Digest for 95-02-09

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WHAT'S NEW . . .

#01-09 February 95  Information on Project Harmony Available

#02-09 February 95  Article About An Electronic Mail Network in Former
                    Yugoslavia Region

#03-09 February 95  A Collection of Papers Regarding Business and Economics
                    in Russia and the Ukraine


#01-09 February 95  Sender:  Rick Davis (ourdoc@aloha.net)
                    Subject: BBS

#02-09 February 95  Sender:  "KS Enterprises International" (kse@dhm.com)
                    Subject: Keyborad layout for KOI8 fonts

#03-09 February 95  Sender:  Andrea La Fayette-Fisher
                    Subject: Re: Digest for 95-02-06

#04-09 February 95  Sender:  kirsch@ENH.NIST.GOV (Russell A. Kirsch)
                    Subject: 50th Anniversary of Yalta Conference

#05-09 February 95  Sender:  CASC@aol.com
                    Subject: Youth Leadership Training/ Youth on Internet in

#06-09 February 95  Sender:  Brenden West (bwest@eskimo.com)
                    Subject: USAID Gopher Server and much more

#07-09 February 95  Sender:  Ludger Wiedemeier (10011537@WSUVM1.CSC.WSU.EDU)
                    Subject: Political Transition Process in Eastern Europe

#08-09 February 95  Sender:  dufala@europa.com (Jim Dufala)
                    Subject: Russian Chamber Of Commerce Building

#09-09 February 95  Sender:   ac737@lafn.org (Michael Segal)
                    Subject:  LA Talk by Chief Russia Analyst BISNIS] (fwd)

#10-09 February 95  Sender:  Petrus Palms (palbank@eskimo.com)
                    Subject: ftp site Corporate Finance Russia-NIS

APPENDIX:        LISTSERV address & basic procedures


WHAT'S NEW . . .

*  From the Education page, a partial listing of Project Harmony's programs
   can be found.  Project Harmony, Inc. is a not-for-profit cultural and
   educational exchange organization which develops and supports a wide
   variety of elementary, secondary, university level and professional
   exchange programs between the USA, Central Europe, the Baltics and NIS

*  From the News page, an article about ZaMir (for peace) can be found by
   clicking on "News items from various media sources pertaining to Bosnia"
   ZaMir is an electronic mail network in the region of former Yugoslavia
   especially dedicated to helping peace oriented people and groups, NGO's
   and the alternative media to improve their communication possibilities.

*  From the Economics and Business page, a collection of documents about
   business opportunities, the economic situation and various other
   topics in Russia and the Ukraine that have been contributed by
   Dr. Petrus Johannes van de Waal-Palms can be found.


Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

* 001 ************************************************************************

Sender:  Rick Davis (ourdoc@aloha.net)
Subject: BBS

Hello.  I found your system throught the www, while I was trying to find
a BBS or a system with a chat area in Russia.  I am looking for one,
where some do speak english, since I know no Russian.  I live in Hawaii,
and am trying to raise my 14 year old daughter alone, and am looking for
some people both my age, and her age to talk with on the internet.  If
you know of any such systems there, please let me know.  Thanks for your
assistance in advance.  Aloha  Rick Davis

* 002 ************************************************************************

Sender:  "KS Enterprises International" (kse@dhm.com)
Subject: Keyborad layout for KOI8 fonts

KS Enterprises International - USA
Tel.: (310)828-9404; Fax: (310)453-3524; E-Mail: kse@dhm.com

Dear Friends:

Does anyone knows where to get a Keyboard layout for KOI8 fonts to be used on

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Art Korvel

* 003 ************************************************************************

Sender:  Andrea La Fayette-Fisher (LAFISH@OREGON.UOREGON.EDU)
Subject: Re: Digest for 95-02-06

"A public society "Znanie" in Chita which has been working for two years, is
lokking for contacts in America with the idea of information and lectures
exchange in the feild of social and historical education, women's rights and
responsibilties, war and peace, etc.. You can respond by e-mail to

Also, an Irkutsk women's newspaper is seeking donation of equipment for
printing. Currently they have fallen on financial hard times and are dependent
on a local 'daily' (well, thrice weekly, actually to allow them to be included
as a supplement each month. This was the first women's paper in the history of
the region, as as I understand it, is still the only women's publication that
has the focus of promoting women's development (not just beauty, etc.).

If you have any suggestions at all, please write to: citzinfo@teleport.com

Andrea LaFayette-Fisher

* 004 ************************************************************************

Sender:  kirsch@ENH.NIST.GOV (Russell A. Kirsch)
Subject: 50th Anniversary of Yalta Conference

50th Anniversary of the Crimean Conference at Yalta

To my partners of 50 years ago in Yalta:

I was your former partner in the beginning of February 1945, when we took
part in the reception and guarding of the delegations headed by Roosevelt,
Churchill, and Stalin who arrived by air at the military airdrome Saky and
moved to Yalta where the famous Crimean Conference took place. I beg you to
recall, with me, our sincere meetings of fifty years ago.

Junior Commander of the Black Sea Navy
Stefan A. Suhoiy

Please mail your responses to:
Mikhail Shvartsman
5821 N. Broadway Apt. 904
Chicago, IL, 60660

Russell A. Kirsch
National Institute of Standards and Technology
PO Box 157
Clarksburg, MD, 20871
Telephone: 301-972-3083
E-Mail: kirsch@enh.nist.gov
FAX: 301-258-9749

* 005 ************************************************************************

Sender:  CASC@aol.com
Subject: Youth Leadership Training/ Youth on Internet in Russia

I work with the California Association of Student Councils and we are
interested in expanding our youth leadership training partnership in Russia
and the CIS to include internet access for students at Russian schools.  We
want to bring over some Macintosh systems and set them up so a U.S. service
can be accessed, i.e. AOL or Compuserve.

I would love to hear from anyone who can give me leads or advice on how to
accomplish this.
Funding is not an issue.

Also, if you are interested in what we are doing in partnership with the
Russian Association of Young Leaders, e-mail casc@aol.com

Eric Schwartz
Program Coordinator
California Association of Student Councils

* 006 ************************************************************************

Sender:  Brenden West (bwest@eskimo.com)
Subject: USAID Gopher Server and much more

As Kathryn Kalinowski noted, USAID has a gopher server containing
information about its grant programs. This gopher and other related
resources can also be accessed easily through the Russian Economy Resource
Center, a central location for on-line resources related to the NIS,
which I have developed. This site is located at:


Brenden West
Russian Economy Resource Center

* 007 ************************************************************************

Sender:  Ludger Wiedemeier (10011537@WSUVM1.CSC.WSU.EDU)
Subject: Political Transition Process in Eastern Europe

Dear Listmembers,
I would like to get your suggestions and opinions about a few
questions, that I would like to discuss.

General Lebed, the new rising star in the political scenery in
Russia, (Is he really the new star? ) mentioned in an interview with
the German newspaper "Die Zeit" on January 20 th, that it would be
impossible to go to Bed with totalitarism and stand up the other
morning with democracy"

The party environment in Eastern Europe completly changed since
1989. Since January 1995, also pre 89 Communist government members
are back in office in Bulgaria.

What are potential reasons for this shift? Mismanagement, Inability,
Ignoranz in the West or what?
Are Theories out for an try to explain these shift?

What could be an longterm result of these backlash in Eastern Europe.
For example if there is a further rise in problems for President Yeltsin,
leading to an (whatsoever) overthrow or new power distribution in Moscow.
Or is Yeltsin already over the Rubicon after the war in Chechnya?

Or, to open a second string, would it be better to explain these
development as an overall shift that we are able to see in all
These situation that the idea of the westernized democracy was victorious
in the Cold War, but now, since the Cold War is over we are looking for
different things, no longer things like ideas, that you are not able to eat.

I'm not quite sure if a bunch of questions like these are things, that
should be on these list. If not, I apologize in advance and would
like to see potential answers comming direct to my E-mail account.

Best regards
Ludger Wiedemeier
Washington State University
E-mail: 10011537@wsuvm1.csc.wsu.edu

* 008 ************************************************************************

Sender:  dufala@europa.com (Jim Dufala)
Subject: Russian Chamber Of Commerce Building

As part of the RASIN's "Russian Economic Model", a building has been
selected for  renovation in Yoryevets as a Chamber of Commerce Building.
The building will provide facilities for many RASIN projects. Such projects
include: Infant Care Center, Architectural & Construction Technology
Center, Internet Node, Made In USA Store, School, etc. Some office space
will also be available on a selected basis. Renovation will begin this
summer and should be ready for occupancy before Winter sets in. This
building is a JV between RASIN and the City of Yoryevets.

To find out more about the Chamber Building and other RASIN projects, you
need to subscribe to the RASIN Listserv (it's free)
1) send email to: listproc@solar.rtd.utk.edu
2) leave the SUBJECT line blank
3) in the message write: subscribe rasin (your name)
The listserv is on the University of Tennessee's server as part of their
"Friends & Partner's" program. Want to encourage you to participate.
Jim Dufala

* 009 ************************************************************************

Sender:   ac737@lafn.org (Michael Segal)
Subject:  LA Talk by Chief Russia Analyst BISNIS] (fwd)



Mr. Trevor Gunn
Chief Russia Analyst
Business Information Service of the
New Independent States (BISNIS)
U.S. Department of Commerce

Date:   February 10, 1995
Time:   11:30 - 1:00 pm
Place:  Bistro N
(3rd door at Nino's)
3853 Atlantic Ave
Long Beach, CA 90807
Directions: 405 S.  Off at Atlantic.  Turn left.

11:30           Registration
12:00           Information Services available
12:10           Business Opportunities in the Emerging Markets
12:40           Question and Answer Period

*Reservations are limited to the first 50 people.

For more information or to register, contact Robert Slavens at (310)
499-7070 or Robin Chay at (310) 980-4550.

Sent from Oregon Telcom

* 010 ************************************************************************

Sender:  Petrus Palms (palbank@eskimo.com)
Subject: ftp site Corporate Finance Russia-NIS

ftp site available CAPITAL INFORMATION

Dr. Piotr Johannevich van de Waal-Palms
Palms & Company, Inc., Investment Bankers
Russian Venture Capital Company of America
United States Interbank CIS Currency Exchange
Ukrainian Venture Capital Fund of America
United States/Russia Fur Exchange
Distance Management Tutoring Project
515 Lake Street South
Harbor Lights Building Department #103
Kirkland (Seattle) Washington , United States of America
E-mail (Internet) electronic mail address (palbank@eskimo.com)
tel 1 (206) 828-6774
Fax 1 (206) 827-5528

All information for Russia, Ukraina, Kazkahstan, Uzbekistan, Latvia,
Estonia, Lithuania, Belrus, Moldova, Azerbajian, Tadjikistan,
Turkmenskaya, Armenia and Georgia about corporate finance, economic
development, monetary policy, finance policy, capital investment, defense
industry conversion, special newspaper and bank investment programs,
sources of financial assistance programs

Are now available from ftp site.

A README. file and 9 other files entitled PALM94.L04 ... PALM95.A15 and
all additions are oaded onto the palms directory at soma.crl.mcmaster.ca .

(1)  Do the following to check it out:

ftp soma.crl.mcmaster
gopher soma.crl.mcmaster.ca

login: user
name: ftp
password: palbank@eskimo.com
cd pub/ukes/palms

Mosaic   http://soma.crl.mcmaster.ca/ukes
home page

lynx (space) http://physics.mcgill.ca/WWW/oleh/ukr-info.html


(2)  Similarly, if you have access to MOSAIC or LYNX you could:

mosaic gopher://soma.crl.mcmaster.ca/11/ukes

(3)  or reach it via Oleh Baran's WWW home page

mosaic http://www.physics.mcgill.ca/WWW/oleh/ukr-info.html

and click on the soma.crl.mcmaster.ca gopher.

(4)  Finally, if you have gopher capabilities, you could
presumably gopher directly to soma.crl.mcmaster.ca .

Other ftp sties include:

"Friends & Partners"
lynx (space) http://solar.rtd.utk.edu/friends/home/html
telnet )space) solar.rtd.utk.edu
lynx (space) http://april.ibpm.serpikopv.su/friends
lynx (space) http://solar.rtd.edu/"ccsi/ccsihome.html

Free Private Consultation, Tutoring, Question answering service is available
from (palbank@eskimo.com) addressed to:

BANKERS, USA E-mail (palbank@eskimo.com)

Dr. Piotr Johannevich van de Waal-Palms
United States Interbank Ruble Exchange

This information is available free by sending a request with title of the
information. This information is written for CIS countries and it is
primarilly intended for distribution to CIS countires. The data is
designed to solved questions and problems facing businessmen in these
nations, regarding capital, international trade, finance, banking,
marketing, management, technology, and "know-how" It is disseminated for
the purpose of fostering economic development in these countries,
eliminating "bottleneck" in the process of capital syndication for
economic reconstruction, and generating employment and a higher wage and
better standard of living for the general population.


For the past five years Dr. Palms has worked, lived, invested and
conducted investment banking, and international trade in the CIS. He has
personally executed the strategies he recommends in doing business in the
CIS and they are field tested prescriptions.


* "blkTues.hd" Black Tuesday, Article, Analysis of Ruble Values and MICEX
crash (15kb)
* "debtart.ask" (16kb) How to Settle National Debt with Equity Swaps
* "FLRefuse.hd"" (8.5kb) Why Capital Requests are Rejected in West
* "FLBnkRub.hd" Offer currency exchange (dollars for rubles)[1kb]
* "FLBnkPrg.hd" (49kb) Offer for Currency Transactions with Banks and
Special Investment Program for Banks (49kb)
* "FLDefens.hd" (6.7kb) offer Special Investment Program for Defense
Industry Conversion
* "FLFur.hd" (23kb) Speical offer marketing of fur Pelts for fur farms
* "FLSyop.hd" (2.1KB) Offer collaboration with Internet System Operators
* "golobalec.art" (16kb) Article, explanation of CIS role in global economy
* "mmm.art" (16kb0 article, explanation of MMM phenomena in Russia
* "newsclos.art" (3.1kb) article, explanation of how Russian government
action bankrupts joint ventures with Western companies.
* "poorrich.art" (5.0kb) How Western consultants provide capital in NIS
* "reality.art" (5.0kb) article. government coorect role in economy
* "soc-ism.art" (10kb0 article How Russian law converts market economy back
to socialism
* "ukraine.art" (18kb)article, Who owns Ukraina?
* "capital.art" (5.6kb) What is investment? (article)
* "coinvest.hd" (3.3kb) list of 40 Investment funds with $2 billion to
invest in CIS
* "FLCapitl.hd" (7.5kb) explanation of how to get capital
* "FLFund" (29kb) How to get capital
* "FLGenInf.hd" (720b) other information
* "FLOffice.hd" (2.2kb) List of Palms & Company offices in CIS
* "getrich.art" (8.5kb) Methods of Financing CIS Industry
* "illusion.art" (6.4kb) What is real Economic Policy?
* mistakes.art (9.2kb) wrong policy destroys economy
* "private.art" (20kb) evaluation of privatization policy
* "russiaf.hd" (326kb) list of 200 Russian industries eligible for
defense conversion investment
* "UkDD.hd" (151kb) 36 Ukrainian defense industries eligible for
investment for which capital is available
* "FLValue.hd" (5.0kb) How to calculate what a CIS business is worth
* "FLServic", describes all services available from American Investment
 * "EconLit" list of business information books, translated into Russian
and available in Moscow from Russian publishers.(4.3kb)
* "FLNewsp.hd" Describes free articles available to Russian & Ukrainian
Media for publication. (7.9kb)
* "FLWhatDo.hd" Decribes how an investment banker does his work (15kb)
* "FLWhyPay.hd" Decribes why it is profitable to pay an investment banker
to work for you. (8.2kb)
* "Funding.hd", sources of gifts of money for charitable organizations
in Russia and Ukraina (10Kb)
* "NoIvWant.art" Why Russian actions discourage investment (6.5Kb)
* "Russia.art" Why People are Russia's Greatest Capital (7Kb)
* "money.ask" What is money?(11Kb)
* "FLOffice.hd" List of all officies of Palms & Company, Investment
Bankers in Russia and CIS (2.2Kb)
* CapRus95.2hd How will Russian Factories receive capital in 1995 (8.4Kb)
* FLExport.3hd How to export from your country to the rest of the
*FLImport.3hd How to import goods from other countries at the lowest
prices with desired quality. (12Kb)
* Funding.hd List of Organizations in U.S. which give grants of money


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