Digest for 95-02-14

Our best wishes for a very happy Valentine's Day to all!

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WHAT'S NEW . . .

#01-14 February 95  A New Issue of The Pen Pal Forum

#02-14 February 95  New issues of RUSAG-L Update

#03-14 February 95  Information on a Russian/English Translation Service

#04-14 February 95  A list of Internet subscribers on the Gluk system
                    in Russia, Ukraine and CIS

#05-14 February 95  Slavic Review


#01-14 February 95  Sender:  Dr Andrey Tsouladze (tsoul@aluf.technion.ac.il)
                    Subject: Free translation offer: Russian (--) English

#02-14 February 95  Sender:  DAVID LINDEMAN (lindemad@isf.org)
                    Subject: ISF Grant Assistance Program

#03-14 February 95  Sender:  tsb@chantilly.trw.com (Terry Berman)
                    Subject: English-speaking Penpal Wanted

#04-14 February 95  Sender:  Burtin, Boris
                    Subject: English-Russian dictionary of computer
                             terms needed

#05-14 February 95  Sender:  trinidad@netcom.com
                    Subject: Tips for an upcoming trip to Moscow/Tver

#06-14 February 95  Sender:  "Kelly M. Martek" (kmartek@csn.org)
                    Subject: Presidential Decree

#07-14 February 95  Sender:  Rick Olano (Rick_Olano@pol.com)
                    Subject: NEWS FLASH (Pen Pal Forum)

#08-14 February 95  Sender:  "Beau Jones" (bjones@ncrel.org)
                    Subject: enclosure from Yelana

#09-14 February 95  Sender:  "Andrew Shipilov"
                    Subject: Andrew is back (Now rely on the computers!)

APPENDIX:        LISTSERV address & basic procedures


WHAT'S NEW . . .

We wish to extend a BIG thank you to Ellee Margileth of the
UT Office of Research Services who is now posting material directly
to the Friends and Partners WWW Server.  Thanks to Ellee, you can
expect to see *lots* more in this "what's new" section in the future.
(Thanks Ellee!)

*  The February '95 issue of Rick Olano's Pen Pal Forum is now available
   from the "Life" section.  Please note that his address has changed to:


*  New issues of the RUSAG-L agricultural news update are available
   from the agricultural page (available from the Science page).

*  From the Services page, information on the Translation Service Group
   of Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) can be found.
   They provide translation and interpretation services in both Russian
   and Ukrainian to any companies or individuals.

*  From the Economics and Business page, an addition has been added to the
   Index of Dr. Piotr Johannevich van de Waal-Palms' documents.  He has
   provided us with a list of Internet users on the Gluk system in Russia,
   the Ukraine and the CIS.

*  The Slavic Review is now available from the "More Information" page.
   It is a quarterly publication of Russian, Eurasian and East European
   studies which is published by the American Association for the
   Advancement of Slavic Studies and edited by Dr. Elliott Mossman of the
   University of Pennsylvania.


Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

** 001 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Dr Andrey Tsouladze (tsoul@aluf.technion.ac.il)
Subject: Free translation offer: Russian (--) English

Dear Friends,

I have noticed that some letters written by Russian people are quite
difficult to understand.  Unfortunately, relatively few Russians know
English well enough to compose good messages.  I believe many would like
to communicate with friends around the world but they are limited to Russian.

To relieve the situation, I would like to suggest the following:

If you have problems with written English, prepare your letter in Russian,
and send it to me at one of the following addresses:


I shall translate your letter into English, and either send it back, or
post to Friends and Partners on your behalf. You should specify which
option is preferable to you.

To compose your letter you can use whatever MS-DOS program you have:
ChiWriter, Word, or simple TSRs like RK, Beta, etc. Then UUENCODE your
file and send it. As simple as that. As the very last resource, you can
use transliterated text, that is, Russian with Latin characters.

1. This offer is absolutely free for non-commercial stuff.
2. I shall put an effort to make as good translation as I can, and as fast.
3. In case of need, English to Russian translations are equally welcome.

Yes, do not hesitate and start NOW!



* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
*               Andrey Tsouladze                *                   *
*            Department of Biology              *                   *
*  Technion - Israel Institute of Technology    * You               *
*                Haifa 32000                    *   have            *
*                  Israel                       *      been         *
*    E-mail: tsoul@aluf.technion.ac.il          *         warned... *
*    E-mail: tsoul@techunix.technion.ac.il      *                   *
*       http://w3.technion.ac.il/~tsoul         *                   *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

** 002 **********************************************************************

Sender:  DAVID LINDEMAN (lindemad@isf.org)
Subject: ISF Grant Assistance Program

International Science Foundation
Announces Grant Assistance Program
for the Former Soviet Union and the Baltics

The International Science Foundation announces a program to facilitate
assistance efforts undertaken by non-profit and government  organizations in
support of non-commercial scholarly research and education programs in the
Former Soviet Union (FSU) and Baltic countries.

The ISF has been engaged in its own grant-making programs involving the
transfer of over $80 million in direct cash, material and travel support to
researchers from the Former Soviet Union and Baltic countries.  ISF will now
make its established infrastructure available to other organizations to
assist in the transfer of funds, the purchase and delivery of material goods,
and the provision of travel support to eligible recipient organizations
throughout the FSU and Baltic countries.  ISF's infrastructure includes
exemptions from personal income, VAT and customs taxes throughout the region,
which typically account for 40% of the total value of a donation in additional

ISF's full range of services is being offered free of charge to
non-profit and government organizations for calendar year 1995,
subject to availability of funds to the ISF.  All direct costs
associated with the transfer of resources (such as bank fees) must be
paid by the non-profit or government organization.

ISF's services include:

 --  A unique, proven method of transferring personal support checks to
     researchers which can be exchanged for hard currency in banks throughout
     the FSU and Baltic countries.

 --  Cost-effective means of transferring research materials and supplies
     obtained abroad.

 --  Facilities for making equipment purchases through FSU and Baltic vendors
     at significant discounts and assuring that equipment is delivered as
     ordered before payment is made.

--   Agreements with Western suppliers of biomedical and scientific equipment
     at substantial discounts and with secure delivery mechanisms.

--   Significantly discounted airline tickets for international travel and
     financial support to travelers from the FSU and Baltic countries.

 --  On-site support for FSU and Baltic recipients by experienced local

 --  Detailed accounting for all grant activities.

The absence of safe, reliable, and tax-free channels to send assistance to the
FSU and Baltic science and educational communities has been a major stumbling
block and deterrent to Western organizations.  The mechanisms developed by the
ISF are uniquely capable of ensuring critically needed Western assistance will
have the greatest possible impact during the current crisis.

For further information about submitting a request to ISF for assistance in
administering grant activity, please contact the Grant Assistance Program at
ISF's Washington office, 1054 31st Street, N.W., Suite 110, Washington, D.C.
20007 (phone: 202-342-2760 / fax: 202-342-2765 / e-mail: info@isf.org).

** 003 **********************************************************************

Sender:  tsb@chantilly.trw.com (Terry Berman)
Subject: English-speaking Penpal Wanted

A friend in Belarus would like to correspond with an english-speaking penpal.
She would prefer someone in the 50 to 70 year age bracket.  If you are
interested please write to :

Soya Novikova
Ovlovskaya Street 28 "D" Flat 59
Brest 21
Belarus 224021

Terry S. Berman

** 004 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Burtin, Boris
Subject: English-Russian dictionary of computer terms needed

Some customers from the Bank of Moscow will be visiting my company in two
weeks, and I was asked to give a short presentation in Russian.  I was
excited about the opportunity, but soon realized that I don't know all the
technical lingo!  I left Russia long before any of the current technology
was developed.  So I don't know how to say "client," "server," "network,"
"floppy disk," etc.  Does anyone know where I can get an English-Russian
dictionary (preferably in electronic format) of computer terms?  I'd
appreciate any help.


Boris Burtin

** 005 **********************************************************************

Sender:  trinidad@netcom.com
Subject: Tips for an upcoming trip to Moscow/Tver

I am going to be travelling to Tver very soon. Any tips from anyone
regarding items I should bring with me would be greatly appreciated. Some
questions I and my travelling companion have are:

1) What might be some nice (yet small) items to bring along as small
gifts for people that we meet?

2) What might the typical weather to be expected be? I am anticipating
cold and slush, is this typical?

3) We will be meeting students from the Tver Polytechnic Institute, does
anyone know anything about this school?

4) Does anyone know any general information on Tver itself? Dining?

5) What about bribes in Russia? Can we expect to be doing this?

6) We were told to bring flashlights, is this due to power outages?

Thanks a million for any help. Ken at kmccall@netcom.com

** 006 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Kelly M. Martek" (kmartek@csn.org)
Subject: Presidential Decree

I am wondering if there is a way of retrieving Presidential Decrees via
the Internet.  I am looking for President Yeltsin's decree dated
somewhere around June 10, 1994, entitled "On additional measures to
encourage productions, including those financed through foreign
credits."  Please reply to me personally if you have any ideas.
Thank you... Kelly Martek

** 007 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Rick Olano (Rick_Olano@pol.com)
Subject: NEWS FLASH (Pen Pal Forum)


*** NEWS FLASH ***

Good news folks!  Productivity Online, the group that has agreed
to be the Pen Pal Forum host, will not only be creating a new
conference for PPF here locally but...

The PPF will be getting it's own LISTSERVE !  YEAH!!

We will be getting two listserves for those of you who subscribe
to the current form.  You will be able to subscribe to the list
and get by email, all the messages that get sent to PPF /OR/ you
may subscribe to just the PPF DIGEST and get the completed digest
of the PPF as seen by some of you as well as on our other
gracious host: FRIENDS & PARTNERS

So lets all thank our newest host PRODUCTIVITY ONLINE especially
Rick Dieringer for their contribution in bringing the PPF to us.
Also a big thanks once again to FRIENDS & PARTNERS who have been
making the PPF available via the World Wide Web.  You can reach
Friends & Partners on the WWW by using a browser to go to the
following address:


Or you can Telnet to Friends & Partners at: solar.rtd.utk.edu

The Pen Pal Forum is in the "Life" page.

Just as soon as the Listserve is available, we will send out
another *** News Flash ***

Moderator - Rick Olano
Internet Address: rick_olano@pol.com

** 008 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Beau Jones" (bjones@ncrel.org)
Subject: enclosure from Yelana

                                             Yelena Popova
                                             1 Flat
                                             16 Pirogova Street
                                             346740 Azov
                                             tel: (8632) 53-27-82
                                             fax: (8632) 69-69-51

                                             January 5, 1995

Dear Beau Fly Jones,

     Our postal services leave much to desired.  So I am sending two
letters with the same content.  Please do not be astonished if you receive
two identical letters.
     I have a great favour to ask of you.  It is very difficult to realize
it.  And, of course, I will not feel hurt if you outright refuse me.
     My name is Yelena Popova.  I am 34, Russian, single.  I have graduated
from Rostov Pedagogical University, English language department in 1985 and
have been working as teacher of English language in Siberia for 3 years and
as a head of excursion department in the Azov Regional Museum for 3 years
also.  I graduated from psychologica department of Rostov Pedagogical
University in 1992.  And now I am a senior instructor of this University.
I have a publication in "Museum" (International magazine of UNESCO).  I
have passed my postgraduate degrees on Philosophy, English language and
Pedagogy with an excellent grade. I am delivering a course of lectures on
the topic "Practical Psychologist's Work with Family". I am researching the
topic "Methods of Study and Improvement of Teachers' Psychological and
Pedagogical Competence at School".  I shall be defending my thesis in
November of 1995.
     I have translated the book "Understanding Yourself and Others" by Kath
and Bill Kvols- Riedler and three chapters of the book "Organizational
Behavior" by Don Hellriegel for scholars of Rostov Pedagogical University
and Rostov Medical University.  I am translating and sounding the
documentaries at Rostov Studio of news-reel.  I am currently translating and
studying the book "Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy" by
Gerald Corey.
     Since 1989 I have been studying transactional analysis, cognitive
psychology, behavior psychology, gestalt-psychology and existential
analysis at Rostov Medical University and at seminars in other cities.
I am also currently counseling, delivering lectures and conducting
groups of psychological training with pupils, teachers and parents at
school, using transactional analysis, cognitive psychology,
gestalt-psychology, behavioral psychology and existential analysis.
I have exhausted all possibilities to improve my knowledge and
skill in this field in Russia.  That is why I dream to study these
techniques deeper abroad.
     I would like to study modern psychological methods and techniques in
the U.S.A. and use my knowledge and skills to improve the practice of
Russian specialists (teachers and psychologists) and write a practical
textbook on my return to Russia.  The purpose of this textbook will
be to promote lowering of neuroticism level of pupils, teachers and parents
leading to:
     - improvement of children's social adaptation;
     - facilitation of learning of material;
     - prophylaxis of psychosomatic disease;
     - limitation of anti-social behavior.
     It is unlikely that anyone except you will be able to help me in these
matters, so I ask you greatly to pay attention to this letter.


Yelena Popova
Senior Instructor
Rostov Pedagogical University

Beau Fly Jones
North Central Regional
  Educational Laboratory
1900 Spring Road
Oak Brook, IL 60521
708/218-1031 phone
708/218-4989 fax

** 009 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Andrew Shipilov" (ASHIPILOV@roch-ltc2.ro.cc.mn.us)
Subject: Andrew is back (Now rely on the computers!)

Dear friends,
Finally all my troubles with computer are gone and I am able to get
any messages you send me---please write to me and mess up my mail-box.
What a wonderful feeling to get 20-25 messages again after a week of
a dead silence.
My new address is ashipilov@roch-ltc2.ro.cc.mn.us

Andrew V. Shipilov
Rochester Community College
Rochester MN, USA
phone/fax (507)252-5917


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