Digest for 95-03-10

Dear Friends,

We announce a new information resource today of potential interest to many
of our F&P readers.  Yury Avrutin has created an on-line English-Russian
and Russian-English dictionary and thesaurus of over 10,000 computer and
technical terms and expressions.  It is searchable and it handles various
Russian encodings automatically and 'on-the-fly'.  Please check it out from
the language page or via URL http://solar.rtd.utk.edu/cgi-bin/slovar.  We
are SO thankful to Yury for his work in creating this useful and
technically innovative new resource.

                          Table of Contents

WHAT'S NEW . . .

#01-10 March 95  English-Russian, Russian-English Dictionary and
                 Thesaurus of Computer Terms

#02-10 March 95  The Association of Scientific Societies of Russia's
                 Second Congress

#03-10 March 95  Russian Studies WWW Site

#04-10 March 95  The Social Summit Home Page

#05-10 March 95  The Global Fund for Women


#01-10 March 95  Sender:  Yury@interport.net (Yury Avrutin)
                 Subject: English-Russian, Russian-English Dictionary
                          of Computer Terms

#02-10 March 95  Sender:  MarkW90344@aol.com
                 Subject: Valentina

#03-10 March 95  Sender:  "Kesner, James S."   jsk4@NIOBBS1.EM.CDC.GOV
                 Subject: Request a Computer Donation

#04-10 March 95  Sender:  "Mike Smith"   mike@rabc.tsaritsyn.su
                 Subject: Hospitals in Volgograd need assistance

#05-10 March 95  Sender:  RCCROCKETT@life.uams.edu
                 Subject: Seeking a penpal and Bulletin Board Info

#06-10 March 95  Sender:  Mohamed Koubiti   med@piima1.univ-mrs.fr
                 Subject: Server adresses

#07-10 March 95  Sender:  Curtis Brautigam   chc17@netaxs.com
                 Subject: Soviet memorabilia

#08-10 March 95  Sender:  Jitka M Hurych   c60jxh1@corn.cso.niu.edu
                 Subject: American University in Moscow?

#09-10 March 95  Sender:  Tim Mason/HNS   Tim_Mason/HNS.HNS@notesgw.hns.com
                 Subject: Information on living in Mockba needed

#10-10 March 95  Sender:  "mille157@maroon.tc.umn.edu"
                 Subject: Re: Importing and selling Russian products

#11-10 March 95  Sender: Yash Holbrook (jwholbro@ouray.cudenver.edu)
                 Subject: Env. & Industrial Pollution Hazards

APPENDIX:        LISTSERV address & basic procedures


WHAT'S NEW . . .

*  Yury Avrutin has just completed a wonderful new resource, the
   English-Russian, Russian-English Dictionary of Computer Terms -
   available from the language page and from URL:
   http://solar.rtd.utk.edu/cgi-bin/slovar   .  Our thanks to Yury
   for his innovative work in making this resource possible and
   for allowing "Friends and Partners" to host it.  For more information,
   please see email message #001 below.

*  The Association of Scientific Societies of Russia ("Soyuz Nauchnych
   Obshchestv Rossii" - (SNOR) held its Second Congress in Moscow,
   February 6-7, 1995.  The goal of this society is to revive the
   traditional role of scientific societies in Russia after many years
   of government dominance.  SNOR, consisting of 47 Russian scientific
   societies, aims to help form important partnerships between scientists,
   the government and the Parliament.  Christine Glenday has written an
   an excellent summary of this meeting for The NSF/EUROPE Report No. 75,
   which can be found from our Science page.  Our thanks to Steve
   Goldstein for sharing this report with us.

*  Professor Andreas Lixl-Purcell of the The University of North Carolina
   at Greensboro's Department of German and Russian has developed the
   Russian Studies World Wide Web site.  This site has lots of great
   information for those who want to improve their language skills or
   learn more about the Former Soviet Union.  It even has a section on
   Russian myths and humor.  Be sure to check this site out from our "More
   Information page".  Thanks to Tammy Benshoof for the reference!

*  The Social Summit Home Page is bringing the news of what is happening at
   The United Nations World Summit for Social Development which is being
   held in Copenhagan through March 12th. Daily reports have been
   published and there is even a link to see what the youth of the world
   think about this conference.  For more information about this
   conference, visit our News page.

*  The Global Fund for Women is an international grantmaking organization
   which provides funds for groups that are committed to women's
   well-being and and full participation in society, encourages increased
   support worldwide for women's programs, provides leadership in
   promoting the importance of women's participation internationally and,
   gives support to women's groups working on issues that are considered,
   emerging, controversial, or difficult.  Look at our Funding and
   Exchange Opportunities page for more information about this


Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

** 001 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Yury@interport.net (Yury Avrutin)
Subject: English-Russian, Russian-English Dictionary of Computer Terms

I am very happy to announce the availability of English-Russian,
Russian-English Dictionary and Thesaurus of Computer Terms on the Web at
http://solar.rtd.utk.edu/cgi-bin/slovar. Dictionary-by-mail is also possible
-- see below for complete instructions on e-mail usage or send mail with
HELP in the subject to slovar@solar.rtd.utk.edu

Big thanks to Greg and Natasha for hosting this Dictionary on the F&P site
and to Eugene Druker and Paul Druker for their permission to use the source

Yury Avrutin

** 002 **********************************************************************

Sender:  MarkW90344@aol.com
Subject: Valentina

I'm trying to locate Valentina Tomarevekaya who was my doctor and a captain
in the Russian army in 1945. She may be in Latvia.
Thank you,

** 003 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Kesner, James S."   jsk4@NIOBBS1.EM.CDC.GOV
Subject: Request a Computer Donation

I have received a request for a computer from a friend and colleague in
Tallinn, Estonia.  Her son has been diagnosed with "tired eyes" and has
been prescribed to use a computer for the blind.  She has access to the
software and a programmer that could modify an IBM PC/XT/AT with a IBM 386
VGA or 486 SVGA monitor for this purpose.

Does anyone have insight into who might be able and willing to donate this
computer for her son?  Many thanks,

James Kesner, Ph.D.
3431 Duncan Avenue
Cincinnati, OH  45208
Tel: 513-533-8208 [work]
     513-533-0637 [home]

** 004 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Mike Smith"   mike@rabc.tsaritsyn.su
Subject: Hospitals in Volgograd need assistance

        I am a Peace Corps volunteer in Volgograd.  We have received a
request through a local government official for aid to the local hospitals.
There is an expressed need for funds, medicines, and equipment.  The problem
is indicated as urgent.

        Here is what I think is happening.  Prior to the Chechnya conflict,
the civilian hospitals received funding, supplies, and use of equipment that
was allocated to the military hospitals, but not needed.  With the military
hospitals being utilized, these excess resources suddenly dried up.  The
civilian hospitals are now, suddenly, underfunded.

        I am here on an economic development assignment and have no contacts
or experience in the humanitarian aid field.  We have tried contacts with
Catholic Relief Services, Project Hope, and International Red Cross, but are
not being heard, probably because we are not reaching the right office or

        I would appreciate assistance in making contacts with any relief or
humanitarian agency that might be able to provide assistance.  I will put
them in direct contact with the hospitals and they can assess for themselves
the severity of the problem and possible solutions.  E-mail is the best form
for communication.  Please send responses to mike@rabc.tsaritsyn.su

        Thanking everyone in advance,           Mike Smith
                                                Peace Corps

** 005 **********************************************************************

Sender:  RCCROCKETT@life.uams.edu
Subject: Seeking a penpal and Bulletin Board Info

        I am interested in a Hungarian English speaking penpal.  I seek to
broaden my knowledge of Hungary -- history, customs, and culture.  And also
have someone who I can chat with.

        I'm also interested in Hungarian Bulletin boards which I can access
through telnet as well as registration procedures, hours of operation,
and signon procedures.  I do not speak Hungarian so if someone could be of
assistance to me I would be very grateful.  You can reach me at:

Robert Crockett         Thanks!

** 006 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Mohamed Koubiti   med@piima1.univ-mrs.fr
Subject: Server adresses

I am looking for some server adresses more general than this one
on which am subscribing.I mean by this a server for all people not
specifically for russians or americans, but one in which everybody
can talk about anything. So if there is someone who can help me ,i will
 be very happy ? thanks for everybody.
Another thing i want to say is if someone can send me a mail it will
be a nice thing and i reply to him or to her.

e-mail : med@piima1.univ-mrs.fr

** 007 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Curtis Brautigam   chc17@netaxs.com
Subject: Soviet memorabilia

Is anybody into collecting Soviet memorabilia? I have a number of
Soviet-era pins (Komsomol membership pins, a "narodnyi deputat" pin, a
"Demokraticheskaya Rossiya" pin, a DOSAAF membership pin, and a couple of
others), membership cards (KGB, trade union, DOSAAF), posters from the
Brezhnev era, and old copies of Soviet newspapers, one issue dating from
1976. Also, if anybody is interested, I have a copy of a Bulgarian
Komsomol paper dating from 1976 as well. All interested parties, please
contact Curtis R. Brautigam, Political Science Department, Chestnut Hill
College, Philadelphia, PA. 19118 (215)248-7187, e-mail chc17@netaxs.com.

** 008 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Jitka M Hurych   c60jxh1@corn.cso.niu.edu
Subject: American University in Moscow?

Does anybody know anything about the American University in Moscow?
One of my students is interested in going and I do not have any
information. Is it connected with Moscow State University? Does it
have a solid reputation? I would appreciate anything you can tell me.
My E-mail address is: c60jxh1@wpo.cso.niu.edu. The info may be of
interest to others on the list. Thank you.

** 009 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Tim Mason/HNS   Tim_Mason/HNS.HNS@notesgw.hns.com
Subject: Information on living in Mockba needed


I will be moving to Moscow in the beginning of May, 1995 for three to six
months.  I wish to start a dialogue with English speaking (or those that want
to practice English!) residents of Moscow to share views on life in Moscow.   I
visited Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg) in the summer of 1993; however,
things are changing so rapidly, and I would like current information. I have
attempted to use the IRC as well as Relcom listserv (all in Russian,
-frown-) with little to no success in finding such information.

Areas of interest include:
Apartment living-I am getting a lot of conflicting information.  Anywhere
from $250 to $1000 per month for a one room apartment. Culture-music,
nightclubs, nightlife, cafes, coffee shops, theatre.
Food-restaurants, cafes, grocery stores and availability
Banking-is it true that there are now 3 Cirrus machines in Moscow?  Are checks
used yet?
Internet access-what is the quality of service?  Do the phone lines support
Social atmosphere-how is living and how is it changing in Moscow
Resources-western products or Russian comparables?  what is available and what
A day in the life of: ?

Bio:  34 y.o, male, sober, telecom engineer, currently residing in suburban
Washington, DC, USA (the capital, not the state)
interests:  music, language, travel
e-mail:  tmason@hns.com

Also: I am not planning on working,  I do have time, though not full time due
to my travel schedule, to do some work.  I would be willing to consider
volunteer work for a worthwhile organization in Moscow using my knowledge of
voice systems (PBX), MS-Windows applications, or  internet tools (my latest
love is designing .html!)

Tim Mason

** 010 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "mille157@maroon.tc.umn.edu"  mille157@maroon.tc.umn.edu
Subject: Re: Importing and selling Russian products

Greetings friends:

This message comes to you from PETER THE GREAT COAT COMPANY -- a mail
order company in Minneapolis specializing in importing authentic
and unique Russian products.  We are committed to assisting companies in
Russia by creating markets for their products in the United States.  Some
of you may be familiar with the success of the "Russian Street Sweeper
Jackets" we currently import from St. Petersburg (and sell primarily
through The New Yorker Magazine)....Well, now we are expanding our product
line.  We are seeking 1) Companies or artists in Russia who have a quality
consumer product to export and 2) Names and addresses of any of you
Friends subscribers who would like to receive our mailer/catalog of these

We have been working in Russia for 9 years -- and it's all been WONDERFUL.
Feel free to e-mail us with any relevant information.  Thanks and keep

Sally Miller

** 011 **********************************************************************

Sender: Yash Holbrook (jwholbro@ouray.cudenver.edu)
Subject: Env. & Industrial Pollution Hazards

Hello, FSU Environment Watchers!

I am doing some informal research for a group that will be going for
extended periods to ten different cities in the former Soviet Union. I
am trying to help them understand specific environmental and
industrial pollution hazards in those places.

The cities we are interested in learning about are:

        o       St. Petersburg, Russia
        o       Novosibirsk, Russia
        o       Tomsk, Russia
        o       Chernobyl (Chornobyl), Ukraine
        o       Kiev (Kyiv), Ukraine
        o       Moscow, Russia
        o       Vladivostok, Russia
        o       Baku, Azerbaijan
        o       Almaty (formerly Alma Ata), Kazakhstan
        o       Vilnius, Lithuania

Some things are obvious.  Chernobyl, for instance has one specific
hazard associated with the effects of radioactive contamination
following the 1986 reactor explosion at the nuclear power plant there.

But there may be other problems in addition to better known ones.

Please help me find out more.  If you know of any off hand (say, Baku
coastal waters contaminated with petroleum) yet don't have
documentation, please just send a note anyway.  I'm just trying to
compile a list of possible environmental/industrial pollution hazards
at these locations.  Any information will help.

In addition, if you know of places I might look (preferably online), I
would appreciate any tips.

I speak Russian and French if that makes any difference, and would
especially like to hear from ecological groups within or with
experience in the FSU.

I very much thank you in advance.

You can reply here or to my email address: (jwholbro@ouray.cudenver.edu)

or by phone/fax
        (303) 773 6900 (voice)
        (303) 770 3297 (fx)

Yash Holbrook


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