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WHAT'S NEW . . .

#01-26 May 95  Two New Conferences

#02-26 May 95  New "Homegrown" Home Pages

#03-26 May 95  Aeronot Aviation WWW Server


#01-26 May 95  Sender:  JSpagn2480@aol.com
               Subject: Re: SUB FRIENDS JOHN SPAGNOLI

#02-26 May 95  Sender:  Merrill (merrill@fmnh785.fmnh.org)
               Subject: traveller to Russia in June?

#03-26 May 95  Sender:  CASKEY@midyork.lib.ny.us
               Subject: Address of the KGB

#04-26 May 95  Sender:  leake@mindspring.com (leon leake)
               Subject: Partner for trip to Kyrgyzstan

#05-26 May 95  Sender:  Craig Fisher ( crfisher@usaid.gov )
               Subject: USAID Announces New Foreign Diaster Assistance List

#06-26 May 95  Sender:  Craig Fisher ( craig@info.usaid.gov )
                        TUESDAY, MAY 23, 1995

#07-26 May 95  Sender:  Trevor Gunn ( GUNN@USITA.GOV )
               Subject: Russia Business Conf. in Anaheim, Las Vegas (fwd)

#08-26 May 95  Sender:  Dr. Pyotr Johannevich van de Waal-Palms,
                        American_Bank, United States of America
                        ( palbank@eskimo.com )
               Subject: FSUBIZ (fwd)

#09-26 May 95  Sender:  Hongchan Chun (hchun@hyowon.cc.pusan.ac.kr)
               Subject: Looking for a Research Partner in Russia

#10-26 May 95  Sender:  Center for Civil Society International
               Subject: Russian exchange program (fwd)

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WHAT'S NEW . . .

* Two new conferences are listed in our Meetings and Conference section
  which can be accessed from our Funding and Exchange Opportunities
  page.  They are "People, Networks and Communication '95" and
  American Russian Business Opportunity Conference (see message 007).

* We have added the "Homegrown" Home Pages of David Zlotchenko and
  Alex (Sasha) Vorobiev to our Life page.

* Aeronot is the aviation industry's indepth WWW server covering all
  areas of the aviation field including research, conferences, companies
  and academic institutions, and worldwide airports. It also provides
  information on Aeroflot and diagram of the Moscow Airport and can be
  accessed from our Tourism and Travel page.


Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

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Sender:  JSpagn2480@aol.com

       My name is John Spagnoli a new member to the list.
Please tell me me if I will be able to write to anyone in the former
U.S.S.R.  I am interested in getting a keypal if possible.

I live in Staten Island which is part of New York City.
I'm married with two boys 15 and 11 I'll be 45 in Sept.
I own a small flooring co. which sands, repairs, and installs wood floors. I
enjoy sports, movies, and talking to people.

                              Thankyou John

** 02 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Merrill (merrill@fmnh785.fmnh.org)
Subject:  traveller to Russia in June?

Dear Friends,

Is there anyone who will be travelling to (or returning to) Russia,
preferably in early June, who could hand carry a manuscript of a
paper to a colleague at Moscow State University?  He has an
internet connection, but since he has to pay to send and to receive
messages, the cost of sending this manuscript would be prohibitive.
You need not be in the Chicago area. I can mail you the manuscript
anywhere in the US.

Gary L. Smith Merrill                             Department of Botany
merrill@fmnh.org                       Field Museum of Natural History
(312) 922-9410 ext 618              Roosevelt Road at Lake Shore Drive
FAX: (312) 427-7269                              Chicago IL 60605-2496

** 003 **********************************************************************
Sender: CASKEY@midyork.lib.ny.us
Subject: Address of the KGB

Dear Friends-
   I work in a library system in Utica, New York and we have a customer
who would like the address of the KGB. Anyone who can provide it please
send to    Caskey@midyork.lib.ny.us

Thank you. Mary Lou Caskey, Asst. Director Mid-York Library System

** 004 **********************************************************************

Sender:  leake@mindspring.com (leon leake)
Subject: Partner for trip to Kyrgyzstan

Central Asian Partners (CAP) , a private sector, non-profit organization has
been providing humanitarian assistance (medical) to Kyrgyzstan for four
years.  These efforts have established a neo-natal hospital, specializing in
high risk pregnancies.  The next phase of this project is to encourage
village  inhabitants to come into Bishkek to use these services.  (An
on-going educational program to encourage breast feeding has and will
continue to be a vital part of this project.)

A member of CAP (single female) is planning an approximately 3 month stay in
Kyrgyzstan to visit villages, encourage the use of the hospital, and to
establish an organizational system that will administratively support this
program.  Hospital Administration is the professional field of this
individual.  These trips should never be solo, for many safety and sanity
reasons.  CAP is looking for a partner for this trip.  It is not necessary
that the candidate be in the medical field, or speak Russian.   It is
necessary that the candidate share the philosophy and principles of CAP, and
be self supporting.  The schedule for the trip is as immediate as possible.

Please address alll inquiries to leake@mindspring.com

** 005 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Craig Fisher ( crfisher@usaid.gov )
Subject: USAID Announces New Foreign Diaster Assistance List

                 USAID's Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance
                   Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance
                              Announces OFDA-L.

OFDA-L is an email-distribution list for reports produced by USAID's Office
of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA).  These public documents provide
information on a select group of major disasters and emergencies occurring
outside the United States.  The reports provide summary information on the
disaster based on reporting from the field and a compilation of sources, and
provide a description and financial accounting of how the United States
Government is responding to the disaster.

Three different types of reports will be posted:

1) SITUATION REPORTS (sitreps) on long-term, complex emergencies (such as
Rwanda, Former Yugoslavia, etc.).  Sitreps are updated regularly, usually
every eight to ten weeks.

2) INFORMATION BULLETINS on fast-onset, natural disasters are updated bi-
weekly, weekly, or daily.

3) FACT SHEETS are shorter documents on disasters and complex emergencies,
which eventually may warrant information bulletins or sitreps.

OFDA-L is intended solely for the distribution of information pertaining to
the activities of USAIDAs Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance.



In the body of the email type the following on one line:


You should receive an email confirming your subscription.  If you have any
problems or questions you can contact clowe@usaid.gov or craig@info.usaid.gov.

Current copies of these reports can be found on the USAID Gopher
(gopher.info.usaid.gov) or on the USAID Home Page, (http://www.info.usaid.gov)

Please feel free to pass on this announcement where appropriate.

** 006 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Craig Fisher ( craig@info.usaid.gov )

          2:25 P.M. EDT, TUESDAY, MAY 23, 1995

INTRODUCTION:  The President held a news conference this
afternoon concerning Congressional efforts to merge USAID, ACDA
and USIA with the State Department and to cut the foreign affairs
budget.  Excerpts from the press conference follow:


PRESIDENT CLINTON:  I want to speak with you today about legislation that
Congress is considering which would place new restrictions on how America
conducts its foreign policy and slash our budget in foreign affairs.  I
believe these bills threaten our ability to preserve America's global
leadership and to safeguard the security and prosperity of the American people
in the post-Cold War world.

The world is still full of dangers but more full of
opportunities, and the United States must be able to act
aggressively to combat foreign threats and to make commitments,
and then to keep those commitments.  These bills would deprive us
of both those capabilities.

Supporters of the bills call them necessary cost-cutting
measures.  But in reality, they are the most isolationist
proposals to come before the U.S. Congress in the last
50 years.  They are the product of those who argue passionately
that America must be strong and then turn around and refuse to
pay the price of that strength or to give the presidency the
means to assert that strength.

The price of conducting our foreign policy is, after all, not
very high.  Today it's slightly more than 1 percent of the
budget.  Let me say that again:  Slightly more than 1 percent of
the budget.  That's about 1/15th of what Americans think it is,
according to the  most recent surveys, and it's only 1/5th of
what Americans believe would be about the right amount to spend.

In other words, we don't spend 15 percent of the budget on
foreign policy, or even 5, but just a little over 1, and that 1
percent, which includes our contributions to the Multilateral
Development Banks, helps to dismantle nuclear weapons, saves
lives by preventing famines, immunizing children, and combating
terrorists and drug traffickers.

Bills in both the House and the Senate place new restrictions  on
our ability to meet these dangers, as well as to take advantage
of all the opportunities that are out there for the United
States.  For example, one bill, the American Overseas Interests
Act, which is being debated on the House floor just this week,
would compromise our efforts to stop North Korea's nuclear
program, impose conditions that could derail our support for
democratic reform in Russia, and restrict the president's
ability to prevent illegal immigration.  The bill would also
mandate an ill-conceived restructuring of agencies responsible
for our foreign affairs.  Taken together, these constraints
represent nothing less than a frontal assault on the authority of
the president to conduct the foreign policy of the United States,
and on our nation's ability to respond rapidly and effectively to
threats to our security.

Repeatedly I have said there are right ways and wrong ways to
cut the deficit. This legislation is the wrong way.   We did not
win the Cold War to walk away and blow the opportunities of the
peace on short-sighted, scatter-shotted budget cuts and attempts
to micromanage the United States's foreign policy.  That's why
Secretaries Christopher, Perry and Rubin and Ambassador Albright
have recommended that I veto this bill being considered by the
House this week.

But it is not too late to reconsider.   These are dangerous
proposals.   Our administration is ready to work with Congress,
and I remain hopeful that the long tradition of bipartisanship in
foreign affairs, which I have appreciated and been a part of,
will continue throughout this session of Congress.

I urge Congress to send me a bill that protects the fundamental
interests of the American people, a bill that I can sign.

Q:   Mr. President, are you going to veto the foreign affairs
bill on the recommendation of your Cabinet if the changes you ask
for are not made?

PRESIDENT CLINTON:   I can't conceive of permitting it to
become law because it is an assault on the ability of the
president to protect the interests of the American people and to
pursue the foreign policy of the country...I have enjoyed -- I have worked
with Congressman Gilman, with Chairman Gilman for two years on many issues. I
have worked with Republicans in both the House and the Senate.
I have appreciated the support even on controversial issues
given to me by the leadership of the House and the Senate when we
were dealing with the very difficult issue of Mexico, for

We must allow the president to conduct the foreign policy of the United
States in ways that make us safe, more secure and more prosperous.  This bill
will undermine that objective.

And again, I say the one good thing that could come out of this
great debate is every single survey shows that the American
people think we're spending 15 to 20 percent of their tax money
on foreign aid.

When you ask them what the right amount would be, they say,
"Oh, about 5 percent."   "What would be too little?"  "Under 3
percent."  Well, we're just spending a little more than 1
percent.  We're spending about what the American people think --
maybe they think we should spend more.  We should not destroy
the foreign aid budget, but furthermore, we should not
handcuff the president. That is not the way to conduct the
foreign affairs of this country. You cannot micromanage foreign
policy.   Yes, sir?

Q:    Is the answer you will veto it?

PRESIDENT CLINTON: If this bill passes in its present form, I
will veto it, yes.


You can subscribe to the USAID press release listserve by sending
an e-mail to "listproc@info.usaid.gov" -- in the body of the e-
mail include the message:  sub USAID_PRESS_RELEASE your name
Archives of USAID Press Releases can be found at:



** 007 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Trevor Gunn ( GUNN@USITA.GOV )
Subject: Russia Business Conf. in Anaheim, Las Vegas (fwd)

Sent by:
Trevor Gunn, BISNIS (former Soviet Division)
United States Dept of Commerce
Tele: (202) 482-4655 x25, Fax: (202) 482-2293

I am forwarding to you information about a potentially large conference in
California and Nevada.  This message does not constitute any form of
endorsement or sponsorship on the part of the Department of Commerce.

)From:   Jale Kutay (protocol@kaiwan.com)
To:                 ITAIEP.EUR(gunn)
Date:              23 May 1995 (Tue) 21.29
Subject:        American Russian Business Opportunity Conference

By email, please contact the Orange County Office of Protocol, at email
address above or:

Ms. Jale Kutay at:
Voice (714) 834-5654
Fax    (714) 834-4465

Los Angeles, May 12 ... A delegation of Russian political and business
leaders will arrive on charter Aeroflot planes in Las Vegas on June 12,
1995, determined to forge a new business alliance with  America
through the American Russian Business Opportunities conference.

The Conference, presented by the Russian American Enterprise council,
the  Embassy of the Russian Federation and the Orange County
California Office of Protocol, will begin in Las Vegas Bally's Hotel on June
12 & 13, and  continue at the Anaheim Marriott Hotel on June 15 & 16.

A large assembly of Commonwealth and Baltic State political and
business leaders will allegedly include Vice Premier of Russia, Alexander
Bolshakov, Ministers of Economy, Oil and Gas, the mayors of more than
fifteen  cities, the head of Russia's banking association.

Russian Federation  Ambassador to the U.S. Yulii Vorontsov wrote, "I
believe that this Conference could  make a significant contribution to
further development of trade and  economic relations between Russia
and the United State, especially  in...the advancement of joint investment
projects in Russia."

President Clinton, in his letter of welcome said that by participating in this
Conference, the Russian "involvement is playing an essential role in the
effort to further democratic and market  reforms in Russia..."

** 008 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Dr. Pyotr Johannevich van de Waal-Palms, American_Bank, United
         States of America ( palbank@eskimo.com )
Subject: FSUBIZ (fwd)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Tue, 9 May 1995 11:26:06 -0400 (EDT)
)From: Max Pyziur (pyz@panix.com)
To: ukes news (ukes-news@soma.crl.mcmaster.ca)
Subject: FSUBIZ (fwd)

                  FSUBIZ Seeks New Members

     FSUBIZ is a closed, unmoderated listserv discussion
group consisting of business and professional people
interested in sharing information on commercial
opportunities and problems experienced while doing business
in the former Soviet Union (Russia and CIS).  Everyone in
that vast, complex and difficult market is operating with
inadequate and incomplete information.  Group members
provide guidance and advice to each other by exchanging
information on all aspects of conducting business in the FSU.

     Among the topics discussed are:

o People. Do you know anything about a new person I met?
Know anybody who can help me?

o Investments. What=92s working. What isn=92t. New strategies in
the market. Where are pitfalls?

o Internet Access Providers. Billing practices. Hookup
charges. Pricing. Do they provide support?

o Laws, including tax laws. Some you heard of but didn=92t
know mattered. Many you never heard of before. Res judicata
and equitable estoppel as applied in the FSU.

o Travel.  Who=92s got good deals on air, trains and hotels.
Where will you get "Lenin's revenge?" Is there a better way
to get to my destination?

o Shipping. Airfreight. UPS. FedEx. Prices. Weights.  What
can I send?

o Visa information. The Russia maze. The US maze. Emergency

o Mafia. Current rates. Conversations to take seriously.

o Professionals. Lawyers. Accountants. Consultants.

o Medical. Just in case, who can I call?

o Translators. Quality and prices. Names.

o Self-protection. What's legal. What works.

o Banking services. Wire transfer rates.  Exchange problems.

     Members of FSUBIZ are experienced business and
professional people with business in Russia or CIS.  We are
actively seeking qualified people to join this discussion

     To subscribe, please send the message:

     subscribe FSUBIZ who_you_are@where_you_are
As in:
     subscribe FSUBIZ doej@abcco.com
Email to:

     You will be requested to send appropriate background
information to fsubiz-approval@bankrupt.com.

** 009 **********************************************************************

Sender: Hongchan Chun (hchun@hyowon.cc.pusan.ac.kr)
Subject: Looking for a Research Partner in Russia

   I am looking for a Russian partner who will help with a research project
focusing on Russian security policy toward the Asia-Pacific.
   An ideal person would be a "kandidat" or one with an
equivalent level of post-graduate training in fields relating to
Russian foreign policy, esp. in Asia-Pacific. He/she will be asked mostly to
cover relevant Russian publications (journal articles, books, press reports,
government documents) and produce summaries of them. He/she will be given
reasonable compensation for the work.
   I would appreciate direct contact with me at the following e-mail
address or fax number.

Hongchan Chun
Associate Professor
Dept. of Political Science & Diplomacy
Pusan National University, Pusan, Korea

E-Mail: hchun@hyowon.cc.pusan.ac.kr
Fax: (82-51) 517-4067

** 010 **********************************************************************

Sender: Center for Civil Society International (civilsoc@solar.rtd.utk.edu)
Subject: Russian exchange program (fwd)

x-post from CIVILSOC listserver

Mobility International USA is sponsoring an exchange on Russian Culture,
Language, and Disability Rights from August 4-28 in Moscow.  MIUSA is
looking for participants aged 16-21 who will act as citizen-ambassadors
and positive representatives of the USA.  MIUSA strives to organize
programs that include persons with a variety of disabilities as well as
nondisabled participants.  They have a few scholarships left.  For more
information, contact them at PO Box 10767 / Eugene, OR 97440 / ph. 503
343-1284 / fax 503 343-6812 / email: miusa@igc.apc.org.

Kurt Engelmann, Ph.D.
Assistant Director                      ph. (206) 543-4852
REECAS (Russian, East European,         FAX (206) 685-0668
Central Asian Studies) Center           Box 353650
University of Washington                Seattle, WA  98195-3650

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