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WHAT'S NEW . . .

#01-23 May 95  New Version of Post-Soviet Study Resources on the
               Internet (PSSRI)

#02-23 May 95  Sabre Foundation

#03-23 May 95  Latvian Gopher Server

#04-23 May 95  The University of Illinois Russian Folk Orchestra

#05-23 May 95  St. Petersburg Press Issue #106 and #107

#06-23 May 95  New BISNIS Documents

#07-23 May 95  St. Petersburg and Moscow Weather


#01-23 May 95  Sender:  madon@cptsg2.univ-mrs.fr
               Subject: How to cross the USA ?

#02-23 May 95  Sender:  WITTMANS@axe.humboldt.edu
               Subject: A career?

#03-23 May 95  Sender:  BJANDERSON@Gems.VCU.EDU
               Subject: 2-year foreign residence waiver

#04-23 May 95  Sender:  "Natalia Tolkacheva" ( ntolkacheva@eurasia.org )
               Subject: Moving to Russia

#05-23 May 95  Sender:  "Int'l. Res. and Exch. Board" ( irex@info.irex.org )
               Subject: IREX 1996-1997 Grant Opportunities for US Scholars

APPENDIX:        LISTSERV address & basic procedures


WHAT'S NEW . . .

*  Ian Kallen has updated the *wonderful* "Post-Soviet Study Resources on
   the Internet".  The new version (1.1) is accessible from our More
   Information Resources Page and via direct URL:


*  Sabre Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit charitable organization active in
   educational support to countries in the former Soviet Union.
   In addition to its major book donation program, Sabre's  activities include:
   reduced-costs journal and book purchase programs;  translation and
   publication projects; and directory compilation and  production.
   Information about this foundation and its projects is available from
   our Education and our Funding and Exchange Opportunities pages.

*  The Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science at The University of
   Latvia has a gopher server that contains information about Latvia, the
   Institute, the Latvian Council of Science and news about Latvia.  Go
   to our More Information page to access this server.

*  The University of Illinois Russian Folk Orchestra is the United
   States's premier Russian folk instruments ensemble. Founded in 1974
   by Professor John Garvey the Orchestra has delighted audiences throughout
   the Midwest in more than 160 concerts.  Besides information about the
   orchestra, their schedule, and what the critics think, you can listen to
   a sound sampling of their music on our Music page.  Thanks to David
   Zlotchenko for pointing out this great server to us.

*  The May 23 - 29 issue (#107) of the St. Petersburg Press is now
   available from our News page.  (The May 17-22 issue (#106) is available
   from the St. Petersburg Press archives.)  It can also from our More
   Information page and the Culture and Lifestyle section can be accessed
   from our Life page.

*  Four new BISNIS documents have been added to our archive and are
   accessible from our Economics page.  They are:

    - Current Events in Russian Agriculture #56
    - U.S. Exports To: UZBEKISTAN - All Products
    - IMI: NEVA NEWS - Commercial Tidbits For Northwest Russia
    - New Opportunities of Russia" Conference to be Held in
           St. Petersburg, Russia

*  The University of Illinois Weather Machine and WSI Intellicast are
   able to provide daily weather conditions for St. Petersburg and
   Moscow.  You may access these servers from our Weather Page.


Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

** 001 **********************************************************************

Sender:  madon@cptsg2.univ-mrs.fr
Subject: How to cross the USA ?

Hello there !

This summer, I'll cross the USA from the East (NY) to the
West (San Francisco). I have to cross it, because my ticket
is Paris-)NY, and San F.-) Paris !

This travel will be by bus Greyhound and will dure one month.

Just a general question :
If you were me, where would you go through ?

Besides, any comments or informations are wellcome !

Thanks and bye,

** 002 **********************************************************************

Sender:  WITTMANS@axe.humboldt.edu
Subject: A career?

Dear Friends,

As the summer comes upon us, here in the northwest of California, USA,
our thoughts turn to vacations. But for me, thoughts turn to worries as I
consider that I must find professional employment (a career) within my
upcoming final year of higher education.

I will possess a Graduate degree in dramatic writing by this time next
year. This degree is also good for employment in journalism, book
publishing, advertising--any kind of work where writing is prominent.

I have never traveled outside the United States but would very much like
to do so now. I don't wish to appear naive, but does anyone have any good
insights and leads regarding employment with an english-speaking concern in
Russia--or in the United States, which might take me to Russia, on
occassion? I would very much like to be in St. Petersburg.

Any comments are welcome. Thank you!

Mr. Shannon Wittman                             Wittmans@axe.humboldt.edu

** 003 **********************************************************************

Subject: 2-year foreign residence waiver

I would be very interested in communicating with anyone who has had
success in obtaining a waiver of the 2-year foreign residence
requirement for Russian high school students attending American schools
through USIA-sponsored programs.

My family has been hosting a Russian student this academic year.  He is
here on a J-1 visa, and one of the requirements of his exchange program
is that he return to Russia for 2 years at the end of the program.
HOWEVER, prior to departing from Russia last summer, he and other students
 in his program received a publication (in Russian) giving advice on
how to apply and be accepted in American colleges.  Furthermore, at a
seminar in Washington for students in his program, U.S. Senator Bill Bradley
made a presentation in which he also offered encouragement to students
 interested in pursuing admission to American colleges.

Consequently, our student has applied to and been accepted in a
college, scholarship money and other funding is forthcoming, and we are
now investigating the process of changing his visa from J-1 to F-1.
This requires, first, that the Russian Embassy in Washington issues a statement
of "no objection" to waiver of the 2-year residence, then the USIA
requests information and documentation from him, rules on his waiver
request, and, if approved, forwards paperwork to the INS.  After that,
he can start the process of requesting an F-1 visa from the U.S.
Embassy in Moscow.  The process seems very complicated and time-consuming, but
the most frustrating part is the lack of cooperation we receive from the
 Russian Embassy and from the USIA offices.  ("Call back tomorrow, but only
between 2 and 4"  "Call back two weeks from today, but only between 9 and 1:30
 and ask to speak to so-and-so." etc., etc.)

If you have actually negotiated this labyrinth successfully, or if you
know anyone who has, please write or call me.


Barbara Anderson
7601 N. Pinehill Dr.
Richmond, VA  23228
TEL: 804/828-2287 (work); 804/266-2428 (home)
e-mail:  bjanderson@gems.vcu.edu

** 004 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Natalia Tolkacheva" ( ntolkacheva@eurasia.org )
Subject: Moving to Russia

(cross-posted from FSU Media list)

     Dear netters:

     This summer I'll be moving to Moscow/St. Petersburg and am seeking a
     position with an international organization there.

     I have been working at the Eurasia Foundation, a nonprofit grantmaking
     organization whose mission is to support the development of human
     capital and long-term, sustainable NIS institutions in public and
     private sectors. In my capacity as an Administrative Assistant I
     provide English translations of Russian and Ukrainian-language
     documents; review English and Russian-language proposals for the
     programs department; assist the Office and Personnel Manager in the
     administration of both local and field offices, etc.

     Over the past few years I have been also interpreted a large number of
     AID-sponsored training seminars for NIS professionals. Back in Russia
     I taught English at the Simferopol State University, Crimea, Ukraine.

     I am equally well-versed in the spoken and unspoken idioms of both
     cultures and am familiar with a wide range of computer applications
     from software such as Word Perfect, Word for Windows to on-line

     If you have any suggestions, please respond to me at the address


     My mailing address:

     4317 River Road, NW, #3
     Washington, DC 20016
     Ph.: 202-686-7082

     Thank you for your time and consideration.


     Natalia Tolkacheva

     P.S. To those interested, I can forward my resume which further
     details my education history and employment experience.

** 005 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Int'l. Res. and Exch. Board" ( irex@info.irex.org )
Subject: IREX 1996-1997 Grant Opportunities for US Scholars

                       1996-97 ACADEMIC YEAR

The International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX) announces grant
opportunities for American citizens or permanent residents, as well as
host opportunities for US universities, for the 1996-97 academic year.

IREX provides field access for US specialists to scholars, policy-makers,
and research resources of the Newly Independent States of Eurasia, Central
and Eastern Europe, and Mongolia.  Specific grant programs include support
for Advanced Field Research; Short-Term Travel; Language Training; and
Special Projects in the Study of Eurasia, CEE, and Library and Information

Consult the IREX Gopher at info.irex.org for application deadlines,
eligibility requirements, and information about specific programs.  For
applications or a hard copy of the IREX Grant Opportunities brochure,
write to


or contact us by surface mail or phone:

1616 H St., NW
Washington DC 20006
ph: 202-628-8188
fax: 202-628-8189

A parallel announcement about IREX grant opportunities for non-American
scholars from Eurasia and CEE will be forthcoming later this summer.


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