Digest for 95-06-08

Dear Friends,

Today we announce a new service by which folks without direct Internet
access can browse the World Wide Web materials available from "Friends and
Partners".  Anyone with email access to the Internet can now retrieve WWW,
gopher, and ftp documents.  Please see the "What's New" message #01 for an
explanation on how to use.

Also, we want to extend a special note of thanks to Ellee Margileth of the UT
Office of Research Services who does such a super job of finding interesting
resources to share via the "What's New" section of this digest.
Thanks Ellee!

                          Table of Contents

WHAT'S NEW . . .

#01-08 June 95  Browsing "Friends and Partners" by email

#02-08 June 95  University of Tartu in Estonia and Estonian-English

#03-08 June 95  Republic of Udmurtia

#04-08 June 95  Belarus Home Page

#05-08 June 95  Latvia Home Page

#06-08 June 95  Images of Uzbekistan

#07-08 June 95  East View Publications on Services Page

#08-08 June 95  A Brief History of Khazaria


#01-08 June 95  Sender:  Martin Ryle (RYLE@urvax.urich.edu)
                Subject: QUERY RE RUSSIAN SALES TAXES
                         (x-post from H-RUSSIA)

#02-08 June 95  Sender:  VsM004836@aol.com
                Subject: Re: Digest for 95-06-02

#03-08 June 95  Sender:  len@hcl.com (Len Triger)
                Subject: detective novels translation

#04-08 June 95  Sender:  jonh@hevanet.com (Jon Head)
                Subject: russia stuff

#05-08 June 95  Sender:  Maurizio MORABITO ( b0017@nibh.go.jp )
                Subject: A request (sorry!)

#06-08 June 95  Sender:  wordplay@slip.net (Henry Korman)
                Subject: Seeking ESL work in Russia

APPENDIX:        LISTSERV address & basic procedures


WHAT'S NEW . . .

* "Friends and Partners" now offers a facility for users of its services to
  "browse" the Internet via email.  This is provided for those folks who do
   not yet have direct Internet connectivity.

   To use this facility, just send an email message to:


   The message should consist of lines which look like:

      send URL

   where URL is any valid Internet URL address.  For example, to request the
   home page of Friends and Partners, just include the line:

      send http://solar.rtd.utk.edu/friends/home.html

   Almost immediately, you should receive via email the contents of the
   specified page.  Hypertext links are indicated with a [x] and the address
   for the links listed at the bottom of the page.  This serves as a handy
   "directory" which enables you to browse an area of the server.

   We wish to express our thanks to the innovative folks at CERN who created
   this software - and a special thanks to John Gerber who modified it
   for our site.  Also, thanks to Andrey Sebrant and Richard Upjohn
   who long ago indicated to us the need for just such a facility!

*  The University of Tartu in Estonia  has a  wonderful WWW site (most of
   which is already in English) and can be visited from our Education page.
   The University Library is under construction and hopes to be available
   in English soon.   In addition to this, we have added a link on our
   Language page to the Estonian-English dictionary which has over 17,000

   URL:  http://www.ut.ee/

*  Robert and Cheryl Hosken have put together a page about life in the
   Republic of Udmurtia,  an "autonomous republic" within the Russian
   Federation, about 1000 kilometers due east of Moscow.  It is called
   autonomous because during the communist era the Udmurts and some
   other nationalities with a large enough population were given more
   self-governance than some of the other "regions" of the former USSR
   that were directly governed from Moscow.  You can read their
   interesting overview of this area from our Life page.

   URL:  http://www.mark-itt.ru/Udmurtia/hosken.html

*  Alex Artsyukhovich is a student at the University of Virginia who is
   from Belarus.  He has put together a wonderful page of information and
   resources on this country which can be found from our More Information
   Page and his "Homegrown Home Page" is available from our "Life" page.

   URL:  http://faraday.clas.virginia.edu/~ana4a/Belarus.html

*  In addition to our recently added University of Latvia Gopher site, we
   have now added a link to the fairly new "Welcome to Latvia" WWW site on
   our More Information page which contains additional information including
   WWW and non-WWW sites in Latvia, history, maps and general information.

   URL:  http://www.mii.lu.lv/galva.html

*  Garland Stephens has put together "Images of Uzbekistan" which not
   only contain the images and brief descriptions of his travels to this
   country but you have the option of audio comments.  Take a tour of
   Uzbekistan from the Travel Experiences section of our Tourism and Travel

   URL:  http://www.webcorp.com/images/uzbek.htm

*  East View Publications is the "worlds largest clearinghouse for
   publications from Russia, the CIS and Central Europe".  A sampling of
   their products are books, periodicals, translation services and document
   delivery.  Find out more about this company from our "Classifieds" section.

   URL:  http://www.eastview.com/

*  Kevin Alan Brooks has put together "A Brief History of Khazaria" which
   tells the history of the Khazars from about the 5th to the 13th century
   and their place in Russian history.  Read this interesting paper which
   can be found on our History page.

   URL:  http://acad.bryant.edu/~kbrook/khazaria.html


Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

** 001 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Martin Ryle (RYLE@urvax.urich.edu)

Date: Thu, 01 Jun 1995 10:49:16 -0500
)From: pattonc@email.uah.edu

A student who is planning on going to Russia later this summer would
like to know what, if any, sales tax there currently is in Russia, e.g.
Moscow, St. Pete.   For my own information, was there sales tax in the
former Soviet Union?  If so, how did it compare with present rates?
Craig Patton

** 002 **********************************************************************

Sender:  VsM004836@aol.com
Subject: Re: Digest for 95-06-02

Does anyone know if there is someone in town of KLIN (60 mi north od Moscow,
residence of Chaikovski) who has e-mail access. Your help will be appreciated.

** 003 **********************************************************************

Sender:  len@hcl.com (Len Triger)
Subject: detective novels translation

Hello Friends,

Does anyone know of a publisher in Russia or other former Soviet republics
who would be interested in publishing  popular American or British detective
novels translated into Russian. I have just completed a translation of the
novel  "Have A Nice Night" by the author James Hadley Chase, who has written
over seventy detective books. The novel was published by Robert Hale Limited
in London, England.

A sample chapter of the Russian translation can be e-mailed for evaluation .

I am a Russian speaking Canadian, currently working as a college professor.
For  more  information,  please contact me by e-mail len@hcl.com or send
e-mail to Friends.

Thanks in advance,
Nina Triger

** 004 **********************************************************************

Sender:  jonh@hevanet.com (Jon Head)
Subject: russia stuff

You might be the wrong person to ask, but, as a former exchange student
to Russia, I would love to be able to converse with my Russian friends
via the Internet. I saw your page, and wondered if you knew of any other
Russian pages or email addresses where I could ask for information on
contacting people in Eastern Russia, primarily in the Khabarovsk region.


** 005 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Maurizio MORABITO ( b0017@nibh.go.jp )
Subject: A request (sorry!)

My fiancee is in Moscow for a conference and I need to find her. She
arrived last Sunday. The only hint I have is Prof. Igor A. Nikiforov,
President of Russian Narcological Association. Any way to find him or
his association???


** 006 **********************************************************************

Sender:  wordplay@slip.net (Henry Korman)
Subject: Seeking ESL work in Russia

I'm posting this message for Robert Stern, who doesn't have internet
access. Please reply to me at wordplay@slip.net. Thank you,
Henry Korman

I am seeking opportunities for teaching English as a second language in
Russia, Ukraine, or other newly independent states of the former Soviet
Union. I would prefer teaching in the Southern regions, such as Odessa, the
Crimea, Sevastopol.

I have 15 years experience teaching ESL, including two years overseas. I've
traveled in Russia several times (the first was 25 years ago), studied at
MGU, and have a good knowledge of the Russian language. I love Russian
music, literature, and poetry, talking to people, and I play the bassoon.

I can teach all levels, intermediate thru advanced, and am particularly
skilled in developing the conversational abilities of my students. I can
bring my own teaching materials, and my wife and I will pay for our own

Robert Stern


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