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WHAT'S NEW . . .

#01-27 February 95  Ecostan News Publication

#02-27 February 95  War and Peace Available by Chapters

#03-27 February 95  Business Legalities in the Ukraine


#01-27 February 95  Sender: "S.PAIN"  S.Pain@uea.ac.uk
                    Subject: Russian Penpals

#02-27 February 95  Sender:  mohamed (med@piima1.univ-mrs.fr
                    Subject: contact

#03-27 February 95  Sender:  John Windhausen (jwindhau@anselm.edu
                    Subject: Russia Study Tour

#04-27 February 95  Sender:  gronnow@wscgate.wsc.edu
                    Subject: Business exchange

#05-27 February 95  Sender:  Moscow News (mosnex@sovam.com
                    Subject: Re: Digest for 95-02-24

#06-27 February 95  Sender:  seavey@cs.wisc.edu (Beverly Seavey)
                    Subject: What to contact the Kalmyk dance troupe "Tulip"

#07-27 February 95  Sender:  Donald Kakretz
                    Subject: Russian-American University

#08-27 February 95  Sender:  Barbara Watson  barbaraw@urpsd.ucla.edu

#09-27 February 95  Sender:  "Dr. Piotr Johannevich van de Waal-Palms"
                    Subject: Re: Digest for 95-02-20

#10-27 February 95  Sender:  VPDP25A@prodigy.com (MR JOHN BERGER)
                    Subject: (research on chechnya, other topics)

#11-27 February 95  Sender:  kedzie@rand.org (Chris Kedzie)
                    Subject: $3 Million Available To Fund International
                             Exchanges (fwd)

#12-27 February 95  Sender:  kedzie@rand.org (Chris Kedzie)
                    Subject: COUNTERPART Seed Grant Program

#13-27 February 95  Sender:  CHIPLCKD@ACFcluster.NYU.EDU
                    Subject: Fellowships for E.Europe, NIS, African Scholars

APPENDIX:        LISTSERV address & basic procedures


WHAT'S NEW . . .

*  From our Science page we now have Ecostan News which is a publication
   provided and edited by Eric Sievers of Green Salvation.  Ecostan News
   gives us reports (in English) about the environment and environmental
   movements of Karakalpakstan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan,
   Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.  The information is retrieved from
   personnal communicaiton, local newspapers, site visits and also from
   translations of the work of the leading environmental thinkers in
   those regions.  We will be adding more back issues soon.

*  War and Peace, by Leo Tolstoy, is now available from our Literature
   Page by chapters instead of the one very, very large document.  Our thanks
   to Ellee Margileth of the UT Research Services office who painstakingly
   made this material available on the WWW!

*  A new document titled "Legal Types of Business Entities and
   Regulations Governing Them" has been translated by Palms & Compnay,
   Inc. and added to our Business Page.


Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

** 001 **********************************************************************

Sender: "S.PAIN"  S.Pain@uea.ac.uk
Subject: Russian Penpals

I would like to write to someone in Russia interested in a cultural
exchange with an Anglo-American like myself. I am interested in Russian
literature and early twentieth century Russian art. My e-mail address

my snail address is

Stephen Pain
39 Magdalen Road,
Norwich, NR3 4LG.

** 002 **********************************************************************

Sender:  mohamed (med@piima1.univ-mrs.fr
Subject: contact

A young man of 26 years old, a studient of physics in Marseille
in France.Of Algerian nationality.want to communicate with about
different subjects. Thanks & Bye

** 003 **********************************************************************

Sender:  John Windhausen (jwindhau@anselm.edu
Subject: Russia Study Tour

As with Prof. Fenster's study tour of Russia this spring, another one
scheduled for a month later (June 23 to July 9) has almost enough
enrollees but not quite enough to cover expenses. This later trip
involves a Volga cruise as well as stays in Moscow and Saint Petersburg
and includes a course in "Studies in Russian Society."

If the dates for this later venture are more convenient please write for
details: jwindhau@hawk.anselm.edu

Prof. John Windhausen
Saint Anselm College
Manchester, NH 03102

Thank you.

** 004 **********************************************************************

Sender:  gronnow@wscgate.wsc.edu
Subject: Business exchange

          For a year I've been working with a group of
          businesspeople/Veterans in Russia who wish to come to the US
          to meet with US Veterans and small businesspeople to
          exchange experiences, ideas, and opportunities.  On the US
          end I have the Global Business Program at a large university
          involved as a sponsor as well as SCORE, SBA, and Veterans'
          organizations.  The visit is set for mid-May.  Now I'm
          pacing the floor and spending sleepless nights worrying
          about whether or not the Russians will be given visas by the
          US Embassy in Moscow.  I wonder what I've forgotten to do.
          Does anyone with more experience have any suggestions?
          (I teach English here and at a University in Russia--that's
          how I became the "middle-woman"!)  Thanks in advance for
          help and advice.  Gretchen Ronnow gronnow@wscgate.wsc.edu

** 005 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Moscow News (mosnex@sovam.com
Subject: Re: Digest for 95-02-24

Do you know if there is somethin like "Friends" but in Spanish?

One of my friends studing Spanish would be very interested.
Thank you.

Alexey Zakharov.

** 006 **********************************************************************

Sender:  seavey@cs.wisc.edu (Beverly Seavey)
Subject: What to contact the Kalmyk dance troupe "Tulip"

  I found a short article in an old copy of "Kultur i Zhizn"
about the dance troupe "Tulip" of Kalmykia. The photographs
were beautiful. I would really like to learn more about
Kalmyk dance. I'm sorry, I'm ignorant- they were from the
capitol of Kalmykia, which was named something like "Elitsa".
Is anyone from this city reading? Could anyone help me get
in touch with this dance troupe? Thanks.

** 007 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Donald Kakretz  dkakretz@cscrisc1.sct.boces.k12.ny.us
Subject: Russian-American University

Dear Friends:

I was wondering if you might have heard of the Russian-American
University located in Moscow?  It offers degrees that are recognized in
the U.S., to students who already hold Russian degrees.  I was wondering
if they have access to the Internet, and if so, what their E-Mail address
is.  Any help you can provide me would be greatly appreciated.


Donald A. Kakretz
E-Mail dkakretz@cscrisc1.sct.boces.k12.ny.us
FAX 607 796 0502

** 008 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Barbara Watson  barbaraw@urpsd.ucla.edu

I will be going to Russia (Moscow and Petersburg) for the
first time this  June.  I will have been studying Russian for
about one year in June.  The trip is purely for pleasure and I
would be interested in any tips, suggestions, warnings, etc.
any of you may have especially concerning:

1.  Accomodations (especially in private homes or rented rooms)
2.  Travel between Moscow and Petersburg,
3.  Safety issues for a woman traveling alone
4. What to bring and/or NOT to bring.
5. What one simply MUST see
6. Some of your stories.

Any tips truly appreciated.

Barbara Watson

** 009 **********************************************************************

Sender: "Dr. Piotr Johannevich van de Waal-Palms" (palbank@eskimo.com
Subject: Re: Digest for 95-02-20

) ** 012 *****
) Sender:  Sarah_Lum@Brown.edu
) Subject: Russian Law (Peacekeeping/Defense)
) I am looking for  sources of information on Russian Law, and specifically
) on Russian/CIS Defense Law, Peacekeeping, conversion, etc.
) Please respond to:   Jarat_Chopra@Brown.edu
) Thanks very much,
) Jarat Chopra
) Watson Institute for International Studies
Look in Friends & Partners Economics/Dr. Piotr Johannevich van de Waal-Palms

** 010 **********************************************************************

Sender:  VPDP25A@prodigy.com (MR JOHN BERGER)

I am researching two areas.  I would appreciate any help which you might
offer in these topics:

   (1) Information on Chechnya conflict, other than that found through
FRIENDS URL and Chechnya Web news page.  Any maps of the region? Usenet
locations? Or people to correspond via E-mail?

researching the small pox virus, which is stored there.  Do you know anyone
connected with the Institute?  Or their address for WWW or Gopher??

Thanks for any help.

John G. Berger  vpdp25a@prodigy.com

** 011 **********************************************************************

Sender:  kedzie@rand.org (Chris Kedzie)
Subject: $3 Million Available To Fund International Exchanges (fwd)

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Date: Wed, 22 Feb 1995 21:17:23 -0500
)From: James F. Pettus  ibcjfp%GSUSGI2.GSU.EDU@GSUVM1.GSU.EDU
Subject: $3 Million Available To Fund International Exchanges

For Your Information:

The U.S. Department of Education has announced that it will make two
awards to U.S. non-profit educational groups to promote international
exchanges to improve education in

        Civics, Government, and Economics

in any country in Central and Eastern Europe recognized by the United
States. The total of the two grants will not exceed $3.0 million.

Goals are to encourage and finance seminars, school visits, home stays,
translations/adaptations of curriculum materials in

        Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Georgia, and the CIS.

Printed materials should be available by March 1, 1995 from

        Office of Educational Research and Improvement
        U.S. Department of Education
        555 New Jersey Avenue NW, Room 610
        Washington, DC 20208-5573

        Attn:  Dr. Joseph Conaty

        telephone 202/219-2079

** 012 **********************************************************************

Sender:  kedzie@rand.org (Chris Kedzie)
Subject: COUNTERPART Seed Grant Program

)Date: Thu, 23 Feb 95 19:06:54 EST
)From: cpkiev@attmail.com (Charlotte Watson)
)To: Multiple recipients of list (civilsoc@solar.rtd.utk.edu)
)Subject: COUNTERPART Seed Grant Program
)C O U N T E R P A R T
)Foundation for International Partnerships
)                        Seed Grant Program
)COUNTERPART, with funding from the United States Agency for
) International Development, administers a seed grant program for
) non-governmental organizations in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine.
) Grants may be awarded to individual local NGOs or to NGOs in
) partnership with an American or European PVO.  An application form and
) appropriate documentation is necessary to be considered for funding
) and can be obtained from COUNTERPART offices in all three countries.
) Proposals for individual scholarships, single pieces of equipment, or
) travel that is not an integral part of a larger project, will not be
) considered.
)The OBJECTIVE of the seed grant program is to support the activities of
) non-governmental organizations which:
)- meet the needs and provide services to populations experiencing
) hardship as a result of the breakdown of social services in the former
) Soviet Union, such as(but not limited to) infants and children, the
) handicapped, orphans, the elderly, women and the unemployed;
)- catalyze and support intra-NGO or community participation in
) policy-making involving social services;
)- strengthen other NGO's, through information-sharing, training and
) partnership;
)and others that meet priority needs as determined with the consultation
) and approval of USAID.
)Activity proposals should include plans to become self-supporting in
) the future (sustainable or replicable models.)  If the proposal
) describes a one time event, it should  intend to have broad and
) lasting social impact.
)ELIGIBILITY is not determined by type of non-governmental organization
) applying, but by the merit of the project itself and the demonstrated
) ability of the organization to implement and complete the project.  An
) application form and all its components must be submitted before final
) consideration of the proposal will be considered.
)- The completed application form is your proposal.  One copy must be
) submitted in Russian or Ukrainian and one copy in English.
)- Resumes or short biographies of the key personnel who will implement
) the project and supporting documents should also be submitted in
) Russian or Ukrainian and in English.
)- Counterpart staff will perform the first review and inform an
) organization if the application is complete or incomplete.
)- An appointed committee will meet every two months to review the
) proposal  with instructions about how to evaluate the proposal's
) merits through a point system.
)- Award of the grant is subject to USAID approval and to the
) organization's acceptance of all conditions of the grant contract.
)- Having a proposal refused does not condition the future resubmission
) of other proposals by the same organization or even of the same
) proposal in a revised version.
)MONITORING and EVALUATION of seed grant activities will include:
)- Signing a contract.
)- Financial training.
)- Site visits, regular activity reports and financial accountability.
)- Any change in the project's work plan or budget will require written
) notification.
)- Final evaluation of the project.
)for further information contact:
)Charlotte Watson
)COUNTERPART Service Center (CSC)
)8B Staronavodnytska St., #71
)Kiev-15, Ukraine 252015
)tel:    044-294-8954
)fax:    044-295-8961
)e-mail:  cpkiev@attmail.com , cpkiev@sovam.com (Cyrillic texts)

** 013 **********************************************************************

Sender:  CHIPLCKD@ACFcluster.NYU.EDU
Subject: Fellowships for E.Europe, NIS, African Scholars

                  Social Science Research Council

                 Visiting Scholar Fellowships
                    on International Peace and Security

The Council announces Visiting Scholar Fellowships for junior
scholars, journalists, public servants, lawyers and others from
Central and Eastern Europe, the non-Russian republics of the
former-USSR, and sub-Saharan Africa.  Fellows are funded to
pursue innovative research on peace and security in a changing
world at universities and major research centers outside their
home regions for four to six months.  The program is under the
direction of the Committee on International Peace and Security at
the SSRC.

Applications are welcomed which:

    Propose research that integrates regional and disciplinary
expertise with the study of international peace, security, and

    Contribute insights on issues of international peace and
security which reflect the dramatic changes of the last decade;

    Engage perspectives that can expand how international peace
and security is conceived.

Program Scope

For ten years the Social Science Research Council has worked to
promote intellectual creativity and imaginative thinking in the
field of international peace and security studies.  The SSRC
Program on Intenational Peace and Security has sought to
cultivate within new generations of scholars the ability to
comprehend the complex dynamics of global, regional, and local
change and its implications for peace and security.  In 1990 the
Council established the Visiting Scholar Fellowhsip Program to
reach young scholars in regions of the world where the study of
peace and security has historically been undersupported.

Global political transformation, economic restructuring,
environmental changes and resurgent ethnic and nationalist
violence over the past decade have raised serious questions
about: 1) the traditional concepts of national sovereignty and
security; 2) the nature of the state and its international
relations; 3) the use of military force in domestic and
international affairs; 4) and the possibilities of global and
regional cooperation.

States remain important international actors, but non-state
agents increasingly affect prospects for peace and security.
Problems created by state collapse, ethnic and religious
conflicts, mass migrations, and weapons proliferation are
undermining the capacity of international institutions to deal
with multiple sources of conflict and violence.  As societies
become more differentiated and complex, the sources of threats to
the security of individuals and collectivities are multiplying.
At the same time, new opportunities that may be opening up for
peaceful resolution of some longstanding and emerging inter- and
intra-state conflicts need to be explored.

To address these challenges, research on international peace and
security must constantly search for and develop new perspectives
and approaches, and apply innovative methods to new and old
questions.  The  Council particularly invites Visiting Scholar
Fellowship proposals that would address emerging intellectual
challenges by exploring the relationships between peace and
security issues and the ongoing political, economic, social,
cultural, environmental or other changes at the global, regional,
national, and local levels, especially in regard to sub-Saharan
Africa, East and Central Europe, and the non-Russian successor
republics of the former USSR.


The 1995 competition is open to qualified nationals of Eastern
and Central Europe, sub-Saharan Africa and the non-Russian
republics of the former USSR, who reside in these regions.  This
competition is designed for junior scholars and postdoctoral
researchers in the first seven years of their postdoctoral
careers as well as other eligible applicants at an equivalent
stage, including lawyers, journalists and public servants.
Scholars who have held the PhD for more than seven years are
discouraged from applying.  The competition gives strong priority
to those who have not previously had the opportunity to study or
do research outside their home regions.  Applicants are expected
to demonstrate an English-language ability that is sufficient for
carrying out research at the postdoctoral level and interacting
with other researchers.

This is a program directed towards the professional development
of researchers and of their critical, innovative research
projects.  It does not support curriculum development, public
education programs, policy advocacy, social or political action,
or the creation and maintenance of organizations.

The Council does not discriminate on the basis of age, color,
creed, disability, marital status, national origin, race, gender,
or sexual orientation.


These fellowships encourage researchers to do one or more of the
following: 1) develop new theories or apply new methods to
longstanding peace and security concerns; 2) identify previously
overlooked peace and security issues;  3) formulate new research
questions; 4) make contributions that link the study of peace and
security to their own disciplines; 5) apply cultural, historical,
and area-based understandings and perspectives to issues in
international peace and security; and 6) promote  a concern for
international peace and security issues in their own fields and
home regions.

To achieve these aims, the fellowships require fellows to
undertake a substantive research program of four to six months' duration at
a university or research institute outside of their home region.
Proposed programs can be part of a larger ongoing research
project leading toward a book, or constitute the initial stages of the
development of a new research program which represents a departure
from previous work.  Fellows will be required to write and submit
an article length paper at the end of their fellowship term which
demonstrates significant progress in their research program.

Visiting Scholar Fellowships complement the SSRC-MacArthur
Foundation Dissertation and Postdoctoral Fellowships on Peace and
Security in a Changing World which are longer-term fellowships
available to researchers from all regions.  Visiting Scholar
Fellowship awardees are encouraged to develop proposals for these
longer-term awards in the future.  They are also encouraged to
use their fellowship time to develop links to scholarly networks
relevant to their work.

The application includes a 5-page narrative des
cription of the proposed research program, a sample of written work
in English, 3 letters of reference, and English-language competency
evaluation. Applications postmarked after the deadline date will not be
accepted.  Applications must be completed in English.

Terms and Conditions

Fellowships will cover round-trip economy airfare, institutional
fees, a stipend of $1,500 per month, and other relevant
non-stipend costs.  Successful applicants are required to affiliate with a
major research center in an English-speaking country selected in
consultation with program staff.  The duration of a Visiting
Scholar Fellowship will not exceed six months.  Fellows are
required to travel according to the itinerary established by the
staff at the outset of their fellowship, which covers their: 1)
residence at their designated research center; 2) attendance at a
relevant professional meeting; and 3) presentation of their
projects in a workshop setting organized by staff.

Application Deadlines:
1995 Competition:
Applications must be postmarked by July 15, 1995.
Announcement of awards: November 1995.

For further information and application materials, contact:

Social Science Research Council
Visiting Scholar Fellowship Competition
Program on International Peace and Security
605 Third Avenue, 17th Floor
New York, New York 10158
United States of America

Email: chiplckd@acfcluster.nyu.edu  (Internet system)

Fax: (212) 370-7896
Phone: (212) 661-0280

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