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#01-01 May 95  Telecommunications in the NIS; NIS Financial Market Info

#02-01 May 95  St. Petersburg International Hostel

#03-01 May 95  New issue of Ecostan News


#01-01 May 95  Sender:  Michael Lewis ( michaell@michaell.seanet.com )
               Subject: Larissa

#02-01 May 95  Sender:  trinidad@netcom.com
               Subject: Russian Dallas/Ft Worth community/contacts?

#03-01 May 95  Sender:  Y.B. Udalov (yuri@qe.tn.utwente.nl)
               Subject: INFO-RUSS: he wants to study medicine... (x-post)

#04-01 May 95  Sender:  MaxWyvern@aol.com
               Subject: Computer opportunities in Russia?

#05-01 May 95  Sender:  WBWT03B@prodigy.com (MR GREG J CULLEN)
               Subject: Russia Information

#06-01 May 95  Sender:  Charles Thomas Sweeney ( csweeney@pen.k12.va.us )
               Subject: Reply for Stephanie/Those Traveling to Russsia
                        in 1995

#07-01 May 95  Sender: "Bill Bauriedel"  (Bill.Bauriedel@Forsythe.Stanford.EDU)
               Subject: Dictionary questions

#08-01 May 95  Sender:  tmala@name1.ak.net
               Subject: Mexican-Siberian Trading Company

#09-01 May 95  Sender:  ryh@ryh.spb.su (ryh)
               Subject: St. Petersburg International Hostel's Web

#10-01 May 95  Sender:  Vlasta Molak ( vlasta@TSO.Cin.IX.net )
               Subject: Trip to Eastern Europe

#11-01 May 95  Sender:  Andrew Levin ( LEVINA@CNFA.MHS.COMPUSERVE.COM )
               Subject: Policy Officer position - Kiev, Ukraine

#12-01 May 95  Sender:  "Jeff Finlay, NYU" ( FINLAY_J@spcvxa.spc.edu )
               Subject: NOTICE: Job - Am Studies (ACTR/ACCELS)
                        [x-post from H-Net Jobguide]

#13-01 May 95  Sender:  merrill@Csa2.LBL.Gov (Deane Merrill)
               Subject: proposed US-Russian telecommunications project

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WHAT'S NEW . . .

*  Brenden West, owner of West Research has put together a page called
   "Telecommunications in the NIS" which will guide you to some of the
   most accurate and reliable reference material about telecommunications
   including companies, comparison of services, public access e-mail
   sites and much more.  This pointer can be found on our
   Telecommunications and Information Infrastructure page.  West Research
   has also comprised a listing of NIS Financial Market information
   including a listing of Russian commercial banks, sources
   of finance plus other valuable information

*  St. Petersburg International Hostel's Web site gives useful information
   about the St. Petersburg International Hostel, Sindbad Travel, Russian
   Youth Hostels, Hostelling International, Russian and CIS visas, Russian
   Consulate addresses, budget travel advice to Russia, St. Petersburg
   etc.  This site can be accessed from our Tourism and Travel page. (See
   message 009.)

*  The May issue of Ecostan News can be accessed from our Science Page.


Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

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Sender:  Michael Lewis ( michaell@michaell.seanet.com )
Subject: larissa

NOTE: This message relates to a posting on the April 3 digest regarding
      Larissa, Yulia, and Stasik Alexandrovs, 3 children orphaned by the war in
      Chechnya [excerpt from original message provided below]

Dear Greg,

I received your reply today to my old e-mail regarding Larissa Alexandrova
and her family. I thought you might enjoy the follow up, as it is precisely
how I feel Friends should and could work. Our family and particularly my
daughter, Rebekah was adamant that we pursue this need. Our real concern was
that although the family would probably receive some help more or less
immediately, they would then be left without support of any long-term
nature. We then contacted Yevgen Fromer, publisher of Pravda in New York, who
was able to fill in many details and have had a running e-mail dialog with
Dr. Maxim Poliashenko (maxim@geis.com) who we have come to regard as a
family friend. Maxim both translated and forwarded Larissa's letters and
copies of both the original and follow up articles. Both were touching and
truly brought this American family a touch of reality regarding life in the
Ukraine. We felt, through the internet and Friends that we have had the
opportunity to make friends and help another, so far away. Rebekah is
looking into the possibilities of study in the NIS. We have forwarded help
and letters and will maintain contact, hopefully throughout the years. We
are setting up an account here for Larissa and the family to provide for
future needs and have established an e-mail address for her at our web site.
We will copy and forward any and all letters or e-mail to her and welcome
letters of encouragement from anywhere. Larissa's e-mail address is
larissa@encoreusa.com. Somehow we feel part of a greater and better world
for this experience. It has brought us closer as a family and we thank
Friends for the experience. You are welcome to post this.
Kindest Regards,

Michael Lewis

Excerpt from April 3, 1995 Digest:

) This is a translation of the letter published in American edition of Russian
) newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda", March 6-13 issue.
) I have posted it in my office and have already prepared a couple of boxes to
) be shipped. Yet, I decided to post it to the INFO-RUSS, too, understanding
) that any extra help will not hurt these poor children.
) ===========================================
)                             SOS !!!
) Don't overlook my letter, please! My name is Larissa Alexandrova, I am 16
) years old. My dad was from Kaluga, mom - from Ivano-Frankovsk. They both
) graduated from the Institute of Petroleum and Gas and were assigned to work
) in Chechnya. They lived on site for along time, then, my dad started graduate
) studies and they moved into a one bedroom apartment in Grozny. There we were
) born: I, Yulia (she is 11 years old), and Stasik, he is only 1 year and 8
) months now. I have always been an A-student. I have graduated from the School
) of Art, I studied ballet. Yulia is also an excellent pupil and also is a good
) artist.
) Our family has lived in joy and happiness, but everything was crossed by the
) war. When bombing of our city started, we were very frightened, and ran into
) the basement as we were, only Stasik was wrapped into a blanket. Daddy went
) out to look for a car to get us out of there and he got killed just in the
) next street. Our neighbor ran to help him, but it was to late.
) . . . [rest of message available on April 3 digest]

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Sender:  trinidad@netcom.com
Subject: Russian Dallas/Ft Worth community/contacts?

I am posting this for a good friend who has just relocated to the
Dallas/Ft. Worth area. He has just married a Russian woman and is looking
for any type of cultural and/or community contacts in the area or
pointers on how to obtain some. His wife speaks very little english and
of course would like to meet some other Russian/Americans in the area.

Any and all help appreciated.

Thanks in advance. Ken


** 003 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Y.B. Udalov ( yuri@qe.tn.utwente.nl )
Subject: INFO-RUSS: he wants to study medicine... (x-post)

I'm posting this on behalf of a friend of mine. The question is how is it
possible for a citizen of former SU country (namely Ukraine) to study medical
science in any English speaking country. The fellow (T.I.Levine, born 1976)is
now in the 2nd course of Kiev Medical Institue. He also got an education as a
nurse (3 years of Kiev medical school). He wants to become an internist or
a neuro-patologist. He has very good grades and fluently speaks English. As
an interpreter he visited several countries with the groups of Tchernobyl

If anybody has any idea of what should be done to start education, which
steps should be taken, please drop me a line. Send mail directly to me,
do not overload the Net and/or coordinator.

And, yes, he doesn't need any financial assistance and is willing to pay
educatioonal fee (makes life easier...).

Yuri B. Udalov

** 004 **********************************************************************

Sender:  MaxWyvern@aol.com
Subject: Computer opportunities in Russia?

I am interested in finding a job in Russia working in the growing computer
industry. I would like to find a list of American companies in this industry
who are currently doing business in Russia. I am now employed by a silicon
valley manufacturer of Macintosh hardware and software as a technical support
specialist. I will be visiting St. Petersburg during the month of June and am
eager to establish any contacts possible that could lead to an interesting

Max McKinnon (MaxWyvern@aol.com)

** 005 **********************************************************************

Sender:  WBWT03B@prodigy.com (MR GREG J CULLEN)
Subject: Russia Information

Dear Greg,
 I was looking at your web site and it has been very
helpful. Keep up the great work.
 I have a question that you might be able to help me with.
I'm trying to find some kind of Russian company and product
list. I need lots of inexpensive hardware material. It will
be used in Russia about 600 miles south of Moscow, so
companies in that area would be perfect. Any input you could
give would be great.
                         Greg Cullen

** 006 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Charles Thomas Sweeney ( csweeney@pen.k12.va.us )
Subject: Reply for Stephanie/Those Traveling to Russsia in 1995

I've traveled to Moscow and St. Petersburg during the past
three summers.  My experiences have been memorable and
enjoyable.  I stayed with Russians in their homes and in their
hotels.  I've traveled on their public transportation systems.
've found the Russian citizenry honorable, their hospitality
gracious, and their culutre most enjoyable.

Last year about this time, there were traveler-beware reports
concerning the streets of St. Petersburg.  But I've always felt
safe in St. Petersburg and have enjoyed solo late evenings
walks along the Neva during the White Nights.  From my
observation St. Petersburg has good police presence, especially
in those areas frequented by visitors.  Yet like any big city,
I'm sure St. Petersburg, as well as Moscow, has its moments
when an unprepared traveler can become a victim.  My
recommendations, therefore, to those going abroad to Russia are

First and foremost, ensure your papers are in order.  That
means: (1) have a valid passport which remains so thoughout
your visit; (2) have an invitation to visit the cities you wish
to see; and (3) have a visa that covers the period during which
you wish to stay in Russia.  If you intend to exit Russia for a
former Soviet Union country and then return to Russia, you'll
need a visa for that country and a re-entry visa for Russia.

Next, you should have a plan which accounts for each day and
night you are away from home.  What are you going to do?  With
whom are you doing it?  And where are you going to stay?  In
regard to these things, a good tour service/guide is your best

Third, pack light.  It's wise to do this so you can carry your
personal effect efficiently from place to place.  You don't
want to be an eary mark; you want the wherewithal of
maintaining situational awareness of those around you and
what's going on ahead as well as behind you.

Finally, plan for emergencies.  Travelers get sick, they run
out of money, and they get lost.  Be in good health before you go
abroad.  Carry your prescriptions on your person.  Have a
means of getting additional cash.  And have phone numbers of and
addresses of places to call or go to should you need help.

** 007 **********************************************************************

Sender: "Bill Bauriedel"  (Bill.Bauriedel@Forsythe.Stanford.EDU)
Subject:  Dictionary questions

Dear F&P,

On March 10th, Yury@interport.net (Yury Avrutin) wrote announcing
the English-Russian, Russian-English Dictionary of Computer Terms.
It is available from the language page and from URL:
I took a look at it and think it is very good.

Does anyone on this list know if anyone has or is working on a more
comprehensive dictionary.  I would like to know if any of the
following either already exists online or is being worked on:
 * E-R with definitions
 * R-E with definitions
 * Russian only with definitions

Bill Bauriedel

** 008 **********************************************************************

Sender:  tmala@name1.ak.net
Subject: Mexican-Siberian Trading Company

More useful information:

The problem of good food at a reasonable price is a difficult one for many in
Russia. In an effort to assist people, the Mexican-Siberian Trading Company
was started. The company is based in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico and Russian
business affairs are handled through the Anchorage, Alaska office. Food and
other products from Mexico is sent directly across the Atlantic and Pacific
oceans at a much less import tariff than from other countries. These companies
produce the same food for the United States too.

For more information, contact us at:

Mexican-Siberian Trading Company
205 E. Dimond Blcd., Suite 544
Anchorage, Alaska 99515 USA
tel:  (907) 349-2968   fax:  (907) 344-3433
e-mail:  MSTC@NAME1.AK.NET

** 009 **********************************************************************

Sender:  ryh@ryh.spb.su (ryh)
Subject: St. Petersburg International Hostel's Web


Dear Web friends,

The St. Petersburg International Hostel's Web site is up and running.
We invite you to to take a browse through our information.  We think
you will find it fun and very useful.

        St. Petersburg International Hostel - Russia's first HI hostel
                Primary URL:  http://www.spb.su/ryh/home.html

Other titles at the Web site include:

        Sindbad Travel - Russia's student & youth budget travel agency
                URL: http://www.spb.su/ryh/sindbad.html

        RYH - Russian Youth Hostel Association (non-profit)
                URL: http://www.spb.su/ryh/ryha.html

        HI - Hostelling International (non-profit)
                URL: http://www.spb.su/ryh/hi.html

        IBN - HI's computerized International Booking Network
                URL: http://www.spb.su/ryh/ibn.html

Organizations sponsoring resource:
        St. Petersburg International Hostel
        Russian Youth Hostels
        Hostelling International

Location of resource:
        St. Petersburg, Russia

Contact person:
        Name: Steven Caron or Natasha Dozorets
        Email: comments@ryh.spb.su

        Both Commercial and Non-Profit Organizations


        Useful information about the St. Petersburg International Hostel,
Sindbad Travel, Russian Youth Hostels, Hostelling International,
Russian and CIS visas, Russian Consulate addresses, budget travel
advice to Russia, St. Petersburg etc...

Key search words:
        hostels, hotels, hostelling, student travel, budget travel,
        tourism, Russia, St. Petersburg, Baltic Sea, Europe

** 010 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Vlasta Molak ( vlasta@TSO.Cin.IX.net )
Subject: Trip to Eastern Europe

FORWARDED FROM: /mail/vl/vlasta(#8350) From:vlasta(Vlasta Molak)
Dear collegues

I will be going for a 16-day trip to Eastern Europe to network, teach etc.  If
the enclosed itinerary has anything of interest to you, let me know.  Perhaps
you know somebody that I should contact to make my trip even more productive.

Vlasta Molak
Dr. Vlasta Molak, DABT
8987 Cotillion Drive
Cincinnati, Ohio 45231
tel/fax 513/521-0506 or 513/521-9321
E-mail: Vlasta@tso.cin.ix.net

Itinerary of Dr. Vlasta Molak in Eastern Europe (E-mail:
vlasta@tso.cin.ix.net; tel/fax: 513/521-0506; tel. 513/521-9321)

Purpose of my trip to Eastern and Central Europe (May 8-24, 1995)
is to attend conferences (Interweek Youth Conference in Siberia;
Society for Risk Analysis-Europe), find potential faculty for my
AGENDA 21 PROGRAM at the Athena University (an Internet
University), find potential environmental consulting business
partners for my company, GAIA UNLIMITED, Inc., and network with
professional people of good will who are interested in solving real
world problems and improvement of their quality of life in a
sustainable way according to Agenda 21.  Also, I will meet with
people in Internet communication for developing MAGIC CARPET (for
democracy and free enterprise) project (see attachment for more

May 8....Washington D.C...meeting with people at the World Bank in
involved in Distance Education and Reconstruction and Development
projects in Eastern Europe...meeting with Friends of the Earth,
meetings at EPA, SRA, Commerce Department

May 9-10 meetings in Moscow with members of the Society for Risk
Analysis Moscow-chapter, distance education people, Internet
providers in Moscow; guest of Dr. Vitaly Eremenko, Kurchatov
Institute, founder of Moscow SRA...tel. 095/196-9579 or 095/923-
3905; fax.095/882-5809 or 095/924-6852  E-mail: vitaly@glas.apc.org
or lmi@lmis.kiae.su

May 10-15 Novosibirsk, Presentation on Agenda 21 education at the
Interweek Youth Conference in Academogorod, Novosibirsk, Russia on
Sustainable development, environmental protection and democratic
governing; contact:  Oleg Matuzov, E-mail:
interweek@locutus.nsu.nsk.su  or root@youth.nsu.nsk.su  or Vassily
Ragosin, E-mail: vassily@satellite.nsk.su)

May 16...Moscow...meetings with Distance Education people and
environmental consultants; contact:  Dr. Vitaly Eremenko (tel.
095/196-9579 or 095/923-3905; fax.095/882-5809 or 095/924-6852
E- mail: vitaly@glas.apc.org or lmi@lmis.kiae.su)

May 18 Prague...meetings with risk analysis professionals, distance
education people; environmental consulting business development;
contact: Dr. Martin Mahachek, E-mail: ort1@asu.cas.cz  tel. 42

May 19-21  Zagreb..Meeting with the Vice-President of GAIA
UNLIMITED, inc. and other professionals involved in evaluating and
solving environmental Problems in Croatia; contact:  Dr. Jack
Coleman, Vice-President, GAIA UNLIMITED, Inc. (Zagreb Office), E-
mail: coleman@olimp.irb.hr  tel. 41/711-692

May 22-24 Stuttgart, Germany; attending Society for Risk Analysis-
Europe Annual Meeting.  Presenting a paper:  Environmental Problems
of the World:  North, South and East; Role of Risk analysis in
Evaluation and Solutions
contact:  Dr. Ortwin Renn, E-mail: renn@afta-bw.de or gmelin@afta-
bw.de; tel.0711/6783-160  or 0711/6783-0   fax. 0711/6783-299

GAIA UNLIMITED, Inc. (vlasta@tso.cin.ix.net)  provides
comprehensive solutions for all your risk assessment and management
needs.  We specialize in helping manufacturers, municipalities, and
state and federal agencies with:
      *     assessment of environmental and occupational risks, and
      *     providing innovative solutions to minimize those risks
      *     education
      *     networking

We help Industry and Government (local, state, federal,
international) by emphasizing pollution prevention as one of
the most effective ways of reducing risks and increasing efficiency
and profits.

Our inter- and multi-disciplinary team consists of experienced
professionals in the areas of risk assessment and risk management.
These include chemical, civil, mechanical, and environmental
engineers; toxicologists; biochemists; biotechnologists; soil
scientists and microbiologists; industrial hygienists; physicians
board-certified in occupational medicine and neuropsychiatry;
attorneys; and business managers. We are familiar with all the
legal and technical requirements of designing and operating
industrial processes, as well as running municipal systems and
designing environmental sound management plans.

Main Office (USA):                           Zagreb Office:

Dr. Vlasta Molak, DABT                     Dr. Jack Coleman
President                                  Vice President
GAIA UNLIMITED, Inc.                       GAIA UNLIMITED, Inc.
8987 Cotillion Dr.                         Radicev Odvojak #22
Cincinnati, OH 45231                       41040 Nova Gorica/Zagreb
tel. 513/521-0506 or 513/521-9321          tel. 385/41/711-692
fax. 513/521-0506                          fax. 385/41/711-692
E-mail: vlasta@tso.cin.ix.net              coleman@olimp.irb.hr


AGENDA 21 PROGRAM and Athena University of VOU, Inc.
by  Dr. Vlasta Molak, Dean, AGENDA 21 PROGRAM (telnet
brazos.iac.net 8888  or http://symnet.net/~VOU)

The purpose of our AGENDA 21 PROGRAM is to teach a new paradigm in
dealing with environmental management problems, by integrating
science and technology with social sciences in teaching operational
skills for sustainable development.   By using advances in distance
education through Internet, our classrooms and students are not
limited by location, and the world best experts' knowledge is
available by live interaction in our "global classrooms".  Our
program will have Undergraduate, Graduate, Industrial and
International department.  Aside from undergraduate and graduate
students learning skills necessary for employment in different
sectors of life, our Athena University will also include managers
in companies, and government representatives who make important
decisions affecting quality of life and development.


MAGIC CARPET (Project to promote maintaining of democracy and free
enterprise in former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe)

Project MAGIC CARPET consists of obtaining inexpensive or used
computers in the western countries (relatively simple, but with a
sufficient capacity to handle internet communications), and
distributing them to private citizens and organizations in Eastern
Europe and former USSR, based on criteria that would ensure maximum
enhancement of free enterprise, democracy and free communication.
The computers will come with a several years of free access to
Internet, to enable individuals to communicate with people all over
the world and possibly start new companies and organizational
structures based on democratic rules of governing.

** 011 **********************************************************************

Subject: Policy Officer position - Kiev, Ukraine

The Citizens Network for Foreign Affairs, an international development and
policy organization supporting the development of private, market driven
food systems in the New Independent States of the FSU seeks a Policy
Officer for our Kiev, Ukraine office to develop and implement initiatives
to promote legislative and policy reform supporting privatization and
agribusiness development.  Qualifications:  10 years experience in
agricultural policy development, including land privatization; minimum B.S.
in agricultural economics or policy discipline; U.S. citizenship.
Competitive salary and full benefits package.  Send resume and three
letters of recommendation by 5/22/95 to: Policy Officer Position:  CNFA,
1111 19th St., NW, Suite 900, Washington, D.C. 20036; fax 202-296-3948.
CNFA is an Equal Opportunity Employer. No phone calls please.

** 012 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Jeff Finlay, NYU" ( FINLAY_J@spcvxa.spc.edu )
Subject: NOTICE: Job - Am Studies (ACTR/ACCELS) [x-post from H-Net

Faculty Exchange Programs
Jon Crocitto, Program Assistant
E-mail: teachers@actr.org
Date: 04/13/95

The American Council of Teachers of Russian/American Council for
Collaboration in Education and Language Study (ACTR/ACCELS) welcomes
applications from Teachers of American Studies, history, social studies,
government, and/or political science in this academic year long teaching
exchange program in the NIS.  Participants will serve as visiting faculty to
NIS secondary schools in the area of civics education.  Participants will
teach no more than three classes in the subjects listed above and may be
asked to teach U.S. culture, literature and/or English language.  Funding for
this program will be provided by ACTR/ACCELS and the United States
Information Agency and covers the cost of domestic airfare to Washington, DC,
international airfare from Washington, DC, orientation, room/board, a monthly
maintenance stipend ($2000 a month) and emergency medical insurance during
the exchange.  Applicants must be U.S. citizens to be considered for


For information and applications, contact:
ACTR Faculty Exchange Programs
1776 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Suite 700
Washington, DC 20036, ph. (202) 833-7522
fax (202) 833-7523, Internet: teachers@actr.org

** 013 **********************************************************************

Sender:   merrill@Csa2.LBL.Gov (Deane Merrill)
Subject:  proposed US-Russian telecommunications project

Michael Lam
Office of Science and Technology Policy
The White House
Washington DC
fax 202-456-6140

Re: United States - Russian Telecommunications Program
Cc: Selvin, Tikunov, Holmes, "Friends & Partners" list

28 April 1995

Dear Mr. Lam:

I am submitting the following abstract for your informal survey to gather
information regarding telecommunications projects between the U.S. and Russia.
This abstract is a draft, subject to later revision.  I am submitting this
draft now in order to meet your announced April 30, 1995 deadline.

Analysis of Disease Occurrence in the Bryansk Oblast of Russia, using
the Technique of Anamorphoses (Density Equalizing Map Projections)


A proposed collaborative project between scientists in the U.S. and Russia will
use advanced computing and telecommunications techniques to investigate the
geographic distribution of cases of disease in the Bryansk Oblast of Russia,
which was affected by the Chernobyl accident.  Funding will be requested from
an international foundation.

A computer algorithm for anamorphoses (density equalizing map projections)
was published by Gusein-Zade and Tikunov, and independently implemented in
a SUN Sparc 10 workstation at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (LBL).  A
statistical analysis which used the LBL program was successfully applied by
Merrill in a epidemiological investigation of childhood cancer cases in four
counties of California, USA.  Similar techniques will be used to investigate
the geographic distribution of disease in the Bryansk Oblast, using data
provided by Akimenkov and his associates.

Intermediate and final results from the study, including graphic displays,
will be publicly available on the World Wide Web (WWW) server at LBL.  For
details of the previous work, consult the following WWW URL:


Deane W. Merrill, Ph.D.
        Computer Scientist and Epidemiologist, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory,
        Berkeley, California, USA.
Steve Selvin, Ph.D.
        Professor of Biostatistics and Epidemiology, School of Public Health,
        University of California, Berkeley, California, USA.
Vladimir S. Tikunov, Ph.D.
        Professor, Faculty of Geography, Department of Cartography and
        Geoinformatics, Moscow State University, Russia.
Sabir M. Gusein-Zade, Ph.D.
        Research Scientist, Department of Geography, Moscow State University,
Nikolay V. Akimenkov, Ph.D.
        Chief of Department of Environmental Analysis, Bryansk Oblast
        Committee for Defense of the Environment and Natural Resources,
        Bryansk, Russia.

Deane Merrill, Ph.D.
Information and Computing Sciences Division
Building 50B, Room 2239
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
One Cyclotron Road
Berkeley CA 94720
tel: 510-486-5063
fax: 510-486-6363
internet: dwmerrill@lbl.gov
WWW URL: http://cedr.lbl.gov/~merrill

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