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WHAT'S NEW . . .

#01-24 October 95  The Creative Kids in Kamchatka Home Page

#02-24 October 95  The Civic Education Project

#03-24 October 95  Russian Chronicles

#04-24 October 95  FAQ: E-mail and Internet in the NIS and Baltics

#04-24 October 95  Latest Issue of Ukrainian Weekly


#01-24 October 95  Sender:  j_tinder@storm.simpson.edu (Jan Tinder)
                   Subject: [ High School Pen Pals ]

#02-24 October 95  Sender:  Allison Busch-Lovejoy (avb1@axe.humboldt.edu)
                   Subject: [ Russian Keyfriend ]

#03-24 October 95  Sender:  (TAE5D@VM.TLV.IEC.CO.IL)
                   Subject: LOOKING FOR PHONE NUMBER

#04-24 October 95  Sender:  Boris Gorovits (gorovits@bioc02.uthscsa.edu)
                   Subject: Zenit and others

#05-24 October 95  Sender:  DIAMOND@rappard.unige.ch
                   Subject: Research in Ukraine

#06-24 October 95  Sender:  Martin Ryle (RYLE@urvax.urich.edu)
                   Subject: Query about Rosnet (fwd)

#07-24 October 95  Sender:  BARNEYCBLACK@delphi.com
                   Subject: Russian Hydrofoil Experiences

#08-24 October 95  Sender:  DPHIL@CCIT.ARIZONA.EDU
                   Subject: Arizona Russian Abroad Programs for '96

#09-24 October 95  Sender:  takano@glas.apc.org (Makoto TAKANO)
                   Subject: Software for English/Russian translatio

#10-24 October 95  Sender:  "Igor Gorelik" (GORELIK@hagiga.jct.ac.il)
                   Subject: [ Patent Searching ]

#11-24 October 95  Sender:  David Stickney (david@wvrbu.gomel.by)
                   Subject: Nuclear Disaster Preparedness

#12-24 October 95  Sender:  Tony Byrne - IREX (tbyrne@info.irex.org)
                   Subject: Internet/NIS FAQ

#13-24 October 95  Sender:  Center for Civil Society International
                   Subject: Work opportunity in Cental Asia (fwd)

#14-24 October 95  Sender:  Tony Byrne - IREX (tbyrne@info.irex.org)
                   Subject: Internet Fellowships in the NIS

#15-24 October 95  Sender:  mac@MAINE.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell -
                            UMaine, U.S.A.)
                   Subject: Economic Conference - Perm, Russia

#16-24 October 95  Sender:  Sender:  mac@MAINE.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell -
                            UMaine, U.S.A.)
                            Subject: CEP Teaching Opportunities at CEE/NIS

#17-24 October 95  Sender:  kedzie@rand.org (Chris Kedzie)
                   Subject: Bishkek Lyceum of Youth Policy (fwd)

#18-24 October 95  Sender:  "Dennis McConnell - UMaine, U.S.A."
                   Subject: English-Russian Agricultural Dictionary
                            (x-post from RUSAG-L)

APPENDIX:        LISTSERV address & basic procedures


WHAT'S NEW . . .

*  The Creative Kids in Kamchatka Home Page is comprised of 5th and 11th
   grade students from the Far East Russian penninsula, Kamchatka.
   They have invited all to join them to become International Classmates
   for the '95-96 school year. Their teacher, Jon Lauritzen is from  Minnesota
   and he will be teaching English language and also coordinating this
   Internet Project.  Thanks to Tammy Benshoof for letting us know about
   this great site which is accessible from our Education and Life pages!


*  The Civic Education Project is a private voluntary organization
   dedicated to supporting higher education reform and democratic
   education in the states of Central/Eastern Europe and the former
   Soviet Union. By assisting in the process of educational reform, CEP
   is helping to strengthen the foundations upon which democracy can
   thrive in an open society.  This server's link is listed on our
   Education page.  (See message 016.)

*  Russian Chronicles, is a unique experiment in realtime, online,
   interactive photojournalism began September 11th, 1995 in
   Vladivostok, Russia, when Contact Press Images' photographer Gary
   Matoso and writer Lisa Dickey embarked upon a 5,000 mile, two month
   journey across the Russian heartland.

   This "first of its kind" project,  a photo-based and totally
   digital Trans-Cyberian journey, is being co-produced by FocalPoint f/8
   along with World Media Network in Paris, France.  Follow Gary and
   Lisa's adventure from our Travel and Life pages.


*  "FAQ: E-mail and Internet in the NIS and Baltics" is a booklet put out
   by IREX which is available online and accessible from our
   Telecommunications page.  This document is a must for those who have or
   want to have computer contact with those in Eurasia.  (See message 012.)


*  The latest issue of Ukrainian Weekly (October 22nd) is now available from
   the Ukraine FAQ Plus Project which is accessible from our More Information
   Resources page.  If you missed the October 15th issue, it is located in
   their archives.



Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

** 001 *******************************************************************

Sender:  j_tinder@storm.simpson.edu (Jan Tinder)

Hello Friends,
        I teach Independent Studies in a medium-sized midwestern high
school in America.  We're looking for a high school in Russia and the NIS
with which to communicate in English.  We'd be interested in dialog with
students, parents, and teachers by email.  Please write to us at this

j_tinder@storm.simpson.edu (Jan Tinder)

        With hope for communication,

Jan Tinder
Teacher of Independent Studies
Indianola High School
Indianola, Iowa 50125

** 002 *******************************************************************

Sender:  Allison Busch-Lovejoy (avb1@axe.humboldt.edu)

Hello from Califonia.  I am looking for Russian keyfriends.  My
interests are in environmental issues and related science areas.
I hope to hear from you soon.  I have had no one respond to my first
request in a previous issue of this digest, so, this letter is shorter.


Allison Busch-Lovejoy

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 *** Forwarding note from TAE5D   --VMC      17.09.95 13:39 ***



** 004 *******************************************************************

Sender:  Boris Gorovits (gorovits@bioc02.uthscsa.edu)
Subject: Zenit and others

Hi, friends. I am writing this on behave of one US fellow. He is trying
to purchase photographic equipment made in Russia (mainly lenses). He was
for the addresses and/or phone  numbers of Zenit manufacturer or any
other manufacturer of photographic equipment (except Kiev). Any
information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Boris

** 005 *******************************************************************

Sender:  DIAMOND@rappard.unige.ch
Subject: Research in Ukraine

I am an American graduate student getting my master's degree in International
Relations in Geneva (at Institut Universitaire de Hautes Etudes
Internationales). I am writing my thesis on ethnic relations in Ukraine and how
they affect the country's political future. I am currently planning to go to
Ukraine about the beginning of December. I am interested in talking with
anybody who would be willing to share their knowledge or opinion on the subject,
initially by email before I leave, and then once I arrive in Ukraine (perhaps
in Kiev or Lviv).

My personal connection to Ukraine is my grandmother, who comes from somewhere
near Odessa, but left at a very young age, with very few memories. My
knowledge of Ukraine is limited to what I have studied in school. I have never
been there, and unfortunately I do not speak the language. I hope to learn
much more while I am there, including starting to learn the language. I am
planning to travel for about six weeks before returning to Geneva to finish
working on my thesis.

** 006 *******************************************************************

Sender:  Martin Ryle (RYLE@urvax.urich.edu)
Subject: Query about Rosnet (fwd)

)From: richard@ic.tunis.tver.su

Just a quick question:

Now that friends has acquired the 64K connection to the main Internet,
can we connect to it via Rosnet?

Thanks in advance for your advice.


Richard Smith

email: richard@ic.tunis.tver.su

** 007 *******************************************************************

Sender:  BARNEYCBLACK@delphi.com
Subject: Russian Hydrofoil Experiences

The newsletter of the International Hydrofoil Society solicits articles
on experiences with hydrofoil boats or ships in Russia.  This can be
first person accounts of hydrofoil development or operations by people
involved in the industry, or it can be description of personal experience
using hydrofoil craft for transportation, business or pleasure.  The
information you provide need not be a formal article but can be a
description in the form of a letter.
Barney C. Black
Editor, Newsletter of the International Hydrofoil Society

** 008 *******************************************************************

Subject: Arizona Russian Abroad Programs for '96

Dear Friends!
     The University of Arizona Department of Russian announces its
UA Russian Abroad Russia programs for '96.  We have summer programs in
Petersburg and Moscow, and semester programs in Moscow.  We also offer
summer and semester internship programs in Moscow.  There are to date
over 1100 happy (we hope!) alumni of these programs from over 100
colleges and universities in the US, Canada and Europe.  If you would
like on-line information concerning these programs please send me
a personal e-mail message, and I shall comply with great pleasure!
All Good Wishes
Prof. Del Phillips, Director
UA Russian Abroad

** 009 *******************************************************************

Sender:  takano@glas.apc.org (Makoto TAKANO)
Subject: Software for English/Russian translation

Hello Friends,

    I am looking for a software to translate from English to Russian and
vice versa.      Hopefully, run on Macintosh.
     I am thinking of creating a WWW Home page for better communication
between Japanese and Russian people.     As a trial base, machine
translation from
Japanese to Russian will be included.   I have the software to translate
Japanese to English, and vice versa.    Now, I need the software for
the second step, English to/from Russian.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.   Thank you.

Makoto TAKANO / 高野 誠
International Scienec and Technology Center (ISTC)
Luganskaya Ulitsa, 9
115516 MOSCOW
E-mail : takano@glas.apc.org
Tel.      : +9-095-321-4956
Fax.      : +9-095-321-4992

** 010 *******************************************************************

Sender:  "Igor Gorelik" (GORELIK@hagiga.jct.ac.il(

       Hello ,All.
    Have You any information about Patent's Searching service in
on the Internet (name like INFORMELECTRO or anything else)?
   If you can ,send me, please ,this information and the E-Mail
address of
this service.
    Thank You.
     Sorry for my terrible English .
      Igor Gorelik
      E-Mail: gorelik@hagiga.jct.ac.il

*                                                   Igor Gorelik.           *
*                                 E-mail: gorelik@hagiga.jct.ac.il          *

** 011 *******************************************************************

Sender:  David Stickney (david@wvrbu.gomel.by)
Subject: Nuclear Disaster Preparedness

Dear Friends,

        I am hoping some of you with better internet connectivity can help me
do some research, regarding nuclear disaster preparedness in the FSU. We are
currently only able to use most protocals using Email.

        I am trying to assist preperation of programs regarding this aspect,
(They want to Fire up #2 at the Chernobyl reactor 65 miles away, it was
shut down for safety reasons).  Our organizations are experianced with
Post-Nuclear disaster environments, and have technical specialists, so
almost any information would be appreciated.

Information that would be of great assistance,

        Status of reactors in the former soviet union, esp. reasearch
        conducted by 3rd parties.

        Examples of other simialiar programs

        Information from DOD, DOE or other agency regarding nuclear
        contamination, detoxification, and remedies. IE: Failure plans from
        American reactors, Nuclear Attack, e tak dale

        Health related preventitive measures

        Other related materials

This note more or less amounts to a plea for Volunteers, with researching
skills, that are interested in helping this type of effort. I would Love
to have a flooded mailbox, it would help tremendously.

Please send any information to: postmaster@wvb.gomel.by

Crossposted to CivilSoc

Please crosspost as revelant

Questions:  david@wvb.gomel.by

David Stickney

IAEWP (NGO) United Nations
Tel (7) (0232) 55-00-17 Fax 55-06-23

C/O World Vision Russia, Belarus, Ukraine
246050 Gomel
14 Pushkina
P.O. BOX 346
Gomel,  Belarus


FTP solar.rtd.utk.edu /friends/caaa


** 012 *******************************************************************

Sender:  Tony Byrne - IREX (tbyrne@info.irex.org)
Subject: Internet/NIS FAQ

           IREX Internet FAQ Available in Print and On-Line

The International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX) has produced a
booklet of answers to the most frequently asked questions about
computer communications in Eurasia.  "FAQ: E-mail and Internet in
the NIS and Baltics," is designed to help scholars traveling to
Eurasia, specialists from the region, and others seeking to assist
NIS and Baltic colleagues join computer networks.

The FAQ includes sections on
- The Basics
- Commercial Network Service Providers
- Academic/Research Networks
- "How To"
- More Information and Assistance

Plus a glossary and bibliography.

The FAQ is available from the IREX/Washington and Moscow offices for
$3 each for US citizens, but is free to inhabitants of the NIS and

To order the FAQ, send payment to:

Kristin Johnson
IREX Publications
1616 H St., NW
Washington, DC  USA  20006
Ph. 202-628-8188
E-mail: irexpubs@info.irex.org

or contact the IREX/Moscow office at (irexmos@glas.apc.org).

A hypertext version of the FAQ can be found at:


IREX is producing a Russian-language edition, which should be
available in print and electronic form in November.

Tony Byrne

** 013 *******************************************************************

Sender:  Center for Civil Society International (ccsi@u.washington.edu)
Subject: Work opportunity in Cental Asia (fwd)

Russian Speaking Intern Needed

Work in Central Asia for 12-18 months with NGOs/Community organizations
Expenses paid
Monthly stipend
Start immediately

Send resume and a short statement explaining your interest in this
position to: root@world.bishkek.su

Jay Cooper
Regional Director of Training, Counterpart Consortium
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan tel 3312-26-88-98 fax 3312-22-68-66

** 014 *******************************************************************

Sender:  Tony Byrne - IREX (tbyrne@info.irex.org)
Subject: Internet Fellowships in the NIS


    ** Please Copy to Other Appropriate Individuals and Forums **

                  Internet Fellowships in the NIS

The International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX) announces professional
fellowship opportunities to expand computer network access among scholars and
non-commercial civic groups in sites across the NIS, and invites interested
candidates to send letters of interest and resumes.

These will be year-long, full-time placements for American networking
specialists with strong regional/language backgrounds.  Up to eight
Fellowship sites will be selected from cities throughout all the regions of
the NIS.  Particular attention will be paid to Russia (Southern, Urals, St.
Petersburg, Far East), Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakstan, and Uzbekistan.

The mission of the Internet Fellowships is to train local networking trainers
and to promote the sustainable use of computer networks among academic
organizations, with an emphasis on connecting clusters of "alumni" of
USIA-sponsored exchange programs.


  *  US citizenship.

  *  Broad computer skills, including training experience and strong
     Internet background.

  *  Professional-level Russian language ability.  Knowledge of other
     languages of the NIS is helpful.

  *  Significant NIS living experience.

  *  A high level of initiative and mature judgement.  Proven
     managerial/organizational talent and ability to work with diverse

Inquiries and letters of interest should be directed to
(interfel@info.irex.org), or faxed to:

Tony Byrne                or       Bill Fick / Olga Galkina
Senior Program Officer             Program Directors
IREX/Washington                    IREX/Moscow
Fax: + 202-628-8189                Fax: + 7-095-202-44-49

This program will be supported by the US Information Agency (USIA) and
the Carnegie Corporation of New York.

IREX will announce a similar application process in November for NIS
citizens to serve as program trainers under this initiative.

** 015 *******************************************************************

Sender:  mac@MAINE.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell - UMaine, U.S.A.)
Subject: Economic Conference - Perm, Russia

List members who will be in the Perm area in mid-November may
want to contact Dr. Persky about his forthcoming conference at
Perm State Univefsity. The announcement is attached.
            Russian Economy: Transition to the Market
           Economics Department, Perm State University
                          Perm, Russia
                      November 14-15, 1995
Dr.  Yuri Persky, Head of the Economic Theory Department at  Perm
State  University in Russia has provided information about  their
November conference.

The conference will cover the following main areas:
* economic reform strategy in the transition period;
* analyses  of restructuring economic processes:  from theory  to
* models of economic restructuring;
* marketing in the transition period: conception and practice;
* regional and social aspects of economic restructuring;
* international experience with development of economic systems:
  application to the transition in Russia.

For additional information, please contact:

                     PROFESSOR YURI K. PERSKY
               Head of Economic Theory Department
                      Perm State University
                     E-Mail: MVM@PGU.PERM.SU

** 016 *******************************************************************

Sender:  mac@MAINE.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell - UMaine, U.S.A.)
Subject: CEP Teaching Opportunities at CEE/NIS Universities

     Teaching at Institutions of Higher Education in CEE/NIS
                  Civic Education Project (CEP)
Civic Education Project (CEP) is once again looking for individu-
als  who are interested in spending a year teaching  at  institu-
tions  of higher learning in Central and Eastern Europe  and  the
NIS. CEP is an international not-for-profit organization  devoted
to  the  strengthening  of democracy in Eastern  Europe  and  the
former  Soviet  Union through the revitalization  of  the  social
sciences in universities and institutes of higher education.

Through its visiting professor program, CEP sends Western-trained
scholars to teach and advise at universities in Albania, Belarus,
Bulgaria,  Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Kazakhstan,  Latvia,
Lithuania,  Macedonia,  Poland,  Romania,  Russia,  Slovakia  and

Teaching  assignments  are initially for one year,  during  which
lecturers  teach university-level courses in economics,  history,
law, political science, public administration, and sociology, and
also  work  on outreach and research. Lectures are  conducted  in
English, and transportation, housing, insurance, teaching materi-
als  and a living stipend are provided to  program  participants.
Faculty  and advanced graduate students are encouraged to  apply.
Write  for a brochure/application packet.  Applications are  cur-
rently being accepted for the 1996-97 program year.

Applications  can  be requested at the postal  and/or  electronic
addresses  below.  However, in order to speed up the  application
process  and save valuable resources that can be better spent  in
the region, please consider obtaining the application online.

The easiest way to do this is to view the CEP brochure at our WWW
site  (http://cep.nonprofit.net/).  The brochure can be found  at
http://cep.nonprofit.net/brochure.html and that page has a point-
er  to the application form itself which is available in  digital
form via FTP.

If  you  are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with  using  the  online
version of the application, you can also request a paper copy  by
filling out the form at


Using that form to request a paper copy will significantly  speed
up the information request process.

A  longer  description of CEP can be  obtained  automatically  by
sending email to info@cep.nonprofit.net.  To find out how you can
obtain  an  application (including several online  options)  send
email  to application@cep.nonprofit.net.  In both cases you  will
receive an automated reply.  To speak to a human ;-], contact  me
(Chris Owen) directly at cep@minerva.cis.yale.edu

For  more  information  on the Civic Education  Project  and  its
activities, please contact:

                     Civic Education Project
                  P.O. Box 205445 Yale Station
                      New Haven, CT  06520
                       Tel: (203) 781-0263
                       Fax: (203) 781-0265
                    E-mail: cep@minerva.cis.yale.edu
            Automated info: info@cep.nonprofit.net
                       WWW: http://cep.nonprofit.net/
               Application: application@cep.nonprofit.net

** 0173 *******************************************************************

Sender:  kedzie@rand.org (Chris Kedzie)
Subject: Bishkek Lyceum of Youth Policy (fwd)

Date:         Sat, 14 Oct 1995 18:08:09 WET
)From: Adnan Soysal (soysal@NL100.ITTPUB.NL)

In my wisit to Biskhek in August 95, Elmira Toktogulova, Director of Bishkek
Lyceum of Youth Policy, gave me their organizations policy. She is seeking
different sorts of cooperation at international level. Here as it is.

Adnan Soysal

Amsterdam - Holland


                     Bishkek Lyceum of Youth Policy

Contemporary political processes, which are placed in Kyrgyzstan, come through
social and consciousness of people. There is a change in people demands
formulated by a class. The complex of new problems demands some new ways and
methods of their solution. Today there has formed an understanding that the
real propblems lie much deeper on the level of global alterations of thought
and activity, organizational principles, development approaches,a dn also on
the level of cultural-historical and social-cultural orientation, replacement
of settings, knowledge systems, frameworks fo self-determination which organize
and direct behavior and activity of people and separate groups.

Mostly young people teenagers have faced this problems For them the need for
formation of a new thought activity is combined with the important task -
socialization yourself in the society and the choice of personel civil

There is a critical need for formation free zones, giving a possibility to
young people and groups to develop mechanism for selfrealization on the social
horizon of the republic and for formation a new youth policies, basic principle
of which is cooperation, responsibilty, aspiration to creation, democratization
and toleration.

One of these new formations in Bishkek is "Bishkek Lyceum of Youth Policy"

BLYP is the place for formation of a new level in youth sphere, which having
package of modern technologies and knowledge, is able to build another
social-cultural situation, and, in a sense, assist to built a stable
development in the republic.

BLYP is an intellectual laboratory, studio for educational and cultural
projects, where the organoizers and their workers are young people themselves.
One of the purposes, which BLYP aspires to, that the subject of new youth
policy has to be the youth itself.

Main interests, directions, projects and programs of BLYP

- Research of problems of youth and child movements in the Central Asian
  region, the working out their support principles and mechanisms.

- research, projecting and experimental works in the sphere of new pedagigical
  technologies and systems.

- ecology and problems of formation of ecological thought.

- development of a philosophical education.

- research of new forms of administrating social-cultural processes.

- projecting new social system.

- systems of the youth social monitoring.

- research of club education and upbringing.

- programs of municipal reforms

- formatting peaceful, tolerant forms of coexistence and co-operation

- problems of new voters

BLYP si interested in different forms of co-operation in these and other


Kyrgyz Republic,
Bishkek, per. Nerynsky 2

TEL : (3312) 27 19 52
             25 64 93
             41 96 36
FAX : (3312) 29 38 64

Director of BLYP            : Elmira Toktogulova

Coordinators of the program : Zulfia Kochorbaeva
                              Marina Perecrestova
                              Nurmira Gamanculova
                              Gulya Almambetova
                              Sergey Romashkin

** 018 *******************************************************************

Sender:  "Dennis McConnell - UMaine, U.S.A." (mac@MAINE.MAINE.EDU)
Subject: English-Russian Agricultural Dictionary (x-post from RUSAG-L)

     English-Russian Agricultural Dictionary and Phrase Book
The September 1995 newsletter of the Center for Agricultural  and
Rural  Development  (CARD) at Iowa State  University  includes  a
brief  announcement  of  the above-noted  dictionary.  Since  the
publication  may be of interest to some members of RUSAG, I  have
reproduced the announcement here.
A  revised  3rd edition of  CARD's  English-Russian  Agricultural
Dictionary  and Phrase Book is now available from CARD.  Prepared
by John Helmuth, Olga Ermakova, and Olga Simonova, the dictionary
is  intended  to help participants who are  working  on  projects
located  in  the Newly Independent States of  the  former  Soviet

The  authors include words and phrases that are pertinent  in  an
agricultural setting. The English translation and transliteration
of Russian words and phrases are given.

Ordering information available by phone: 515-294-7519, fax:  515-
294-6336; or e-mail: card@card.iastate.edu


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