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#01-06 February 95  Sender:  (Gregg.Opelka@uic.edu)
                    Subject: Khabarovsk

#02-06 February 95  Sender:  HRSSRS - Ethel Dunn (edunn@well.sf.ca.us)
                    Subject: Free Journal, "Russia and Her Neighbors"

#03-06 February 95  Sender:  Susanna Reece (S.H.Reece@open.ac.uk)
                    Subject: Human Rights in Georgia and the Caucasus

#04-06 February 95  Sender:  Carol Singer (csinger@NALUSDA.GOV)
                    Subject: Ukrainian gopher

#05-06 February 95  Sender:  dufala@europa.com (Jim Dufala)
                    Subject: Infant Care Center

#06-06 February 95  Sender:  Dave Wells (wellsd@elwha.evergreen.edu)
                    Subject: Russian Archival Service Link (fwd)

#07-06 February 95  Sender:  mac@maine.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell)
                    Subject: Peace Corps Overseas Ag. Econ/Agribusiness

#08-06 February 95  Sender:  Peace Corps (PEACECORPBOS@DELPHI.COM)
                    Subject: Overseas Agricultural Economics Positions

#09-06 February 95  Sender:  Tony Byrne - IREX (tbyrne@info.irex.org)
                    Subject: IREX Internet Fellowship in Kyrgyzstan

#10-06 February 95  Sender:  mac@maine.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell)
                    Subject: Prague - Ph.D. Studies in Economics (fwd)

#11-06 February 95  Sender:  (ASHIPILOV@ltc2.ro.cc.mn.us)
                    Subject: Don't rely on the computers!!!!

#12-06 February 95  Sender: Petrus Palms (palbank@eskimo.com)
                    Subject: software and books about

#13-06 February 95  Sender: Eric Fenster (efenster@igc.apc.org)
                    Subject: Possible "new Europe" study trips

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Sender:  (Gregg.Opelka@uic.edu)
Subject: Khabarovsk

I am seeking the e-mail address of anyone in Khabarovsk who can deliver
a message for me to a Khabarofchanin. If any of you have a contact in
Khabarovsk who is willing to pass along such a message for me, could you
please send me their address? Thank you. -- Gregg.Opelka@ala.org

* 002 *********************************************************************

Sender:  HRSSRS - Ethel Dunn (edunn@well.sf.ca.us)
Subject: Free Journal, "Russia and Her Neighbors"

Dear all you folks that have requested free copies of Volume 7 of "Russia
and Her Neighbors:"

        We have mailed out your requests, most of the time on the day that
we received your e-mail note.  Due to the decline of the California economy,
the American economy, and dried up government funding, we are sending your
copies via the cheaper 4th Class mail, educational or library rate depending
on whether you belong to a library, and by surface rates if you ordered one
sent outside the USA.  So have patience, and your thirst for first-hand
knowledge of what's going on the former USSR will be quenched.

* 003 *********************************************************************

Sender:  Susanna Reece (S.H.Reece@open.ac.uk)
Subject: Human Rights in Georgia and the Caucasus

If anyone is interested in a group working on human rights and conflict
resolution in this area please could they contact me. I am particulary
interested to
hear very urgently from anyone wishing to follow up recent reports from both
Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch on the treatment of prisoners and
the use of the death penalty in Georgia, as well as humanitarian responses to
the situation in Chechnya and the Caucasus in general. This work is non-
political and non-profit making. Please contact me via this list or by fax on
44 1865 751338
Susanna Reece

* 004 *********************************************************************

Sender:  Carol Singer (csinger@NALUSDA.GOV)
Subject: Ukrainian gopher

A recent edition of the New & Changed Gopher list included a gopher that
might be interesting for some of the people on this list.  It's the Sovam
Teleport - Ukraine gopher and includes recent news items, including
agricultural news and text of Ukrainian legislation and decrees.  To use
it, point your gopher client at:

kiev.sovam.com (port 70)

Carol Singer

Carol A. Singer                Internet: csinger@nalusda.gov
D.C. Reference Center            Telephone: (202) 720-3434
National Agricultural Library        Fax: (202) 720-3200

* 005 *********************************************************************

Sender:  dufala@europa.com (Jim Dufala)
Subject: Infant Care Center

RASIN is sponsoring an Infant Care Center in the Russian City of Yoryevets.
The center will initially provide information about birth control, prenatal
care and infant care. We will also distribute donated baby and maternity
clothing (new and used) and other relative items. Would like to provide
medical care as soon as sufficient funding is available. It is also the
intent of this project to teach Russian health care providers about
providing such services in their respective communities. Donations are
welcomed. Items will be containerized in Portland, Oregon. The Center will
open in the Fall.For more info, you can subcribe to the RASIN Listserv:
Subscribe by email to: listproc@solar.rtd.utk.edu
Keep the SUBJECT line blank
In the message write: subscribe rasin (your name)

* 006 *********************************************************************

Sender:  Dave Wells (wellsd@elwha.evergreen.edu)
Subject: Russian Archival Service Link (fwd)

Here is another little connection gem.  I am sure there are a couple of
people that would be interested in this resource.


---------------------- Information from the mail header ------
Sender:       Archives & Archivists (ARCHIVES@MIAMIU.BITNET)
Poster:       Caroline Allen (CAROLINE@LIB.UTTYL.EDU)
Subject:      Russian Archival Service Link

----------------------------Original message----------------------
The following is a news announcement from the Research Libraries
Group. It is being posted to other library-related LISTSERVs.

RLIN to Provide Electronic Link

The Research Libraries Group, Inc. (RLG), in partnership with the
Hoover Institution, will develop an electronic link with the Russian
State Archival Service (Rosarkhiv). The link will make information
about Russian archival material available to researchers around the
world for the first time, and Western material more accessible in
Russia. The project will take place over the next two years.

As part of this compact, Rosarkhiv will become an RLG member -- the
first in Russia -- taking its place beside the US National Archives,
New York State Archives, and 144 other research institutions in
North America and Europe.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, scholars have sought access
to the long-closed records of 20th-century Soviet history. Russian
archivists will catalog Rosarkhiv materials online in RLIN (RLG's
Research Libraries Information Network), where this information will
be immediately accessible to the librarians, archivists, scholars,
students, and independent researchers who use RLIN.

In exchange for Russia's contribution to RLIN, the 68 million
records already in the RLIN database will be available to scholars
in Russia, also for the first time.

The cataloging and access project, supported by a grant to the
Hoover Institution from the National Endowment for the Humanities,
will develop a system for cataloging archival materials located in
four Russian repositories that includes standards and a methodology
for sharing information on RLIN. Bringing together RLIN descriptions
of similar and related collections held in Russian and in Western
repositories will also encourage the growth of professional
cooperation between Russian and American archivists.

* 007 *********************************************************************

Sender:  mac@maine.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell)
Subject: Peace Corps Overseas Ag. Econ/Agribusiness Positions

Date: February 2, 1995
)From: PEACECORPBOS@delphi.com [Peace Corps]
Subject: Overseas Agricultural Economics Positions

The Peace Corps is seeking candidates for late spring 1995 depar-
ture  for  Agricultural Economics/Business  projects  in  Eastern
Europe and the countries of the Former Soviet Union.

Multiple departures will take place between 5/15/95 and 6/30/95.

Qualifications are as follows:

BA/BS  in Agricultural Economics or Agribusiness plus  two  years
experience post-degree; or BA/BS any business or marketing disci-
pline with three (3) consecutive years experience in farm manage-
ment;   or  no  degree  with  five  (5)  years  of   Agricultural
Economics/Agribusiness experience.

Deadline  to  apply for these positions is  3/22/95.   Interested
individuals  must  contact Peace Corps for an  application  form.
Call 1.800.424.8580 to contact the nearest recruitment office  or
email to peacecorpbos@delphi.com.

Peace Corps assignments are for 24 months preceeded by a two  (2)
to  three  (3) month training in foreign language,  culture,  and
location  specific skills training.  Peace Corps  provides  round
trip  air fare to the host country, medical and dental  care,  24
days of annual leave, a living stipend to cover volunteer  living
costs, a readjustment allowance payable upon completion of  serv-
ice.  There are numerous other benefits outlined in our materials
for education and career advancement.

Peace  Corps  will  also seek candidates  for  similar  positions
world-wide for the summer and fall of 1995.

Todd Holmes
Recruitment Coordinator
Peace Corps Regional Office
Boston, Massachusetts

* 008 *********************************************************************

Subject: Overseas Agricultural Economics Positions

Peace Corps has been asked by various countries of Eastern Europe
and the Former Soviet Union (including Russia) to provide assistance
in Agricultural Economic Development.  Currently there are 26 positions
available which will depart between May 15 and June 30, 1995.

Qualifications are as follows:

BA/BS Agricultural Economics or Agribusiness plus two years post-
degree experience, or BA/BS any discipline in Business or Marketing
with three (3) consecutive years experience in farm management, or
No Degree with five (5) years of Agricultural Economics/Business

Positions are for 24 months preceeded by a two (2) to three (3)
month in-country training in foreign language, cross-cultural
skills, and job specific training.  Peace Corps provides round
trip air fare, medical and dental care, annual leave, a living
allowance or stipend, plus many other benefits.

Deadline to apply for these positions is 3/15/95.

Interested individuals may contact a recruiting office
for an application and related materials.  Call toll free

Individuals in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire,
Maine, and Vermont may email to peacecorpbos@delphi.com.

To serve as a Peace Corps Volunteer, US citizenship is

* 009 *********************************************************************

Sender:  Tony Byrne - IREX (tbyrne@info.irex.org)
Subject: IREX Internet Fellowship in Kyrgyzstan

    ** Please Copy to Other Appropriate Individuals and Forums **

            IREX Internet Fellowship in Kyrgyzstan

The International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX) is pleased
to announce a professional fellowship opportunity to expand computer
network access among scholars and non-commercial civic groups in
Kyrgyzstan.  This is a year-long, full-time placement for an American
networking specialist with a strong regional background.  The Internet
Fellow will work out of the IREX/Bishkek office.

IREX was established in 1968 to promote scholarly cooperation with
Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet region.  IREX programs
deliver a broad range of services to scholars, professionals, and
policy-makers from the U.S. and an array of partner countries.

Internet Fellowship Responsiblities:

  *  To recruit and train local networking trainers.

  *  To promote the use of computer networks among non-commercial
     civic groups, schools, libraries, and individual institutes in
     Kyrgyzstan, with special attention to humanities and social
     science communities.

  *  To create, manage, and promote "public access" electronic mail

  *  To help users gain network access within their own institutions and
     departments, providing limited equipment support.

  *  To cooperate with local and international organizations in
     the establishment Internet host sites and full Internet
     connectivity in Kyrgyzstan.

  *  To provide regular assessments of network use and access among non-
     commercial groups and institutions in the region.


  *  Broad computer skills, including training experience and strong
     Internet background.

  *  Professional-level Russian language ability.  Knowledge of Kyrgyz
     or other Turkic language desirable.

  *  Some NIS living and/or working experience.

  *  A high level of initiative and mature judgement.  Proven
     managerial/organizational talent and ability to work with diverse
     constituencies are essential.

  *  An 11-12 month commitment.

Fellowship terms:

IREX will arrange round-trip travel to Bishkek from the United States
and a mid-year trip home, as well as project-related in-country travel
and related expenses.

The Internet Fellow will be provided with medical evacuation insurance
and a monthly living expense stipend of $700.  In addition, IREX will
offer a monthly honorarium of $200, payable at the conclusion of the
agreed term.  The Fellow may be elegible for student loan deferrments.


To apply, send a letter, resume, references, and *brief* writing sample
to IREX by February 28, 1995.  Inquiries and applications should be
directed to (interfel@info.irex.org), or faxed to:

Tony Byrne                or       Bill Fick / Olga Galkina
Senior Program Officer             Program Officers
IREX/Washington                    IREX/Moscow
Fax: + 202-628-8189                Fax: + 7-095-202-44-49

This program is funded by the US Agency for International Development
through The Eurasia Foundation, and the Carnegie Corporation of New

IREX is presently exploring the possibility of similar Fellowships for
other regions of the NIS.  Potential candidates for such slots may send
a resume and preliminary letter of interest.

* 010 *********************************************************************

Sender:  mac@maine.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell)
Subject: Prague - Ph.D. Studies in Economics (fwd)

Date:    February 2, 1995
)From:    Mark Weeding - CERGE  [CERGE02@CSEARN.bitnet]
Subject: Ph.D. Studies in Economics

University in Prague offers a four-year Western-style Ph.D. program in
economics in cooperation with major American and European universities.

The CERGE Ph.D. is especially directed to students from Central and
Eastern Europe including the former Soviet Union.  Current students come
from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria,
Albania, Croatia, Moldova, Macedonia, Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan.

The program is taught in English and students seeking admission must be
capable of doctoral studies in that language.  Entering students must also
have a strong mathematical background.  Formal training in Economics is
desirable but is NOT required for admis- sion.

The application deadline is March 15, 1995 for the class starting
in late June of 1995. Interested individuals may contact:

Mark Weeding
Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education [CERGE]
P.O. Box 882
11121 Prague 1
Czech Republic
Tel:     [42-2] 242-30-280
Fax:     [42-2] 242-11-374
E-Mail:  grad.stud@cerge.cuni.cz for more information or an
         application packet

* Dr. Dennis McConnell                   * TEL: +1.207.581.1988 *
* Eastern European Enterprise Network    * FAX: +1.207.581.1956 *
* College of Business Administration     * TLX:  62955628       *
* University of Maine                    ************************
* Orono, Maine 04469-5723 U.S.A.         * MAC@MAINE.MAINE.EDU  *

* 011 *********************************************************************

Sender:  (ASHIPILOV@ltc2.ro.cc.mn.us)
Subject: Don't rely on the computers!!!!

Dear Friends,
I apologize for meesing up your mailbox.  If anyone was trying to send
me any messages from Friday Jan. 27, I did not get them.  My network is
down and I am able only to send messages.

Andrew V. Shipilov
Rochester Community College
Rochester MN, USA
phone/fax (507)252-5917

* 012 *********************************************************************

Sender: Petrus Palms (palbank@eskimo.com)
Subject: software and books about

I am interested in locating software for preparing, and books about

) * How to prepare a business plan
) * How to prepare a feasibility study
) * How to calculate future profits of a business
) * How to make an investment proposal
) * How to propose investment to European Bank for Reconstruction & Development
) * How to propose investment to private non-governmental investors in the U.S.
) * How to find technology, machinery, equipment, foreign markets,
)   know-how' and management assistance.

I am primarily interested in electronic data. Also useful would be
translated material into Russian and Ukrainian. vvvvvvvvquit exit

* 013 *********************************************************************

Sender: Eric Fenster (efenster@igc.apc.org)
Subject: Possible "new Europe" study trips

I have written to this list before re. study trips to Moscow (and anybody
wishing to consider the one from May 27-June 27 should contact me for
detailed information quickly).

This message is to explore possible interest in another kind of foreign study
trips. They would essentially revive and revise study trips which I used to
organize to Paris.

I'd like to get and idea of whether you might want to participate in such
courses or if you belong to an organization or institution which might want
to cooperate in offering them.

These would deal with the major changes going in West Europe, but could
include the evolution in East Europe and new East-West relations as well.

As with the Moscow courses:

1) The trips would study political, economic and social issues in the life of
the country, countries or blocs.

2) The trips would last 3-5 weeks and would be open to all interested adults,
not just "students."  Costs would be kept minimal.

These two factors would distinguish them from travel study which does not
take into account the time constraints on working people and which tend to
focus on art & culture and not the other factors of countries' existence.

Possible itinerary and content (schematic and non-exclusive) might include:

1) Time in Brussels, capital of the European Union (EU). Briefing seminars at
headquarters of the EU, NATO. Issues of urban development (crucial because
large parts of the city are being remade for the benefit of the international
bureaucracies), nationality conflicts and federalism (the division of Belgium
into French- and Flemish-speaking populations). Business relations between
Europe and North America.

2) Time in Paris. Issues of immigrant labor, influences of ethnic relations
and xenophobia (especially with regard to North Africa) on French and
European politics, public transport policy (Metro, etc., rail transport
including the high-speed networks), seminars at international organizations
(UNESCO, OECD), privatization and economic relations, cultural policies.

3) Time on an "educational farm" in a ski and forest area near the Swiss
border (travel by TGV train). Participation in the day-to-day work of the
farm. Discussions on rural development and disintegration; the relationships
of technology, education and work (Europe has about 12% unemployment, which
is much higher among youth, who see few perspectives); environment and
tourism. Visits to Besancon and to Geneva, seminars at international
organizations in the latter (UN, International Labor Organization, Red

It is conceivable that we could do a trip with a couple weeks in West Europe
and a couple weeks in Russia.

These courses could be organized at various times of the year. The times
would be influenced by low-cost residential possibilities. Brussels should be
available year-round. In Paris there is more availability when universities
are closed for summer. The farm is not available during school holidays
because they are already receiving groups.

Please help by reacting. I will be returning to Paris early in March and
could start making arrangements on the basis of responses.

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