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WHAT'S NEW . . .

#01-18 April 95  New BISNIS Documents   


#01-18 April 95   Sender: tracey.rappaport@sfwmd.gov (Tracey Rappaport)
                  Subject: Reply for Stephanie (travel in Russia)

#02-18 April 95   Sender: acker@icebox.ncook.k12.il.us
                  Subject: help for high school students

#03-18 April 95   Sender: maria@citzinfo.irkutsk.su
                  Subject: conference in Irkutsk  

#04-18 April 95   Sender: gorovits@bioc02.uthscsa.edu (Boris Gorovits)
                  Subject: Balakin? Arefyev?  

#05-18 April 95   Sender: Oleg A Zamouline (ZAMOULIN@AC.GRIN.EDU)
                  Subject: an American art student seeks friends in Russia  

#06-18 April 95   Sender: "Dr. Fran Winfrey (WINFREF@mail.firn.edu)
                  Subject: Educators for Peace and Understanding

#07-18 April 95   Sender: jonny.birkelund@stv.uio.no
                  Subject: Travelling through russia in july/august
#08-18 April 95   Sender: newby@clark.net
                  Subject:  Kaliningrad and Kaliningrad Oblast

#09-18 April 95   Sender: AMS6474HIST@APSU.BITNET
                  Subject: Russian Textile Search
#10-18 April 95   Sender: kedzie@rand.org (Chris Kedzie)
                  Subject: WWW Homepage response -Suggested URL

#11-18 April 95   Sender: Center for Civil Society International 
                  Subject: List of NGOs in Russian Far East
#12-18 April 95   Sender: Steven Kostyk (skostyk@freenet.niagara.com)
                  Subject: Ukrainian clothing manufacturer
#13-18 April 95   Sender:  Mail-Server
                  Subject: US White House Names Special Advisor on New 
                           Independent States
#14-18 April 95   Sender: Philip Hudanish (psu00008@odin.cc.pdx.edu)
                  Subject: Software Programmers in Russia Sought

#15-18 April 95   Sender: mac@MAINE.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell)
                  Subject: Russia, Ukraine, Moldova - REC Local Coordinators

#16-18 April 95   Sender: mac@MAINE.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell)
                  Subject: IREX Short-Term Travel Grants

#17-18 April 95   Sender: mac@MAINE.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell)
                  Subject: Agribusiness Education Coordinator/Instructor-Russia

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WHAT'S NEW . . .

*  Two new BISNIS documents have been added and can be found from our
   Business and Economics page.  They are:   

     - Business Opportunities in Togliatti
     - IMI: Intervolga '95 conference in Togliatti, Russia 


Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

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Sender: tracey.rappaport@sfwmd.gov (Tracey Rappaport)
Subject: Reply for Stephanie (travel in Russia)

I tried to send this directly to Stephanie but it got sent back to
me with some error messages so I'm sending it through Friends and Partners.

Subject: travel in Russia

Stephanie -

I can only speak from experience of October 1991.  At that time my husband
and I went to Moscow, Kiev and St. Petersburg.  We do a lot of travelling
and never travel with a group.  We had relatives in Moscow so we stayed with 
them.  We travelled around Moscow many days on our own.  Unless you have access
to some sort of transportation it was very difficult for us to travel outside
of the cities.  When we were there we also took the night trains from Moscow to
Kiev and from Kiev to St. Petersburg...at that time they only let visitors 
travel on the night trains.  (But we bought train tickets there at a 
considerable savings).

Anyway, we didn't speak any Russian, except for the few words we learned 
before we left) I learned the alphabet so that I could recognize which way 
to help us out somewhat...but we found that to be our biggest hinderance.

We never felt afraid...we never felt as if we were being watched.  But unless
the climate has changed a great deal since 1991...everyone we met was very 
friendly and very curious about america.  I would think if you could speak
Russian, people would be more that happy to help out...although they might be 
bitter now because their economy is awful and they do not see it getting any

Good Luck.

Tracey Needle  (aka:  tracey.rappaport@sfwmd.gov)

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Sender: acker@icebox.ncook.k12.il.us
Subject: help for high school students

I teach a course in Russian history to students who are 16
to 18 years old at The Latin School of Chicago, a college preparatory
school in the center of Chicago, Illinois, USA.  About 10 of my students
would like to have keypals with students in Russia.  Can you help me
obtain names of students in the Russia and the Successor States who would
like to make contact over the Internet?  I have tried and tried to set
this up with no tangible results. Thank you for any suggestions.  Jill

Jill Acker
The Latin School of Chicago, 59 W. North Blvd., Chicago, IL 60610; 312-563-4562
Home: 1310 Ritchie Court., 4C, Chicago, IL 60610; 312-944-4039
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Sender: maria@citzinfo.irkutsk.su
Subject: conference in Irkutsk

Dear friends,

Irkutsk Association of Phychologists and Pshychotherapis invite all the
intersted people to participate in the conference "Problems and Practical
Experience in Offering Phychological and Psycotherapeutic Assistanse to
the Population" that is to be held on June 13-14 1995 in Irkutsk. The
participants and guests will be offered a cultural program and trip to
Lake Baikal. Travel and lodging expences are paid by the participants.
Their stay can be prolonged to 7 days if desired. Those who wish to
participate in the conference, please inform us by May 1, 1995.

We can be reached at:  maria@citzinfo.irkutsk.su
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Sender: gorovits@bioc02.uthscsa.edu (Boris Gorovits)
Subject: Balakin? Arefyev?

Hi, everyone,

I am looking for two guys: Andrey Balakin and Alexey Arefyev. They can be in 
US (at least one of them). I will appreciate any help. Please, send reply on 
Thanks, Boris Gorovits

** 005 **********************************************************************

Sender: Oleg A Zamouline (ZAMOULIN@AC.GRIN.EDU)
Subject: an American art student seeks friends in Russia

I have an American friend Nick Herman from Minneapolis, he is an art student 
and is interested in establishing connection with Russian artists, with a 
possible intent to then go to Russia for a while and work on art there. 
He has already been to Russia before and speaks some Russian. If you have 
any interest in establishing ties with Nick, please write to me at 


and I will forward you to him.

--Oleg Zamouline

** 006 **********************************************************************

Sender: "Dr. Fran Winfrey 305/621-5681ext221" (WINFREF@mail.firn.edu)
Subject: Educators for Peace and Understanding

The International Movement "Educators for Peace and Understanding" is 
holding an international congress of children, parents and educators for a 
future without violence June 27-July 2, 1995 in Svetlogorsk, Kaliningrad, 
Russia.  The main goal of the Congress is to discuss and find ways for 
unifying efforts of different generations and organizations acting in the 
interests of peace, a safe future, democracy, moral values common to all 
people, international understanding and cooperation, and human rights.  In 
the framework on the Congress it is planned to organize children and youth 
discussions, festivals and exhibitions in accordance with the Year of 
Tolerance proclaimed by the UN.  The registration fee for participation in 
the Congress is $300 per person which covers all the expenses for 
accommodation with three meals a day and a cultural and entertainment 
program.  For additional information please contact the organizing 
committee by May 1, 1995, Dr. Mikhail Kabbattchenko, 42 Leninski Prospect, 
Room 1519, Moscow  FAX 0905-938-7985 or telephone 095-930-8486.

** 007 **********************************************************************

Sender: jonny.birkelund@stv.uio.no
Subject: Travelling through russia in july/august

I'm a norwegian student planning to travel from
Irkutsk-Ekaterinburg-St.Petersburg in July/August. The first part
(Irkutsk-Ekaterinburg) will be by train, but hopefully I will try to
buy a russian motorcycle in Ekaterinburg and travel to St.Petersburg
using this. 
I have a friend in Ekaterinburg, but wonder if there is anyone in
Irkutsk who would like to have a guest from Norway for a few days.
Also looking for people to visit between Ekaterinburg and

My interest is environment, (working for Norwegian Nature Conservation
Foundation in Oslo) with a special interest in boreal forests. 

Any hints regarding a visa is also greatly appreaciated. I have a
invitation to Ekaterinburg, but I wonder if this is only useful
in Ekaterinburg. 
Do I need an invitation for every places I would like to visit, or
could I use the same Ekaterinburg-invitation when applying for visa to
St.Petersburg and Irkutsk?

Thanks in advance,

Best regards,
Jonny Birkelund

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)From: newby@clark.net
Subject:  Kaliningrad and Kaliningrad Oblast

Hi! Can you help me? I am looking for stuff related to Kaliningrad and 
Kaliningrad Oblast (formerly Konigsberg and East Prussia).  For example I'd 
like to find a WWW related to Kaliningrad.  Also e-mail addresses of 
Kaliningraders who speak English.  Thanks, Newby

** 009 **********************************************************************

Subject: Russian Textile Search

Dear Friends,

        I am a history major that is interested in pursuing a detailed study
of tapestries, embroideries and laces from Russia and the other newly
independent states. I am interested in all areas of textiles- church, imperial
and those of the peasantry. I am looking for any material available, such as
patterns, articles or books on this subject. If you have any information or
can direct me to any sources I would be very grateful. I can be reached at
the following address.

Thank you,

        Angela Savage

105 Camino Circle
Hendersonville, TN 37075

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Sender: kedzie@rand.org (Chris Kedzie)
Subject: WWW Homepage response -Suggested URL

)Date:         Fri, 14 Apr 1995 10:18:39 -0400
)From: William Raisner (RAISNER@USITA.GOV)
)Subject:      WWW Homepage response -Suggested URL

)The U.S. Department of Commerce has a new www site devoted to NIS
)affairs.  Lots of other good links lead out from there.
)Try: http://www.itaiep.doc.gov/bisnis/bisnis.html

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Sender: Center for Civil Society International (ccsi@u.washington.edu)
Subject: List of NGOs in Russian Far East

Brief profiles and contact information for more than 175 non-governmental 
and governmental organizations in Khabarovsk, Magadan, and Vladivostok 
have recently been uploaded to CCSI's World Wide Web site at Friends and 

The information was compiled during the course of a 14 day trip to the 
region in early 1994 by the Volunteer Executive Service Team (VEST), 
which is a project of Counterpart, a non-governmental organization based 
in Washington, DC.  For more information about the VEST Initiative 
contact Arlene Lear at:  Tel (202) 296-9676, Fax (202) 296-9679.

The files can be accessed from the "News Files at This Site" 
option from CCSI's home page.

The URL for CCSI's home page is:


For those without WWW browsers, we would be happy to mail these files 
upon request.

The organizatons are listed by city and sector of activity.  Below is a 
list of the files, with file size in parentheses.

        Law (1kb)
        Health (9 kb)
        Women (2 kb)
        Business (6 kb)
        Environment (4kb)
        Native Peoples (1kb)
        Other (3kb)

        Business (3kb)
        Environment (5kb)
        Health (6kb)
        Miscellaneous (3kb)
        Native Peoples (2kb)
        Social Services (6kb)
        Women (2kb)

        Business (3kb)
        Environment (5kb)
        Health (4kb)
        Law (1kb)
        Miscellaneous (2kb)
        Native Peoples (3kb)
        Social Services (18kb)
        Women (4kb)

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Sender: Steven Kostyk (skostyk@freenet.niagara.com)
Subject: Ukrainian clothing manufacturer

Dear Friends:

     Our firm is seeking assistance in providing our client in Ukraine,
(a clothing manufacturer), with a contact for a co-operative venture with 
the West. The Ukrainian manufacturer will provide to the western entity,
quality workmanship at a very competitive rate. The western entity will
supply fabric for garment manufacturing. This arrangement is preferable
as fabric supply in the Ukraine is inconsistant at times due to peripheral
economic circumstances. The machinery used by the Ukrainian manufacturer
is state of the art. The capacity for production is 700,000 peices per
     If anyone has contacts with North American garment manufacturers
who might be interested in such an arrangement, please forward your
inquiries to us at the following:

                          Steve Kostyk
                          V.P. Eastern European Product development 
                          Northern Power Group
                          1169 South Pelham Rd.
                          Welland Ontario, Canada
                          L3C 3E4
                          Tel: 1-905-641-3783 
                          Fax: 1-905-685-8589
                          Compuserve: 73303.2046@compuserve.com

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Sender:  Mail-Server
Subject: US White House Names Special Advisor on New Independent States
         (x-post from RUSAG-L)

                            THE WHITE HOUSE

                     Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release                                      April 6, 1995


 President Clinton has named Richard L. Morningstar as Special Adviser
to the President and to the Secretary of State on Assistance to the New
Independent States of the former Soviet Union and Coordinator of U.S.
Assistance to the NIS.  According to his charter, signed by the
President April 4, 1995, Mr.  Morningstar will oversee the bilateral
assistance and trade and investment activities of the sixteen U.S.
government agencies engaged in technical assistance, trade and
investment, exchange, weapons dismantlement and other programs in
Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other new independent states.

 In designating Mr. Morningstar for this position, the President noted
that it remained among the highest priorities of his administration to
ensure effective support for the democratic and economic reforms
underway across the former Soviet Union.

 Most recently, Mr. Morningstar served as Senior Vice President of the
Overseas Private Investment Corporation.  In that capacity, he was the
principal deputy for all policy and investment development matters and
was responsible, among other things, for development and implementation
of strategies for the opening of new investment programs in Russia and
the other New Independent States of the former Soviet Union.

 Prior to joining the Administration, Mr. Morningstar was the Chairman
of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Costar Corporation.  Mr.
Morningstar practiced law and was a partner in the firm of Peabody &
Brown.  He has also been Adjunct Professor of Law at Boston College Law

)From: Mail-Server
To: Public-Distribution
Subject: 1995-04-06 Charter for New Independent States Special Adviser
 Date: Thursday, April 06, 1995 12:00AM

                            THE WHITE HOUSE

                     Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release                                      April 6, 1995

                           INDEPENDENT STATES

                             April 4, 1995


   SUBJECT: Charter for Special Adviser to the President
              and to the Secretary of State on Assistance to
              the New Independent States (NIS) of the Former
              Soviet Union and Coordinator of NIS Assistance

   The United States has a vital stake in the success of reform in the
New Independent States (NIS) of the former Soviet Union.  Ensuring
effective support for the transformation underway in the NIS remains
among the highest foreign policy priorities of my Administration.  Over
the past two years, bilateral assistance programs under the FREEDOM
Support Act have played an important role in promoting democratic and
economic reforms in the NIS, while projects funded through the
Cooperative Threat Reduction (Nunn-Lugar) Act have promoted our
denuclearization and nonproliferation policies.  Despite remarkable
progress, however, the success of reforms across the former Soviet Union
is by no means assured.  This fact, combined with budget realities that
constrain the level of our financial aid to the region, make it
imperative that our assistance be as targeted, relevant, and efficient
 as possible.

   To assure maximum coordination of efforts to promote such reforms and
policies within the Executive branch, I hereby designate Richard L.
Morningstar as Special Adviser to the President and to the Secretary of
State on Assistance to the New Independent States of the former Soviet
Union and Coordinator of U.S. Assistance to the NIS in accordance with
Section 102 of the FREEDOM Support Act.  Mr.  Morningstar will also act
as Chairman of the previously established interagency NIS Assistance
Coordination Group.  In fulfilling these duties, Mr. Morningstar will
 preside over the allocation of U.S.  assistance resources and direct and
coordinate the interagency process on the development, funding, and
implementation of all U.S.  Government bilateral assistance and trade
and investment programs related to the NIS.

   To ensure that Mr. Morningstar will be able to carry out his
responsibilities effectively, the Departments of Defense, Treasury,
Justice, Commerce, Agriculture, Health and Human Services, and Energy,
the Agency for International Development, United States Information
Agency, Peace Corps, Environmental Protection Agency, National
Aeronautics and Space Administration, Nuclear Regulatory Commission,
Overseas Private Investment Corporation, Trade and Development Agency,
and Export-Import Bank, and any other Executive departments and agencies
with activities related to NIS bilateral assistance and export and
investment activities are directed, to the extent permitted by law, to
bring all programs and budget plans for such assistance and activities
to Mr. Morningstar for review before submission to the Office of
Management and Budget and before implementation.  Mr. Morningstar shall
be responsible for ensuring that all such plans are consistent with
Administration priorities and policies.  Heads of such entities shall
designate an official at the level of Assistant Secretary or its
equivalent to assist Mr.  Morningstar in accomplishing the objectives of
this mandate.

   Mr. Morningstar will work with the U.S. Ambassadors to the NIS to
strengthen coordination mechanisms in the field and increase the
effectiveness of our assistance and export and investment programs on
the ground.  Assistance activities in the field will be coordinated by
Ambassadors or their designates.

   Mr. Morningstar will serve as a member of and consult with the
Gore-Chernomyrdin Commission and the Policy Steering Group for the New
Independent States to ensure that U.S. assistance and related activities
are consistent with and support broader foreign policy objectives.

   In carrying out these duties, Mr. Morningstar will report to me
through the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs and
the Secretary of State, with policy guidance from the Policy Steering
 Group on the New Independent States.

                         WILLIAM J. CLINTON
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Sender: Philip Hudanish (psu00008@odin.cc.pdx.edu)
Subject: Software Programmers in Russia Sought

I am interested in developing software contracting, particularly in 
Yekaterinburg, Russia.  I am looking for experienced programmers.  If 
interested please respond with the following information:

1.  Education
2.  Work Experience/History
3.  Software Languages Known
4.  Hardware (Do you own any hardware at present?  What?)
5.  Salary Requirements

Please send your responses to Philip Hudanish at the 
following address:   psu00008@odin.cc.pdx.edu.

** 015 **********************************************************************

Sender: mac@MAINE.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell)
Subject: Russia, Ukraine, Moldova - REC Local Coordinators

The Regional Environmental Center for Eastern and Central  Europe
(REC)  is  conducting  a study to determine  the  feasibility  of
opening a service organization to assist non-governmental organi-
zations  [NGOs]  as well as governments  in  their  environmental
protection, environmental education and environmental  management
activities.  This work will entail a field study on NGO's  needs,
an  assessment of governmental needs as well as analysis  of  the
needs  of  local authorities in this area. The project  also  re-
quires  an  analysis  of the social,  legal  and  financial   in-
frastructure  for  providing such support for  environmental  and
civil activities of NGOs.

For implementation of this project, REC invites applications  for
the position of  a local coordinator in each involved country for
a period from May 15 till September 15 (1995).

The candidates should  meet the following criteria:
1) be able to communicate in English,
2) have  access to information and communication facilities  (PC,
   e-mail, fax, telephone),
3) be aware of environmental as well as social, legal and politi-
   cal issues in their countries,
4) have appropriate computer skills.

The responsibilities of local coordinator will include:
1) concluding subcontracts for fulfillment of substudies,
2) strict following the deadlines for submission of  intermediate
   and final reports,
3) monitoring the performance of sub-contractors and  controlling
   the quality of presented materials under the guidance of   REC
   Headquarters in Budapest.

We welcome applications from interested persons or  organizations
as soon as possible. While applying, please comment your  capaci-
ties to perform the work outlined above and attach a copy of your
Resume. Deadline for applications is April 27.

Alexander Juras, Project Supervisor [chvorost@fs2.bp.rec.hu]
Alexander Chvorostov, Project Coordinator [alex@fs2.bp.rec.hu]
Tel: [36-1] 250 34 01
Fax: [36-1] 250 34 03

** 016 **********************************************************************

Sender: mac@MAINE.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell)
Subject: IREX Short-Term Travel Grants

    IREX Short-Term Travel Grant Application Guidelines

The International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX) offers travel
grants for brief visits (1-2 weeks) which do not require adminis-
trative  assistance or logistical support (such as  placement  or
access  to archives, housing, visas, travel, etc.).  Please  read
the  following  guidelines carefully, and contact IREX  with  any
questions on eligibility.

APPLICANTS  must meet all of the following  eligibility  require-
*  US citizen or permanent resident;
*  PhD or equivalent professional/terminal degree in the  project
   discipline  at time of application; those holding  a   profes-
   sional/terminal degree should contact IREX regarding eligibil-
*  Projects  in humanities or social sciences focused on  Central
   and Eastern Europe or Eurasia;
*  Scholars  with projects concerning Mongolia, and scholars  who
   are  employees of US federal government organizations,  should
   contact  IREX  before  submitting  an  application,  regarding
   availability of funding.


DEADLINES:   February  1, 1995; June 1, 1995;  October  1,  1995.
Applications received after the deadline will be returned to  the
sender.  Applicants are encouraged to use priority mail  services
to ensure that the application is received by the deadline.

PROVISIONS:  Grants will normally not exceed $3000.
*  Transoceanic  APEX  airfare on a US flag  carrier  (consult  a
   travel  agent  for fares_generally the grant will  pay  up  to
*  Per  diem for up to 14 days, not to exceed $100/day  to  cover
   in-country costs for meals, lodging, and local  transportation
*  Applicants  inviting a foreign colleague to the US  may  apply
   for funds to cover temporary health insurance for the  foreign
   invitee, up to a maximum of $65.
*  Conference  registration fee to attend a conference, up  to  a
   maximum of $100.
*  Visa application costs, up to a maximum of $50.
*  Miscellaneous expenses, up to a maximum of $100

MAXIMUM  STAY:  Applicants may stay up to thirty (30) days  total
(with any additional per diem expenses covered by the applicant).
However,  all travel, whether connected to the research,  or  for
personal reasons, may not exceed thirty (30) days.   Applications
with itineraries exceeding 30 days will not be processed.   Indi-
viduals requiring stays of more than 30 days (and/or  administra-
tive  support)  should apply to the IREX program  for  Individual
Advanced Research in Central and Eastern Europe or Eurasia.

APPLICATION  MATERIALS:  Applicants must submit an  original  and
four (4) complete copies of all of the following materials:
*  The 1994-1995 Short-Term Travel Grant application form;
*  A  3-5 page (typed, double-spaced) proposal essay,  describing
   the  activity, methodology, anticipated results,  and  project
   significance, particularly with respect to the American acade-
   mic,  Slavic studies community; for collaborative  activities,
   describe the nature of the collaboration and how it evolved;
*  The applicant's abbreviated curriculum vitae (no longer than 3
*  An  official letter of invitation for conferences,  lecturing,
   consultations, or collaborative work;
*  A  biographical sketch or curriculum vitae for a foreign  col-
   league invited to the US.

EXCLUSIONS:   The following items will not be considered for  the
Short-Term Travel Grant Program:
*  Itineraries exceeding 30 days;
*  Passport application costs;
*  Transoceanic travel undertaken on a non-American flag carrier;
*  Medical  expenses  (inoculations;  dental  insurance;   health
   insurance, except for a foreign guest);
*  Grantees should check with IREX before submitting items  under
   Miscellaneous  Expenses.   Expenses will only be  accepted  in
   this category if funds have been awarded to the grantee as per
   the official Terms and Conditions.

DUE TO THE LARGE number of applications and limitations on  fund-
ing,  projects  with multiple participants may not  receive  full
funding for all participants.


SELECTION  CRITERIA:  The IREX Selection Committee for this  pro-
gram has identified a number of criteria which they consider when
reviewing  all applications:
(1) academic  merit of the proposed project (including its  rele-
    vance for the Slavic studies community);
(2) well-documented  need for in-country research and  a  clearly
    stated research methodology;
(3) language skills adequate for research on the scholar's  topic
    in the host country;
(4) feasibility of the proposed time frame;
(5) demonstration  of serious preparatory work with  the  general
    literature available in Western repositories, basic guides to
    host-country archives, and current research;
(6) applicant's record of publication; and
(7) reasonable budget request.

NOTIFICATION  letters  are sent to all  applicants  approximately
eight  weeks after the deadline.  No notifications will  be  made
prior  to that time, and decisions cannot be disclosed  by  tele-
phone.   Grant  checks become available approximately  one  month
after receipt by IREX of the signed grant contract, and no sooner
than  two  months prior to the start of the project.   All  IREX-
funded project activity must be completed within one year of the
application deadline.  Permission for departure from the proposal
must be secured in advance from IREX.

SELECTION  COMMITTEE:   The  IREX Selection  Committee  for  this
program  is  composed of senior scholars who  represent  a  broad
cross-section  of  US universities  and  disciplines.   Selection
Committee  members  are familiar with IREX programs and  in  many
cases have participated in an IREX program at some point in their
academic  careers.   Members of the Selection Committee  are  ap-
pointed  by  the decision of the IREX Program  Committee  on  the
authority of the IREX Board of Directors. New members are  chosen
based on recommendations from current Committee members, the IREX
Program  Committee,  and IREX staff.   Disciplinary,  geographic,
age, and gender balance are taken into consideration in determin-
ing the final composition of the Selection Committee.  IREX staff
provides administrative support only, and does not participate in
selection of grantees.

*  Individual  scholarly, academic research visits  to  archives,
   libraries, museums, etc., or to conduct interviews;
*  Presentation  at scholarly conferences focused on Central  and
   Eastern Europe and/or Eurasia;
*  Invited lectures or consultations;
*  Collaborative projects such as joint publications and compara-
   tive surveys;
*  US  scholars may invite 1-2 colleagues from the  countries  of
   focus  to  the US for  collaborative  research,  publications,
   surveys, or conference presentation; the US scholar is consid-
   ered the applicant.
*  In  general,  conferences which are located outside  the  geo-
   graphic  regions covered by this program are NOT eligible  for
   funding through the Short-Term Travel Grant Program.
Contact IREX for confirmation of eligibility.

SUCCESSFUL  APPLICANTS  will  be responsible  for  obtaining  all
necessary  travel documents, including visas, whether  for  them-
selves or for a foreign colleague.  Applicants should check  with
the relevant country's embassy for specific information on neces-
sary  visas, or with a university's office of international  pro-
grams for the appropriate visa for an incoming scholar.

For  further information or to request an application  form  con-
            Short-Term Travel Grant Competition
                     1616 H Street, NW
                   Washington, DC  20006
                     Tel: 202-628-8188
                     Fax: 202-628-8189

* Eligible  countries are  Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus,
Bosnia  Hercegovina,  Bulgaria,  Croatia,  Czech  Republic,  East
Germany   (only projects  that address its communist  experience,
or which extend into the time period of reunification, and relate
to the transition experience of other  countries in  the region),
Estonia,   Georgia,  Hungary,  Kazakhstan,  Kyrgyzstan,   Latvia,
Lithuania,  Macedonia,   Moldova, Poland,  Romania,  the  Russian
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Sender: mac@MAINE.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell)
Subject: Agribusiness Education Coordinator/Instructor-Russia

Some  members  of the list may find the  following  position  an-
nouncement interesting. Please feel free to forward to  interest-
ed/qualified colleagues.
   International Agribusiness Education Coordinator/Instructor
Texas  A&M University is pleased to announce the following  posi-
tion, and requests resumes from interested parties.

Position Title: International Agribusiness Education
Location:       Moscow, Russia
Duration:       Non-Tenure Fixed-Term Appointment
Available:      May 1, 1995

The individual in this position will provide in-country coordina-
tion  for the Texas A&M Agribusiness Training  Partnership  (ATP)
with the Russian Ministry of Agriculture and Foods (see  attached
project  description).  Reports to ATP Project Leaders  at  Texas

Responsibilities include
(1) coordination with counterpart faculty in the Russian  Academy
    of Management and Agribusiness (part of the Ministry);
(2) curriculum development in areas of agribusiness management;
(3) participation  in presentation of programs,  formal  training
    and follow-up training and evaluation;
(4) organization  of  short-courses in Russia and  assistance  in
    selection of participants for U.S. training;
(5) development  of  a communication network  with  participants,
    including e-mail, internet, and project newsletter;
(6) coordination  with other related agribusiness  training  pro-
    jects in Russia;
(7) preparation of regular project reports; and
(8) provision  of other local communications and project  leader-
    ship necessary for successful project completion.

Minimum qualifications include:
*  Ph.D. in agricultural economics, business management or relat-
   ed field or equivalent experience;
*  basic  understanding of agricultural and agribusiness  manage-
   ment decision-making;
*  experience  (10 years preferred) in professional  agribusiness
   education or management positions in U.S. or overseas;
*  demonstrated ability in development and delivery of  extension
   or  continuing education programs; and  strong  interpersonal,
   leadership, and communication skills.

Must be results-oriented and capable of working effectively in  a
partnership or team environment.  Recent experience in Russia  or
the Newly Independent States working on agricultural or agribusi-
ness projects is desirable.

Russian language skills are highly desirable, but not mandatory.
Must be willing to locate in Moscow, Russia, for up to 24  months
and to travel throughout Russia as needed.
Other Considerations:
Salary  competitive  according to qualifications;  full  benefits
package  and  cost  of living allowances for  living  in  Russia.

Application  deadline  is April 21, 1995, or  until  position  is

For further information, contact:

John P. Nichols
Dept. of Agricultural Economics
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX  77843-2124
Tel: (409) 845-8491  Fax: (409) 845-6378
E-mail:  jpn@tamu.edu

An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer


Department of Agricultural Economics, Texas A&M University System

The Agribusiness Training Partnership (ATP) is a program designed
to  develop  the  capabilities of Russian  instructors  to  teach
principles and skills of managing agribusiness firms in a market-
oriented economy. Texas A&M University joins the Russian Ministry
of Agriculture in this partnership.  The primary Russian  partic-
ipants will be the instructors of the Russian Academy of  Manage-
ment and Agribusiness and the System of Retraining Institutes and
Schools which are constituent parts of the Ministry.  They have a
primary mission to provide training and upgrading of  credentials
to  agricultural professionals.  This training is  continuing  in
nature and offered in the form of seminars, short-courses,  work-
shops, and demonstrations.

The  program components include curriculum development,  regional
workshops for training instructors in Russia; and internships for
instructors  with agricultural advisory personnel in  the  United
States.   The program management will be directed from Texas  A&M
University  by a cadre of agribusiness educators with  experience
in Russia and access to the resources of one of the largest  land
grant university agribusiness programs in the country.  A program
coordinator  in the United States will work directly with a  Mos-
cow-based instructor and the Director of the Russian Academy  and
Training  Institutes.  Workshops and internships will be  jointly
planned by both partners based on an initial needs assessment.

Texas A&M has conducted projects in Russia since 1991, and has  a
firm  working relationship already established with our  partners
in the Russian Ministry of Agriculture.  Funding for the  project
is through USAID's Network for Education and Training programs in
collaboration  with the International Research &  Exchange  Board
(IREX).  The contract is in final stages of negotiation.

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