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WHAT'S NEW . . .

#02-08 September 95  Russian Consulate General in Seattle [Seanet]

#02-08 September 95  Home of the Russian Blues

#03-08 September 95  IIASA Economic Transition and Integration Project

#04-08 September 95  Professor Anatoly T. Fomenko Graphics

#05-08 September 95  Homegrown Home Pages

#06-08 September 95  BISNIS Documents


#01-08 September 95  Sender:  yury@interport.net (Yury)
                     Subject: Travel to Japan from Vladivostok by boat

#02-08 September 95  Sender:  Mark Wilkerson ( STUMWILK@ACS.EKU.EDU )
                     Subject: Privet! Penfriends wanted

#03-08 September 95  Sender:  nielsen@ifrc.org
                     Subject: Internet providers in Tajikistan and Turkmenis=

#04-08 September 95  Sender: "Dr. Snow" (gesnow@cutter.ship.edu)
                     Subject: research needs

#05-08 September 95  Sender:  smithe@warp6.cs.misu.NoDak.edu
                     Subject: INFO-RUSS: receiving russian media in U.S.
                              (x-post from INFO-RUSS)

#06-08 September 95  Sender:  mac@MAINE.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell -
                              UMaine, U.S.A.)
                     Subject: Case Studies Experts for Pilot Project in Russ=

#07-08 September 95  Sender:  Center for Civil Society International
                              ( ccsi@u.washington.edu )
                     Subject: Newspaper from Kharkov/Kharkiv on the Web

#08-08 September 95  Sender:  Martin Ryle ( RYLE@urvax.urich.edu )
                     Subject: SEEKING CD-ROMS AND LASER-DISKS FOR CLASS
                              (x-post from H-RUSSIA)

#09-08 September 95  Sender:  William Raisner (RAISNER@USITA.GOV)
                     Subject: Announcing BISNIS Online

#10-08 September 95  Sender:  Maxim A. Klepikov (max@tut.botik.yaroslavl.su)
                     Subject: Re:NIS Secondary School Initiative for School

#11-08 September 95  Sender:  Charles Specht ( Chuck@AUA.ARMINCO.COM )
                     Subject: VITA (x-post from RUSAG-L)

APPENDIX:        LISTSERV address & basic procedures


WHAT'S NEW . . .

*  The Russian Consulate General in Seattle [Seanet] provides information
   on business, tourist and visitor Visa applications.  Also provided are
   the addresses of other Russian Consulates and Embassies in North
   America.  Get this valuable information from the "Before You Leave"
   section of our Tourism and Travel page.


*  Yuri Naumov started his career as a blues artist in Siberia while
   attending medical school in the 1980s.  When he was forced to leave
   school, he spent several years of performing "underground" in Russia
   before deciding to move to the United States - the birthplace of the
   blues -  to rebuild his career.  Read about his interesting career,
   what the critics say, the lyrics to his songs find out where he will
   be performing.


*  The International Institute for Applied Sciences Analysis' Economic
   Transition and Integration Project is scheduled to run until 1996.  The
   overall objective of the EIT Project is to identify and study the
   crucial problems of the economic transistion of the former communist
   countries with the help of comparative analysis and collaborative
   research.  Get more details about their study on Economic Policy in
   the Russian Federation from our Economics page.


*  Professor Anatoly T. Fomenko is a corresponding member of the Russian
   Academy of Sciences, the Deputy Head of the Mathematical Branch RAS,
   Head of the Department of the Differential Geometry and its
   applications of the Mechanical and Mathematical Faculty of the Moscow
   State University, member of the Steklov Mathematical Institute RAS.  His
   graphics have been inspired by topological and other mathematical topics
   and are available from our Art page.


*  We have added two new home pages to our Homegrown Home Pages on our
   Life section.  They are for Egor Alekseev and Dmiitrii (Mitya) Manin.
   Be sure to follow Dmitrii's links and view his wife's wonderful artwork.

     Egor Alekseev: http://www.umich.edu/~yegor/index.html

     Dmitrii (Mitya) Manin: http://camelot.rockefeller.edu/~manin/manin.html

*  We have added three new BISNIS documents to our archives which are
   accessible from our Economics page.








Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

** 001 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  yury@interport.net (Yury)
Subject: Travel to Japan from Vladivostok by boat

Does anyone know anything about boat schedules and costs for departures from
Vladivostok to Japan?

I am currently travelling in Moscow from US and plan to take railroad to the
Russian Far East and then to Japan. Unfortunately, things got so independent
that no one in Moscow knows anything anymore about travel by sea from

Yury Avrutin

** 002 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  Mark Wilkerson ( STUMWILK@ACS.EKU.EDU )
Subject: Privet! Penfriends wanted

        My name is Mark Wilkerson. I am 23 and studying German here at
Eastern Kentucky University. This semester, I have also started taking
Russian courses. I enjoy it quite alot.
        I would like to meet people from the CIS. You see, I was a child
of the cold war. My father retired from the U.S. Air Force in 1992. Most
of my life has been spent in Europe (germany, holland, etc.).
        Whether through e-mail or snail mail, I would like to make
penfriends in the former CIS in order to practice my russian and learn
more about yourt country. I enjoy going for walks, watching films (I
recently saw "moscow does not believe in tears"), listening to shortwave
radio broadcasts (Voice Of Russia, Radio Ukraine Intl etc.) and other
things. I speak English, German, and Spanish. You can write to me in
any of these languages.
        Thanks for ytour time and I hope to hear from you soon.
                                  Mark Wilkerson
                              Eastern Kentucky University

Email: Stumwilk@acs.eku.edu

Real Mail: Mark Wilkerson
           Martin Hall Box 85
           E.K.U. Campus
           Richmond, Ky. 40475

** 003 *********************************************************************=

Sender: nielsen@ifrc.org

 Dear Friends,
 I am working for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent
 Societies in Geneva as responsible for the telecommunications. The
 Federation has 165 member countries that we try to connect to e-mail and
 where possible to internet. I am happy for all the assistance we can get
 for this work. Since we are a non profit organization we don't have the
 funding to send people to every country to set it up for us - so as you can
 understand it will take time before we are completely networked.

 I now have a specific problem with finding local service providers in
 Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. Could anyone tell me if there is e-mail
 connectivity to these countries and if so, provide me with the addresses.
 Thanks and regards to all of you, Dag Nielsen.

** 004 *********************************************************************=

Sender: "Dr. Snow" (gesnow@cutter.ship.edu)
Subject: research needs

        I am in need of assistance. I am currently undertaking research
on what I hope will eventuate either in several articles or a monograph
or both on alcoholism and alcohol abuse by the Soviet military in
Afghanistan during the Soviet presence there. Corollary concerns will be
methods of "treatment" when alcoholism became problematic or led to
dysfunctional behavior among the troops, the incidence of recidivism
after treatment, where such treatment took place and differential rates
among officers and common soldiers as well as between, say Russians and
Ukrainians, Belorussians and other nationalities serving there. Does
anyone and can anyone suggest secondary materials? What about accessible
data bases and possible archival holdings? Any suggestions as to whom I
should (or could) write or e-mail in the FSU? Any pamphlet material
prepared by the Army for use by soldiers sent there between '81 and '89?
These kinds of things. I'll be eternally grateful. Thanks in advance for
whatever info you out there can come up with.
        George E. Snow

** 005 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  smithe@warp6.cs.misu.NoDak.edu
Subject: INFO-RUSS: receiving russian media in U.S. (x-post from INFO-RUSS)

I am not subscribed to your list, however I am writing on behalf of the
Russian teacher at Minot State U., Minot N.D.  She would like information
on how to receive satellite broadcasts in Russian and about Russia, either
subscription or free.  It seems that SCOLA has disappeared.  I would also
appreciate if you could point me to your favorite internet sources of
Russian media such as online newspapers and such.
Thank you for your help
-Elliot R. Smith

** 006 *********************************************************************=

Sender: mac@MAINE.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell - UMaine, U.S.A.)
Subject: Case Studies Experts for Pilot Project in Russia

        Case Studies Experts for Pilot Project in Russia
     Management and Financial Training Case Studies Project
Arthur Andersen & Co. is preparing a funded-project proposal, and
is seeking experts in case studies design for a pilot project  in
Russia.   This is a 9-month project involving the writing  of  15
case  studies  in the areas of financial  accounting,  managerial
accounting,  financial  management  and audit.  Each  case  study
should  be  adapted  to the Russian environment  by  focusing  on
selected local enterprises.  Teaching notes, instructor  manuals,
software applications and other aids will be developed to support
the  case studies.  The pilot project will take place in  Moscow.
If  the  pilot  project is successful, it is  possible  that  the
project will be implemented throughout Russia.

Experts selected for the project will have the following  experi-
ence and skills:

* Financial background (Ph.D. or equivalent in Finance; CPA; CFA;
  MBA or equivalent)
* Teaching experience in a university environment
* Experience in the use of case studies in teaching
* Prior experience in Russia (highly desirable)
* Russian speaking (highly desirable)
* Case design experience (highly desirable)

Russian citizens with an MBA from a U.S. institution are  welcome
to forward their credentials for consideration.

Interested/qualified individuals may send their credentials to:

                        Martha Youngblood
                  Office of Government Services
                      Arthur Andersen & Co.
                     1150 17th Street, N.W.
                      Washington, DC 20036
                      Tel: +1-202-833-5500
                      Fax: +1-202-833-3746

** 007 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  Center for Civil Society International ( ccsi@u.washington.edu )
Subject: Newspaper from Kharkov/Kharkiv on the Web (fwd)

Sender:   Max Pyziur ( pyz@panix.com )

Kolo Innovation Company in Kharkov/Kharkiv at the main URL:
publishes on the net a newspaper (honest, visited it this evening) complete
with crossword.  It's called Vechernij Khar'kov"; it's in Russian (KOI8).
The site's maintainer claims that some portion of it will be available in


** 008 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  Martin Ryle ( RYLE@urvax.urich.edu )

Date: Wed, 06 Sep 1995 17:16:53 -0400 (EDT)

Has anyone seen collections of images on CD-ROM or laserdisks that are usefu=
for enhancing teaching of any part of Russian history and culture? If so,
could you please inform the group who is selling these and how one can recei=
catlog or other information about them.

Have any such images or other material appeared on the WWW?

Bruce Adams

** 009 *********************************************************************=

Sender: William Raisner (RAISNER@USITA.GOV)
Subject:  Announcing BISNIS Online

The BISNIS Online web site has been around since March, so many of
you have probably already discovered it.  Nonetheless, I thought I would
post this for list newcomers.  I apologize for any redundancy.

Bill Raisner


Publications from the Commerce Department's Business Information
Service for the Newly Independent States (BISNIS) of the former Soviet
Union are now accessible to Internet users via BISNIS' "World Wide Web"
home page.  U.S. companies with access to the WWW can now access
and retrieve recent issues of the "BISNIS Bulletin", trade leads, country
and commercial overviews for the NIS, and numerous reports on
sources of finance.

The BISNIS home page can be accessed at the following URL address:


Companies with access to the Internet which do not have access to the
World Wide Web should contact BISNIS via email to receive regular
updates a variety of industry sectors in the former Soviet Union.  Contact
BISNIS at the following email address:

** 010 *********************************************************************=

bisnis@usita.gov Sender:  Maxim A. Klepikov ( max@tut.botik.yaroslavl.su )
Subject: Re:NIS Secondary School Initiative for School Linkages

                           Dear friends!

     We send to You this message from Tutaev, Russia.
     We have  received on e-mail Your letter on Your program.  Whether
You can send to us the more close information on your project?
     Roger Williams,  which in our Nature House now,  has helped me to
prepare the information about our organization on good English langua-

     Tutaev (ex-Romanov-Borisoglebsk) is a  small  ancient  provincial
town  on river Volga not far from Yaroslavl.  In August of 1993 we set
up the House of Nature here (Tutaev's Nature House - TNH).  TNH is  an
organization providing additional (non - school) ecological education.
It unites all of the educational ecological work, which is carried out
in the Tutaev region.
     At the beginning of summer 1994 the American non-government orga-
nization ICE (International Clearinghouse on the Environment) provided
an Enviornmental Grant of $1450.  from the program,  Sowing Seeds  for
Democracy:  We purchased a computer and equipment for electronic mail.
We now have communication with many educational and scientific organi-
zations  and we work together sharing information on enviornmental and
ecological questions and problems
     TNH is not a school,  it is a place where children and adults may
come and learn about the Tutaev  Region  Enviornment  and  Ecology  by
practical  activity such as field trips and observing the live animals
we maintain in aquariums,  terrariums,  aviaries and botanical garden.
We also have a children's ecological theatre,  photo- and cinema natu-
re-studio. Children engage in practical work in enviromental protecti-
on:  the  check of quality of natural water and water being emmited by
the local factories and the condition of nature reserves in the Tutaev
Region,  in  the  future we hope to expand our activities to eliminate
some serious pollution hazards in the area.
     TNH also  has  a  museum of nature that contains many examples of
the local flora and fauna of the Tutaev region and also plants of  ot-
her countries, these specimens are very helpful in the study of ecolo-
gy for our children.
     TNH has more than 1500 children who participate in projects thro-
ughthe Tutaev region.  Many families come to TNH as a result of  their
childrens  participation  in our projects,  as a result the people are
gaining an awareness of the need to protect the enviornment, they also
have a chance to observe the plants an animals that are used for lear-
ning.  TNH has about 30 people of various backgrounds who  assist  the
children  in  their  quest for ecological and enviornmental knowledge.
Last year we participated in a project on exchange of childrens ecolo-
gical  art  work  that  proved very interesting and beneficial for our
children, we are hoping to widen our involvement in International com-

     I have a Degree in Biological Education.  I organize the communi-
cation  connection between work of children and "adult" ecological and
scientific organizations.  I spend each summer  at  the  International
Ecological  Computer  Camp near the town of Pereslavl,  our main goals
during this period of time is ecology and hydro-biology.
     I am interested in contacts with other ecological and educational
organizations and private persons.  Here in Russia we are building  an
association of Ecocological Organizations with a uniform computer com-
munication network.  I can provide you with EMail addresses of similar
Organizations here if you desire.
     Unfortunately, my English is not the best, I use a language prog-
ram to convert Russian to English and it is not the best.
     I hope to hear from you and will answer any  questions  with  re-
gards to the Nature House and our goals.

     Yours faithfully,
     Maxim A. Klepikov.
Maxim A. Klepikov
Tutaev's Nature House
email: max@tut.botik.yaroslavl.su

** 011 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  Charles Specht ( Chuck@AUA.ARMINCO.COM )
Subject: VITA (x-post from RUSAG-L)

Dear RUSAG-L Readers,

Below is an announcement from the Volunteers in Technical Assistance
organization (VITA).  I can personally attest to their value as an
information source to people doing  work in the field.  I highly
recommend that interested parties become aquatinted with the program
described herewith and with VITA=D9s other top-notch services.


Chuck Specht

    =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D  Forwarded =
 Message  =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 95 12:31:05 EDT
=46rom: query@vita.org (Brij Mathur)
To: seasia-l-request@msu.edu
Subject: Technology Broadcast

                      TECHNOLOGY BROADCAST

Beginning immediately Volunteer in Technical Assistance will
be broadcasting weekly over Internet offering technical papers
written by VITA Volunteer Consultants regarding the following

               Agriculture & Animal Husbandry
               Building & Construction
               Business, Industry & Crafts
               Food Processing
               Water Supply & Sanitation

The first broadcast in the agriculture series is on agroforestry
techniques. To receive a free copy of this technical paper
electronically, complete the enclosed form and return it to VITA
via e-mail. VITA strongly encourages world-wide distribution of
the papers and seeks your assistance in their dissemination by
posting this, and future announcements, on bulletin boards
focusing on developing countries. Please inform us when and where
you are posting so that we do not duplicate efforts.

VITA welcomes your comments and suggestions.



                     AGROFORESTRY TECHNIQUES

Agroforestry techniques can help prevent or reduce environmental
damage to cultivated land, specially steeply sloping land.
Planting tress and shrubs in various configurations can protect
the soil against erosion and improve its fertility. Many of these
techniques are based on traditional practices that have been
carried on for generations. Others are relatively new ones that
have been "reinvented" by technicians working with local farmers.

VITA Volunteer Consultant Carol Stoney, co-author of the techni-
cal paper, 'Agroforestry Techniques', is an agroforestry special-
ist at the Winrock Center for Environment and Sustainable Agri-
culture based in Arkansas.

You can receive a copy of this technical paper by simply complet-
ing the following form and returning it to  (query@vita.org)


                          REQUEST FORM

Please send me a copy of the technical paper on agroforestry
techniques. I will further distribute this paper to ___ people.
My e-mail address is  _____________________

Street Address:
City:               State:         Postal Code:        Country:

Please check one of the following as applicable.

I am a:

___ Farmer
___ Government employee
___ Volunteer with __________
___ Missionary
___ Researcher
___ Student
___ Extension Worker
___ Other (Please specify)


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