Digest for 08-21-95

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to announce a new server on Friends and Partners entitled 
"Siberia: Culture, Economics, Business".  Sergei Parinov of the Institute 
of Economics & Industrial Engineering (Novosibirsk, Russia) and his 
colleagues have put a lot of effort into designing and producing a 
fascinating and attractive (and huge!) information resource about Siberia.  
According to Sergei:

    Information about Siberia collected on these pages contains 
    social, cultural, historical, geographical and economic facts, 
    experts' evaluations of Siberia markets and opinions of foreign 
    businessmen that do business here.

Please visit via URL: http://solar.rtd.utk.edu/friends/siberia/ 
                      or from 
links placed on our Economics, Geography, and Life pages.  We are grateful 
to Sergei for all his efforts and glad to be partners now with he and his 

Also, we wanted to share with you a couple of recent news items in which 
we think some of you may have interest.

Friends and Partners was recently featured in Ventana Press' book "Walking 
the World Wide Web: Your Personal Guide to the Best of the Web" (Author: 
Shannon Turlington) and received special mention as one of the 20 "must see" 
WWW servers on the Internet.  Also, it was just rated as among the top 5% 
of all servers on the Internet by Point Survey, an Internet service which 
rates and reviews sites on the World Wide Web in terms of information 
content, presentation, and experience.  You will notice the F&P home page 
wearing a new "badge" given us by Point Communications, Inc. and bearing 
this news.

These are a nice tribute to all the generous folk who provide information, 
offer time in helping others, and contribute in so many other ways to this 
effort of furthering understanding and cooperation between our countries.  
Of course, it is most important that *we* believe in what we're doing -- 
but it's nice when our neighbors on the Internet take an interest too!

Friends and Partners continues to grow - in terms of listserv subscribers 
(we have just topped 1,500 subscribers), in WWW accesses (we're over 3 
million now) - but, most importantly, in the community of people who are 
working together now with much common purpose - using new technologies to 
share information and communication.  

Your moderators are always hesitant to intrude in this space - but we
wanted to share some nice news with you and just add what an honor and a
pleasure it is for us to be part of such a friendly, cooperative, helpful

                          Table of Contents

WHAT'S NEW . . .

#01-21 August 95  Siberia      

#02-21 August 95  Locating A Business in Russia

#03-21 August 95  Ukrainian Weekly  


#01-21 August 95  Sender:  Olga D. Govorova ( govorova@gum.quorus.e-burg.su )
                  Subject: Internet is a really excellent thing!!!   

#02-21 August 95  Sender:  Jim  Green ( jim.green_u@damark.com )
                  Subject: Requesting map of Odessa   

#03-21 August 95  Sender:  Vladik  Bykov ( vbykov@harp.aix.calpoly.edu )
                  Subject: Info     

#04-21 August 95  Sender:  "Mike Smith" ( mike@rabc.tsaritsyn.su )
                  Subject: Russian oriented Art Galleries in the U.S.

#05-21 August 95  Sender:  "David Stickney" ( david@wvb.gomel.by )
                  Subject: Iternet Project in Belarus, a request for 

#06-21 August 95  Sender:  sabre@sabre.org (Sabre Foundation, Inc.)
                  Subject: Cataloging Consultant needed     

#07-21 August 95  Sender:  sabre@sabre.org (Sabre Foundation, Inc.)
                  Subject: Rule of Law Grant to Assist Ukrainian Legal 
                           Foundation Library     

#08-21 August 95  Sender:  kedzie@rand.org (Chris Kedzie)
                  Subject: Program Coordinator/Washington, DC (forwarded)    
#09-21 August 95  Sender:  BeachNet ( beachnet@emi.net )
                  Subject: International Long Distance Cheap/11.9 cents 
                           per minute within USA.   

#10-21 August 95  Sender:  "Dennis McConnell - Univ. of Maine, USA" 
                           ( mac@MAINE.MAINE.EDU )
                  Subject: Conference in Vladivostok   
#11-21 August 95  Sender:  Joanna Colaner ( joanna@culini.msk.su )
                  Subject: Program Announcement   

#12-21 August 95  Sender:  Center for Citizen Initiatives 
                           ( cciusa@IGC.APC.ORG )
                  Subject: yearbook on organic farming available (forwarded)
APPENDIX:        LISTSERV address & basic procedures


WHAT'S NEW . . .

*  Information about Siberia maintained on the new Siberia: Culture, Economy, 
   Business server contains social, cultural, historical, geographical and 
   economic facts, experts' evaluations of Siberia markets, etc.  Visit this 
   brand new service from our Economics, Geography, and Life pages.
   Thanks to Sergei Parinov and his colleagues in Novosibirsk for making
   this information available to us!
*  "Locating A Business in Russia" is an informative article by the U.S.  & 
   Foreign Commercial Service (in Moscow) describing how to establish a 
   business in Russia.  It includes general and specific topics as what to 
   expect, hiring an office manager, registering your business, general 
   orientation, picking a site (and even a landlord).  This article can be 
   accessed from our Economics/Business page.

   We are grateful to Trevor Gunn for passing this information our way.

*  The latest preview of the Ukrainian Weekly is now available on the Ukraine 
   FAQ Plus site.  This is an regular feature each week of this 
   server which can be accessed from our More Information Resources page.



Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

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Sender:  Olga D. Govorova ( govorova@gum.quorus.e-burg.su )
Subject: Internet is a really excellent thing!!!

Dear Friends,

I am very much grateful to all who has responded with the address of
McGraw Hill Publishing. It was very helpful. Thank you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Olga Govorova
Liberal Arts University
Ekaterinburg, Russia
** 002 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Jim  Green ( jim.green_u@damark.com )
Subject: Requesting map of Odessa

Hello, Friends!
I'm looking for a map of the city of Odessa that is detailed beyond
a typical tourist's map found in travel guides.
I have a number of friends who live in the "novaya chast'" in the
"Dobrovol'skogo Prospekt" which isn't represented on most maps that
I've found.
If anyone can provide me with such a map or direct me towards a resource
for this information please e-mail at your earliest convenience.
I would also like to receive information on opportunities for teaching
English in the Ukraine, specifically in Odessa.
Please direct all e-mail responses to jim.green_u@damrak.com
Spasibo bol'shoe!!
** 003 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Vladik  Bykov ( vbykov@harp.aix.calpoly.edu )
Subject: Info

Hi, I am very interested in getting to know someone from the East, perhaps
from Novosibirsk, or Irkutsk, or Yakutsk.  I like hiking and I like
wilderness and I would like to spend some time hiking in the forests of
Siberia.  If you know of anyone who also would like to join me, please
e-mail me.


** 004 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Mike Smith" ( mike@rabc.tsaritsyn.su )
Subject: Russian oriented Art Galleries in the U.S.

I am a Peace Corps volunteer in Volgograd.  We have contacts with a number
of artists who would like to promote their work to U.S. galleries.  Right
now I am looking for U.S. galleries who have a Russian orientation.  Would
appreciate names, addresses, fax numbers, and [most of all] e-mail addresses
of galleries who would fit this description.

Thanking everyone in advance,

                          Mike Smith
                          Volgograd Foundation for Business Development
                          [Peace Corps Volunteer]
** 005 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "David Stickney" ( david@wvb.gomel.by )
Subject: Iternet Project in Belarus, a request for assistance.

Greeting Networkers,

    We are in the process of preparing a multi-organization project revolving
the creation of the 1st IP internet connection in Belarus outside the city
of Minsk.

    The Aim of the project is to provide I.P. internet services to the Gomel
Oblast, and train key individuals on its use.

    Currently, We are seeking the following:

    Organizations Interested in conducting projects in the Gomel Oblast in
    Belarus or in Belarus as a whole in Joint Effort.

    Organizations Interested in Tele-Education projects involving elements
    of society such as primary and higher education, health, agriculture,
    civil development, arts and culture, industrial and small business
    assistance, the results of Chernobyl etc.

    Sources of Funding.
    Primary sources have been found, Although we are still seeking Co-sponsors.
    Funding can be arranged as US Tax Deductable, or made to the Belarussian
    NGO Duhovnost ( Trained in US AID accounting standards).

    Sources of Equipment for use in classroom situations.

Please Respond to david%wvb.gomel.by@brc.minsk.by
Please Crosspost as relevant

Virtually Yours,
David Stickney
IAEWP (NGO) United Nations

Consulting: World Vision International RBU
            The Belarussian Soros Foundation
            The Ministry of Education, Belarus

Tel (7) (0232) 55-00-17 Fax 55-06-23    246050 P.O. BOX 346  Gomel,  Belarus
David%wvb.gomel.by@brc.minsk.by                   IAEWP (NGO) United Nations

** 006 **********************************************************************

Sender:  sabre@sabre.org (Sabre Foundation, Inc.)
Subject: Cataloging Consultant needed

Please post.  Apologies for any duplication.

Job Description:  Cataloger/Subject Specialist for Law Materials  (Consultant)

Sabre Foundation, Inc., a Cambridge-based non-profit, and the Ukrainian
Legal Foundation (ULF) Library in Kiev, Ukraine, are looking for an
individual to devise an adaptation of a western cataloging system for
Ukrainian needs.  This project will involve:

        *  The adaptation of the Library of Congress, or other western
library cataloging system for use at the ULF.  Once the system is
implemented, it will form the standard for cataloging materials, especially
western legal materials, and can be used subsequently by other libraries
with substantial legal collections.

        *  Training of ULF librarians in the use of this system.

        *  Follow-up and evaluation of system, as well as its implementation.

In addition, the individual will also be expected to:

        *  Answer specific questions via electronic means.

        *  Advise Sabre staff on procurement of legal materials.

Required Qualifications:

        Extensive experience in cataloging legal materials; knowledge of
various cataloging
        Experience in law librarianship.

Desired Qualifications:

        Experience with Slavic materials.
        Knowledge of Ukrainian (preferred), or Russian
        Ability to use e-mail; Internet experience

Time Frame:

Work to commence as soon as possible.  Consultant will travel to Ukraine
during initial phase of project involving set up of the cataloging system
(approximately four weeks).  A second two- week visit will be made at the
final phase of the project to review ongoing work and conduct an
evaluation.  Exact dates are negotiable.


$5,460 USD for six weeks in-country and $50/hour (up to 120 hrs; from
Sept., 1995 through Sept., 1996) for consultation/technical assistance.
Also included are:  Materials; Travel; Lodging; Medical Emergency

Please send vita or resume by August 31, to:

Tania Vitvitsky, Project Director, Sabre Foundation, Inc., 872
Massachusetts Ave., Suite 2-1, Cambridge, MA  02139.  E-mail:

Rebecca Schneider
Reference Librarian
Sabre Foundation Inc.
872 Massachusetts Ave., Suite 2-1
Cambridge, MA 02139  USA
e-mail:  sabre@sabre.org
Telephone:  617/868-3510
Fax:  617/868-7916

** 007 **********************************************************************

Sender:  sabre@sabre.org (Sabre Foundation, Inc.)
Subject: Rule of Law Grant to Assist Ukrainian Legal Foundation Library

Please post the follow.  Apologies for any duplication. . .


The Sabre Foundation and the Ukrainian Legal Foundation have been awarded
a $95,972 grant for the development of the National Legal Library of
Ukraine from the ARD/Checchi Rule of Law Consortium.  The grant supports
the establishment of a modern legal library system through expansion of
the library's collection, adoption of an appropriate cataloguing system,
the extension of a computer network linking law libraries in Ukraine and
training on Internet-based information resources.  ARD/Checchi
administers the Rule of Law Program for the United States Agency for
International Development (US AID).

"For the rule of law to be established in Ukraine, it is essential that
both specialists and the general public have access to the law and to
legal materials," said Halyna Freeland, External Relations Director of
the Ukrainian Legal Foundation.  The library is intended to meet the
needs of legal scholars, law students, lawyers, judges, members of
parliament and government and their staffs as well as the general
public.  A branch of the library is scheduled to open this year in
Kharkiv at the Ukrainian Legal Academy, the largest law school in

Sabre Foundation will solicit materials for the library from sources
including publishers, law firms, libraries, universities, individuals
and bar associations. Priority areas are constitutional law; commercial
law; comparative law; human rights law and European Community law as
well as basic reference works and specialized dictionaries.  In
addition, the library will take advantage of materials available through
Sabre's Ukrainian partner, Sabre-Svitlo in Lviv.

A law library specialist will be recruited to advise on the adoption of
an appropriate cataloguing system.  Under the Soviet cataloguing system,
all legal materials were sub-divided into only four categories.  The
Library of Congress system, in contrast, divides legal materials into
more than one-hundred categories.  The new system will be computerized
to allow a network of libraries across Ukraine to order books through
inter-library loan and can serve as the basis for a new national
cataloguing system.   Libraries will also have access to the data base
of legal terminology being prepared by the Ukrainian Legal Foundation
for distribution through the system.

The project includes provisions for Sabre to organize workshops to train
librarians, law students and legal researchers in the use of computer
networks for accessing legal materials.

"Information obtained through electronic means is often more current and
more easily obtained than in printed form," said Tania Vitvitsky,
Project Director of Sabre's Scientific Assistance Project.  "Librarians,
lawyers and law students in Ukraine need to know how to access this

The Sabre Foundation is a non-profit organization in Cambridge, Mass.
whose projects include book donation to Eastern Europe and the former
Soviet Union and technical assistance and training on Internet On-Line
Resources.  The Ukrainian Legal Foundation was established in 1992 to
pursue projects in institution building that promote the establishment
of the rule of law in Ukraine.

For more information, to donate law-related materials, or to receive a
job description for the law librarian/cataloguer, contact:  Tania
Vitvitsky, 872 Mass. Ave., Suite 2-1, Cambridge, MA  02139;  phone
(617) 868-3510; sabre@sabre.org.

Rebecca Schneider
Reference Librarian
Sabre Foundation Inc.
872 Massachusetts Ave., Suite 2-1
Cambridge, MA 02139  USA
e-mail:  sabre@sabre.org
Telephone:  617/868-3510
Fax:  617/868-7916

** 008 **********************************************************************

Sender:  kedzie@rand.org (Chris Kedzie)
Subject: Program Coordinator/Washington, DC (forwarded)

)Date: Thu, 17 Aug 95 15:34:48 EDT
)From: "Al Decie" ( fdd@igc.apc.org )
)Subject:       Program Coordinator/Washington, DC

)     The Fund for Democracy and Development (the "FDD") is seeking
)candidates for a program coordinator position in its Washington, DC
)     Responsibilities of the program coordinator entail assisting FDD's
)President, Vice President and Executive Director with funding development,
)outreach, research, project monitoring and overall program development.
)Examples of possible specific duties include:  proposal writing, preparing
)project reports for current funders, liaising with the board of directors,
)handling public queries, networking with other NGOs and U.S. government
)funders, hiring and supervising interns.
)     Candidates should have a background in Russian area studies and be
)proficient in the Russian language.  Professional experience in Washington
)and work experience involving the U.S. government are highly desirable.
)Strong writing skills and proposal writing experience also would be a
)valuable asset for a candidate.  Prospective candidates should be
)self-starters, adaptable, and possess strong organizational and
)communication skills.
)     Interested individuals should fax or e-mail their resumes and list of
)references to Al Decie, Program Coordinator, at 202-223-4826 or
)     The Fund for Democracy and Development, a not-for-profit
)organization, was founded in 1991 by leaders of the U.S. public and
)private sectors.  The Fund's purpose is to aid the economic and political
)transformation of the Newly Independent States of the former Soviet Union
)to democratic market economies.  It is currently active in four areas:
)humanitarian assistance, support for the development of the private
)sector, aiding the evolution of civil societies and the analysis of U.S.
)policy towards the NIS.
)     The Fund is headquartered in Washington, DC and has offices in Moscow
)and Novosibirsk, Russia; Yerevan, Armenia and Tbilisi, Georgia.
)Operations are supported by private sector donations and government
)The FDD is an equal opportunity employer.

** 009 **********************************************************************

Sender:  BeachNet ( beachnet@emi.net )
Subject: International Long Distance Cheap/11.9 cents per minute within USA.

Dear Friends,

We offer 11.9 cents per minute long distance rates 24 hours per day, 7 days
per week.

Canadian rates are 34 cents per minute.

We al so have very cheap INTERNATIONAL RATES.

Please drop me a note with your interests and I will be happy to provide
more information.

Best regards!


** 010 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Dennis McConnell - Univ. of Maine, USA" ( mac@MAINE.MAINE.EDU )
Subject: Conference in Vladivostok

             International Conference - Vladivostok
       Problems of Consumer Goods and Commercial Activity
                     under Market Conditions
                      September 26-28, 1995
I have today received a brochure from the Far Eastern  Commercial
Institute in Vladivostok announcing a conference at that site  in
September. Perhaps some members of the list will be interested in
participating.   I  have provided below a brief  outline  of  the
material, quoting from the brochure since some of the terminology
is unfamiliar to me. I am not familiar with the sponsoring insti-
tutions,  so  there is nothing I can add  to  this  announcement.
However, I did want to take a moment to pass the information  on,
since  I imagine it is a bit difficult to  publicize  conferences
from  Vladivostok.  I may cross-post this announcement to  a  few
lists, so apologies in advance for any duplication.
The following problems will be discussed during the conference:
1. State regulation of social and economic processes under market
2. APR consumer goods market, up-to-date conditions and  develop-
   ment trends;
3. Financial and credit mechanism of market relations regulation;
4. Biotechnological methods of foodstuffs production;
5. Problems of consumer goods standardization, certification  and
6. Updated problems of nourishing and foodstuff technology;
7. Ecological aspects of consumer goods production technology

A cultural programme will include:
1. Show and tasting of foodstuffs.
2. Visit of Higher School and Scientific Research Institutions.
3. Industrial enterprises of Vladivostok

The conference languages will be Russian and English. Co-sponsors
* Russian Federation Committee of Higher Education
* Far Eastern Commercial Institute
* Primorskiy Kray Main Board of Russian Central Bank
* Primorskiy Kray Chamber of Commerce and Industry
* International Academy of Higher School Sciences

The  registration fee is $750. For more information, please  con-
                Far Eastern Commercial Institute
                      19 Okeanskiy Prospect
                   690600 Vladivostok, Russia
               Tel: (7-4232) 26-50-89 or 26-98-43
                     Fax: (7-4232) 26-98-65

** 011 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Joanna Colaner ( joanna@culini.msk.su )
Subject: Program Announcement


Following is a Program Announcement for the 1996 Edmund S. Muskie Graduate
Fellowship Program.  If you know of any CIS citizens who meet the following
criteria for such a program, please pass the information along.

The 1996 Edmund S. Muskie Fellowship Program

The Government of the United States of America is pleased to announce the
1996 Edmund S. Muskie Fellowship Program which provides grants to citizens of
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan,
Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and
Uzbekistan.  The Program is funded and supervised by the United States
Information Agency, and is administered by the American Council of Teachers
of Russian/American Council for Collaboration in Education and Language Study
(ACTR/ACCELS), the Institute of International Education (IIE), the
International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX), and the Soros
Foundations/Open Society Institute (Soros/OSI).  The Fellowship offers the
opportunity to pursue one or two years of graduate study in the following

business administration
public administration

The Fellowship will provide financial assistance to qualified individuals
fr0m the countries listed above who lack sufficient funding to enroll in
graduate programs at US institutions.  Fellows will be enrolled in a US
institution by their sponsoring organization, and may not select their host
university.  During their term of study, Fellows must meet the academic
standards and requirements of their host US university.  Fellows may have the
opportunity to seek an eight to twelve-week summer internship for practical
training in the field of specialization.  A number of the one-year placements
for the Muskie Fellowship will be non-degree professional development awards
designed for individuals with a minimum of three years work experience in the
field they will study in the US.  Depending on the type of program and field
of specialization, the other Muskie Fellowships may lead to a graduate degree
or certificate from a US institution.

Under the terms of the grant and the laws governing the student visa required
for participation in the programs, Fellows must return to their home country
immediately upon completion of the Program for a period of at least two
years.  Fellows may not continue for PhD or other studies, and are not
eligible for extended practical training or employment in the United States.

Competition for the Fellowship is merit-based and open to anyone who meets
the specific criteria.  Candidates may only apply for one field of study, and
individuals who submit applications in more than one discipline will be
automatically disqualified.  The complete list of eligibility requirements
and selection criteria are included in the applications and are available
fr0m the advising centers and representational offices which may be
contacted through the e-mail address listed below.   Partial criteria are
listed here.

-citizen of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan,
Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan,
Ukraine or Uzbekistan;
-lacking a source of funding for study in the US or access to another
US-based training program;
-under the age of forty at the time of application deadline (October 27,
-hold an undergraduate degree (four or five year program) with good academic
standing by the start of the proposed academic program in the United States;
-proficient in spoken and written English at the time of application;
-able to demonstrate professional aptitude and leadership potential in the
field of specialization; and
-able to begin studies in the United States in summer 1996.

The following individuals are not eligible for the Muskie Fellowship Program:

- those currently enrolled in academic, training, or research programs
outside the fifteen participating countries
- those who have spent four or more consecutive months outside the fifteen
participating countries since June 1994.  This includes people who have taken
part in academic, training, internship or research programs lasting four or
more consecutive months, as well as individuals who have worked or travelled
outside the participating nations for four or more consecutive months.

Applications may be obtained in person or by writing to the e-mail address
listed below.  Applicants are strongly encouraged to attend a lecture about
the Programs. Applications must be in English and must be returned to one of
the advising centers or representational offices by 27 October, 1995.  Late or
incomplete applications will not be considered.

Selection will be made on the basis of academic excellence, knowledge of
English, professional aptitude, and leadership potential in the field of
specialization.  Teams of US specialists will review completed applications,
and prepare a list of semi-finalists to be tested and interviewed as part of
the selection process.  All semi-finalists will be required to take the Test
of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).  Semi-finalists may also be
required to take other examinations depending on the program for which they
are applying.  The cost of all tests for semi-finalists will be covered by
the muskie Fellowship Program.

At the e-mail address listed below, the following is available free of charge:
- full information on criteria for the Muskie Fellowship;
- application materials;
- information on Educational Advising Centers throughout the CIS where
application materials can be obtained and submitted;
- schedules and locations for informational lectures and application
distribution for the Muskie Fellowships made by Program representatives from

Please forward all inquiries to muskiefsa@glas.apc.org

Thank you for your help and attention!


Joanna Colaneri

** 012 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Center for Citizen Initiatives ( cciusa@IGC.APC.ORG )
Subject: yearbook on organic farming available (forwarded)

Date: 13 Aug 95 12:53:01 EDT
)From: Stefan Rosenow ( 100611.1015@compuserve.com )
Subject: Re: Zemledelatel III, Russian Yearbook for Ecological

The third volume of the

        German-Russian Yearbook for Ecological Agriculture
                        "Zemledelatel III"

will be soon available (end of August 1995). This book is the
result of a joined project of A.T. Bolotov Foundation, Moscow
Russia, Stiftung Leben & Umwelt (Foundation Life &
Environment), Hude, Germany and Buntstift e.V., Gottingen
Germany. The main part of the book is a translation of the
German book: Organisch-biologischer Landbau in der Praxis,
edited by W. Neuerburg and S.Padel, BLV-Verlag Munich,

The yearbook gives a thorough introduction into organic
agriculture:  Conversion, plant production, fodder production,
economics and marketing. Furthermore  Russian articles give
special information about the situation of organic agriculture in
Russia: the EkoNiva-Standards, special crop rotations for
different agro-ecological zones in Russia and experiences from

This announcement aims to collect addresses of initiatives,
organizations and individuals/farms/schools in the countries of
the former SU, which might be interested to receive the book
(free of charge for the first copy, postage and handling costs for
additional orders).

The series of yearbooks will be continued for at least two
editions. With this announcement interested groups,
institutions and individuals are encouraged to contribute their
experience in organic agriculture from the former SU or Central
and Eastern Europe to the next edition of the "Zemledelatel" as
well as suggestion for the content of the next two books.

Please respond to

A.T. Bolotov Foundation
Project "Zemledelatel"
143013 Moscow Region, Odintsovsky Rayon,
Nemchinovka 1,
P.O.Box 32

tel.+ fax +7 095 591 82 75
e-mail: Internet 100611.1015@compuserve.com

Stefan Rosenow

(forwarded by Will Easton)


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