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WHAT'S NEW . . .

#01-28 April 95  Ural Regional Center of FREEnet

#02-28 April 95  RINACO Plus

#03-28 April 95  New St. Petersburg Press Issues

#04-28 April 95  BISNIS Documents


#01-28 April 95  Sender: GRANT@calvin.cc.duq.edu
                 Subject: Housing in Moscow for June/July 95

#02-28 April 95  Sender:  "J.BIGGART" ( J.Biggart@uea.ac.uk )
                 Subject: BISNIS

#03-28 April 95  Sender:  edp2@psu.edu (Edmond D. Pope)
                 Subject: Russia Travel Resource

#04-28 April 95  Sender:  Dmitry Latukhin ( dl@urc.ac.ru )
                 Subject: WWW on Ural

#05-28 April 95  Sender: ac737@lafn.org (Michael Segal)
                 Subject: Portland Or talk Russia finance

#06-28 April 95  Sender:  David Zlotchenko ( zlotchen@solar.rtd.utk.edu )
                 Subject: Establ. of Int'l Medical/Health (Telemedicine)
                          Network Resources (fwd)

#07-28 April 95  Sender:  "Funding Opportunity System"
                 Subject: Special American Business Internship Training

#08-28 April 95  Sender:  gcole@solar.rtd.utk.edu
                 Subject: reminder of April 30 deadline for info on
                          US-Russian telecommunications initiatives

APPENDIX:        LISTSERV address & basic procedures


WHAT'S NEW . . .

*  From our More Information Page, find the Ural Regional Center of
   FREEnet's page which provides information about the City of Chelyabinsk,
   the Technical University of Chelyabinsk, Science and Education, Art
   and Music in the city, plus many more resources.  (See message 004)
   We have also added the Moscow FREEnet to the More Information page.
   Moscow Freenet http://www.free.net/

*  RINACO Plus is a brokerage house located in Moscow.  They provide all
   types of services and information about the emerging Russian
   securities market including an Overview of the Russian Securities
   Market.  This can be found on our Business and Ecomonics page.

*  Issues #101 (April 11-17), 102 (April 18-24) and 103 (April 25-May 2)
   of the St. Petersburg Press are now available from our News
   page.  You will need to access the Archives for Issues #101 and 102.

*  We have added 6 new documents to our BISNIS archive which can be
   accessed from the Economics page.

    - Alternative Finance Resources for International Trade
    - Economic Overview of the Tver Region
    - Agro World '95.  The Second International Agro-Food Exhibition.
        April 5-9, 1995
    - IMI: First Packaging Label Exhibition in Russia
    - Uzbekistan Economic Update - March 1995
    - A Commercial View of the Fergana Valley - FCS's Recent Visit To
      Fergana, Namangan and Andizhan


Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

** 001 **********************************************************************

Sender: GRANT@calvin.cc.duq.edu
Subject: Housing in Moscow for June/July 95

I am writing to see whether anyone knows of a person who would like to rent
an apartment to 2-4 American students during June and July 1995.   The
apartment should be in Moscow, near the Sokol Metro Station in central
Moscow,  if possible.  Please let me know before Friday, May 5.  If you
prefer to fax
information, I can be reached at 412-521-5766. Thank you! Laura Grant

** 002 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "J.BIGGART" ( J.Biggart@uea.ac.uk )
Subject: BISNIS

Could you please send:

NIS Agribusiness Report(s) - Contracts and Publications

Or advise how to obtain.


John Biggart

** 003 **********************************************************************

Sender:  edp2@psu.edu (Edmond D. Pope)
Subject: Russia Travel Resource

F&P Readers,
   I have been traveling to Russia for several years now and during most
recent trip met a new travel agency in St Petersburg which may be of
interest.  The IEC Travel Agency is part of the International Education
Center at St Petersburg State Technical University (formerly Leningrad
Polytechnic).  The IEC currently hosts about 300 international students
providing intense language training and one to four year degree programs
which have been accredited by several institutions in US.  The affiliated
Travel Agency arranges cultural as well as routine travel arrangements for
students and any others wishing to use their service.  By Russian standards
they are good, sensitive to care and nurturing of their clients, and very
reasonably priced.  Anyone wishing to use there services should contact
Ludmila Jivoulina at (812) 511-3585 or FAX (812)534-1376.  I also have
several descriptive brochures which I can forward for review to interested
parties.  Happy travels, Ed at Penn State

** 004 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Dmitry Latukhin ( dl@urc.ac.ru )
Subject: WWW on Ural

Sharing the ideas put in "Friends and Partners" I would like to offer some
information resources of our FREEnet Center at Chelyabinsk (Russia). Hope
that they can be useful according to separate questions in the mailing list.
So, on www.urc.ac.ru there is various information about the city, Technical
Univesity, nusicians and artists.

FREEnet, Network For Research, Education, and Engineering, is practically
single non-commercial network in Russia at present. Our center provide a
wide set of services including free access to the Internet via SLIP/PPP
connections. I suppose that Americans who live or visit the city could value
such possibility. We all here will be glad to do something in promotion and
expansion your project.

Many thanks,
        Dmitry Latukhin


Head of Information Service Group
Regional Center of FREEnet
Technical University of Chelyabinsk


** 005 **********************************************************************

Sender: ac737@lafn.org (Michael Segal)
Subject: Portland Or talk Russia finance

For Immediate Release:                             For Further Information:

April 25, 1995                                                Michael Segal

        Earl Molander, Russian American Enterprise Fund, will address EWBA on
Financing Your Business in Russia

              Prof.Earl Molander of PSU was named by Preseident Clinton to
the Board of Directors of the Russian American Enterprise Fund.  This $300
million investment funds is charged with making loans and equity
investments to for profit projects in Russia -- Joint Ventures, large,
medium, and small ventures.  Prof. Molander brings many years experience
connecting Portland with the Russian Far East.  As a professor at PSU's
School of Business and Executive Director of the Free Market Business
Development Institute, Prof. Molander brings an important and unique
perspective to business people interested in working in Russia.

     NOTE NEW ROOM: This month's meeting takes place May 3, 1995, 5:30 - 8:00
at the Cascade Room, Smith Memorial Center 1825 SW Broadway on the
campus of Portland State University.

     Admission is free to members of the EWBA, $4.00 for non-members,
$2.00 for students.  Memberships will be available.

     The East-West Business Association is a non-profit organization which
promotes business ties between the formerly Socialist countries and the
Northwest.  They hold a meeting on the First Wednesday of each month.

** 006 **********************************************************************

Sender:  David Zlotchenko ( zlotchen@solar.rtd.utk.edu )
Subject: Establ. of Int'l Medical/Health (Telemedicine)
         Network Resources (fwd)

---------- Forwarded message ----------

 Establishment of International Telemedicine/Health Network and Resources

   Announcement and Call for Inquiries and Requests for Participation

IMEDNET, a program establishing an International Consultative and
Educational Network for Developing Medicine and Health Centers in the
U.S., Former Soviet Union, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and other countries,
is presently underway and functioning through its U.S. center at the
Medical College of Virginia (Virginia Commonwealth Univ.) in Richmond.
The initial focus is upon developing advanced clinical and educational
telemedicine capabilities with several sites in the former Soviet Union
including real-time video patient data exchange and diagnostic response,
based upon previous and current work in general health care and emergency
medicine between U.S. and several former SU sites.

A WWW home page has been established at:


This and related home pages describe IMEDNET and other related projects
in more detail.  (WWW pages under constant development.)

The system is operational currently using the Internet as its primary
medium, with dedicated satellite and ground-based links under
development.  IMEDNET is being integrated with several operational
Emergency Medical Service training and development programs in the former
Soviet Union and with neurosurgical and brain trauma information networks
already functioning in the U.S., providing a vehicle for active and
passive clinical and educational exchanges between participants at all
levels of computer and telecommunication skills and resources.  Other
medical imaging and database resources are being worked into the network
from both MCV and other centers in the U.S. and other countries.

The broad development plan underway for IMEDNET includes provision of
communication resources and automated tools, including artificial intelligence
functions and programs and highly user-tailored interfaces (including
native language environments) for application in:

    * telemedicine diagnostics, especially head and spinal cord injuries
    * telemedicine education, especially emergency response services
    * epidemiological tracking and response
    * hospital information integration and management
    * environmental alert and hazardous materials tracking
    * nuclear power plant safety monitoring

Many elements and subsystems of IMEDNET have been previously developed
under the auspices of other research and application programs and are now
being integrated into a network that can serve an extremely diverse
population of users in geographic regions where advanced
telecommunications and computing remain difficult and problematic.  What
IMEDNET offers now is a starting point, and what is actively sought at
this point in time are users and participants particularly in countries
of the former Soviet Union and neighboring or near-neighboring states of
Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

IMEDNET development is based in the Biomedical Engineering Dept. at MCV
and is coordinated with Emergency Services, Health Administration,
International Health Programs, Neurosurgery, Dentistry, and other
departments at the university, and includes collaboration and
contribution from several private companies involved in health care and

A moderated mail list, TELEMED, is maintained, and submissions may be
sent to imednet@bohr.bme.vcu.edu.

All inquiries about IMEDNET and its operation during interim
'construction' phases should be directed to:

imednet@bohr.bme.vcu.edu    or    mdudziak@gems.vcu.edu

Please post and distribute this information to individuals and groups
that may be interested.


Martin Dudziak, PhD
Biomedical Engineering Dept.
Virginia Commonwealth Univ.
(804) 828-2905
Fax (804) 828-4454

** 007 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Funding Opportunity System"
Subject: Special American Business Internship Training Program

 Special American Business Internship Training Program

 SPONSOR:  Department of Commerce

 SYNOPSIS:  The Commerce Department is inviting cooperative agreement
 applications for internship projects to train business executives and
 scientists from the newly independent states (NIS) of the former
 Soviet Union to assist the NIS's transition to a market economy.

 DEADLINES:  1996-04-30

 OBJECTIVES:  Internships are three to six months long. Participants
 may be from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan,
 Kyrgystan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine or
 Uzbekistan. Projects must provide participants with hands-on,
 nonacademic, executive training designed to maximize their exposure to
 management or commercially oriented scientific operations.

 RESTRICTIONS: Domestic businesses and public or private nonprofit and
 for-profit organizations and associations.

 MONETARY: $1.4 million. Internship costs cap at $7,500. DoC does not
 require a match of federal funds, but expects host firms to cover
 costs beyond the scope of the award, including visa fees, housing and

 CONTACT INFO: Liesel Duhon; 14th and Constitution Avenue, NW; Hubert
 C. Humphrey Building; Room 3319; Washington,  DC  20230


 Telephone:  202-482-0073

       FAX:  202-482-2443

** 008 ********************************************************************

Sender:  gcole@solar.rtd.utk.edu
Subject: reminder of April 30 deadline for info on US-Russia telecommunications

** NOTE:  this is a repeat of message posted on April 3, 1995 - reminder of
** April 30 deadline

Sender:  Michael Lam  ( mlam@ostp.eop.gov )
Subject: United States - Russian Telecommunications Program

     United States - Russian Telecommunications Program
     At the Gore-Chyrnomyrdin Commission meeting in December 1994, the
     United States of America and the Russian Federation agreed on the
     importance of widening cooperation in order to accelerate the
     development of the information infrastructures of the two countries
     and the telecommunications links between them.

     The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy is conducting
     an informal survey to gather information regarding telecommunications
     projects between the U.S. and Russia.  We are particularly interested
     in programs and initiatives involving educational institutions,
     non-profit organizations, small businesses and government.  If you are
     involved in such programs with Russia, please fax a single page, which
     describes your program by April 30, 1995 to Michael Lam (202-456-6140)
     or E-mail (mlam@ostp.eop.gov).  We hope to develop an on-line
     inventory list, where individuals can learn about these projects.
     This inventory list will help foster increased cooperation and
     promote further coordination of the Global Information Infrastructure,
     benefiting both countries."

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