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#01-02 November 95  Issue #130 of the St. Petersburg Press  

#02-02 November 95  RUSAG-L Current Events #67 and #68

#03-02 November 95  New Issue of Ecostan News 

#04-02 November 95  New BISNIS Documents 

#05-02 November 95  CNN Weather Site

#06-02 November 95  The Weather Channel  


#01-02 November 95  Sender:  Joelgn@aol.com 
                    Subject: russian physics text  

#02-02 November 95  Sender:  tnt@bendnet.com (Tom Townsend)
                    Subject: Russia exchange

#03-02 November 95  Sender:  Barbara Watson (barbaraw@urpsd.ucla.edu)

#04-02 November 95  Sender:  mark mccarthy ( mmccarth@blue.weeg.uiowa.edu )
                    Subject: Two questions.     

#05-02 November 95  Sender:  studiost@ezdial.com (Studio Street) 
                    Subject: Novosibirsk Correspondence     

#06-02 November 95  Sender:  "S.F.Pugsley" ( S.F.Pugsley@sheffield.ac.uk )
                    Subject: email partner
#07-02 November 95  Sender:  mworden@inet.guthrie.org
                    Subject: Looking for Russian penpal who is employed in 
                             the medical profession     

#08-02 November 95  Sender:  JTASCH@vax.clarku.edu
                    Subject: Research in the Russian Far East    
#09-02 November 95  Sender:  Don Barker ( dbarker@skipjack.bluecrab.org )
                    Subject: Americans running their own biz in Russia   

#10-02 November 95  Sender:  Andrey Sebrant ( asebrant@glas.apc.org )
                    Subject: Re: Announcement for your list and your server   
#11-02 November 95  Sender:  bohdan@tryzub.com (Bohdan Peter Rekshynskyj)
                    Subject: UKRAINE FAQ + Presents: A Pictorial - President 
                             Kuchma Dedicating the Ukrainian   

#12-02 November 95  Sender:  72163.645@compuserve.com 
                    Subject: Russian Vancouver Magazine   
#13-02 November 95  Sender:  tradix@umbsky.cc.umb.edu 
                    Subject: Request to include in the Friends and Partners 

#14-02 November 95  Sender:  Jennifer Delay 
                             ( delayj@gusun.acc.georgetown.edu )
                    Subject: e-mail posting

#15-02 November 95  Sender:  ac737@lafn.org (Michael Segal)
                    Subject: Portland, OR Env. Baikal Russia Talk

#16-02 November 95  Sender:  mac@MAINE.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell - 
                             UMaine, U.S.A.)
                    Subject: Conference in Omsk, Russia

#17-02 November 95  Sender:  kedzie@rand.org (Chris Kedzie)
                    Subject: please post widely

#18-02 November 95  Sender:  "Funding Opportunity System" 
                             ( funding@solar.rtd.utk.edu )
                    Subject: NIS Secondary School Initiative School Linkages 

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     Economic Platforms of Russian Political Parties
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Sender:  Joelgn@aol.com 
Subject: russian physics text

I am URGENTLY  looking for an intro level college physics (to be used as a
reference for high school AP Physics)  text in russian cyrillic for my
exchange student.  Should cover statics, intro mechanics, friction, some
electrical topics.... any suggestions???

Any help much appreciated!!!!! leads, forwarded messages etc...


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Sender:  tnt@bendnet.com (Tom Townsend)
Subject: Russia exchange

Greg:   I am a teacher at Mountain View High School in Bend, OR.  Last year
our school was selected by the United States Information Service (USIS) as
one of twelve in the U.S. to link with a high school in Russia.  Our
partner school is Gymnasium 22 in Yaroslavl.  This program was designed to
be an ongoing exchange between our two schools to encourage global thinking
and to improve relations between the peoples of the United States and the
former Soviet Union.  Our first exchange was extremely successful and we
are maintaining contact via fax (we supplied the fax machine along with
many needed school supplies) until our next exchange in may of 1996.  We
are desparately seeking funds to continue this amazing project. The USIS
only provided partial funding the first year.  I am e-mailing you to see if
you might know of any sources or contacts for funding assistance that we
might be able to contact. We will be seeking funds from the sources you
list on-line, but if you know a specific direction you can point us our
students would greatly appreciate the assistance. If you or anyone else
would like additionalinformation about the Russia Link Program I will be
happy to provide it.
Tom Townsend
** 003 *******************************************************************

Sender:  Barbara Watson ( barbaraw@urpsd.ucla.edu )

Please post to Friends and Partners.  THANKS

Dear Friends

I am trying to help a young Ukrainian engineer get
the opportunity to come to the United States (or
Canada) for a year ONLY.  He has already received
his BS and simply wants, if possible, the chance to
work in a Civil Engineering or computer related
job here for one year.

I know the odds of helping this fellow are probably
ZIP but any tips from any of you on what if
anything citizens from the former USSR can do or
should do to obtain a worker's visa here?

Thanks a lot for any help you may be able to give.

Barbara Watson
E-mail Address


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Sender:  mark mccarthy ( mmccarth@blue.weeg.uiowa.edu )
Subject: Two questions.

Does any one know if M. Lomonosov was an Old Believer?  This question came
up in my History of Russian Language Class.  We were talking about the
reforms in the Russian Language brought about by Lomonosov and some one
made the claim that Lomonosov was an Old Believer and that this influenced
the changes that he made.  Can anyone verify this claim?  Our prof. did
not know the answer to this question.
My second question concerns Russian Orthodoxy.  Does anyone know if
Russian Orthodoxy accepts the tenet of Original Sin?  Do Orthodox
believers believe that all humans are born sinful?

I would greatly appreciate any information on these two questions.

Mark McCarthy
University of Iowa
** 005 *******************************************************************

Sender:  studiost@ezdial.com (Studio Street) 
Subject: Novosibirsk Correspondence

I have just begun correspondence with a resident of Novosibirsk, and am
inquiring about doing so through e-mail to someone in the area acquainted
with the resident. His name is Sergei Chvanov and he lives at Kotovskogo
32, KV 201 in Novosibirsk 630108. If this is possible and someone is
available to accomodate this, please have him contact Mr. Chvanov and see
if he wishes to correspond this way. Also notify me through my e-mail
Thank you for any help you may provide.

Ira White/Studio Street

** 006 *******************************************************************

Sender:  "S.F.Pugsley" ( S.F.Pugsley@sheffield.ac.uk )
Subject: email partner

   Hi! I have just subscribed to the Friends network in the hope of
acquiring an email partner in Russia to write to and exchange
information with. I am a second year student at the University of
Sheffield, U.K. studying Russian and Polish. I have already been to
Russia several times- to Moscow and Yaroslavl, but would welcome
penpals from anywhere in Russia or indeed anywhere in the
world who are interested in Russia and its culture and so on. My main
interests are music and cinema and the arts in general, and also
sport, especially football (soccer). My email address is:
               Hope to hear from you soon.

** 007 *******************************************************************

Sender:  mworden@inet.guthrie.org
Subject: Looking for Russian penpal who is employed in the medical profession


I am interested in corresponding with someone involved in the Russian
medical profession.  I have been in nursing for 30 years in many
varying capacities and would like to learn about the profession as it
is practiced in Russia.
My interests, other than nursing and computers, include reading
(history), sports (most), travel (anywhere), movies and music.

If their isn't anyone from the medical profession, I would like to
chat with anyone to learn about your everyday life and culture.

Hope to chat with someone soon.

  Maria Worden                  Phone: 717-882-4534
  Nursing Informatics Manager
  Robert Packer Hospital        FAX:   717-882-4554
  Guthrie HealthCare System
  Sayre, PA  18840       E-Mail: mworden@inet.guthrie.org

** 008 *******************************************************************

Sender:  JTASCH@vax.clarku.edu
Subject: Research in the Russian Far East

My Name is Jeremy Tasch. I am a geographer at the Graduate School of
Geography, Clark University, U.S. I am researching the environmental,
economic, and social implications for the Russian Far East of United Nations
sponsored development along the Tumen River.

I am hoping to find names of organizations (environmental, corporate, NGO,
academic, state, with hopefully names and contact addresses) who may have some
stake in whether the natural resources of the region become further developed
and in what manner they do.

I would also like to find a study in Russia program, in Vladivostok,
Khaborovsk,or Petropavlovsk-Kamchatkii.

If this is not possible, perhaps anyone would have suggestions on how to
obtain this type of information?

Thank you very much,

Jeremy Tasch
Graduate School of Geography, Clark University
950 Main Street
Worcester, MA 01610

** 009 *******************************************************************

Sender:  Don Barker ( dbarker@skipjack.bluecrab.org )
Subject: Americans running their own biz in Russia

I'd like to correspond with US citizens who live in Russia and
*own*and*operate*their*own*businesses there.  I'm a freelance writer
preparing an article on how doing your own business overseas differs from
being your own boss at home.  I'm presently corresponding with US
cits/business-owners in the Czech Republic, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Hungary,
Thailand, and Japan.

If you'd like to contribute your insights to this article, please email me
(don't post here) at dbarker@skipjack.bluecrab.org, and I'll send you a list
of magazines I've written for in the past, and an outline of my objectives
with this article proposal.

Don Barker

** 010 *******************************************************************

Sender:  Andrey Sebrant ( asebrant@glas.apc.org )
Subject: Re: Announcement for your list and your server

Dear Friends and Partners!

This is the announcement for those who read  Russian and are interested  in
on-line versions of Russian newspapers. Since October 10, you can find
complete contents and selected articles from "Nezavisimaya Gazeta"
("Independent Newspaper") at


On that page you will also find the information about how to subscribe to
e-mail version of the newspaper.

GlasNet and "Nezavisimaya" would appreciate your adding a link to our page
from your wonderful server.


** 011 *******************************************************************

Sender:  bohdan@tryzub.com (Bohdan Peter Rekshynskyj)
Subject: UKRAINE FAQ + Presents: A Pictorial - President Kuchma Dedicating
         the Ukrainian


   The Ukraine FAQ Plus project presents
"President Kuchma in New York City".  This
exclusive pictorial installment depicts the
opening of the Ukrainian Mission to the
United Nations in New York City coinciding
with the occassion of the 50th anniversary
celebrations of the founding of the UN.

The address of the Ukraine FAQ Plus Project is:


Either click the button labelled "Current Events" by the
Tryzub (Trident) graphic or scroll down and click the
"Current Events" section summary to access this latest

As always, please feel free to email us at faq@tryzub.com
with comments.   We always are looking for contributions
as well.


                Bohdan Peter Rekshynskyj

** 012 *******************************************************************

Sender:  72163.645@compuserve.com 
Subject: Russian Vancouver Magazine

Dear Friends,

I have been inundated with requests for the subscription information for Russian
Magazine, a monthly BILINGUAL publication.  (A great languate teaching aid)
Here it is:

Russian Vancouver
504-1260 Howe Street
Vancouver, B.C.
V6Z 1R5   Canada

(604) 681-0648 Phone/Fax

Subscription is $20/Year in Canada, $25 (I'm pretty sure) US

Give it a try!

Walter Jacques
Oklahoma City

** 013 *******************************************************************

Sender:  tradix@umbsky.cc.umb.edu 
Subject: Request to include in the Friends and Partners list

Tradix Associates, Inc. is a management consulting company
specializing in search, training, and preparation of executives
and managers for assignments in the former Soviet Union for
western companies.  We conduct training programs in collaboration
with the University of Massachusetts Boston and leading American
and European companies.

On behalf of American companies, we are currently looking
for bilingual (English, Russian) professionals with American or
West European education and work experience for one-to-two year
assignments in the FSU.

We also search for professionals from Russia and other
FSU republics qualified to be trained in English and
business in the USA for a year, and then go for temporary or
permanent business development and management assignments
with American companies.

If you feel that your career background and goals coincide with
either of the above, or would like information on our training
programs, we would welcome hearing from you.  Best regards.

Dr. Lev Zak
Tradix Associates, Inc
Boston, USA
Tel. 617-287-7294, Fax: 617-287-7297
E-Mail:  Tradix@umbsky.cc.umb.edu

** 014 *******************************************************************

Sender:  Jennifer Delay ( delayj@gusun.acc.georgetown.edu )
Subject: e-mail posting


Looking for publishing opportunities?

The Compass, a journal of international affairs run by graduate students of
Georgetown University's Foreign Service Program, is seeking articles for
its fall 1995 and spring 1996 issues.  Submissions should be 10-15
typewritten, double-spaced pages in length and as free of errors as possible.

Deadline for fall 1995: November 15.  For spring 1995: March 31.

Articles may be on any serious topic of an international nature.

If possible, style should conform to the rules of The Chicago Manual of

All submissions will be considered.

Graduate students and faculty especially encouraged.

We look forward to seeing what you have to offer!

Contact Jennifer DeLay, editor, with any questions at


** 015 *******************************************************************

Sender:  ac737@lafn.org (Michael Segal)
Subject: Portland, OR Env. Baikal Russia Talk

For Immediate Release                             For more information
October 27, 1995                        Michael Segal (503)-229-6734

EWBA Presents "A Celebration of Russia."  Special Emphasis on Ties to
Lake Baikal.

     Oregonians have developed strong ties with Eastern Russia in the
business realm and in promoting a protected natural environment.  The
East West Business Associ- ation, along with the Portland-Khabarovsk
Sister City Association and the World Affairs Council, will hold a
reception and presentation on Wednesday November 8 at 5:30 in the Nordic
Room in the basement of Smith Memorial Center, Portland State University,
1825 SW Broadway.  Admission is $4.00 for non-members $2.00 for students.

     Portland, through the sponsorship of WAC, is currently playing host
to over twenty young entrepreneurs and local leaders from the Russian
cities of Irkutsk and Ulan Ude.  EWBA and the other sponsors are welcoming
them to Oregon with a brief reception to start the Celebration of Russia.

     A presentation on Lake Baikal will follow entitled "The Sacred Lake:
Preserving Russia's Environmental Treasure."

        Alexei Nikifornov is a founder of the Baikal Institute for
Econology and Natural Resource Use, a Russian non-profit dedicated to
maintaining Baikal's environmental integrity.

        Zane Smith is Senior Vice President of Programs for Oregon-based
Ecologically   Sustainable Development, Inc. (ESD) which was awarded a $3
million grant from  USAID to work with Russian government officials and
citizens to create a plan for  resource and land management.

        Andrea Lafayette-Fisher, of Portland, has just returned from
three months as ESD's development coordinator in the Baikal area and is
also US director of the Irkutsk Information Center.

        Lake Baikal is the worl's largest lake and harbors more than 1800
unique species of plant and animal life.  Russians consider it the
"clean, clear heart of the world, and an environmental treasure."  The
lake is but one region in the vast Siberian area where unparalleled
pristine beauty and great environmental damage are side by side.

        The East West Business Association holds a meeting on the first
Wednesday of each month.  This month marks an exception.  EWBA promotes
business ties and other contacts between the Portland area and former
Soviet Bloc Countries.

** 016 *******************************************************************
Sender:  mac@MAINE.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell - UMaine, U.S.A.)
Subject: Conference in Omsk, Russia

The  Russian Association of Business Education (RABE),  the  Omsk
Region Administration, and the Institute of Internatinal  Econom-
ics Siberian Economic Education (IIE "SibECO") will jointly  host
a conference in Omsk, Russia. I have provided a brief summary  of
the  planned presentations during the conference. Attendees  will
arrive  on Wednesday, 1 November and depart at their  convenience
on  or after Saturday, 4 November. For more information, you  may
contact Natalia Evtikhieva (RABE@VKSH.MSK.SU) - Executive  Direc-
tor of RABE in Moscow or Igor Medvedev (ILMED@SIBECO.OMSK.SU)  in
                The 1995 International Conference
               Consulting and  Business Education:
            Regional Problems and Integration Issues
                          Omsk, Russia
                       November 1-4, 1995



            Polezhaev, L.K. - Head of Omsk Region Administration
              and Chairman of Siberian Covenant Association
            Burenin,  V.A.  - President, Russian  Association  of
              Business  Educaction and Rector, Higher  Commercial
              Management School of the Russian Federation Foreign
            Medvedev, I.L. - Director, Institute of International
              Economics "Siberian Economic Education"

10:00-11:40 PLENARY  SESSION: Inter-relationship Between  Manage-
            ment  Consulting and Management Training:  Transition
            from Product to Service

            Prigozhin,  A.I. - President, Association of  Manage-
              ment  and Organization Development and Head of  the
              Department, Academy of National Economy
            Philonovich,  S.R.  -  Assistance  Professor,  Moscow
              State University, Consultant on Organization Devel-


            Entrepreneurship Consulting: Regional Center  Experi-
              Chairman - Khudyakov, S.S., Director, American
                Center  of Support for Entrepreneurship  (Zeleno-

            Accounting and Audit Consulting Issues
              Chairman - Kondrakov, N.P., Director, ANE Center of
                Accounting  Audit of the Russian Federation  Gov-

            Issues of Consulting Organization in Higher Schools
              Chairman - Zobov, A.M., Director, SMA Research Man-
                agement Center


            Learning for Partnership - Partnership for Learning

            Louzine, A.E. - Expert of Entrepreneurship &  Manage-
            ment Development Branch, International Labor Office

            Hildago,  Pierre  - Director, ILO Department  of  En-
            trepreneurship and Management Development



            Tchetvergov, V.A- Rector, Omsk State Railway Academy

            PLENARY  SESSION: Economic and Management  Consulting
            in Russia

            Rubtsov,  A.I. - President, Association  of  Economic
              and Management Consultants
            Posadskii,  A.P. - Director General,  Association  of
              Economic and Management Consultants
            Tikhonenko, I.G. - Director, "Alpha" Training  Center
            Zolotovitski,  R.A. - Head, Consulting  and  Manpower
              Management  Department, Institute of  International


            Teacher-Consultant's Respponsibility for the Client's
              Chairman - Prigozhin, A.I.

            Teacher-Consultants:   Qualifications,    Experience,
              Chairman - Mordovin, S.K.- Director General, St.
              Petersburg International Management Institute (IMI)

            Joint Projects: Advantages and Drawbacks
              Chairman - Ozerov, G.M. - Director,  Russian-Danish
              School of International Management


            Training at Enterprises: The Training Center's Role

              Luzin,  A.Y. - Expert, ILO Department of  Entrepre-
                neurship and Management Development
              Yudin, I.S. - Director, Joint-Stock Company "Carbon
                Black Enterprise"

            PLENARY   SESSION:  Protectionism  and   Competition:
            Russians Entering the Russian Market

            Wane, Paul - TACIS E202 Project Manager, Tumen
            Conraths,  Bernadette  - Director  General,  European
              Foundation for Management Development
            Hildago,  Pierre  - Director, ILO Department  of  En-
              trepreneurship and Management Development

** 017 *******************************************************************

Sender:  kedzie@rand.org (Chris Kedzie)
Subject: please post widely

 )Date: Wed, 25 Oct 1995 18:49:33 -0400 (EDT)
 )From: Kodyrjon Kabulovich Khalmatov ( kkk6@columbia.edu )

 )Dear Friend:
 )Please post the followng announcement widely. Thanks a bunch.  Kodyr
 )1st International Share Auction
 )for the Sale of Industrial Enterprises
 )by the State Property Fund
 )Domestic, regional and international investors or groups of investors are
 )invited to participate.  In accordance with  its legal mandate, the State
 )Property Fund (SPF) intends to sell  the  indicated companies by means of
 )an international share auction in the following manner:
 )1. Shares will be offered in lots through  an open-cry auction to be held
 )on November 8, 1995, at the  starting price  indicated herein. During the
 )auction, the  price  may  be  reduced  to no less than 75% of the auction
 )starting price;
 )2. Following the open-cry auction, a closed auction will be held the next
 )day, November 9, 1995, for any shares  remaining  unsold.  The bidder can
 )request a number of shares at the price of his choice, with shares awarded
 )first to the highest bidder;
 )3. Interested parties can obtain by mail or in person from the ISA Advisory
 )Group.  Neither  the  SPF  nor  the  ISA  advisors  are responsible for the
 )accuracy and completeness of this information.
 )Every  reasonable  effort  will  be  made  to  assist  prospective bidders
 )interested in visiting ISA companies;
 )4. Proof of deposit must be received by 2pm on November 7, 1995.  For more
 )details, please contact the ISA Advisory Group;
 )5. Upon announcement of the winner, the winner  must  sign  a contract with
 )the SPF and wire full payment within 15 banking days.
 )The State Property Fund of the Kyrgyz Republic
 )Chairman                                               Amangeldy Muraliev
 )First Deputy Chairman                                  Karim Urazbaev
 )International Share Auction (ISA) Advisory Group
 )475 Frunze Street, Suite #2
 )Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, 720040
 )tel: 7 (3312) 22-84-16
 )tel/fax/answering machine: 7 (3312) 62-08-85
 )E-mail: isa@isa.bishkek.su
 )Office hours: Monday-Saturday
 )from 9 am until 6 pm
 )(local time).
 )Please find below the enterprises which will be privatized through the
 )International Share Auction Program:
 )(formerly the ore department of Kyrgyz Mining-Metallurgical Plant - 
 )Open Auction Lots:
 )% of total shares                           starting price
 )51.00%                                      $ 268,000
 )9.99%                                       $  53,000
 )8.51%                                       $  45,000
 )(formerly part of Kyrgyz Mining-Metallurgical Complex - Orlovka)
 )Open Auction Lots:
 )% of total shares                           starting price
 )51.00%                                      $ 2,380,000
 )10.00%                                      $   467,000
 )8.50%                                       $   397,000
 )(formerly Tokmak Sheet Glass Plant)
 )Open Auction Lots:
 )% of total shares                           starting price
 )51.00%                                      $ 2,298,000
 )10.00%                                      $   451,000
 )8.89%                                       $   401,000
 )Open Auction Lots:
 )% of total shares                           starting price
 )27.20%                                      $ 51,000
 )(formerly Asia Wool Processing Factory)
 )Open Auction Lots:
 )% of total shares                            starting price
 )51.00%                                       $ 336,000
 )Open Auction Lots:
 )% of total shares                            starting price
 )51.00%                                       $ 287,000
 )10.00%                                       $  56,000
 )8.50%                                        $  48,000
 )Open Auction Lots:
 )% of total shares                            starting price
 )51.00%                                       $ 372,000
 )10.00%                                       $  73,000
 )9.03%                                        $  66,000
 )Open Auction Lots:
 )% of total shares                            starting price
 )51.00%                                       $  24,000
 )10.00%                                       $   5,000
 )14.64%                                       $   7,000
 )Open Auction Lots:
 )% of total shares                             starting price
 )20.00%                                        $ 220,000
 )Open Auction Lots:
 )% total of shares                             starting price
 )51.00%                                        $ 183,000
 )10.00%                                        $  36,000
 )9.24%                                         $  33,000
 )Open Auction Lots:
 )% of total shares                             starting price
 )51.00%                                        $  78,000
 )10.00%                                        $  15,000
 )7.95%                                         $  12,000
 )Open Auction Lots:
 )% of total shares                             starting price
 )51.00%                                        $ 143,000
 )10.00%                                        $  28,000
 )9.59%                                         $  27,000
 )Open Auction Lots:
 )% of total shares                              starting price
 )51.00%                                         $ 636,000
 )10.00%                                         $ 125,000
 )9.16%                                          $ 114,000

** 018 *******************************************************************

Sender:  "Funding Opportunity System" ( funding@solar.rtd.utk.edu )
Subject: NIS Secondary School Initiative School Linkages Program

 NIS Secondary School Initiative School Linkages Program

 SPONSOR:  United States Information Agency

 SYNOPSIS:   Support is provided for public and private non-profit
 organizations to conduct exchanges through school linkage programs to
 include an exchange of students and an exchange of teachers and
 administrators with countries of the Newly Independent States (NIS) of
 the former Soviet Union. The maximum award will be $800,000.

 DEADLINES:  11-17-1995

 OBJECTIVES:   The sponsor provides support to conduct exchanges
 through the multiple secondary school linkage program with countries
 of the Newly Independent States of the former Soviet Union. The
 countries are Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan,
 Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and
 Uzbekistan. Priority will be given to exchanges outside of Moscow and
 St. Petersburg. Also in an effort to clarify possible thematic foci,
 suggested themes for exchange projects include but are not limited to
 the following: health education, civics education, social and
 environmental issues, in both the U.S. and the NIS, the American
 political system, youth leadership training, computer technology, the
 environment, agriculture, business administration/management
 (including enterprise promotion), and volunteerism. The short-term
 goal of the school linkage program is to provide partial funding for
 linkages between U.S. and NIS schools featuring student and educator
 exchanges for the purpose of collaborative substantive projects. Grant
 funded exchanges must have a thematic focus and have tangible outcomes
 (e.g. educational materials). The long term goals are to: advance
 mutual understanding between the U.S. and the NIS; develop lasting
 institutional ties between U.S. and NIS schools and communities; and
 promote U.S. government/private sector cooperation by supporting
 linkages which hold promise for sustainability beyond the grant term
 and serve the needs and interests of the schools. The linkages between
 networks of secondary schools in the U.S. with networks of schools in
 the NIS must establish ties between the schools in the network through
 two sets of exchange program; the exchange of secondary school
 educators between the U.S. and NIS countries; and the exchange of
 secondary school students, from 14 to 18 years of age, between the
 U.S. and participating NIS countries. The recipient must indicate how
 activities have been funded in the past and how the activities will be
 expanded with assistance from selecting/organizing a minimum of three
 U.S. secondary schools to form the U.S. network, strengthening an
 existing working relationship with an organizations or agency of
 government in the NIS responsible for a network of schools there, and
 linking the two networks through substantive exchange activities.

 RESTRICTIONS:  Eligible applicants are public and private nonprofit
 organizations. The maximum grant award will be $800,000. Awards to
 organizations with less than four years of experience conducting
 international exchange programs will be limited to $60,000. Funds may
 not be used for student or teacher exchanges located in the cities of
 Moscow or St. Petersburg, Russia. Cost sharing is strongly encouraged
 and will be viewed favorable in weighing the merits of the proposal.
 Application forms and guidelines are available. Please refer to
 program number E/P-96-14 when requesting information. When spanning
 the project, U.S. and NIS schools are strongly encouraged to consult
 with the Cultural Affairs Officer (CAO) or Public Affairs Officer
 (PAO) at the appropriate U.S. Information Service (USIS) office at the
 U.S. Embassy or U.S. consulate in the appropriate country. Faxed
 documents will not be accepted. Source: Federal Register (08/17/95)
 Vol. 60, No. 159, pp. 42943-5. (kal)

 MONETARY:  800000

 CONTACT INFO: Naiomi Feigenbaum; 301 Fourth Street, SW; Room 320 ;
 Washington,  DC  20547


 Telephone:  202-619-6299

       FAX:  202-619-5311

 Email Address:  nfeigenb@usia.gov


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