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WHAT'S NEW . . .

#01-25 April 95  Russian WWW Pages from Southern Methodist University

#02-25 April 95  "Homegrown" Home Pages

#03-25 April 95  National Business Incubation Association (NBIA)

#04-25 April 95  Agriculture Resource Guide

#05-25 April 95  7 New BISNIS Documents


#01-25 April 95  Sender:  "Straight, Earl"  ( STRAIGHTE@mhs3.mhs.mcs.k12.us =
                 Subject: Summer trips

#02-25 April 95  Sender:  dbain@CERF.NET  (Daniel Bain)
                 Subject: Re: Digest for 95-04-18

#03-25 April 95  Sender:  Wiinikka@Sovset.ORG
                 Subject: Russian Far East: New Guidebook (fwd)

#04-25 April 95  Sender:  Michael Thurman  ( jomthurm@indiana.edu )
                 Subject: Turkic Languages--Summer '95

#05-25 April 95  Sender:  mvs3@po.CWRU.Edu (Maxim V. Soloviev)
                 Subject: Inexpensive way to call your friends
                          (Russia $0.85/min)

#06-25 April 95  Sender:  John Michael  ( john@palomar.wipsys.soft.net )
                 Subject: Hai Friends

#07-25 April 95  Sender:  Sharon Sheffield  SHEFFIEL@ERS.BITNET
                 Subject: Internship opportunity (x-post from RUSAG-L)

#08-25 April 95  Sender:  michaell@michaell.seanet.com (Michael Lewis)
                 Subject: Partnership-Steel Stamping

#09-25 April 95  Sender:  Andrew Levin  ( LEVINA@CNFA.MHS.COMPUSERVE.COM )
                 Subject: Policy Officer position - Kiev, Ukraine
                          (x-post from RUSAG-L)

#10-25 April 95  Sender:  Jo Ann McGowan  ( jmcgowan@igc.apc.org )
                 Subject: Global Healing Not For Profit Foundation

#11-25 April 95  Sender:  "Bill Bauriedel"
                          ( Bill.Bauriedel@Forsythe.Stanford.EDU )
                 Subject: XPOST: Encryption ban in Russia

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WHAT'S NEW . . .

*  Keena Costlow of Southern Methodist University, Foreign Languages
   Learning Center in Dallas, Texas has developed or is maintaining 3
   wonderful WWW servers.  The first is "Russia and Eastern Europe" and can =
   found on our More Information Resources Page.  (Check out SMU's
   Foreign Language and Technology page while there!)  There is also
   "Keena's Mostly Russian Page" which can be found from our new
   "Homegrown" Home Pages on our "Life" page.  And, last but not least,
   she has put together "Keena's Virtual Tour of Siberia in Summer" which
   can also be found from our "Life" page.

*  Visit our new "Homegrown Home Pages" in our Life section.  This is a
   listing of interesting, personal home pages which we hope to
   make into a large and interesting section of "Friends and Partners".
   It will be another new way for us all to get to know each other.
   However, we'll need your help to do so!  Please contact Ellee Margileth
   at emargile@solar.rtd.utk.edu if you would like to have a 'home page'
   listed here.

*  The National Business Incubation Association (NBIA) members are
   incubator developers and managers; corporate joint venture partners;
   professional business service providers, venture capital investors and
   economic development professionals.  Get more information about this
   association (which is expanding work in Russia/NIS) from the F&P
   Economics page.

*  We have added a new agriculture resource guide called "Not Just
   Cows: A guide to Internet/Bitnet Resources in Agriculture" to our
   Science page.  This comprehensive (and big) resource guide is
   replacing a previous guide which is longer accessible.

*  We have added 8 new documents to our BISNIS archives.  They are:

     - NIS Agribusiness Reports - Contacts and Publications
           (also available from our Science page)
     - IMI: Certification of Cosmetics and Perfumery in Russia
     - Celebrating the Kellog-Dresser Kokdumalak Deal:  A Major U.S.
       Export Moving Well
     - IMI: Developments in Advertising in Russia
     - IMI: Developments in Trading Business in Russia
     - USG Initiatives, the Samarkand ICC and Internet Access
     - Alert Report: Changes in Import Duty Rates -- Ukraine
     - Notice on "Uzbekistan" Airways


Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

** 001 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  "Straight, Earl"   ( STRAIGHTE@mhs3.mhs.mcs.k12.us )
Subject: Summer trips

    Dear Friends,
    Several weeks ago I posted a request for information about any
summer educational trips to Russia, Belarus, Baltic States or the
Czech Republic. Unfortunately, our computer system was not receiving
or sending all the messages.
    A number of teachers, including myself, from Morgantown High
School are interested in a summer trip of some sort to Eastern
Europe. Last summer another MHS teacher and I spent 16 days in Russia
studying their educational system. WONDERFUL experience! We made lots
of great friends and made some wonderful connections. My school also
has a sister school in Grodno, Belarus which we correspond with thru
e-mail. We are hoping to have some teacher/student exchanges in the
near future.
    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Earl Straight, Jr.
    Journalism Department Chairperson
    Morgantown High School
    Morgantown, WV  26505

** 002 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  dbain@CERF.NET  (Daniel Bain)
Subject: Re: Digest for 95-04-18

)Sender:  Philip Hudanish  ( psu00008@odin.cc.pdx.edu )
)Subject: Software Programmers in Russia Sought
)I am interested in developing software contracting, particularly in
)Yekaterinburg, Russia.  I am looking for experienced programmers.  If
)interested please respond with the following information:
)1.  Education
)2.  Work Experience/History
)3.  Software Languages Known
)4.  Hardware (Do you own any hardware at present?  What?)
)5.  Salary Requirements
)Please send your responses to Philip Hudanish at the
)following address:   psu00008@odin.cc.pdx.edu.


I am in contact with a group of very experienced, talented programmers in
St. Petersburg, Russia.  What kinds of projects do you anticipate?  If you
would like, I will forward your message to them.


** 003 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  Wiinikka@Sovset.ORG
Subject: Russian Far East: New Guidebook (fwd)

=46rom: Allegrazz@aol.com

Anyone heading to the Russian Far East this summer will be glad to learn
of a new book which will the hitting the shelves in early May.  Entitled
=ECThe Russian Far East,=EE this new guidebook is the first and only book to
cover this area.  It describes every region from the Pacific to Lake Baikal,
including Kamchatka, Yakutia, Magadan, Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, Buryatiya,
Sakhalin, and more.

   Detailed maps of all 9 regional capitals
   Walking tours to guide you to the highlights of each city
   Information on transportation by train, bus and plane
   Descriptions and ratings for accommodations and restaurants
   Details on frequently visited spots and recommended detours
   Information on tour operators, both in the US and Russia

=46or business travelers, this region is strategically located between Europ=
and the booming economies of the Pacific Rim.  For adventurous tourists, thi=
is a country filled with striking natural beauty and an unusual history.

=46rom Vladivostok, a city closed to Russians themselves until 1992 but now =
region=EDs largest city and trade center, to the explosive beauty of volcano=
and hot springs in Kamchatka, the Russian Far East is a region rich in both
culture and natural creations.

The book will shortly be appearing in bookstores, or can be ordered from
Hippocrene Books in New York.  Call customer service at 718-454-2366 with an=

** 004 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  Michael Thurman  ( jomthurm@indiana.edu )
Subject: Turkic Languages--Summer '95

                 Indiana University Summer
       Workshop in Slavic and East European Languages
   announces summer courses and fellowships for study of

                    KAZAKH (first year)
                    TURKMEN (first year)
                     UZBEK (first year)

Course dates: June 16-August 11, 1995
Tuition: $754.80 for both in-state and out-of-state students
=46ellowships cover tuition, room and board, university fees,
and materials.

=46or applications and more information contact Elaine Wright:
     tel:      (812) 855-2608.
     fax:      (812) 855-2107
     e-mail:   swseel@indiana.edu
     US mail:  SWSEEL, Ballantine Hall, Indiana University,
               Bloomington, IN 47405

(Fellowships available only for US citizens permanent

** 005 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  mvs3@po.CWRU.Edu (Maxim V. Soloviev)
Subject: Inexpensive way to call your friends (Russia $0.85/min)

Do you know that you can make international calls for less without
changing your long distance company?

Do you know that Cyberlink does not have any "hidden" charges: no access
fees, no per call fees, no monthly fees, no sign-up fees, etc?

Do you know that you can use Cyberlink not only in the USA but all
over the world because it has Callback Service? All you need to use
Callback Service is Credit Card.

Here is some flat rates which apply 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:
(US$ per min; 6 seconds increment)

East Europe -   0.85    West Europe -   0.41 - 0.45
South America - 0.75    Australia  - 0.41
Hong Kong  - 0.51       Bahamas    - 0.38
Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia - 0.85
Saudi Arab - 0.94
India      - .98        Singapore  - .41
Indonesia  - 1.21       Sweden     - .41
Israel     - .89        Italy      - .45
Taiwan     - .61        Japan      - .45
Tanzania   - 1.16       Thailand   - 1.10
Korea South- .74        Kuwait     - 1.06
China      - 1.40       Un. Arab Em- .92
New Zealand- .55        Nigeria    - .88

If you're interested - let me know and I'll send you complete rate
sheet and info.

** 006 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  John Michael  ( john@palomar.wipsys.soft.net )
Subject: Hai Friends

Dear friends,
        I am very very happy to meet you all through this penpal.Here I
have given my past life history.

        My name is JOHN MICHAEL, aged 24 with good looking.I am an Indian
working as Software Enginner in a leading company in India.I have done all
my schoolings in St.Britto Higher Secondary School ,where You will be
restricted only for studies.So, we used to all things except the studies.
Right from the beginning of my childhood I beleive in onething that is

        " Work Hard in DAY to enjoy the NIGHT ".

So,I worked hard for my completion of my studies and ofcourse I
finished as a first class student.  Also I got higher studies in
computer engineering  in St Josephs College,where I finished my MSc
Computer Science.Now I am in a good company doing a remarkabale job in
software field. This is a short story of my Past.If you go further on
paragraphs , I let you know all about me.

MY plus points          : Not yet married
MY weak points          : Not yet married
Strengths               : Hard working in some extend.
                          Respect Others.
                          Willing to accept my faults

What I would like to be : A good human being.

my desire               : There should not be any boundaries between the
                          countires.There should  not be any VISA,PASSPORT

Where I want to live    : I want to live in a place where  there is no
                                - POLICE
                                - MILITRY
                                - VIOLENCE.
                          I want to live in a place where there are lot of
                          LOVE LOVE PEACE PEACE

What is the ambitions   : I should be rich to serve the poor people.

What distrubs my work   : Tension.

What type of friends I
       Looking for  for : Boy friends who all are working in Software Indust=
                          to tell their experience and Technology of their
                          country.Job Oppourtunity.

                          Girl Friends with sense of humor. She should hear
                          all my mails  and commuicating about her
                          nation, life, education.etc for a long term

What I have achieved    : I did't hurt anyone right now.

When I will get angry   : After I sent this, if nobody is comming forward
                          for my friendship then I will get angry.
I think it's enough to understand about me.

I welcome lot of friends to keep in touch ( not by finger by mail ) with me.
I welcome girls to share all about our world ,dreams,life,Educations.

With Lot of Roses,




** 007 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  Sharon Sheffield  SHEFFIEL@ERS.BITNET
Subject: Internship opportunity (x-post from RUSAG-L)


          WASHINGTON, DC

                     FUTURE POSSIBILITIES

The Former Soviet Union Team is the principal U.S. Government
source of analysis on the agricultural and food systems and trade
of the 15 independent countries of the former USSR.  Interns will
assist the Team's economists in research and database management
pertaining to the former USSR's agricultural production, food
consumption, import demand, land reform, price liberalization,
international trade and inter-republican trade flows.  The work
is substantive with tangible outputs to show for it.

Graduate or Undergraduate student in Russian/Eurasian studies,
economics or international trade with strong interest in
developing research skills and working in the area of US-former
USSR trade.  English writing skills, and reading knowledge of
Russian language essential.  Experience with WordPerfect and

Please phone/fax/send resume to:
Christian J. Foster
Leader, FSU Team
Economic Research Service, USDA
1301 New York Avenue, NW, #632
Washington, DC   20005
Phone:   202-219-0625
=46ax:   202-219-0942

** 008 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  michaell@michaell.seanet.com (Michael Lewis)
Subject: Partnership-Steel Stamping

=46or distribution to Friends:

We are currently seeking manufacturers capable of fabricating stamped mild
steel components for office furniture manufacture. We would prefer to offer
this opportunity to a company or companies in the NIS rather than Asia. We
can provide working drawings and/or samples of the products we wish
manufactured upon request. This is a long term continuous commitment with
steady growth potential. We would prefer to work with a small company or a
recent start-up possesing high standards and seeking to expand capability.
=46unding for tooling and materials is available. Interested parties may con=

Michael Lewis
Encore Systems
2701 California Ave. SW
Seattle, WA 98116
Email:  michaell@encoreusa.com
Voice:  (206) 937-8006
=46ax:    (206) 932-7618

** 009 *********************************************************************=

Subject: Policy Officer position - Kiev, Ukraine (x-post from RUSAG-L)

The Citizens Network for Foreign Affairs, an international development and
policy organization supporting the development of private, market driven
food systems in the New Independent States of the FSU seeks a Policy
Officer for our Kiev, Ukraine office to develop and implement initiatives
to promote legislative and policy reform supporting privatization and
agribusiness development.  Qualifications:  10 years experience in
agricultural policy development, including land privatization; minimum B.S.
in agricultural economics or policy discipline; U.S. citizenship.
Competitive salary and full benefits package.  Send resume and three
letters of recommendation by 5/22/95 to: Policy Officer Position:  CNFA,
1111 19th St., NW, Suite 900, Washington, D.C. 20036; fax 202-296-3948.
CNFA is an Equal Opportunity Employer. No phone calls please.

** 010 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  Jo Ann McGowan  ( jmcgowan@igc.apc.org )
Subject: Global Healing Not For Profit Foundation

Enclosed is a fact sheet about Global Healing's current projects,
mission, etc.  Please do help us to stay connected to those folks
we should be connected with.  Right now I am looking for sponsors
for both our multi-media program in St.  Petersburg and our
medical exchange program in Tbilisi. Any leads you can share will
be most gratefully received.

About GLOBAL HEALING:  Global Healing is a not for profit foundation
established to help formulate model plans for health care reform
through education in developing countries.  Global Healing's role
is to work with local government officials and health care
providers in a community-wide planning process to develop clearly
defined health improvement projects. We help to  identify and
prioritize infrastructure needs and to facilitate solutions
through Western public and private resources.  Currently focused
on the Newly Independent States of the former Soviet Union, Global
Healing is working towards reducing adult and child morbidity and
mortality through interventions aimed at improving the system of
health services delivery; educating indigenous health management
professionals; facilitating sustainability of health care quality
through in-country production and delivery of medicines, supplies
and equipment; encouraging and fostering privatization in medical
practice; and developing medical partnerships with private sector
participation, both from within the NIS and from abroad, to
provide transfer of medical knowledge and technology.  We believe
that both public and private initiatives toward health care
restructuring are more important than ever.  Improved health among
citizens increases well being and confidence in their leaders.
This greater societal sense of trust and empowerment, coupled with
a healthier work force, contributes to overall economic stability
and, therefore, enhances efforts to advance reforms.  The actions
we initiate are not only RprogramsS. What we've done in the past,
and continue to do, is to set the learning process in motion. This
activates a self-perpetuating resource.  Our ultimate goal is to
work ourselves out of a job.  Global Healing serves only as a
catalyst.  Our global aim is to assist private citizens and
government leaders in shaping their health care reforms. During
this transitional phase of  new democracies in the former Soviet
Union, the day to day hardships facing the average citizen are far
more severe than those faced by most Americans. Even though more
goods and services are available than ever before, runaway
inflation makes them virtually out of reach to the general public.
Basic health care is no longer guaranteed, and medicines are
scarce and costly.  Our specific programs provide heretofore
unavailable services, initiate health promotion and disease
prevention activities providing direct help for those who cannot
help themselvesQespecially the elderly and babies and children
with disabilitiesQall the while training doctors, nurses and
technicians, fostering self-sufficiency. The results are immediate
and measurable.

Jo Ann McGowan is co-founder and President of Global Healing.
Working for the past eleven years in Russia, she has become well
known for her work in establishing innovative patient treatment
programs and providing educational opportunities for health care
professionals.  Under her leadership as co-founder and Executive
Director of Heart to Heart International Children's Medical
Alliance an internationally-recognized model treatment and
teaching center was created at St. Petersburg's Children's
Hospital #1.  Global Healing currently has projects in the
Republics of Russia and Georgia.  Last year Russian specialists
trained in St. Petersburg shared their new knowledge with the
Georgian specialists Global Healing now helps in TbilisiQbridging
the gap between their estranged cultures, forging human bonds.
The Russians now teach others and, in time, the Georgians will
too. This multiplier effect cannot come from legislation. It comes
from the dedication of the health care providers and public
officials who want to insure that the new system works.  Tbilisi,
Republic of Georgia Global Healing will replicate the St.
Petersburg model in Tbilisi. Construction is underway of a new
cardiac surgery suite at Tbilisi Children's Hospital No. 2.  It
will contain two operating rooms, an intensive care unit,
pharmacy, laboratory, physicians' examination and treatment rooms
and patient wards.  Donated medical equipment and supplies are now
being solicited and shipped to Tbilisi from the West. Volunteer
American medical and support teams from Eggleston Children's Heart
Center  in Atlanta, Georgia will work with their Georgian
counterparts. Satellite telemedicine links will permit joint
diagnostic and treatment capability for the thousands of children
with congenital disabilities throughout the Caucasus region.  In
the summer of 1995 four doctors from Tbilisi will travel to
Atlanta for continuing education and orientation with their
American counterparts. The first American medical team trip to
Tbilisi is scheduled for Fall, 1995, when they will visit the new
physical plant, examine patients and set a surgery schedule for a
later visit.  St. Petersburg, Russia Current adverse economic
conditions prevailing throughout the NIS have resulted in an
unfortunate reduction in the availability of public health
services.  Moreover, there is practically no healthcare
information available to the public either in printed form or
through the broadcast media. Global Healing is implementing a
simple outreach program to bridge this gap. A one-year mass media
health promotion campaign will encourage citizens to take a more
active role in the management of their own health care with
emphasis placed on prevention. The programs will feature
endorsements by public figures and will utilize local St.
Petersburg media resourcesQtelevision, radio and printQand is
targeted to begin in Fall, 1995.  Each month specific health
promotion and disease prevention issues will be addressed. Simple
remedies employing knowledge of symptoms, nutrition, diet and
exercise will be introduced that point the way for individuals to
enjoy a healthier lifestyle.  Supplementary information along with
screening and intervention programs will involve social issues
such as dealing with stress and substance abuse and will target
adults and school-age kids.  Mother and child health, AIDS
awareness,  epidemic prevention,  cardiac and pulmonary disease
information and screening clinics will also be featured. All such
programs initiated through this campaign in St. Petersburg will be
sustainable by local public and private organizations and can be
replicated in other areas.

** 011 *********************************************************************=

Sender:  "Bill Bauriedel"   ( Bill.Bauriedel@Forsythe.Stanford.EDU )
Subject: XPOST: Encryption ban in Russia

Newsgroups: alt.security.pgp
Organization: InterData
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 1995 20:31:50 GMT

This is my first positng to this group. I have many Russian Sales Agents who
will be directly affected by the following decree from Russia.

PLEASE email be back with any technical solutions,if you have any,  to BY
PASS this new restriction WITHOUT endangering the Russian resident.



_______________FORWARD MESSAGE FROM THE Eastern Europe Business ____________=

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 1995 12:55:11 -0400 (EDT)
)From: Charles R. Trew  ( ctre@loc.gov )
To: balt-l@ib.rl.ac.uk
Subject: Decree on encryption in Russia (fwd)

      Check this out, not very good news I'm afraid. This is the latest
in a series of actions taken in recent weeks reinvigorating the former
KGB. Be advised, it's starting to get serious....

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 1995 17:54:00 +0400
)From: Igor V. Semenyuk  ( iga@sovam.com )
To: ctre@loc.gov
Subject: Decree on encryption in Russia

Gentle readers!

I want to bring your attention to the recent Yeltsin's decree
entitled "On the measures of law enforcement in design, production,
implementation and use of encrypting tools, and also in offering
services of information encyption".

The decree has been issued on April, 3, 1995 and is in force
from the publication date (April, 6, 1995, "Rossijskaja gazeta", N68).

I have no English translation available, volunteers are welcome
to do the translation (I can provide Russian KOI8 text).

It is the worst re-incarnation of "Clipper"'s case, with the
following pecularities:

- unlike Clipper the decree explicitly prohibits use of *any*
  encryption technology that doesn't have a certificate from FAPSI (Federal
  Agency of State Communications and Information - former KGB department).

- unlike Clipper there's no information about encryption technology
  designed and implemented by FAPSI, which is supposed to be the
  only allowed encryption technology

- unlike Clipper there are no provisions for securing the procedure
  of (possible) "backdoor" decryption of data by law-enforcement
  bodies (under court warrant or whatever)

- the decree prohibits import of non-certified encryption tools

The ground for all these points is "fighting organized crime".

The net result of the decree is that right now *any* encryption
tool/method but the one offered by FAPSI is illegal and individuals
and oragnizations using it may be prosecuted.

With liberate interpretation of the decree unix password encryption may be
found illegal, not mentioning zip and arj encryption.

This may have a disastrous impact on all information/communicaton.

I doubt anything similar to anti-Clipper movement can be done in
Russia... It's a difference between Democracy and "democracy".

Anyway may be media can bring attention to this problem.

PS. I'm crossposting this to FSUMedia and IPRussia lists.
    Feel free to re-distribute the message.

Igor V. Semenyuk                    Internet: iga@sovam.com
SOVAM Teleport                      Phone:    +7 095 956 3008
Moscow, Russia


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