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Dear Friends,

We wish to offer our apologies for not sending this digest last week.  One
of the moderators was in Moscow at a conference (and without Internet
access); the other on a long overdue vacation in Moldova.  We're hoping to
get back on a regular schedule soon . . .

A big *thank you* to Ellee Margileth who does such a great job of
assembling material for these digests!

                          Table of Contents

WHAT'S NEW . . .

#01-16 July 95  Eesti-info Server -- Information About Estonia

#02-16 July 95  FIAN Chamber Music Club

#03-16 July 95  Homegrown Home Pages

#04-16 July 95  AATSEEL '95 Conference

#05-16 July 95  Slavic Linguists E-mail List

#06-16 July 95  Skydiving in Siberia


#01-16 July 95  Sender:  EShindelma@aol.com
                Subject: INFO-RUSS: Need travel advice (forwared)

#02-16 July 95  Sender:  Nathan B Lynch  (lynch@stolaf.edu)
                Subject: Friends and Partners

#03-16 July 95  Sender:  kedzie@rand.org (Chris Kedzie)
                Subject: Teacher wanted (fwd)

#04-16 July 95  Sender:  tomoko hanada  (t1-hanada@nri.co.jp)
                Subject: INFO-RUSS: Stay in Hostels in Russia (forwarded)

#05-16 July 95  Sender:  Robin McDaniel  (jsabell@ix.netcom.com)
                Subject: Need for host families (x-post from civilsoc)

#06-16 July 95  Sender:  Stan Guthrie  (gsg5501@MSU.OSCS.MONTANA.EDU)
                Subject: Online Bible, Russian

#07-16 July 95  Sender:  Center for Civil Society International
                Subject: Need e-mail volunteers in NIS
                         (x-post from CivilSoc)

#08-16 July 95  Sender:  Arunas Simonis (root@infotec.aiva.lt)
                Subject: travel in the Baltics and Kaliningrad
                         (x-post from E-EUROPE)

#09-16 July 95  Sender:  Pawlick, Thomas  (Thomas.Pawlick@fao.org)
                Subject: TV/Film Studies course announcement

#10-16 July 95  Sender:  Center for Civil Society International
                Subject: Job in Bishkek

#11-16 July 95  Sender:  ATBOYLE@delphi.com
                Subject: Special report

#12-16 July 95  Sender:  mvs3@po.CWRU.Edu (Maxim V. Soloviev)
                Subject: Inexpensive International Calls (Russia
                         $0.85/min, etc)

#13-16 July 95  Sender:  Renny Hart  (renny@glas.apc.org)
                Subject: Job opportunity with RAPIC

#14-16 July 95  Sender:  kedzie@rand.org (Chris Kedzie)
                Subject: Vacancy Announcement - UNV (fwd)

APPENDIX:        LISTSERV address & basic procedures


WHAT'S NEW . . .

*  Jaak Vilo, of Helsinki, Finland is the voluntary coordinating editor of
   the Eesti-Info WWW server.  This server's hardware was donated by the
   "Open Estonian Foundation" and the site contains many informative
   resources about Estonia which have been contributed by people everywhere.
   This wonderful, cooperative effort also has extensive information about
   the tragic sinking of the Ferry "Estonia" in September,1994 and the relief
   efforts that followed.  This resource can be accessed from our More
   Information Resources page.


*  Elena Romanova, of the Moscow Magazine, has written a very interesting
   article about the FIAN Chamber Music Club. FIAN (the Russian acronym of
   the Moscow Physics Institute of the Academy of Sciences) is where Andrei
   Sakharov worked for so much of his life.  The club was founded 20 years
   ago, at time when secret research centers sponsored public associations
   and clubs and to organize poetry readings, art exhibitions and concerts,
   not always in strict accordance with the norms of official Soviet culture
   in the Brezhnev era.  This article can be accessed from our Music page.


*  From our Homegrown Home Section of our Life page, check out Yury Avrutin's
   Home Page (some great graphics!) and Lester 'Jake' Jacobson's home pages.

    Yury's URL:  http://i-site.com/~yury/
    Lester 'Jake' Jacobson's URL: http://www.pitt.edu/~lcj/

*  The American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European
   Languages will be holding their 1995 Annual Meeting in Chicago,
   Illinois from December 28 - 30, 1995.  Find out more about the
   Preliminary Program from our Meetings and Conferences section of our
   Funding and Exchange Opportunities page.


*  George Fowler of Indiana University has put together an email address list
   of Slavic Linguists.  This is helpful for those who wish to communicate
   with others who have a similiar interest or field of study.  This list can
   be accessed from our Language page.


*  If you are trying to decide what to do on your next vacation, why not
   visit Moscow and then go on to Central Siberia for a little skydiving.
   Should you need to see what it will be like, there are graphics and text
   from those who have experienced one of the "few real adventures left in
   the world".  Visit this site from our Tourism and Travel or Life pages and
   if you are interested in doing the same thing, get all the information
   you'll need to plan your 1996 trip.



Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

** 001 **********************************************************************

Sender:  EShindelma@aol.com
Subject: INFO-RUSS: Need travel advice (forwared)

I am an amateur genealogist with Russian ancestry anticipating a trip to
Russia and the Ukraine next year.  In order to personalize my trip to include
small towns, I would be interested in hiring someone by day to escort myself
and family, translate and arrange for accomodations and travel within Russia
and the Ukraine for 10-13 days.

1)Can anyone make a Russian/Ukrainian travel consultant recommendation with
references? What is the going rate?

2)Is there a specific time of year when US-St.Petersburg or Moscow or Kiev
flights are most economical? With which airlines?

3)Are there any bilingual archival researchers with references out there who
may be interested in researching documents with me in person when in Moscow,
Kiev and Zhitomir?

I would appreciate any advice or personal experience  that you may have.
Please email me (preferably in English) directly at:

Thank you. Spacebo.

** 002 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Nathan B Lynch  (lynch@stolaf.edu)
Subject: Friends and Partners


I am going to Russia in a week with the Peace Corps. I found your web
page very helpful. However, I am going to Vladivostok. There isn't
much internet stuff on Vladivostok on your web page. I have found very
little elsewhere in my search, but it is part of Russia. Maybe I'll be
able to get some information on the internet while I'm there. If I do,
I'll let you know.


Nathan Lynch

** 003 **********************************************************************

Sender:  kedzie@rand.org (Chris Kedzie)
Subject: Teacher wanted (fwd)

)The Millis, Massachusetts public schools are hiring a teacher who can
)teach both Russian (.4 position) and English (.6 position). For more
)information contact Paul A. Brunelle, principal, at 508-376-7010.
)Laurence Magner, Director
)Russian-American Educational Collaborative

** 004 **********************************************************************

Sender:  tomoko hanada  (t1-hanada@nri.co.jp)
Subject: INFO-RUSS: Stay in Hostels in Russia (forwarded)

Dear friends,

I'm planning to visit Moscow/St.Petersburg this August and thinking of
staying in youth hostels there.  I've got to know these hostels through
Internet, their names are "Travelers' Guest House" in Moscow and
"St.Petersburg Int'l Hostel."  As they claim, they provide verious kinds of
services including visa support.  The prices also sound reasonable enough.
Still, I want to be sure about their credibility so as to avoid any kind of
troubles during and after the stay there.

If anyone knows about these hostels, please let me know about them.  I
would appreciate if you inform your experience at these hostels or the
troubles you met, etc.
Also, if someone has an experience of "homestay" in St.Petersburg which is
provided only for Moscow Travelers' Guest House guests, please let me know
about it, too.

Please send an E-mail directly to me.  Thank you in advance.

T.Hanada (E-mail address: t1-hanada@nri.co.jp)

** 005 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Robin McDaniel  (jsabell@ix.netcom.com)
Subject: Need for host families (x-post from civilsoc)

I would also be interested in hosting students or anyone travelling from
Russia to the U.S.  I live in Issaquah, Washington (near Seattle).
Please send email inquiries to Charlotte at jsabell@ix.netcom.com
I speak some Russian and would welcome non-English speaking guests!

** 006 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Stan Guthrie  (gsg5501@MSU.OSCS.MONTANA.EDU)
Subject: Online Bible, Russian

Does anyone have information as to where one may obtain the latest version of
The Online Bible, a fine program by Larry Pierce of Canada?  The 1993 version
may be found on wuarchive.wustl.edu (if my memory serves me correctly, it's in
/doc/bible), but the Russian text is an experimental verson, labeled, "to be
replaced in 1994."  The text seems to have been scanned in, so there are quite
a few errors.  If anyone could help let me know where a more recent version of
the program is kept, it would be much appreciated.
--) Stan Guthrie, gsg5501@msu.oscs.montana.edu

** 007 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Center for Civil Society International  (ccsi@u.washington.edu)
Subject: Need e-mail volunteers in NIS (x-post from CivilSoc)

                CCSI seeks e-mail volunteers in the NIS

The Center for Civil Society International (CCSI), moderator of the
CivilSoc electronic mailing list, seeks people with e-mail accounts
in the NIS to help test a new version of CivilSoc.  The new version will
originate from a computer near Moscow and should result in lower e-mail
charges for subscribers in Russia, Ukraine, and other countries of the
NIS which use RelCom.

Volunteers will sign up for the new list and will report to CCSI on
whether they are receiving messages posted to CivilSoc and whether the
messages are being recorded as coming from a computer in Russia.
Volunteers should be semi-proficient at using e-mail.

If you would be interested in volunteering, please contact Richard Upjohn
at ccsi@u.washington.edu

** 008 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Arunas Simonis (root@infotec.aiva.lt)
Subject: travel in the Baltics and Kaliningrad  (x-post from E-EUROPE)

For anybody planning to travel to the Kaliningrad region of Russia, be
sure to seek out a copy of the new city guide, "Kaliningrad in Your Pocket".
It's from the same people who do similar guides covering Vilnius, Kaunas,
Klaipeda, Minsk, and Riga.  It is written in English and German and covers
the city and the coastal resort of Svetlogorsk.  In addition to covering the
main attractions, it has lots of up-to-date information on how to get by in
Kaliningrad (hotels, restaurants, maps, etc.).  I was recently there and
found the guide very helpful.

And by the way, "Vilnius in your Pocket" is now on the internet.
Questions about availability or other information about the guides and
the region can be emailed to the editor at "jkeis@viyp.tipas.lt"

-Stephan Thomsen

** 009 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Pawlick, Thomas  (Thomas.Pawlick@fao.org)
Subject: TV/Film Studies course announcement


            (Instruction available in Russian and Ukrainian)

     Writer-directors and film educators Leonid and Larissa Alexseychuk offer
an unorthodox approach to learning, improving--or radically revising--your
directing, script-writing and idea-development skills. Their concept of the
Dynamic Diagonal, developed and proven at New York University's Film
Institute and perfected in some 20 intensive Italian workshop editions, arms
students with a unique creative methodology. Participants aren't spoon-fed,
but plunged directly into the most complex creative problems, and forced to
achieve their own "personal best."

     For details, phone/FAX: (396)588-1025
     or write to: Leonid and Larissa Alexseychuk
     Via Enrico Cernuschi, 9
     Apt. 13
     00152 Rome, Italy

** 010 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Center for Civil Society International  (ccsi@u.washington.edu)
Subject: Job in Bishkek

      U.N. seeks specialist in NGO organizational development
                  for 2-year project in Kyrghyzstan

United Nations Volunteers (UNV) seeks an NGO management and
organizational development specialist to work on a 2-year project
to enhance the capacity of Kyrgyz non-governmental organizations
(NGOs) to provide community-based, sustainable poverty-reduction
programs.  Initial work will include:  assessing the local NGO
scene, planning an in-service training program, and collecting
relevant training materials.

The UNV specialist must have 5 years experience of NGO management
and organizational development, and should have some experience
working in different cultural and national contexts.  Fluency in
English is required and a working knowledge of Russian is useful.
The specialist will work out of the UNDP office in Bishkek.

CCSI has a 6 kilobyte document which describes the position in
more detail.  (Thanks to Barnett Rubin and Chris Kedzie for
providing the document).  To receive the file via e-mail, send a
request to:  ccsi@u.washington.edu

** 011 **********************************************************************

Sender:  ATBOYLE@delphi.com
Subject: Special report

I've added a couple of files from the Seattle P-I that you and
the Friends might find interesting... URL is
   -- best regards, Alan (aboyle)

** 012 **********************************************************************

Sender:  mvs3@po.CWRU.Edu (Maxim V. Soloviev)
Subject: Inexpensive International Calls (Russia $0.85/min, etc)

Allow me to introduce you the CYBERLINK -  this  american  company
has the lowest international calling rates. Also, it can be  used
from out of the USA because it has Callback Service.

)From USA to Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia...  - $0.85/min;
)From USA to East Europe (Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, etc) - $0.85;
To West Europe (Greece, Italy, Spain, Finland, Norway, etc.) - $0.45;
        (but Germany (East & West), France and Sweden only $0.41);
United Kingdom - $0.35;        Australia - $0.41;
All South America - $0.75;     Canada - $0.22;
China - $1.40;                 Egypt - $1.02;
Hong Kong - $0.51;             India - $0.98;
Israel - $0.89;                Japan - $0.45;
New Zeland - $0.55;            Philippines - $0.89;
Singapore - $0.41;             South Korea - $0.74;
Taiwan - $0.61;                Thailand - $1.10;

     This  low  rates  are  combined   with   top-quality   lines.
Cyberlink's rates will save most people 20%-60% of  their  regular
international calling - this is a combination of  super-low  rates
which apply 24 hours per day,  7  days  a  week,  and  billing  in
increments of 6 seconds instead of the whole minutes used by  most
carriers (this latter feature alone saves most  customers  5%-8%).
Please, notice that there are NO HIDDEN CHARGES: no 'access' fees,
per call fees, monthly fees, sign-up fees, peak-period surcharges,
higher first minute rates etc, etc.

     The access to their line is through 800 number or you can  be
hooked up completely; minimum length of  a  conversation  30  sec,
billing interval 6 sec, no security deposit required, you  pay  as
much as you call. They have customer service (through  800  number
as well), so if you don't agree with the bill or got wrong  number
you can sovle the problem with them. What they  don't  have,  they
don't have an operator, so you can not get to  nondialable  towns.
To become a customer of this company one  needs  to  fill  in  the
application and send it out to them.
      Since access to them can be made through 800 number there is
NO ANY NEED TO CHANGE your long-distance carrier.  You  can  place
each overseas call through your long-distance carrier  or  through
Cyberlink up to you every single time.

      Cyberlink provides the following services:

        * International Plus Service (IP).   *
For those who need to keep their present long distance carrier the
IP  system  is  way  to go, since it is  an  add-on.  The  way  IP
works you connect to Cyberlink via 800#; as you do so the computer
checks what number you  are  calling  from,  establishes  that  it
corresponds to the information in the Cyberlink database and  than
gives you an open line. (All it takes about half a second!) On the
IP form you list any numbers  (as  many as you want, you  can  add
on/change them as often as you wish)  you  expect  to  be  calling
from. There are no hidden charges, you pay only for your calls.

        * Callback.*
Offers low international calling rates (to callback to the USA add
10 cents to the rate from USA, i.e. USA to Russia $.85, Russia  to
USA callback $.85 +$.20 = $0.95/min) from anywhere in the world to
any destination, using the US telecommunications network. You call
in  to  Cyberlink  (no  charge  for  the  call)  using a specially
designated number and  hang up; immediately the Cyberlink computer
calls you  back  with  an  open line to make your call(s).
In the Callback  Form  customers  enter any number from which they
will be using the service.

Please, reply if you would like to get more info or/and application

Also we can offer long distance carrier with the flat rate for the
domestic (in the USA) calls $0.13 per minute flat rate (24 hours a
day, 7 days a week). Please inquire.

Maxim Soloviev
ph. 216 231-2857;  fax 216 461-1770

** 013 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Renny Hart  (renny@glas.apc.org)
Subject: Job opportunity with RAPIC

The Russian-American Press and Information Center



The position:
The deputy director of Russia's most comprehensive media
assistance organization will have full responsibility for coordinating
RAPIC's activities, including seminars on security, economics and
environment, and media training programs throughout Russia.
Duties include supervising a staff of 40, coordinating activities of
Western experts, traveling to RAPIC's regional centers, maintaining
current programs and aggressively developing new initiatives.

The person:
With at least three years' experience in media or related fields, the
candidate should have strong familiarity with Russian media affairs,
politics and economy.  Demonstrated management ability is a must,
as are excellent organizational and communication skills.  Fluency
in English and Russian required.

The package:
RAPIC offers a competetive salary and benefits including health
coverage.  For the right candidate promotion opportunities are
available in Moscow and New York.

The application:
Please send a fax resume and cover letter in English to Renny Hart
or Irina Yatsunenko at RAPIC at
203-6831.  Telephone 203-5702.

** 014 **********************************************************************

Sender:  kedzie@rand.org (Chris Kedzie)
Subject: Vacancy Announcement - UNV (fwd)

)                                UNITED NATIONS VOLUNTEERS
)                                -------------------------
)                                  VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT
)Title:               UNV Specialist on NGO Management and
)                     Organizational Development (Team Leader)
)Duty Station:        Bishkek, KYRGHYZSTAN
)Duration:            Two Years
)Assignment commencement date:             As soon as possible
)Reporting to:
)In country the UNDP Resident Representative will be responsible
)for the UNV.  The International NGO Training and Research Center
)(INTRAC) will provide professional support advice and guidance
)to the NGO capacity building component of the programme.
)Personal requirements:
)The UNV Specialist must have at least five years experience of
)NGO management and organisational development.  She/he should
)have some experience of managing within an NGO context as well
)as awareness of wider issues in NGO management and organisational
)development.  She/he should be aware of different approaches, the
)international literature, experience in organisational analysis
)and strategic planning within a developmental context.  Ideally
)she/he should have some experience in training as well as
)experience of organizational and management of NGOs in different
)cultural and national contexts.
)Languages:           English, working knowledge of Russian useful.
)Objectives of the Assignment:
)The UNV Specialist will assist in the organisational development
)of local NGOs in Kyrghyzstan through a process of organisational
)capacity building based on management and organisational training
)and other support with a view to enhancing their capacity to
)support community-based sustainable poverty reduction programmes.
)Specific tasks:
)The UNV Specialist will be expected to assist in the longer term
)development of the local NGOs through training, management
)consultancy, organisational development and other support.  The
)aim will be to improve the capacity of the local NGOs to manage
)development programmes and to do this they will require
)assistance in reviewing their longer term strategies, their
)structure, human and financial resources.
)Initial work tasks:
)(i)    to get to know the NGO scene in the country building on the
)       original mapping exercise;
)(ii)   to identify within the first 3 to 6 months an NGO which
)       could act as host to the project;
)(iii)         to start planning a basic in-service training
)              programme in NGO management, adapted to the country;
)(iv)   to start collecting a small resource of materials and
)       identify those deserving of translation;
)(v)    to set up a data base containing relevant training
)       materials and identify those deserving of translation;
)(vi)   to consider the management needs of local NGOs and identify
)       agencies requiring and open to a process of organisational
)       development on the basis of organisational development
)       through staff discussions, reviews of its objectives,
)       structure, function, strategy, and activities, etc.
)(vii)         to assist the second UNV Specialist identify areas for
)              the pilot community action programmes and ways of
)              disseminating the experiences.
)Professional context:
)The development of NGOs in Kyrghyzstan is relatively recent, many
)of the agencies have their origins in the previous Soviet State
)system, whilst others are totally new.  However they both share
)relative inexperience in working in a non-governmental mode.  The
)poverty of the country places a great burden on local agencies
)as the needs are great and likely in the short term to increase
)as the country passes from being a subsidised member of the
)former Soviet Union to a small, independent country, unable to
)maintain the previous standard of living.
)Professionally this poses a major challenge for the programme and
)the UNV Specialists.  Because of the unusual nature of the
)assignment INTRAC (The International NGO Training and Research
)Center), based in the UK will provide additional professional
)support to the UNV by advising on the development of the
)programmes, regularly visiting the country, assisting with the
)training and supplying materials.
)There will also be a fund for exchange visits as well as bringing
)UNVs on short term assignments to assist with specific tasks.
)For further information, please contact Mr. Jens Behrendt,
)Associate Programme Officer, United Nations Volunteers, Palais
)des Nations, 1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland, Tel. No. (022)
)788.24.55, Fax No. (022) 788.25.01, Email behrendt@unv.ch
)If interested, please send your CV to Mr. Behrendt.


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