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#01-05 October 95  Oil Paintings of Maria Kazanskaya   

#02-05 October 95  Sculpture of Oleg Slepov  

#03-05 October 95  HOME of the San Francsico Bay Area Russian Community  

#04-05 October 95  To Russia With Love (TRWL) Delivery Service  

#05-05 October 95  New Issue of Ukrainian Weekly 

#06-05 October 95  New Issues of St. Petersburg Press

#07-05 October 95  Seven New BISNIS Documents

#08-05 October 95  Economic Article from Dr. Palms


#01-05 October 95  Sender:  Allison Busch-Lovejoy ( avb1@axe.humboldt.edu )

#02-05 October 95  Sender:  Vladik  Bykov ( vbykov@harp.aix.calpoly.edu )
                   Subject: Siberia   

#03-05 October 95  Sender:  DIGNASHE@carleton.edu (Diane Nemec-Ignashev)
                   Subject: Okazija from Moscow?     

#04-05 October 95  Sender:  BJANDERSON@Gems.VCU.EDU
                   Subject: S. Davlatov     

#05-05 October 95  Sender:  "Gretchen Ronnow" ( gronnow@wscgate.wsc.edu )
                   Subject: Fluent speakers     

#06-05 October 95  Sender:  Alexander Gybin ( sgybin@cp.duluth.mn.us )
                   Subject: INFO-RUSS: est' li gde kachestvennye fil'my? 

#07-05 October 95  Sender:  Yury Avrutin ( yury@interport.net )
                   Subject: Sculpture of Oleg Slepov    
#08-05 October 95  Sender:  bohdan@tryzub.com (Bohdan Peter Rekshynskyj)
                   Subject: TWG conference to be "virtually" live on 
                            UKRAINE FAQ+   

#09-05 October 95  Sender:  Multiple recipients of list H-RUSSIA 
                            ( H-RUSSIA@MSU.EDU )
#10-05 October 95  Sender:  palbank@americanbank.eskimo.com
                   Subject: Re: How are you doing in Russia compared to the 
                            U.S. Govt.   

#11-05 October 95  Sender:  kedzie@rand.org (Chris Kedzie)
                   Subject: Human Rights Watch/Helsinki (fwd)   
#12-05 October 95  Sender:  mac@MAINE.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell - 
                            UMaine, U.S.A.)
                   Subject: Central Asia Regional Director-Eurasia 

#13-05 October 95  Sender:  "Funding Opportunity System" 
                            ( funding@solar.rtd.utk.edu ) 
                   Subject: RFP--Funds Available to Train Potential Business 

#14-05 October 95  Sender:  "Funding Opportunity System" 
                            ( funding@solar.rtd.utk.edu )
                   Subject: SBE--INT--International Research Fellows - 

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WHAT'S NEW . . .

* View some of the oil paintings of Maria Kazanskaya from our Art page.  
  Maria attended the internationally renowned Moscow High School of Applied
  Arts in the 1980s and is now a member of the American Artists Professional 
  League and residing in New York City.  Take a moment to view her beautiful 
  still lifes and landscapes.
* Artwork and a short bio (in Russian) of a Moscow sculptor Oleg Slepov are
  also available from our art page.   Works represented in this on-line 
  exhibit are of various sizes and executed in stone, wood and metal. 
  (Please see message 007.)

  Our thanks to Yury Avrutin for his work in making this work available. 
* From our Life page, visit the "Home of the San Francsico Bay Area Russian
  Community".  This page not only unites Russians of this magical town in 
  California but also with the rest of the world.    

* To Russia With Love (TRWL) offers fast, reliable, and confidential 
  electronic correspondence and document delivery service to Russia and other 
  CIS countries.  Find out more about this service from our Classifieds page. 

* The latest preview of the Ukrainian Weekly is now available on the 
  Ukraine FAQ Plus site!  This is an exclusive regular feature each week 
  under the "Current Events" section. 
     Ukraine FAQ Plus:   http://world.std.com/~sabre/UKRAINE.html

* St. Petersburg Press Issue #125 (September 26 - October 2) is now 
  available.  Our mirror site should be updated to Issue #126 this week.  
  This publication is accessible from our News, Economics and Life pages.
     Mirror Site:  http://solar.rtd.utk.edu/friends/spbweb/sppress/index.html
     St. Petersburg Site:  http://www.spb.su/sppress/index.html

* We have added 7 new BISNIS Documents which are accessible from our 
  Economics page. 

   from our the Economics page' archive of Dr. Pyotr Johannevich van de 
   Waal-Palms articles.  We wish to thank him for providing us with this.  


Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

** 001 *******************************************************************

Sender:  Allison Busch-Lovejoy ( avb1@axe.humboldt.edu )

Hi!  I would like to write in English, to people in Russia.  My interests
are my children ages 5, 9,and 12, my rehabilitation of the
house I live in, my college education in natural resources,
wildlands preservation, feminist issues, peace, nuclear
disarmament, organic foods, and lots of other stuff.  I have tried to
teach myself Russian but have not been too successful.
I would like to talk in a live format.  Is this
possible? Can I log onto your computer somehow and speak with you in
real time?


Allison Busch-Lovejoy
P.O. Box 4444
Arcata, CA 95518-4444
** 002 *******************************************************************

Sender:  Vladik  Bykov ( vbykov@harp.aix.calpoly.edu )
Subject: Siberia

Hello.....I am planning a trip to the far east, perhaps Kamchatka or
Chukotka, and I am looking for other people who are also interested in
exploring eastern Siberia together.  I would like to form a group, perhaps
3 or 4 people, so that we could support each other and go explore the
tundra, or maybe learn how to to herd reindeer. If there is anyone outthere
who is interested, please contact me at:


** 003 *******************************************************************

Sender:  DIGNASHE@carleton.edu (Diane Nemec-Ignashev)
Subject: Okazija from Moscow?

Is there anyone out there going to, coming from Moscow in the next two weeks
who would carry one piece of paper (a simple priglashenie-izveshchenie) to
the states and put in the mail?  We're worried about it getting lost in the
usual mails.


Diane Nemec Ignashev
Professor of Russian
Dept. of German & Russian
Carleton College
Northfield, MN  55057

** 004 *******************************************************************

Subject: S. Davlatov

In the course of my work at VCU's library I was recently asked for help
in finding articles about the works of a Russian author named S.
Davlatov.  This author is believed to be living in the U.S.

Unfortunately, standard library sources revealed nothing about such an
author, much less articles about his works.   Do any "Friends" readers
know anything about this S. Davlatov?


Barbara Anderson
Virginia Commonwealth University
** 005 *******************************************************************

Sender:  "Gretchen Ronnow" ( gronnow@wscgate.wsc.edu )
Subject: Fluent speakers

          Dear "Friends":  I'm posting this message for a friend who
          doesn't have e-mail.  He, Christian Kaelin, and two of his
          colleagues are American students just finishing degrees in
          International Business.  They are all three fluent speakers
          of Russian and would be interested in interning or working
          for a company that is based in, has branches in, or is
          interested in establishing branches in Russia or the CIS.
          They have spent several years in Russia and feel they also
          know the culture quite well.  If you are interested in
          speaking further to Christian or know of someone who might
          be, he can be reached at:
               Christian Kaelin/ 571 E. 770 North/ Alpine, UT 84004
               phone:  801-756-3866  FAX 801-467-9024
          (His father, Bob Kaelin, has an 800 number: 800-335-7325)

          Or you can contact me by e-mail to pass along a message:
          Gretchen Ronnow    gronnow@wscgate.wsc.edu

** 006 *******************************************************************

Sender:  Alexander Gybin ( sgybin@cp.duluth.mn.us )
Subject: INFO-RUSS: est' li gde kachestvennye fil'my? (x-post)

Hi, Info-Russ netters,
does anyone knows where to get (here, in US) movies from Russia and Eastern
Europe (Czech, Polish...)?
It would not matter what is the system: PAL/SECAM or NTSC, the only
criterion is quality of the image (and sound). English subtitles are a plus.
The quality of the movies I've bought through advertisements in "Novoye
Russkoye Slovo" or "Vestnik" are beneath any criticism.
Are there any credible company/ies that distribute/sell high quality movies ?
Any information on that issue would be greatly appreciated.

Alex Gybin

** 007 *******************************************************************

Sender:  Yury Avrutin ( yury@interport.net )
Subject: Sculpture of Oleg Slepov

Artwork and a short bio (in Russian) of a Moscow sculptor Oleg Slepov are
available at ( URL: http://solar.rtd.utk.edu/~samurai/art/ ).

Works represented in this on-line exhibit are executed in stone, wood and
metal. Sizes of individual pieces range from few inches to several feet in

Oleg would be more than happy to find art lovers interested in his works.

Yury Avrutin

** 008 *******************************************************************

Sender:  bohdan@tryzub.com (Bohdan Peter Rekshynskyj)
Subject: TWG conference to be "virtually" live on UKRAINE FAQ+


The Washington Group (TWG) announces its 1995 Leadership
Conference, "The Ukrainian Community: Defining a New Role" to be held
at the Key Bridge Marriott, Arlington, Virginia, on October 6-8.  Keynote
speakers will be Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States, Yuri
Shcherbak, Special Assistant to the President on Ukrainian Affairs and
Senior Director NSC, Coit Blacker, Freedom House President, Adrian
Karatnycky, and Deputy Chief-of-Staff to the First Lady, Melanne
Verveer.  Four panel discussions on aspects of the conference theme
will be held.  Friday evening reception at Gannett Towers overlooking our
Nation's Capital, Saturday night awards banquet, dance/cabaret, and
Sunday jazz piano brunch, cyberspace session, and Ukrainian art gallery
tour.  Ukrainian American Bar Association and the Federal of Ukrainian
American Business/Professional Associations will hold meetings in
conjunction with TWG.  Information: 1-800-472-6819; 202-651-2302; or

As another Internet first on the Ukraine FAQ Plus Project, The
Washington Group (TWG) will be posting results of some of their 1995
Leadership Conference activities shortly after they take place, including
brief summaries and *pictures* of the participants.  These can be
accessed at the following URL (address):

Click on the "Current Events" button or scroll down to the Current Events
section and click there.
)From thereon, click on the TWG section to access the conference!
Announcements will be posted to the "ukes-news" bulletin board and the
USENET newsgroups "soc.culture.ukrainian", "alt.current-events.ukraine",
and "ukr.politics".  Stay "tuned" to those "channels" to keep abreast of
the conference!


                                        Bohdan Petro Rekshyns'kyj

** 009 *******************************************************************

Sender:  Multiple recipients of list H-RUSSIA ( H-RUSSIA@MSU.EDU )

Sender:    IN%"H-RURAL@msu.edu"  "An H-Net list for discussion of Rural &
 Agricultural History"  3-OCT-1995 11:25:23.68
Subj:   Hello from Misha Jones


Hello H-Rural,

I am writing from the village of Krasnyi Yar (pop. 700) in the
Bikin River watershed of the Russian Far East (SE of Khabarovsk,
in the very north of Primorskii Krai). The upper two thirds of
the Bikin watershed (1.2 million ha.) is the largest intact
remnant of the central Sikhote-Alin bioregion and is home to the
UDEGE peoples, a hunter / gather group that has lived in the
Sikhote-Alin Mountains for over 1500 years. The Udege diet is
historically fish and game, and seasonal gathering of taiga
edibles, but modern tendencies that include industrial forestry,
mining and poaching are reducing this abundance, and home garden
agriculture is becoming increasingly important as 'potatoes and
cabbage' become more the stable than the once abundant salmon and
wild game.

I am working with the Udege on a number of issues, including
trying to find ways to promote sustainable extraction of non-
timber forest products. We hope that development of a local
infrastructure that emphasis on site processing of forest edibles
will provide seasonal incomes and hold off a need to bargain away
the forest for cash. A difficult situation at best.

I wrote to your conference out of curiosity, for my background is
not agriculture; I am trained in 19th century Russian literature.
I have been working in the Bikin for the past two years as part
of a larger effort in the Russian Far East to try and offer some
reasonable alternatives to the aggressive short sighted 'raw log
for export' trade that is devastating one of the most richly
biodiverse regions of the world. As an historian of agriculture,
you know have an awareness of the consequences of short sighted
development of natural resources; nothing new here in the RFE,
except for perhaps the intensity of the pillage.

Thanks for the information.



** 010 *******************************************************************

Sender:  palbank@americanbank.eskimo.com
Subject: Re: How are you doing in Russia compared to the U.S. Govt.

If you're a private entrepreneur spending your own money to develop
business possibilities in Russia, you may have tried to get a USAID grant
and made a proposal on the hundreds of millions of dollars in RFP's they
issued. This report tells you how USAID and the people they selected to
spend this money performed. It was made by the General Accounting Office
of the U.S. at the request of Congress. It's required reading for anyone
who wonders how others are doing compared to how they are doing.

GAO Document Title: Foreign Assistance: Assessment of selected USAID
Projects in Russia
Report Number: NSIAD-95-156
Document Date 08/03/95

To get the document
1. Ask me to e-mail it (195kb)
2. Via WWW
go to http://www.access.gpo.gov
select Superintendent of Documents
select GPO Access to Electronic Information
select Gateway to Free Public Access
select one of the universities other than Perdue as a gateway
select GAO Database
enter a search for NSIAD-95-156 (with title and date
Voila you have it.

Dr. Pyotr Johannevich van de Waal-Palms, Sovetnik Pravitelstva CWA,
Tovarichestvo Palmsa, Inc. Investment Bankers. Washington, USA
World Wide Web home pages - Palms Portal to Russia (50Mb)
http://www.aa.net/~mwm/palm/palnode.html or ftp.eskimo.com/palbank

              The Basis of Life is absolute freedom.
              The Objective of life is absolute joy.
              The Result of life is absolute growth.

** 011 *******************************************************************

Sender:  kedzie@rand.org (Chris Kedzie)
Subject: Human Rights Watch/Helsinki (fwd)

)Human Rights Watch/Helsinki (Formerlly Helsinki Watch), an independent
)non-governmental human rights organization, is seeking a researcher to be
)based in Central Asia and monitor human rights violations in that region.
)Responsibilities include:
)-  monitoring and researching human rights developments in Central
)   Asia, with an emphasis on taking testimony;
)-  writing reports and newsletters on human rights concerns;
)-  bringing human rights violations to the attention of government
)   bodies in the countries of the region, in other CIS states,
)   and the United States;
)-  working with local groups and helping in the development of non-
)   governmental activities in Central Asia, coordinating training
)   programs, and bringing human rights experts to the region;
)-  expanding contacts with government officials and human rights
)   groups in Central Asia and Russia, the media, and international
)   organizations based in the region, such as the OSCE and the
)   United Nations; and
)-  developing strategies together with Human Rights Watch/Helsinki's
)   New York, Moscow, and Brussels offices for putting pressure on the
)   governments of Central Asia to curb abuses.
)The researcher will be based in Central Asia (the exact location to be
)determined) and should be prepared to travel extensively in the region, and
)occasionally to Moscow and New York for consultations.  He or she should
)have a very good command of Russian and, preferably, one or more regional
)languages, excellent writing and editing skills, a background in related
)regional studies, a demonstrated commitment to international human rights,
)and experience in field research.  The position is available as of January
)1, 1996.  Resumes will be accepted through November 1, 1995.
)Salary is negotiable, depending on experience.  Please send letters and
)resumes to:
)Human Rights Watch/Helsinki
)485 Fifth Avenue
)New York, NY 10017-6104
)Attn:  Helsinki Researcher Search
)Fax:  212-972-0905
)E-mail:  hrwnyc@hrw.org

** 012 *******************************************************************

Sender:  mac@MAINE.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell - UMaine, U.S.A.)
Subject: Central Asia Regional Director-Eurasia Foundation

                 Central Asia Regional Director
                      Tashkent, Uzbekistan
                     The Eurasia Foundation
The Eurasia Foundation, a privately managed, nonprofit  grantmak-
ing  organization funded by USAID, seeks to fill  the   following

Central  Asia Regional Director, based in  Tashkent,  Uzbekistan.
Serves as the Eurasia Foundation representative, decision  maker,
and spokesperson in the region. Previous professional, managerial
and analytical experience in the former Soviet Union, fluency  in
written and spoken Russian, and strong computer skills  required.
Fluency in one of the Central Asian languages highly desirable.

Salary negotiable. Must be citizen or legal resident of the US.

Send resume, cover letter and salary history to:

                        Personnel Manager
                     The Eurasia Foundation
            1527 New Hampshire Ave. N.W. - 3rd Floor
                      Washington, DC 20036.
                        Fax: 202-234-7377
                  E-mail: kcarley@eurasia.org.

** 013 *******************************************************************

Sender:  "Funding Opportunity System" ( funding@solar.rtd.utk.edu ) 
Subject: RFP--Funds Available to Train Potential Business Partners from NIS

 RFP--Funds Available to Train Potential Business Partners
 from NIS

 SPONSOR:  Department of Commerce


 DEADLINES:  04-30-1996

 FROM THE NIS The Special American Business Internship Training (SABIT)
 Program of the U.S. Department of Commerce recently announced the
 availability of $4.4 million in funding for U.S. companies interested
 in training potential business and scientific partners from the New
 Independent States (NIS) of the former Soviet Union. SABIT is a unique
 private sector - U.S. Government partnership that was created in order
 to support the NIS's transition to market economies while boosting
 U.S. commercial opportunities in the region. SABIT provides funds to
 U.S. companies to help defray the costs of providing three to six
 months of hands-on training to managers and scientists from the NIS.
 To date, SABIT has awarded grants to well over 200 U.S. organizations
 and has trained 450 NIS interns. SABIT is a win-win opportunity for
 participating U.S. firms and their NIS counterparts. Since SABIT
 matches U.S. firms with NIS managers and scientists who are in the
 same or similar sectors, the U.S. companies and their interns
 frequently establish business ties at the conclusion of the
 internships. To that end, more than sixty percent of the U.S.
 organizations that have participated in the SABIT program report
 ongoing business relationships or scientific collaboration with their
 interns, such as joint ventures, contracts, and distributorships.
 Furthermore, $10 million dollars in U.S. export revenues have resulted
 from the U.S.-NIS business relationships facilitated through SABIT.
 For example: A New Jersey housing company which has trained five
 Russian managers through SABIT has, as a direct result of the NIS
 contacts made through the program, completed business contracts
 totaling $3.5 million. Also, a SABIT intern from Belarus has, since
 his return home, facilitated the sale of $2 million worth of his
 Minnesota host company's agricultural equipment to companies in the
 NIS. Michael Carroll of North American Agricultural, a SABIT company
 from Illinois, summed up his company's experience with SABIT when he
 exalted, ``Dollar for dollar SABIT is probably the best expenditure of
 U.S. government funds of any of our foreign aid programs.'' SABIT
 interns return to their countries armed with new technologies and
 innovative management skills necessary to support the NIS' transition
 to free market economies. Uniformly, SABIT interns say that
 participating in the SABIT program has not only provided a valuable
 opportunity to witness first hand how a market economy operates, but
 has also changed their attitudes. Tariel Gogoberidze, a SABIT intern
 from Tbilisi, Georgia commented, ``Such programs are necessary to my
 country to help move from an old socialistic system to a free market.
 The SABIT program helps participants to learn about civilized markets,
 make business connections, and (attract) possible foreign
 investment.'' U.S. firms interested in participating in the SABIT
 program should contact the U.S. Department of Commerce for an
 application kit. SABIT is accepting applications from U.S. companies
 for the $1.4 million until April 30, 1996, or until funding is
 depleted. Company applications are reviewed on a competitive basis.
 All profit and non-profit organizations are encouraged to apply to the
 program, however SABIT gives priority consideration to U.S. companies
 in the following sectors: agribusiness, defense conversion, energy,
 environment, financial services, health care, housing, product
 standards and quality control, telecommunications, and transportation.
 Selected companies have the option to choose an intern from SABIT's
 pool of pre-screened candidates, or to recommend specific candidates
 to SABIT. All intern candidates must submit an intern application and
 be interviewed by SABIT to determine their suitability as an intern.
 SABIT reimburses participating firms the cost of each intern's round
 trip airfare and a daily $30 stipend, to be given directly to the
 intern to cover his/her meals and incidental expenses. Host companies
 provide the intern's hands-on training, housing, medical insurance and
 visa sponsorship. SABIT also manages two specialized training programs
 for NIS executives. First, in conjunction with the National Institute
 of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the American National Standards
 Institute (ANSI), SABIT launched the Standards program to improve
 product standards and quality control in the NIS. This program, which
 focuses on the automotive, medical equipment, telecommunications,
 construction/infrastructure, and aerospace sectors, will provide 100
 NIS standards experts with two weeks of training at NIST and six weeks
 at U.S. companies in the same industry. Secondly, SABIT and the Bureau
 of Export Administration (BXA) jointly developed a comprehensive
 training program to provide up to 120 defense enterprise experts from
 Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukraine with two weeks of business
 management training, followed by six weeks of hands-on training in
 product diversificaton with various U.S. firms. For both specialized
 programs, SABIT covers all costs except for interpreters and local
 transportation. For more information regarding any of the SABIT
 programs, contact the SABIT office by phone on (202)482-0073, by fax
 on (202)482-2443 or by email to SABIT@usita.gov.





 Telephone:  202-482-0073

** 014 *******************************************************************

Sender:  "Funding Opportunity System" ( funding@solar.rtd.utk.edu )
Subject: SBE--INT--International Research Fellows - Eastern Europe/NIS (95-88)

 SBE--INT--International Research Fellows - Eastern
 Europe/NIS (95-88)

 SPONSOR:  National Science Foundation

 SYNOPSIS:   The sponsor supports postdoctoral fellowships for research
 in the countries of Eastern Europe which facilitate U.S. participation
 in international science and engineering activities. Appropriate
 foreign hosts are universities, colleges, industrial research
 institutions/labs, government research institutes, labs, centers, and
 private, nonprofit institutions. Award amounts vary.

 DEADLINES:  11-01-1995

 OBJECTIVES:   The sponsor supports projects which facilitate U.S.
 participation in international science and engineering activities in
 Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and the
 Slovak Republic) and the Newly Independent States (NIS) (Armenia,
 Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia,
 Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and
 Uzbekistan) that promise substantial benefits to research and
 education enterprises. The objective of these awards is to introduce
 scientists and engineers in the early stages of their careers to
 opportunities abroad, thereby furthering the sponsor's goal of
 establishing productive, long-term relationships between U.S. and
 foreign science and engineering communities. Awards are available for
 research in any field of science and engineering supported by the
 sponsor. The following are areas that the sponsor has designated as
 being research priorities: advanced materials; advanced manufacturing;
 biotechnology; civil infrastructure; environment and global change;
 high performance computing and communication; and science,
 mathematics, engineering, and technology education. Foreign science or
 engineering centers in all geographical regions are eligible as host
 institutions. Appropriate establishments include institutions of
 higher education, industrial research institutions/laboratories,
 government research institutes, laboratories, centers, and non-profit
 research organizations.

 RESTRICTIONS:  Both proposals and supporting letters of recommendation
 must be received by the November 1 deadline. Eligible applicants must
 be citizens or permanent residents of the U.S., must have earned a
 doctoral degree within six years before the date of application, or
 have equivalent experience beyond the Masters degree, or expect to
 receive the doctoral degree by the award date. Priority will be given
 to applicants with no previous international experience and/or those
 proposing to work in developing and newly industrialized countries.
 Applications are normally submitted by the applicants through their
 home institutions but will be accepted from unaffiliated individuals
 as well. Support may be requested for residence abroad for three to
 twenty- four months. No support is provided for teaching, writing
 textbooks, preparation of prior research results for publication, and
 similar activities. Fellows are expected to work full time on their
 research activities. The following are allowable costs: round trip
 economy airfare and ground transportation; up to $300 excess baggage
 allowance; up to $3,000 for return professional visits to the United
 States; up to $1,000 of in-country travel, if justified; living
 allowance of up to $3,000 per month, and incremental health insurance
 costs at a fixed rate of $50 per month; in some regions, support for
 materials, supplies, and modest equipment; partial support for
 language training; and dependent costs for visits of six months or
 more. Indirect costs are not allowed. Applications and guidelines are
 available. Proposals should be prepared and submitted in accordance
 with the "Grant Proposal Guide" (NSF 94-2), which may be obtained from
 the Forms and Publications Unit, 703-306-1130, internet: pubs@nsf.gov.
 Applicants are advised to contact the sponsor before submitting
 proposals. General information requests may also be made by calling
 800-437-4708. (NSF 95-88) (lab)


 CONTACT INFO: Division of International Programs; National Science
 Foundation; 4201 Wilson Blvd.; Arlington,  VA  22230; U.S.A.


 Telephone:  703-306-1706

       FAX:  703-306-0474

 Email Address:  intpubs@nsf.gov


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