the city chapter/s or route if you are
travelling by rail, and you will see what is missing or think
needs clarrification.
The book covers the following routes (plus a few others)
with descriptions of most of their cities and towns en route:
* The Trans-Siberian, Trans-Mongolian, Trans-
* Vladivostok to Harbin via the old East Chinese Railway
* Vladivostok to Pyongyang, North Korea
* The BAM from Taishet to Sovetskaya Gavin
* Moscow to St Petersburg
* Mosow to Arkhangelsk to Murmansk to St Petersburg
* Moscow to Minsk to Brest (Poland/Belorussian border)
* Moscow to Kiev to Chop (Ukrainian/Hungarian border)
* Moscow to Voronozh to Volgagrad to Astrakhan
* The Golden Ring cities
* The Vyatka Line from Moscow to Nizhni Novgorod to
Vyatka (formerly Kirov).

Reward for this work includes a mention in the
acknowledgement section as a Guidebook Tester, and a
copy of the book.

Athol Yates
Canberra Australia

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Sender:  David Zlotchenko (zlotchen@solar.rtd.utk.edu)
Subject: elections results (Georgia)

This is a Repost from soc.culture.rep-of-georgia.

Among already known good news, this message tells that some leaders which
become prominent during anty Zviad Gamsahurdia battle, now failed to
be re-elected.

Thanks. David.

cd013@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Irene S. Gabashvili) wrote:

Message #26 (26 is last):
Date: Tue Nov 14 14:46:02 1995
=46rom: georgia@bioc02.uthscsa.edu (Georgia Listserv)
Subject:  elections results-prelim
To: cd013@freenet

Original Sender: JOhnw@iberiapac.ge
Subject: elections results-prelim

Dear all,

You might be interested in the results to date in the elections conducted on
5th November 1995.


Eduard Shevardnadze    1555390         72.9%
Jumber Patiashvili      406929         19.1%
Acaci Bakradze           30609          1.4%
Panteleimon Giorgadze    10223           .5%
Kartlos Gharibashvili    10046           .5%
Roin Liparteliani         8217           .4%


150 seats were elected by a proportional system taking the country as a whol=
There was a 5% threshold which parties had to reach to be eligible for one o=
more seats in Parliament.

Three parties reached five percent or over.

Citizens Union                 Votes, 494990   Seats 91
National Democrats             Votes, 168360   Seats 31
Georgia Revival Union  Votes, 149018   Seats 28

Parliament constituencies

Members from Abkhazia have had their mandates extended pending the eventual
outcome of the dispute call it what you will in Abkhazia. There were no
elections in two
other constituencies

In the remianing 75, clear results were gained in 35. A run off between the =
leading candidates in the remaining 40 constituencies is scheduled for
Sunday November 19th.

These are still preliminary results to the best of my knowledge although it =
unlikely they will change.

Many prominent figures in the last parliament have failed to be re-elected

Jaba Ioselliani, Gia Jorjoliani, Tamar Chkheidze, Acaci Asatiani,
Ivliene Khaindrava, Vakhtang Khmaladze, Irakli Tsereteli

Nodar Natadze Vakhtang Goguadze, Vakhtang Rcheulishvili face run offs.

Any further information can be sent in due course

With best wishes to all

John Wright

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Sender:  bohdan@tryzub.com (Bohdan Peter Rekshynskyj)
Subject: UKRAINE FAQ PLUS Presents: Encyclopedia of Ukraine Presentation at



   Whither the Encyclopedia of Ukraine by the year 2000?
=46ind out on the Ukraine FAQ Plus web site.

The address of the Ukraine FAQ Plus Project is:


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as well.


                Bohdan Peter Rekshynskyj

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Sender:  "Subscriptions World Vision Int. Belarus" (uucp@wvb.gomel.by)
Subject: Sernovodsk and Grozni - Update

Dear Friends,

Please pass this along to anyone who might be of help, or might
have an interest in this situation -Dave


To: david%wvb.gomel.by@brc.minsk.by
Organization: World Vision Russia, Belarus, Ukraine
=46rom: Jos Vanhee (jos@vanhee.msk.su)
Date: Sat, 18 Nov 95 11:57:26 +0300

                Trip shows shocking conditions in
                Sernovodsk and in Grozni hospital.
       Reported by Jos Vanhee and Jukka Peltoniemi, WV Russia
                   Paul Almas, WV Canada

After 2 months of unsuccessful attempts, World Vision team members
were able to enter the town of Sernovodsk on the Chechen border with
Ingushetia.  The town has been surrounded by Russian troops since
September 28, and has been increasingly isolated from the surrounding

The team found devastating conditions in the Sernovodsk resort center,
which currently houses 3,000 refugees, 2,100 of which are children.
Mothers with 6 to 10 children living in 1 room are the norm. Both
heating and water are no longer available since Russian forces
interrupted the power supply to Sernovodsk on November 10; water
wells and heating are electricity-driven.  "Mothers are gathering
firewood and stoking a fire on the balcony;" says Jukka Peltoniemi,
Project Manager.  =9EChildren have no winter clothing, and are bringing
water from the industrially polluted river 2 km away for use in cooking
over wood fires.  There is no water for hygiene.  Toilet facilities are
simply not available.  The food supply has dwindled to a trickle since
Russian forces are scarcely letting aid through.=CA

The Sernovodsk town leadership and the director of the resort have
appealed together with the Ingushetia government to the Russian forces
to allow an immediate restoration of the power supply.  World Vision
workers were present in Sernovodsk when the Ingushi government
power vehicles returned after having partially restored the power
supply.  "We hope this will at least lessen the danger of epidemics,"
says Lisa Armakhadzieva, director of the Ingushi Red Cross.  "The
water wells should again start working, and some power will be
available for lighting.  It is unlikely that the power supply will be
strong enough for the electrical heating system, and temperatures are
already repeatedly dropping below freezing."

World Vision Russia will focus immediately on raising further funds
for one-month emergency food pack shipments for the town of
Sernovodsk, organizing schooling and trauma counseling in the
Sernovodsk resort area.    "We appeal both to sponsors within Russia
and to the World Vision partnership," says Jos Vanhee, WV RBU
director.  "We need an immediate $40,000 to use the open channel that
we were able to negotiate with Russian troops; we can now enter
Sernovodsk and help immediately with food supplies purchased in
Nazran, 40km away.  This $40,000 can provide for 1 month's food
supplies for 3,000 refugees.  In all of Sernovodsk, there are 15,000
inhabitants and an additional 15,000 refugees from Chechnya towns."

There appears to be no letup in the isolation of Sernovodsk.  Although
the World Vision team entered the town relatively easily by donating
some bread and softdrinks to hungry young Russian soldiers, it took 1 hour t=
negotiate with the Russian commander about exiting the town before
nightfall.  "We can enter and exit, but not without difficulty," says
Jukka Peltoniemi.  "Above all, we need to work quickly and exit
quickly.  There are repeated skirmishes, random shooting of both
Chechen rebels and Russian troops as soon as the night starts to fall.
On November 15, when we were travelling to Grozni with Paul Almas
of WV Canada during daylight and outside of Sernovodsk, we were
stopped and held at gunpoint by Chechen rebels.  They allowed us to
continue immediately when we explained our mission and showed our
international passports."

The situation in Grozni has improved only slightly.  Although many
refugees have returned and have even started to repair their heavily
damaged homes and appartments, there is no working plumbing
system, no central water supply and no heating.  Power has been
restored.  The situation in the central Grozni hospital, however, is
shocking.  "In a republic of 1.3 million people, only 4 beds are
available for children's emergency care," says Paul Almas, World
Vision Canada director for Corporate Development.  "In the only
children's wing, I saw 6 children on 4 beds in intensive care.  The
water supply is trucked in and will stop all together when temperatures
drop consistently below freezing in December.  There is no water for
cleaning the floors.  There is hardly any equipment.  There is no

World Vision Russia is working together with World Vision Canada,
World Vision Netherlands and World Vision Finland to equip the
hospital and supply it with much needed beds, water supply, heaters
and basic equipment.  The first major shipments are expected  by

    World Wide Web http://solar.rtd.utk.edu/friends/wvision/index.html
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Sender:  Kit Strange (Kstrange@worldres.demon.co.uk)
Subject: Sustainable Waste - WRF on the world-wide web

PRISM environmental information service

I recommend our new W3 information resource for global information on solid
waste management and resource recovery, information from our free journal
'Warmer Bulletin' and much more besides.

Visit, enjoy, contribute and tell your friends!

Kit Strange
director, WRF

World Resource Foundation            Tel           +44 1732 368 333
Bridge House                         Fax        +44 1732 368 337
High Street, Tonbridge
Kent TN9 1DP England

email      KStrange@worldres.demon.co.uk
or            wrf@gn.apc.org




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Sender:  72163.645@compuserve.com
Subject: Digest for 95-11-14


There's a company from whom I've bought a video on the east coast - it's cal=
MBM Enterprises.  I don't have their phone number with me, but will try to f=
it when I'm home this weekend.  But I can tell you that they're legitimate a=
you'll get your film.

Good Luck.

Walter Jacques
Oklahoma City

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Sender:  "MIKE GREGORY (SS)" (MIKEG@action-lane.com)
Subject: new post

Hello from Tupelo Mississippi...( If this introduction is not proper,
I apologize.... first post you know)....  .  I am in Sales Service
 Administration with a large furniture manufacturing company here
 in north Miss.  I would like to communicate with others in a
 manufacturing , sales, consumer, type environment..  hopefully to
discuss common problems and solutions.  (.maybe even our golf
scores?)     Any way,  I'll try to respond to all interested.  Thanks

Mike Gregory
Action Industries Inc.
PO Box 1627
Tupelo  MS   38802

Tele: (601) 566 3235
=46ax : (601) 566 3187

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Sender:  bohdan@tryzub.com (Bohdan Peter Rekshynskyj)
Subject: UKRAINE FAQ PLUS Presents: Ukrainian Weekly Preview November 19,
1995 now ONLINE!

1995 now ONLINE!


   The latest preview of the Ukrainian Weekly is now available
on the Ukraine FAQ Plus site!  This is an exclusive regular
feature each week.  The Ukrainian Weekly is the largest
English-speaking Weekly Newspaper extant in the Western
world covering Ukrainian issues both in Ukraine and in the
Diaspora.   The preview is available on Internet at the
address of the Ukraine FAQ Plus Project.

The address of the Ukraine FAQ Plus Project is:


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as well.


                Bohdan Peter Rekshynskyj

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Sender: Tony Byrne - IREX (tbyrne@info.irex.org)
Subject: New on IREX Web

                   Monday, November 20, 1995

- Freedom Support Act Fellowships Renewed with Extended Deadline

- Database of Scholar Library/Archive Access Reports

- China Resident Fellows Program Established

- Photos and Description of the E-mail "Pubsite" in Bishkek

- Mid-Term Report on the Children's Health and Rehabilitation
  Network for Russia Project

- "What I was able to observe and learn during my year-long
   fellowship ultimately led me to my current position at
   Microsoft."  Robert Clough (Managing Director, Microsoft
   Corporation/Moscow) and other IREX alumni discuss how
   they've analyzed and influenced the transformation in Eurasia.

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Sender:  hyland@glas.apc.org (Patrick Hyland)
Subject: Moscow Esxpat Entrepreneurs Business Association

2nd edition                                                   Newsletter

=0CWelcome to the MEEBA, the association dedicated to your success.  Our fir=
meeting surpassed our expectations. We had not advertised and had only sent =
faxes to a few people, but we had 30 individuals show up.  In the meeting we
gained some important information on the needs of expat businessmen and
businesswomen.  It became apparent that there is a great need for an
organization that can procure services and provide support for individual

As expected, a large amount of the discussion was centered on what form the
association should take.  The size of group, the member profiles, the legal
status, membership dues, services, discounts, and frequency of meetings were
just some of the issues brought up.  While being somewhat unorganized, the
meeting was very productive.  We now realized it would work.
Questionnaires were faxed to those who attended.  The responses gave us
direction on what final form the organization will take.  We fully expect th=
membership to quickly number into the hundreds, if the association is able t=
offer specific advantages to its members.

Dedicated to your success.

MEEBA as a group will procure services for its members at discounted rates.
Some of the areas in which this will be most advantageous are: acquisition o=
office space, telecommunications, international air fares, shipping,
advertising, business information services, and health care.  This last area=
of primary interest to many of us.  We have already secured discounts from s=
health care providers and have begun to assemble a committee which will deve=
a health care system for members.  In addition to being able to negotiate=
 from a
position of strength on goods and services, the membership will provide spec=
discounts for their products and services to other MEEBA members.  MEEBA mem=
include individuals in the following fields:

telecommunications      photography
security        law
construction    news
science publications
real estate     freight forwarding
construction    medicine
trading Business Training

As membership grows, we expect to have members in almost every field of
endeavor.  Doing business anywhere can be difficult, but in Moscow, it is ev=
more so.  The unifying characteristic of all members is the fact that we mus=
contend with many issues in which we are not experts, taking time from the m=
important aspects of our businesses.  By having access to services and=
 advice of
individuals who are experts in these areas, we can clearly save time and mon=
The other very important function of MEEBA will be to provide a relaxed
atmosphere where members will be able to meet one another.  To this end, we =
have socials on a regular basis, perhaps monthly.  It will not only be an
opportunity to "network".  Moscow can be a difficult place to cultivate
friendships with people who are in a similar position, with similar aspirati=
and similar problems.  MEEBA socials will be the ideal place to make
acquaintances that may become lasting friendships.

MEEBA will:
-       Form special interest committees to work on specific goals.  The
volunteers will be MEEBA members who have either expertise in a certain area=
a desire to resolve that particular issue.
        One example would be the health care committee that is currently wor=
to negotiate a health coverage program for MEEBA members.
-       Hold monthly socials where all MEEBA members would be invited to att=
The location of these gatherings could be hotels, bars or restaurants.  Any
persons interested in donating a hall for these events, please contact Patri=
Hyland at 158-5096.
-       Publish a monthly newsletter.  The newsletter will include: accounti=
of the activities of the various committees; news articles and tips contribu=
by members; an index of members, their professions, and any services and
discounts that they can provide to MEEBA members; a section for classified a=
or a bulletin board.
-       Promote involvement in charitable organizations.  For example, perha=
hold an event with proceeds going to help the elderly.
-       Organize outings and occasions for members, such as picnics, trips t=
other cities etc.  Help people with common recreational pursuits to get
together, i.e. softball, broomball, pool club, chess, wind surfing, mountain
biking etc.
What we need.
To organize this, we will need the services of an individual who could organ=
everything.  We will rely on the aid of members, but it is vital that we hav=
one person who will be in charge of everything from contacting advertisers,
members, and other business organizations to putting together the newsletter=
organizing the socials and planning the development of the organization.  Th=
person will ideally be a Russian with perfect English, who would work on a p=
time basis, that would quickly become full time.  They will also be responsi=
for the budget of the organization and the proper management of its funds,
including their own salary.  This would have to be a very trustworthy person=
meets with the approval of all members.
Each member will pay annual dues.  In addition, members will pay for
supplemental activities, such as outings, picnics etc.  MEEBA will also sell
advertising in its future newsletters to raise the needed funds for creating=
office and staff that would oversee its activities.
It is encouraging to see how quickly this is taking shape.  It is a large
undertaking and will not be easy to accomplish.  We will only be successful =
the continued support of members and non members who advise, donate and
participate in many different ways.  I welcome your suggestions on all the a=
mentioned areas, particularly on nominating an individual to be the organize=
and administrator for the organization.


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