Digest for 95-11-14

Dear friends,

Our apologies for not getting this digest to you last week.  A busy trip
last week to Hungary for an Internet conference for Central/East European
educators has left some of us very behind on digests, email (and
everything else!).=20

This latest trip to Russia and Hungary is now finished and there is quite a=
bit of good news to share about the new F&P Center in Pushchino and=20
upcoming announcement of a "new and improved" F&P WWW server.  We'll share=
all with you in a not-so-busy future edition of the digest.

We want to extend a special congratulations to Alla Schaeffer (wife of F&P=
subscriber Ken) on her honor of receiving the "Nikka" -- the Russian=20
counterpart to The Oscar -- for Best Actress!  Notes of congratulations=20
will find Alla at ken@nutcom.com.

                          Table of Contents

WHAT'S NEW . . .

01-14 November 95  New Material in Moscow Life - "An October Saturday
                   in Moscow"

02-14 November 95  Russian Trip Report - "Our Siberian Experience"


01-14 November 95  Sender:  Andrey Sebrant (asebrant@glas.apc.org)
                   Subject: New material in Moscow Life

02-14 November 95  Sender:  nate.lipsen@execnet.com (NATE LIPSEN)
                   Subject: Russian Trip Report

03-14 November 95  Sender:  Tym Rondomanski (71001.3452@compuserve.com)
                   Subject: Computers for Sakhalin

04-14 November 95  Sender:  Jim Klima (73141.1201@compuserve.com)
                   Subject: Uzbek visa

05-14 November 95  Sender:  MPoole6867@aol.com
                   Subject: Russian trip next year

06-14 November 95  Sender:  Basil Mironov (MIRONOVB@bible.acu.edu)
                   Subject: Need info.

07-14 November 95  Sender:  T ANGELAKIS (T.Angelakis@bradford.ac.uk)
                   Subject: Trans-Siberian Rail????

08-14 November 95  Sender:  username@netrix.net (Rebecca Nolte)
                   Subject: line and the text of the message before=20
                            forwarding it back.

09-14 November 95  Sender:  bespal@ix.netcom.com (Nelli Bespalova )
                   Subject: women's organizations in Russia

10-14 November 95  Sender:  Athol Yates (ayates@lingua.cltr.uq.oz.au)
                   Subject: Birobizhan's Jewish Festival

11-14 November 95  Sender:  David Stickney (david@wvb.gomel.by)
                   Subject: Prenatal Care in Belarus

12-14 November 95  Sender:  balindem@facstaff.wisc.edu
                   Subject: Request for e-mail contact

13-14 November 95  Sender:  icaaun@nywork2.undp.org (International Council=
                            on Alcohol and Addictions - UN NGO Rep.)
                   Subject: Re: Russia and Drugs

14-14 November 95  Sender:  Dan Tappan (dat@engr.engr.uark.edu)
                   Subject: Where to purchase Russian videos

15-14 November 95  Sender:  Agnieszka Zieminska (AZ@CHEMONICS.COM)
                   Subject: Any Uzbek experts out there

16-14 November 95  Sender:  Patrick Comey (76461.1140@compuserve.com)
                   Subject: Russian Hydrofoil Experiences

17-14 November 95  Sender:  palbank@americanbank.eskimo.com
                   Subject: Re: To Jeremy Tasch

18-14 November 95  Sender:  sgoldste@nsf.gov (Steve Goldstein)
                   Subject: Kids in ex-USSR seek USA penpals

19-14 November 95  Sender: "Subscriptions World Vision Int. Belarus"=20
                   Subject: Newsbriefs Update Chechnya

20-14 November 95  Sender:  Palms & Company, Inc. (palbank@eskimo.com)
                   Subject: Provide Rental of US Branch office for=20
                            Russian companies

21-14 November 95  Sender:  mac@MAINE.maine.edu=20
                   Subject: Russian Banking

22-14 November 95  Sender:  bohdan@tryzub.com (Bohdan Peter Rekshynskyj)
                   Subject: UKRAINE FAQ PLUS Presents: Ukrainian Weekly=20
                            Preview November 12, 1995 now ONLINE!

23-14 November 95  Sender:  kedzie@rand.org (Chris Kedzie)
                   Subject: Job opening in Kharkiv

24-14 November 95  Sender:  kedzie@rand.org (Chris Kedzie)
                   Subject: Opening: IREX/Tashkent

25-14 November 95  Sender: "David H. Lindeman" (dlindeman@internext.com)
                   Subject: Grant Opportunity

26-14 November 95  Sender:  mvs3@po.CWRU.Edu (Maxim V. Soloviev)
                   Subject: Info for Partners: $0.74/min to Russia

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WHAT'S NEW . . .

* Andrey and Masha Sebrant have provided a new story in their wonderful=20
  series on Moscow Life.  This story describes "a regular Saturday with all=
  its shopping chores and a chance to find a quiet street to leisurely enjo=
  the colors of the fall.  Spend an October Saturday in Moscow!" (please se=
  message #1 below for more information)
  Please visit at URL:=20
  or from the F&P Life page. =20
*  Nate Lipsen and his wife, Deb, provide a fascinating (and beautifully
   illustrated) journal of their recent trip to Siberia (see message
   #2 below for more information).  They are returning in May, 1996 and
   invite you to join them.
   Please visit at URL:
   or from the F&P Life and Travel pages. =20
   Thanks to Andrey, Masha, Nate and Deb for their generosity in sharing
   their lives and stories with us! =20
   We would like to invite others to share their stories with us - we will =
   glad to provide you with a "home" on the Internet for your stories and s=
   help in getting started with Internet publishing.  We would especially l=
   to help folks publish material on life in America which might be of inte=
   to our friends in Russia and other countries of the CIS.


Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

** 01 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  Andrey Sebrant (asebrant@glas.apc.org)
Subject: New material in Moscow Life


For those of you who still care to visit our Moscow Life page on Friends an=
Partners server: (http://solar.rtd.utk.edu/~asebrant/life/ml.html)

I have just posted a new story, many pictures again, 21 to be precise. At
last, I decided to tell about Moscow, not our namy ways to escape from it.
October story is the story of a regular Saturday... Welcome to Moscow ;-)


** 02 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  nate.lipsen@execnet.com (NATE LIPSEN)
Subject: Russian Trip Report

Hello -

In August, my wife and I, three other American friends and our
Russian friend made an exciting trip to Siberia. It was our second visit
to Russia and it exceeded all expectations. We stayed with families
throughout the trip, met many interesting Russians, explored Lake Baikal,
traveled through southern Siberia and learned much about daily life,
culture and health care delivery there.

We wanted to share our experience with others so I published a trip report
with pictures and sound on the World Wide Web at


I'd like to invite everyone to take a look and let me know what they
think. We're going back to Russia in May, 1996 and would welcome readers
of FRIENDS to come with us.  Contact me at nate.lipsen@execnet.com or
914-698-4147 if you want any information or have any comments.

 =FE DeLuxe=FD/386 1.25 #7169 =FE EMail to nate.lipsen@execnet.com

** 03 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  Tym Rondomanski (71001.3452@compuserve.com)
Subject: Computers for Sakhalin

A friend on Sakhalin Island sends the following request:


I need some help.  I'm trying to get computers for Russian high-school kids
on Sakhalin who are studying applied economics under the Junior Achievement
program-- most of the schools out in the country here have none. I've got a
container and trans-Pacific shipping from Seattle donated, and we're workin=
on customs. Only thing missing is-- THE COMPUTERS!-- and time is getting
short, as the container leaves late November.  Actually, we have about a
dozen so far from various private donors, but we need about 100 and we
should get as many as the container will hold because this could be our one
shot at it.  486, 386, even 286 in good shape. We'll do all the 220V and
Russian language conversion here.  Donations are tax-deductible.


If anyone can help, please contact Mike Allen at 72470.3553@compuserve.com


** 04 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  Jim Klima (73141.1201@compuserve.com)
Subject: Uzbek visa

Looking for information on how to obtain a visa for Uzbekistan from the USA=
Thank you.  Jim Klima    73141.1201@compuserve.com

** 05 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  MPoole6867@aol.com
Subject: Russian trip next year

We are planning to visit a host family in Moscow next summer. The wife has
asked for a gift from America: a "juicer." She wants a pulp-extractor machi=
that separates the juice from the pulp of fruits and vegetables. Does anyon=
have suggestions for one that is American-made non-electric (an electric on=
would not work on their electricity?). Any other suggestions of gifts of
items from America that they could not readily get would be appreciated.

** 06 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  Basil Mironov (MIRONOVB@bible.acu.edu)
Subject: Need info.

Dear Greg and friends,
I need the information about availability of Internet service providers=20
in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. My brother in law makes the first steps on the=20
net using RELCOM and I guess he is not happy with the connection and some=
other drawbacks. Are any "civilized providers" available there (i.e. AOL,=
Compuserve, etc)?

Appreciate any information on this.
Truly yours,
Vassili Mironov

** 07 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  T ANGELAKIS (T.Angelakis@bradford.ac.uk)
Subject: Trans-Siberian Rail????

Does anybody have any info on the Trans-Siberian railway or know
where I can get information on how to arrange a trip from
Vladivostok to Moscow one way.  I plan to fly Moscow to Vladivostok one
way and take the train back. Does anybody know how much it would cost?  I
have heard rumours that you can get off at any stop and take the next=20
train three days later!?

I am a PhD student and I need to travel across Russia to do=20
interviews.  Seems to me the best way of doing it.
I need to put a field-work proposal together and need some hard data
on costs, logistics, etc.  Any info and help would be greatly appreciated.

Reply to the list or to my e-mail  at t.angelakis@bradford.ac.uk

Thanks for any help.

Tom Angelakis

** 08 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  username@netrix.net (Rebecca Nolte)
Subject: line and the text of the message before forwarding it back.

My name is Rebecca Mechkoff-Nolte. My father was born in (what was then)
Kerch Crimea, Russia in 1905. His name was Konstantine Vasillii
Mechikov. (sp.?) He was the son of Vasilli Feodosiev Mechikov and
Kseniia Fillimonovna. He left Russian in 1917 without his family. He was
the youngest of 13 siblings which leads me to believe that I must have
relatives in Russia or Ukrania. I am hoping to make contact with someone
who can help me, or tell me of an agency that might help me, locate or
contact any relatives I may have in Russia or Ukrania today.

e-mail address: design@netrix.net

** 09 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  bespal@ix.netcom.com (Nelli Bespalova )
Subject: women's organizations in Russia

Dear friends:
    I am looking for a contact with  women's organizations in Russia,=20
particularly in Moscow.  Hopefully I finally will be able to resolve a=20
very complicated issue. It has to do with Russian Family Law.  I would=20
appreciate any advice or suggestion.  You may consider me "a damsel in=20
  Thank you.=20

** 10 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  Athol Yates (ayates@lingua.cltr.uq.oz.au)
Subject: Birobizhan's Jewish Festival

Does anyone know when the International Jewish Song=20
and Music Festival is held in Birobizhan city in Eastern=20
Athol Yates
Canberra, Australia

** 11 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  David Stickney (david@wvb.gomel.by)
Subject: Prenatal Care in Belarus


Greetings colleagues:

The health and well-being of mothers, children and families have become
worse over the past few years in Gomel, Belarus (NIS) because of the
consequences of Chernobyl and the country's social and economic crisis.
The health care service is living through its difficult times while
experiencing lack of medical supplies and modern equipment. The quality
of health care becomes lower with unmotivated medical personnel, who have
little opportunity to receive up-to-date training.

In 1994 World Vision Russia, Belarus, Ukraine initiated prenatal project in
order to address couples reproductive health issues. The classes on prepara=
for childbirth, baby care and parenting have become very popular among Gome=
families and medical, professionals alike, and now need to be expanded. The=
to the project sustainable development is to enable local population with
knowledge and skills in family health issues. This can be approached throug=
the train-of-trainers strategy which we plan to emphasis our work on in 199=
through the two main trends:

  * training of the health professionals (gynecologists, obstetricians,
pediatricians, nurses and midwives) in advanced theory and practice in
psycho-social aspects of maternal/child care and family health issues.

  * training of lay persons (young couples) in counseling in physical and
psychological preparation for pregnancy, childbirth and baby care.

We would be grateful for any information in regards with the similar experi=
which might be helpful for us to succeed in training programs such as:
prenatal classes and those focusing on family reproductive health issues;
training updates for the health professionals;
training of lay-persons as counsellors, and community workers in particular=

With regards,

Natasha Kurashova,
Prenatal Project Coordinator
World Vision

  o   o                 World Vision Belarus, Gomel Office
/ )\o/ \       "New Beginning" Prenatal Project natasha@wvb.gomel.by
 \/ "/\   World Wide Web   http://solar.rtd.utk.edu/friends/wvision/index.h=

*   david@gomel.by        Tel (7) (0232) 55-00-17           Fax 55-06-23  *
*         C/O World Vision Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, 246050 Gomel         *
*                14 Pushkina P.O. BOX 346 Gomel,  Belarus                 *
*                 (FTP) solar.rtd.utk.edu /friends/caaa                   *
*                (Listserver) W-Vision@Solar.rtd.utk.edu                  *
*          http://solar.rtd.utk.edu/friends/wvision/index.html            *
*            http://solar.rtd.utk.edu/friends/caaa/index.html             *

** 12 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  balindem@facstaff.wisc.edu
Subject: Request for e-mail contact

I'm looking for a contact with e-mail access in Moscow to correspond with
Novopirshanya  26
Tatyana Dsnanova

She conducts a girl's choir.  There are probably several errors in my
transcription. Any leads appreciated.  Thanks.


** 13 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  icaaun@nywork2.undp.org (International Council on Alcohol and Addi=
ctions - UN NGO Rep.)
Subject: Re: Russia and Drugs

I am trying to link with a good NIS grantwriter
to get funding via IREX, or NIS Foundations in USA for a variety
of projects..some are related to trans-global crime ( asset forf.
legislation), developing health and social infrastructure w/
focus on drug\alcohol\tobacco issues....and other related topics.
I'd appreciate your help. I am currently working on a media
project to highlight these problems in Russia, with the Int'l
Assn. Against Drug Trafficking and Drug Abuse, located in Moscow.

Thanks again, Ronald B. Brinn... Alliance 2000, Inc.

** 14 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  Dan Tappan (dat@engr.engr.uark.edu)
Subject: Where to purchase Russian videos

     does anyone out there know of a good source for purchasing Russian=20
movies on videotape?  Specifically i'm looking for just one movie, Zvezda=
plenitel'nogo schast'ya, so if anybody knows where this might be found,=20
that would be even better.

     thanx in advance,

        Dan Tappan

** 15 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  Agnieszka Zieminska (AZ@CHEMONICS.COM)
Subject:      Any Uzbek experts out there

I am looking for contacts in Uzbekistan. Are there any Uzbek experts out
there? Specifically I am interested in local agricultural or law firms
and Uzbek professionals in these technical areas. Any ideas for me? If
you know of other discussion groups that I should post this question to,
please let me know. Many thanks.

Agnieszka Zieminska

Chemonics International/ENI

1133 20th Street NW

Suite 400

Washington, DC 20036


tel. 202-955-3425

fax: 202-955-3400

** 16 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  Patrick Comey (76461.1140@compuserve.com)
Subject: Russian Hydrofoil Experiences

Greetings all,

I sent this message to Barney Black, INTERNET:BARNEYCBLACK@delphi.com in
response to a request he posted on this listserv.  Here is it for the perus=
al of
the rest of you.  I welcome comments and/or questions from anyone!

DATE:   11/8/95 20:17

RE:      Russian Hydrofoil Experiences

   I read in a digest of letters from the Russia-U.S. Friends listserv that=
were looking for stories of Russian hydrofoil experiences.  I don't know if=
is what you're looking for but here goes.
   I was in Russia, for the first time, in 1995 from mid-April to mid-June.=
was there to work but I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to see
Russia.  Every week I signed up for a local tour on the weekend.  I saw all=
big sights:  the Kremlin, the Armory Museum, the KGB Museum, the convent at
Novelichy, etc.  I have nothing but praise for the tour guides who were qui=
knowledgable and  spoke excellent English.  Nevertheless, I did have one sm=
"complaint.": I felt like a tourist.  I was limited in how long I could spe=
nd at
a certain place and I couldn't wander.  So, I learned enough Russian to tra=
around Moscow on the subway and explore the city.  In the meanwhile I hoped=
the opportunity to find out how a "typical" Muscovite spent their time.
Fortunately, I met a woman named Ludmila, or Luda for short, who spoke a li=
English.  She started teaching me Russian while I helped her with her Engli=
   I went with Luda to a few of the places I knew and we had a nice time.  =
day, Luda asked me if I wanted to "go on the rocket."  I queried her as to =
we could do that, thinking she might be referring to an amusement park.  Sh=
wasn't able to really explain to me where she wanted to go but, being
adventurous, I said, "Yes!"  We took the Metro Green Line nearly to the end=
.  We
exited the subway and walked through a park towards the Moscow River.  It w=
as a
beauiful Spring day.  When we got to the water, I saw the "rockets":  hydro=
boats with the word "Rocketa," in Roman letters, painted on their side.  Lu=
selected the rocketa and, since we weren't "tourists," paid the Russian pri=
ce of
somewhere around U.S. $3.00 for both of us.  We boarded the rocketa and hea=
up river.  It was a wonderful ride which lasted over an hour and a half.  T=
boat made a few stops where some people got off and some got on.  I observe=
that some people used the rocketa for relaxation and fresh air whereas othe=
used it to go to a particular beach or other place on the river.  I particu=
enjoyed the fact that the rocketa are not overly commercialized: no tour gu=
on a loud speaker interruping my reverie, nobody selling film and tacky
souvenirs, no tasteless food, and no high prices.   I only wish I had had m=
time so I could have rode the rocketa again.

Patrick Comey

** 17 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  palbank@americanbank.eskimo.com
Subject: Re: To Jeremy Tasch

Sender:  JTASCH@vax.clarku.edu
Subject: Research in the Russian Far East

My Name is Jeremy Tasch. I am a geographer at the Graduate School of
Geography, Clark University, U.S. I am researching the environmental,
economic, and social implications for the Russian Far East of United Nation=
sponsored development along the Tumen River.

Contact our office in Vladivostok

Korobov, Alecander (/S=3DFETI/O=3DVLAD.WOOD/@sovmail.sprint.com)

Dr. Pyotr Johannevich van de Waal-Palms, Sovetnik Pravitelstva CWA,=20
Tovarichestvo Palmsa, Inc. Investment Bankers. Washington, USA=20
World Wide Web home pages - Palms Portal to Russia & CIS (250Mb) 7000=20
URL links. U.S.A. Location:       http://www.eskimo.com/~palbank
Moscow Location: http:/alice.ibpm.serpukhova.su/friends/home.html

** 18 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  sgoldste@nsf.gov (Steve Goldstein)
Subject: Kids in ex-USSR seek USA penpals

Date: Wed, 1 Nov 1995 17:00:33 -0500
)From: Rite4Peace@aol.com
To: sgoldste@nsf.gov, sgonzo@swan.admin.uiuc.edu,
        SGUNTER@bville.nwsc.k12.ar.us, sgunter@comp.uark.edu, Sgw@eworld.co=
        sh2q+@andrew.cmu.edu, shaffer@marywood1.marywood.edu,
        shafieim@jetson.uh.edu, SHALE@dekalb.dc.peachnet.edu,
        shale@dekalb.dc.peachnet.edu, ShaleenF@stlgate.byu.edu,
        shall@mail.maryhogan.k12.vt.us, SHAMM@ers.bitnet,
        shamus@u.washington.edu, shangill@tenet.edu,
        shaning@freenet.columbus.oh.us, sharcohe@umd5.umd.edu,
        Sharen_Lenkey@poplar.anes.upmc.edu, sharlan@wviz.org,
Subject: Kids in ex-USSR seek USA penpals

Dear Educator:

     The penpal organization, SAPE, is looking for U.S. residents (ages 10
through adult) to correspond with the thousands of people from the former
Soviet Union who have sent penpal requests to them.  If this activity isn't
appropriate for your subject area or age-group, please pass this informatio=
on to another teacher or youth group leader in your town whose students may
want to participate.  THANK YOU!!!!!!  (Apologies if you have received this
email in duplicate.)

**  All inquiries about SAPE should be sent via postal mail to the address
below.  All SAPE penpals correspond by postal mail - these are NOT email
     Since 1989, S.A.P.E. (formerly "The Soviet-American Penfriend Exchange=
has matched up more than 25,000 Americans with penpals in the former USSR.
The young people of these 15 recently- independent countries are eager to
communicate with their peers in the west.  At present, we have a huge backl=
of penpals from the CIS and Baltic Naitons who are waiting to be matched up
with a penpal in the USA.  Penpals are matched individually by age, gender
and common language.  Americans who do not know a foreign language will be
matched with a penpal who knows English.  This program is for Americans age=
10 and up.  (There are very few foreign penpals younger than 10, due to the
language problem.)  There are also adult penpals available!
     HOW DOES THE PROCESS WORK?  Each person receives from us the name,
address, age, gender, and language(s) of his or her new penpal, along with
detailed information on sending mail to the former USSR.  The penpals then
write to each other directly.
past several years have affected every one of these penpals and their
families in some way.  They all have stories to tell, even those who live i=
remote Siberian villages.  Besides contributing to your group's knowledge o=
other cultures, current events, and geography, these penpal friendships als=
allow young people to practice their writing or foreign language skills and
to have one-on-one communication with a member of their peer group.  While
reading about the various differences in customs and lifestyles, your membe=
also learn about the similarities that unite us all.  The discovery that
young people on the other side of the world experience many of the same joy=
problems, hopes, and fears that they do, can become the first (but hopefull=
not the last) experience that makes participants realize they are members o=
a world community, not just citizens of one nation.  Penpal relationships
often turn into lifelong friendships.
     WHAT IS REQUIRED?  There is a fee of $3.00 per penpal, payable by chec=
or money order made out to "SAPE").  Because the amount of letters from the
former USSR outnumbers those from the U.S. by about 10 to 1, we must
constantly do postal mailings to schools, youth groups, and youth-oriented
media to try to find an American penpal for every person in the former Sovi=
Union who writes to S.A.P.E. The $3.00 fee first pays the cost of supplies =
postage to send your penpal information to you and all remaining money goes
toward the cost of mailing sheets like this one to approximately 100,000
schools and youth groups all across the U.S.A.  Please use copies of the
order blank below or send the same information on index cards.
     The following organizations have assisted S.A.P.E. in the form of
referrals and publicity:  The U.S. Information Agency, The Institute for
Soviet-American Relations, The Embassies of Russia and Lithuania, Voice of
America, The Peace Corps, and National Geographic's WORLD magazine.  During
the past six years, regional chapters of the following groups have
participated in S.A.P.E.:  The Boy Scouts, The Girl Scouts, Boys & Girls
Clubs, 4-H, CampFire Girls & Boys, CYO, NFTY, Y-Teens, Big Brothers/Big
Sisters, and AFS Intercultural Programs.  U.S. Peace Corps Volunteers who a=
serving as English teachers in the former USSR currently use correspondence
with American S.A.P.E.penpals as part of their class curriculum.  Won't you
help us promote world peace, one friendship at a time?  You can make a

Please complete form & return with $3.00 per penpal to:
S.A.P.E.  -  P.O. Box 251689  Glendale, CA  91225-1689

Name: __________________________________

Address: _______________________________

City: ________________ State: ____ Zip: _________
Sex: _______________  Age: _______
Languages Known: _________________________
I want to correspond with a
Male: ______  Female: ______  No Preference: ______

  Steven N. Goldstein

  Program Director, Interagency & International Networking Coordination
  Div. of Networking and Communications Research & Infrastructure
  National Science Foundation
  4201 Wilson Boulevard, Room 1175
  Arlington, VA  22230
  Tel: +1-703-306-1949 (Extension 1119)
  FAX: +1-703-306-0621

** 19 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  "Subscriptions World Vision Int. Belarus" (uucp@wvb.gomel.by)
Subject: Newsbriefs Update Chechnya

)From: Jos Vanhee (jos@vanhee.msk.su)
Date: Wed,  8 Nov 95 17:26:31 +0300



In a report provided  by the Immigration Service of Ingushetia, 161,024
Chechen refugees were registered in Ingushetia though only a handful
received adequate aid.    The Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations
claimed success of their mission as they gave each refugee the one-time
compensation for moral damage to the amount of 25,000 Russian Rubles ($7).

   Yet the situation remains unchanged: people continue to live in unsanita=
conditions in the camps; and refugees from the earlier Ossetian-Ingushi con=
still live in barracks and campers.    Refugees that returned to Grozni hav=
e not
noticed any improvement in living conditions: work on the restoration of th=
city has been limited to clearing some rubble.  There is no water, electric=
gas and heating; medical services are limited to a few hospitals working at
only 20% of capacity.

  Rosa Asmanovna, mother of 13, lives in a two-room container.  Her husband=
mentally disabled, and a twelve-year old son is blind.  Her family survives
on a meager government allowance to her disabled husband and son ($75 per m=
as refugees in Nazran.

  Dr. Alimsultanov, Chief Doctor of one of four working Grozni hospital
describes the situation as catastrophic: "There is a shortage of water, and
basics such as bandages and disinfectant, not to mention medicines and
equipment, are simply not available.  Our hospital is one of a few working =
in all of Chechnya, and we just as others can only function at 20% of capac=
With the winter frosts creeping in, our outside water supplies will freeze =
No communications are available."

In addition, an October 11 agreement between Yeltsin and Galazov, president=
North Ossetia decreed that Ingushi would be allowed to return to their home=
as of November 11; three years after the 1992 conflict.  Police and militar=
enforcements are visible throughout Vladikavkaz, and tension among the Osse=
population is rising against the Ingushi. "Policemen that I talked to laugh=
at their supposed mission to protect returning Ingushi from potential viole=
says Elia Nagaeva, WV RBU Relief coordinator.  "A few days ago, Ossetians s=
fire to an Ingushi camper - seen by many as a warning.  Ossetian refugees f=
the neighbouring conflict with Grozni have occupied the Ingushi homes since
1992.  If resettlement starts in earnest, an open conflict is likely to

World Vision is providing assistance to the Grozni hospital in three upcomi=
shipments of medical supplies and hospital equipment from Finland, Netherla=
and Canada, provides assistance to refugees in Nazran, and has assisted an
Ingushi community on the Ingushi-Ossetian border to re-start schooling for
their 1,000 children.  The work with children continues to secure schooling
and assist in trauma-counseling with children and families.

Available for interviews and further information:

Elia Nagaeva, WV RBU Relief Coordinator, 7095-322-2389; 7095-158-7055

Jukka Peltoniemi, Project Manager, North Caucusus (Vladikavkaz), 786722-541=

    World Wide Web http://solar.rtd.utk.edu/friends/wvision/index.html
               Listserver W-VISION@solar.rtd.utk.edu

** 20 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  Palms & Company, Inc. (palbank@eskimo.com)
Subject: Provide Rental of US Branch office for Russian companies

We offers to re-mailing services that allow Russian companies to have a
U.S.A. branch office with U.S.A street address and suite number (not a
post office box number). This will give you an office in America without
the expense of having a US staff.  The address is a street address and a
suite number. It will be in City of Seattle, Wasington Stat. Mail address
to your company which is received at this address will be sent out on a
daily basis to your address in Moscow by e-mail. Visit
our web site at http://www.eskimo.com/~palbank/ or send email to=20

,palbank@eskimo.com). Palms & Company 515 Lae Street South, Harbor Lights=
Building #103, Kirkland (Seattle) Washington 98033, U.S.A. Telephone 1=20
(206) 828-6774. Fax 1 (206) 827-5528.=20

** 21 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  mac@MAINE.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell - UMaine, U.S.A.)
Subject: Russian Banking

                         Russian Banking
The  Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco publishes  the  "FRBSF
Weekly  Letter." The October 20 issue is a 3-page  discussion  of
Russian Banking, which presents a brief history, current industry
structure,  supervision and regulation, and other aspects of  the
current  banking  situation in Russia. For members  of  the  list
interested in the topic, it may be useful to request a copy.

The  newsletter is available free of charge. The issue is  Number
95-35,  dated October 20, 1995. Assuming copies are still  avail-
able, requests can be directed to:

                  Public Information Department
              Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
                          P.O. Box 7702
                    San Francisco, California
                       Tel: (415) 974-2246
                       Fax: (415) 974-3341

I do not have an e-mail address for the Bank.

** 22 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  bohdan@tryzub.com (Bohdan Peter Rekshynskyj)
Subject: UKRAINE FAQ PLUS Presents: Ukrainian Weekly Preview November 12, 1=
995 now ONLINE!


   The latest preview of the Ukrainian Weekly is now available
on the Ukraine FAQ Plus site!  This is an exclusive regular
feature each week.  The Ukrainian Weekly is the largest
English-speaking Weekly Newspaper extant in the Western
world covering Ukrainian issues both in Ukraine and in the
Diaspora.   The preview is available on Internet at the
address of the Ukraine FAQ Plus Project.

The address of the Ukraine FAQ Plus Project is:


Either click the button labelled "Current Events" by the
Tryzub (Trident) graphic or scroll down and click the
"Current Events" section summary to access this latest

As always, please feel free to email us at faq@tryzub.com
with comments.   We always are looking for contributions
as well.


                Bohdan Peter Rekshynskyj

** 23 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  kedzie@rand.org (Chris Kedzie)
Subject: Job opening in Kharkiv

Date: Wed, 1 Nov 95 19:48:28 EST
Reply-To: civilsoc@solar.rtd.utk.edu
)From: Global Jewish Assistance Network (gjarn@igc.apc.org)
Subject: Job opening in Kharkiv

Immediate opening for a Field Director position in Kharkiv, Ukraine for
the Global Jewish Assistance and Relief Network, a humanitarian agency
committed to empower the third sector to become one of the most important
channels of social change and creation of a viable civil society.

The primary focus for this position is to concentrate on the Rule of Law
and Democracy grant -related activities in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Requirements for this position include, but are not limited to:
* a strong background in Human rights, Law and Advocacy
* a firm understanding of non-profits and local NGOs,
* Being comfortable and/or  familiar with Jewish customs and surroundings,
* excellent communication, management and writing skills,
* general knowledge of basic computer programs,
* background familiarization of the PVO community,
* fluency in Russian and Ukrainian language.

The tasks for the position of Field Director, include:
* to coordinate all activities of the Service Center
* design and oversee training of NGOs,
* organize and implement the seminars, conferences forums on Law, Advocacy
and non profit management
* oversee humanitarian aid shipments / distributions,

This position is available immediately for one person, for a minimum of 1
year. Resumes should be sent to the attention of:

        Rabbi Eliezer Avtzon
        Global Jewish Assistance & Relief Network
        1485 Union Street
        Brooklyn, New York 11213
        Tel: (718) 774-6497
        Fax: (718) 774-6891

** 24 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  kedzie@rand.org (Chris Kedzie)
Subject: Opening: IREX/Tashkent

Date:         Mon, 6 Nov 1995 14:23:54 -0500
)From: Tony Byrne - IREX (tbyrne@ACCESS.DIGEX.NET)
Subject:      Opening: IREX/Tashkent


On-Site Representative


The International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX) seeks a
US citizen to serve as Program Officer in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
IREX Program Officers are responsible for promoting ongoing
research, policy, and professional training programs as well as
monitoring opportunities for new cooperative activities in
the region.

Administrative duties include managing all aspects of the
IREX office as well as overseeing and training local staff.

Principle IREX field office objectives include:

* administering fellowship programs for Uzbek scholars to
study/conduct research in the United States;

*organizing the on-site elements of professional training programs
for critical political, governmental, nonprofit, media, and
entrepreneurial cadres in Uzbekistan;

* providing field access for American specialists to professional
networks and research resources in the region;

* structuring alumni activities;

* expanding telecommunication access and competency within
academic and nonprofit communities;

* and implementing other IREX initiatives in Central Asia.

IREX field staff work closely with local higher education,
government, media and policy establishments and with
officials of the US Embassy as well as other nongovernmental
organizations and corporations operating in the area.

QUALIFICATIONS:  Applicants for this position should have
at least a bachelor's degree in a relevant discipline and possess
strong Russian-language competency. Excellent organizational
skills and administrative experience are essential.  Applicants
should be adept with computers and relevant software (word
processing, dbase, spreadsheets) and electronic mail

Preference will be given to candidates with professional
experience in Central Asia and who have fluency in Uzbek or
other languages of the Central Asian region.

The International Research & Exchanges Board is a private,
nonprofit organization promoting American collaboration with the
academic, policy and professional communities of the NIS,
Central and Eastern Europe, and Mongolia.

IREX currently has ten representations in Eurasia: Moscow,
Almaty, Bishkek, Erevan, Irkutsk, Kyiv, Rostov-on-Don, Tashkent,
Tbilisi, and Vladivostok.

*** Send cover letter/resume to IREX/KGK, 1616 H Street,
Washington, DC 20006 ***

Review of applications will begin immediately and continue
until the position is filled.

An Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity Employer

** 25 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  "David H. Lindeman" (dlindeman@internext.com)
Subject: Grant Opportunity


Today the U.S. Civilian Research and Development Foundation (CRDF) =3D
announced a call for proposals for its new Cooperative Grants Program.  =3D
This program will allow joint teams of former Soviet and U.S. scientists =
and engineers to apply jointly for support of cooperative projects in =3D
any area of civilian research and development.    Teams may apply for =3D
$10,000 to $80,000 of funds for a two-year period.  Applications are due =
March 1, 1996.

The CRDF is a private, non-profit foundation which was created on August =
11, 1995 as an American response to the state of science and engineering =
in the former Soviet Union, by encouraging productive civilian =3D
employment opportunities for former FSU defense scientists, and by =3D
providing new opportunities to pursue these goals in a framework of =3D
mutual benefit which promotes the values of democratization and market =3D

For application materials to the CRDF Cooperative Grants Program, or for =
more information on the CRDF, please contact:

U.S. Civilian Research and Development Foundation
1800 North Kent Street, Suite 1106
Arlington, Virginia 22209
Telephone: 703-526-9720
Fax: 703-526-9721
E-mail: information@crdf.org
WWW: http://www.internext.com/crdf

** 26 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  mvs3@po.CWRU.Edu (Maxim V. Soloviev)
Subject: Info for Partners: $0.74/min to Russia

Dear Friends & Partners,
I am pleased to introduce you - WORLDxCHANGE Communications.
If you are making calls for more than $250 per month, WORLDxCHANGE
is pleased to offer you the lowest in the USA interstate rate -
     12 cents per minute no matter when and where you call.
800 numbers available at the same low price. Calling cards - only
17,9 cpm from anywhere to anywhere in the US including Alaska and
Hawaii without any subcharges.
International rates of WORLDxCHANGE are the lowest in the industry.
In addition, you will be offered to select 2 countries for 20%
discount. Therefore you flat rates will be (US$ per minute):
Australia - $0.26,      Belgium - $0.41,        Brazil - $0.62,
Czech Republic - $0.46, Germany - $0.36,        Estonia - $0.59,
France - $0.31,         Finland - $0.41,        Hong Kong - $0.39,
Hungary - $0.49,        India - $0.85,          Israel - $0.68,
Japan - $0.38,          Korea - $0.64,          Netherlands - $0.34,
New Zealand $0.48,      Norway - $0.44,         Poland - $0.53,

Russia - $0.74,         Singapore - $0.37,      South Africa $0.55,

Spain - $0.38,          Sweden - $0.26,         Taiwan - $0.47,
Turkey $0.60,           United Kingdom - $0.19, Venezuela - $0.48

WORLDxCHANGE specializes in providing voice and voice-band data
telecommunications to residential and commercial customers throughout
the world. WORLDxCHANGE  operates a 30,000 route mile fiber optic
backbone which interconnects its switches and provides the company
access to every LATA in the USA. WORLDxCHANGE customers enjoy
crystal clear connections to virtually every direct-dial destination
world-wide. WORLDxCHANGE provides customer service and support lines
that are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
WORLDxCHANGE  bills in increments of 6 seconds instead of the whole
minutes used by most carriers (this later feature alone saves most
customers 5-8%). Please, note that there are no hidden charges:
no installation fee, no monthly fees, no peak-period surcharges,
higher first minute rates, etc., etc.
If you need more information or want to become a customer of
WORLDxCHANGE, do not hesitate to contact me at 216 231-2857
or send e-mail with your phone number and I will call you back.
Very truly yours,
Maxim V. Soloviev


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