Digest for 95-05-05

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WHAT'S NEW . . .

#01-05 May 95  SPACEHAB

#02-05 May 95  Moscow Children Computer Club

#03-05 May 95  New Issue of St. Peterburg Press

#04-05 May 95  New BISNIS Documents

#05-05 May 95  New RUSAG-L Current Events

#06-05 May 95  The Electronic Embassy


#01-05 May 95  Sender:  rebus@mindspring.com (Jim Philips)
               Subject: Abkhazia

#02-05 May 95  Sender:  "Alexander V. Shadrin" ( shdr@child.org
               Subject: Moscow Children Computer Club is here !

#03-05 May 95  Sender:  "Graner, Clay" ( GRANER@hvsmtp1.mdc.com )
               Subject: Friends and Partners

#04-05 May 95  Sender:  Andrei Veselov
                        ( veselov%albnyvms.Bitnet@smarty.ece.jhu.edu )
               Subject: INFO-RUSS: Looking for help.

#05-05 May 95  Sender:  Georgios Koutepas ( gkoutep@theseas.ntua.gr )
               Subject: Air Travel in Russia?

#06-05 May 95  Sender:  crouch@maine.maine.edu (Terrell H. Crouch)
               Subject: Re: Russian translation expertise

#07-05 May 95  Sender:  WBWT03B@prodigy.com (MR GREG J CULLEN)
               Subject: sell me products

#08-05 May 95  Sender:  kedzie@rand.org (Chris Kedzie)
               Subject: Summer '95 Internship Opportunities (x-post)

#09-05 May 95  Sender:  Dave Wells ( wellsd@elwha.evergreen.edu )
               Subject: REECAS Conference: U of WA, 5-6 May 1995 (forwarded)

APPENDIX:        LISTSERV address & basic procedures


WHAT'S NEW . . .

*  SPACEHAB is the world's only commercially developed manned space
   system and was developed by McDonnell Douglas Aerospace in response
   to market assessments. SPACEHAB is also now working with scientists
   in Russia on projects and will play a major role in future MIR/Shuttle
   missions. If there is interest in Russia to fly experiments on the
   Shuttle via SPACEHAB they should access SPACEHAB's WWW site from our
   Science Page.  (See message 003.)

*  The Moscow Children Computer Club's is celebrating their 9th
   anniversary on 25 May and they would love to have visitors!
   Link to their WWW site is available from our Life page. (See message 002.)

*  Issue #104 (May 3-9, 1995) of the St. Petersburg Press is now available
   from our News page.  The Culture and Lifestyles Page of this
   publication can also be accessed from our Life page.

*  Two new BISNIS Document has been added to our archives which are
   accessible from our Economics page.

      - IMI - Projects and Equipment Sales Opportunities for U.S. Firms
        in Central Asia and Russia - Perspectives of a Major Turkish
        Contracting Company (May '95)
      - Uzbekistan Input for Quarterly NIS Assistance Report

*  The new issue of RUSAG-L Current Events is available from our Science

*  The Electronic Embassy program has been established to link the staffs
   and resources of the Washington D.C. embassy community to their
   constituencies in business and industry, education, the press and
   government.  Resources include basic information on all the embassies
   in DC, cultural information, education, commerce and trade, travel,
   local sites, employment and consulate information.  This can be
   accessed from our Travel and Tourism Information page.


Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

** 001 **********************************************************************

Sender:  rebus@mindspring.com (Jim Philips)
Subject: Abkhazia

After reading the recent post on Larissa in Chechnya, I wondered: Does
anyone have an e-mail connection--or any kind of connection--to Abkhazia?
The mother of a late friend lives there and his widow and daughter have been
unable to find out anything about her over the last seven months. She lives
in Sukhumi and her name is Evgenia Bluvband. Please reply by e-mail if you
know of a way to communicate.
Jim Philips
668 Linwood Ave. #9
Atlanta, GA  30306

** 002 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Alexander V. Shadrin" ( shdr@child.org
Subject: Moscow Children Computer Club is here !

Dear Sir! Let me to attract Your attention to such
outgoing event as the Moscow Children Computer Club'
anniversary. We'll be 9 Years old on 25 May and we
are ready to accept any congratulations all days
and nights without breaks. Please meeting us at
The only You need is some KOI-8 and thats all.
Will You accept our wishes.
Every time at Your service

Alexander Vladimirovich Shadrin
Moscow Chidren Computer Club
Rozhdestvensky bldv.21, bild.1
Moscow, Russia, 103045,
7(095)928-3688, shdr@child.org
       XX  X
        X X
      X    XX
    X  ----  XX
    X  CLUB   XX
      X    X   \
     /!\  /!\   ^#

** 003 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Graner, Clay" ( GRANER@hvsmtp1.mdc.com )
Subject: Friends and Partners

I really enjoyed visiting the Friends and Partners Home Page.  I am a UTK
alum. (graduated 1985 in Mechanical Engineering).  I currently work for
McDonnell Douglas Aerospace on the SPACEHAB program.  My job duties include
training astronauts and cosmonauts on experiment operations in the SPACEHAB
module.  I also act as the Crew Interface Coordinator (CIC) during the
SPACEHAB missions.  The CIC is the person that communicates with the crew on
the Shuttle while they are on orbit performing experiments.  You may have
heard me on NASA Select or CNN sometime talking to them.  Visit our home page


Maybe you can put a tie into your page somewhere so the science community
will become more aware of the services offered by SPACEHAB.  SPACEHAB is also
working with the Russians on some projects now and will play a major role in
MIR/Shuttle missions in the future.  If you would like to talk to some of the
cosmonauts that I have worked with I can put you in touch with them.  Maybe
you can create a page for Russian Cosmonauts.  If there is any interest in
Russia to fly experiments on the Shuttle via SPACEHAB direct them to the
SPACEHAB home page or have them give us a call.  You can reach me at 205-922-
7575.  My e-mail address is graner@hvsmtp1.mdc.com

Hope to hear from you soon!

Clay Graner

** 004 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Andrei Veselov ( veselov%albnyvms.Bitnet@smarty.ece.jhu.edu )
Subject: INFO-RUSS: Looking for help.  (x-post from INFO-RUSS)

Dear friends:

        My wife Veselova(Kretova) Natalia is looking for professional
colleagues - physicians, living in USA. She studied at Irkutsk and
Novosibirsk Medical Institute, later worked as a Physician in Novosibirsk
(Akademgorodok). We are trying to find people, who were students or faculty
members at these Institutes or worked as Physicians in Novosibirsk or
Irkutsk (who might personally remember her as a student or Physician). This
is necessary for verification of her credentials in applying for residency
in US hospitals.
        Any assistance or advice in locating these people is greatly
appreciated. Please, respond directly to us.

                        Andrei Veselov

Andrei Veselov
Chemistry Department
SUNY at Albany
Albany, NY, 12222
Tel: (518)-442-4508 (lab)
     (518)-869-8872 (home)
Fax: (518)-442-3462

email:  veselov@albnyvms.bitnet

** 005 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Georgios Koutepas ( gkoutep@theseas.ntua.gr )
Subject: Air Travel in Russia?

  Hello friends,

  I'm considering a summer trip to the Siberian city of Irkutsk
and the possibility of traveling by airplane there. Could anyone
give me a hint on the safety of such a trip? Are the reports
on the bad safety of the Russian domestic flights just
exaggerated, or should I prefer the railway? Any suggestions?

  Thanks to everybody,

             Georgios Koutepas

National Technical University of Athens
email: gkoutep@theseas.ntua.gr
           "Talk less, say more..."

** 006 **********************************************************************

Sender:  crouch@maine.maine.edu (Terrell H. Crouch)
Subject: Re: Russian translation expertise

If your project is in need of Russian to English translation skills, please
contact me at this email address:crouch@maine.maine.edu
or by mail:
Jane Crouch  Syntaxis Russian Translations
35 Margin Street
Orono Maine 04473
or by phone or fax 207 866 4469.  I will send detailed credentials on
request.  All rates negotiable.  I will consider volunteer work or reduced
rates for the right project in return for expert editing and feedback to
raise my own level of expertise; I am primarily interested in
ecology-related projects, but I also have a background in

Jane Crouch
M.A., Middlebury College

** 007 **********************************************************************

Sender:  WBWT03B@prodigy.com (MR GREG J CULLEN)
Subject: sell me products

I'm still looking for Russian products.  I recieved several
product descriptions and I'm in the process of purchasing
most of those products right know. I NEED MORE PRODUCTS.  If
you manufacture or sell anything in Russia that deals with
home improvments or construction material send me some
information. I will be opening a store in Russia which will
require the above items. I have a special need for large
items like sinks, toilets, refrigerators, ect. and I also
need construction materials like nuts, bolts, cement, ect.
Please tell people you know that might have some products
also.                 Thanks

** 008 **********************************************************************

Sender:  kedzie@rand.org (Chris Kedzie)
Subject: Summer '95 Internship Opportunities (x-post)

 Date: Tue, 2 May 95 15:34:43 EDT
 From: FFDD  ( 0005628502@mcimail.com )
 Subject: Summer '95 Internship Opportunities

 Summer Internship Opportunities

      The Fund for Democracy and Development (the "FDD") is seeking graduate
 and undergraduate students for several volunteer internship positions during
 the summer of 1995.  Internships would start in late May and end in late
 August with specific dates being negotiable.  The positions may be part-time
 (12-25 hours per week) or full-time depending on the candidates

     The mission of the Fund for Democracy and Development is  to aid the
 economic and political transformation of the Newly Independent States (NIS)
 of the former Soviet Union to democratic market economies.  It is  currently
 active in the areas humanitarian assistance; support for the development of
 the private sector; aiding the evolution of civil societies; and analysis of
 U.S. policy towards the NIS.

      Candidates should have a background in Russian area studies.  Computer
 experience with PC systems and with word-processing software (primarily
 WordPerfect 5.1) is highly desirable.  Russian language skills also would be
 a valuable asset for a candidate.  Prospective candidates should be
 self-starters, enthusiastic, and possess strong organizational and
 communication skills.

      Interested individuals should send a cover letter and resume to:

                     Al Decie, Program Coordinator
                     Fund for Democracy and Development
                     1501 M Street, NW  7th Floor
                     Washington, DC  20009
                     phone:  202-466-4700
                     fax:  202-223-4826
                     e-mail:  5628502@mcimail.com

** 009 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Dave Wells ( wellsd@elwha.evergreen.edu )
Subject: REECAS Conference: U of WA, 5-6 May 1995 (forwarded)

Date: Wed, 3 May 1995 18:53:24 -0700 (PDT)
)From: Kurt Engelmann ( kengel@u.washington.edu )

Here is the schedule for the first annual regional REECAS conference, to
be held at the University of Washington campus on May 6, 1995.  The
chairs and discussants of some of the sessions have yet to be decided, but
all other aspects of the schedule are in its finalized form.  We hope you
can attend!

Feel free to circulate this schedule to others who may be interested in
attending.  We hope to draw together people from various institutions and
organizations from the Pacific Northwest.  Admission to the conference is
ABSOLUTELY FREE.  There is NO registration fee associated with the
conference.  We hope to include selected written versions of the papers in
the Donald W. Treadgold Occasional Papers Series, a series of
medium-length papers (50 pages or more) that are published at our center.
Let me know if you want more information on the DWT series.

Note that there will be an all-day symposium on environmental problems of
the Baltic Sea area that will take place the previous day at the
University of Washington campus.  The Baltic Environmental Symposium is
also free.  Information on the symposium is given at the very end of this

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding the

Kurt Engelmann, Ph.D.
Assistant Director                      ph. (206) 543-4852
REECAS (Russian, East European,         FAX (206) 685-0668
Central Asian Studies) Center           Box 353650
University of Washington                Seattle, WA  98195-3650


                The First Annual Regional Conference


        Russian, East European, and Central Asian Studies (REECAS)

                           May 6, 1995

        Thomson Hall, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington



8:15-8:45am     Coffee and registration

8:45-9:00am     Welcoming remarks, Craig ZumBrunnen, REECAS and
                        Geography, University of Washington

9:00-10:30am    First Morning Session

Papers:         Privatization in the Russian Federation, Bren West,
                Kyrgyzstan's Privatization Reform, Sharon Eicher, University of
                Privatization in the Baltic States and Economic Transition,
                        Christian Hewicker, Oregon State University

Chair:          Herbert Ellison, History and REECAS, University of Washington
Papers:         From Cold War to Cold Peace?: Changing Security Relations in
                        Northeast Asia, Peggy Meyer, Simon Fraser University
                The Internet and East-West Relations:  the Case of Non-
                        Governmental Organizations, Holt Ruffin, Center for
                        Civil Society International
                Serbian Opposition to Titoism, Nick Miller, Boise State

10:45 - 12:15am:        Second Morning Session

Papers:         Growth of the Firm in Planned Economies in Transition:
                        Institutions, Organizations, and Strategic Choice,
                        Mike Peng, School of Business Administration,
                        University of Washington
                The Making of the Russian Entrepreneurial Stratum, 1985-
                        1991, Elzbieta Wasowska-Benson, University of
                        California, Berkeley
                The Pskov Volny University Business Outreach Center, Cynthia
                        Verser, Tacoma Community College

Papers:         UW REECAS-related collection, Michael Biggins, Head, Slavic
                        Section, University of Washington Libraries
                UW Business Library Outreach, Gordon Aamot, Head,
                        University of Washington Business Administration
                Faculty Exchange Experiences in Russia, Dale R. Comstock,
                        Central Washington University
                University Development and Change, J.B. Henson, Washington
                        State University

12:15 - 1:45pm  LUNCH (non-hosted)

1:45 - 3:15pm   First Afternoon Session

Papers:         Behavioral Health Issues in the Russian Far East, Steven
                Vladivostok's Cosmopolitan Heritage: The Architectural Legacy
                        of the Pre-Revolutionary Era, William Richardson,
                        Director, Liberal Studies Program, University of
                Business Opportunities in the Russian Far East, Anna Shkuropat,
                        Far East Technological Institute and University of

Papers:         The History of Educational Reform in Lithuania, 1988-92,
                        Amanda Floan, University of Washington
                Changes in Education in Estonia since Perestroika, Jaan
                        Ko'rgesaar, University of Tartu and University of
                Educational reforms in the Ural Region, Yeugenia Barazgova,
                        Ural State University and Washington State University

Papers:         Sustainable Development Planning: The Case of Lake Baikal,
                        Zane Smith, Ecologically Sustainable Development, Inc.
                Agricultural Transformation in Russia, Lena Heron, Geography,
                        University of Washington
                Endangered Species Protection in the Former USSR, Kathleen
                        Braden, Seattle Pacific University

3:30 - 5:00 pm  Second Afternoon Session

Papers:         Problems of Waste Management in Russia, Irena Wosk, CDC
                        Engineering Consultants, Inc.
                Environmental Management in Ukraine, John Richards,
                        Southern Oregon State College
                Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations, James Dailey,
                        Seattle, Washington

Chair:          Kurt Engelmann, Assistant Director, REECAS Center
Papers:         Curriculum Development Awards, Kurt Engelmann, Assistant
                        Director, REECAS Center
                Teaching the Russian Language Across the Curriculum, Jim
                        Harnish, North Seattle Community College
                REECAS Home Page, Kurt Engelmann, Assistant Director, REECAS

Panel Participants:
                Faculty Members of the Department of Slavic
                Languages and Literature to be announced

5:00 - 5:15pm   Closing Remarks, Craig ZumBrunnen, REECAS and
                Geography, University of Washington


                     The Center for West European Studies
            The Russian, East European, Central Asian Studies Center
                                      of the
                    Jackson School of International Studies,
                             UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON


                                Friday, May 5, 1995
                        Husky Union Building (HUB), Room 106B

9:00 - 9:15am           Welcoming Remarks
                        Kurt Engelmann
                        Assistant Director, REECAS
                        University of Washington


Moderator:              Craig ZumBrunnen
                        REECAS and Geography
                        University of Washington

9:15 - 10:00am          The Soviet Legacy and the Ecological State of the
                        Baltic Sea
                        Valdas Adamkus
                        Regional Administrator, United States EPA
                        (Environmental Protection Agency)

10:00 - 10:45am         Consequences of Cold War-Era Munitions for the
                        Baltic Environment
                        Kyle Olson
                        Executive Vice President, Chemical and Biological
                        Arms Control Institute

10:45 - 11:30am         Environmental Degradation, Overfishing, and Marine
                        Resources of the Baltic Sea
                        Tomasz Linkowski, Head of the Department of
                        Oceanography, Sea Fisheries Institute, Gdynia, Poland

11:30am - 12:00pm       Questions and Discussion

12:00 - 1:30pm          Lunch (non-hosted)

Moderator:              David Fluharty
                        Professor, School of Marine Affairs
                        University of Washington

1:30 - 2:15pm           Nature Conservation Legislation and Wildlife
                        Protection in the Baltic Republics
                        Tiit Maran
                        Conservation Officer, Tallinn Zoo

2:15 - 3:00pm           Marine Sector Policy and the Baltic Environment in
                        the Post-Socialist Era
                        Vladimir Kaczynski
                        Professor, School of Marine Affairs, University
                        of Washington

3:00 - 3:45pm           International Institutions and Strategies for Solving
                        Environmental Problems of the Baltic Sea
                        Stephen Lintner
                        Principal Environmental Specialist, Freshwater,
                        Coastal, and Marine Resources Management, World Bank

3:45 - 4:15pm           Questions and Discussion

4:15 - 4:30pm           Concluding Remarks
                        Daniel Waugh
                        Director, REECAS
                        University of Washington

The symposium is co-sponsored by the Russian, East European and Central
Asian Studies Center (REECAS), and the West European Studies Center,
Jackson School of International Studies, University of Washington

There is no charge for admission to the symposium.  For more information,
contact Kurt Engelmann, Assistant Director, REECAS (Russian, East
European, Central Asian Studies) Center, Box 353650, University of
Washington, Seattle, WA 98195-3650, ph. (206) 543-4852, FAX (206)
685-0668, email kengel@u.washington.edu.

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