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WHAT'S NEW . . .

#01-10 April 95  New St. Petersburg Press Issue  

#02-10 April 95  New BISNIS WWW Server and 9 New BISNIS Documents

#03-10 April 95  New April Issue of Ecostan News      


#01-10 April 95  Sender:  sides@SDSC.EDU (Stephanie Sides)
                 Subject: Danger traveling in Russia outside of escorted tour?   

#02-10 April 95  Sender:  Robert Patrick ( shamrock@freenet.mb.ca )
                 Subject: Visiting Moscow   

#03-10 April 95  Sender:  Mattschenk@aol.com
                 Subject: Great Russian Music (x-post from INFO-RUSS)     

#04-10 April 95  Sender:  Igor Dybal 
                          ( ID0410%CMSUVMB.BitNet@PUCC.PRINCETON.EDU )
                 Subject: Food processing in Russia (x-post from RUSAG-L)     

#05-10 April 95  Sender:  liddy@sunrise.srl.rmit.edu.au (Liddy Nevile)
                 Subject: ICMI Conference     

#06-10 April 95  Sender:  "Viktor Borowsky" 
                          ( VBOROWSK@sn-slz--1.slz.uni-bonn.de )
                 Subject: back copies of the f&p digest     

#07-10 April 95  Sender:  "Peralta Losilla, Esteban" 
                          ( eperalta@MSF.UNIZAR.ES )
                 Subject: Constitutions of the World 
                          (x-post from FSU@Sovset.ORG)     
#08-10 April 95  Sender:  Funding Opportunity System 
                 Subject: Management of the Summer Institute for EFL Teacher 
                          Trainers in Eastern/Central Europe and the NIS   

#09-10 April 95  Sender:  dmidnes@raz.csc.ncsu.edu (Diane Midness)
                 Subject: ALL: Summer School of Russian Language and Area 
                          Studies (fwd)   
#10-10 April 95  Sender:  mac@MAINE.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell)
                 Subject: Director-Russian Language Program in St. Petersburg
#11-10 April 95  Sender:  mac@MAINE.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell)
                 Subject: Harvard Program on Macroeconomic Policy and 

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WHAT'S NEW . . .

*  The April 4 - 10, 1995 edition (Number 100) of the St. Petersburg Press 
   is now available from our News page.  

*  The United States Department of Commerce's Business Information Service
   for the Newly Independent States (BISNIS) has announced their Home 
   Page on the World Wide Web.    Those with access to the WWW can now
   access and retrieve recent issues of the "BISNIS Bulletin", trade 
   leads, country and commercial overviews for the NIS, and numerous reports 
   on sources of finance.This can be found from our Economics 
   page.  We have also added nine new documents to our archives beginning 
   with "Moscow Bread Industry: Close Up of a Market In Transition".  

*  The April edition of Ecostan News can be found from our Science Page.  
   This issue deals with the following topics:
       - Aral Water Quality 
       - The Aidar: Uzbekistan's Emerging Sea 
       - Tajikistan's Only National Park 90% Gone 
       - News From Turkmenbashi 
       - Turkmenistan Archaeologists 
       - Zoological Collections in Uzbekistan 
       - Migratory Birds as Ecological Indicators  


Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

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Sender:  sides@SDSC.EDU (Stephanie Sides)
Subject: Danger traveling in Russia outside of escorted tour?

Hi Friends and Parters --

My husband and I are planning to travel to St. Petersburg and Moscow in
early July and we have been warned by our travel agent that some people
believe it's no longer safe to travel there outside of an escorted tour.

I studied Russian for eight years through college and grad school (though
it's somewhat rusty now...) and was a student at Leningrad State University
in 1981.  I remember it being completely safe for a foreign woman to walk
alone at night on the streets.

Because of my language background, I feel we can tour the well known sites
just fine on our own.  But now we're unsure.  Can anyone offer advice in
this regard?  We're also planning on taking the overnight train from St.
Petersburg to Moscow and wonder if that might not put us in a vulnerable
situation. Please tell me this is just my overreacting to western press and
tour operators' interest in charging people like me twice the cost for the
same services...

Stephanie Sides

Stephanie Sides
Manager, Information Services
San Diego Supercomputer Center
P.O. Box 85608
San Diego, CA 92186-9784
(619)534-5117 (FAX)
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Sender:  Robert Patrick ( shamrock@freenet.mb.ca )
Subject: Visiting Moscow

I am planning a trip to Moscow sometime between now and the middle of
Sept. In preparation I am running into two problem areas where my lack of
experience is causing some dismay.

The first problem is my lack of understanding of a visitor visa. My host
seems apprehensive in providing an invitation letter. It is being sent
but my friend could not tell me of the reason for concern. Does anybody
know of anything re: visitor visa, or traveling with a visitor visa that
I should know about?

The second problem, I want to stay in a Russian hotel, not in Moscow, but
in a near by town or village. I can't seem to get a North American travel
agent to help. In my many trips to Europe I could arrive in a city by
train or plane and find a kiosk where I could get a reso6nable room away
from Tourist heaven, Can I do that on arrival in Moscow?

I will be glad to receive any help in these areas to my email address.

Robert Patrick                                      shamrock@freenet.mb.ca
PHBX Telecommunications                             fax/phone 204 992-2197

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Sender:  Mattschenk@aol.com
Subject: Great Russian Music (x-post from INFO-RUSS)

To all who love great Russian Music (with a question):

About three years ago, my wife and I saw a performance at SUNY Stony Brook of
a Russian Group called Tverbul.  They are amazing.  They are a combination of
actors, musicians...just great.  I have wanted to follow them, see if they
have any new music out, if they are doing any more American performanced.
 The problem is, I don't know how to find out about them.

Does anyone on this network know of Tverbul, and if so, could you share what
you know with me (if anybody is interested too, write to me and I promise
to share whatever information I got, with you directly).


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Sender:  Igor Dybal ( ID0410%CMSUVMB.BitNet@PUCC.PRINCETON.EDU )
Subject: Food processing in Russia (x-post from RUSAG-L)

Dear Netters:

Is anyone aware of someone who maybe interested in pursuing   food processing
opportunities in Russia? I know of a co. in Belarus that is looking for Western
partner in potato chips, dairy, meat and sausage manufacturing.

I maybe reached at id0410@cmsuvmb.bitnet or by FAX: 816-543-8001


Igor Dybal


 From: Brent McCunn ( bmccunn@WERPLE.MIRA.NET.AU )
 Subject:      Re: Food processing in Russia
 X-To:         Russian Agriculture ( RUSAG-L@UMDD.UMD.EDU )
 To: Multiple recipients of list RUSAG-L ( RUSAG-L@UMDD.BITNET )

 Hello. Yes I would be interested in making contact with someone interested
 in food processing possibilities. We are involved in inbound tourism from
 Russia and Ukraine. I have already helped organise a group of Russian
 business men to visit facilities here in Victoria Australia. W haev very
 good facilities for this type of business and several sample shipments
 have gone to Russia already. In addition to operating inbound tourism we
 are also involved in business consultation.  From Brent McCunn
 Passport Travel Melbourne Australia. Fax (3)8223956. I go overseas on
 business 09/04 until 22/04 and will be in the office until 08/04
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Sender:  liddy@sunrise.srl.rmit.edu.au (Liddy Nevile)
Subject: ICMI Conference

Please visit our web pages to find out more about the ICMI Conference being
hosted in Australia in April.   They are located at:

 If you do not have access to web pages, you may wish to email us for
information - rcme@rmit.edu.au

We are offering a range of electronic facilities which will be launched at
the RCME meeting but form the basis of future interactions among
mathematics educators and others who work with them, we hope.

Liddy Nevile
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Sender:  "Viktor Borowsky" ( VBOROWSK@sn-slz--1.slz.uni-bonn.de )
Subject: back copies of the f&p digest

Hi, friends,

Would it be possible to get the f&p digests of January and February
95 (before Feb. 20, 95)? Thank you very much in advance.


NOTE:  F&P listserv subscribers can receive any back issues of the
       digests by submitting the following one-line email message
       to listproc@solar.rtd.utk.edu

       get friends YYMMDD

       (where YYMMDD is the date of the desired back-issue - 
        example: 950329 would yield the March 29, 1995 issue)

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Sender:  "Peralta Losilla, Esteban" ( eperalta@MSF.UNIZAR.ES )
Subject: Constitutions of the World (x-post from FSU@Sovset.ORG) 

Date: Tue, 04 Apr 1995 15:00:43 -0700 (PDT)
)From: Jeff Lindberg ( jlindber@uofport.edu )
To: fsu@Sovset.ORG
Reply-To: FSU@Sovset.ORG

Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the Polish constitution
translated into english?

Jeff Lindberg 

Try this URL:


It is the server maintained by the International Association of Constitutional
Law, and includes some constitutions and links to other sources.

Good luck
Esteban Peralta Losilla                                    Phone: +34-76-356204
Derecho internacional publico                                Fax: +34-76-550080
Facultad de Derecho                              e-mail: eperalta@msf.unizar.es
Ciudad Universitaria

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Sender:  Funding Opportunity System 
Subject: Management of the Summer Institute for EFL Teacher Trainers 
         in Eastern/Central Europe and the NIS

 Management of the Summer Institute for EFL Teacher Trainers
 in Eastern/Central Europe and the NIS

 SPONSOR:  United States Information Agency

 SYNOPSIS:  The United States Information Agency will fund projects to
 conduct a summer institute for up to 20 English as a Foreign Language
 (EFL) teacher trainers from Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech
 Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Lativia, Lithuania, Macedonia,
 Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Ukraine.

 DEADLINES:  1995-04-21

 OBJECTIVES:  Projects should prepare the participants to coordinate
 EFL teacher training activities in their respective countries upon
 their return.

 RESTRICTIONS: Public or private nonprofit organizations.

 MONETARY: There is no specific setaside. Grants awarded to
 institutions with less than four years' experience running
 international exchange programs will not exceed $60,000.


 CONTACT INFO: Marguerite Hess; 301 Fourth Street, SW; Room 304; E/ELP;
 Washington,  DC  20547


 Telephone:  202-619-5869

       FAX:  202-401-1250

 Miscellaneous Information

 Program Number:  007767

 Source of Information: Federal Register;  1995-03-30; p. 16529

** 009 **********************************************************************

Sender:  dmidnes@raz.csc.ncsu.edu (Diane Midness)
Subject: ALL: Summer School of Russian Language and Area Studies (fwd)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 95 09:16 CST
)From: Minchew@act-washdc-po.act.org
To: novae-outgoing@crow.csrv.uidaho.edu
Subject: ALL: Summer School of Russian Language and Area Studies

          My children have participated in a program similar to the
          one described below and found it very worthwhile. While I do
          not personally know this particular program, I am forwarding
          the posting with the hope that it may be of interest.


          Daniel Minchew
          ACT * American College Testing
          One Dupont Circle, NW, # 340
          Washington, DC 20036-1170

          202 223-2318 - Telephone
          202 293-2223 - Fax
   Dear colleagues:

   We would  like to  invite your  students to take part in the Summer
   School  of   European  Languages  and  Culture,  sponsored  by  the
   International Institute of Russian Language and Culture.

   The Summer School will be held in the city of Tver, Russia, between
   June 26  and August  28, 1995. This program will be co-sponsored by
   the Tver Departments of Education and Culture and the International
   Institute of  Russian Language  at Tver  InterContact Group.  Among
   participants there  will be  more than  100 students  from  Russian
   higher education  institutions and  high schools.  Foreign students
   are invited  to take  part in the Russian Language and Area Studies
   Program of the Summer School described below.

   The  academic   and  cultural   program  is   free  of   charge  to
   participants.                                 -----------------

   Could  you   also  recommend   us  contact-addresses  (persons  and
   institutions) in  your country  that  may  be  interested  in  this

   Thank you  for your  time and  attention to  our request.  We  look
   forward to  seeing your  students among  the  participants  of  the
   Summer School.


   Dr Marina Oborina
   Academic Program Director

   Tel:      +7.0822.425439 or .425439
   Fax:      +7.095.2302260 or .9730144
   Telex:    614587 INTER RU
   Access from Internet:/S=INTERCONTACT/O=TVER.SN/@sovmail.sprint.com


   The Institute for International Communication and the International
   Institute  of  Russian  Language  and  Culture  are  two  non-state
   educational centers  which have  combined their  efforts to form an
   extensive educational  project.  The  project  allows  students  of
   secondary and  higher  educational  institutions  from  Russia  and
   abroad to  get to know each other better during their multicultural
   classes in  the humanities  and their  tours and  trips to the most
   remarkable locations of Russia.

   The Russian  and foreign  participants of  the program will work in
   creative workshops,  exploring traditional Russian art, i.e., icon-
   painting, folk  songs and  dances. Various Summer School events and
   parties in  our Linguistic  Cafe will  help the  students to  get a
   better understanding  of each  other, as  young people all over the
   world want  to preserve  our planet for a happy and active life. To
   achive understanding  and confidence in this plain idea is the goal
   and inspiration of the Summer School.

   The  organising  and  sponsoring  parties,  i.e.,  the  Educational
   Department  of   Tver  City   Administration,  the   Institute  for
   International Communication,  and the  International  Institute  of
   Russian  Language  and  Culture  at  Tver  InterContact  Group  are
   responsible for  the success  of this  program and are promoting it

   The organisers  of  the  Summer  School  welcome  everyone  who  is
   interested in  spending some  exciting time  in the  very heart  of
   Russia and  communicating  with  their  Russian  peers.  We  invite
   students, teachers,  business people,  and tourists  of any age and
   trade. We are in search of partipants who are attracted more by the
   active exploration  of a  national culture,  language,  and  people
   rather than boring sightseeing through a tour bus window, caught in
   the vice of a package tour schedule.

   We are  looking forward  to co-operation  with municipal  and mass-
   media officials, administration of schools, colleges, universities,
   travel agencies,  culture centers, teachers of the Russian language
   and literature and everyone who might be interested in recommending
   a rewarding  holiday in Tver to their clients, colleagues, students
   and friends.

   L O C A T I O N

   The Summer  School will  be located  in the ancient Russian city of
   Tver on the Volga. With half a million inhabitants and a wide range
   of museums,  theaters,  concert  halls  and  students  centers,  it
   provides  excellent   opportunities  for  recreational  activities,
   education, and  cultural enrichment.  The bulk of the academic part
   of the  program will  be taught  in the classrooms of the Institute
   for International  Communication and the International Institute of
   Russian Language  and Culture, which are situated in the historical
   center of  Tver, Tryokhsvyatskaya Street. This pedestrian street is
   one of  the attractions  in Tver.  Townsfolk call  it "Tver  Arbat"
   because of  its architectural  resemblance to  the  original  Arbat
   Street  in   Moscow,  one   of  the   most  beloved  locations  for
   entertainment, relaxation  and shopping  to  visitors  and  natives
   alike. Tryokhsvyatskaya  Street is within walking distance from the
   ancient city  park and  the right  bank of  the great Russian river
   Volga which originates from the lakes of the Tver region.

   D A T E S

   The School  begins on  June  26,  1995  through  August  28,  1995.
   Prospective participants  may enroll  for 2  to 8  weeks and select
   from several  programs of  study, tours,  excursions, and  ways  of
   spending their  free time  according to  their liking. We offer the
   following three types of programs:

   A    short program (2 weeks) beginning on June 26, July 10,
        July 24, and August 7

   B    medium duration program (3-4 weeks) beginning on June 26 and
        July 24

   C    full program (6-8 weeks) beginning on June 26 and July 10


   The Summer School curriculum includes four essential components

        - Russian language course (levels beginners to advanced) -
          8 to 16 hours per week

        - Seminars and lectures on the humanities and area studies -
          2 to 8 hours per week

        - Creative workshops and classes - 2 to 8 hours per week

        - Recreational activities (excursions, dancing parties,
          sports events, barbeques etc.) Their number depends on the
          length of one's program and individual preference.

   NB:      All foreign  participants with sufficient knowledge of the
   Russian language will be able to attend any classes for the Russian
   participants. All recreational events and excursions are common for
   Russian and foreign students.

   On completion  of the  program every  student receives  the  Course
   Certificate in Russian and English with the detailed description of
   the courses completed.

   A  T y p i c a l  W e e k  S c h e d u l e
   Monday through Thursday                      Friday through Sunday

   09:30-11:00 Russian language                 Recreational
                                                and sports events,
   11:20-12:50 Russian Language                 excursions etc.
               for Specific Purposes

   12:50-14:00 Lunch

   14:20-15:50 Seminar or lecture on the
               humanities or area studies

   16:00-17:20 Excursions
               and cultural program

   After 18:00 Parties, sports events

   Russian language courses program
    - A communicative Russian language course including video and
      musical phonetics lessons for all levels
    - Structure of the modern Russian language
    - History of the Russian language
    - Text interpretation and analytical reading course
    - Translation and Interpretation
    - Russian language (Business and Business Communication)
    - Teaching of Russian as a foreign language

   The humanities and area studies
    - Landmarks of the Russian history. From Kievan Russia to modern
    - Politics of Russian reforms: reality and perspectives
    - Youth movements in Russia
    - Modern system of the secondary and higher education in Russia
    - Place of Russia in the world today
    - Social and geographic overview of modern Russia and countries
      of the Commonwealth of Independent States
    - Great Russian Writers
    - Modern literary movements in Russia
    - Russian religious philosophy
    - History of the Russian Orthodox Church
    - Tendencies of the restoration of the Russian religious mindset
    - Tver icon painting school and Russian traditions of icon
    - Introduction into Russian art
    - Russian musical folkloristics
    - Cinematography in Russia today

   Cultural program
    - Classes in folk and modern ballroom dances
    - Creative art workshop (fine and applied arts)
    - Classes in folk music (the Russian romance)


   Dr Elena Tolkacheva, Head of the Institute of the Russian Language
   and Culture
   Dr Stanislav Krestinsky, Head of the Institute for International

   Russian language courses
      Dr Nina Fedotova, head instructor
      Ms Olga Kashevarova, instructor
      Ms Valentina Nefeydeva, instructor

   The humanities and area studies
      Prof. Dr Georgy Bogin, philology and hermeneutics, text
      analysis and interpretation
      Prof. Dr Ivan Susov, general linguistics, history of language
      Dr Natalia Galeeva, Theory and practice of translation and
      Dr Yuriy Varzonin, general linguistics, cultural studies,
      studies of literature
      Prof. Dr Victor Milovidov, studies of literature, cultural
      Dr Alexander Gurin, history, area studies
      Dr Natalia Surovegina, Russian philosophy, history of religion
      Mr Valeriy Smirnov, history of cinematography
      Dr Alexander Fillipov, musicology

   Cultural studies
      Mr Gennadiy Klyushin, President of Tver Artists Union,
      Dr Tatjana Boitsova, history of Russian traditional art, art
      Ms Iraida Rumyantseva, Russian folk songs, workshop
      Ms Natalia Sysueva, Russian townsfolk music, workshop
      Mr Pyotr Zazvonov, Russian ballroom and folk dance, workshop


   Depending on  the type  of program  (short, medium  or  full),  the
   following activities  will be  offered to  the participants  of the

   For 2 week courses
    - A Trip around the city
    - A Visit to the Local Lore Museum with a traditional tea-
      drinking ritual
    - A Boat trip along the Volga
    - A Trip to Torzhok, an excursion in the Museum of the Russian
      wooden architecture, a visit to the  gold embroidery workshops
    - A Yacht trip along the Volga
    - A Trip to Moscow including a visit to the Red Square and Arbat
    - A visit to the Tver Fine Arts Gallery
    - A visit to Tver artists' workshop (icon-painting, glass
      sculpture, ceramics, painting, drawing)

   For medium duration courses
    - All those listed above
    - Trip to Ostashkov. Visit to ancient Russian monastery Nilova
      Pustyn on Lake Seliger. Barbecue.

   For full programme courses
    - All those listed for medium duration courses
    - Trip to Saint Petersburg
    - Trip to Sergiev Posad - centre of the Russian Orthodox Church


   All participants are offered two standard types of accommodation:
    - Living with a carefully chosen Russian family (a separate room
      for one);
    - A shared apartment in a small sanatorium.

   Both options include half board: breakfast and supper.

   Catering during  trips isn't  included and the student will have to
   pay for his/her own expenses.


   Through generous  local sponsorship  all Summer  School courses are
   absolutely free of charge. Participants arrive to Russia and depart
   at their  own expenses.  In Tver students will have to pay a modest
   fee (approx. $150 per week), which includes catering, board, accom-
   modation, main trips  and excursions  expenses. Optional excursions
   can be organised on a group request for an additional fee.

   To enroll  in any  Summer School  program,  contact  us  via  mail,
   telephone, fax,  telex or  electronic mail.  Please  indicate  your
   exact address  to make  our exchange  of information  and necessary
   documents more  expedient. The School will arrange for meetings and
   transfers from  Moscow international  transport terminals  and will
   see for  transfers to  airport or  railway stations of Moscow after
   the completion of the School.


   If you  would like  to enroll  or receive  more information  please

   Dr Marina Oborina
   Academic Programs Director

   Mr Jason Jarrell or Ms Michelle McKee
   International Admissions Assistants

   International Institute of Russian Language and Culture
   c/o Tver InterContact Group
   PO Box 0565, Central Post Office
   Tver 170000, Russia

   Tel:      +7.0822.425439 or .425439
   Fax:      +7.095.2302260 or .9730144
   Telex:    614587 INTER RU
   Access from Internet:/S=INTERCONTACT/O=TVER.SN/@sovmail.sprint.com

** 010 **********************************************************************

Sender:  mac@MAINE.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell)
Subject: Director-Russian Language Program in St. Petersburg

The following CIEE positions in St. Petersburg, Russia may be  of
interest to members of the list.  Please direct inquiries to  the
address at the end of the announcement.
   Resident Director and Assistant Resident Director Positions
         CIEE Russian Language Program in St. Petersburg
The   Council  on  International  Educational   Exchange   (CIEE)
seeks  applications  for  the  positions  of  Resident   Director
and   Assistant  Resident  Director  at  CIEE's   Council   Study
Center in St. Petersburg for the 1995-6 Academic Year.

The  Resident  Director  will act as the  on-site  supervisor  of
the  academic  programs  at St.  Petersburg  University  and  St.
Petersburg  Gornyi Institut.  S/he will act as  liaison   between
students and Russian faculty as well as between Russian  adminis-
trators and CIEE headquarters in New York.

For this position CIEE requires near-native fluency in Russian as
well  as experience with the Russian university system.   Prefer-
ence  will  be given to candidates with a Ph.D or  equivalent  in
Russian  Language or Area Studies.  Previous group leadership  in
Russia is also highly desirable.

The  Assistant Resident Director is responsible to  the  Resident
Director to give help as needed.  In addition, s/he will  oversee
the non-academic portion of the program including field trips and
cultural  excursions.   For the position  of  Assistant  Resident
Director, CIEE requires near-native fluency in Russian as well as
knowledge  of the Russian university system.  Preference will  be
given  to candidates with an M.A. or equivalent in  Russian  lan-
guage  or Area Studies.  Previous group leadership in  Russia  is
also highly desirable.

For both positions, experience in St. Petersburg is a plus.

Please send letter and C.V. with your contact coordinates to:

                          Karen Dubrule
            Program Manager-Russia and Central Europe
                       University Programs
          Council on International Educational Exchange
                      205 East 42nd Street
                    New York, NY  10017-5706

For additional information and complete job descriptions,  please
feel free to contact CIEE at the following coordinates:

                 Tel: [212] 661-1414, ext. 1186
                    EMail: KDubrule@ciee.org

** 011 **********************************************************************

Sender:  mac@MAINE.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell)
Subject: Harvard Program on Macroeconomic Policy and Management

                      June 26-August 4, 1995
                        Harvard University
                   Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

*The Program*

The  Harvard Institute for International Development (HIID)  will
offer  a six-week Program on Macroeconomic Policy and  Management
in  July/August, 1995.  The Program will focus  on  macroeconomic
issues  in developing and transitional economies. It is  designed
for  analysts and policy makers -- public servants,  consultants,
journalists, teachers of public policy, and staff of donor organ-
izations  - who are involved with a broad range of  macroeconomic
policy  problems, including those associated with adjustment  and
stabilization  programs.   The curriculum of  the  workshop  will
reflect  the  teaching,  research, and  advisory  experiences  of
Harvard  faculty and associated colleagues and will be guided  by
HIID's  world-wide experience with economic policy  analysis  and
reform.  The focus of the program is on the design of  strategies
for macroeconomic management through an enhanced understanding of
macro  and  sectoral policy linkages.  As with other  HIID  work-
shops,  there will be an emphasis on learning practical  concepts
and  techniques of policy analysis and management.  Through  lec-
tures, case study analysis, micro-computer exercises, and  policy
simulation  games, participants will improve their  knowledge  of
and applied skills in many aspects of macro-economic  management.
A certificate will be presented to those completing the program.


Recent macroeconomic policy reforms in developing and transition-
al economies have been controversial because of the complexity of
problems,  poor  policy design, and  political  constraints  that
limit the scope for effective action. Yet improvements in econom-
ic  performance and in human welfare are possible  through  sound
analysis and policy management.  HIID will expose participants in
this  Program  to the core ideas influencing the design  of  most
macroeconomic  polices, the key controversies, and promising  new
ideas  emerging  from  recent research and  analysis  of  country
experience.   The principal goals of this workshop are to:

1) enhance and broaden the conceptual framework used by macroeco-
   nomic managers and analysts,
2) improve their skills in the design and management of  economic
   policy, and
3) develop  capacity for applying practical analytical  tools  to
   the solution of common policy problems.

Additional objectives are to enhance the quality of dialogue  and
negotiations between governments and international donor agencies
over  issues of macroeconomic policy, and to improve the  quality
of journalistic analyses on the subject.


      * Exchange Rate and Balance of Payments Management
      * Fiscal Policy, Monetary Management and Inflation
      * Interactions between Domestic and Trade Policies
      * Sequencing of Policy Reforms
      * Management of the Government Budget
      * Macroeconomic Reform with Large State-Owned Enterprise
      * Managing Transition from Stabilization to Economic Growth
      * Designing Safety Nets for the Poor During Economic
      * Using Computer-Based Models' Results for Macroeconomic
        Policy Design

*Study Method*

The Program will focus on the use of basic concepts in  economics
to define and analyze policy problems and will consider the scope
and limits of real world applications.  Stress will be placed  on
"learning  by doing", applying practical analytical concepts  and
tools to the solution of common policy problems.

Critical  issues  in macroeconomic policy and related  trade  and
sectoral  policies  will  be introduced in  lecture  modules  and
reinforced  by applied exercises and problem  sets.   Application
techniques,  case  studies, and exercises will  be  discussed  in
small-group  sessions.  Participants will employ  these  concepts
and  skills  in HIID- designed  macroeconomic  policy  simulation
exercises  and in country-specific analyses and case studies.   A
"mini-workshop"  on economic modeling and the  interpretation  of
model  results  for  policy making will be  conducted.  Aimed  at
policy managers rather than researchers, this part of the Program
will introduce participants to the scope and limits of the  World
Bank's Revised Minimum Standard Model (RMSM-X), computable gener-
al equilibrium (CGE) models, and multi-market models for sectoral
analysis.   Although  participants will design and  build  simple
models, the objective is to introduce the mechanics and  applica-
tion of these models to policy problems, not to develop  advanced
model building skills. Although it is preferred that participants
have  basic  micro-computer  spreadsheet skills, this  is  not  a
requirement, and training in this area will be offered in supple-
mental sessions.


The  teaching  faculty for the workshop will include  staff  from
HIID and other Harvard instructors who have worked throughout the
world  on  macroeconomic policy and related  sectoral  and  trade
policy. Presentations will be arranged featuring visiting faculty
from  international  organizations, other universities,  and  re-
search institutes with experience on a variety of related topics.


The workshop will be offered in English and is open to  individu-
als who are responsible for or interested in macroeconomic policy
management,  analysis,  and negotiations. It will be  of  special
interest to senior and mid-career staff in:

     * Ministries of finance and planning
     * Central banks
     * Key sectoral ministries
     * International development agencies
     * Universities offering a policy-oriented curriculum
     * Private consulting firms
     * Publications reporting on economic affairs

Participants generally should hold an MA degree (or its  equival-
ent)  in economics or a related discipline,  although  sufficient
experience  in  policy analysis at the mid-career level  will  be
considered a substitute.


Harvard University is located in Cambridge, situated just  across
the Charles river from Boston. Training sessions will be given on
the   Harvard  campus. Accommodation will be  provided  at  North
Hall,  a  former hotel now operated by Harvard  Law  School.  The
facility  offers single rooms with private baths and  air  condi-
tioning.  Participants are expected to arrange their  own  meals.
Housing facilities are not available for family members.


The  fee  for the six-week program is $9,850.   This  fee  covers
tuition,  course materials, use of microcomputers, housing,  some
recreational  activities, and the use of Harvard's  athletic  and
health  facilities. Also included is a four-day-long trip to  the
World  Bank/IMF and other institutions involved in  macroeconomic
policy issues in Washington, D.C.  Fees should be paid in full by
June 15, 1995.

In addition, participants must arrange and pay for travel between
their  homes and Boston. They will also require sufficient  funds
to  cover  meals, taxi fares, laundry, telephone calls,  and  any
other  incidental expenses. We suggest a minimum of $40  per  day
for a total of $1,680. An additional allowance of $100 for  ship-
ping course materials home is also recommended.


Participants  are  generally  sponsored by their  employer  or  a
funding  organization.  The Macroeconomic Policy  and  Management
Program  cannot provide financial assistance.  Candidates  should
contact  potential sponsors as soon as possible;  training  funds
are often limited and the approval process can be lengthy.

Agencies offering financial assistance for training include  UNDP
(United  Nations  Development Programme), The World  Bank,  USAID
(United  States  Agency  for  International  Development),   CIDA
(Canadian International Development Agency), SIDA (Swedish Inter-
national  Development Authority), and the development  banks  and
donor organizations.

*How to Apply*

Interested  candidates should complete the  program  application,
attached  below,  and  forward  the  application  by  e-mail  to:


Applications  should be submitted no later than April  15,  1995.
Provisional  acceptance  can  be given  to  qualified  candidates
pending  evidence of full financial sponsorship, which should  be
received by the Institute no later than May 1, 1995. The workshop
is  limited to 40 participants, and early application is  encour-
aged. The Program dates are June 26-August 4, 1995.

Letters or fax transmissions should be addressed to:

Ms. Erin Sands
Program on Macroeconomic Policy and Management
Harvard Institute for International Development
One Eliot Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts  02138

TEL:: +1-617-495-9779
FAX:  +1-617-496-2911 or 495-0527
Telex (RCA): 275276 (HIID UR)
TWX: 7103200315 (answer back: HIID)

We look forward to hearing from you!

                        APPLICATION FORM
         Harvard Institute for International Development
       1995 Program on Macroeconomic Policy and Management

Name (Last/First/Middle):

Date of Birth (Month/Day/Year):

Sex (Male/Female):

Country of Birth:

Country of Citizenship:

Permanent Address:

Home Telephone # (including country/city code):

Business Telephone # (including country/city code):

FAX # (including country/city code):


EMAIL address:

Education:  University degree of professional qualification:

     Dates attended:

     Dates attended:

     Dates attended:

Employment  Information:   Employer, current  position,  date  of
appointment and a brief description of your present duties.

Previous  Employment:  Please describe, as above,  any  pertinent
previous positions:

If  accepted  to  the program, how do you plan  to  finance  your
tuition and expenses?:

Date of application (month/day/year):

Please forward to:  esands@hiid.harvard.edu

Erin Sands
Project Administrator
Harvard Institute for International Development (HIID)
One Eliot Street
Cambrige, MA  02138
TEL: +1-617-495-9779
FAX: +1-617-495-0527
EMAIL: esands@hiid.harvard.edu


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