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#01-20 September 95  Office of Central Europe and Eurasia

#02-20 September 95  North Atlantic Resources

#03-20 September 95  St. Petersburg Press Issue #124

#04-20 September 95  September 17th Issue of Ukrainian Weekly

#05-20 September 95  RUSAG-L Current Events #65

#06-20 September 95  BISNIS Documents


#01-20 September 95  Sender:  Archie R. Monico ( archiem@ix.netcom.com )
                     Subject: Re: Russian Immigration to United States

#02-20 September 95  Sender:  Susan Doyle ( sdoyle@sol.uvic.ca )
                     Subject: Photos of the former USSR

#03-20 September 95  Sender:  Dr. Valeri Tchukhlomin ( frd@univer.omsk.su )
                              Vice-rector,  Omsk State University, Omsk,
                     Subject: USIA College and University Affiliations
                              Program Number 108945

#04-20 September 95  Sender:  Mary Ann Skaife ( shaman@snowcrest.net )
                     Subject: Letter to the Estonian People

#05-20 September 95  Sender:  Agnieszka Zieminska ( AZ@CHEMONICS.COM )
                     Subject: Consultants needed (x-post from RUSAG-L)

#06-20 September 95  Sender:  Funding Opportunity System
                              ( funding@solar.rtd.utk.edu )
                     Subject: U.S./NIS Academic Studies Inbound/Outbound

#07-20 September 95  Sender: William Raisner (RAISNER@USITA.GOV)
                     Subject:  Russian Food Industry Trade Mission

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WHAT'S NEW . . .

*  The National Research Council's Office of Central Europe and Eurasia
   awards grants to American scientists who wish to host or visit their
   colleagues from former Soviet countries. The OCEE is a part of the
   National Academy of Sciences.  Find out more about their programs from
   our Funding and Exchange Opportunities page.

     URL:  http://www.nas.edu/ocee/

*  North Atlantic Resources is an export trading company that specializes
   in Russian business."   Their server explains their business including
   the exporting of consumer products, industrial equipment, business
   technology, and economic data.  They also have valuable information
   about "Russia, Trade and the Internet.  Access this server from our
   Economics page.

     URL: http://www.nar.com/

*  Issue Number 124 of the St. Petersburg Press is now available from our
   Life, News and Economics pages.  This issue covers September 19 - 25.
   The server also maintains an archive of back issues.

     URL: http://solar.rtd.utk.edu/friends/spbweb/sppress/index.html

*  The September 17th edition of the Ukrainian Weekly magazine is now
   available now available on Ukraine FAQ Plus.  These can be accessed
   from our More Information Resources page.

     Ukraine FAQ Plus Project

       URL: http://world.std.com/~sabre/UKRAINE.html

     Ukrainian Weekly Magazine

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*  The RUSAG-L Current Events #65 is available from the Agriculture section
   of our Science Page

*  We have added two more documents to our BISNIS archives.  You can access
   these documents from our economics page.


        URL: http://solar.rtd.utk.edu/friends/economics/nis.fis.bus.docs/

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Sender:  Archie R. Monico ( archiem@ix.netcom.com )
Subject: Re: Russian Immigration to United States

  I am looking for information for a paper that I and a group of
students from California State University of Sacramento, Nursing
Department are putting together with regards to how recent  immigration
of Russians to the
United States affects the health care system.  If you have any
information with regards to values, beliefs, statistical numbers, etc.
I would appreciate it. Thanks Barbara Monico

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Sender:  Susan Doyle ( sdoyle@sol.uvic.ca )
Subject: Photos of the former USSR

Hi there,
We are preparing a cd-rom on a conference on the Rights of the Child that
was held at the University of Victoria, Canada in 1994. Part of the cd-rom
is an atlas which includes a map of each country in the world, some basic
statistical information about the country, and one or more photos of the

Most of our photos were donated by the Canadian government or UNICEF, but
unfortunately they weren't able to provide us with photos of several
countries of the former USSR.

We have combed the Internet without success and were hoping that you could
suggest where we might find photos for these countries: Azerbaijan, Georgia,
Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. The cd-rom is a
non-commercial product, so no profit will be made from the use of the photos=

We will, of course, credit the photographer and/or the agency who supplied t=
photo. We will also include the address of your web site if you wish.

We are particularly interested in photos of children and families, since
that is the theme of our cd-rom.

Thanks for your help. If you need more information about how the photos
will be used, or anything else, just ask.

Hope to hear from you soon (sdoyle@sol.uvic.ca)

** 003 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  Dr. Valeri Tchukhlomin ( frd@univer.omsk.su )
         Vice-rector,  Omsk State University, Omsk, RUSSIA
Subject: USIA College and University Affiliations Program
         Number 108945

     Dear Sir/Madam,

My name  is  Dr.  Valeri  Tchukhllomin  and  currently  I   am
Vice-rector of Omsk State University on International Affairs.
Honestly I am not certain what Funding Opportunity  System  is
and how it works.  Probably you would be so kind as to give me
an advice whom I should apply to.

I am seeking an  opportunity  to  be  introduced  to  American
Universities  making  applications  for  funding  in  order to
propose collaboration.  Let   me   provide   you   with   some
institutional information.

Omsk is situated in the central part of Western  Siberia  with
the  population about 1.5 million.  Omsk State University is a
degree-granting and  nationally  well  recognized  educational
institution  offering undergraduate,  graduate and PhD degrees
in Mathematics,  Computer Science,  Physics,  Chemistry,  Law,
History,  Archaeology,  Theology,  Linguistics, Literature and
Russian Language,  Ethnography,  Economics,  Labor  Economics,
Sociology,  Management,  Business Studies,  Psycology,  Social
Work. We employ 400 full and part time faculty staff.

Recently we are developing a western-style university business
school so the program mentioned above fits us.  We would  like
to  establish  collaborative work with an american university,
college or graduate business school for  teaching,  lecturing,
curriculum   and   faculty  development,  joint  research  and

I will appreciate any help.

  Dr. Valeri Tchukhlomin
  55a, Prospekt Mira, Omsk-77, 644077, Russia
  Tel/fax +7-3812-642738 Email: frd@univer.omsk.su

** 004 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  Mary Ann Skaife ( shaman@snowcrest.net )
Subject: Letter to the Estonian People


     My name is Mary Ann Skaife and I am a product of my Estonian father's
     My father, Edun Kikerpill, was born in Tartu, Estonia on September 29,
1924.  He left home at the age of 15 to fight with the Germans to defend
Estonia from the Russians.  He was wounded and came close to death many
times during his time in the war.  He lost a leg in the battle at Sinemaid.
     After his time in the war he lived in a refugee camp in Germany.
Realizing it was not possible to return to Estonia, he dreamed of
immigrating to America ... the land of opportunity ... the land of the free.
     He immigrated to America in 1950 with $5.00 in his pocket.  He worked
many different jobs and raised four children in America.
     His greatest dream though was for Estonia to be free again.  He was so
happy to have the chance to see this dream realized in his lifetime.  He
returned to Estonia for the first time in  1993 after having been gone for
fifty years.  After this trip, he decided to return home for good. He wanted
to do whatever he could for the Estonian people with the time that he had le=
     He moved back to Estonia in the spring of 1994 and died in Estonia at
the age of seventy on October 7, 1994.  This was another dream come true for
my dad.  He wanted so much to be buried in Estonian soil ... in his family's
grave ... in the land of his birth and childhood.  My dad was very proud to
be Estonian.  He always reminded his children to throw his ashes into the
east wind if he didn't make it to Estonia for his death.
     As a child, I grew up hearing about Estonia and what a beautiful
country it is.  My dad told me about his childhood in Estonia.  He also told
me about how strong, intelligent and brave the Estonian people are.  For my
entire life I have believed that Estonians are strong and courageous and can
accomplish anything they put their hearts and minds to.
     A message has been forming in me since the time of my father's death
and since my first visit to Estonia at that time.  This message comes
through me from the spirit and soul of my Estonian father to you, the
Estonian people.
     I have not walked in your shoes and do not claim to know what your
journey has been like, but there is a part of me that feels like I know you.
It is the part of my being that is Estonian.  It is my father's heritage
inside of me.  This is the part of me that asks to speak to you now.
     She has a message for you and the message is this:

     I am so proud of you.  I am so proud of how far you have progressed
since your recent independence.  You have taken so many big steps so
quickly.   Your courage and success validates everything I have been taught
to believe about the Estonian people.  You make me proud to be Estonian.
     I write this letter to encourage you to keep going.  Keep moving, keep
progressing , keep evolving and most of all, keep dreaming and visioning
what you want to have occur in your lives and in your nation.
     Have the courage now to dream big and to dream all of your dreams!
Don't ever stop dreaming and visioning what you want.  As you probably
already know, dreams are the one thing that nobody can take away from you.
     Dreams are what have made America the great land that she is and dreams
are what will make Estonia the great nation she is meant to be.
     Each thing that has ever been created in America started with one
person having a dream ... a vision.  Each and  everything that has ever been
created in all of the world started with one person's vision.
     Dreams are what will protect you from those who seek to harm or control
you.  Dreams are what will move you forward to become the great nation you
are destined to become.
     I sense your destiny inside of me, Estonia.  I have known it deeply in
my soul from the time that I was a small child.  My father passed this
knowledge on to me just as his father passed it on to him and so on for many
generations before him.
     You are blessed, Estonia.  It is your destiny to be a great nation!
All your years of occupation by others has only served to make you stronger
and more clear about what you want.
     Be an example to the rest of the world!  Collectively, show us how
gallantly and quickly a nation can move from the darkness of communism to
the light of freedom.  Individually, show us how quickly and beautifully a
person's soul can bloom again after living under communist rule for so many
     Now is the time for each and every one of you to dream big ... to
stretch yourself as far as you can to envision the future you want for
yourselves, for your children, for your grandchildren and even for your
great grandchildren.
     You have the chance now to become all that you envision.  Do whatever
you can to advance in the direction of your dreams individually and
collectively as a nation.  Don't let anyone or anything hold you back from
dreaming and pursuing all of your dreams.
     May my father's memory serve as a reminder that dreams do come true!
     May Estonia's recent independence serve as a reminder that dreams do
come true!
     You have my blessing, Estonia.  I believe in you!  I am watching you
from the other side of the world, cheering for you, praying that all of your
people's dreams will come true and that you will finally become the great
nation you are destined to become!

     With much love and gratitude for the special  place that Estonia and
it's people hold in my heart,      I am so proud to be Estonian!

                                              Mary Ann Skaife

P.S.  I found myself wondering what your hopes and dreams are as I wrote
this letter.  If you would like to share them with me or if you would like
to contact me, I can be reached at:

Mary Ann Skaife
P.O. Box 8
Mt. Shasta, CA  96067  USA
=46AX:  (916) 235-0068
Internet:  Shaman@snowcrest.net

=A91995 Mary Ann Skaife.       Permission is granted to copy ,publish and
distribute this letter as long as it is copied, published and distributed in
it's entirety.  Please pass this letter on to other Estonians!
"Our mission is to guide people to become heroes to themselves."
Telephone:  (916) 235-2297    FAX: (916)235-0068
WEB:  http://www.snowcrest.net/shaman/index.html
Email: shaman@snowcrest.net

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Sender:  Agnieszka Zieminska ( AZ@CHEMONICS.COM )
Subject: Consultants needed (x-post from RUSAG-L)

A private consulting firm is seeking public administration professionals
with experience in developing integrated social service delivery systems,
for a project involving transfering the delivery of services from state
owned farms to private businesses and local government in rural Russia.
International experince is desirable.  If you are interested or know of
others who might be interested please contact:

Agnieszka Zieminska/ENI

Chemonics International

2000 M Street NW, Suite 200

Washington, DC 20036

tel. 202-955-3425

fax: 202-955-3400


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Sender:  Funding Opportunity System ( funding@solar.rtd.utk.edu )
Subject: U.S./NIS Academic Studies Inbound/Outbound Program

 U.S./NIS Academic Studies Inbound/Outbound Program

 SPONSOR:  United States Information Agency

 SYNOPSIS:  The Unites States Information Agency is inviting
 applications for exchange projects between American high school
 students and high school students from the 12 newly independent states
 (NIS) of the former Soviet Union for the 1997-98 academic year.

 DEADLINES:  1996-01-12

 OBJECTIVES:  Projects should build the capacity of organizations to
 conduct academic exchanges at the secondary school level between the
 U.S. and the NIS; sponsor study opportunities in the U.S. for NIS high
 school-aged students; and promote study abroad opportunities in the
 NIS for Americans. Eligible ares are Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus,
 Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan,
 Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

 RESTRICTIONS: Public or private nonprofit organizations, including
 state and local education agencies.

 MONETARY: $4 million.

 CONTACT INFO: Shalita Jones; 301 Fourth Street, NW; Room 320;
 Washington,  DC  20547


 Telephone:  202-619-6299

       FAX:  202-619-5311

 Email Address:  sjones@usia.gov

** 007 *********************************************************************=

Sender: William Raisner (RAISNER@USITA.GOV)
Subject:  Russian Food Industry Trade Mission


Are you thinking of expanding internationally?  If so, join Portland State
University's Free Market Business Development Institute on a tailored,
food industry specific mission to Russia.  Explore not only the St.
Petersburg and Moscow markets, but go beyond into the heartland of
Russia to Tver and Novgorod.  Includes a stop at World Food '95 Expo in
Moscow.  Mission dates are November 3-14, 1995.  For further details
contact Ruth Milbradt by telephone at (503) 725-5053, fax (503)
725-5131 or email daem@psuorvm.cc.pdx.edu


This report is disseminated courtesy of the Business Information Service
for the Newly Independent States (BISNIS) of the Former Soviet Union.  It
is provided as a service to U.S. companies and does not contstitute U.S.
Department of Commerce endorsement of this event.

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