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WHAT'S NEW . . .

#01-24 February 95  Ohio SuperComputer Center's New Central and Eastern
                    Europe Ukrainian Server

#02-24 February 95  A new issue of RUSAG-L    

#03-24 February 95  Conference on Distance Learning Education in Moscow  

#04-24 February 95  USAID Request for Grant Proposals

#05-24 February 95  Sources of Telecommunications Equipment  


#01-24 February 95  Sender:  kcollins@maildrop.com (Kyle Collins)
                    Subject: Janet McNeill - Found Her   

#02-24 February 95  Sender:  Scott Landstad  land@cc.joensuu.fi 
                    Subject: information on Minsk   

#03-24 February 95  Sender:  wes@wescole.com (Wesley E. Cole)
                    Subject: Student Exchange Partners Sought     

#04-24 February 95  Sender:  Civic Education Project 
                    Subject: Modem adapters for US laptop to Soviet 
                             telephone jack (fwd)
#05-24 February 95  Sender:  "Found.for Agrar. Dev. Res."  
                    Subject: conference in Orel (fwd)     

#06-24 February 95  Sender:  "Barry O'Connor"  74763.1652@compuserve.com
                    Subject: Rule of Law Slavic Grants Program     

#07-24 February 95  Sender:  "Tracy A. Feeney"  moscow@AACU.NW.DC.US 
                    Subject: Moscow 1995: An International Conference on 
                    Distance Learning (fwd)    
#08-24 February 95  Sender: ac737@lafn.org (Michael Segal)
                    Subject: East Eur Wine Talk, Portland, OR

#09-24 February 95  Sender: Barbara Watson (barbaraw@urpsd.ucla.edu)
                    Subject:  travel to Moscow and St. Petersburg

#10-24 February 95  Sender: NEUAAP@ttuhsc.edu
                    Subject: Prof. Tikhomirov

#11-24 February 95  Sender: Eric Fenster (efenster@igc.apc.org)
                    Subject: Re. Moscow study trip

#12-24 February 95  Sender: "KS Enterprises International" (kse@dhm.com)
                    Subject: Thank you / International Long Distance Service
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WHAT'S NEW . . .

*  The Ohio SuperComputer Center has now put their server out on the
   World Wide Web.  This is available from the More Information Resources 
   page, both in English and Ukrainian.     

*  The newest issue of RUSAG-L is available from the agricultural page 
   (via the Science page).  

*  From the Funding and Exchange, Meetings and Conferences page, find 
   out about the International Conference on Distance Education that 
   will be held in Moscow from July 9-13, 1995.  (See e-mail message 007.) 

*  Also from the Funding and Exchange page is information about the 
   request for proposals for the USAID's "Rule of Law Grants Program for 
   Ukraine, Moldova or Belarus".  (See e-mail message 006.)
*  From the Telecommunications and Information Infrastructure page we
   will have a listing of equipment and sources.  (See email message 004.)      


Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

** 001 **********************************************************************

Sender:  kcollins@maildrop.com (Kyle Collins)
Subject: Janet McNeill - Found Her

I posted a message over this past weekend asking for help
in locating Janet McNeill who had been working in
Nizhny Novogorod, Russia and has since moved to Kyrgyzstan.
As luck would have it, I also sent a message to her
email address in Nizhny, and it was still active and
forwarded to her new address in Karakol, Kyrgyzstan.

Thanks anyway, maybe next time it will not be so easy.

Kyle Collins
** 002 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Scott Landstad  land@cc.joensuu.fi 
Subject: information on Minsk

Dear Friends,

I'm not sure if this is the best format for my request, but I thought I 
should give it a try.  I have a friend in Minsk who I have been writing 
to for several years.  Now I'm in Finland and am planning a trip to 
visit Belarus sometime in May.  My problem is that I'm not sure if the 
mail is going through and I do not have my friend's phone number.  

I'm hoping that someone who lives in Minsk will read this newsletter and 
be able to help me.  My friend is Anna Butyrchik, she is a student of 
English and American literature, and she's been very active with 
international groups that visit her city.  She lives on Rokossovsky 
prospect.  If anyone in Minsk reads this and knows of her, could they 
please forward her phone number to me.  If not, they could notify me 
(via E-mail) and I could send a fax number to her.

Thanks in advance.

-Scott Landstad (University of Minnesota)
** 003 **********************************************************************

Sender:  wes@wescole.com (Wesley E. Cole)
Subject: Student Exchange Partners Sought

I am in contact with a group of 20 high school and college 
students from Moscow who are planning a cultural exchange/ 
language study trip to the United States in June/July 1995 
for approximately 3 weeks.  They are looking for a group or 
person who organizes such programs, preferably but not 
exclusively in the New York area.  If you have any ideas on 
whom to contact, please respond by e-mail.

Thanks very much.

Wes Cole
** 004 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Civic Education Project  cep@minerva.cis.yale.edu 
Subject: Modem adapters for US laptop to Soviet telephone jack (fwd)

Thanks to all who helped with the question of where to find a modem adapter
such that an American laptop can be plugged into a Soviet telephone jack:

Magellan's in Santa Barbara 1-800-962-4943 or fax 1-805-568-5406 or Internet
75713.2463@compuserve.com lists a "TeleDapter" for Poland and Russia (item
number ET131D) which does exactly this for $22.50.  Shipping ranges from 
$4.95 (normal) to $9.95 (air).  List subscribers noted that Magellan's 
catalog, Access Russia, is a must-see, full of useful software and books.  
All kinds of different phone adapters.  Customers of Magellan all seem to 
be pleased, both with customer service over the phone and also with quality 
of goods received.  Beyond computer stuff, Magellan's also apparently 
provides "the sorts of things that are not really needed by tourists 
to nice hotels (check out the water purifiers)..."  Also line testers, patch 
cord kits, compact surge suppressors for other countries, and so on.

Another source is Russian Information Services, 89 Main St., #2 Montpelier, 
VT 05602.  Same price.

Another source is Glasnet (info@glas.apc.org), which apparently charges
$10, but since they are in Moscow they can't help me much.

And several people noted that in Moscow, Radio Shacks, department stores, and
electronics stores carry these adapters for from $1. to $4.

A million thanks to Steve Gardner, Stef Monington, Michael Hale, Sarah 
Kight, Paul Richardson, Joseph Curro, Richard (in Moscow).

Lucy Hancock

Civic Education Project      cep@minerva.cis.yale.edu
P.O. Box 5445 Yale Station   http://www.cis.yale.edu/~cep/cep.html
New Haven, CT  06520         ftp://capstan.cis.yale.edu/pub/civic-education/

** 005 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Found.for Agrar. Dev. Res."  admin@FADR.MSK.RU 
Subject: conference in Orel (fwd)

Date: 22 February 1995

                          A N O U N C E M E N T


        Conference organizers:
Foundation for Agrarian Development Research
Department of economy, Russian academy of sciences
Orel oblast goverment

The conference  will be held in Orel on March 26-30, 1995.

        The schedule of the conference is the following:

        March 25  - arriving to Moscow;
        March 26 - route from Moscow to Orel (around 400 km);
        March 27 and 28  - A session of Economical dapartment of Russian academy
        of sciences,    devoted to the problems of agrarian reforming
        March 29  - a special session, devoted to the problem "land and
        March 30 - visit to an agricultural cooperative;
        March 31  - departure to Moscow;

For father information feel free to contact Foundation for Agrarian Development
Research . E-mail address is: admin@fadr.msk.ru  or

** 006 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Barry O'Connor"  74763.1652@compuserve.com
Subject: Rule of Law Slavic Grants Program

U.S. Agency for International Development Contract
Rule of Law Consortium/ARD-Checchi Joint Venture

Rule of Law Grants Program for Ukraine, Moldova, or Belarus

The Rule of Law Consortium (ARD/Checchi Joint Venture), under the auspices
of the United States Agency for International Development, announces a
Grant Program to support the creation of a stable legal and political
environment for facilitating the transition, through the rule of law, to a
democratic, market-based society in Ukraine, Moldova and/or Belarus (grant
activity must take place within the host country or countries).
Specifically, projects should be designed to strengthen core legal
institutions and processes of the justice sector, as well as civil society
as it relates to legal development, in order to support general legal
reform, encourage an orderly transition to a market economy, and protect
human rights and limit the potential for arbitrary exercise of government

Types of projects which would meet this criteria might include, but are
not limited to the following activities:

        1) increasing public awareness and knowledge of laws and legal
        procedures through a variety of mediums, e.g., library and
        information systems development, including electronic networking
        or the mass media;

        2) promoting the development of citizens' organizations to
        advocate for changes in the legal system;

        3) strengthening representative institutions of the people to
        ensure effective protection of their individual and property

        4) assisting citizens to utilize the legal system for the
        adjudication of conflict;

        5) developing organizational management and strategic skills; and

        6) developing professional and trade associations.

Proposals are requested from U.S. not-for-profit (501 C 3),
non-governmental and private voluntary organizations and groups in
co-partnership with corresponding entities in Ukraine, Moldova and/or
Belarus.  Official public institutions (educational institutions,
libraries, etc.) may also participate in special circumstances.

The applicant(s) must demonstrate the following with the submitted
complete application package:

        1) experience in providing assistance to indigenous groups through
        domestic or international projects;

        2) a capacity to manage program logistics in a challenging

        3) an understanding of the critical needs of the ROL Project as
        manifested in the solicitation;

        4) experience working with PVOs/NGOs in the NIS generally and in
        Ukraine, Moldova and/or Belarus in particular; and

        5) a capacity to field staff persons with local language

Although applicants are welcome to discuss projects with ROL staff--or
submit concept papers two-to-three pages in length--they are advised that
an official application package is required for funding consideration.
Grants are awarded through an open, competitive, and merit-based review
process.  All proposals require a 25% match from non-federal sources.  The
deadline for complete official applications is April 10, 1995.  Decisions
are anticipated in June 1995. Awards may range anywhere from $5,000 to
$100,000 depending on the actual needs of the project.

For more information about requirements and an official application package
with guidelines, write, fax, E-mail or call:


        Mara Moldwin, Grants Manager
        Rule of Law Consortium
        Dom Kino
        6 Saksaganskogo
        252033 Kiev
        tel.: (044) 227-4617
        fax: (044) 220-8505

In the United States:

        c/o Barry O'Connor, Grants Manager
        Rule of Law Consortium
        ARD/Checchi Joint Venture
        1819 L. Street, NW  Suite 500
        Washington, D.C.  20036
        tel: (202)-861-0513
        fax (202)-861-0934
        E-Mail: 74763.1652@CompuServe.com

Applications can also be obtained online from the FedWorld Information
Network by dialing (703) 321-8020, choosing option "C" (Business, Trade &
Investment Library) followed by option "D" (Rule of Law Donor Database).
The Internet users can Telnet to FedWorld.gov and choose options mentioned
or use Anonymous ftp to ftp.FedWorld.gov, then select ROL-NIS directory.
Download in the binary mode.

** 007 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Tracy A. Feeney"  moscow@AACU.NW.DC.US 
Subject: Moscow 1995: An International Conference on Distance Learning

Dear Colleagues:

It is with great pleasure that I invite you to a timely and substantive meeting
planned for this summer in Russia.  Organized by AAC&U and a set of other
key organizations, Moscow 1995:  An International Conference on
Distance Education will be held in Moscow, July 9-13, 1995.  It is designed
for all those in colleges and universities as well as in foundations,
government agencies, corporations and schools interested in exploring the
prospects for distance learning, and especially for providing and/or
receiving distance learning internationally.

The interest of many institutions in finding off-campus educational markets,
a growing need to internationalize programs, the emergence of powerful
low-cost educational technologies all of these are fundamental trends in
higher education currently.  Moscow 1995 will be of value to those
interested in planned, thoughtful and innovative responses to these trends
responses that take advantage, specifically of the potential benefits of
distance learning both domestically and between and among institutions in
different countries.

This five-day conference features an extensive and informative program
touching every dimension of the topic curriculum, pedagogy, faculty
development, marketing, management, technology, funding, etc.  The
program will include live demonstrations of state-of-the-art technologies that
bring distance learning within the reach of any institution.  A particular
focus will be on cooperation with the New Independent States, and the
conference will afford opportunities to interact with interested colleagues
from across that region.  There will be an engaging cultural program for all
participants.  A companion's program and post-conference trips to St.
Petersburg or Kiev are also options.

The attached materials describe Moscow 1995 in more detail.  We hope
that you will indicate your interest by completing and returning the attached
information form; you will then receive registration materials.  The organizers
expressly invite those who would like to be considered as presenters or
moderators to indicate this on the information form, as well.

We look forward to your reply and to welcoming you to Moscow this


Paula P. Brownlee, President
Association of American Colleges
    and Universities
1818 R Street NW
Washington DC  20009

------------------- BROCHURE follows --------------------
                             MOSCOW 1995:
           An International Conference on Distance Education
                            July 9-13, 1995
              The Presidential Academy for State Services
                            Moscow, Russia

  Moscow 1995 reflects an extraordinary convergence of
  developments.  Among them:  the search by colleges,
  universities and schools for new, off-campus educational
  markets and ways to enrich and internationalize their
  programs; the evolution and widening use of effective, low-
  cost educational technologies that bring distance learning
  within the reach of virtually any institution or
  organization; the emergence of new educational markets, as
  institutions around the world and notably in the countries
  of the former Soviet Union seek partnerships in providing
  quality education through distance learning; and the
  availability of major funding to assist in the development
  of distance learning internationally.  Because of the
  importance of the opportunities these developments create, a
  diverse set of organizations has joined together to plan
  this conference.

  Organized by

       The Association of American Colleges and Universities
       The Association of Russian Institutions of Higher
       Education (ARIHE)
       The United State Distance Learning Association (USDLA)
       American Universities in Russia, Ukraine and the New
       Independent States (AURUNIS)
       The Russian Association for Distance Learning (RADL)
       The International Alliance for Higher Education (IAHE)
       The National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)

  Sponsored by (partial listing)

       Educational Services International
       Intercon, USA, Inc.
       Mentor Networks Inc.
       ROSNET, USA
       Russia House
       University Research Corporation

  Designed for

       College and university leaders presidents, deans,
       continuing education professionals, international
       educators, and faculty members as well as educators at
       the K-12 level interested in exploring the prospects
       for international distance learning, with a special
       emphasis on cooperation with the New Independent States
       Representatives of corporations, government agencies,
       foundations, associations, and other organizations that
       engage in distance education and training or provide
       services, products and support for others engaged in
       distance learning internationally

  Purpose and Agenda

  This five-day conference will explore the many opportunities
  for and challenges of establishing distance learning
  internationally.  It will help interested participants
  establish  appropriate ties.  A conference useful for the
  beginner no less than the expert, this meeting will provide
  a comprehensive orientation to the fast-developing world of
  educational technology and distance learning, to the
  opportunities it presents any institution or organization
  wishing to provide or receive education or training, and to
  the planning and implementation steps necessary to ensure
  success and quality.  The conference will feature an array
  of sessions and presentations on:

       state-of-the-art technologies (including live
       demonstrations of such forms of electronically mediated
       instruction as satellite, video, audiographic,
       computer, and multimedia technology)
       institutional case studies and model programs
       prospects for cooperation among government, business
       and education in distance learning
       funding distance learning initiatives
       researching markets and matching the capacity of
       providers with the interests of consumers
       priority needs in emerging educational markets:  the
       humanities, social sciences, natural sciences,
       business, engineering, teacher training and other
       ensuring mutuality in distance learning
       distance learning and new possibilities for enquiry
       integrating distance learning into the curriculum
       developing faculty as users and providers of distance
       effective pedagogies in a cross-cultural context
       issues of instructional design
       consortial strategies
       dealing with regulation

  A special focus will be on opportunities for those
  interested in engaging in distance learning with the New
  Independent States.  Sessions will examine:

       the political and social context
       needs of the developing private sector in the N.I.S.
       the structure and operations of education in the N.I.S.
       the need for partnership in distance learning
       specific academic needs in the N.I.S.
       specific academic needs N.I.S. universities can supply
       the technological infrastructure current and future
       appropriate educational technologies
       organizations to facilitate linkages
       possible consortial approaches

  The registration fee for Moscow 1995 is $600.  In addition,
  there is a $1,250 accommodations fee that covers all lodging
  and meal expenses for the five-day event, as well as local
  transportation and a lively cultural program.  Companions
  are welcome at an additional accommodations fee of $750
  (double occupancy).  Interested participants will also have
  the option, at additional cost, of a post-conference trip,
  coordinated by Russia House, to either Kiev or St.

  Inquiries regarding fees and logistical arrangements should
  be directed to:

       Moscow 1995
       c/o Association of American Colleges and Universities
       1818 R Street NW
       Washington DC 20009
       phone: (202) 387-3760
       fax:   (202) 265-9532
       email: moscow@aacu.nw.dc.us

    Inquiries about the conference agenda should be directed
    to AAC&U, Office of Programs, (202) 387-3760.
                            MOSCOW 1995 INFORMATION FORM

___  Please send me additional information and registration
            materials when available.

___  I am interested in submitting a paper/organizing a session
            for Moscow 1995.

     Proposed paper topic: ______________________________________

     Proposed session topic:  ___________________________________

___  I am interested in a post-conference trip to:
     _______Kiev             _______ St. Petersburg

___  I will bring a companion

     Phone______________________  Fax________________________

Additional information and registration form should be sent to:

  Phone________________________  Fax__________________________

                 Please complete and return this form to:

                                Moscow 1995
                                 c/o AAC&U
                             1818 R Street NW
                           Washington, DC  20009
                          Phone:  (202) 387-3760
                           Fax:  (202) 667-4244
                       E-mail:  moscow@aacu.nw.dc.us

         Please share this form with your colleagues who would be
                        interested in Moscow 1995.

** 008 **********************************************************************
Sender: ac737@lafn.org (Michael Segal)
Subject: East Eur Wine Talk, Portland, OR

For Immediate Release:                             For Further Information:

February 15, 1995                                             Michael Segal

   East West Business Association, Portland, OR  Will Sponsor meeting
           on The Wine Industry in Central Europe and Moldova
          With wine making traditions going back centuries, and unique
resources as well as unprecedented opportunities for growth, wine making
countries of the former Communist world are already known.  The wines of
Hungary, the Czech Republic, Romania and Slovenia are already on the
supermarket shelves.  Others may follow.

     Presenting at this meeting to introduce us to this area are:

     Josef and Lilli Fleischmann, the owners of St. Josef's Wine Cellars in
Canby, are natives of Hungary who have recently returned from a EBRD
funded mission to Moldova to assess the market potential of their wine
making industry, which used to provide most of the wine in the Soviet Union.

     Bob Liner, aka Bikaver Bob and co-owner of Liner and Elsen in NW
Portland, has been a wine merchant for seventeen years.  As a student of
wine, his travels have recently taken him to the wine regions of Central
Europe.  He brings to you his experiences, knowledge and anecdotes from
the Hungarian and Czech wine regions of Tokaj, Eger, Villany and Moravia.

     This month's meeting takes place March 1, 1995,  at 2 World Trade
Center, SW 1st and Salmon Street, in the Plaza room at 5:30.  

     Admission is free to members of the EWBA, $4.00 for non-members,
$2.00 for students.  Memberships will be available.

     The East-West Business Association is a non-profit organization which
promotes business ties between the formerly Socialist countries and the
Northwest.  They hold a meeting on the First Wednesday of each month.

** 009 **********************************************************************
Sender: Barbara Watson (barbaraw@urpsd.ucla.edu)
Subject:  travel to Moscow and St. Petersburg

I will be going to Russia (Moscow and Petersburg) for the
first time this  June.  I will have been studying Russian for
about one year in June.  The trip is purely for pleasure and I
would be interested in any tips, suggestions, warnings, etc.
any of you may have especially concerning:

1.  Accomodations (especially in private homes or rented    
2.  Travel between Moscow and Petersburg,
3.  Safety issues for a woman traveling alone
4. What to bring and/or NOT to bring.
5. What one simply MUST see
6. Some of your stories.

Any tips truly appreciated.  

Barbara Watson

** 010 **********************************************************************
Sender: NEUAAP@ttuhsc.edu
Subject: Prof. Tikhomirov

Dear friends,
I am trying to get in touch with my former scientific
advisor from Moscow State University, Dept. of Mechanics &
Mathematics, Prof. Vladimir Tikhomirov. He is currently in
Israel, working at renown Technion University's Math. Dept.
in Haifa. If there is somebody on this list who is from
there, or who can give an idea on how I can possibly find
his address or e-mail, please, let me know. Your help in
that matter would be greatly appreciated.

   _     Arthur Petrosian,Ph.D.| Phone:(806)743-2495, (806)797-4307     
 _| ~-.  Assistant Professor   | Fax:  (806)743-1668, (806)743-1419
 \,* _}   3601 4th Street      | Page: (806)767-6927 
   \(     Lubbock, Texas 79430 | E-mail: neuaap@ttuhsc.edu        

** 011 **********************************************************************
Sender: Eric Fenster (efenster@igc.apc.org)
Subject: Re. Moscow study trip

)From efenster  Thu Feb 23 11:43:32 1995
Received: from igc2.igc.apc.org (igc2.igc.apc.org []) by igc3.igc.apc.org (8.6.9/Revision: 1.3 ) with SMTP id LAA10460 for (efenster); Thu, 23 Feb 1995 11:43:32 -0800
Received: (from efenster) by igc2.igc.apc.org (8.6.9/Revision: 1.9 ) id LAA08183 for efenster; Thu, 23 Feb 1995 11:43:31 -0800
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 1995 11:43:31 -0800
)From: Eric Fenster (efenster)
Message-Id: (199502231943.LAA08183@igc2.igc.apc.org)
To: efenster
Subject: Re. Moscow study trip
Status: R

This message concerns the Moscow travel course on 27 May-27 June and is being
sent to people who:
--are at some stage of deciding whether to participate
--have requested detailed information but have not responded further
--requested information on behalf of others or are information distributors
--received the notes & observations from the 1994 trip

The present status is that there is not yet a sufficient number of
participants to cover fixed expenses without raising the cost to everybody,
and time is running short because deadlines are approaching: Airplane space
has to be confirmed and deposits paid, accommodations and the NATO seminar
for the Brussels stopover must be confirmed, I am ready to print the Briefing
Book, and so on.

I therefore encourage those still deciding to act and those in a position to
inform others to do so.

Eastern Michigan University and George Mason University--both of which will
offer the study trip for credit for participants who are students and desire
that--continue their recruitment, while I am coming back to this more diverse

The people who have come on the course over the last 15 years pretty much all
think it was the experience of their lives and wonder why people aren't lined
up to go, but it doesn't happen that way.

There are, as usual, many people who would like to go "next time" when one
condition or another has been resolved. I have accumulated a list of hundreds
over the years for whom "next time" never comes because life always presents
another hurdle.

Those who wait for everything to fall into place assume implicitly that
others will keep the program going until they are ready. It is not a good
assumption because there is now the risk it will be necessary to stop the
course altogether. That would be a pity at a time when our own future may be
increasingly dependent upon Russia's. (I suggest, for example, reflection
about the implications of the current extra-legal penetration of Western
financial institutions by Russian players in the light of the impacts of the
destabilization of Mexico's currency.)

If you need another copy of the details concerning the course, please let me

Thank you,

** 012 **********************************************************************
Sender: "KS Enterprises International" (kse@dhm.com)
Subject: Thank you / International Long Distance Service

KS Enterprises International - USA
Tel.: (310)828-9404; Fax: (310)453-3524; Internet: kse@dhm.com

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

Just a quick note to thank you, all who contacted us regarding international
telecommunications services (from US to CIS - 0.85 cents per minute and from
CIS to US - 0.95 cents per minute).  We received a tremendous response.  If
you need any additional information regarding these services, please contact
us at Internet: kse@dhm.com, Telephone: (310)828-9404, Facsimile:

Once again, thank you and we look forward to hear from you.

KS Enterprises International


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