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WHAT'S NEW . . .

#01-17 August 95  "New Media for a New World" Conference

#02-17 August 95  LVALUE Art Gallery =20

#03-17 August 95  Igor Pavlovsky's Russian and Home Pages

#04-17 August 95  List of Higher Education Institutions
#05-17 August 95  Nine New BISNIS Documents =20

#06-17 August 95  ISBC is now FREE=20

#07-17 August 95  New Document by Pyotr Johannevich van de Waal-Palms


#01-17 August 95  Sender:  "Y VERSHININ" ( Y.Vershinin@bradford.ac.uk )
                  Subject:  =20

#02-17 August 95  Sender:  MikeLuckyC@aol.com=20
                  Subject: E-mail to Rostov Veliky Russia  =20

#03-17 August 95  Sender:  liddy@sunrise.srl.rmit.EDU.AU (Liddy Nevile)
                  Subject: Re: travel in next summer    =20

#04-17 August 95  Sender:  JPLAKS@aol.com
                  Subject: Apartment    =20

#05-17 August 95  Sender:  "Paul W. Box" ( sanduku@nervm.nerdc.ufl.edu )
                  Subject: email address in Vladivostok or Nakhodka    =20

#06-17 August 95  Sender:  citizenc@iadfw.net (Chuck Schott)
                  Subject: Cyrillic program    =20

#07-17 August 95  Sender:  Ilya Shlyakhter ( ilya_shl@MIT.EDU )
                  Subject: internet providers in Israel
#08-17 August 95  Sender:  AlexRazdol@aol.com
                  Subject: Introducing a new Virtual Art Gallery   =20
#09-17 August 95  Sender:  bohdan@tryzub.com (Bohdan Peter Rekshynskyj)
                  Subject: Ukraine FAQ PLUS Presents: The definitive=20
                           SUCCINCT reference on Ukraine  =20

#10-17 August 95  Sender:  bohdan@tryzub.com (Bohdan Peter Rekshynskyj)
                  Subject: Ukraine FAQ PLUS Presents: CSIS and AUAC  =20
#11-17 August 95  Sender:  Alexander Andreyev ( aoand@feast.fe.msk.ru )
                  Subject: =EC=C0=C4=C9 =C9=CE=D4=C5=D2=C5=D3=D5=C0=D4=D3=
=D1 web site on private security=20
                           industry  =20

#12-17 August 95  Sender:  nbaker@ionet.net (Nick Baker)
                  Subject: ISBC is now TOTALLY FREE  =20
#13-17 August 95  Sender:  glasnews@eskimo.com (Alan Boyle)
                  Subject: New Media for a New World

#14-17 August 95  Sender:  Rusty Fryer ( rusty1@ixc.ixc.net )
                  Subject: New AIDS Info/Support WWW-Telnet-Ftp-BBS

#15-17 August 95  Sender:  mac@MAINE.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell -=20
                           Univ. of Maine, USA)
                  Subject: Enterprise Development Discussion List

#16-17 August 95  Sender:  Ilya Shlyakhter ( ilya_shl@MIT.EDU )
                  Subject: letter against anti-immigration bill

APPENDIX:        LISTSERV address & basic procedures


WHAT'S NEW . . .

Please note that you can request any of these new resources via email by se=
an email message to fp@solar.rtd.utk.edu.  The content of the email message
should be:

send X

where X =3D the address of the requested resource.  For example, to request=
"New Media for a New World 1995" WWW page (listed below), just send the mes=

send http://solar.rtd.utk.edu/~aboyle/new.world.html=20

to fp@solar.rtd.utk.edu

*  "New Media for a New World 1995," an East-West conference on online medi=
   will be presented October 23-25 at the Russian-American Press and
   Information Center in Moscow. This year's event will help Russian
   journalists become more familiar with online tools for news gathering an=
   publishing.  Information about this conference can be obtained from our=
   Meetings and Conferences page (accessible through Funding) or from=20
   Glasnews.  Please see email message #06 below for more information. =20
      http://solar.rtd.utk.edu/~aboyle/new.world.html  =20
*  The new Internet LVALUE Art Gallery has artists who are of different=20
   schools, ages and countries including several from the former Soviet=20
   Union.  Visit this link from our Art page and experience this powerful=
   work. =20
*   Igor Pavlovsky (an exchange student who will be at the University of=20
    Michigan this year) has developed a wonderful page on Russia which=20
    contains such subjects as history, information on several cities=20
    (including his home of Omsk), art, information about the currency and=
    many other links.  Visit this page from our More Information=20
    Resources and take a look at his home page which is accessible from our=
    Life page.
      Russia Page:  http://www.geom.umn.edu/~ipavlovs/Russia/russia.html
      Home Page:  http://www.geom.umn.edu/~ipavlovs/

*  We are building and maintaining a list of institutions of higher learnin=
   that offer Russia and Central/Eastern Europe related courses. If you kno=
   of any others, please mail the information to Ellee Margileth at=20
   emaill address: emargile@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

*  We have added "U.S. Dollar Replacement, Forgery Impact Predicted" by
   Pyotr Johannevich van de Waal-Palms.  This document can be accessed=20
   from our Economics page.
*  We have added 9 new documents to our BISNIS section which is accessible
   from our Economics page.  They are:




     NIS Agribusiness Report - RUSAG-L Current Events #62
        http://solar.rtd.utk.edu/friends/economics/nis.fis.bus.docs/   =20




   creating and providing an international infrastructure for small=20
   businesses as the world moves towards a "borderless international econom=
   ISBC was formed so people with Internet (or at least e-mail) access coul=
   use their expertise to provide a service to those businesses that do not
   have Internet access.  The ISBC now offers their services for free!  Fin=
   out more about this service from our Economics page. =20
   (See message =20


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Sender:  "Y VERSHININ" ( Y.Vershinin@bradford.ac.uk )

Test e-mail.

Hello, everybody!
Please, send any comments how works the FRIENDS service.

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Sender:  MikeLuckyC@aol.com=20
Subject: E-mail to Rostov Veliky Russia

Alex Kaplan has referred me to you ( sasha@super.ece.jhu.edu ) referring to
your "friends and partners" list.  I have a 17 year old who will be spendin=
1 year in Rostov Veliky, Russia 120 km NE of Moscow as an American Field
Service Foreign Echange Student.   I am lookig for a way to exchange e-mail
from here in Hollister, Cailfornia with her but need an e-mail down link
there.  Do you happen to know of any or how I might find a link to the high
school - Rostov Gimnasium.   I have 5 days left before she leaves to find i=
from this end.  Any help would be appreciated. Thankyou for your
                                    Mike Chouinard ( Mike Luncky C @aol.com=

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Sender:  liddy@sunrise.srl.rmit.EDU.AU (Liddy Nevile)
Subject: Re: travel in next summer

Please could someone help.
I have a couple of friends who want to drive from East Siberia to West
Russia in summer.  It is very difficult to find information about roads and
their suitability for such experienced off-road drivers.  I would be very
pleased to make contact with anyone who can help.

The main sticking bit is between Blagoweschtschensk and Tschita (sometimes
this is written as Chita or Cita).
There is a route via North China but they are not allowed to go that way.

They know that there is not so much problem in winter, when the rivers
become roads.

But in summer, it is not so clear what to do.  There appears to be a
road/track but they have too little info to take it, so far.

The cities they are expecting to find along the route they want to take are
as follows:

Blagoweschtschensk - Schimanowsit - Mogotscha - Schilma - Tschita

They know about the route (via China) which has such towns as Heine -
Zhalantum - Hailar - Manzhouli - Tschita but that is the one they are not
allowed to take.

I would be very pleased if anyone could help with even a bit of the
information.  These people are learning Russian as fast as they can and
would love to meet people along the route as they travel.  The trip will be
reported weekly in Australia on a national radio programme.

Thank you.
** 004 ********************************************************************=

Sender:  JPLAKS@aol.com
Subject: Apartment

Hello Friends:

As of September 5, I will be living and studying in Moscow for a period of =
months. I have an IREX fellowship to conduct archival research for a
dissertation concerning nationalism in early 19th-century Russia.

I need help finding a single-bedroom apartment in Moscow. If fortune allows
me any preference in this matter, I would like to live near one of the
red-line metro stations, since I will working in a historical archive (GARF=
near Fruzenskaia station.

Please contact me directly if you can help me locate an apartment or give m=
any useful advice on location or procedure.

Jeff Plaks

** 005 ********************************************************************=

Sender:  "Paul W. Box" ( sanduku@nervm.nerdc.ufl.edu )
Subject: email address in Vladivostok or Nakhodka


I was wondering if anyone knows about email addresses in Vladivostok
or Nakhodka.  I am specificically interested in contacting people in
the fishing cooperatives in Nakhodka.

If anyone has information on this, I would appreciate you sending it
to me at sanduku@nervm.nerdc.ufl.edu

Thank you

/*  Paul Box                      |        Cogito ergo                */
/*  Dept. of Geography            |      Oculum Dioscoreum            */
/*  University of Florida         |                                   */
/*  sanduku@nervm.nerdc.ufl.edu   |     (I think, therefor            */
/*  http://grove.ufl.edu/~sanduku |           eye yam)                */
/*                                |                                   */

** 006 ********************************************************************=

Sender:  glasnews@eskimo.com (Alan Boyle)
Subject: New Media for a New World

Second conference on online media scheduled for October

"New Media for a New World 1995," an East-West conference on online media,
will be presented October 23-25 at the Russian-American Press and
Information Center in Moscow. This year's event will help Russian
journalists become more familiar with online tools for news gathering and

Organizers of the conference include the Art Pattison Communications
Exchange Program, the Russian-American Press and Information Center, the
Center for Civil Society International, GlasNet and Relcom. Funding is
provided through the Russian-American Media Partnership program, jointly
administered by Internews and the Center for War, Peace and the News Media.

The seminar will offer hands-on training in the use of online tools such as
the World Wide Web and other Internet resources, as well as Lexis/Nexis and
other information databases. It will also examine online ventures such as
the St. Petersburg Press and TribNet/Vladivostok News, and explore future
commercial opportunities in the online news industry.

The first "New Media for a New World" conference took place in July 1994 in
Moscow, with the "virtual keynote" address given via e-mail by Vice
President Al Gore. Proceedings of that conference, as well as information
about this year's event, are available via the World Wide Web

In the United States, interested parties may contact the Art Pattison
Communications Exchange Program, 28411 218th Ave. S.E., Maple Valley, WA
98038. Phone: 206-432-8927, fax: 206-682-1697, e-mail: glasnews@eskimo.com
or 73420.753@compuserve.com.

In Russia, the contact is the Russian-American Press and Information
Center, 2/3 Khlebny Pereulok, Moscow. Postal address: P.O. Box 229, 2 Novy
Arbat, Moscow 121019 Russia. Phone: (7-095) 203-4403 or 203-5802, fax:
(7-095) 203-6831, e-mail: yevgenia@glas.apc.org or rapic@glas.apc.org.

Alan Boyle   --  glasnews@eskimo.com
Managing Editor, GlasNews -- Foreign Desk Editor, Seattle P-I
voice. 206-448-8035     fax. 206-448-8166
"Round up the usual disclaimers"

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Sender:  citizenc@iadfw.net (Chuck Schott)
Subject: Cyrillic program

Dear Friends,

For some time now I have been searching for a program which will display
Cyrillic on the Mosaic 2.0 Final Beta. In all instances I have failed to
find one that works. Could someone point me in the direction of a
suitable program?

Thanks in advance.


** 008 ********************************************************************=

Sender:  Ilya Shlyakhter ( ilya_shl@MIT.EDU )
Subject: internet providers in Israel

Does anyone know what is the cheapest way to connect to the Internet
from Jerusalem?  Just email, no Web stuff needed.

Please reply directly to me, as I don't always read this
list: ilya_shl@mit.edu.

Thanks a lot!

P.S. I need the info before Tuesday, August 22.

** 009 ********************************************************************=

Sender:  AlexRazdol@aol.com
Subject: Introducing a new Virtual Art Gallery

Dear friends:

Introducing new Internet LVALUE Art Gallery.=20

The artists, participating in this exhibition, are of different schools,
different age and different countries - from ex-USSR to Japan. One thing th=
have in common - their art is sincere and powerful. That's why we, at Lvalu=
Inc., are happy to give you an opportunity to see their works and hope you
will enjoy it.=20

Also coming soon: poster shop and Lvalue Literary Competition.

Alex Razdolski

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Sender:  bohdan@tryzub.com (Bohdan Peter Rekshynskyj)
Subject: Ukraine FAQ PLUS Presents: The definitive SUCCINCT reference on=20


   The Ukraine FAQ Plus Project has added basic information on
Ukraine, courtesy of UNA (Ukrainian National Information).
This can now be viewed in the "About Ukraine" section.
The address of the Ukraine FAQ
Plus Project is:


Either click the button labelled "About Ukraine" by the
Tryzub (Trident) graphic or scroll down and click the
"About Ukraine" section summary.

As always, please feel free to email us at faq@tryzub.com
with comments.   We always are looking for contributions
as well.


               Bohdan Peter Rekshynskyj
** 011 ********************************************************************=

Sender:  bohdan@tryzub.com (Bohdan Peter Rekshynskyj)
Subject: Ukraine FAQ PLUS Presents: CSIS and AUAC


   The Ukraine FAQ Plus Project has added information on two
important organizations.  The first is the Center for Strategic
and International Studies (CSIS) and the American-Ukrainian
Advisory Committee (AUAC).  They can now be viewed in the
"Organizations" section.  The address of the Ukraine FAQ
Plus Project is:


Either click the button labelled "Organizations" by the
Tryzub (Trident) graphic or scroll down and click the
"Organizations" section summary.

Thanks to Dick Murphy for providing this information.

As always, please feel free to email us at faq@tryzub.com
with comments.   We always are looking for contributions
as well.


               Bohdan Peter Rekshynskyj              =20

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Sender:  Alexander Andreyev ( aoand@feast.fe.msk.ru )
Subject:  web site on private security industry

We would be interested in seeing any information or links to such=20
regarding the Executive Protection and private security industry in=20
Russia.  It is an industry related closely to the nature of our=20
company's operations.

Please visit our Home Page for further information:

Kindest regards,

Matthew Lehmann
Executive Director

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Sender:  nbaker@ionet.net (Nick Baker)

ISBC database matching membership, and search service are now TOTALLY FREE
and greatly simplified.  We now have a HOME PAGE where we will post new inf=
and businesses and individuals may join and submit searches.  As a result
ISBC is canceling its mailing list.  So mark our Home Page.


Those who cannot access our home page can stil email to   nbaker@ionet.net
for our new membership info.

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Sender:  Rusty Fryer ( rusty1@ixc.ixc.net )
Subject: New AIDS Info/Support WWW-Telnet-Ftp-BBS

=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D  NEW AIDS WWW/TELNET/FTP..BBS =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=

The Computerized AIDS Ministries Network  ( CAM! )

     * Telnet: hwbbs.gbgm-umc.org
     * FTP: hwbbs.gbgm-umc.org
     * WWW: http://hwbbs.gbgm-umc.org
     * WWW:
     dial in via modem 212/222-2135

     Can jump to CAM's telnet or ftp from the WWW page.
     (usually offline for maintanance around 2 a.m. eastern.)

CAM'S purpose is HIV/AIDS information, education and support. Different
forums serve these purposes.  Persons who remain on CAM are expected to
participate in our purpose. A goal of CAM is to create a safe space for
its community of users to gain information and support.

CAM is a program of the Health and Welfare Ministries Program
Department, General Board of Global Ministries, of The United Methodist
Church and is based in New York City, USA.

You are welcome to use our bulletin board service (BBS) and internet
services if you want to learn more about how HIV/AIDS and do something
positive in response to this epidemic, which is affecting all of our
lives. You do not have to be a professional person employed in the HIV
field. You do not have to be ordained clergy. You do not have to be HIV
positive.  You do not have to be United Methodist.  A broad range of
persons with varied levels of information about HIV use our BBS.

COUNSELING "United Methodist" "Computerized Aids Ministeries"
"Health and Welfare Ministries" "General Board of Global Ministries"
  The SysOp of CAM and contact person for CAM's WWW site is
  Rev. Dr. Nancy A Carter.  She can be emailed at ncarter@gbgm-umc.org

** 015 ********************************************************************=

Sender:  mac@MAINE.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell - Univ. of Maine, USA)
Subject: Enterprise Development Discussion List

                     ENTER-L DISCUSSION LIST
         Enterprise Development in Developing Countries
A  new discussion list, known as ENTER-L, may be of  interest  to
members  of this list. The discussion group will focus on  enter-
prise development in developing countries, with special attention
to  micro and small enterprises. Provided below are  several  ob-
servations  about the purpose of the list, provided by  the  list
DEFINITIONS. How should we define an enterprise and what topology
should we use? should we make a strong distinction between  micro
and small enterprises (MSEs) small and medium enterprises  (SMEs)
and medium and large scale enterprises (MLEs) ? is the concept of
enterprise  development synonymous to private sector  development
and  if  so how do we define private sector? is  it  strictly  in
opposition to what we define as the public sector?

THE  ENABLING  ENVIRONMENT. How important is it? how  can  it  be
improved? is it a prerequisite to any intervention for enterprise
development?  What kind of policies should be developed ?  should
we have different policies for different target groups?

FINANCE.  This is often seen as a key component of any micro  and
small  enterprise  development project but a lot  remains  to  be
explored from the point of view of the development  practitioner.
Guarantee Funds for instance, are they or are they not  effective
in  changing Commercial Banks attitude towards the  financing  of
micro and small enterprises? I have my doubts...

SUPPORTING SYSTEMS (technical advice, management training, etc.).
Most  people  agree that they are essential but what  about  cost
recovery  and sustainability? can it be done? and how?   The  ex-
perience  so far is mixed. Should the private sector pay  for  it
and  what happens with the microenterprises which  cannot  afford
the extra expenses?  should it be included upfront as part of the
credit costs? how effective are endowment funds?

TRAINING  AND TRAINING OF TRAINERS. Essential again but it  seems
that  we  are  forever rediscovering the wheel.  Couldn't  it  be
possible  to  find out what are the best training  practices  and
where they can be accessed?

what  kind  of policies? what is the impact  of  the  distinction
between  direct  employment  and self employment?  What  sort  of
interface  should  be developed between technical  education  and
vocational training and enterprise development?

TECHNOLOGY.  Everyone  agrees that it should be  appropriate  but
most  of  the so-called appropriate technologies have  not  stood
that  well  the economic test of the market place. What  are  the
best ways to achieve sustainable technology transfer?

MARKETS.  For a long time the emphasis has been on a  supply  ap-
proach  to enterprise development (in particular with regards  to
credit) There seems now to be a shift towards a demand  approach.
What  are  the implications and how could market  development  be
better achieved?

THE INFORMAL SECTOR. No one disputes its importance (in  numbers)
but  the prevailing vision is one of survival,  low  productivity
and  very little value added, in other words an inescapable  evil
when  it comes to economic growth. Can we and should we challenge
that perception? I personally think we should.

THE ENTREPRENEUR. Who is he or she? without getting on the debate
"entrepreneurs  are born not made" how successful have  been  the
various  entrepreneurship  development  programmes?  what   about

NETWORKING.  There are some very interesting new  initiatives  on
entrepreneurs networking. What can we learn from them?

PRIVATIZATION. It normally applies to larger enterprises but have
we  learned  something in the process which could be  applied  to
smaller  enterprises? What lessons can be learnt from  what  hap-
pened in Eastern Europe and Russia?

EMPLOYMENT  CREATION.  It  is now the number one  issue  in  most
developed  economies  (the recently elected President  of  France
stated  that it is his first priority) Is there anything  we  can
learn  from the new approaches which are going to  be  developed?
What is the interface with enterprise development?

URBANIZATION. A recent Club of Sahel study, the WALTS study ( the
West African Long Term Study ) indicates that the urban economies
will be the driving forces pulling agricultural development. What
are the implications for the ways we used to look at rural devel-
opment  and enterprise development? Is a new paradigm being  born
which would fill the gap between the old industrial and  agricul-
tural development paradigms?

present  State  of  The Art  in enterprise  development?  at  the
policy programming and operational levels? what kind of  approach
should we favor? an integrated horizontal approach or a  vertical
subsectoral approach?

GENDER  AND ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT. Most of microenterprises  are
women, and they are also considered better credit risks. What are
the  best approaches to include women in enterprise  development?
should  it be women only type of approaches (such as the  Women's
World  Banking approach) or should it integrate gender issues  in
enterprise development and if such how?

Those are only examples of potential discussions which could take
place  and I am sure there are  many others. It is now up to  all
of us to get the discussion going

Jean-Claude Lorin
Senior Analyst, Entrepreneurship and Private Sector
Africa and Middle East Branch
Canadian International Development Agency

Fax: +1-819-953-5834
Tel: +1-819-997-1515
E-Mail: jeanclaude_lorin@ccigate.acdi-cida.gc.ca

To subscribe to the list:
1. Address e-mail to: LISTSERV@DEVCAN.CA
2. Leave SUBJECT blank
3. In the Message: SUBSCRIBE ENTER-L Yourfirstname Yourlastname
4. Then SEND the message

** 016 ********************************************************************=

Sender:  Ilya Shlyakhter ( ilya_shl@MIT.EDU )
Subject: letter against anti-immigration bill

Attention everyone:

Some time ago I forwarded information regarding an
anti-immigration bill being considered in Congress.
The bill severely restricts both family and
employment immigration.  It will be voted on
in September.  You can find information about the
bill at http://thomas.loc.gov (look for H.R. 1915
or H.R. 2202; check out Congressional testimony
on the House of Representatives gopher);
also very useful information is at
I have the full text of the bill and can send it
to you, but it's 450K (300 pages)!  It's better
to look at http://thomas.loc.gov.

I am collecting signatures for the letter to Congress
against the bill.  A draft is attached; feel free
to send your comments.  Please forward the letter
to everyone concerned.  If you oppose the bill,
send me a short message with subject "H.R. 2202"
saying so; I will add your name to the list.
There are many restrictions in the bill besides
those mentioned in the letter; I just don't have
time to address them all; if you can, please
write additional paragraphs against these other
restrictions, and I'll include them in the letter.

It would also help a lot to call/write your senators/
representatives individually saying you oppose the


Ilya Shlyakhter

Dear ( senator or representative ):

We're writing to you to express our concern about H.R. 2202 (originally
H.R. 1915).  We appreciate your effort in responsible reform of the
immigration system, but we are troubled by some aspects of the bill.

The bill contains two major parts, dealing with illegal and legal
immigration.  These should be separated into two bills, to give people
more flexibility in supporting just the provisions they want.  While
support for curbing illegal immigration may be almost universal, major
reduction of legal immigration is much more contraversial.

The bill sets strict numerical limits on legal immigration, about a
third down from what they're now.  This will dramatically increase the
already large backlog of visas in many categories, making the wait for a
visa unbearably long.  In addition, by setting strict limits on refugee
visas, the bill severely limits the ability of the U.S. to deal with
unpredictable events such as refugee crises.

The bill places excessive restrictions on employment-based immigration.
Of particular concern is the labor certification requirement for
"outstanding researchers and professors".  The long and costly labor
certification process is unnecessary in this case, since any truly
oustanding reasearcher or professor by definition cannot be replaced by
a "readily available" U.S. worker.  Also, the elimination of a "national
interest" waiver exempting certain workers (mostly in medical research
or defense fields) from labor certification is unnecessary.  The INS has
developed regulations that prevent abuse of this waiver, and there is no
evidence of such widespread abuse.  Since labor certification is
costly and can take over a year to process, it can significantly
delay research plans or even force an employer to pick a less qualified
worker for whom an LCA is not required. Therefore, it's best to
avoid labor certifications whenever possible.

H.R. 2202 also imposes arbitrary requirements on professionals and
skilled workers, requiring 5 and 7 years of experience, respectively,
even in professions where only 2 or 3 years of experience after a
baccalaureate degree are usually required for employment.  This measure
will only hurt the employers, since they generally avoid hiring
overqualified workers.  The experience and education requirements should
not exceed the usual requirements for employment in a particular

Another disturbing provision of the bill would reduce employment
immigration if there is excess family immigration.  This leaves
employment immigration in an uncertain state, creating a potential
for a considerable decrease in work visas without any regard to
the need of U.S. companies for highly qualified foreign employees.
To protect the U.S. companies from such uncertainty, this
provision should be dropped.

The restrictions on family immigration in H.R. 2002 contradict the
principle of family reunification which the US has adopted.  The bill
eliminates from family immigration siblings, unmarried children over 21
years of age, and parents when less than 50% of their children live in
the U.S.  However, the traditional U.S. family includes these relatives.
Note especially that children over 21 are often students who
live with the family and are an integral part of it.  Also, it can
happen that only the child in the U.S. can support a parent,
while two or more children living elsewhere cannot; the 50% restriction
would leave the parent without any support.

The bill contains provisions that will bar all but the well-to-do
Americans from sponsoring their family members for immigration.
A sponsor would be required to purchase complete health insurance
for the alien and to maintain the income of at least 200% of the
poverty level for the sponsor's family (including the alien).
While we understand the need to increase sponsors' responsibility
for the aliens they sponsor, we believe that the provisions of
H.R. 2002 go too far in this respect and will significantly
harm family reunification.  Moreover, they're unnecessary
since the law already requires the alien to prove that he/she
is not likely to become a public charge.

In addition to hindering family reunification, the restrictions on
family immigration will hurt U.S. employers.  Many immigrants who come
on family visas find jobs shortly after coming to the U.S.  Furthermore,
qualified foreign professionals may reject an employment offer if they
cannot bring their relatives with them to the U.S.  It is in the U.S.
interest to do everything possible to attract excellent specialists by
creating hospitable conditions for their families.

We understand that the goal of restricting employment immigration
is to protect U.S. workers from being displaced by foreign ones.
However, such restrictions damage the U.S. both in the short run
(by depriving U.S. companies of much-needed specialists) and
in the long run (by not encouraging U.S. workers to become as
competitive as their foreign counterparts.)  These restrictions
must not be allowed to pass.

We appreciate your attention to our concerns, and urge you to
amend the bill to address them.


( signatures )


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