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WHAT'S NEW . . .

#01-27 September 95  New "Arina" Art Exhibition on Friends and Partners

#02-27 September 95  "Russia The Gateway to Eastern Europe" Travel Agency

#03-27 September 95  INFO-RUSS WWW Server

#04-27 September 95  Okno Group's WWW Server


#01-27 September 95  Sender:  archiem@ix.netcom.com
                     Subject: Re: Russian Immigration to United States

#02-27 September 95  Sender:  tbell@ix.netcom.com
                     Subject: I am trying to locate someone...

#03-27 September 95  Sender:  antonina kisliakov (gatrav@magna.com.au)
                     Subject: Russian Travel Agency

#04-27 September 95  Sender:  MILLERD7@mail.firn.edu
                     Subject: seeking individual keypals

#05-27 September 95  Sender:  mchamber@reed.edu
                     Subject: Friends and Partners
#06-27 September 95  Sender:  William Raisner (RAISNER@USITA.GOV)
                     Subject: Conference on Environment in CEE and NIS

#07-27 September 95  Sender:  KNYAZEV@CUA.EDU
                     Subject: INFO-RUSS: Any info about corresponding schools?
#08-27 September 95  Sender:  ohrmund@em.uni-frankfurt.de (Andreas Ohrmund)
                     Subject: QUERY: GERMAN STUDENT SEEKING INFO RE U.S. Ph.D.

#09-27 September 95  Sender:  DOWDYB@CCIT.ARIZONA.EDU
                     Subject: Seeking Info. on Effects of Media on former 

#10-27 September 95  Sender:  INFO-RUSS-request@smarty.ece.jhu.edu
                     Subject: INFO-RUSS: Shanah tova & www INFO-RUSS home page

#11-27 September 95  Sender:  ac737@lafn.org (Michael Segal)
                     Subject: Portland, OR Talk on Trade Missions

#12-27 September 95  Sender:  "Steven J. Norton" (sjnorton@okno.com)
                     Subject: Okno Group Web site

#13-27 September 95  Sender:  "Irwin  . Rappaport" (102020.2552@compuserve.com)
                     Subject: INFO-RUSS: Russian Immigrants in Canada

#14-27 September 95  Sender:  bohdan@tryzub.com (Bohdan Peter Rekshynskyj)
                     Subject: UKRAINE FAQ PLUS Presents: Ukrainian Weekly 
                              Preview September 24, 1995 now ONLINE!

#15-27 September 95  Sender:  mac@MAINE.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell - 
                              UMaine, U.S.A.)
                     Subject: Economic Conference in Khabarovsk, Russia

#16-27 September 95  Sender:  Andrey Kushlin 87268 (AKUSHLIN@worldbank.org)
                     Subject: INFO-RUSS: Russian Club Opening - Washington, 
                              DC, Oct.13, 1995

#17-27 September 95  Sender:  Peter Priest (priest@nextwork.rose-hulman.edu)
                     Subject: Conference on Doing Business in FSU

#18-27 September 95  Sender:  "Funding Opportunity System" 
                     Subject: U.S./NIS Academic Studies Inbound/Outbound 

#19-27 September 95  Sender:  "Funding Opportunity System" 
                     Subject: Exchanges and Training Program with the Newly 
                              Independent States

#20-27 September 95  Sender:  "Funding Opportunity System" 
                     Subject: Rockefeller Brothers Fund: One World Grants

APPENDIX:        LISTSERV address & basic procedures


WHAT'S NEW . . .

*  We are pleased to announce a new art exhibition on Friends and 
   Partners showcasing the work of Miss Arina Dmitrovna Genkina. 
   Arina, 15, attends art school in Moscow where she lives with her 
   mother - a professional artist - and her father - a craftsman/goldsmith 
   and former Soviet hanggliding champion. 
   This online exhibition is a sampling of almost 50 pieces of her 
   extensive work, which ranges from the fanciful to the bizarre and is full of 
   intricate details. 
   Please visit from the F&P art page or from URL:

   Many, many thanks to Steven Grimm and Carol Larsen who digitized the
   original material and put together this nice presentation - and, of course,
   to Arina and her family for agreeing to share her work with us and
   with the Internet. 
*  "Russia The Gateway to Eastern Europe" a Russian Travel Agency situated 
   in Sydney, Australia.  Specializing in travel to/from Russia and Australia 
   and offering complete travel throughout Russia and C.I.S and the Baltics as 
   well as East Europe-Czech Republic Slovakia Poland Hungary Bulgaria.  
   Please visit from our travel / tourism page or via URL:
   Please see message #003 below for more information  

*  Alex Kaplan (creator/moderator of INFO-RUSS listserver) has created a 
   World Wide Web site with information and archives of his excellent 
   INFO-RUSS email listserver.  Please visit from our "More Info Resources" 
   page or directly via URL:


   Please see message #010 below for more information  
*  The Okno Group's WWW home pages contain information about consulting 
   and trade services related to East Europe and the former Soviet Union 
   as well as information on the Okno Group's publication, the East/West Letter.

   Please visit from our Business or Services pages or directly via URL:


   Please see message #012 below for more information  


Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

** 001 **********************************************************************

Sender: archiem@ix.netcom.com
Subject: Re: Russian Immigration to United States

I am looking for information for a paper that I and a group of students 
from California State University of Sacramento, Nursing Department are 
putting together with regards to how recent immigration of Russians to the 
United States affects the health care system.  If you have any information 
with regards to values, beliefs, statistical numbers, etc.  I would 
appreciate it.  Thanks Barbara Monico

** 002 **********************************************************************

Sender: tbell@ix.netcom.com
Subject: I am trying to locate someone...

My name is Tiffany Bell.  I am trying to locate someone in Moscow.  I 
know you are in the States but, I thought you might know where to help me 

His name is Maxim Ovchenko or Ovchenika (I'm not sure of spelling).  I 
met him 12/92 when my aunt was adopting a child from Russia.  His mother 
was the director of one of the orphanages.  I have a phone number which 
is 479-8849, but I have never been able to get through.  His mother's 
address at the orphanage is:

Dom Rebenka 23
Molodtsova 1B
Moscow, Russia 129221

She does not speak English however.

If someone you know can contact Maxim I would truly appreciate it.
My address is:

Tiffany Bell 
3020 Country Square Dr. #1134
Carrollton, Texas 75006
Phone: 214-417-1528
E-mail: tbell@ix.netcom.com

I know this is quite unorthodox, but I had no other ideas.

Thank you,

** 003 *************************************