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WHAT'S NEW . . .

#01-13 April 95  Directory of Internet Providers

#02-13 April 95  The Network Startup Resource Center at PSGNet

#03-13 April 95  Mark Twain Resources

#04-13 April 95  RUSAG Current Events Issue Number 54

#05-13 April 95  Russian Community in Victoria, Australia

#06-13 April 95  New BISNIS Documents


#01-13 April 95  Sender:  Mary Archer ( marcher@sdcc13.ucsd.edu )
                 Subject: Health Care in Russia or Role of Red Cross in

#02-13 April 95  Sender:  Tym Rondomanski ( 71001.3452@compuserve.com )
                 Subject: Where is Okudzhava?

#03-13 April 95  Sender:  DMAYO@aol.com
                 Subject: Attempt to locate Tanya Zhdanova

#04-13 April 95  Sender:
                 Subject: Russia

#05-13 April 95  Sender:  dima@sagantec.co.il (Dima Tyomkin)
                 Subject: apartment in St. Petersburg to rent June-December

#06-13 April 95  Sender:  Brendan.Gaffney.5@nd.edu (Brendan Gaffney)
                 Subject: Videos on Solzhenitsyn

#07-13 April 95  Sender:  MZarin@aol.com
                 Subject: Re: Re-post: Constitutions of... (x-post)

#08-13 April 95  Sender:  "Megan Donnelly" ( mdonnelly@eurasia.org )
                 Subject: Belarusian Music

#09-13 April 95  Sender:  Mikhail Fridberg ( fridberg@PFC.MIT.EDU )
                 Subject: Announcing: MacTranslit 1.3

#10-13 April 95  Sender:  mac@MAINE.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell)
                 Subject: Regulatory Attorney for Russian Assignment

#11-13 April 95  Sender:  Dave Stickney ( dave@caaa.freenet.kiev.ua )
                 Subject: Belarusian NGO Seeks Partnership/Assistance

#12-13 April 95  Sender:  Center for Civil Society International
                          ( ccsi@u.washington.edu )
                 Subject: Recent additions to CCSI's Internet site

#13-13 April 95  Sender:  mac@MAINE.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell)
                 Subject: USAID Positions in Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus

#14-13 April 95  Sender:  National Public Health and Hospital Institute
                          ( nphhi@igc.apc.org )
                 Subject: NIS/CEE Health Bulletin (04-02-95)

#15-13 April 95  Sender:  Funding Opportunity System
                          ( funding@solar.rtd.utk.edu )
                 Subject: Rule of Law Russian Grants Program's Request
                          for Proposals

APPENDIX:        LISTSERV address & basic procedures


WHAT'S NEW . . .

*  Thanks to Steve Goldstein for alerting us to "The Lips' List of IAP's:
   Internet Access Providers Around the World".  Accessible from our
   Telecommunications page.

*  The Network Startup Resource Center at PSGnet is mostly concerned
   with networking in the developing world, low-cost networking tools,
   and computer networking in general. This informative WWW
   server can be accessed from our Telecommunications page.

*  Jim Zwick, of Syracuse University in New York, has put together "Mark
   Twain Resources on the World Wide Web.  His pages list resources by or
   about the famous American writer, Mark Twain.  Available on our
   Literature page.

*  The RUSAG Current Events Issue Number 54 (April 11, 1995) is now
   available from our Science page.

*  VICNET (Victoria Network) in Victoria, Australia has developed a
   wonderful Russian Page for by and for it's Russian community.  It can
   be accessed from our More Information Resources page.

*  Two new BISNIS documents have been added to our Business and Economics


Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

** 001 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Mary Archer ( marcher@sdcc13.ucsd.edu )
Subject: Health Care in Russia or Role of Red Cross in Russia

Hi. My name is Mary Archer.  I am a student majoring in
Russian/Soviet Studies at University California San Diego.  Currently
I am doing a project on the Health Care in Russia.  Actually, I would
like to focus on the role of the Red Cross in Russia.  I am having
difficulty finding information.  Do you know anybody who can help me?


** 002 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Tym Rondomanski ( 71001.3452@compuserve.com )
Subject: Where is Okudzhava?

To all:

I once spent an evening with Bulat Okudzhava many years ago, and we exchanged
a few songs.  If at all possible I would like to re-establish contact with
him.  I would appreciate any help in locating him.  Failing that, I will
settle for:  a) any news of him, b) information on obtaining a copy of
"Abolished Theater," or c) poems and lyrics and/or music of his songs.

Tym Rondomanski

** 003 **********************************************************************

Sender:  DMAYO@aol.com
Subject: Attempt to locate Tanya Zhdanova

I would appreciate help from anyone in attempting to locate Tatyana Zhdanova
whom I met in Moscow in March 1994 during testing activities for the
Apollo-Soyuz Test Project.  My last indirect contact with Tanya (May94)
indicated she now lives in St. Petersburg, but mail I sent to her there was
returned unclaimed. I am hoping someone can supply an e-mail address which
may lead to locating Tanya.  I can be reached at:  dmayo@aol.com or
Dick Mayo

** 004 **********************************************************************

Subject: Russia


Are you aware of Internet resources such as:

   Usenet newsgroups in Russian (perhaps "su" or "ru"),
   mailing lists in Russian or about Russia?

More precisely, are there newsgroups such as "su.misc" "su.etc"
"ru.misc" "ru.general" or similar names?

If there are such groups/lists, are submissions coded in Cyrillic
or in traditional English ASCII?

*Please reply directly to the list.*

Thank you.

** 005 **********************************************************************

Sender:  dima@sagantec.co.il (Dima Tyomkin)
Subject: apartment in St. Petersburg to rent June-December

Hello all,

If there is anybody interested to rent an apartment in St. Petersburg for
half-a-year period June-December this year, please contact me via E-Mail

Some details:
- 1 bedroom apartment (2 separate rooms overall)
- close to city center (Vasilyevsky ostrov)
- quiet area
- reasonable price on accord
- possibility to transfer money via bank to Israel (no cash)
- good aquaitances and advices available
- you should be a decent person as we are



dima@sagantec.co.il     972-4-324-386 h 972-4-572-781 w

** 006 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Brendan.Gaffney.5@nd.edu (Brendan Gaffney)
Subject: Videos on Solzhenitsyn

I am looking for videos on Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (other than the
"Frontline" broadcast that will be appearing next week) that deal with his
life, either in Russia or in exile.  These would be used in a "Freshman
Seminar" type class, and they would serve as an introduction to some of his
written work, such as "One Day in the Life..." or his letters.  Any help
would be appreciated.

Thank You!

Brendan Gaffney
Department of Government
University of Notre Dame

** 007 **********************************************************************

Sender:  MZarin@aol.com
Subject: Re: Re-post: Constitutions of... (x-post)

Regarding the previous messages about finding the Polish Constitution, Mr.
Lindberg might also check out the following WWW site:


The Polish Constitution can be found there in English.  All the best.


** 008 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Megan Donnelly" ( mdonnelly@eurasia.org )
Subject: Belarusian Music


The Eurasia Foundation received the following letter today
from the Embassy of Belarus.  Please pass this letter to
anyone who might be able to donate an Apple computer for this
worthy cause.  Please contact Mr. Gontcharenok directly with
questions or suggestions.  Thank you.

Megan Donnelly
Eurasia Foundation

)Dear Mr. Cashel,
)It was really a pleasure to speak with you over the phone
)last Friday about Belarusian ensemble "Syabry".  The
)ensemble is the most popular music group in Belarus
)performing Belarusian folk and contemporary music.  The
)group exists from 1974 and today has transformed into Studio
)"Syabry".  The task of the Studio lies in funding young
)talents, educating them with high criteria of musical
)culture and giving them a possibility to reveal their
)talents.  For this noble goal the Studio needs some
)sophisticated modern equipment especially Apple computer and
)special software for music programming.
)Following our phone conversation herewith I am sending to
)you some information about the "Syabry" and a technical
)specification on Apple computer and software they are
)looking for.
)I would appreciate very much your assistance in finding
)sources of providing the mentioned above hardware and
)software to the Studio "Syabry".
)Vladimir Gontcharenok
)Commerical Counselor
)Embassy of the Republic of Belarus
)to the United States of America
)1619 New Hampshire Avenue, NW
)Washington, DC  20009
)Phone: 202 986-1604
)Fax: 202 986-1805
)Apple Power Mac 7100/80 8/500           $2729
)Keyboard                                $  99
)Digidesign Audio Media II Card          $ 950
)Glyph 1.2gb tabletop drive              $ 849
)Memory                                  $ 390
)E Magic Logic Audio                     $ 550
)Tax                                     $ 460
)Total                                   $6027

** 009 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Mikhail Fridberg ( fridberg@PFC.MIT.EDU )
Subject: Announcing: MacTranslit 1.3

I am pleased to announce that new version of MacTranslit, 1.3 has been
finished and uploaded to sumex-aim.

MacTranslit is a Macintosh application to convert text among many cyrillic
encodings. It's small and fast. Free version in archives supports
conversion  among Apple Standard Cyrillic, old Cassady & Green Cyrillic
font and AV (Alternativnuy Variant) It also support transliteration into
Library of Congress Russian transliteration.
MacTranslit has more features, such us encoding recognition (for bylingual
texts only - no more guessing of what encoding this text in), ISO-UnISO
encoding, end-of-line conversion among Mac, DOS and Unix texts and others.

MacTranslit is shareware. Full version cost US$25.00 and support near 20
encodings, including such us KOI-8, KOI-7, CP-866, Cyrillic for Windows,

All registered users will recieve free upgrade, of course.

If you have any questions, contact

Mike Fridberg

** 010 **********************************************************************

Sender:  mac@MAINE.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell)
Subject: Regulatory Attorney for Russian Assignment

          Regulatory Attorney for Assignment in Russia
International economic consulting firm seeks attorney, fluent  in
Russian,  with  significant experience in regulatory  reform  for
natural  monopolies (i.e. energy, transportation  and/or  utility
sectors)  to  work in Moscow for one year.  Must  have  5+  years
experience in the U.S. regulatory environment, preferably in  the
sectors  noted.  Candidates must be U.S. citizens, or holders  of
U.S.  green  card. Qualified candidates should send  resume  with
salary history to Greg Dooman via fax [703-351-6162] or  internet
[nathan@access.digex.net].   Please respond no later  than  April
28, 1995.

** 011 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Dave Stickney ( dave@caaa.freenet.kiev.ua )
Subject: Belarusian NGO Seeks Partnership/Assistance

Contact Info:

Christian Philanthropist Mission Emanuel

Stephan Komartschuk


The Republic of Belarus
225860 Kobren
Brestskoy Oblast
Ul Puganoba # 11

Fax:           (7) (01642) 22-975
Tel:                       27-209

Electronic mail translated then sent regular mail availible at:



This is a Private, Non-governmental Christian Organization

Mr. Stephan Komartschuk is an incredible man, He has purchased an army
training base and is converting it into a camp/treatment center for
the children of Chernobyl. He has accepted an incredible task, and is
funding it from his private money.

The Center is to include a clinic, as well as other facilities, but perhaps
just as important, a place for sick children to take a break from the
troubles of thier post-meltdown lives.

Please, if you or your organization can be of assistance, whether by
providing, material, funds, technical assistance, or support of any kind
please make contact with him.

With the smallest of imagination, you can grasp the scale of  this effort
that will affect the lifes of more than 500 children this summer alone.

Arrangements for tax deductable donations can be made if that is a

Please CrossPost as relevant.

More info contact:
David Stickney
CAAA Cherkassy Ukraine

257000 PO BOX #40 Cherkassy Ukraine               Dave@caaa.freenet.kiev.ua

PH (7) (0472) 47-56-69, Fax 47-74-36, Telex 147013 OBZOR UX, CAAA@SOVAM.COM
Fidonet: 2:4635/4.21      Unitycom: 16:257/4.21        CAAA is a Project of

** 012

Sender:  Center for Civil Society International ( ccsi@u.washington.edu )
Subject: Recent additions to CCSI's Internet site

Below is a list of files we have recently uploaded to our World Wide Web
site at Friends and Partners.  All of the files can be accessed from the
"New Files at This Site" option on CCSI's home page.  The URL for CCSI's
home page is:


For those without WWW browsers, we would be happy to mail these files
upon request.

                                Center for Civil Society International


   Uploaded March 29, 1995

     * Finding E-mail addresses in the NIS: A brief listing of some of
       the major tools people can use to find e-mail addresses in cities
       of the NIS. Compiled by Chris Kedzie and originally posted to the
       CivilSoc electronic mailing list. (3.1Kb)

     * Ukrainian Library in Moscow. Originally founded in the 1920s and
       closed in 1938, the Library's holdings include more than 13,000
       books and 8,500 periodicals on Ukrainian history, art, religion,
       and literature. (3.5Kb)

     * The Estonian youth association Res Publica, founded in 1989, is
       forming a chapter in the U.S. and seeks members. (2.4Kb)

     * Independent Association of Child Psychologists and Psychiatrists:
       A brief profile of this professional association founded in June
       1992 and based in Moscow. (2.5Kb)

     * Link A Family helps establish pen-pal relationships between
       families in Irkutsk and the Angarsk region of Siberia and families
       in Eugene, Oregon. (1.8Kb)

     * Seed Grant Program for NGOs in Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine
       requests grant proposals. Announcement posted on CivilSoc
       electronic mailing list 2/27/95 with no date given for application
       deadline. (4.2Kb)

     * International Science Foundation Announces Grant Assistance
       Program for non-profit and government organizations working to
       support scholarly research and education programs in the former
       Soviet Union and Baltic countries. (3.8Kb)

     * Organizations in Chita, a public society and a women's newspaper
       seek American partners. (1.6Kb)

     * Wheeled Mobility Center Aids Siberian Wheelchair Production:
       Working with Finist, the Novosibirsk Regional Disabled Sports
       Club, Wheeled Mobility Center has helped establish two private
       wheelchair production companies, a wheelchair repair shop, and an
       independent living center. (5.7kb)

     * Special Olympics Spreads Throughout NIS: Active in the NIS since
       1989, Special Olympics International (SOI) now has affiliates in
       13 NIS countries. SOI-Eurasia programs involve more than 60,000
       children and adults with mental retardation. Its programs include
       sponsoring athletic events, seminars, and public education.
       Profile include contact information for 13 SOI affiliates in NIS.
       (6.0 kb)

     * All-Russian Society of the Disabled: With 2.2 million members, the
       Society works to defend the rights of people with disabilities and
       to improve access to housing and other public buildings for
       disabled persons. (2.1kb)

     * St. Petersburg Federation of Physical Education and Sport for the
       Disabled: Founded in 1980 the Federation trains specialists in
       the field of physical education for the disabled. Federation
       members compete in a wide variety of sports competitions in Russia
       and abroad. (1.5kb)

     * Central Institute for Prosthetics: Designs and fits prostheses for
       2,000 people a year and seeks to establish a vocational training
       center for information technologies in Moscow. (1.5kb)

     * Civitan International: An international service club organization,
       founded in 1917, has 1,800 local affiliates throughout North
       America, Europe, and Asia, including new clubs in Ukraine and
       Russia. (2.2kb)

     * GlasNet: A non-profit telecommunications network created in 1991
       to serve th emerging non-governmental sector in the then USSR.
       GlasNet, with host computers in Moscow and Kiev and local dial-up
       facilities in 30 NIS cities, offers e-mail and access to the
       Internet. It also offers access to on-line forums which focus on
       such topics as current events in the NIS, environmental news, and
       women's issues. (6.8kb)

     * Internet Access Providers in the NIS: This list of e-mail
       providers in the NIS, with contact information, is available
       on-line. Compiled and updated monthly by Benoit Lips. (3.0kb)

     * Full Internet in Belarus: UNIBEL announces full Internet access
       for institutes and organizations in Belarus. (2.4kb)

** 013 **********************************************************************

Sender:  mac@MAINE.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell)
Subject: USAID Positions in Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus

                   USAID Position Announcement
This announcement appeared in the 8 April issue of The Economist,
and may be of interest to some members of the list.

The  United States Agency for International  Development  [USAID]
seeks  U.S.  citizens  to serve as  advisors  on  private  sector
activities,  humanitarian assistance, strengthening local  volun-
teer organization, democratic initiatives, energy, economics, and
municipal  finance/planing  for Ukraine,  Moldova,  and  Belarus.
Advisors  on  private sector activities will specialize  in  such
areas  as privatization, capital markets development,  commercial
law reform, tax policy, and economic restructuring.

The   positions  will  be  based  in  Kiev,   Ukraine.   Selected
individuals will be employed as Personal Services Contractors  to
USAID.   The initial contract term will be one or two  years  and
may be extended for up to a total of five years.

Selection criteria:

1. masters or Ph.D. degree in a pertinent field of study (persons
   with  a  bachelors degree and three years  experience  may  be
2. language  skills  in  one or more of  the  region's  languages
   (Russian, Ukrainian, Moldovan or Belarusian);
3. experience  with  the new Belarusian of  Central  and  Eastern
   Europe and the NIS; and
4. experience in one or more of the following:
   a. emergency  and humanitarian relief  assistance  acctivities
      and strengthening local volunteer organizations;
   b. democratic/political processes;
   c. economic analysis, housing and municipal  finance/planning,
      utilities management, investment banking, commercial law or
      antitrust,  policy  and  enforcement  (public  and  private
      sector),  securities, mergers and acquisitions, stock  bro-
      kerage or fund management, microbusiness development,  land
      privatization (rural and urban) and land markets.

Selected  individuals  must  pass a physical  examination  and  a
security investigation.

The  positions  will  be graded within the  Foreign  Service  pay
grades  of FS 04/FS 01 ($36,147 to $88,326). Salary will  be  de-
pendent  on final classification of the position,  qualifications
and  salary history of the individual. Housing in  Kiev,  travel,
moving  costs,  overseas allowances and other  benefits  will  be

Interested  applicants should submit a Standard Form 171 or  cur-
riculum vitae with salary history to:

M/OP/ENI/EPE, Room 1405, SA-14
Washington, DC 20523-1415

Applications must be received by April 24, 1995

** 014 **********************************************************************

Sender:  National Public Health and Hospital Institute ( nphhi@igc.apc.org )
Subject: NIS/CEE Health Bulletin (04-02-95)

I've attached the table of contents for the current edition of the
NIS/CEE Health Bulletin.  For a complete copy of the bulletin,
please send a request to me at nphhi@igc.apc.org.

Best regards,
Mark Storey
Director, NISHEALTH Clearinghouse


                          The NIS/CEE Health Bulletin
                              Volume 1, Number 20
                           20 March - 02 April 1995



1.    News from the American International Health Alliance (AIHA)
      Hospital Partnership Program:  Radiation Health Effects
      Research at Baylor College of Medicine

2.    NISHEALTH Document Series: Wellstart International--
      Maternal/Child Health Resources

3.    NISHEALTH Profile--Karakalpak Center of Human Reproduction &
      Family Planning "PERZENT"

4.    New USAID Partnerships Formed Under IREX

5.    Nursing Documents from the World Health Organization (WHO)

6.    NIS/CEE Health Care Issues: Infectious and Sexually-
      Transmitted Diseases

7.    Three Special Requests for Assistance

8.    Upcoming Events and Conferences

9.    The NISHEALTH Bulletin Board

10.   Other New NISHEALTH Documents

The NIS/CEE Health Bulletin is an information resource related to
health care and technical assistance to the former Soviet Union and
Eastern Europe.  The Bulletin is produced with the support of the
American International Health Alliance (AIHA) and the US Agency for
International Development through the AIHA Health Care
Clearinghouse (NISHEALTH).  The Bulletin includes a listing of
articles, reports, and other information made available through the
Clearinghouse.  To receive documents listed in the Bulletin, send
a message indicating the requested document numbers to
nphhi@igc.apc.org. Individuals may also request:

     a)   further information about subscribing to the NISHEALTH
          mailing list (Doc# INFO), and

     b)   a complete catalog of available documents (Doc# CATALOG)

from Clearinghouse Director, Mark Storey, mstorey@igc.apc.org.

** 015 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Funding Opportunity System ( funding@solar.rtd.utk.edu )
Subject: Rule of Law Russian Grants Program's Request for Proposals

 Rule of Law Russian Grants Program's Request for Proposals

 SPONSOR:  Agency for International Development

 SYNOPSIS:  The Rule of Law Consortium (ARD/Checchi Joint Venture)
 formally announces the second cycle of the Russia Rule of Law (ROL)
 Grants Program sponsored under the auspices of the United States
 Agency for International Development in order to create a stable legal
 and political environment for developing and strengthening Rule of Law
 in the transition to democratic, market-based society in Russia. The
 Russian Grants Program is soliciting proposals for projects which will
 be carried out in the Russian Federation through U.S. and Russian
 organizations that propose action-oriented programs that are designed
 to strengthen core legal institutions and processes (as well as civil
 society as it relates to legal development) in order to support
 general legal reform, encourage an orderly transition to a market-
 based economy, protect human rights, and limit the potential for
 arbitrary exercise of governmental power.

 DEADLINES:  1995-06-02

 OBJECTIVES:  Although support is not limited to any predetermined list
 of activities, the following are illustrative increasing public
 awareness and knowledge of laws and legal procedures; helping citizens
 organize to advocate changes in the legal system; helping citizens
 protect their individual and property rights; helping citizens utilize
 the legal system for the adjudication of conflict; developing systems
 of private and quasi-public alternative dispute resolution; helping
 the public remove legal and regulatory constraints on private sector
 commercial activities; helping the public establish constitutiona
 guarantees of private ownership, commercial activity and public
 accountability; developing a system of administrative law, public
 defenders' offices, and other oversight organizations, etc.

 RESTRICTIONS: Proposals are requested from U.S. not-for-profit, non-
 governmental and private voluntary organizations in co-partnership
 with corresponding entities in Russia.

 MONETARY: Awards may range anywhere from $5,000 to $100,000 depending
 on the actual needs of the project. All proposals require a 25% match
 from non-U.S. Government sources.


 CONTACT INFO: Barry O'Connor, Ph.D.; 1819 L Street, NW; Suite 500;
 Washington,  DC  20036


 Telephone:  202-861-0934

       FAX:  202-861-0513

 Email Address:  74763.1652@CompuServe.com

 Miscellaneous Information

 Program Number:  015594

 Source of Information: Commerce Business Daily;  1995-04-03; Section B


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